Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Uh...Bill's Going Back To Jail?

Court orders Va white supremacist back to jail

Associated Press
09/23/09 5:45 PM EDT RICHMOND, VA. — A federal appeals court in Richmond is sending an avowed white supremacist back to jail.

William A. White of Roanoke is charged with threatening a newspaper columnist, a mayor and several others over the Internet and by telephone. A judge released White on $25,000 bond last week based on a psychiatrist's finding that White doesn't pose an imminent threat to the community.

Prosecutors asked the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to stay the judge's decision pending their appeal. A three-judge panel of the court granted the stay Wednesday.

White, the head of a Roanoke-based neo-Nazi group, had been in jail since he was charged with threatening a Chicago jury foreman last October. That charge was dismissed.


  1. That a boy Bill, keeping poppin of that mouth of yours. Hell we could end up hearing that you got a life sentence b/c of that mouth.
    Or maybe you Bill, just need elctro-shock theropy?

  2. Gov got their stay so the gov's appeal can be heard. It doesn't mean Bill's bond will be revoked for good...but it doesn't look good for bill either.

  3. I honestly disagree with this decision **UNLESS** they have proof that White would flee or jump bail. Considering White has done that in the past, maybe that played a factor.

    This only makes White more of a martyr within white supremacist circles, which we know he isn't. White only thinks of White.

    We do know this. If White does get released and becomes a figure for the white supremacist movement, it's only good for our side. Bill will f..k up in no time flat.

  4. Well, at least Bill got to spend 4 days with his family. Hopefully, this farce against him will be over with soon.

  5. Bill Back in jail! Yeth! Yeth! Hell Yeth! Let the ass raping begin again, YETHHHHHHHHHHH!

    Cold Butter

  6. N.I.M. Nuts Radio TONIGHT 7pm EDT!


  7. IOW: Mr White was never actually released from gaol to start with?!?


    more deception & dis-information from this dead-shit, bodgie 'blog!

  8. PING* The real cold butter did not make the post.

    Although I believe that Bill White is nuts, I don't think justice is being served by keeping him in jail.


    Cold Butter Don't Do No Homox!

  9. Justin Boyer has been contacting anti-racist groups to slander us and try to weaken our organization. ~ANSWP Commander


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