Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Deliverance Revisited

If you are not sure about what the racist right really does when it comes to town, Craig Cobb has given us behind the scenes footage on just what one man can do to the good residents of a community.
As the people in Kingston, New York were prepared to weather the storm when the racist Hal Turner and his entourage came to town, so was Cobb ready to incite those who chose to gather on the streets. He brought his camera and his crude self and waged a campaign of what can only be described as decadence and intimidation on the police, the politicians, the media, and the public.

You can read about it here with lots more to come.


  1. Looks like Bigfoot was real afterall and his name is Craig Cobb.

  2. From: "james ryder" Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
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    Im evicted because of these people. This is just a tip of the harassment I am baring. They are calling my home. MY HOME. Where my children lay to rest.

    I was evicted because of the Rally and the issues it has caused me and others around me.

    Evicted and homeless on the first of the year with my little girl and why. Because I am open minded and mature. Because I love unconditionaly. Without prejudice. I did not deserve this. And now I will fight.

  3. Speaking of the Ohio NSM leader. The Miami County public website sure has a lot of information to dig through.

    type in his name
    Mark E Martin

    and have fun reading the DWI's, judgements, speeding tickets, assaults, and other information on Mark Martin of the NSM.

  4. When I watched the video, I noticed how much Cobbs at points could not seem to control himself with abusive language.

    I do beleive that he has some very serious untreated mental health issues.

    And while the grade school level antics of brings giggles to the a handful of "yay" sayers of the movement, the video also refects the dirty diary details of the negative side of the movement.

    This video was a blow in the water to Hal Turner's great pains to dress well, speak well and give the impression that he was there to reach out to a more general public.

    As Cobbs was doing this bald face dancing naked in the streets believe he was showing the world his balls, he was actually revealing the nasty white under belly.

  5. Toni -

    So sorry to hear about the terrible things that are happening. I can't imagine what goes through the heads of people who perpetrate this evil.

    It is difficult to balance the needs of your children with your desire to fight, and no one would think less of you if you chose to walk away. The last time this happened to me (I am not counting the current imbroglio), I was getting death threats from union thugs after I wrote a story somewhat critical of the UAW. They were calling my home phone, cell phone, and sending threatening emails. Very disturbing stuff.

    I think that you are even more courageous for bringing this to public light, but it also serves to create a public record of the harassment.

    Of course, those on the racist right will toss up their hands and blame the antifa for it, but we all know after reading the white power message boards that they think this is funny, and they seem to enjoy the ability they have to hurt others.

    Guess what, folks? It's not only un-funny but illegal.

    Get the FBI involved ASAP. Send them everything. They may not take any action, but it could be useful in another case.

    Know any computer-savvy people? Have them find out the info on the sender, and raise hell with the ISP.

    One of these sick SOBs has been sending stupid BS to one of my employers. I had the common sense to let all my employers know beforehand, but be aware that these stalkers will stop at nothing to try and discredit you.

    Also, the more you reach out for help (instead of circling the wagons and keeping this to yourself) the more help you will get, often from unknown benefactors. Sometimes level-headed people in the white power movement itself will act to keep the idiots in line.

    Hang in there. I will pray for you.

  6. Toni- I am sorry to hear about your situation. But, I think it is probably wise not to post all of this to the public, and send it into the hands of an official group who knows how to to handle this.

    By doing what you are doing here, you are sending up a red flag to become even more of a target.

    I know how frightening this must be for you, and I know how you must be shaking right now, but, please, try not to expose yourself anymore than you have to.

    Also, I would contact legal aide, ASAP, to try to work out the situation with your landlord.

    Personally, I fell in love with New Paltz when I was up there.
    Maybe a move just down the road a few miles would actually work out better for you?

    Remember, sometimes a closed door can mean an open window to a whole new world.

    Be brave, you will get through this.


  7. It's a difficult call, Toni. Isis makes some very valid points. Ultimately you will have to decide what works for you.

    I am already in the public eye, so I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I may as well go on the offensive and publicize the smear campaign and threats, since the idiots in the racist right probably have a small dossier already on me (sorry, would-be blackmailers, nothing more than three speeding tickets). They have already figured out how to use the phonebook, and have sent harassing lies and idiocy to one of my employers. Plus, stalkers are best able to work in the cover of darkness, and they do not like having light shined upon them.

    Isis still has the advantage of anonymity, so it is very important for her to maintain that.

    Toni is somewhere in the middle; some of her personal info has been put out in public, but she is still a private citizen with relative anonymity. If I were in your shoes I might follow the advice of Isis, too. No one would think any less of you for thinking first of your safety and that of your family.

  8. Toni, did you really get evicted from your home? Why? Just because you are with a black man? That's not right. What exactly happened?

  9. Matt- the system is screwed up. not JUST for white people, it is screwed up for everyone.

    Why does anyone get evicted?

    Lack if funds, issues with a landlord who has different views, the rest of the tenants don't feel you "fit in".... list goes on...

    Shelter for a mother and child are not a guarantee in our society.

    The WN's harrassment could have been a part in this.

    If so, does that make you guys feel so much more "powerful" and like the big winners because you all sent a mother rude and cruel e-mails, made disturbing phone calls that frightened her little girl and now they are out and on the streets?

    This is not a game.

    These are people's lives that are being hurt here.

    Please explain to me how sending a statement like this:

    "You are just another fat, useless, brain-dead White woman, and if the
    darkies don't rape, rob, or kill you first, then you will get what you
    deserve by REAL White men!"

    Is just okay by you?

    How is a statement like that "defending" the white race?

    Please, I believe in freedom of speech and the freedom of protest, but I fail to see the value and gains an organization can make by spewing words like that to a mother?

    But hey, I'm open minded, so I will listen, I just need a little clarifcation.


  10. Toni - if you still have those emails on your machine, please send them to me with the full headers.

    This is not okay - this is not even close to okay.

    Isis is right - this is not a game, Matt. These are real people with real problems and real jobs and real hearts and minds.

    Toni - hang in there - you are not alone in this.

  11. Isis - please, don't lump me in with people who would do something like that. Like you and HistoryMike, I am not a member of any of these groups and take the issues as they come.

    I am not pleased to hear this happend to Toni and would like her to explain more about what happened. I am equally incensed when people like Nicole and Harry Schwartz used their own tactics to get Vonbluvens evicted from his home in Roanoke, and then sent the press to his new home in Florida to harass him and try to ruin his wife's business. Anti-racist losers like these routinely use cyber stalking and other tactics to harass WN's at their jobs to get them fired (as in the case of Hal Turner) or get them evicted or even kicked out of social groups, like what happened to Mona Montgomery a few years back.

    Yes, you don't know about that, do you? Mona was arguing on Yahoo chat rooms a few years back and some bloody anti-racist loser used his hacking techniques to find out who she is, and then got her kicked out some social networking group she was in.

    I could go on and on with stories like this but you get the point. I hope.

    So you see, Isis, the anti-racist losers don't like it when the shoe is on the other foot. Now they're whining and crying about this, and plotting legal actions.

    Again, I do not like the idea that Toni got evicted from her home because of some harrassment from people who oppose her political views. I wish Toni will explain further I am against that when it happens on both sides. I just truly hope that Schwartz, Nicole, etc., etc. finally see the error of their ways and stop posting private information of people on NIMBusters and other places in an attempt to ruin their lives.

  12. Matt- well, something has got to give, human beings cannot keep going on doing destructive thing to each other.

    All this time wasted on hurting each other could be spent on mending relations.

    I am very sorry if I accused you wrongly.

    I cannot stand it when people do that to me.

    Please except my apology.

  13. Matt - you are quite misinformed on some things. For the record...I have NEVER posted on "nimbusters." I wouldn't post on "nimbusters." I have no reason to even go there.

    Additionally, the stories that were done on Michael Blevins (VonBluvens) dealt with the FACT that he was producing a racist radio show from the same house that was running a day care center. Any time our children are in danger - I will be all over it. I don't know anything about an eviction in Roanoke.

  14. Toni,

    Send those emails to the FBI, get someone on the phone who is local. Rant and rave about those, as it is your right to do so. Trust me, if they don't do anything right away don't worry, it just might down the road when these boneheads get busted and could be used against them. They system is flawed but you can't just give up on it.

    Case and point, when Matthew Hale was making open threats to the life of Judge Lefkow we were quite vocal when nothing was being done. What we didn't know was that the FBI had things going on that we were not aware of. You never know Toni, this just might be the straw that breaks the "racist" back so to speak, so send it!

    Matt- Nazi's and children don't mix and we had a duty to inform the public. Guess what? The public was grateful.

  15. Nicole, as I read your comments I kept hearing that radio station from Grand Theft Auto, the one with the woman who kept yentering about "the chiiiiiiildren!!!!!" Damn girl, this fake altruism you and willow are trumpeting is so hollow I hear echos from my keyboard as I'm typing this out.

    You two have no right to ruin other people's businesses with your meddling and tactics like this. Absolutely none. You made it out on your website as if Von had the kids dressed up in little brownshirts and were goosestepping to Barney with a National Socialist flag in the background. This clearly was not the case and even though the state agencies had given Von's wife near-perfect evalutations you insisted on slandering him and his wife and their business with your writings. Your actions caused undue emotional and financial harm to them.

    I hope Isis and HistoryMike and others who read this these comments finally see the two-faced hypocrocy of your actions. Now they're screaming like they're the most pious people walking the earth when in in fact it is you anti-racist loser types who have perfected these tactics and used them against people with whom you had a political axe to grind.

    Again, sorry for your pain Toni.

  16. And as far as NIMBusters goes, I take your word that you have never posted there, but somebody linked your site in their links section. And the writing style on some posts does match your own. But I know people have falsely attributed quotes from that board to me so I will take your word for it that you have never posted there. I don't have any cyber-snooping, IP catching capabilities and even if I did I wouldn't use them like that.

  17. Damn right it was sorry to try to ruin a family business. But that is standard operation procedures for Nigger Lovers.

    Even though I don't agree with the Beastality; it was wrong for the family to be evicted.

  18. Matt- I can see where you are coming from, but, when it comes to small children, there is a certain level of concern.

    I don't know what happened to Von and his wife, and I have read that her daycare centre is top notch.

    But, If I was a minority parent and my minority child was going to be taken care of in a home where there were WN principles, I would want to know about it.

    And, as the parent, I should have a right to know.

    I do believe people have the right to be WN's. I believe int their right to rally and protest.

    But, being a WN means that there is a hatered toward minorities, and if a child could be put in a position in a household that is not theirs but their childcare and imposed on with ideals that can be concerning, this is a situation the parents/public should be made aware of.

    Now, if this daycare was openly a WN daycare, and catered to WN families who were in full awareness and agreement, I see no issue with that at all.

    Again, I have read nothing but good things about that daycare, and I am sure that if there was nothing going on to harm the children, Von's wife weathered through it okay.

  19. Isisdc,

    What did you do to Bill White? It seems like he has a major crush on you, knows all about your boyfriend and such, and claims you wanted to hook up for sex from him.

    Of course, I know it's all bullshit but Bill seems to be in love with you.

  20. I am afriad I might have stolen Bill from Nikki!

    Oh Nikki, I'll be sure to send him back to you when I am done! *hee*

    Bill is a funny sort.

    I just wish I was launching a promotional new photo web-site right now.

    I couldn't buy publicity this good!

    Bill, if you are reading this, I love you toooooo. *grin*


  21. The VonBluvens radio show is the same show where last January Michael Blevins, along with his sidekick, adopted the slogan "No Jew Alive In 2005." They then claimed that there is "no political solution" and that "violence is the only way from here on out." They followed that with this call to arms:

    “Every man, woman and child who claims to be a White Nationalist has got to one day pick up the nearest rock, stick or gun, whatever is convenient - one day they've got to pick it up and beat the head in of the first Jew they come across. And then they gotta keep right on going to every Jew they come across and when that is done, when the Jew is gone, keep right on going boys and girls - if it doesn't look white enough to you - Kill it! Remove it! Get Rid of it! And I'm telling you, if it doesn't look white enough for you, personally - do it!”

    Now, I don't know about you, but even aside from the racist rhetoric that children (other people's children) might be exposed to, the call for violence, and the potential for something bad to happen in that home was a lot more pressing than worrying about who it might upset.

    You and I both know that comments such as that can piss off a lot of people - and some of those people might not be as level-headed as others. As Willow said, we had a duty to the public - and more importantly to the children who might have been in harms way. I would have felt the same way if it had been an anti's show that was calling for that kind of violence where kids were present.

  22. Now Isis - see what happens when my back is turned! I'm crushed! ;)

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  24. Ya know, I used to use Drake's "Devil Dogs" to show my fellow dorm mates in college how to "deep throat". *wink*


    Nikki- yes, poor Bill and his fickle love.

    Yet, I do feel like I have passed through some sort of initiation.

    There is **nobody** on the WN scene, be they racist or anti, who has escaped being Bill's target of mud-slinging.

    I feel like I should learn the secret handshake and get a special ring.....

  25. Elmer.. If you ever speak about me in such a way again I will make sure you get a DAT file of Death. I have ALL information on exactly who you are and where. I am a very Educated NIGGER lover.

    As for sending these to FBI and such they have them. Already I do belive. Even my own Mayor has gotten involved. I am fighting Eviction and have Human Rights to help me do it.

    I am well cared for and supported.

    Thank you for your prayers and support.

  26. Mr. Cobb in this pic for this post looks like the kind of white hill billy man who might molest his little sister.

    I grow weary of how much racism there really is right in front of me everywhere.

    I am glad the Rally opened my own eyes to the problem at hand.

  27. I didn't realize that Beastality affects the brain & common sense. You learn something new everyday.

  28. Lets clarify a few points.

    Nicole nor Schwartz had Blevins evicted, he was living in a assisted living facility {Roanoke at Home} and he had to follow their rules to continue to have a room, Blevins chose to break these rules. Blevins own friend "doc" posted the eviction notice on Nim Busters, Blevins had been under scrutiny by Roanoke at Home ever since he first made the Roanoke papers several times back in march and April of 2000.

    Nicole nor Schwartz sent the reporter to his home, I did!. After having several conversations with Blevins on NIM Busters he challenged me to call the press because they would just laugh at me, because He was not in a Hick town any longer and the press would not care about him being a Nazi with a daycare. So I took him up on his challenge, guess he was wrong. I have to admit it was sure funny watching him try to erase his 5 year Nazi history on the Internet

    As for Elmer aka Steve, you can see by his writings he is not all there, he cannot seem to communicate without using a racial slut or a curse word in every sentence. He was also caught looking for porn photos of the "young shaved girls" and he was recently sued by direct TV for stealing their service. I also believe he let his 13 year old daughter sleep with a 25 year old man. { I am not sure on this but it was something along those lines, the whole story was talked about on NIM Busters and Steve confirmed it}

    To Matt Drudge, Jr regarding the posting of peoples info, maybe you show tell that to your buddy Hal Turner and Vonbluvens who had over the years continually posted peoples private info on message board on their shows. As I recall Blevins posted a fellow WN name and phone number and wanted people to get him evicted, then he posted a State Troopers number and wanted people to "call in the dirt" on this person. He also gave his friends name to a Roanoke reporter in April of 2000, and this resulted in his friend being denied a job with the US Border patrol.

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    You sure are worried about my business when it comes to DirecTV railroading me into a Bullshit civil lawsuit. You have been told, that I will likely never pay that Bullshit. They could wipe their nasty Asses with the paper work and get some benefit out of it. The only way I will pay it is if I hit a Powerball drawing. Otherwise, they like you can kiss my Fucking Ass.

  30. All of this is just the nihtmare we must live through unless we want our children live through it as well.

    When I first read my first "white power" website about 2 years ago, I cried. I cried for 10 minutes with my head in my hands. Let me tell you, friends, it takes a lot of make a person like me cry. When my mother died, I barely shed a tear. She was with God and I knew that. When I saw all these people saying such horrible things about thier brothers and sisters in humanity, I knew most of them would probably never be as my beloved mother, resting in our Savior's arm.

    I became numb after that. I had a friend wipe my computer and put everything back on because I didn't want anyone to ever know I was at one of those horrible places on the web. Call it paranoid, but I just felt better about things being done that way. I didn't even go near my computer except to check email.

    That same weekend, I went to the park to reflect by the pond for a bit. It was a sunny day and I saw a group of children playing. They were all different colors and they didn't seem to have a care in the world. I felt better after that and I regained a little more hope for the human race.

    I still and to this day, have issues with racists. I catch myself sitting on the bus and wondering if the white person sitting next to me is a racist. Even people I know who say they are Christian, I still wonder what they think and what they say to themselves when no one else is around. It sounds crazy but I'm very open about how I feel.

    Looking at what this "reporter" has done in New York brings back the feelings that I felt that day that I feel like I "entered a racist's livingroom" by going to that first website. I won't give the website's name but its a popular one. This man should be thrown in prison for hate crimes.

    Some of you may disagree but hear me out. If you verbally abuse someone, you break the law. If you hurt someone you break the law. If you bring race or sexuality into what you are doing to hurt them, is that not a hate crime? Does verbal assaults hurt less than physical ones? Hate speach must be considered hate crimes if we are to ever see the end of this bad dream which is the world we live in sometimes.

    Does anyone feel the same way?

    William Vega,
    Hate-info Gathering Child of God

  31. Steve Holsten let his 13 year old daughter date a 25 year man old. Think about it folks, who in their right allows this?

    Steve Holsten did not only post looking for younger girls in a pedophile newsgroup ( but also spammed for a yahoo group that had pictures of naked teenage girls. His exact words were he was looking for unshaven pussy because it HAD THE YOUNGER GIRLS.

    Steve Holsten is mentally defective. That's why the government declared him indigent in 1980 and he's been on goverment support ever since.

    He's a sicko.

  32. Oh, as far as locating Vonblevins (Michael Blevins) in Sarasota, Bill White did that and emailed me the information where he (and the real name of Doc Schneider) was living under an anonymous email account but was too stupid to use a real anonymizing service which revealed the header of the email showing it came from Anarchy Bill.

    That's why in the long run, Bill White is a major asset to antifa.

    All I did is send out the information to others who could widely publish it more than I could.

    BTW: To my shame, Blevins is also distantly related to me via a common ancestor in McDowell County, WV who died around 1880.

  33. Elmo- You "LET" your 13 yr old daughter date a 25 yr old guy??

    My stars, when I was 13 I was climbing trees and playing record albums, and my mother would not even allow me to use hair curlers and make-up let alone date!

    And please, don't give me that "kids are different today" crap, because a 13 yr old child is a 13 yr old child.

    If I had a 13 yr old daughter, a bullet from my 9mm is about all a 25 yr old guy would see of her.

    I think you have a lot of reflecting to do, esp when you think you can judge and then insult what two consenting adults are doing and then turn around and display such irresponsible parenting.

    Also, it looks like your mother forgot to stick a bar of soap in that filthy mouth of yours.

    You have no business posting such crude things to Toni and you have no business being a parent.

  34. KIKE, you're a lying Son-of-A-Bitch again.

    The guy my daughter dated was 22. My other daughter was always with them for over a year. See, you leave out important details.

    The Yahoo group you spewed your other lying Assed Shit about was called "Teenage Girl's Bedroom, but it ONLY covered 18 & 19 yr old girls who are legal. There's another detail you omitted. How the Fuck was you spam something that you're a member of? See, you say anything to try to make your Bullshit sound much worse.

    And KIKE, you're flip-flopping again about the false accusations of me being a Pedo. YOU said that I was not a Pedo, and that I am a little Perverted. You have warped your mind by being such a hateful Nigger Lover.

  35. Well is is, I have raised 4 fine racially aware kids. And now my second wife & I have a precious one yr old son that we are raising.
    I raise my kids not to mistreat anyone, but they do know that they are white.

  36. William, I still cry - and I have been around this kind of hate for decades.

    Everytime I hear one of these people spew their venom at others, I feel much the same as you.

    I have asked the question many times "where does free speech end and common sense begin." But, ya know...I'm not so sure that you would want what would follow if their speech were to be banned. We then might all be asking, what happened to our rights? Because once we allow someone's rights to be abrogated - who's next?

    I agree, however, that no one has free rein - and there are somethings that simply are criminal in nature.

  37. There is more to bring up children than just not mistreating people (which you have done on this blog over and over) and being "white".

    A 13 yr old little girl does not need to be and should not be in the company of an "interested" adult male, chaperoned or otherwise.

    As her father, it is your job to protect your little girl and guide your little girl through the appropriate phases of life.

    13 yrs old is not the right phase of life to be exploring romantic interests.

    A child is far too under developed on every level at 13 to have to face the needs of an adult male, even if those needs are not physical are only on the emotional level.

    I hope with this new young child you can do better than just awareness of a "skin colour".

    Let him be a child and enjoy his childhood for as long and it should be.

  38. My last post was addressed to "Elmer".

  39. I could've sworn William's post was made by a woman. You gotta wonder which way he leans if you know what I mean.

  40. Steve - you allowed your 13 year old child to go out with a 22 year old? You allowed her to "date?" And you think that is ok?

    What kind of parent allows a 22 year old man to "date" his 13 year old daughter? I am sitting here with my mouth agape at this incredulous admission of yours.

    Thirteen-year-old girls are babies! They are children who need to be protected from 22 year-olds who want to "date" them. The red flag should have gone up the minute a 22 year-old showed an interest!

    What the hell is up with this? Sorry...but I just can't wrap my mind around the idea of a father allowing such a thing to take place. So...did they go out while you were surfing around on the "Teenage Girl's Bedroom" site? has become quite clear that you are somewhat impaired in your judgement. Under normal circumstances, I would tread lightly and attempt to encourage you to get some assistance with your problems. But, this isn't a "normal" situation.

    You have posted some really vile stuff to Tony and others and I have bent over backwards to allow you to have your say regardless of nature of your comments. But, arguing that Harry erred because the guy was 22 instead of 25 has enlightened me to the depth of your malady.

    I will say to you that if the 22 year old in any way touched your child - he is a pedophile - and you,sir, abetted him in his illness.

  41. Is is said that I did such a bad job raising my youngest daughter. She is now 25, grauduated high school, has some college and she works everyday. She is married and has one 5 yr old child.

    Some kids grow at different rates. My daughter acted older for her age and he acted younger. He finally decided when she was 16 that he wanted to move on. It all worked out. My Ex was against it first, but she saw it wasn't as it appeared and accepted it.

  42. Steve Holsten lies again.

    Not only did the yahoo group promote underaged porn but THEY DELETED THAT GROUP AFTER I EMAILED THEM ABOUT THE PEDOPHILIA IN IT.

    If it were only 18 to 19 year old girls Steve, that site would not be a Yahoo TOS violation.

    So keep lying Steve. And tell us again, why you were looking for underaged girls on

  43. I still say that Hate Speech should be viewed the same as if someone was standing in front of a courthouse spewing our porno-graphic-type talk. Thats illegal isn't it?

    I would stop at the point that we start jailing people for hating others. I know, William Vega, of all people, should be willing to go all the way! LOL. Still people can't help but hate in some cases. I think they need court-enforced treatment just like they were drug addicts or pedophiles or something of the like.

    We spend millions of dollars on drug rehab, but what about hate rehab? I don't necessarily hate the haters, I just want to reform the ones we have and take steps to make sure there are no more ever.

    And to the evil bigot, Mr. Frazier, what does it matter what way I swing? I'll have you know I'm straight but as straight as straight people get which maybe isn't as straight as you would admit to being. I could expect a racist to bring one's sexuality or lack of, into the discussion.

  44. Also think about this, Steve's youngest daughter and his 4th youngest child is 25 but Steve is 45 himself. 4 children by the age of 20, all paid for by government taxpayers as Holsten has been on the dole since 1980. See, each time Steve has a child, he gets an increase in social security payments and many other benefits.

  45. God's child,

    And I am not kidding you, his IQ is so low that the government declared him indigent in 1980 and he has been on social security disability ever since. He has the mindset of a 12 year old and is always, always, always talking about the male penis.

    I've been dealing with this idiot Steve Holsten since 2001.

    He's not normal. Not in any sense of the word.

  46. She had her first baby at age 20?

    She should have been away at college staying up all night studying for her exams and writing papers at 20.

    Her youth was stolen and you allowed it.

    You allowed 3 yrs of her early teen life to be wasted on an immature jerk who should have been getting his act together and not playing with children. She should have been a teenager studying for school, joining clubs, and giggling with other little girls her own age.

  47. I'm more than the KIKE Schwartzo will ever be.

    KIKE, you used to run your hole saying that I get Soc Sec due to my physical handicap which is the truth. But now, in your Nigger Loving sic mind; you now want to make me out to be a retard to further your agenda of putting down a good White.

    Keep running your hole. You Buds will soon see that you are just as wishy-washy as I say you are.

  48. I am convinced, Harry - mental illness. Some sort of pathology is at work here.

  49. Toni - I am glad to hear that you are being helped. There is nothing right about what has happened to you.

  50. Nikki,
    No doubt about Holsten. He nicknamed himself Elmer Frazier after his favorite professional wreslter, Stan Frazier who wrestled under the nickname of "Uncle Elmer" thus the name of Elmer Frazier. Steve used to believe professional wrestling was real up to about 2003 or so....

    The fact he suffers from cerebral palsy is the cause of his retardation. (cerebral palsy = damage to the brain). Doesn't excuse his racism because most who have CP are not racist like Steve Holsten. But it does explain his mental retardation.

    I enjoy kicking around Steve Holsten so here is two more statements he has made in the past.

    1. Steve Holsten believes in lowering the age of consent law to 14 in the United States.

    2. Steve Holsten has stated that he would F**K a 14 year old girl if she straddled him and if it were legal.

    3. Steve Holsten claims to be a born again Christian.

    Now watch Holsten dance again folks. It's so much fun.

  51. There is just so much trash talk and hate in this posting section I will wait for the next topic.

  52. KIKE Schwartzo, I was hoping you wouldn't push your Bullshit this far. But since you want to get in the mud, what about the time you emailed Hal Turner saying that your biggest sexual fantasy was for you & him to be locked in the same jail cell with him violently Fucking you up the Ass every night? I know you'll try to deny this, but Hal posted this.

  53. Elmo-At least both Hal and Schwartz are "adults"!

    Really, when it does not involve children, nobody cares.

    Consenting adults have the rights to do what they please in the privacy of their own homes.

    When an adult allows/imposes/seeks out the sexualisation of children is not only illegal, but grossly immoral.

  54. Steve,

    It was Hal who emailed me that. I still got the full headers to prove it and so does the OPP.

  55. I would believe anything Hal says any day of the week over you and the One People's Prick spewed Shit lies. And I saw the proof that Hal posted.

  56. Wow, that was one hell of a threadjack :))))))))))))))))))))

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