Friday, November 18, 2005

America's Future - National Socialist Style

Not much can be said for the racist right but you have to admit that they attract some of the wackiest nutjobs on the planet. Now, it depends on who you talk to whether or not Bill White can be considered a "leader" in the movement. Most would tell you that he is a leader only in his own mind. The problem is, he won't go away. He is one of these people who just keeps reinventing himself to suit the climate.

With the much anticipated Kingston rally on the minds of many in the neo-Nazi "movement" tonight, one racist asked White what form of government he would install if he were made "ruler" of the United States. Flattered by such attention and the opportunity that it provided him to expound, White responded thusly:

Assuming a peaceful ascent to power, the initial changes in the government would be national socialist but moderate. My initial foci:

* Ban the practice of the Jewish religion; arrest leaders of the Jewish lobby; enact racial laws barring Jews from holding office, participating in the press, teaching at universities, practicing law, owning large portions of American banks and companies and otherwise interfering with the vital cultural tasks of the nation

* Ban anti-racist and communist organizations; criminalize the teaching of multi-culturalism or diversity

* Enact legislation for penal reform through labor.

* Deport the Hispanic population back to their countries of origin.

* Enact segregation; dissolve all inter-racial marriages; re-criminalize race-mixing; sterilize mulattos; enact incentives to repatriate American blacks in Africa.

* End the US war in Iraq; support white nationalist movements in Europe and the general European liberation countries; focus foreign intervention on restoring Southern Africa to white rule and to resettle the black population of that part of the continent.

* Reform the welfare state; eliminate subsidies and enact labor programs -- including compulsory labor programs -- for the unemployed; make the focus of welfare assisting the temporarily out of work rather than sustaining a class of the out of work.

* Strengthen the common police powers of the state while weakening the political policing powers, except in the case of Jews and their related subversives.

Maybe this is why the National Socialists, White Nationalists, Ku Klux Klan, etc...don't stand a snowball's chance in hell of ever coming to power in this country - and Bill White probably stands the slimmest chance of all.

Ostracized by the other leaders, as well as the rank and file, White has been taking a real browbeating over the last 24 hours as many believe that he is trying to steal their thunder in the upcoming Kingston rally. There has been bad blood between White and many in the movement for quite some time. Now, it seems that blood wants to be spilled. Earlier today, Will Williams, long time member of the neo-Nazi regime, offered anyone who would take him up on it, one-thousand dollars to "break Bill White's skull."

Nevermind that this probably wasn't the smartest thing for Williams to do publicly...because Williams doesn't really care. He is so intent on someone beating White to a pulp that he even says he will pay their expenses and defend them in court. must be real cool to get so much attention.

Here's hoping for a peaceful day tomorrow in Kingston, NY.


  1. Aren't his plans wonderful? The country would be so much better.

  2. No, sir, his plans are not "wonderful," in my opinion.

    I might use the following adjectives: "sociopathic," "genocidal," or disturbed."

    But not "wonderful."

    In my opinion, the country would be "so much better" if we got along with people who do not happen to look and act just like us.

  3. Steve Holsten (Elmer Frazier) claims he isn't a nazi but yet fully embraces balding worms like Bill White. If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck....

  4. i am curious why nikki spends so much time on what she considers to be an inefectual loser

    you are just giving him attention and recognition and notoriety

    maybe you are revealing deep seated fear of the specter of the white race uniting as they did in germany 70 years ago

    but i wonder where is your balance where is your concern over the militant displays that mexicans and blacks show in their hate filled music and their menacing parades dosen't exist because in your PC mind the enemy is the white race (white males in particular) .....he must be castrated ...he must be made impotent ...he is the world's scapegoat

  5. I have been intrigued with the sexual imagery used by the racist right to communicate their message. Here are a few examples from the post of ajax:

    The white man "must be castrated..." and the white man "must be made impotent..."

    One might make the case that many pro-white men have some real insecurity issues vis-a-vis their manhood.

  6. Fear the white race.. there is no white race. No black race. We are Americans. Most of us. The rest of you just did not get hugged enough.

  7. to historymike:

    as a student of history you more than others should be aware that sexual imagery as been used throughout human history in numerous ways

    as a common insult and put-down the opponent will often question the sexual potency /manhood of his adversary

    i am not in the least troubled by your low level blow, i find it to be rather trivial and tiresome, redundant (because it is used so very often) and boring

    maybe you thought (were hoping) i would become upset by the insult

  8. From Mr. Will Williams;

    Thanks for mentioning me and my standing offer for someone to talk to Bill White in language he might understand in your blog article, "America's Future -- National Socialist Style," on Friday, 18 November, 2005, Nikki. I didn't realize till reading your article now that I'm a "long time member of the Nazi regime." I thought the Nazi regime was defeated 60 years ago by the Communist/democratic coalition.

    Anyway, otherwise, your expose of Bill White as an abject fraud and a deeply disturbed individual is well written and quite informative. Thanks for the service you provide in revealing such phonies.

    You wrote: "...[W]hite nationalist and neo-Nazi groups HAVE been disrupted. Some have been disrupted over the last few years to the point of virtual non-existence...Groups have been disrupted…infiltrated…and exposed. And we aren't finished yet - not by a long shot."

    I'm curious, Nikki, what groups that advocate for the interests of the White majority are acceptable to you? This is a serious question. Are you also disrupting and infiltrating other ethnocentric organizations such as LaRaza, the ADL or the NAACP, or is it just pro-White groups which you and your friends target for disruption and destruction? In a land where "majority rules" and there is the vaunted "freedom of association," you'd think the White majority -- the so-called "prosterity" refered to by the U.S.'s Founding Fathers -- would be free to assemble and advocate for its own continued interests without disruption from those who are opposed to their organizing for those interests, wouldn't you?

    I'm looking for a pro-White group that's acceptable to the government, the media and to watchdog groups. Please help me find such a group, OK.


    Will Williams

  9. First off Will, you're welcome. I don't much care for phoney's, or frauds, regardless of their ideology. And, I am not finished with Mr. White yet.

    As to your question...I really don't know of such a group. For years the Council of Conservative Citizens tried to convince everyone that they were not a hate group - and look where they are today.

    Most of my endeavors are directed toward the neo-Nazi's and white hate groups at this time. However, I do recognize that there are other groups out there who are as hateful and racist as the ones that I concentrate on.

    In all honesty Will, I have met a lot of people who claim that they are not racist and don't hate anyone - they say they are "advocates" of white rights. And, in every single instance, they have eventually demonstrated a very deep-seeded hatred for others.

    You are guaranteed the right to assemble - and by-and-large that right is upheld. You are guaranteed freedom of speech - and that is upheld. But, nowhere are you guaranteed that you won't draw opposition - as that is our right, as well.

    While I don't agree with you on much...and I certainly oppose your ideology...I think that people like elmer a.k.a. Steve, Bill White, Scott Belk, Hal Turner, Adam Jacobs, Matt Hale, Jeff Schoep, etc. really discredit you even more than the hate you promote.

  10. From Mr. Williams;

    The reason you can't name even one group advocating for the interests of the White majority, one that's acceptable to the government, the media or the watchdog groups, Miss Nikki, is because there aren't any. Pro-White groups are not allowed a public platform as are pro-nonWhite groups. That Whites as a group have rights equal with non-White groups is a whopper as big as the myth that Mr. Hitler gassed 6 million Jews to death in little chambers with a pesticide, or as big a myth as that Jesus is going to come back after 2,000 years as a no-show to make the world right, yellow brown, black and white.

    Even though the U.S. Congress is full of White people, you won't find a White Congressional Caucus. If there were a WCC it wouldn't take long before you civic-minded, anti-White watchdog groups were calling it a "hate group," just like you did the harmless Council of Conservative Citizens organization, or as the Southern Poverty Law Center did the little blue-haired ladies of the Daughters of the Confederacy or ANY group that's exclusively White and looking out in some measure for White interests exclusively.

    The protected minorities will soon outnumber the White majority in this country just as non-Whites now outnumber Whites worldwide nearly 12:1. Here's another question I'd appreciate your answering: At what point do you believe it will be acceptable to your group for Whites to organize for their own interests, when we're 5% of the world's population? 3%? 1%? As it is now, at 8%, only 2% of the world's population -- white females of child-bearing age -- are capable of producing a White baby. I take it that you don't find alarming the precarious position of my race and its ability to reproduce itself in its traditional habitat, even as the fecund non-White population of the world has spiked, from 2 billion to nearly 7 billion just in my lifetime? Another question: Do you believe that the non-White majority will be as benevolent to the remaining, tiny White remnant in the future as Whites have been in uplifting the non-White, so-called minorities in the past?

    Degradation of our gene pool -- miscegenation -- is being promoted wholesale by the Jew-controlled news and entertainment media, whether you want to admit that or not; our living space is being deliberately and unnaturally ceded to other sub-species -- habitat succession; and the White birth rate has plummeted due to adverse social movements such as feminism where our females are conditioned by mass media to relate to "women and other minorities" rather than to their own dispossessed White men. Now, that you would oppose White renewal in the face of those facts, THAT's hate, Miss Nikki. You just can't see it because you want to tar all White racial loyalists with the same brush that you use on phonies and misfits like Bill White and Scott Belk, et al. There are many perfectly normal, well adjusted Whites who share a deep concern for the future of our race, but you can't seem to find even one. If you ever admitted that even one of us is reasonable and rational and right about one point ot another, your game is up.

    You seem to have a problem with the word "advocate," but only when it's applied to pro-White, majority advocates. The NAACP advocates for the advancement of colored people and to the obvious detriment of White people, but certainly not to the detriment of Jews (who like to style themselves "white" when it's convenient for them, and "colored" when it's not), seeing as how the NAACP was founded and run for many decades by Jews to "break down the color barrier" between Whites and Negroes/Jews/etc. And that's what your group does, Miss Nikki -- break down color barriers, and by your own admission you do so by infiltrating pro-White advocacy groups to destroy them. Lovely little game you government/media-backed watchdogs have going there, Miss Nikki. Lovely, indeed. Enjoy your artificial advantage while you can. Whites still outnumber Jews at least 30:1 in this country. I like those odds.

    The giant government imposed experiment in forcing the races together has failed, Nikki. There is more tension between the races in our exceedingly polyglot nation than ever before and those Whites who wish to preserve our unique people (gene pool) and our homeland (habitat) are no more haters than the Jew occupiers are in Palestine, except to the extent that we should hate those who are so intent on destroying our people and taking our own living space. White Americans are more like Palestinians than Jews, if the truth be known.

    You seem to believe that the Jews are blameless, that Negroes are blameless, that the millions of Mexican invaders in our homeland are blameless, even homosexuals with their degeneracy are blameless, and that it is only heterosexual White racists that have some sort of monopoly on "hate." That's absurd. I'm a racist. I have no guilt for this, no shame. My world view is as a race-thinker. I can judge everything, every issue, by how it impacts on my race, either positively or negatively. Some things are neutral by this standard, but race is factored into nearly all my thoughts and decisions. That attitude, that built-in survival mechanism -- racism -- used to be implicit in my people before the Jew got a "stranglehold" on our means of mass communication, as Billy Graham and Dick Nixon noted 33 years ago, and turned my people's collective thinking around to where it's now "hate" for them to want to be with their own kind and to perpetuate our own to the exclusion of the other sub-species of mankind.

    Thanks for upholding my freedom of speech. Please come back and tell me exactly what it is I've said here that's so full of hate, OK? I'd post directly to your blog but was unable to register a username.

  11. I think you are right, that there are no such groups, Will. And why is that? I don't have any concrete answers to that question - only perceptions. I think it is multi - fold and probably nothing you haven't heard before.

    First, historically, those in the majority are generally those with the power. Whites have always been in the majority in the United States, hence have always been in power. Because of this, very few people in our society see whites as being threatened in any way.

    Secondly, whites have historically been the oppressors of minorities in this country. Thus, the very idea of "advocating for white interests" seems to be absolutely ludicrous to many.

    Thirdly, most of us (white people) do not feel threatened by blacks having the NAACP or other groups to represent them. Generally, we recognize that because of past injustices and the current socio-economic climate along with the remnants of the good old by system, groups such as these are needed to continue to protect the ethnic minorities who are present.

    Fourth, the groups who have even briefly come to the forefront as a white advocacy group have been nothing more than groups who advocate segregation and racism.

    Fifth, the very idea of "advocating for white interests" seems, to many, a ridiculous notion since whites are in the majority and currently already weild the power. Congress is predominantly white. State leaders are predominantly white. Many white people simply do not see the need for such a thing.

    Of course, there are many other dynamics that come into play here but I think the basic sociological premise behind all of this is that there are so many things that seem so much more important to white America than worrying about whether or not "white rights" are being upheld when whites are incharge.

    Personally Will, I think your argument about the "White Congressional Caucus," is just one of those hackneyed arguments that has been used by people on the racist right for years. I don't mean that in a disparaging way - only that such pinings for a "Miss White America" contest, or "White Entertainment Televison," etc., have been part of the racist repetoire for so long that it has become somewhat lackluster.

    What would you hope to gain with a White Congressional Caucus when Congress is predominantly white already? In all seriousness, what would be the benefit?

    I don't share your concern over what you term, "degredation of the gene pool," Will. Given the fact that we live in a world that could be blown to smitherenes as we sit here and debate; a world where human rights are being trampled and mangled as we speak; a world where women and children of all ages and races are being sold into white slavery at staggering numbers; a world where young children are dying at alarming rates from hunger and preventable diseases; a world where families are sleeping in abandonded cars and newborns are discarded like yesterday's newspapers; I just can't get very upset over what is happening to the white gene pool. And, I believe that is where most people are coming from.

    As far as agreeing on a point - I agree with several white nationalists on many points. It's when the race card is played that it all seems to fall apart.

    You said:

    "I'm a racist. I have no guilt for this, no shame. My world view is as a race-thinker. I can judge everything, every issue, by how it impacts on my race, either positively or negatively. Some things are neutral by this standard, but race is factored into nearly all my thoughts and decisions. That attitude, that built-in survival mechanism -- racism -- used to be implicit in my people before the Jew got a "stranglehold" on our means of mass communication..."

    And herein lies a major difference between us - and I believe between you and the majority. I consider myself a non-racist. And my world view is non-racist. I judge many things in accordance with how it affects the whole of humanity. For me, race doesn't even enter into the equation. With a person like you I find myself wondering why...why is race that important? In my mind, and in the minds of many Americans, we just can't understand how race, something so nebulous and out of one's control could drive an individual in such a manner that it permeates his every thought.

    Additionally, the vast majority of people watch the news and go to movies, or camp out in front of the television for entertainment. They really don't sit around and try to determing how many people on a show are black or Jewish or homosexual. They could care less who controls the media or the industry. Most of us have a whole lot more on our minds. And when those on the racist right start ranting about Jews and blacks and Asians, etc...they just think you are all a little quirky.

    I guess the bottom line in all of this is basically that we don't put the same value on race. I see it as a peripheral and of little consequence and you see it as all important. I can't understand that and you can't understand my viewpoint.

    I think the issue of race and some of the programs that have been developed around race will eventually have to be revamped - not done away with - but retooled to fall more in line with need and economic status. And, I believe that is where our concentration must go next. There is just too wide a gap between the have's and the have nots in this world - and those at poverty level and even somewhat above are the people who we need to concentrate on giving a hand up. And I expect that to be the next round of emphasis in this society.

    As far as the demise of the white race - I have read, as I am sure you have, the statistics - some say yes it's happening white others tend to not believe it. Personally, it just doesn't matter to me. And I think that is the major problem that you guys face with your arguments. To most people in mainstream America - it's just not that important.

    You know Will, I watched people when the building was bombed in Oklahoma City, and when the Twin Towers went down, and in the recent hurricaines - and race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation didn't matter. People reaching out and helping people - that's what happened. When Roper and others started their help for "white's only," others were outraged - many refused the help. Why? Because it just isn't what America - or the rest of the world, for that matter - is all about.

    Incidentally, I don't understand why you can't register. I haven't seen any discrimination here. ;)


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