Monday, September 14, 2009


Due to some renovations being completed here, Cold Shot could not be produced on Sunday. Consequently, it will air on Wednesday, September 16th at 7:00 Eastern. Topics of discussion include:

• Bill White - The Roanoke Nazi was ordered released on $25,000 bond but the prosecution has appealed. Tune in for the latest developments in the case.

• Hal Turner - The racist, radio shock jock out of New Jersey is in transit from his cell in Chicago to a new one in Brooklyn. Discuss the latest in the saga of this circus clown.

• A Pro-White Political Party - Would such a thing succeed in America?

• It's About Race - Or Is It? - Is all of the hoopla in America right now because of the election of the first African-American President or because of something else?

• The Tea-baggers and the March on Washington - What is this really all about? What has been accomplished? What next?

• Righting a Wrong - It seems that I might have grossly underestimated the right-wing nuts in this country. Some are actually preparing for and advocating an armed revolution. Could it happen? What would your response be?



CALL-IN NUMBER: (347) 857-3972

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