Friday, September 18, 2009


This blog, and much of my life, has been dedicated to exposing and speaking out against racism and those who espouse and propagate the rhetoric of hatred and prejudice. Suffice it to say that throughout the years I have stood toe-to-toe with some very notable people on the racist right. In some instances, I managed to fly under their radar and they didn't even know who I was or what I stood for.

Likewise, on the internet I have met and disagreed with some rather prominent "leaders" in the so-called "movement." Much of the time the writings and the spewed beliefs of White Nationalists and neo-Nazi's yield nothing more than the usual and the predictable. Every once in awhile, however, one of their own offers something that is worthy of discussion - something that just smacks us in the face and calls for a response or even elicits agreement. This is one of those times.

Christopher Drake has been part of the White Nationalist scene for a number of years and has a pretty good reputation among them. He and I have had a few battles but today he had something important to say.

In response to my radio show, Cold Shot, which aired last night, Chris posted, what I believe to be an important essay in the comment section of this blog. You can read the uninterrupted text here.

Given the current climate and the recent events in this country, I think we should all be discussing this. I think we should open up this kind of dialogue from coast to coast. While I certainly disagree with some of what Chris says, it's a good start for both sides. My comments will appear in bold.

I've been meaning to comment on this for a while. Tom Metzger said in an interview a while back that if you could get Wall Street interested in the pro-white thing it would be huge. What he meant was that as long as the pro-white movement stayed as an under-funded grass roots thing, it was going to pretty much stay at a stand still. That's especially true while everyone is trying to stay legal.

Tom Metzger was right when he said that. Metzger has not only been a mentor and an activist for the whole pro-white movement for over four decades, but is one of the more politically savvy of the leaders. Many of the things he has "preached" have been dead-on. That's one of the reasons that he has been so feared by anti-racists.
Now money is involved. Now politicians see that whites are now ready to "vote white" again. Now there is money to be lost should your side lose. Like my fellow lefitst, Tom Metzger has pointed out again and again, if you start screwing with people's money, they start paying attention.
Again, that's very true. If you look at the racial make-up of the recent protestors you will see that 99.99% of them are white, mostly middle-aged to senior-citizen. That's what makes up a huge part of the voting block. The Republican campaign coffers are filling up quickly and a rallying cry is being sent out by white, Republican candidates for contributions.
How many of you have seen a flier that said, "wake up, white man!"? I've seen it said so many times, so many ways on so many websites, handbills, stickers, etc. I always wanted to say, "oh he's awake, just half asleep because of his last big meal."

"Where were all these people while George Bush was screwing up the country?" I heard that asked at least three times yesterday for some reason. It's a legit question. Where were they? Simple. They were at home, happy with their nice unessarily big house, spending their money like crazy and assumming their jobs would always be there. Most of them wouldn't noticed if you'd elected Joe Stalin, so long as he didn't grab their attention or threatened to make life more complex for the sheeple.

And, therein, lies the major crux of the problem. As long as there is beer in the fridge, two cars in the driveway, a meal on the table and the TV is hooked up to cable all is right with the world. That's America. That's been America for a very long time.
But then it came time to do the right thing and get Bush out of office. Bush ran around like a crazy animal, attacking anyone the Jews told him to. If they asked him to bomb his own mother, you can bet his cabinet would meet about it. He wasn't the blood thirsty tyrant the reds made him out to be. He was worse. At least a tyrant knows what he wants. Bush just let the Zionist direct his military while he took care of big money. He didn't say abortion was a good idea nor did he ever say he wanted to take anyone's guns away. Money still rolling in? Steady enough. We'll sit home. Immigration worse than under even the most leftist administration? Maybe I DO NEED a Mexican housekeeper...

Eliminate the anti-Semitic statements and much of this is pretty close to right. Bush was a puppet - a wooden-headed marionette with strings attached to some of the most sinister and malevolent corporate leaders the world has ever known. Bought and paid for by these puppeteers, George W. Bush was as happy as a pig in slop doing their bidding and making an ass of himself and everyone else in this country while three-hundred million Americans slept.
So America set out to do the right thing from their command stations on sofas across the country. As far as "the right thing" went, it was NOT voting for John McCain. McCain assumed then and still assumes now that if he offers to kill anyone the Jews need killed, they'll give him a ticket to the lift. Ten years ago, that might have been true, John. By 2008, too many people on both sides of the fence were calling Iraq and Afghanistan "another Jewish war." It was time to just hold what they had and wait on juicy targets like Iran.

So the road to hell got another on-ramp added.

And this is where your argument becomes somewhat sloppy - even sophomoric. Let's do a little backtracking here - actually, let's do a lot of backtracking.

America loves to scapegoat. That's just the way it is. We have to have someone to blame - other than ourselves, of course. It's easier that way. And racists and white nationalists always seem to want to blame "the Jews" or "the blacks," or the homosexuals or...well, you get the point. Others point their fingers at liberals, or conservatives, or the government...and so on. You do it. I do it. We all do it to one extent or another.

Things aren't quite that simple, however. Think back to the election of 2000. Dubyah didn't win that election - he was "appointed." Oh, there was an outcry for a little while about him not being legitimate and then came 9-11. Remember how you felt that day? Remember the weeks after? Remember the country uniting behind Bush and his f'ing "War On Terror" as we moved into Afghanistan?

Now, no one will ever, ever, ever convince me that 19 known terrorists were able to board four planes close to the same time on the same day and fly them into buildings without SOMEONE in our government knowing about it. No one can tell me that really happened.

It really didn't take long for the white supremacist crowd in this country to start pointing their fingers at Israel and our Israeli alliance, though. Of course, we were all in shock. We were afraid. After all, this is America and those kinds of things don't happen here. We're a civilized nation. We had to blame someone, now, didn't we?

Well, after the shock waves passed and we were extracting our pound of flesh from Al Queada, we were quite easily lulled back into our complacent states of materialism and apathy. The country was in pretty good hands and now we had the Patriot Act and Homeland Security to protect us. We still had our jobs and the mortgage payments had to be met along with the those other bills for the boat and RV that we proudly park in our driveways.

The puppeteers now saw their big opportunity, didn't they? And they pulled the Shrub's strings a little harder - gave him a little song and dance routine about weapons of mass destruction and put him back on the stage. It didn't matter that hundred of thousands of people marched on Washington - or millions around the world. Georgie had it all under control. Remember, you're either with us, or against us.

To the ultra-conservatives, the protestors were left-wing pacifists and un-American. To the liberals, the proponents of the attack were right-winged war mongers. And the white nationalists weren't sure where to light. Some took their cause to the streets with their "No More Wars For Israel" signs and got their butts kicked to the curb. Why? Because the anti-war protestors didn't want to be associated with anything racist or anti-Semitic. They didn't share that sentiment.

But, Dubyah's handlers weren't concerned with the numbers in the streets - you see, those numbers didn't equate to dollars. Certainly not the kind of dollars that could be made through an unconscionable war. So...they gave us Shock & Awe. And we sat in front of the TV with our microwave popcorn and a six-pack and cheered at the non-stop media coverage of bombs being rained down on innocent men, women, and children while the puppeteers rubbed their greedy palms together in great anticipation of the profits they would reap.

Oh, yes...we did that, and Oh, yes...they did that. And for millions of Americans life was still thought to be good.

There was little thought given to those less fortunate. So you're homeless and hungry - get a job. So you can't see a doctor - that's too bad. So, you got wounded in Iraq - welcome to understaffed and under-funded Veteran's hospital. So you want twice the house you can afford - here's the loan, it'll be ours in 10 years, ha, ha. So your kids can't pass the ACT - here's "No Child Left Behind." I've got mine - get your own. That's Capitalism, baby. Want the American dream? Go find it.

Then the Road To Hell On Ramp was completed. Fighting wars on two fronts, an economy that collapsed, unemployment reaching mammoth proportions, the stock-market crashing, the auto-industry going bust, businesses going bankrupt, a broken health-care system, an antiquated and ineffective educational system - and guess what...America finally gets it.

In came Barack Obama. What kills me is that he got elected on vague slogans, white guilt, and promises to end the genocide Bush started. Does it piss one single person off that he hasn't raised a finger to even so much as slow the rate of bodies piling up in the Middle East? Shouldn't some of you who blindly follow him because he's black, get pissed off because he lies like hell to you? Anyhow. This post is going to be long enough as it is.

It is unfortunate that even in the face of an election that was such an overwhelming statement by the American people that the White Nationalist must somehow try to justify our votes through suggesting that they were cast because of "white guilt." I clearly see that you have to have something to blame the election of a black man on. Perhaps you have worn your fingers out pointing them at others?

I am pissed off. There's no doubt about that. But, not for the reasons you suggest. Barack Obama's election had nothing to do with "white guilt," and everything to do with change. That's all Americans had to see and hear - "CHANGE." It didn't matter what the change meant. In our minds - anything was better than what we were experiencing - and we were right.

I'm pissed off because a man who has held the office of the President of the United States for less than ten months, a man who stepped into one of the most precipitous situations ever faced by any other is being vilified by smears and blatant fabrications by Americans who slept through the last eight years of this country's decapitation.

I'm pissed off because there are so many people in my country who have been sold a bill of goods by profiteers and puppeteers whose unscrupulous greed for money and power obscures any and all things possible.
So now people in Washington are paying attention to the new pro-white movement. Sorry to all you apologists but that's what it is. It's Stormfront come to life with the militias marching in near-lockstep. You can say it's not about race or whatever. Don't kid youselves. It's totally about race. "Oh we are just American Patriots." Take it from a pro, you can't be an "American Patriot" and not be racist.

Yes the people in Washington are paying attention - and some are paying a lot more than that. And all one has to do is look at the racial makeup of those "American Patriots" to suspect that there is something more afoot here than taxes and health-care.

There are many among them who will claim not to be racist - but racism is often a nebulous vagary shrouded in code-words or underlying intents.

A lot of people are coming to that conclusion though. "You're a bigot!" works about as good at slowing white people these days as calling Obama a "nigger" made him reconsider running for office. "People in the tea-party movement are tired of people calling them racists." Where? All I see are some people who claim to be some sort of leadership backpeddling on race to the media.

Let me be the one to inform you all: there is no such thing as a post-racial society. I guess if you destroyed the entire human race, then you might have a post-racial world. The white person who patted his affirmative action black on the head last year is now carrying on just like a middle-of-the-road racist did two years ago. The same thing you heard on Stormfront is now being chanted through the streets of DC by thousands, if not millions, of people. Someone screwed with their money.

Well, you know the old saying about money being the root of all evil.

Many right-wingers, especially the pundits, have been attempting to conceal their racism for years, yielding the floor to the climate of political correctness and for fear of losing the dollars that come from their corporate sponsors. The sheer numbers that have flocked to the right-wing airwaves as well as into the streets have, however, emboldened the talking-heads as well as the network CEO's. The tide is definitely turning.

Moving on, a race war actually has a chance of happening now. I watched a frightened negro on TV who apparently dropped the Hollywood fantasy and admitted that blacks would get their asses stomped Samolia style should a war of such break out. Right now, people in Washington are actually sitting around wondering how to run a race war and how to put things back together after it's over. No boys, that isn't a good thing. First, you don't want any war, regardless of how much you think you do. Second, if there was one, you don't want anyone from the beltway on your side. YOU WILL BE SCREWED OVER IN THE END AND WORSE OFF THAN BEFORE. If a war had to happen, it needs to be white people against the feds, the Chosen and their pets.

What makes you think a race war is coming, Drake? Simple. The rats are already jumping ship. You are seeing a lot of Jews starting to support the tea-party crowd (which is what I used to call "the tea-cups"). Black man, don't think for a moment that Jews cared a shred for you and your advancement. It was a bigger joke to them than it was to us. Just like during the birth of Nazi Germany, Jews are attempting to get in on the ground level. Yes, they will turn on you and are about to enmass. That's one sign.
First, I must say that I understand that it is difficult for a neo-Nazi or white supremacist to discuss many political or social issues without laying everything off on "the Jews." In all honesty, any neophyte to the hyperbolic rhetoric of the white nationalist and their views would be led to believe that Jews make up 75% of the U.S. population, have an omniscient presence, and wield unbridled power over the populace. You guys really need to stop giving them so much credit.

For years I have been hearing white supremacists foretell the "Day of the Rope." I have laughed at their folly and their wishful predictions of a Racial Holy War. I have commented over and over again on their fantasies and their daydreams. Watching some of the actions, however, of the tea-party crowd and the drama that is unfolding, however, has given me pause. Not so much about a race war but, certainly, about a revolution and I concur - that's not something any of us want to see.

Another thing is that money, for the first time since big money told Hitler to disband the SA, is in the movement, if you can still call it that. Politicians smell votes around the tea-parties almost as much as big money smells trouble across the fence. They, not Nathan Furrows, can start a war.

Now...there is a statement worth chewing on. Let's face it, with the landslide election of Barack Obama and the usurpation of power by the Democrats in Congress - the struggling Republican Party was decimated. It has been gutted and filleted and now devoured. That's a hard pill to swallow for a lot of conservatives.

Money? Oh yeah...there's a lot of that at stake and one whole helluva lot being thrown into this tea-party thing. Just look at some of the names associated with this group - and those are just the ones who do the grunt work. The real money is very deep-pocketed and something I will discuss at another time.

While money might equal power, being in power makes one a lot more money - and that's precisely what we should all remember. We should remember it, because things are getting mighty scary.

It's highly unlikely that the power-brokers and the puppeteers are going to get another war on foreign soil because their big gun has already been fired and their shock and awe hand has been played in this round. They are just emerging from the throes of a grand mall seizure where much of the country united around the idea of "change." And they are pissed!

As much of a Patriot as I consider myself, I'm not excited about a race war or any other kind. You kids don't know what it's all about. I've had my taste of it and my stomach goes into knots each time I think about it. I know a lot of people are looking for payback towards non-whites and their associates. It's hard to try and tell them this: a race war is the last thing you should want if you love your people. But it looks like we're getting to "the last thing." Everytime we've tried to talk, we've been shut out, belittled, attacked, fired and jailed. A war in this country is horrifying still. 90% of you in the movement don't know what any kind of war is like and almost 99% of you can't imagine what a war at home would be. I've trained or been involved in low intensity conflict for a great deal of my life. Know what it's all taught me? That I want to sit at a cafe all day and type silly adventure novels. I want to play with my baby and never raise another rifle at anyone ever again. Politcs, basement commando photos, hard feelings and bad feelings aside, NOBODY but the sickest of you should want a civil war right here at home.

We ran a little mom and pop store for years, barely getting by. Now the mob (Washington) has an interest in our business. Great. Be careful what you wish far. And don't call an ill-thought wish a sucessful plan.

While I disagree that any sort of civil unrest will involve one race against another. I do believe that a war of any kind is the last thing we need. I fear, however, we are on the brink of something pretty disastrous. Something that we won't recover from for a very long time.

One of the things that has been accomplished is that Americans are slowly being pulled from that cocoon of comfort that they have gotten so used to. However, they still haven't fully awakened to the truth. Like a sleepy-headed child just emerging from her restful slumber, they haven't rubbed the sleep from their eyes or become acutely aware of the chaos that awaits them. I can only hope that they do so before running out into the path of an oncoming freight train.

As the white supremacist blames the Jew or the black man and the liberal blames the conservative and vice versa, this country is rolling right out onto those tracks. But, in the end, the ones really to blame are ourselves. We've been so busy with the name-calling, the labeling, the finger-pointing and the scapegoating that we have let our selves be manipulated and duped and, yes, pimped. It's cost us - it's cost us dearly. We all see that. We know that. Yet, we continue to allow it happen. Say goodnight - sweet dreams - God bless, America.


  1. Nikki, why do you give this retarded cocksucker any air time. Now he will start thinking he has a brain. All he is really good for is beating on women and being a pussy- that in a nut shell is Chrissy Drake.

  2. Nikki,

    I discovered your blog about a week ago and I've been reading your posts.

    Today, I felt like it was time to comment.

    The climate is being stirred for a "race war" there is no doubt about that in my mind.

    Questions are being raised about the war in the Middle East. There are people who realize that this is not the way to handle the situation. This has always been a nation that has Attention Deficit on issues. It is difficult for many people to keep up with all the political/social issues that are prevelant in our society. Right now health care reform is the primary focus of the national population.

    But there is that voice of dissention that is speaking up and asking the questions regarding our involvement in Afghanstan.

    Being AA, I never believed in post racial America. That was a nice slogan created by the media to wrap around what happened during the last national election. We have never believed that statement to have validity.

    Many people may think that they want to have a race war. That this will help to solve the problems that exist in the nation. That would not be in line with human nature. If every person of color was eliminated in the United States, it would just be a matter of time before the focus would turn towards the different ethnic backgrounds of White Amerians.

    "I watched a frightened negro on TV who apparently dropped the Hollywood fantasy and admitted that blacks would get their asses stomped Samolia style should a war of such break out." I don't know who this is-but I do know that in certain sectors of this nation-there are armed Black movements who have been keeping very close watch over what is going on. But,if this type of war broke out-I think that the entire national population would be stunned with the end result. And it might not be to anyone's advantage but the money folks.

  3. Wow the retards just keep coming out of the woodwork.

  4. msladydeborah,

    Thank you for your well thought out comments. I particularly like the statement that "this has always been a nation that has Attention Deficit of issues." Unfortunately, that is so true.

    A "post racial America" is pie-in the sky - as in ain't gonna happen.

    Such a war, as is being discussed here, would most certainly stun the citizenry. Most of us have no idea what living through such an event would entail. Most of us would be very ill-equipped to deal with the anguish that would ensue.

    Again, thank you for your comments.

  5. you should be scared, bitch!

    scared fckn SHIT-less!

    i told you months ago that "time" was expiring for u & yr ilk!

    you think that, after the brutal butchery of 50+ million white babies by jew abortionists in the last 30yrs & horrendous atroicities like the Wichita Massacre & the Christian/Newsome torture-murders (and that's just in the 'Kwa!), any serious white nationalist revolutionary is going to spare ANY of u fckn freaks?!?

    yr ALL goin' "up the chimney"....jews, niggers, feminists, faggots, abortionists, free-masons, gun-grabbers, multi-culturalists, pornographers, jew media shills, judæo-marxist academics and race traitors in general...get USED to it....start getting yr "affairs" in order!

    yr fckn DOOMED!

  6. Nikki totally fails to address the fact that it has been the left that has been stoking the flames of fear and saying that the dissentors are racist and that violence is going to break out.

    Jimmy Carter did nothing but throw gasoline on this fire. If you were so concerned the coming conflict in this nation you would have said something about that.

  7. Uh, Oh! Nikki, do you hear that? I do believe I hear white people marching in unison!

    I can definitely hear it. 1,2,3...

  8. Oh, man, I can just hear Linder bitching about Drake posting over here. LOL

  9. Notice how Nikki glanced over the some portions of the article and emphasized those sections that fit her personal bias?

    It hasn't been lost on me that Nikki is unwittingly part of the echo chamber that is trying to scare people and say that those that are protesting are part of some violent cabal, and that these people are a threat.

    This has always been the pattern with Nikki in her attempt to silence the opposition ( and I opine this is the official position of the government as well).

    She did it with individuals...and now she is doing it with the teaparty movement.

  10. Does Drake realize he was/is being used.

    Maybe he knew she would do this and is using reverse psychology on her.

    Nikki isn't that hard to figure out btw.

  11. Anonymous said...
    Oh, man, I can just hear Linder bitching about Drake posting over here. LOL

    Chris Drake posted this piece in response to some things that were discussed on Cold Shot. Additionally, he has posted comments on and off here for years. Why should Linder care? Other VNN'ers post here as well.

    I thought that what Chris wrote was an important discussion topic and that he raised some excellent, though sometimes misguided points. Consequently, I believed it worthy of the front page. It's not the first time such a thing has been done here.

    As far as Linder is concerned - the last time I checked he is nothing more than some dude who runs a website and pals around with known informants.

    As to the left stoking the flames - you are clearly delusional and have made my point about finger pointing and being too deep into your fantasies to see the big picture. I am sorry for you.

    As to some of the other Anonymous posts, you are certainly not adding anything to the discussion - but what else is new?

  12. Simple questions Nikki:

    *Do you think the teaparty people are violent?

    *Do you think they are racist?

  13. I don't believe that the majority are violent, although I believe there is a violent element on the fringe of that group.

    I believe that a majority of them are racist to some degree.

  14. What makes you think that the majority of them are racist? Or is it just a gut feeling, Nikki?

  15. Ha Ha. Drake is getting called a Marxist.

  16. Drake is a retard.

  17. Erica Hardwick-HoeschSeptember 18, 2009 7:44 PM

    If you think the US is going to be involved in a race war you are sadly mistaken. If you notice the racism is occurring only in a small minority who just happen to be very vocal cry babies. For the most part their facts are wrong (see Joe Wilson) and they matter not at all. Unlike most of the rest of the world racism is not the start all end all.

    If the so called "tea partiers" were so concerned about the debt where were they when it was being run to record levels by Reagan and Bush? At least Obama is spending it on Americans here in America and not over seas or on military spending. These "movements" will burn themselves out as do most of their sort that is based on anger and hate. It will only be remembered as a hiccup and of no historical importance.

    I find Drake's continued instance in trying to blame the "Jews" on everything just Typical Racist Bullshit or TRB (yes UF I stole that from you) and nothing more. Chris Drake has some high sounding words but in the end he is just another brain washed racist with barely a clue. His hate and bigotry so blinds and prejudices him to the truth that any points he makes are minor at best. He starts out with his conclusion "Jews are to blame for all my failures in life" and works backward from there.

  18. Damn, Nigger Lovers are sickening.

  19. Funny how many of these "tea partiers" are already getting government benefits like Medicare. Holsten is a prime example of one, he doesn't want government health care (or what he calls Omago care) for everyone, but takes it for himself and his family costing taxpayers well over $100,000 a year easily. It probably takes 20 people working just to pay for Holsten's benefits.

    You don't see a rush of seniors on Medicare demanding they privatize that system... I wonder why???? but yet everyone of them has the option of use Medicare money to buy a private plan. They don't.

    The insurance companies are funding all this nonsense going on right now, and honestly, they are lying like crazy and using scare tactics. I hope the Democrats don't fall for the lies.

    Now as far as Chris Drake. The problem that EVERYONE sees with him is he has no loyalty. He has joined and quit so many pro-white groups, we've lost count. Every time he goes on a hissy fit, he quits. Let's see, he quit the ANSWP at least 3 times, Blevins group on the same day on VNN, Aryan Nations twice, NSM at least twice, various skinhead groups, etc. And Drake is the norm.

    The problem with white supremacist is they got 5,000 two man groups. They allow complete wimps like Alex Linder to be "leaders" when Linder wouldn't have been anything ten years ago. They welcome open federal informants like Glenn Miller, Hal Turner, and James Wickstrom.

    When's the last time a real white supremacist took place involving more than a 100 people? Billy Roper I would guess.

    Unless you want to count these tea parties as being a white supremacist get together.

  20. Schwartzo KIKE, I call it Obongo's Socialized Health Care.

    ACORN is going to be Obongo's Watergate. The Idiot will be going home around Jan 20, 2013

  21. Steve Holsten loves the Obongo/Ted Kennedy/Jimmy Carter health care plan for himself which he and his entire family are currently on.

    Steve is one of those hypocrites. He loves getting welfare programs for himself but hates everyone else getting them.

    I liked it when that one democrat asked at a town hall meeting how many in the room were already getting Medicare, Medicaid and VA benefits and it nearly started a riots. It's because so many of them were already on government welfare programs themselves.

  22. Don't worry Schwartz, I am currently working on a online redneck dictionary. Steve Holsten's picture will be the one used for White Trash and you'll be able to cross reference him under Child Molester, hypocrite and individuals with less than a 70 IQ.




  24. Schwartzo KIKE, it doesn't bother me; your Great Hero what others get as long as I get mine.

    Hal Turner Wannabe, be sure to put yours and Schwartzo KIKE's picture beside Nigger Dick Sucking Bastard, and cross reference it to Useless Nigger Lover.

    I guess you two Faggots will never get over your desires to suck my Dick.

  25. "Medicare, Medicaid and VA benefits and it nearly started a riots."--Schwartz

    If the government was truly interested in providing universal coverage they would propose fixing the problems with Medicare and used that as the vehicle...and you know what? I don't think the American people would have had a problem with that.

    This Bill(s) being proposed is nothing but bs.

  26. "The problem with white supremacist is they got 5,000 two man groups. They allow complete wimps like Alex Linder to be "leaders" when Linder wouldn't have been anything ten years ago. They welcome open federal informants like Glenn Miller, Hal Turner, and James Wickstrom. "

    As a former WN myself, I cannot honestly disagree with that assessment.

  27. Many of you have failed to see what Hal Turner being a sorry cocksucking rat means. He was recruited as a rat at a time when we had a right wing president who was supposedly looking out for us. If the feds were looking in on us then, then they are damn sure looking at us now.

  28. Wether Drake is right or not, each one of you are the final arbitors for the ultimate destiny you will inherit, here and in the next life.

    Prepare for what appears to be inevitable given the direction our nation is taking.

    A word to the wise is sufficient.

  29. The right IS NOT, and I repeat IS NOT intending or wanting to start any racial strife or civil war.

    That being said it appears that those on the left do in fact want it...or wanting to provoke or start it.

  30. Anonymous pussy says:

    Wether Drake is right or not?

    Drake has never been right, no once in his miserable fucking life.

    Another annoymous dumbass says:

    The right is the one whinning and holding the signs boyo. Maybe you should pull your head out of your ass before you start with the "blame it on the left" bullshit. Not that I expect you too, doubtlessly you've never had a original thought in your whole miserable life.

  31. Anonymous said...

    Wether Drake is right or not, each one of you are the final arbitors for the ultimate destiny you will inherit, here and in the next life.

    Prepare for what appears to be inevitable given the direction our nation is taking.

    A word to the wise is sufficient.

    If you are Greg Evensen, then be the man that you claim to be and use your real name. If, you are not Mr. Evensen - quit plagerizing him.

  32. yeh?

    wtf don't YOU, bitch?

    "post" YOUR personal details...just like Bill White, Hal Turner, Don Black, David Duke, Tom Metzger & Alex Linder do!

    (all white people you just luvvvv to attack withouth pre-text, cause or reason!)

    but: ANY-one can find out where they live & "drop on by" for a visit...but.... you ........ wtf are YOU, really?

    wtf do you work for?

    who makes secret, large deposits into YOUR bank account?


    is yr name even "Nikki Nichols"?

    i'v heard that, in fact, it isn't!

    that it's just a nom de plume!

    and....that......"pic" (which, surprise! surprise!) shows a blonde-haired white woman...ain't you either?

    maybe, in actuality, you look more like Golda Meir?!?

    eh, cunt?!?, for 1, couldn't give "a flying fuck"!

    AFAIMC: yr just another fckn "target"!

  33. Your blog sucks shit your article sucks shit, the nazis suck shit and you all suck shit!

    Fuck Nikkis nest!

  34. Did anyone notice that Jimbo's rants started again when that psycho escaped from the nut house? Self noticed that, self doesn't think the two events are coincidences. MAYBESO.

  35. Shit pants, all you have to remember is that "Jimbo" is Alex Linder. Short little pussy with no life who has a mud wife and needs his scrawny little ass kicked.

  36. Damn, nobody even mentioned, COLD BUTTER.





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