Monday, September 28, 2009


Now, if you can't hang with this - if you can't agree with this - I suggest that you remain in that realm of the lunatic fringe while the sane disgest what this person has said and choose to move on toward making a difference.

Common ground is out there. The question is, can we all take a deep enough breath to find it?


NanceGreggs's Journal: Nance Rants
Calling ALL Citizens
Posted by NanceGreggs in General Discussion: Presidential
Sun Sep 27th 2009, 09:58 PM
I don’t care if you’re an (R) or a (D), an Indy or a Green, a Liberal or a Conservative, a left-to-center, right of the aisle, progressive-regressive, Area 51-9/11 conspiracy theorist, astrology-driven Christian, reluctant Zen-Buddhist, Feng Shui adherent with Rococo overtones – or just a regular guy livin’ a regular life – it’s time to get a fuckin’ grip.

I think we’ve got some common ground, regardless of who we are or where we see ourselves on the colour-coded, media-created pie chart of inane categorization – whether we’re Gen-X or Boomers, low class, poor class, lower middle class, middle-middle class, upper middle class, unemployed, under-employed, over-employed, retired or expired, we’re all pretty much sick to death of the whole damned thing.

Right here, right now, we’ve got over-zealous cops armed with tasers, torturers armed with legal off-the-hook technicalities, citizens dyin’ for lack of healthcare insurance, insurance companies cryin’ about dyin’ profits, food banks running dry, real banks running amok, Wall Street v Main Street, Main Street USA in the business of hangin’ Out of Business signs, and a mainstream media saying suck it up, it’s a sign of the times – and listen to us, we know it ALL, ‘cause we have access to reliable sources like Twitter.

We’ve got so-called “news journalists” talking about whether the POTUS is under-exposed or over-exposed – as though he has a new movie/book/TV series to sell and we – not citizens, but consumers – should judge his accomplishments on the same basis as Survivor, deciding whether he should be voted off that flat-screen island that sits in front of the couch and broadcasts nonsense 24-7.

You want God involved in your government? Well, I don’t; got this separation of Church and State thing in my head – don’t know where that came from, but there you have it. Thing is I’d gladly accept the teachings of one Jesus Christ into the political discourse if, just once in a while, so-called Christian politicians (and their so-called Christian constituents) actually acted like the Late, Great JC and did unto their fellow citizens as they would have done unto their own selfish asses.

I don’t hold myself out as a Biblical scholar, but I don’t remember Jesus ever asking what’s-in-it-for-me before feeding the hungry or curing the afflicted – and, according to the official record so many feel free to fold, staple, spindle and/or mutilate when it fits their personal agenda, he never once asked to see someone’s insurance policy or Green Card before workin’ a God-damned miracle – nor did he refuse to heal a single leper on the basis that they had a pre-existing condition which, according to Saviour Rule No. 606.9(b). 03, disqualified them not only from assistance, but even a modicum of human compassion.

You want less government interference in your life? Hey, guess what – so do I. I don’t want the government pokin’ its nose into my bedroom, my internet communications, my emails, my right to protest, my right to ask where the fuck were all of the people who now want to know where their tax dollars are being spent – the same people whose jaws were apparently wired shut when the Bush administration was wire-tapping without warrants, and sending people who disagreed with them to designated “free-speech zones” while running up the national debt with all the fiscal responsibility of a drunken sailor with a stolen credit card – and while shovelling taxpayers’ money into the pockets of war-profiteering companies who just happened – oh, so coincidently – to be owned and/or operated to the financial benefit of family members and friends.

You believe we should Support the Troops? Yeah, me, too. I also believe that supporting our troops should be more than a bumpersticker – “I love a vet being treated for PTSD in June, how about you? I love a vet who, after all he’s been through and all he’s sacrificed, is still able to enjoy a Gershwin tune – how about you?” Holding hands in the movie show when all the lights are low – yeah, it may not be new, but for some of our returning soldiers it’s impossible to sit in the dark without reliving the horrors they’ve seen – and shouldn’t they be able to get the treatment necessary to make that simple a joy not just a possibility, but a reality?

There are people out there trying to divide us – and I gotta tell ya, so far they’re doing a damned fine job of it. They’re playing to the stoopid, and the stoopid are responding.

We know that because we’ve seen them – and if it’s on TV, it must be true.

They’re telling the stoopid that healthcare reform will ruin those good folks over to the multi-billion-dollar-a-year profit centers, that lobbyists lookin’ to make a buck for the bidness what hired them are good-‘n’-honest Americans, that Barack Obama is a Muslin fascist-communist-Nazi-all-too-uppity-person-of-color who is looking to ruin our nation by being articulate, intelligent, popular and respected.

And the stoopid are listening – they’re listening to the drug-addled Limbaughs, the Sarah “I Can See Russia from My Front Porch!” Palins, the cry-on-a-dime-give-ya-nine-cents-change Beck – who can prove his insane theories with a piece of chalk and a blackboard (or an Etch-a-Sketch, if he gets his sponsors back and can afford state-of-the-art technology once again.)

You want your country back? Well, count me in. I want it back from the lobbyists, the hypocrites, the electronic voting machines, the special interest groups, the birthers, the Teabaggers, the blissfully ignorant, the CEOs, the CFOs, the accountants who find the loopholes, the lawyers who find the technicalities that shield torturers from justice, the corporations that outsource, the companies that downsize for the sole purpose of upsizing their bottom-line – and everyone else who has turned putting you and me out of work and out of luck into a profession that pays well, all benefits included, soul and/or conscience not required.

I want it all back: the mom-and-pop operations that sell a cup of coffee that doesn’t cost twelve bucks, the local retailers who own their own businesses downtown instead of being greeters at the local WalMart in the mall, jobs where people benefit from their labor and retire with a pension instead of a one-way ticket to the poorhouse, schools that provide an education that doesn’t include teaching that the Earth is 6,000 years old despite all evidence to the contrary, doctors that spend their working hours treating patients instead of negotiating with insurance company death panels, corporations run by executives who don’t earn a multi-million dollar bonus for driving a company out of business, and a news media that delivers the fuckin’ news – being reportage of events that actually matter rather than who’s wearing who on the red carpet – nor their opinion of same.

Less government? I hear ya. But I want it minimized where it benefits the few, and maximized where it benefits the nation as a whole. I want my food inspected before I eat it, my drinking water free of contaminants, and my air fit to breathe.

And while I'm on the topic of what I want in this ever-popular atmosphere of it's-MY-world-and-it's-all-about-ME, I want my neighbors being judged on their character and not their accent, and my church/synagogue/temple/mosque being a place where people gather to pray and NOT a pulpit-of-convenience for those who choose to encourage hate and violence towards those who believe differently.

I want freedom of religion, not religion gussied-up as a barely reasonable facsimile of “moral values” and a desire to get right with God (who, in too many instances nowadays, doesn’t even get an honorable mention due to having been supplanted by politically-inspired sermons about voting for the guy who was just caught with his hand in the till, or up the skirt of his secretary, or down the pants of a choirboy – all deemed “forgiven” if he cries sufficiently on TV and promises to be a good boy from here on in, at least when somebody’s watching.

There is a great divide in this nation right now. But it is no longer a division between Democrats and Republicans (or what’s left of the latter); it is a division between the sane and the lunatic fringe, the truth-tellers and the out-and-out liars, the informed and those who refuse to be informed, the bigots and the tolerant, the insightful into what’s wrong and how to right it and the blind who are content to merely complain about the problems we face, without a clue as to what those problems even are.

It’s time to get a fuckin’ grip and pick a side. If you honestly believe that people like Orly Taitz are making a valuable contribution to your country, so be it. Take your place with the minority; carry your mis-spelled protest signs, proudly demonstrate your stupidity in the public square, declare that you want the gov’mint out of government-run programs like Medicaid, fight for the right of insurance conglomerates to make a buck off your pain and suffering, tune-in to Fox-News and swallow whatever foul-tasting, devoid-of-facts pablum they and the rest of the mainstream media is willing to spoon-feed you because you’re too lazy to care where your next meal is coming from if it requires moving your lazy lard-ass off the couch to actually do something pro-active - like voting once in a while.

But if you want your country back – back from the bought-and-paid-for politicians who have no qualms about buttering their own bread at your expense, back from the wingnuts who think murdering abortion-providers is the best way to preserve the sanctity of life, back from the newscasters who think you are unable to think and are therefore charged with doing your thinking for you, back from the school boards who determine that a well-rounded education includes not allowing students to hear the President extol the virtues of working hard in school, back from the so-called Christians who insist they’re being persecuted out of existence by people who wish them “Happy Holidays” in December, back from the brink of INSANITY – you might want to look at your fellow citizens who, despite their “Obama 2008” bumperstickers, despite the (D) after their names, despite their support of gay rights or the right to an abortion, despite the differences between their philosophies and yours, just MIGHT have more in common with you than you want to admit, or that you’re being led to believe.

Think about it. That’s all I’m asking. And I’m somehow confident that those of you still capable of thinking for yourselves have already figured this out.

Now let’s stop merely thinking alike and start acting alike – it’s our country. So let’s take it back – together.


  1. Don't agree with some of this. Like the anti-Walmart stuff (walmart actually helps small businesses). Overall good stuff though.

    And the right wing is totally out of control these days, spewing lies about health care before they can even be refuted. They act like the "public option" is a bad idea. No it's not, if you are happy with your private insurance, you don't need to change it.

    I listened to Rush Limbaugh today and if you follow what he says, it's clearly racism behind this health care debate. He must have spent 20 minutes talking about Obama giving free health care to the illegals... aka, the racism argument. These brainiacs needs to figure it's cheaper to treat them at the doctor's then to treat them at the ER.

  2. cheaper? not really, you see the er charges more because quite often they only get partial payments or none at all. This also is filed as a loss on their tax returns as unpaid.

    My friend went to the ER for an allergy shot, they waited seven hours to see him and then only took ten minutes in an exam room to give the shot. they mailed bill for $1100.00

    My friend told them to kiss his ass and take him to court, and they did. In court mu friend protested the bill and wanted to know how ten minutes of care could cost $1100.00. The judge also asked for a breakdown.The hospital rep asked my friend what he believed was fair and my friend offered one hundred dollars as payment. The hospital representative said that would be satisfactory.

    Big deal there are racist in the world. Jews are fucking the Palestinians and you are not pissing up a rope about that one, are you heeb?


  3. Same old tired bullshit argument. The supposed racism of others doesn't excuse yours, retard. Additionally the plight of the Palestinians has nothing to do with health care in this country. Give it up Cold Butter your >70 IQ doesn't cut it here.

    Oh an unrelated note the Vikings are kicking ass and taking names. Look for them in the Superbowl.

  4. After reading the bullshit article, I must ask, who the fuck do you think you are, the earth is 6k years old and that's about the only fucking thing that me and those goddamned snip-dicked heebs agree on.

    So take your, take the country back to your low income housing and cash your fucking lupus disability check and die die die.


  5. Hey Boa,

    I don't need an excuse for my racism, you nigger loving sorry excuse for date rape gone bad.

    If you had a father and a home growing up instead of that low rent whorehouse that your mother "worked" out of, then maybe you'd be a man instead of a low life, low class shiteater.

    Hang it up or hang yourself shitbag.


  6. Goddamn Nikki,

    You keep saying COMMON GROUND, like it's anything that anybody really wants. We are all not going to get along.

    All ground is common at six feet deep, but no higher.


  7. Ping Nikki!!!!

    Perhaps the video below is a good example of why guys like Cold Butter and Chris Drake don't share your attitude about living in "diverse" neighborhoods and communities. People not wanting to live in these dangerous areas should not be so quickly dismissed. It isn't always about "hate:. Anyway, I hope you have the courage to not only view this clip but perhaps comment on it:

    Click Here

  8. "The supposed racism of others doesn't excuse yours, retard."

    No one is making excuses, but it is glaringly apparent guys like you go to great lengths to ignore racism that isn't of the White variety.

    People shouldn't have to sacrifice their personal safety or the safety of their children to prove they aren't racist...

    Your line of thinking is sooooo fucking wrong on soooooo many levels. You have to work for the government to think the way you do.

  9. The writer of the article pleads for folk to unite while spewing for the same ol' tired leftist divisive rhetoric. Nah, this gal isn't interested in finding common ground; not with this Rachel Maddow impersonation.

    BS article all the way.

  10. Did you see that video? that shit happens all the time with negroes.

    Go to school with those fucking apes and you'll sing a different tune.

    Surely nikki will pretend that it was all because of the "still felt effects of slavery" or "white privilege", but the truth of the matter is black people are predisposed to violence.

    yeah, sure some whites will engage in violent behavior, but for Negroes, it's a lifestyle of tribal domination and no matter how many generations are removed from the jungle, they still do this kind of shit.

    But hey, as long as there is real estate available, white people will keep moving away from blacks.

    Sincerely Sneering at blacks,


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  12. I hate you imposterati!


  13. The video, and what is happening to children in Chicago, is not only horrendous but chilling. What is it that you want me to say? Violence of this nature is untenable and we have got to get a handle on it?

    Trying to live and raise a family in that kind of environment is, of course, something no one wants to have to do - including most of the people who live there.

    I've seen even worse up close and very personally - perpetrated by both black and white races. The question is, should we hate the perpetrators because they are black...or white...or because they are criminals? Better yet - shouldn't we be concerned because children are killing children? Shouldn't we be looking for a solution?

    The biggest majority of people living in that environment want to get out - or to have things change. The majority don't want to have to raise their families in fear. But, it's often impossible to get out. So...what's the answer?

  14. There is a pretty good article regarding this, and some links to the problems going on in Chicago here:


  15. Chicago like Detroit is a cesspit.

  16. Talk about a "teaching moment" that could be used by our President. Of course he won't touch this with a ten foot pole.

    I guess if he knew the victim he might have said something about it.

  17. Oh shit, nikki, do you really expect us to believe that the crimes that you claim to have witnessed by whites are of any magnitude or frequency done by negroes?

    The Negro tendency for violence is matched by no other race. NONE. What's really pathetic is that nigs have murderous turf wars over public housing that they can never own.

    When it comes to violent crimes, White people pale in comparison to Negroes (no pun intended)

    The per capita most violent people on the planet are blacks.

    Running, dancing, playing sports and crime, especially violent crimes, are what the Negro excel in.

    But as usual you always say that whites do it too, let me know the next time a gang of whites batter each other with planks outside of a school. Let me know when there is a campaign to stop "white on white" crime.
    But I won't hold my breath, it ain't happening.

  18. Never trust a liberal when they want to get you on common ground, because it's always an ambush.


  19. When will Drake realize he is brainless and has nothing constructive to add? The wind goes whoooooooosh between his ears.

  20. WASHINGTON (AP) - The White House says cell phone video showing the fatal beating of a 16-year-old honors student in Chicago is "chilling." It came up at President Barack Obama's morning meeting in the Oval Office.
    White House spokesman Robert Gibbs on Wednesday said the video of teens viciously kicking and striking another teen with splintered railroad ties is among the most shocking anyone can see. He told reporters they should expect an announcement on an administration response to the "heinous crime" soon.

    Gibbs says, though, that government cannot regulate what's in people's hearts. He says the White House believes such crimes call for community involvement.

    Prosecutors in Chicago have charged four teenagers with fatally beating Derrion Albert, a sophomore honor roll student. Officials say Albert was walking to a bus stop when he got caught up in the mob's street fighting


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