Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Von Brunn To Remain In Jail

WASHINGTON — An 89-year-old white supremacist charged with killing a security guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum was ordered to remain in jail Wednesday after prosecutors said the frail man was still dangerous because he had "no true friends" and "nothing to lose."

A judge also ordered James von Brunn to undergo a competency evaluation despite objections from the wheelchair-bound suspect. He was otherwise nonchalant and even smiled when a prosecutor said he wanted to kill as many people as possible in the June 10 attack.


Von Brunn first shook his head and then called out "your honor" when the judge suggested he was going to order an evaluation. His attorney and the judge tried to advise him not to speak.

"Your constitution guarantees me a speedy and fair trial," von Brunn finally said in a halting voice.

"I'm a United States citizen, and as a U.S. naval officer I swore to protect my country. I take my vows very seriously," said von Brunn, a World War II veteran who served on a patrol boat.

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  1. Hope he gets raped in jail. They ought to bring back torture just for sorry assed cocksuckers like him.

    1. He'll die in jail- just like he deserves. But we can't let HIS twisted views inspire US to endorse torture! Our ONLY moral high ground comes from our HIGHER I.Q. & capacity for empathy! Otherwise, it just turns into a civil war/ streetfight where whoever has the numbers & weapons wins.... That's NOT a world I wanna live in! MF this old racist cracker; let him die in jail.
      We can NEVER let THEIR ignorance & hate turn US into monsters! We WILL fight for what's right, but we cannot become them.

  2. It is really sad that someone would desecrate an almost holy site. The haters and those who would kill the innocent to further their sick agenda are still out there. We must never relax our guard lest another mad man arises and attempts genocide again.

  3. Personally I am sick of jew and the so called "Six million" holocaust.


  4. Cold Butter is a retarded bitchSeptember 02, 2009 6:41 PM

    Personally we are sick of your retarded ass. The next time you think you have something intelligent to say, think better you are stupid, you've always been stupid and both of your parents that rapped your fagget ass were stupid. Is this getting through to you, stupid?

  5. Sholem Asch, are you just trying to piss people off? There is nothing "holy" about propaganda, no matter if it's true, false, disputed or whatever. And what about the haters who would kill innocent people for their agenda? Oh, you mean Nazis, right? Not the butchers in Isreal or the ones you've hired to do your killing for you in Iraq? Should we "never ever forget" them too? Where are their museums and momuments all over other people's countries? How about Joe Stalin and his blood soaked record? It was a good thing the rightous triumphed and killed him during WW2, huh?

    And another mad man? Hell, one mad man would be easier to deal with than the armies of them we have now.

    I've got news for you. One day you will wake up and find yourself in America, the real one. Nobody will have any time for your crap. Now don't you have a stolen liver to traffic?

  6. Dear Ignorant Detractor,

    You don't know a fucking thing.

    I'd beat the shit out of you, but Chris Drake handles my light work.

    So, take your nigger loving ass back to OPP and smoke that nigger's pole a little more. You are of no consequence.


  7. Yeah, look at their response to you being "ignorent and stupid": child molestation, rape, name calling. It's people like that that are causing slips in Jewish power all over the globe. That being said, more power to them.

  8. Sholem Asch - Here's something we goyim don't understand. It is well-known that you Jews put a high value on education. A higher percentage of you get advanced academic degrees. As a result, you've become disproportionately predominant in the mass media, the entertainment business, and the financial industry. You also have an excess of Nobel Prize winners.

    Yet all we hear out of you guys is "Holocaust, Holocaust, Holocaust". Don't you think it's time for Jews to quit celebrating victimhood and start celebrating your achievements instead? Jesus Christ, man, you don't know how freaking sick and tired we are of hearing about your freaking Holocaust. All you do is whine and kvetch.

    And then you constantly bitch about Christianity. You dog the Mormons for performing vicarious baptism for the dead. You denigrate our New Testament as anti-Semitic. In short, you people sow the seeds for anti-Semitism.

    The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem is a holy site. An ugly cinder-block Holocaust Museum is NOT a holy site.

    1. I will wholeheartedly agree w/ your condemnation of Zionist persecution of Palestinians via "settlements" & broken compacts/ treaties/ promises, etc.
      It's hard NOT to see the irony in THEIR ethnic cleansing, while their ENTIRE claim to nationhood is backed by being victims OF ethnic cleansing.
      But I DO have to part ways w/ you when u claim that MS Media criticism of Mormonism is some 'Zionist controlled Media Conspiracy'; ANY rational, intelligent non-Mormon would find their beliefs RIDICULOUS. That's NOT to say that true Mormon believers AREN'T rational or intelligent!(Of course they can be) It's simply the way that ANY free-thinking person views the tenets of a religion they do not ascribe to.
      Honestly- how do YOU view the beliefs of Scientology? Or Islam?
      I'm with you on the DISGUSTING Israeli method of turning LEGITIMATE victimization into an ILLEGITIMATE excuse for BECOMING the Opressors.
      But Right is Right, & Wrong is Wrong. We owe it to society to admit our own wrongs, celebrate true heroes, and call out injustice WHEREVER it occurs.
      Believing that the Holocaust occurred doesn't make you a "Zionist". Just like condemning Israeli war crimes doesn't make you an "Anti-Semite"

  9. If there is one good side to America's failing economy, it's Israel's money train running out. We can rebuild, they can't. We might go down in flames but we'll take the vultures with us.

  10. AA, echo that. Those vultures will eat their own.

    I just hate the excuse "we do this so it will never happen again..." Give me a break. It happens over and over again and it's them making it happen 80% of the time.

    BLACKS...yes BLACKS, take less of a one-sided circus approach to slavery. Once in a while you even meet a black who will add in all fairness that slavery still goes on in Africa like it has for time memorial. You never meet a Jew who says, the Holoco$t was terrible and the world owes us, but Jews do kill innocent people still to this day.

    So what are we supposed to never forget? I'm sorry another American bomber was just going by, headed for the Middle East. I must have missed what you said.

  11. "I'm a United States citizen, and as a U.S. naval officer I swore to protect my country. I take my vows very seriously..."

    Yup, gotta watch those ol' veterans...they tend to take their oaths to the Constitution and our nation very seriously.

  12. Keep the children home Tuesday 09-08
    Take a sick day !

    The big day that Obama does his little indoctrination of our children K-12.


    If at all possible you should home school your children.

  13. This is underhanded. It is not like we are talking about a civics class to high school children that can understand the nuances of political pandering. We are talking a nation of school children, pre-K and up, with their heads being filled about Obama this and Obama that. “What would Obama Do?” is the theme of the day.

    The left is predictably wailing with their panties all in a bunch at the thought of keeping kids out of school on this national day of indoctrination.

    Here’s an example from one of the paranoid morons at media matters:

    These hateful Republicans are out of their cotton-picking minds. What they are doing is inciting people or a person to act on their hate. It is clear they want someone, anyone to assassinate this president.

    While this speech is clearly not on the level of Hitler’s Nazi education schemes it is easy to see that many of Obama’s followers are unhinged idiots.

    Imagine that your objections to the politicization of your child’s education is met by Obama supports with such asinine claims. If YOU don’t want your kids to be subjected to the Democrat agenda in school YOU are guilty of wanting to kill the President. This is the same sort of propaganda used by the Obama Hitler Youth to intimidate non-believers into falling in line. There are parallels. The difference is that the Obama Youth at Media Matters do this willingly; just at they willingly joined Obama’s internet snitch brigade. They are products of a liberal education. Obama is just stepping it up a notch.

    There is no way that my kids will participate in such rubbish.

    BTW- Isn't it against the law to engage in politics at our public schools?

  14. This government should keep their fucking hands off of our children!

  15. "The U.S. Department of Education, apparently with the expanded role of overtly propagandizing America’s youngsters, has thoughtfully prepared “learning materials” for teachers to use in preparation for this historic and truly unprecedented event. They have been very thorough, preparing “Classroom Materials” in two separate packages, one directed at children “preK-6, the other of students in grades 7-12. Note: “preK-6″ implies that the Dear Beloved Leader anticipates his message being broadcast to pre-kindergarten children."

  16. As a former Nazi myself...I have to say Obama definitely fits the National Socialist profile to a T.

  17. To the Public Schools:

    The message isn’t the issue. The fact that the President is speaking to them, unfiltered, with no parent present is what I object to.
    But let’s assume the substance is benign. I still don’t like it. The President being beamed directly to children is unprecedented.
    If President Bush had tried this, your very same beloved teacher’s union would have at the very least thrown a fit.
    It has never happened and for good reason. The authority in a child’s life is his parent. A teacher has a teaching role but it is subservient to the parent.
    I don’t want an entire generation of Americans getting a universal message from ANY leader or politician. I want a generation of children to be inspired by big dreams–like going to the moon or exploring Mars. A free country can do big things. A free country, led by a visionary, can demonstrate greatness. The leader doesn’t have to use empty words.
    Here is a quiz for your students:
    What kind of political leader does this to the children of his country?
    a) Hugo Chavez
    b)Fidel Castro
    c)Kim Il Jung
    d) all of the above

    A sick one.

  18. Even King George III didn't go near the people's children. lol!

  19. The 1930's witnessed the indoctrination of a lot of European school children.

  20. Where is Vonbluvens when you need him?

  21. Von Brunn is an old man. They should just leave him alone. Just let him spend the rest of his few days of life in peace at home

  22. Peace at home? They should give him the death penalty and each and every one of his last days should be a torment.

  23. Let's cut out the bullshit, Jews. You make memorials to Jews who do the exact same thing:

    Israeli Racists Now Hold Worship Services at Grave of Their Hero, Baruch Goldstein

    Wednesday, June 17, 1998

    Reuters News Service

    KIRYAT ARBA, West Bank -- Moving a wet rag in delicate swirling motions, Rachel Novoselsky, a Jewish settler, wiped the dust from the stone slab over the grave of Baruch Goldstein, who massacred 29 Palestinians in the West Bank town of Hebron in 1994.

    "He was a righteous man, a great hero," Novoselsky, a Russian immigrant, 61, said about Goldstein, a U.S.-born physician. He was beaten to death by Muslim worshipers who survived his shooting spree in the holy Tomb of the Patriarchs.

    For Novoselsky and some other residents of Kiryat Arba, next to Hebron, Goldstein's grave has become a place of pilgrimage. The site contains a large headstone, an altar and a bench on a plaza of stones.

    But the shrine could be declared illegal when a new "Law Prohibiting the Erection of Memorials to Terrorists" takes effect at the end of the week.

    The legislation, sponsored by left-wing opposition lawmaker Ran Cohen, calls for the minister of defense to instruct regional commanders in the West Bank to remove all but the grave and tombstone from a memorial to a "terrorist."

    However, a move against Goldstein's grave is likely to inflame passions among Hebron-area settlers, regarded as some of the most militant in the West Bank.

    "There's going to be big trouble," said Novoselsky, shaking her head when asked what would happen if authorities tried to chip away at the shrine.

    Goldstein's headstone points toward Jerusalem, signaling the direction of prayer for those who come to stand beside it and worship on an unshaded octagonal stone plaza.

    A plastic cup of water is next to the grave - some pilgrims believe that drinking from it brings good luck.

    An altar with memorial candles and a cabinet containing holy books and a coin slot for charity are on the perimeter of the grave site.

    Flowers and a dozen saplings struggle to grow in the parched earth, a few yards from a dirt road ringed by barbed wire.

    There is a lone bench, but for the Goldstein faithful this is a holy place where one stands to honor a savior.

    "The Arabs wanted to make a pogrom, and he made sure that Jews would live," Novoselsky said, repeating the words Goldstein's defenders have used since he opened fire at Muslims kneeling during prayers at a mosque.

    Novoselsky visits the site twice a week, and her ritual is a study in devotion.

    Bowing, she touched the headstone and kissed her hand before putting into a yellow bucket the small stones which Jews traditionally place at a grave to mark their visit.

    The woman then watered the flowers and saplings, lit a candle and read softly from a book of psalms.

    After each psalm, Novoselsky put a coin in the charity box.

    Moving back to the headstone, she chanted afternoon prayers, ignoring the sudden cacophony of competing calls to worship blasting from loudspeakers on minarets in nearby Hebron.

    David Wilder, a spokesman for Jewish settlers in Hebron, said that, as a religious community, they did not want anything done that could desecrate a grave site.

    He said he did not think violence would erupt if authorities tried to remove the book cabinet or altar, but he added: "We don't have control over everybody."

    At the Goldstein grave, Novoselsky was at a loss for words when asked what she would do if the army moved in to remove the altar, bookcase and bench.

    She simply fell to her knees, then prostrated herself to demonstrate how she would hold on to her holy ground.

    Care to offer any tear jerking commentary on this Sholem Asch? Your fellow Jew killed 29 people IN AN ACTUAL HOLY PLACE while people were worshipping. Oh, but he's a hero. Say it with me, "Damn you internet! Damn you free speech!"

  24. Basement Commando,

    You are one dumb asshole. Nikki's article was about this nutjob who killed an innocent guard at the museum.

    This guard was a family man who went about his job without hassling anyone.

    Let me try to put this into your fucking thick skull dickwad -
    This is a museum to honor the memory of the innocents who lost their lives in the holocaust - not a place that justifies the nutjob in Israel who killed the 29 innocent Palestinians.

    I cannot fathom how regular god-fearing Christians like your mom and dad, who welcome all to their house, could spawn a twisted fuck like you.

  25. Ok weirdo. My comparison was that Goldstein killed between 29 to 52 people, injured 150. The Jews consider him a hero. His grave (not the museum, dumbass) is a shrine in Israel. He attacked innocent, unarmed, unguarded people in an actual holy place.

    So why should we feel sorry for a Jewish propaganda center getting shot at when Jews make shrines to people who kill fifty times more people? Explain that to me, smart guy. Should we all just wait until Steven Speilberg makes a movie about it?

    I'd bet my welfare check that you've never even heard of Baruch Goldstein. I swear if I was king, I'd knock down every single holocost memorial and put up memorials to the people murdered by communist and right across the street put up one to all the Muslim people killed by Jews.

    And Hail Thor!

  26. God, you are another Holsten, but one who can put a few words together without refering to homosexual acts with blacks.

    You do realize fuckwits, don't you, that majority of the Jews don't consider Goldstein a hero?

    It is only the crazy ultranationalist fuckers, who are the Jewish equivalent of the White supremacist crazies like you here, who elevated the nutjob to sainthood.

    The world is a lot more complicated than modeling a rusty assault rifle and Walmart BDUs in your mother's basement.

  27. Has there ever been a time that Chris Drake wasn't a lying cocksucker? Why don't you return to grabbing other men's balls bitch? Save the lying to Von, he's better at it than you are.

  28. So I'm lying, huh? About what? Fact is, if you are a Jewish, identify with being Jewish, stick up for Jews/Jewish quests for power, etc---then you are just as related to Baruch Goldstien (and so if your belief system) as Von Brunn is related to me and mine. Soooooo stop the whinning. Jews are just as much blood thirsty killers as they paint others as being. And don't act like what Goldstien did doesn't happen on a daily basis over there on a smaller scale. DON'T even try it.

    Where is our memorials to remind YOU PEOPLE of your wrongs so YOU NEVER FORGET? Apparently you think you are above learning.

    I'd like there to be a move to CLOSE all holocaust museums until the war in Iraq is over and the Jews apologize for communism. Is "fair" a word in Hebrew?

  29. Nikki please delete this bullshit posted under my name. It is a forgery I am not posting it.

  30. Anything having to do with Baruch Goldstein, yeah, that's me.

    Funny how "only a few Jews" think Goldstein is a hero. That rings an aweful lot like "only a few whites had slaves" or "only a few Klansmen mistreated blacks." Once again, tell me the Hebrew word for "fair."

    All that aside, I do believe White America and her money are reaching a point in their relationship to Jews where it's time to break it off. It's time to do it for many reasons. First, history will BLAME US, not the Jews for the bloodbath in the Middle East, just like we got blamed for the failures of World War Two. I'm not saying go out and hang them or anything like that. I'm just saying that enough is enough. We've killed far too many innocent people on their behalf and lost too many of our own. Ending their wars should just be a start.

  31. White Nationals are shitSeptember 03, 2009 8:27 PM

    Why do you run your pie hole Drake. You are a known retard without the sense to pour piss out of a boot. Go get a decent job and move out of your mommies basement, dickweed.

  32. Chris Drake says: Sholem Asch, are you just trying to piss people off?

    No my friend I am an old man. I can't understand why my words would upset you so. I only express my opinion, I am at a loss why it would upset you so.

    Chris Drake goes on to say: I've got news for you. One day you will wake up and find yourself in America, the real one.

    It is doubtful I will "wake up in America" my friend. Haven't lived there in over ten years now. America will always hold a special place in my heart but I will die in Israel, god willing.

    I am sorry if my words upset you. So much of what you say is untrue that I will not even dignify it with an answer.

    Anchorage Activist said..
    Yet all we hear out of you guys is "Holocaust, Holocaust, Holocaust"

    I am a very old man. My family lived in Germany before WWII, I was born in 1935 and many of my family was deported to the Palestine. When I was very young my father and mother immigrated to the United States. My two older brothers and my uncle stayed. They are no more, victims of Hitler's final solution. Maybe you are tired of hearing about the Holocaust but to me it is very real and I would do anything to keep it from being forgotten because then it could happen again.

    Anchorage Activist goes on to say:
    ...and then you constantly bitch about Christianity. You dog the Mormons for performing vicarious baptism for the dead. You denigrate our New Testament as anti-Semitic.

    I bitch about Christianity? I think my friend you are letting your hate speak for you and put words that I have never uttered in my mouth. My wife of 40 years was a Christian.

    And "Activist" goes on to say:
    In short, you people sow the seeds for anti-Semitism.

    And now you are attempting to blame me for your racism. I think perhaps you should look into your own soul and find the true answer to your hate. For many years I hated the Nazis and today I can only find contempt for those that would try to parrot their sick ideology. But hate is where it starts, hate was what drove the Nazis and fear. When we can over come our irrational hatred of one another then we will have grown as a people.

  33. Hey guys, did you hear about that O'tard biting off the finger of some 67-year-old guy protesting Obamacare?

  34. Sholem, self would note that Chris Drake aka Cold Bugger and Anchorage Asshole are racist of low intelligence and little social standing. Drake is a basement commando with a ferret chin who drives a fork lift but likes to tell people he is a big bad computer programmer. Both whine and misrepresent the truth a lot but then that is what right winged finks do.

    Self listened to you lecture in the 90's at Texas A&M and have read several of the translated works of your famous ancestor of the same name. I think that if the uneducated read The Nazarene they'd be hard pressed to call Jews Anti-Christian.

  35. Both Drake and VonJewivans should have their pissy asses kicked for calling themselves white men. White men don't like with their mommies or fat wives, fail to get jobs and live off welfare. Be a credit to your race not a "basement commando". Fucking might as well be Jews or niggers.

  36. uh?!?

    wtf?!? thing we CAN say for sure.....yr not "a real white man"

    you know wtf i know that, cunt?

    k......let me tell you!

    'Kwans have, compared to most other "Western" countries (including Australia), almost un-limited access to guns & explosives...and yet....we see rampaging, psychopathic niggz (see: here, here & here!.....very nasty!....nigga orc/apes kill two beautiful, young white children with hammers!) & their kike-handlers contiue to "run amok" there whilst jew abortionists happily butcher about 1000 white babies per week!

    why do they continue to do so?

    because loud-mouthed SCUM like YOU are too fckn GUTLESS to stop them!

    that goes for most 'Kwan "WNs"!

    ohh....hang on......maybe i got that all wrong....yr a nog, right?!?

    as such: you couldn't be expected to attack other nogz or yr yooish masters, right?

  37. BREAKING URGENTS: Toad has managed to get NIMBusters shut down. Stan is trying to find another host but nobody is willing to host it.


  38. Toad didn't have anything to do with it, it was Arty/Pete.

  39. It wasn't any fun anyway since the the thieving gimp pedo Holswine left so who cares?

  40. "Cold Butter" aka Chris Drake. You live in your mommies basement, you rode the short bus to school, I suspect you are severely retarded.

    Fuck off Cold Bugger

  41. Wrong guys.. it was Unknown Fucktard who got nimbusters shut down. he said that nimbusters was fucking with his websites.

  42. Cold Butter sez: Hell Yeth to Meth! Hell Yeth To basement commandoism. Hell Yeth!

  43. Hey Woger, why don't you grow up and leave Chris and Blevins alone you fucking OCD 'tard.

  44. I kind of doubt that Unknown Fucktard DOS attacked Nimbusters, he is pro Nimbuster.

    Nimbusters roll call:

    Sane but strange:

    Stan Lawson (admin)
    NewsGuy (Peter Goodman)
    Unknown Fucktard

    Schwartz (Schwartz and UF maybe the same dude)

    These are the sane (somewhat) Nimbusters:

    Jewish NewsGuy is the only right winger of the bunch, not Anti Semantic but you can tell he doesn't like niggers. Supposedly lives in Iceland.

    Stan Lawson: Admin, aging hippy, liberal. Heart problem and he voted for Obama. Likes to remind everyone that "Obama won" the last election. Has a mud half Asian son that supposedly fights in the UFC.
    Smokes a lot of weed.

    Unknown Fucktard: Pornographer, liberal, Jew lover, Nigger lover. Is married to an Israeli woman but cheats on her with nigger bitches. Body builder is obsessed with healthy food and shit. Him and his brother are making spank porn and shit.

    Schwartz: Proabley UF. Pro Jew, hates Holsten, Von, and other WN's. Is supposedly a medical professional which makes me think he is UF because UF has admitted being an RN/Physican Assistant.

    ISIS: Paranoid Jewish bitch that lives in DC. Likes to pretend she is a reporter. Total slut who has slept with Chris Drake, UF, Bill White, History Mike, and Darrel Lamont Jenkins (nigger). Likes to pretend she is important, plays high and loose with the feds which got her house searched and camera equipment taken.

    Crazy with substance abuse problems:

    Arty (Gunfag) causes trouble what ever board he is on. Has been to prison multiple times. Hates Israel but is supposedly Jewish himself. Gets drunk and imagines he can debate. Nothing without intelligence but his brain is warped and doesn't go from point A to point B in a rational matter.

    Pete Jefferson (gun fag): Arty's buddy he is a total mental patient. Maybe intelligent but not near as intelligent as he thinks. Much like Arty's brain his is even sicker and his hatred and obsession with Jews dominates his every thought. He lets hate prejudice his thinking. Wacked on meth half the time he is most likely a manic depressive. Jacks off to shemale porn likes to tell everyone how intelligent he is...

    Shemale Dude: Supposedly the base player for a band called Pokerface. Most likely Pete Jefferson. Total obsession for shemale porn.

    Vonbluvens: Mental patient who sponges off of fat girls. Too sorry and crazy to actually work he likes to sit back on his fat ass and tell people how to run the government or their lives. Molested is own daughter and is court ordered not to see her. Snitched all his buddies off and got out of the White National movement. People skills include not getting along with anyone.

    Chris Drake: Known best for cupping other men's balls and living in his mommies basement with an AK-47 this loser drove a fork lift before his buddy Von got him fired. Has delusions of being a computer programmer. Maybe the Nimbuster Cold Butter as well.

    Crazy, Preverted and Stupid:

    Steve Holsten: Fat redneck child molester. Very stupid. Fired from school bus job. Steals money from check cashing places and is a gimp. Owes DircTV over 10,000 dollars and lives in a shitty trailer.

    Lloyd Davies (Ham): Very stupid. Thinks he is a TimeLord. Fat and useless and bald before he got out of his twenties clearly a product of inbreeding. His arch enemy is Woger and they have a homo thing for one another.

    Woger Wiseman (Ham): Obsessive person who is one of the most hated assholes on the Internet thus the newsgroup: alt.cocksucker.roger-wiseman Has a toal obsession with the other Hams Lloyd (stalks him 24/7), Mark, and Todd (Toad) Daughtery. Was once confined to a mental insistution for beating his own mother.

    Todd Daughtery: aka Toad. Crazy Pedo Porn little fat man. Has vowed to kill Woger and Stan.

  45. Real White Man's sheepskin is slipping. My advice to him: when you get pissed off about the same things the Jews and anti-whites get pissed off about, people start to wonder.

    And to my good ol' buddy, Sholem Asch: what's a lie, boovie? Baruch Goldstien didn't murder a temple full of people? Hmmm? Tell me what is a lie or admit that you have no arguement past "oh poor us...we never hurt nobody!"

    My advice to you, Jew, is ALWAYS get others to commit your mass murder for you like in Iraq. When you take the rifles, tanks and choppers to unarmed worshippers and kids throwing rocks, people see you more clearly for what you are. The truth is getting out about you people and what you do. It doesn't jive with what you are trying to push on us through your "holocaust memorials". Like I said before, shut them all down until your killing around the world is stopped and you offer compensation for the ones you've already killed. Come now, don't act like you haven't got the money...

    And to everyone who would rather launch personal attacks than debate me, fine. I'd potentially lose a debate. You can't beat me by saying I'm a bum who lives with my mom or whatever.

  46. I've known Chris Drake for a long time. I can tell you several things about him. He is grossly uninformed. He is a back stabber. He is a habitual liar.

  47. Another thing you should know about Chris Drake, his lies hurt the White National Cause far worse than any Anti, Jew, or nigger ever could. He uses steroids and beats his woman. If he ever has kids they will most likely have pointed ears because of all the inbreeding in his family.

  48. Self didn't really need WN in fighting to know that "White Nationals" are loathsome and sorry people but thank you guys. Thank you Von why don't you drag some of that idiot Linder's dirty laundry up now? MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Von is the best thing to happen to WN's since Bill White.

  49. I don't want to do that daddy Mike. It makes my little cooter bleed.

  50. Thank god the Nimbusters board is back up. Now maybe they'll take their sick shit back where it belongs.

  51. Thanks Von. Thanks buddy. Yours is coming.

  52. Ok, is anyone going to debate my point or not? I thought the Jewish monopoly on human suffering was undisputeable? Just calling me a liar without pointed out a single lie doesn't cut it. Sure. We know. You are God's Chosen People but that doesn't make you magic.

    If all you have is pedo remarks against Mike Blevins (who isn't even involved in this discussion) and retarded stuff about me and my welfare furnished home in my mom's basement, then say so.

    And yes, I play like I'm a commando. I spend most of my unhealthy ammount of freetime running through the woods shooting my airsoft guns at imaginary bad guys. I pretend Zog is after me and they've kidnapped President Taylor Bowles. However, most of the time I spend taking picture of myself wearing Walmart BDU's in my mom's basement. I make machine gun noises all the while I'm doing it until mama beats on the floor with a cane and shouts for me to keep it down. One day she's going to get shot with an airsoft gun, that's for sure. The important thing is that, though now weighing 300+ pounds, I am training for the race war. There is no reason why it wouldn't be just like shooting an airsoft gun at a pine tree.

    Baruch Goldstien is a Jew who murdered 30-50 times as many people as Von Brunn except in a very cowardly fashion. No one supports Von Brunn but there are shrines to Baruch Goldstien. We are to continue tolerating holocaust propaganda since WE (not the Jews) might forget how capable we are of resistence. We are mired in two wars fought for Jews. Scores, if not hundreds of innocent people die each day as well as our loved ones in the armed forces. Jews run a racist, apartied state called Israel where they mass kill untold numbers of innocents. WHAT THE FUCK, JEW, ARE WE SUPPOSED TO "NEVER FORGET"???

  53. "Ok, is anyone going to debate my point or not?"--Chris Drake

    No, of course not. NIMbusters board must be down or something judging from the posts here of late.

  54. In real news the Jobless rate hit 9.7 today. Actually it is much higher since it doesn't count part-time folk that want full time and those that have given up looking altogether.

    How's that hope and change workin' out for ya?

  55. Drake is almost as big a whiny cry baby as Von. What a loser.

  56. So now counter-pointing a Jew is whinning? And since when did any Jew or Jew worshipper ever have room to call someone else a whiner? They have huge museums and momuments dedicated to whinning.

  57. As usual the racist trash (Chris Drake) lies:

    In March, 1994, an angry and crazed Dr. Baruch Goldstein supposedly walked into the Hebron Mosque within the Cave of the Patriarchs and shot 29 worshipers dead, while wounding another 60. A reexamination of the evidence more than indicates that Dr. Goldstein was, in fact, a completely innocent victim of a Shabak (General Security Services) sting operation.

    I had suspected something like that back in April 1994, when I published the article, Goldstein's Accomplices in my newsletter Inside Israel, but I didn't have enough evidence to reach this conclusion until an Israeli researcher, Avraham Yosef, provided me the smoking guns this week.
    My suspicions were based on the following facts:

    * On the very day of the massacre, an Arab reporter for the news magazine Yerushalayim, Khalad Abu-Tuama interviewed 25 survivors from age nine to eighty in six different hospitals and all said there was either two or three shooters.

    * A dozen of these survivors testified that there was more than one shooter at the Shamgar Commission Of Inquiry Into The Hebron Massacre headed by Meir Shamgar, the same former Chief Justice of the Israeli Supreme Court who later presided over the government inquiry which whitewashed the Rabin assassination. Three soldiers on duty also testified that seconds after Goldstein entered the mosque, another Jew carrying a Galil assault weapon followed him in. Shamgar ruled that all the Arab witnesses perjured themselves and that the soldiers were mistaken. Only by doing so could he reach the desirable finding that Goldstein was a lone gunman.

    * The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) originally announced that Goldstein had arrived in uniform at the mosque in his civilian Subaru. The Shamgar Comission heard very different evidence. Dr. Goldstein's wife Miriam was surprised to discover a note informing her that Baruch was called to reserve duty. She phoned the IDF duty commander for Kiryat Araba, Shmuel Eidelstein to ask if he knew where her husband was. He said he didn't. And yet, evidence presented at the Shamgar Commission proved that Goldstein arrived in Eidelstein's IDF jeep.

    * Orders were issued by the IDF to soldiers at the mosque to prevent all women from entering. No such order had ever been previously given in the soldiers' service.

    * The IDF ruled that Goldstein shot 111 rounds in a minute and a half. Ballistics experts such as Mustafa Adawi of the Palestinian police force denied that was possible. All victims of the massacre said the shooting went on for five minutes at least.

    * The IDF denied that any of the victims died outside the mosque. In fact, six Arabs, including the mosque iman, were shot by IDF soldiers at an exit door. Shamgar ruled the soldiers shot into an unruly mob in self-defence.

    In the wake of the Rabin assassination, another fact proved most bothersome. The Shabak ran a creepy division in Hebron called the Jewish Department. Its duty was supposedly to surveil "radicals" but in fact, it entrapped young people opposed to the Oslo Agreement in a series of sting operations. Until the Rabin assassination sting, the most serious incident was the entrapment and subsequent long imprisonment of the Kahalani brothers, two innocents set up for planning a "massacre of Arabs." The full details of this sting are found in Chapter Seven of my Feral House book Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin (

    Nor was Gillon demoted for the Hebron fiasco. In fact, he was appointed head of the Shabak shortly after, a position he held until a second Shamgar Commission ruled he was guilty of sloppiness in the Rabin assassination.

  58. Wow Drake got his ass kicked....again. When will the loser shot beating his girl friend and move out of Mommies basement?

  59. Ok, if your conspiracy theory is correct, and it's not, that would actually make the massacre WORSE. What the hell is the point you are trying to make? If Von Brunn had marched into the propaganda center with five or six others, that would have somehow been better? And what if they all got away with it EXCEPT Vonn Brunn?

    Jew, what you are saying is that Chris Drake (me) is lying because your conspiracy theory ups the number of shooters. Dummy, that means Jews killed Arabs in cold blood and got away with it. That supports your claim somehow? How does that change the fact that Goldstien is worshipped as a hero? I detect you are just trying to muddy the water here.

    So the Jews at least attempt to argue the point: Goldstien might not have been the or the only shooter, other Jew were maybe involved and got away scott free. If anyone else sees the logic in this cut and paste job, please notify me via this blog.

  60. Hey, My name is COLD BUTTER.


    C'MON dude, I don't like it when your mama calls me.

  61. Drake aka Cold Bugger is a complete and total idiot.

  62. Oh nooo! I should just stop expressing the obvious!

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. What might be "obvious" to you might not be "obivous" to those of us without sick brains and a racist way of thinking. Why all the hate in your heart, Drake?

    Even if most of the things said about you here are not true your way of thinking is sick and diseased. You can't justify your racism by the supposed racism of others. I feel very sorry for you. You must be a very sad person. You remind me a lot of Yankee Jim.

  65. Why all the lack an arguement, Raoul? If common sense is hate, then you'd better find a way to outlaw it--quick. EXPLAIN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOLDSTIEN AND VON BRUNN THEN WHY WE SHOULD ENDURE YOUR PROPAGANDA. You can't fool all the people all the time. Now there's something you can "never forget."

  66. There is not a bit of difference between the two men Chris. They were/are both murdering hateful people. However, one does not justify the other. That is what Sholem is trying to tell you. Hate begets hate. When hate festers and causes murder it is evil.

  67. And why all the "hate" in my heart? More like "all the inconveinent questions coming out of my mouth." I've got a few more minutes before I officially start my weekend (of posing with a plastic rifle in my basement, no doubt).

    It's like this: if I was on here saying how much I just hated Jews because Amh a real white mahn, that would be just fine and dandy. No, I've got no more hatred for Jews than I do the American government that swings off their seldom used balls.

    Fact is, you people think you are above questioning as you go around demonizing anyone who doesn't agree with you. You can see it done RIGHT ON THIS PAGE. That's just as bad or worse than anything you'll hear from a "white supremacist."

    You can say what you will about me though. You can put a bullet in my head. But you can't kill an idea, Jew. Oh you try and try, now don't you? Fact is, when you look at me, you're just looking at the growing majority of America. You'd best hope like hell we aren't the people you've always pegged us to be (greedy, genocidal, racist monsters).

    And wheather or not I hate anyone is without a shread of value. It's a natural Jewish reaction to point out the anger, not the motive for the anger. Have I ever fired a cruise missle into a city? How many rock throwing kids have I gunned down? Did I ever force anyone into a refugee camp? Did I ever buy off a nation's leaders so I could have at their sons as cannon fodder for my ambitions? Have I ever profitted from a poor, broken nation? Have I ever made a movie about rufflessly killing my enemies and then showed it to their kids (almost any WW2 movie)? Have I ever put a nation into slavery? Have I ever bombarded a people with my propaganda until their dignity crumbled?

    So if I hate, I sure haven't acted on it. What causes your people to act the way they do? Is it some kind of hate we gentiles don't understand? Or maybe we just aren't people like you are. Maybe whites, Arabs and Persians don't have feelings like Jews have feelings, huh? Games up.

  68. "There is not a bit of difference between the two men Chris. They were/are both murdering hateful people. However, one does not justify the other. That is what Sholem is trying to tell you. Hate begets hate. When hate festers and causes murder it is evil."

    Hate is just anger that doesn't leave. It might if you all would stop what you are doing. However, I commend you on saying that yes, Jews are just as capable of the evil they project on the rest of the world and are responsible for what they do. Therefore, their suffering should not be propped up higher than ANYONE elses.

    What Goldstien did not excuse Von Brunn but what he did was an excellent and ready example of how Jews tell the world one thing and do another. No, we should not shed a single tear for them, pay them a dime for their troubles or assist them in anyway with their killing.

    Just don't roll around and talk about hate when people have shrines to Goldstien in your OWN nation. And all the "never again" bs, give it a rest. You've done far worse than even the most liberal holocaust figures before and since.

  69. Drake does make some very cogent and valid points.

    But people want to attack the personality of "drake the racist," and not the substance of his remarks.

  70. "What Goldstien did not excuse Von Brunn but what he did was an excellent and ready example of how Jews tell the world one thing and do another"--C. Drake

    This is why I call them hypocrites...and of course you have heard me say irony-proof about 6 million times. :)

  71. It is just the same old Story Drake, you are trying to justify your racism, your hate on the actions of others. It doesn't fly, being a racist is wrong.

    BTW calling me "them" is just more of your racism. BTW I am not Jewish.
    Game, set, and match. You lose again.

  72. Oh being racist is wrong (Jew) say it is, right? So in your words, the entire state of Israel is wrong. Your wars in the Middle East are wrong. Your holoco$t museums are wrong. Claiming to be God' Chosen People is wrong. Killing off Palistinians because you want their land is wrong. Making laws to protect YOUR lies is wrong. Saying your people's suffering should be remembered above all others is wrong. And it's not just wrong because I'm "one of God's special people and I say."

  73. Wow racism gone amuck nothing in the above statement is true. Boring blame it on the da Jews. Grow a brain Drake, stop beating your woman and move out of your mommies basement. Oh yeah and your too damn old to be playing with guns you little pussy.

    Did self forget anything?

  74. Stop imitating cartoon charactors and doing a shitt job of it.

  75. Stop whining, you little bitch.

  76. Does someone have Drakes address? I want to go to his mommies house and beat the fuck out of him. Woman beaters need their ass kicked.

  77. Anyone else notice that ever since Cold Butter was on Nikki's show he isn't as hateful and angry as he used to be? He's obviously a changed man. He seems a lot more tolerant of other races and his blood pressure isn't as high.

  78. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  79. How about death to your brain cells, Jimbo. I think we need to hold a wake. What a stupid fuck.

  80. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  81. Cage fighting around our house is when dad throws sis out in the back yard then rapes her.


  82. Cold Butter and Drake shouldn't call her does nothing but draw traffic to HER show.

    I definitely see a problem with that.

    Cold Butter should start his own show and perhaps have Drake as co-host.

  83. That will never happen, Drake and Cold Bugger are the same cocksucker and a retard to boot.

    Hey Cold Butter what part of everyone hates your stupid redneck ass don't you understand?

  84. Did anyone notice that Drake failed to answer the question on how Goldstein and or Israel's supposed racism justifies his racism against Jews??????

    Answer us that question and try not to whine and cry so much. You make me sick to my stomach.

  85. Why are you idiots arguing when our nation is going down the shitter?:

    The number of working Americans turning to free government food stamps has surged as their hours and wages erode, in a stark sign that the recession is inflicting pain on the employed as well as the newly jobless.

    While the increase in take-up is often attributed to the sharp rise in unemployment – which on Friday hit 9.7 per cent – the Financial Times has learnt that some 40 per cent of the families now on food stamps have “earned income”, up from 25 per cent two years ago.

    The agriculture department, which runs the programme, attributes this rise to workers having their hours cut back.

    “I’m sort of stunned, it seems like a dire warning . . . that even the jobs people are retaining in this recession aren’t at the wage level and hours level that they need to provide for their families,” said Heidi Shierholz, economist at the Economic Policy Institute.

  86. Did anyone notice that Drake failed to answer the question on how Goldstein and or Israel's supposed racism justifies his racism against Jews??????

    Answer us that question and try not to whine and cry so much. You make me sick to my stomach.

    Maybe if you answered some of his questions he would answer yours.

    I just love how assholes like you overlook the same motivating factors of Goldstein and make excuses for it while bitching and moaning about Bruan and others that would dare employ the same tactics.

    How's that government job, boa? People are fucking starving and the nation is going down the shitter but amoral morons like you don't have to worry since you are on the government tit.

    Go fuck yourself.

  87. Bush trashed the economy what do you expect? Things are getting better but the turn around is slow. It would be so much worse without the stimulus, great depression type worse. How many more of these are we going to let the GOP create?

    So now you are crying because I had the foresight to get a good job and you didn't. Makes about as much sense as the worthless White Trash (WN's) racism against Jews.

    Oh and thanks for confirming that you can't answer the question.

  88. Oh and hey Drake, Chrissy lest I forget, Baruch Goldstein has been dead for over ten years. What he did was in another country, really none of your business anyway. Maybe if you White Trash pieces of shit would go out and get a job (see Blevins see Schoep) and spend less time crying about your betters (me) having a government jobs and cry babying about the Jews you could get a decent job. You trash make me sick.

  89. Hey Boa, you want to know the truth about Drake? No one in the White National movement likes him much because he is a habitual liar. He likes to tell us how he is an all high and mighty computer programmer but in reality he has a minimum wage fork lift job. Drake thinks he should have an entitlement as a white man. He hates those he perceives doing better than him. This is why he resents you because you have a good job. It is why he resents the Jews because they make money. I don't even consider him white trash, he is more like Pathetic White Trash.

  90. Hey cunts,
    Chris Drake is not a forklift driver, he had that job while supporting himself through school a long time ago.

    As someone who has known the man for eighteen years, I must say that he has always had a job and when it comes to his people, he is generous to a fault.

    Which is better than most of you nigger lovers.


  91. Oh wow, Look here one of Drakes socks stands up for him. Let me tell you something about Drake, you know how some turds after you shit them rise to the surface? Drake doesn't do that, he sinks.

    Go do your meth, Cold Butter. Fuck your sis, even if you weren't Drake you couldn't be anyone's character witness.

  92. I guess I am the only one here who doesn't know everyone personally because I have never met Chris Drake or Cold Butter but it seems I have heard them call Nimnuts (unless I am mistaken at the same time). So I do not believe they are the same person.

    I can tell you that I don't believe either side is going to change the others view. CB and Mr. Drake hate Jews for, well admittedly reasons that I don't understand. Boa hates Jew haters for whatever reason. I will admit that Boa does have a pretty good point about Goldstein though. Justifying your own racism with another's racism is a flawed argument.

    It seems however that more and more the problem in the United States is that we are polarized on one side or the other. Our positions have become so entrenched that we are not listening to what one another are saying.

    I am thinking more on what is happening on health care but you can apply it to both Von Brunn and

    Baruch Goldstin as welll. Maybe if someone would have reached out to either of these two men, maybe they wouldn't have done the evil thing that they did. The climent we are in seems very ripe for more of this type of violence. Maybe we should find ways to have discussions without calling each other idiots.

  93. UF SAID"Maybe we should find ways to have discussions without calling each other idiots."

    Who's gonna listen to you, you had a chance to kill a nigger, but instead you recruited him for a porn video.


    Who is the idiot that thinks that Drake and I are the same person?

    What I find funny is the haters that say hating is wrong.

    Those people are worse than niggers.

  94. Is that the "real" michael burks?

    His position proves what I said a month ago.

    Every time a loser gets some nigger pussy, he goes all anti-racist.

    Before he started fucking a mud, he was Mr. White, now he is "shit and ice cream"


  95. What kind of idiot calls himself "Unknown Fucktard"?

    And of course Cold Butter and Drake are the same person. Have you heard Cold Butter talk? He is a complete idiot.

    Bill White kept a complete file on Chris Drake. Woman beater, liar, homosexual. Gets drunk and makes homosexual passes at other men.

    Nigger fucker? The only nigger I ever fucked was your bother, bitch. Too Bad she didn't do us all a favor and take a coat hanger to you in the fucking womb.

  96. Does anyone have any good meth recipes? Just say Yeth to Meth!



  97. NewsGuy replayed his new interview with Michael Orozco Saturday night

    It was pretty interesting. Among claims made by Orozco in the interview:

    - Turner was part of an elaborate FBI plan to smoke out government workers who were illegally accessing information for left-wing groups, including the SPLC.

    - Turner was trained by the FBI on what to say and not to say and was directed at specific targets.

    - At his arraignment hearing, the government deliberately downplayed Turner's success in preventing numerous acts of violence from occurring, including an assassination attempt on Barack Obama.

    - The US Justice Department "obstructed" Hal's FBI handlers who were subpeonaed to testify at his arraignment hearing.

    - The is a lock on evidence that will prove Turner's charges, which will all be revealed once the trial starts.

  98. This comment has been removed by the author.

  99. What kind of idiot calls himself Unknown Fucktard? I dunno what kind of idiot calls himself Michael Burks?

    CB asks: Is that the real "Michael Burks"?

    Wasn't Burks some kind of buddy of Bill White?

    I don't believe much of what Michael Orozco says. I think that Hal is feeding him a load of crap. I think if Hal goes to trial with that story he'd better be prepared for a long prison sentence.

    Why is this "Burks" obsessed with Nimbusters?

    Who pulled Cold Butter's chain and why can't he get things right?

    Oh yeah, Stan says that Nimbusters might be down for a week. Fuck it, I am going to bed.

  100. Hey burks,
    You are a dead man.

    Funny, you of all people call Drake an homox. Fucking hypocrite.



  101. What do you mean, I can't get things right?


  102. Hey Burks,
    So, lemme get this straight,
    BW kept a file on drake and supposedly he was all of those things you mentioned, but he still kept him around?

    What does Bill's files say about niggerfucker?

    What were you, Bill's cabin boy?

    Too bad you couldn't have found a white girl to give you a pity fuck, maybe then you would not be so fucked up.


  103. What did Bill say about Nigger fucker? He said you were stupid, Drake. Go fuck yourself bitch.

  104. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I am so scared. A retard is going to kill me. Hey Drake didn't they take your son away because of shaken baby syndrome? I'm a little tougher than a baby, bitch.

    Keep it up bitch. Never forget I know where you live.

  105. You done fucked up now, Drake. Bill's file on you goes right to the feds. Ask Ramsey about that, ask the little bitch what happens when you cross me. You're fucked boy.

  106. Just wanted everyone to know that my name is Chris Drake, I once tried to suck Joe Bednarsky's big ole dick. I shake my kid, beat my wife and I am generally an all around piece of dog shit.


  107. You want to fuck with me Unknown Fucktard? I know your real name. Bill kept a file on your two after the two of you had a run in. Remember? When you were stalking that stripper? Remember that asshole?

  108. Just got word from Stan, he says NIMBusters will be closed until Sept.12. Circumstances beyond his control.

  109. FACT: Todd and Nikki Nichols teamed up to put pressure on NIMBusters hosting company. They had no choice but to close Stan's account. Stan has another hosting company lined up but it will require a week or so to set up. Stay tuned.


  110. Hey burks, you idiot squaw fucker,

    I am not Drake.

    Everybody else understands this except for you. SO, Keep fucking your VD ridden squaw, okay?

    You got that punk?


  111. *PING* NEWSGUY!



  112. Hey, BURKS

    I don't think you should be talking shit to UF, even though he is a nigger lover, I don't believe he would hesitate shooting you in the fuckin guts.


    UF is a fed.

  113. Joe Bednarsky, Justin Boyer, Floyd Cochran, Heavy Fed, Stanley Lawson, Cold Butter... Why is it that the BEST White Nationalists ends up becoming anti-racist?

  114. What???





  115. Stanley Lawson, Rte 5, Meridian, Virginia, is a fuck up!

  116. Indeed he is, indeed he is.

  117. bullshit Cold Butter. Ever since Nikki softened you up you have changed for the worst. I bet you haven't even done a single hate crime since you were last on her show.

  118. BREAKING URGENTS: Drunk nigger calls 911 twice saying he is hungry and needs a ride

    A Florida man was arrested after he called 911 - not once, but twice - to complain he was hungry, authorities said Friday.

    Benjamin Dewer, 26, summoned the cops early Wednesday and when they arrived, he told them: "I need a ride to the park and I'm hungry."

    Officers left but the ever-persistent Dewer phoned again with the same "emergency."

    This time police gave him a ride - to jail.

    Dewer was being held at the Palm Beach County Jail - where he'll get three squares a day - in lieu of $1,000 bond.

    In a less-than-shocking twist, police said Dewer was apparently drunk when he made the calls.

  119. Whattaya mean, softened me up, just because I didn't talk about having a dead nigger in my compost pile doesn't mean that I've been softened up.

  120. This comment has been removed by the author.

  121. Well Burks, I did have a run in with Bill White several years ago but you have things turned around. Bill was the one stalking the girl not me. Her name was Alecia Hernandez and she filed and was granted a VPO against Bill. She danced under the name of Fefe and she was quite taken with me. Ask Isis, Isis once called me when she was over and talked to the girl.

    I guess it is possible that Bill has a file on me but I doubt it. Just about everything you've posted about me has been bullshit.

    Thanks for the words of support Cold Butter but I would only shoot Michael if he broke into my house.

    Is there really going to be a Nimnuts tonight? What's the Url?

  122. UF hit the nail on the head when he said..

    "It seems however that more and more the problem in the United States is that we are polarized on one side or the other. Our positions have become so entrenched that we are not listening to what one another are saying."

    Of course, if you read some of the ridiculous comments here, you have to wonder who wants to listen to what some of these people say.

  123. For Those wishing to get an update on the Nimbuster situation check out my blog:

    New Nimblog



  125. Why the fuck didn't that nigger take out Unknown Fucktard? This is what happens when you send a nigger to do a White Man's job *SIGH*

  126. Niggers tried to take out Unknown Fucktard? What he was fucking their mother? Was it the same nigger that fucks Drake/Cold Butter's asshole?

    Hey Drake why don't you tell us about the time you grabbed another man's cock on a hunting trip. What you were hunting and want he was hunting were two different things, eh faggot?

  127. Hey, BLEVINS, nobody gives a shit about you or that sow that you are "married" to.

    Fuck You and Die.



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