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Anti-Racists Face Serious Legal Battle in Philly:


On Monday July 23rd, four anti-fascists from the Philadelphia, PA area were arrested at what was supposed to be a Ku Klux Klan rally in Center City Philadelphia. Jared Schultz, Tom Keenan, Jason Robbins - all of Philadelphia Anti-Racist Action - as well as a member of the Progressive Labor Party - were all arrested and charged with a series of trumped up misdemeanors in a situation that - for all practical purposes - was straight up entrapment.

Rumors spread through Philadelphia starting Friday July 20th that the Ku Klux Klan was supposed to show up for an 11AM rally on Monday at Love Park. While anti-fascists were present in the area starting at 10:30AM, no racists showed up for the rally until noon when two men wearing what appeared to be neo-Nazi t-shirts showed up in the area. Anti-fascists approached the men, confirmed they were neo-Nazis and told them to leave. Words were exchanged between the Klansmen and the anti-fascists, and then the neo-Nazis said they were leaving. The anti-fascists then followed behind them to make sure that they kept their promise.

Strangely, Civil Affairs cops remained on the other side of the park the entire time and made no efforts to follow the group even when they were out of their sight. The boneheads got into an SUV around the corner and were driven away. As they attempted to drive off, conveniently blocked by traffic, a verbal confrontation ensued with the anti-fascists lasting several minutes before a window of the SUV was smashed. The driver – who could have flashed his badge at anytime to disperse the crowd - then ordered four of the anti-fascists up against the wall.

While the arresting officer was a Philadelphia Police Department detective, the SUV was, according to paperwork received by the arrestees, the vehicle of FBI Special Agent Sean Brennan, also present during the arrests. What an FBI agent was doing escorting neo-Nazis away from the park remains a total mystery.

After the arrests, all four of the anti-fascists were transported to the 9th Police Precinct where they remained for approximately 27 hours awaiting notice of their charges and bail amounts.

Initially, the arrestees were informed that for some odd reason, Internal Affairs was investigating their case and that they would be facing 10 charges - 4 felonies and 6 misdemeanors. In the end, however, all of the felonies were dropped, leaving the arrestees with 8 misdemeanor charges of varying degrees upon being bailed out. The fact that the charges were dropped so quickly proves just how trumped up these charges are.

However there's still a lot at stake for The Love Park 4.

Currently, everyone is facing the same 8 charges - Possession of an Instrument of Crime With Intent, Criminal Conspiracy Engaging with Possession of Instrument of Crime with Intent, Institutional Vandalism/Illegal Possession, Reckless Endangering Another Person, Resisting Arrest, Criminal Mischief, Harassment - Subject Other to Physical Contact, and Disorderly Conduct/Grading.

At this point, everyone is out of jail, doing fine and just taking some time to relax for a few days before what could be a lengthy and expensive legal ordeal. All of the defendants are scheduled for court on October 3rd, and are in the process of establishing a legal defense fund and securing legal counsel.

We are confident that with the right resources, all of the anti-fascists arrested will be able to defeat these outrageous charges which could result in tens of thousands of dollars in fines and years of jail time

*But we sure can't go it alone*

We need the resources to win this legal battle and you can help right now!

Simply go to PayPal, click on the "Send Money" tab and make a donation to If you wish to send funds through the mail, send a check or well concealed cash to

Heartsville Community Space
PO Box 5917
Philadelphia, PA 19137.

Make sure to note that it is for The Love Park 4.

Write to or to receive updates on how you can lend a hand. They'll be plenty of work to do.


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Tonights Eye On Hate Radio & Coldshot Archives UP

July 26 Eye On Hate Radio Archived Show can be heard here
Archive Eye On Hate Radio July26

With Nikki Nichols from Citizens Against Hate
ColdShot Archive July 26



TOPICS: Eye On Hate Radio will be discussing the upcoming racist rally in Kalamazoo, MI ,along with discussing what could happen in Kalamazoo , if neo nazi leader Bill White from Roanoke,VA makes an appearence as he has stated in the last couple of days he will.

Bill White could be a bigger a problem than Hal Turner, Thursday night we will tell you why and also some ideas on how to counter Bill White and his planns for Kalamazoo. White will not be standing behind police lines with the other racists it's not his style, think Toledo.

COLD SHOT: Are the racist twins known as Prussian Blue about to tell Mama to take a hike and break away from the racist cult?

Proof that the Lunatic Fringe Really is the Lunatic Fringe.

A Nutball Creator makes his move for Pontifex Maximus of hate and Pittsburgh - We Really Do Have a Problem!

A couple of personal messages to Bill White and Hal Turner.

And a plea for help from the Philidelphia ARA click on the listen live Winamp link!

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Att: Michigan AntiFa and Anti-Racist

Hello from Eye On Hate Radio - to all our Michigan anti racist friends and listeners - this Thursday night at 9pm est. you will want to listen to our broadcast.

Eye On Hate Radio will be discussing the upcoming racist rally in Kalamazoo, MI ,along with discussing what could happen in Kalamazoo , if neo nazi leader Bill White from Roanoke,VA makes an appearence as he has stated in the last couple of days he will.

Bill White could be a bigger a problem than Hal Turner, Thursday night we will tell you why and also some ideas on how to counter Bill White and his planns for Kalamazoo. White will not be standing behind police lines with the other racists it's not his style, think Toledo.

Eye On Hate Radio broadcast live via winamp/shoutcast - so you will need a winamp player, they are free at

Hope you can join us 9pm Thursday night.
Eye On Hate Radio

please feel free to pass this information along to friends and antifa/anti racist organizations

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Michigan Heating Up - Floyd on His Way



Floyd is heading to Michigan in the morning and will be back next week. He asked me to post this for him.

Eye On Hate Radio - The American National Socialist Worker's Party (Bill White's organization ) is announcing they will be holding a rally 25 miles east of Jackson,Michigan On Aug 18.

If this rally by AMSWP happens, it will be the second racist event/rally with-in two weeks of each other, Hal Turner,racist broadcaster from NJ is holding a rally in Kalamazoo on Aug 4.
Eye On Hate Radio

Here is the announcement
There is going to be a ANSWP event 18 August this is going to be a large event. It will be coming off of the 4 August Rally Against Black Gang Terrorism. If you have to pick between one or the other pick this one.
This is our oun event the target will not be disclossed until after 4 August. It is about 25 miles east of Jackson Michigan. We will need at least 7 people to make this event run well. If we get a good turn out and act on a good plan we will have Major National News Coverage.
Neal Joitke
Michigan ANSWP

I will be hosting tomorrow night's show and Floyd will be checking in via phone - you guys don't want to miss a minute of this.

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White "Superiority" - Uh...huh

Here...we have white "superiority" at it's very best! Aren't you happy to know that your tax dollars are being spent so wisely?


Judge tells Allgier to behave
Neo-Nazi inmate in court on guard murder charges
By Stephen Hunt
The Salt Lake Tribune
Article Last Updated: 07/13/2007 12:05:28 PM MDT

Curtis Allgier is accused in the slaying of a Corrections officer during a failed escape. (Tribune file photo)Posted: 11:17 AM- A heavily guarded Curtis Michael Allgier, accused of murdering a Corrections officer last month, made his first in-person court appearance today.

Numbering about 10, 3rd District Court bailiffs and jail guards were taking no chances with Allgier, the heavily tattood, neo-Nazi inmate facing a potential death penalty if convicted.

Allgier is charged with capital murder for allegedly slaying Stephen Anderson with the officer's own gun during a June 25 escape from University Hospital.

An exchange between Judge Deno Himonas and Allgier hinted that the inmate had been reluctant to appear in court.

Himonas told Allgier he had a right to be present, but that there "may be other ways for you to participate."

The judge added: "But if you are here, I expect you to behave appropriately. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Sir," Allgier replied.

The judge may have been referring to Allgier's insolent demeanor at an arraignment last week via closed-circuit TV in which the defendant rolled his eyes, sighed and addressed the judge with "Yo."

Allgier's defense attorneys declined to comment on today's cryptic exchange between Allgier and the judge.

Prosecutor Robert Stott told reporters he was unaware of the reason for the judge's comments.

Allgier, 27, is to appear before Himonas again on Sept. 7, at which time it is anticipated that a preliminary hearing will be set.

Court-appointed attorney Michael Peterson told the judge he was working with prosecutors to obtain case information, including police, witness and forensic reports. Allgier is also represented by taxpayer funded attorneys Brennon Fuelling and Ralph Dellapiana.

Anderson, 60, was shot in the head and chest in an exam room at University Hospital, where the inmate - serving time for burglary - was brought for treatment of a back problem.

The two shots belie Allgier's statements to news reporters that the gun fired accidentally as he struggled with the officer after Allgier purportedly announced he was walking out.

In addition to murder, Allgier is charged with three counts of first-degree felony attempted murder. He is accused of trying to run down a Salt Lake County sheriff's deputy during a high-speed chase and allegedly trying to kill two other people in an Arby's restaurant near 1700 South and Redwood Road, where he fled after the shooting.

Prosecutors also have charged Allgier with disarming a peace officer, aggravated escape and aggravated robbery - all first-degree felonies - and possession of a weapon by a restricted person, a second-degree felony.

Deputy Salt Lake County District Attorney Lohra Miller have said they intend to seek the death penalty for Allgier.

Meanwhile, Allgier's friend, Trisha Tower, 26, is scheduled for a Sept. 25 preliminary hearing on a charge of first-degree felony obstructing justice for allegedly giving Allgier a change of clothes and hiding his prison jumpsuit.

Allgier stopped to see Tower soon after leaving the hospital and allegedly stealing a physician's vehicle while brandishing the dead officer's weapon.

Aryan Warriors? Aryan Goons!

Anyone thinking of becoming involved with these "superior" beings needs to be in treatment. Whether on the inside or the outside of prison walls - they turn on each other. Loyalty and honor? Think again. When you look at the slide show, come back and tell me which one of these numbnuts you would let date your daughter.


Jonathan Humbert, Reporter
Victim of Racist White Supremacist Gang Speaks Out



July 14, 2007 12:37 AM CDT

Kory Crossman's friend said he's a victim of guilt by association.

The gang of white supremacists is accused of running an elaborate scheme of drug trafficking and racketeering. An indictment alleges 14 members would get positions of authority in order to torment their enemies with fear and violence.

Friday, seven of the 14 indicted in this dangerous group said they are not guilty. While all are behind bars for vicious stabbings, drug trafficking and even murder, they claim they are not involved in the federal racketeering they are accused of.

View a slideshow of 10 of the indicted Warriors

A close personal friend and love interest of Kory Crossman says he got caught up with the wrong crowd inside the prison walls.

"I just think it's guilty by association," said Lori Wallis. You have to survive, and if you know one person, then they're doing to them. They're charging them all as a group. None of us were really bad kids. We just did stupid things."

Now one of the victims of that group who told his story to the grand jury is now telling it to Eyewitness News.

This is a disturbing story of power, control, race, corruption and influence. The victim's identity has been hidden. Tommy, as we're calling him, testified to the grand jury that brought these indictments forward, and he says he fears for his life because of what the Aryan Warriors have already done to him.

"I don't know where it's safe to go and where it's not safe to go," he said. The masked voice. The pitch black silhouetted face. The sign of a marked man with a troubled past. Tommy isn't his real name -- because sharing that could be a death sentence.

"I guess I fear for my life. I don't want anyone knowing where I'm at," he said.

But he says he's suffered at the hands of these men and their group, the white supremacist gang the Aryan Warriors. He has a tale that has to be told.

Tommy's story reads like a gritty prison drama. Already a target because he's a gay man behind bars, Tommy says he witnessed a Warrior's knife fight a few months into his sentence. They think he ratted them out. He didn't.

"And I knew what happened to people like that," he said.

Tommy echoes a lot of what's in the 20-page indictment. The Aryan Warriors infiltrate the prison system with bribes and violence. They control information, drugs and power.

"I know there's staff involvement because I was forced into a cell change that I did not want. That put me in with one of the leaders, and two days later, I'm almost dead," he said.

Tommy says that Warrior leader wanted him as a sex partner. Tommy's refusal nearly sealed his fate.

"While I was asleep, he pulled me off, choked me out, pulled me off my top bunk and pounding my head and face into the concrete floor." He wouldn't show us the scars left behind, but they are still there and won't ever go away.

"Just about every bone in my face and head was busted including skull fractures and major blood loss," said Tommy.

After four days on life support, Tommy was eventually shipped to another prison to end out his sentence. He testified before a grand jury, telling this tale again. This time, he wants to give the Warriors a true taste of vengeance by bringing the organization to its knees.

"Apparently, they can do what they want; they can run anything that they want to run and nobody says anything."

But now someone has said something -- even if it means this man in black has a target on his back. Tommy says he fears to live anywhere in the state, and he hopes bring some closure. But with the massive street program controlled by the Warriors still out there, he doesn't know if he can ever be safe.

And The Beat Goes On

Another death that didn't have to happen - another example of the superior mind of the white supremacist - and another example of what outstanding parents they make.

Deseret Morning News, Sunday, July 15, 2007

Police kill supremacist

By Pat Reavy
Deseret Morning News

Police killed a white supremacist who they say rammed several vehicles with his car, including police squad cars, and injured an officer early Saturday.

Darren Grueber

Darren Neil Grueber, 48, a documented gang member of the Silent Aryan Warriors, was shot several times by two officers from West Jordan and South Jordan, said Taylorsville Police Sgt. Rosie Rivera. He was taken to University Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Grueber had a criminal history dating back to 1982, according to court records, including charges and convictions for assaulting a police officer, aggravated assault, drug possession and sexual battery. In 2002, he was sent to federal prison for a firearms violation but was out on federal probation during Saturday's shooting.

Grueber's family is also no stranger to law enforcement. His son, Darren Grueber Jr. was convicted of a 2001 murder in which he smashed a man's head with a rock, duct-taped the victim's hands and feet, covered the man with a sheet and dumped him on a dirt road in Magna. Earlier this month, the Utah Supreme Court rejected Grueber's appeal that he didn't receive a fair trial.

During his trial, prosecutors alleged that Darren Grueber Jr., who was 18 at at the time of the murder, wanted to be like his father in joining SAW but was denied membership because he had never been to prison. Prosecutors say the younger Grueber offered to kill Don Dorton as gang initiation.

In Saturday's incident involving the father, nearly a dozen members of the Salt Lake Metro Gang Unit were serving a search warrant at the Spring Hill Apartments near 1700 West and 5600 South about 4:30 a.m. Officers were searching for drugs and weapons.

Although the man law enforcers were targeting was not in the apartment when they arrived, they received word that Grueber was on his way over, Rivera said.

When Grueber arrived, deputies used their vehicles to box him in to prevent him from leaving so they could question him, Rivera said.

"He decided he was going to take off," Rivera said. "He throws it into forward, hits a detective's vehicle ... . throws it into reverse, hits a tree ... then hits a civilian vehicle and gets his car stuck in the other car ... then goes forward and hits two more police vehicles," Rivera said.

A West Jordan police officer, standing outside the vehicles, suffered a minor shoulder injury when one of the cars bumped him.

Fearing for their lives, at least two officers opened fire on Grueber, Rivera said. The incident could have been even worse, but a Taylorsville officer showed restraint by not firing because a female passenger in Grueber's car was in his line of fire, she said. The woman was not arrested.

Before the shooting, another man showed up at the apartment where the warrant was served. A 27-year-old man was arrested on drug possession and two warrants for drug distribution and possession.

White supremacists have been in the news frequently as of late. Curtis Allgier, a heavily tattooed white supremacist, was arrested and charged last month in connection with the shooting death of a corrections officer during an escape. Prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty.

Friday, July 13, 2007


It only took jurors one hour to acquit Gordon Young of all charges. Evidently, the evidence presented as well as the alleged victim was simply not credible.
HAGERSTOWN - A former Ku Klux Klan leader was acquitted Thursday night in Washington County Circuit Court of second-degree sexual offense, sexual abuse of a minor and other crimes after a jury of eight men and four women deliberated for about an hour.

Gordon Creal Young, 41, was charged with the offenses after a 15-year-old girl told Washington County Sheriff's deputies that Young made her perform sexual acts on him at his home on two separate occasions in October 2006.

Young, of 2210 Back Road in Sharpsburg, also was charged with second-degree assault and causing another to ingest bodily fluid.

Washington County Circuit Judge John H. McDowell warned witnesses before the trial began that they were not to mention Young's involvement with the KKK when they testified.

Any mention of his association with the KKK would be prejudicial and could cause a mistrial or reversal of the case, McDowell said.

The soft-spoken girl testified Thursday morning that Young was "an intimidating person." He wanted to punish her for failure to adequately perform household chores and poor performance in school, the girl testified.

"He told me I had to do something that I was going to remember," she testified.

On one occasion, Young locked the door to his bedroom and made the girl perform a sex act on him, the girl testified.

"I was afraid he would hurt me," she testified.

A few days later, Young told the girl she needed to be punished for disrespectful behavior toward him, she testified. He laid on his bed and made the girl perform a sexual act even though she cried and said she didn't want to, she testified.

"He said that the next time I did something wrong, the punishment would be worse," she testified.

Young, who lived at the home with his wife and mother, testified that he never had sexual contact with the girl.

Young's mother, Sylvia Hendricks, testified that the girl would "elaborate" and not always tell the truth.

Young's wife testified that she was with her husband on the evenings in question. Under Cirincion's questioning, Young's wife testified that he was with her every minute of the day when the sexual contact was alleged to have occurred.

Young couldn't recall being alone with the girl at any time during the days in question, he testified.

During his closing argument, defense attorney David Pembroke suggested that the girl wanted to make a change in her life, so she told a story about her contact with Young. Her descriptions of the incidents were also vague and her testimony was flat and emotionless, Pembroke told the jury.

"At 15, she doesn't have the knowledge to fill in the descriptions of the lies," he said.

After the jury's verdict was read, the victim sobbed as family and friends crowded around her and Cirincion clasped her in a hug.

A man sitting near the victim muttered that the verdict was an "injustice."

On the other side of the courtroom, Young's family gathered around him.

During jury selection Thursday morning, Assistant State's Attorney Gina Cirincion objected to the defense's attempts to strike jurors three different times.

"The state objected because the strikes appeared to be racially motivated," Cirincion said after the verdict was read.

Case law prohibits exclusion of jurors based on race, she said. Of her three challenges, two were successful and those two jurors heard the trial.

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July 12 Eye On hate Radio Line-up - 9pm est
Join Eye On Hate Radio's Host Floyd Cochran as he talks bluntly to the followers of racial hate.

Fighting FIRE with FIRE,

Dreaming of Hate,

Going to Kalamazoo,

Headline of Hate
Short News Blurbs Concerning Racists Crimes & Activities

here is link to show - you need a winamp to listen to it
Listen Live Click Here

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Dreaming of killing racist Hal Turner & Neo Nazi Bill White

YOu all will want to tune into Thursday night's July 12 program of Eye On Hate Radio, as I tell you about the dream I had of killing Bill White and Hal Turner, I woke up in a cold sweat and a sadistic smile on my face.

Also, I have a segment I am working on called "fighting fire with fire" ( i like fire , dont you ? )

You wont want to miss the show it starts at 9pm Thursday night Live !

Eye On Hate Radio

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Kalamazoo,MI Police: Ignore Aug. 4 Racist Rally

From Eye On Hate Radio ( Floyd) - This is the first Michigan article I have seen concerning the racist rally in Kalamazoo.
Last year during my visits to Michigan I talked about NJ racist Hal Turner, joining Turner will be Michigan based KKK leader Randy Gray and Michigan based racist leader "pastor" James Wickstrom.
We will keep you posted as we get closer to Aug. 4.
Floyd - Eye On Hate Radio

Residents urged to ignore radio show host's rally
Saturday, July 07, 2007
By Alex Nixon 388-2783
Police are urging Kalamazoo residents to ignore a rally against ``black gang terrorism'' that the host of an Internet radio talk show says he is organizing here.
Hal Turner, of North Bergen, N.J., has called for an Aug. 4 protest in Kalamazoo in response to reports of alleged assaults by black teenagers against whites.
Kalamazoo residents should ``ignore his (Turner) rally cry to gather and meet,'' said Dan Weston, chief of the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety.

for the rest of this two page story go here :"

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TONIGHT! 7/05/07





FIRST: Cold Shot with Nicole Nichols - 8:00 Eastern Time

NEXT: Eye On Hate Radio with Floyd Cochran & Guests - 9:00 Eastern Time

In the first ever live broadcast of Cold Shot, Nicole will take on some of this weeks issures followed by Eye On Hate Radio with Floyd Cochran and his special guests. Details to follow.


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Broken Hearted Nikki

My heart is broken. As many of you are aware, I followed and reported on this story. I said a lot of prayers for David and admired his courage. Unfortunately, he met with a very sad ending.

The aftermath of hate is often much harder than dealing with the event as it happens. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to David's family and friends and we can only hope that the pain is over for David.


Skinhead victim jumps to death from cruise ship
Erik Jensen

An 18-year-old who fell to his death from a cruise ship yesterday had reportedly been struggling after being identified as the victim of an horrific racial attack by skinheads.

David Ritcheson is believed to have jumped from the cruise liner Ecstasy yesterday afternoon, with the ship's staff retrieving his dead body from the Gulf of Mexico about 30 minutes later.

The rescue was handled entirely by ship staff, the US Coast Guard said.

Mr Ritcheson had to undergo more than 30 operations after been stripped naked, burnt with cigarettes and repeatedly attacked by two skinheads in April last year.

His attackers, one of whom received a life sentence while the other got a 90-year sentence, sexually assaulted Mr Ritcheson with a PVC pipe, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Although Carnival Cruise Lines, who own the ship that was sailing on a five-day round-trip to Cozumel, Mexico, would not confirm his identity, a spokesman for The League of United Latin American Citizens, Rick Dovalina, told the Chronicle that the family's lawyer confirmed the death.

"The family heard from the captain of the ship. He went overboard," Mr Dovalina said.

In an interview in April, Mr Ritcheson said he was struggling with being identified as the victim of the skinhead attack .

"It's like everyone knows I'm 'the kid.' I don't want to be a standout because of what happened," he said.

Mr Ritcheson testified in the US Congress in June, supporting a hate crimes bill.

He told the House Judiciary Committee that his attackers had stripped him naked before burning him with cigarettes, and beating him as they yelled anti-Hispanic slurs.