Tuesday, September 22, 2009




  1. Funny cartoon Nikki. I think I could take the right a little more seriously if they actually had plans of their own. Their whole approach is growing old. Is just say no the official GOP stance on health care reform?

  2. Well, it's about race and the best thing that could happen is that the tea-cups finally admit that it is. It's not JUST RACE, but it is about race.

    White people are becoming racially conscious but they just aren't entirely comfortable with it yet. It's getting there. People are less and less worried about the name calling and finger-wagging from the anti-white side. Is that a dangerous thing? No, not in and of itself. What is dangerous is whatever the government is prepared to do when you can't keep whites in line by using race.

    I've said it once and I'll say it again: opinions on race in this country are purely economic. You like black people? Fine. Big money doesn't care as long as it makes them money. You don't like blacks anymore? Not good. That could cost them something if it got out of hand. What happens when "multi-culturalism" gets out of hand? Can it cost money too? Oh yes. It most certainly can.

    With "multi-culturalism" goes social marxism. It can't go any other way. When social marxism crosses the line and becomes economic marxism, then that's when big money starts paying attention again. A mixed race society means big bucks for a lot of people in a lot of ways. However, any society that limits how much they can shake people down for is on their enemies list.

    Obama Health Care. We don't have the money for it. It's that simple. You can stop thinking of buying a jet after the bank has already turned you down on a car loan. All of arguements should be stowed after that fact is pointed out. Past that point, like anything from the government, white, black or in our case, Jewish, it's designed to take freedom away while offering you a box of trinkets in return.

    Past that, I don't really have a very big opinion on the Health Care Reform stuff. We see how well democracy works for us now, what makes us want to put more in the hands of those who claim to be the result of it? Fact is, Health Care is the first big excuse people have found to go after Obama on. No, he didn't come up with it even. He's not intelligent enough to anyway. But he's pushing it, just like he's been told. It costs us money, it costs big money, so now it's somewhat okay to fuss about it. If it just costs YOU money, then it would be racist through and through to not embrace it with open arms. You'd probably have Tienamen (sp?) Square all over again.

    My thing is simple: why can't we just stand up to him as white people and cut the bullshit? Why waste any fraction of time complaining about being called racist? Would you rather be racist or broke, enslaved and in debt? It's not a trick question. We're white, we're angry and we're just getting around to trying to fix our country...here in 2009.

    Now people are calling for a race war or the more politically correct "revolution". I've been over this part. Let me just add to it by explaining what will happen if it all comes down. Those tea-baggers will call for it, they or the government might start it, but for sure, they'll run for the hills when it gets started. Most of them will to the tune of say, 80% or better. Who will be left to fight it? You guessed it. Those who have no choice. And what happens if they lose? You think it's bad now? My point is that if you afraid to being called a racist, you are definately too afraid to be in any sort of armed conflict.

  3. As Obama himself said, he was black before the election.

    If this nation was so damn racist they wouldn't have elected him to begin with.

  4. For all the pathetic drivel on the news about Obama ’solving’ the economic crisis, one fact looms large to rebut this media spin old bollocks ;

    7 million Americans have lost their jobs since Obama got into office.

    So much for the Black Messiah solving the economic crisis, all the idiot has done is enrich the scum bankers that caused the credit crisis, thrown millions of working class Americans into unemployment, he has caused the largest US national debt in world history, carried the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on and merely used the issue of ‘racism’ to get his scum idiot journalists in the corporate media, the same corporate media scum that got him elected, to peddle bullshit about the economy and avoid being criticised.

    Every time Obama gets attacked for being an incompetent idiot, the issue of racism pops up in the media by his media masters, ” Dont be nasty to Obama, he is black and therefore if you are mean to him you are a racist”.

    Oh fuck off.

    They put a black man in the whitehouse, to ensure that no-one would dare criticise the New World Order for fear of being called ‘racist’.

    Ever get the feeling youve been used suckers.


  5. I lost my job as a Kennametals machinist, but now I have a good job as a dogcatcher.

    Niggers, not worth the free labor.


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