Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Due to some renovations being completed here, Cold Shot could not be produced on Sunday. Consequently, it will air on Wednesday, September 16th at 7:00 Eastern. Topics of discussion include:

• Bill White - The Roanoke Nazi was ordered released on $25,000 bond but the prosecution has appealed. Tune in for the latest developments in the case.

• Hal Turner - The racist, radio shock jock out of New Jersey is being released with "conditions." Discuss the latest in the saga of this circus clown.

• A Pro-White Political Party - Would such a thing succeed in America?

• It's About Race - Or Is It? - Is all of the hoopla in America right now because of the election of the first African-American President or because of something else?

• The Tea-baggers and the March on Washington - What is this really all about? What has been accomplished? What next?

• Righting a Wrong - It seems that I might have grossly underestimated the right-wing nuts in this country. Some are actually preparing for and advocating an armed revolution. Could it happen? What would your response be?



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  1. I think I'll weigh in on the topics for Nikki's show last night.

    Skipping over Hal Turner and Bill White, would a pro-white party suceed in America? At this point, maybe. A year or so from now, definately.

    I've been meaning to comment on this for a while. Tom Metzger said in an interview a while back that if you could get Wall Street interested in the pro-white thing it would be huge. What he meant was that as long as the pro-white movement stayed as an under-funded grass roots thing, it was going to pretty much stay at a stand still. That's especially true while everyone is trying to stay legal.

    Now money is involved. Now politicians see that white are now ready to "vote white" again. Now there is money to be lost should your side lose. Like my fellow lefitst, Tom Metzger has pointed out again and again, if you start screwing with people's money, they start paying attention.

    How many of you have seen a flier that said, "wake up, white man!"? I've seen it said so many times, so many ways on so many websites, handbills, stickers, etc. I always wanted to say, "oh he's awake, just half asleep because of his last big meal."

    "Where were all these people while George Bush was screwing up the country?" I heard that asked at least three times yesterday for some reason. It's a legit question. Where were they? Simple. They were at home, happy with their nice unessarily big house, spending their money like crazy and assumming their jobs would always be there. Most of them wouldn't noticed if you'd elected Joe Stalin, so long as he didn't grab their attention or threatened to make life more complex for the sheeple.

    But then it came time to do the right thing and get Bush out of office. Bush ran around like a crazy animal, attacking anyone the Jews told him to. If they asked him to bomb his own mother, you can bet his cabinet would meet about it. He wasn't the blood thirsty tyrant the reds made him out to be. He was worse. At least a tyrant knows what he wants. Bush just let the Zionist direct his military while he took care of big money. He didn't say abortion was a good idea nor did he ever say he wanted to take anyone's guns away. Money still rolling in? Steady enough. We'll sit home. Immigration worse than under even the most leftist administration? Maybe I DO NEED a Mexican housekeeper...

    So America set out to do the right thing from their command stations on sofas across the country. As far as "the right thing" went, it was NOT voting for John McCain. McCain assummed then and still assumes now that if he offers to kill anyone the Jews need killed, they'll give him a ticket to the lift. Ten years ago, that might have been true, John. By 2008, too many people on both sides of the fence were calling Iraq and Afganistan "another Jewish war." It was time to just hold what they had and wait on juicy targets like Iran.

    So the road to hell got another on-ramp added.

    In came Barack Obama. What kills me is that he got elected on vague slogans, white guilt and promises to end the genocide Bush started. Does it piss one single person off that he hasn't raised a finger to even so much as slow the rate of bodies piling up in the Middle East? Shouldn't some of you who blindly follow him because he's black, get pissed off because he lies like hell to you? Anyhow. This post is going to be long enough as it is.

    So now people in Washington are paying attention to the new pro-white movement. Sorry to all you apologist but that's what it is. It's Stormfront come to life with the militias marching in near-lockstep. You can say it's not about race or whatever. Don't kid youselves. It's totally about race. "Oh we are just American Patriots." Take it from a pro, you can't be an "American Patriot" and not be racist.

  2. A lot of people are coming to that conclusion though. "You're a bigot!" works about as good at slowing white people these days as calling Obama a "nigger" made him reconsider running for office. "People in the tea-party movement are tired of people calling them racists." Where? All I see are some people who claim to be some sort of leadership backpeddling on race to the media.

    Let me be the one to inform you all: there is no such thing as a post-racial society. I guess if you destroyed the entire human race, then you might have a post-racial world. The white person who patted his affirmative action black on the head last year is now carrying on just like a middle-of-the-road racist did two years ago. The same thing you heard on Stormfront is now being chanted through the streets of DC by thousands, if not millions, of people. Someone screwed with their money. Finally.

    Moving on, a race war actually has a chance of happening now. I watched a frightened negro on TV who apparently dropped the Hollywood fantasy and admitted that blacks would get their asses stomped Samolia style should a war of such break out. Right now, people in Washington are actually sitting around wondering how to run a race war and how to put things back together after it's over. No boys, that isn't a good thing. First, you don't want any war, regardless of how much you think you do. Second, if there was one, you don't want anyone from the beltway on your side. YOU WILL BE SCREWED OVER IN THE END AND WORSE OFF THAN BEFORE. If a war had to happen, it needs to be white people against the feds, the Chosen and their pets.

    What makes you think a race war is coming, Drake? Simple. The rats are already jumping ship. You are seeing a lot of Jews starting to support the tea-party crowd (which is what I used to call "the tea-cups"). Black man, don't think for a moment that Jews cared a shread for you and your advancement. It was a bigger joke to them than it was to us. Just like during the birth of Nazi Germany, Jews are attempting to get in on the ground level. Yes, they will turn on you and are about to enmass. That's one sign.

    Another thing is that money, for the first time since big money told Hitler to disband the SA, is in the movement, if you can still call it that. Politicians smell votes around the tea-parties almost as much as big money smells trouble across the fence. They, not Nathan Furrows, can start a war. As much of a Patriot as I consider myself, I'm not excited about a race war or any other kind. You kids don't know what it's all about. I've had my taste of it and my stomach goes into knots each time I think about it. I know a lot of people are looking for payback towards non-whites and their associates. It's hard to try and tell them this: a race war is the last thing you should want if you love your people. But it looks like we're getting to "the last thing." Everytime we've tried to talk, we've been shut out, belittled, attacked, fired and jailed. A war in this country is horrifying still. 90% of you in the movement don't know what any kind of war is like and almost 99% of you can't imagine what a war at home would be. I've trained or been involved in low intensity conflict for a great deal of my life. Know what it's all taught me? That I want to sit at a cafe all day and type silly adventure novels. I want to play with my baby and never raise another rifle at anyone ever again. Politcs, basement commando photos, hard feelings and bad feelings aside, NOBODY but the sickest of you should want a civil war right here at home.

    We ran a little mom and pop store for years, barely getting by. Now the mob (Washington) has an interest in our business. Great. Be careful what you wish far. And don't call an ill-thought wish a sucessful plan.

  3. Sure a Pro-White party would work in American. It would get less votes than the Libertarians or Ross Perot. Dipshit, better stick to beating on women, thinking is not your strong suit, bitch.

  4. Ok, I'll stick to beating my wife. Thanks for the advice, Mike.

  5. Ping Drake:

    Are you saying that big money is about to back a race war?

    Hitler sold out the SA to the Army and Big Money...

    Do those variables exist now? Interesting need to continue your thought.

    Do the powers in Washington want a race war? Are they going to use provacatuers to make it look like the right-wing is drawing first blood?

    I swear what you are saying needs to be fleshed out (polish the grammar and spelling) and made into an article for mass consumption.

  6. Drake is a fucking retard. If I wanted to listen to what idiots had to say I'd read VNN or Stromfront. This is no big Jewish conspiracy, moron.

  7. Ping Chris:

    I don't have access to my regular mail, just post it here and I will take it from there.


  8. The only violence I have seen so far is SEIU representatives beating a black man and a progressive biting off the end of a man's finger.

    The right-wingers are not interested in starting a revolution or a race war, as the left would have you believe. Don't buy into it.

  9. Looks like O'bummer just gave Poland and the Czech Republic a big "fuck you" with his withdrawal of the missile defense system...not to mention the security concerns of the middle east.

    Is it any coincidence this happened on the 70th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland (you know the one were they linked up with the Nazis to divide the small nation up?) What Obama doesn't realize is the Russians absolutely hate and despise his black ass...I wonder if Obama knows that.

    It's worse than making us a laughing stock.

    This is worse than when Carter gave up the Panama Canal, you know that little slit through land that cost thousands of lives to build?

  10. Holy Shit! Jeff Schoep and the NSM support Obama's Health care initiative:

    National Socialist Movement – A Solution to National Health Care in the United States

    Wednesday, September 16, 2009

    Recently the media has been, along with other unexpected sources, claiming that the Obama Administrations National Health Plan initiative is a “racial” issue in regards to why the American people are divided on agreement of such plan. Even Jimmy Carter has jumped on the bandwagon and has claimed that people that are against Obama are doing so because he is a “black man”. Jimmy fails to recall that Obama is 50% White and 50 % Black – we still would like to know how that percentage equals “Black” but hey, I guess that way Obama was able to take advantage of all the “Minority Programs” the liberals fund from our taxes each year! Well, that is another issue for another day.

    Republican lawmaker Joe Wilson recently heckled Obama during his address to Congress last Wednesday by shouting, “You Lie!” in response to Obama claiming that illegal immigrants would not be allowed to take advantage of the National Health Care program he proposes. A few hours later, Democrats were busy pointing out that Joe Wilson supported flying the Confederate Flag over his state capitol building in South Carolina and supported and worked for a “segregationalist” politician as a Junior Aide in his early days of his political career. As you can imagine from what you have already read, the whole Health Care issue has turned into a White vs. Black issue as intended by greedy political detractors that put their interests above those of the Nation, those behind this deception. The detractors are found in both the liberal camps as well as the far rights ultra capitalist camps where once again they work to avoid issues and push for their own greedy agendas at the cost of our citizens and our nation.

  11. part 2:

    What is happening to America? Why are our people so naïve? Well, this is another issue for debate on another day however one of the main problems is the way the huge corporate owned media controls opinion through the delivery of news via television and other such media outlets that the masses “trust” as the word of the Lord and in such do not take any initiative to investigate on their own if what they heard or read is biased. The National Socialist Movement has been victim of a media that pumps out misinformation on its agenda for years so no surprise in their recent attempt to spread disinformation about National Health Care.

    National Health Care is a not a race issue at all. National Health Care threatens multi-billion dollar corporations and the elitists that are racking in so much money by exploiting people while they are desperate – while they are sick and ill. Obama is on the right foot in admitting that the Nation needs a National Health system for citizens – as any civilized, developed nation in the 21st century should have. However, he fails to address the abuses of the current system and in such develop a plan that would eliminate such costs prior to trying to Nationalize health care.

    The National Socialist Movement has been a champion for National Health care for years as it is a core part of the National Socialist philosophy in putting family, race and nation first. Under a National Socialist majority the health system would be reborn by addressing the abuses and ending them outright. Such things as doctor salaries would be capped – that means that doctors would no longer be able to charge $150 to see them as to get a prescription renewed and then bill the Government insurance system for an “Office Visit”. Guidelines would be set, office visit prices to surgeries would be all become uniform under an averaged system where doctors across the nation would be paid the same amount for the same services, end of story. There is widespread abuse in the current system – it is not uncommon to see $400 charges on a hospital bill for each and every time your doctor makes rounds and speaks to you! These abuses would be eliminated. Everything from outrageous costs that doctors charge to medical suppliers to pharmaceutical costs would be reviewed and made uniform. The problem in the current system is that there is too much waste. Instead of many suppliers providing hospital goods and competing against each other thus wasting so much money on advertising and wining and dining executives – qualifying pharmaceutical firms would be pooled to form a syndicate where they would be able to pool their resources as suppliers to the National Health Care system..." contd. at

  12. "...Obama is on the right foot in admitting that the Nation needs a National Health system for citizens – as any civilized, developed nation in the 21st century should have."--Jeff Schoep, National Socialist Movement (Nazi)

    Wow!!! Even the fucking Nazis themselves know that Obama is like one of them or something (at least in policy).

    I keep telling you dumbasses that this adminstrations goals reflect almost to a tee the 25 points of the fucking idiots will not learn...

    I also told you that this proposed Obamacare is very "National Socialist" in character...well, there you have it folks, a self-avowed NATIONAL SOCIALIST saying he supports Obama's plan because it is in line with National Socialist ideals for health care.

    You can't make this shit up!!!!

  13. You dipshits shouldn't try to understand military're too fucking stupid. Why should we give Poland a long range missile system when Iran doesn't have long range missiles, retard?

  14. Hitler sold out the SA to the Army and Big Money

    telling big, blatant lies abt history (and race!) is exactly why we're now "on the verge" of a race war...the SA leader-ship was "taken out" by the Wehrmacht top brass over whom the Führer had little or no control...and many of whom were left-over "social pinkos"/ZOG seditionists from the Weimar days...that's, basically, why he authorised the formation of the Waffen-SS....




  15. The racist wingnuts have been predicting "race war" for a long time now.

    When Nathan Bedford started the KKK, the wingnuts heralded race war.

    When the German-American Bund was started, the numbnuts predicted that the race war was imminent

    When Rockwell started the American Nazi Party, the chumps thought - you guessed it - race war


    Fast forward to present day - basement commando proclaims racewar imminent because a black is elected president.

    News for you princess, there are maybe 50,000 racists. Out of them maybe 5,000 pack testicles to carry arms. Out of these, maybe 1,000 are not drunk enough to shoot unarmed men women and kids, like bufford furrow and the nutjob who started shooting at the holocaust memorial. The feds need only fart once to blow them away.

    The tea-party crowds are protesting the Obama policies. The very few racists among them are just hanger-ons, who have only the looser movement as an alternative.

    Prediction - Obama will be president for a second term, and at the end of his presidency, basement commando will feel like holding his head in a toilet for his failed prophecies.


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