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*Are Obama Supporters Engaged In the Indoctrination of Children?

*The Latest From the Right-Wing Smudge Pot (The Census, Immigration, etc.)

*Chuck Baldwin, Ron Paul, and the radical elements they attract

*The Racist Right And Their Bid For Mainstream Status - Hate On Display

*The Real Truth About Separatists and PLE's

*The Subjucation & Denigration of Women by the Fundamentalist & Racist Right

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  1. TEHRAN (AP) - Iran said it successfully test-fired short-range missiles during drills Sunday by the elite Revolutionary Guard, a show of force days after the U.S. and its allies condemned Tehran over a newly revealed underground nuclear facility that was being secretly constructed.

    English-language Press TV reported the Fateh-110, Tondar-69 and Zelzal were test fired in a missile defense exercise, but did not give specifics on range or other details. All are short-range, surface-to-surface missiles.


  2. Justin Boyer has been contacting anti-racist groups to slander us and try to weaken our organization. ~ANSWP Commander


  4. Let Israel bomb Iran back to the stone age. I have no problem with that.

    Cold Butter

  5. Bullshit. Israel should be bombed back to the stone age.


  6. Hi, I'm Nicole Nigholes and this is Cold Shot, the show where I say racism is wrong and racist call in and prove me wrong, but I don't listen.

    White people are shit, but not the wonderful brown color that blacks are, they are the worst kind of shit. Un-brown shit.
    I like to talk about racism and when I say racism, I mean anything that whites do that don't kiss nigger ass.

    This week two poor youths were accused of racism for defending their righteous hard fought territory on a bus when a white kid sat down to drive a black off his meager seat.

    Tempers and gorilla nostrils flared as strong young black men pummeled some white trash ass.

    The white was wearing a black backpack supposedly representing the burden that he feels that poor blacks have been on him since blacks won their freedom from the ever evil white overlords.

    Since the destruction of slaver, lazy whites have had to work and pull their own weight, but occasionally an uppity cracker will try to bully his black superiors and get the beatdown that he so righteously deserves.

    The media of right wing whites have lied and called this defense of territory an hate crime when it is obvious that black solidarity has been shown in order to keep the evil whites from ever rearing its ugly head.

    Crazy Nazis protested the infallible actions of these holy youths, but nobody listened because Nazis worship a dead man other than Malcolm X, the saintly martyr for the holy black man of the universe.

    Malcolm was assassinated by whites in a church, but after three days Malcolm rose again and will return with the sword of blackness to cut the white man down once and for all and then take all blacks up in the mothership.

    Well, not all blacks, just strong virile black men and some white tail to serve their holy masters forever.

  7. continued...a


    (caller catching his breath) Hey it's Cold Butter.

    (NN) hey cold butter, I am glad that you called, that way I know that the forty dollars a month i spend on prime time Blogtalk radio is not wasted on my own vanity of hearing myself say the same thing over and over!!

    (CB)Hey I wasn't expecting to be put on the air, why can't you just wait until I request to be in the fucking queue? I've told you five goddamn times that I listen to the show on my phone while walking or doing outside stuff!

    (NN)Sorry cold butter, but I've snorted too much cocaine off of nigger dicks and I just can't help my impulses, hence why I've snorted cocaine off of nigger dicks.
    Cold Butter, do you think the attacks on the bus were racial in origin?

    (CB) yea-
    (NN) that's because you are not a holy black man and nothing but a piece of shit self avowed racist.
    (CB) ummmmm, I-
    (NN) I know that I sound crazy, but I've been this way since my Grand Wizard Grandfather called me 'a sorry niggerfucker' when he caught me fucking three, well hung, black men behind the shed.I've sworn every moment of my existence to deny whites of any dignity or self determination since then.
    (CB) ohhhh-
    (NN) we have a caller from an 803 area code
    (CB) it's Drake-
    (NN) Hi you're on the air.
    (CD) Hey CB, hey nikki-
    (NN) Drake,you're wrong, black men are superior in everyway and worthy of praise!
    (CD) Umm,-
    (NN) Cold Butter, tell me how would you fix affirmative action so that blacks could be the only one's hired and whites would just disappear unless they served black cocks?
    (CB) Nikki, I'd do away with Affirmative Action completely and let the business owners and managers decide base on whatever reason they want.
    (NN) FUCK YOU, LONG HARD BLACK COCKS should be the only choice, you've proven my point, you racist always prove my point.BLACK COCKS ARE EVERYTHING! I LOVE THEM OOOHH BLACK DICKS! You racist, you racist, you racist. Damn you to cancer I say.

    (NN) Well, this has been another interesting show in which I could not disprove what the lowlife racist said, but I did show my love and appreciation for all things Negro.

    Good night and have a good week.

  8. I like large nigger dicks in my mouth and asshole.


  9. Imposterati above


    (which means, don't hang them, just leave them alone in the wilderness to starve, that way I don't have to buy rope)

  10. Impostor above, long black dicks are good only for sucking.


  11. There are about 30 local skinheads, says Christopher Drake, whom Shannon calls the ``king of the skinheads.'' ~Augusta Chronicle 11/25/97

  12. ``You have to be hard working and stay away from stuff that will bring you down, like drugs. You can't be a total drunk,'' says Mr. Drake, a 23-year-old forklift driver who graduated from Augusta Technical Institute ~Augusta Chronicle 11/25/97

  13. That imagined transcript of the show above is the funniest goddamned shit I have read in a long while. LOL!!!!

    Though it is satire, it encapsulates exactly how each of these flushot shows go each week.


  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. The problem as I see it Nikki, is that many conservative radio hosts and Politicians have confused being an asshole with being conservative. Certainly this is true with Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Riley, Glen Beck, and Joe Wilson.

    If things were more the way they were when this country was founded Bill Clinton would have been able to take short fat Rush out and horse whip him after the things he said about Chelsea in the mid 90's.
    I have no problem when you attack the man's ideas but when you attack him and his family I think you cross the line.

    Granted this is pretty radical and it is not something that is ever going to happen but until we can start respecting each others opinions and listening to one another America is going to remain divided. Hopefully we can come together at some point and hash out a health care reform bill that everyone can live with, hopefully.

  16. What Nikki did after the show.

    Nikki Nigholes and her eight cats, Mandingo, OJ, Kunta, Ebony, Buck, Tyrone, Blackmaster and Got Twelve Inches spend another lonely post show Sunday night alone.

    Nikki calls her comrade DLJ.

    (phone ringing)

    (NN) hey big black D, whassssssuuuppp?
    (DLJ) Nutting Boo.
    (NN) I did another show tonight and I put down white racist.
    (DLJ) yeah, I heard dat you wuz doing cole shot again an' shit.
    (NN) Oh, so you didn't listen?
    (DLJ) Uh, naw boo, i gots ta see a mans aboutsa new ride tomorrow ans i was lookin at som woneads in da paper n shit.
    (NN)ooh, you are getting a new car?
    (DLJ)yeah, i was gone buy a new impalLUH, but my credit is wacked from that child suppote I ain't paid since 99 n shit. So, laurie is over here tryin' to 'splain to me what these werds say n shit.
    (NN)*groans* oh, laurie is there?
    (DLJ)Yeah, she heppin me n shit
    (NN) Um, I could help you buy a car.
    (DLJ)Fo reals n shit?
    (NN)*excited* oh yes! How much do you have?
    (DLJ)about foe .
    (NN)Well, four thousand will make for a good down payment.
    (DLJ)Foe thousand? naw, I gots foe hunnert dollahs, cash girl, no checks n shit.
    (NN)four hundred dollars isn't alot for a down payment.
    (DLJ)Down payment? naw boo, I is buyin da cah for foe hunnert and another fiteen hunnert from laurie to buy some rims and shit. my home boy work at da rim sto n shit he gone hook me up n shit fo da lolo.
    (NN)Wouldn't it be better to buy car worth more than four hundred dollars?
    (DLJ)bitch, you trippin on me n shit. I beat dat ass.
    (NN) no baby, I was just trying to think, I don't know anything about cars, um, i am just a woman.
    (DLJ)aaaah-ite boo.Umm, hey could I get about tree hunnert to pay da lite bill, laurie ain't got no mo' cash till her baby daddy sens her da chile suppote.
    (NN)sure, I'll bring it over tomorrow.
    (DLJ)uh brinks it over now and howbout gettin mesum chicken from popeyes and gets a numba foe foe laurie too, she hungry n shit.
    (NN)Um, it's really late.
    (DLJ)Boo, girl, I needs you rite naa. laurie, she don mean nuttin to me, you is my boo, girl, damn why you make me beg?
    (NN)okay, i'll leave right away.
    (DLJ)oh gets me some red drink and a sprite for laurie, 'k boo? luh you girl.

  17. Chief Sick of IT!!!!September 28, 2009 1:38 PM

    Looks a lot like Cold Butter's retarded bullshit or NewsGuy's. Why won't the fucking Nimbusters stay on their own retarded board?

  18. Nimbusters is down! I repeat, Nimbusters is down! All Vonbluvens must evacuate immediatly! This is not a drill!

  19. Chief Sick of IT!!!!September 28, 2009 2:20 PM

    There are only two Nimbusters who have a half a brain in their empty heads: Drake (get tired of his unsubstantiated antisemitic bullshit) and UF (get tired of his "can't we all get along" bullshit).

  20. Yes only two have half a brain, but COLD BUTTER has a full on super brain capable of abstract thought and quick wit.


  21. CHieF siCK OF IT, WHy do you call it retarded bullshit? It's da truf and it's funny.



  22. Listen Cold Bugger aka Drake. You are not smart. You are not funny. You should return to your trailer and sit in the corner, do not sniff glue do not smoke meth. Stupidity should be punished.

  23. Cold Butter is not drake, listen to the show you stupit shit.

  24. Perhaps Big Bad Boa should call coldflu the next time the show airs. I tell ya why he won't, because he will be publicly humiliated by the tongue lashing from the likes of Cold Butter and Drake.

    Hell, the only reason people listen to coldflu is because of Drake and Butter.

  25. Yeah but you are a known retard.


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