Friday, August 03, 2007

Listen to "Craig from Michigan" covering event in Kalamazooo

This Saturday August 4Th, Eye On Hate Radio will be doing a special live broadcast from Kalamazoo,Michigan

Eye On Hate Radio's friend and Eye On Hate Radio corespondent "Craig from Michigan" will be phoning in his updates, pictures and video of the racist rally being held in Kalamazoo.

"Craig from Michigan" will also be covering the mood and reaction from Michigan's citizens who are standing against this racist invasion of Kalamazoo.

We are hoping to have guests speaking with us from Michigan Against White Surpremacy (MAWS)

Hope you can join us, The Saturday's program will start approx. 12:30pm -
Go to Eye On Hate Radio Saturday Show August 4th and click on the live-listen Winamp icon. Eye On Hate Radio

At 9pm join Nikki Nichols for ColdShot

Thank you, Floyd - Eye On Hate Radio


  1. Thanks for providing this, Nikki and Floyd. I decided against staying in Kalamazoo for the two hours of listening to the howling racists over their inadequate PAs.

    You'd think one of these days Hal, Bill, or their ilk would pony up for a decent sound system. I have yet to see a WN rally in which very much of the message could be understood by the crowd, besides the occasional word like "JEW!!" or "ZOG!!"

  2. BTW -

    I love Bill's bold "prediction" for tomorrow:

    The Kalmazoo Battle Plan:
    Police Security May Or May Not Be Adequate

    Way to go out on a limb and call it as you see it, Bill. No doubt - Bill White is one gutsy prognosticator.

    How about some more predictions of this sort:

    "There May or May Not Be a Riot Tomorrow in Kalamazoo"

    "WNs May or May Not Get Arrested Tomorrow"


    "Antifa May or May Not Engage in Street-Level Efforts to Prevent the Rally"


  3. Hal was real easy to understand in Knoxville.

  4. Steve:

    Were you at the Knoxville rally, or are you referring to the audio file Hal provided on his site? That file was probably taped or digitized from the mixing board, and only gives you the sound of the rally as heard through the headphones of the erson running the board.

    At most rallies the weak PAs of the WNs get drowned out by the protesters. At Toledo II (10 December 2005) it was virtually impossible to hear the speaakers. Cliff Herrington sounded like those old Hitler speeches, but his English was so garbled by the PA that it sounded like a foreign language.

  5. I do admit that I downloaded the file. I don't think Hal had any PA though. He was talking real loud and almost lost his voice.

  6. Which is the point History Mike is making. NO ONE can hear them speak live except for themselves. No one in the general public will hear the speech.

  7. I do believe they have good equipment for this rally; including a generator.

  8. Hal always cums equiped with Vasoline and knee pads where ever he goes.

    Can you kindly STFU Holeswine? You only parrot the lies Hal tells. If I wanted to hear Hal lie I would listen to his show, capice?

  9. HEY!.....Nikki Numb-nutz & Floyd Cock-brain: when the RACE WAR starts in the jewSA, i might just make me way over there & pay u ZOG twats a 'visit'....howzat grab youse?

  10. (passes Jimbo the bottle of Lithium)

    The only "race war" that exists is in the pages of The Turner Diaries, Jimbo. What true believing racial extremists like you fail to realize is that most people live their lives concerned about getting along with others, rather than trying to shock, intimidate, or murder people who do not look like them.

    Wars are created not by individuals, but by governments and those who profit from warfare, and wars generally have specific economic or territorial aims. Where is the profit in exterminating non-whites and Jews, Jimbo? These are consumers who buy commodities, and I can think of no corporaton that would be interested in reducing its potential consumer base, except for whoever holds the copyright to The Turner Diaries.

    It is in the interest of no one (except delusional WNs like you) to try and spark some sort of race war, even if we believe in Pierce's "formula." Think about it: the U.S. can invade Iraq and few people get worked up (at least until the body bags come home) because it happens so far away from home. Creating a war in your own backyard is tantamount to suicide.

    As my dad once told me: "Never shit where you eat."

    But hey - what do I know, right? I am either: a) a Jew; b) a Jew-tool; c) a race traitor; or d) an unwitting dupe.


    (historymike leaves as per the transmitted commands decoded by the microchip in his head, placed there by his ZOG masters)

  11. Hal Imposter, don't ever speak to me in that tone of voice again. I'm just about ready to stomp your fat Faggot ass.

  12. Holeswine:

    You're call me fat Mr. 300 lbs? And there ain't no one afraid of a gimp, boy, no one. So you go right on talkin' tough boy but we both know it for what it

    history mike: Jimbo is a fake he posts all over pretending he is from other countries. He is an idiot.

  13. To answer your question, Floyd:

    The program is coming in well over WINAMP as of 12:36 pm.

  14. jimbo - ya better be ready for one helluva fight - and bring lawyers, guns, and money - cause you will need all of that.

    I have been laughing my butt off over Bill White. No one wants him - he's shunned by the anti's - the Nazi's don't want him with them - he has no one. Poor Bill.

  15. nikki numb-nutz sez: jimbo - ya better be ready for one helluva fight - and bring lawyers, guns, and money - cause you will need all of that

    in ya dreams, bitch!

    if even 1% of the White Race gets organised, 'armed up' & 'fired up' we'll fuck 'n' burn youse scum in less than a week; that is, providing youse don't run like rabbits within the first 48hrs.

    BTW: we won't need 'lawyers' because the jewSA jewdicial system will be on the 'to-do' shit-list; after we've freed all our POWs like PM Hale for instance!


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