Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Video of :racist Hal "the no-where man" Talking to No One in Kalmazoo

Check out this video clip - while Hal Turner is giving his speech, the racist in the penn get up and leave , leaving only Eye On Hate reporter Craig from Michigan the only one listening, even the police leave. - lol

People walking during Hal Turner's speech


  1. Well, I think the police are shadowing the NSM members but it is interesting that they leave. And Hal calls the rally a "BIG SUCCESS"? Too funny.

    I think that I can get at least 4 people for a rally in front of Hal's church. I think we should plan it to mirror Hal's next rally. I would also like to take a page from Jim Ramm's book and send Hal's priest a video of Hal. Does anyone have an video of Hal spewing forth some unchristian like hate? I think it is long past due that the people
    in Hal Turner's community learn what kind of filth they have going to church with them.

  2. I don't know about a video - but his radio show tonight is a great example.

  3. Hal has the "real" video of his great speech in Kalamazoo on his homepage.

  4. Great? Great? The only thing Great about Hal is he is a Great Big Fucking Turd that feel from a large cow's ass. GOT IT PEDO?

  5. Oh me, the faked Nimbuster feels so threatened by big bad Hal. You're the only Turd I've seen around here lately. Since you attempted to associate Hal with Shit and falsely called me a Pedo; you are only to address Hal & I as Mr

  6. I am pretty sure I speak for all here when I tell you Holeswine:

    Do shut the fuck up Mr. Pedo.

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    You'd just as well to Fuck off and shut the Fuck up.

    Apologies to Nikki for trashing her blog over you Turd Heads. I will never sit back and be falsely called a Pedo & etc. I have too good of a name & reputation to do so.

  8. Pedo you have no "good name" you are a petty thief who steals from DirecTV
    and Check cashing places. You are a sick little admitted child molester. Thanks to us Nimbusters and the US mail many people in your shit hole little town know of your character.

  9. See that's the way you Nigger Lovers operate. You feel that you must try to bring down the character of fine outstanding citizens like me. I have never tried to get into other's business like you Turds. That should be common decency. I have been treated no worse since the DickHeadTV thing or the rip-off cash advance place by my peers.
    I had a deal with the advance place to paay him in full when my tax refund came in Jan '06, but he jumped the gun and filed the claim in Dec '05

    I have never admitted to being a Fucking child molestor because I am not one. I may be a Pervert, but not a molestor.

    If you Nigger Lovers did use the mail that much; I sure haven't heard a Fucking thing about it.

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