Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Punch In The Gut


  1. I remember this social/educational experiment. It is still often cited in different coursework.

    The transformation that the blue eyed children make is traceable. So is the lowered esteem of the brown eyed children. I don't know if this would be allowed in contemporary educational settings. But at that particular time this was an excellent teaching tool for that group of children.

  2. I have to agree with Nikki on this. Brown eyed people are not to be trusted.

  3. msladydeborah,

    This sort of thing is no longer allowed in most public school districts. There have, however, been some other innovated experimentations on college campuses.

    As I watched the video again I was struck by the lowered self-esteem of the brown-eyed kids, as well. It certainly didn't take very long for them to begin to feel devalued or for the blue-eyed children to brutally enjoy their elevated status, did it?

  4. If it's brown flush it down!!

    The eyes are the window to the soul. Brown eyes means filth and contamination within. Brown eyed people are the servants. Not as good!!
    See that goes to show you, brown sucks!! Violent little shits weren't they.

    Now the blue eyed Aryans have realized their rightful domination over the brown eyed mongrel hordes!!

    Thanks Niggi, you have just proved my point.




  5. Jeez, you have to go to this old study? lol

    Running out of material, Nikki?

  6. Cold Butter's dad was blued. He shuck his stick in Cold Butter's butt. He didn't use cold butter or any lubrication.


  7. Look "Cold Butter" we know you are retarded with a very low IQ. No one but you thinks you are funny. Shut the Fuck up is in order, douche bag.

  8. Noooowwwww this all makes sense. Blacks are the way they are because the way they are treated? I'm just kidding, I've been hearing that for decades. Yes, negro entertainers and sports "heroes" are treated so badly that they throw gasoline on dogs and rape women, etc. African Negro warlords with all the wealth of their pitiful nations are shackled by poverty and therefore react violently.

    Let's look at the experiment again. Suppose we try another one. Let's take the brown eyed kids and the blue eyed kids and seperate them. Can the bown eyed kids make it on their own? Can the blue eyed kids make it on their own? Who knows? Only nature. If there is truely no difference, then both groups will be just fine set apart from one another and there will be no chance of experiencing the white hot evil that is racism. Now that's an experiment we'd like to see attempted. Why not, huh?

    Here's the reasons why not: MONEY AND POWER. You know, the two things the left claims they keep a vigilant eye on. An intergrated society is a weak one. It gives the government tons of power it would not normally have. Not only in terms of "oh you need more laws and more police" but also in terms of the political power of the people.

    And money. Ohhh the money! A multi-racial society is a money pit for the poor and middle class. But we all know that money just doesn't fall into space! No, sir! It ends up in someone's hands. There is much money to be made in scores of ways due to a screwed up society like that. So unless you are Ronald Regan's ghost, don't come to me and say that by multi-racialism making the rich richer, it somehow helps the poor and middle class.

    No, our government (the people putting on the little Marxist experiement) isn't concerned about people's feelings, treatment or self-esteem. It's about money and power. If they cared so much about racism and it was so worth the billions they spend on it, don't you think they'd just move everyone apart? Seriously, use some common sense. If it was as big of a problem as they make it out to be, wouldn't they fix it using the obvious plain solution?

    Wrong! The best plan for them is to keep the power, keep the money and force people to "like it."

  9. Does Drake ever stop whining? God damn he is almost as bad as VonWelfare. Hey fork truck driving boy, the world ain't the way you imagine it. Get the fuck over it already. Go out and get a real job and maybe you won't have all that time for crying.

  10. The reason your reasoning is always flawed Mr. Drake is because it always starts from your racial prejudices then tries it's darndest to justify them. Oh and as Snake dude pointed out you cry a lot. Self thinks you should spend less time crying and more time trying to find a job. Then maybe self could take Drake seriously, MAYBOSO.

  11. Boa, who is whinning? The government (whose teet you admittedly drag on) made the video, not me. And I have about as much desire to "justify" myself as I do to set up an ice-fishing business down here in Georgia.

    Who got you guys started on the whole "justify" thing anyhow? I know you think it sounds good and it makes up for lack of an arguement but consider some things. "Justifying" something means you are trying to show you had just cause in what you did. Nobody has done anything accept. disagree with you. Just remember kids at home, when you hear words like "whine" and "justify" from the anti-white racists, it just means they can't think of anything to throw back at you beyond attacking YOU instead of the message. If being anti-racist/white was so rightous and just, then it would seem like they'd have something to say in it's defense instead of constantly resighting slogans.

    And as far as driving a forklift--I absolutely love it. All jokes aside, it's a very fun job to have. However, I only do it for fun now (I still renew my certification). Years and two college degrees ago have made my standard of living impossible to support on a forklift driver's pay. But I swear I'd do it for a living if I could. That's probably what I'll do when I retire. And what's the matter with a poor white person who drives a forklift? You boyds need to be a little more careful. Your racism is showing and so is your classism.

  12. Boa must be an elitist to look down his nose at a man that works for a living.

    Boa is just your run-of-the-mill ZOG scumbag. He loves Obama because that just means more job security and he doesn't have to justify his bullshit position.

    Fuck him, you have nothing to be ashamed of Chris. CB and CD are ten times more intelligent and human than Boa. Count on it.


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