Friday, November 25, 2005

Then & Now

Bill white will long be remembered in Toledo. And as he gathers his crew around him for yet another appearance - if you believe, his mind has turned, once again, to creating chaos and disrupting business as usual.

I have written quite a bit about Bill White and feel that he is still worth taking a good long look at. As Tony Willow and I are in the process of putting together another episode in our series about him, I found myself digging in the archives once again and what I found truly meirts more than a passing mention.

In Februrary of 2002, Bill White announced that he was filing a lawsuit against a man by the name of Mark Salotte as well as Chuck Munson and Anti-Racist-Action. The reason for the suit was that he believed that he had been libled by Salotte and others. Now, I know that is like the pot calling the kettle black - but we are talking about Bill White, after all.

I unearthed Salotte's article which is a pretty good synopsis of the life and times of Bill White. While much of the article talked about his life as an anarchist, it eventually described his metamorposis into a neo-Nazi. The interesting part about all of this, to me, is that much of what he said then still applies to Bill White today. Hence, I am going to publish a portion of that article.

“Though people are occasionally taken in by his pretences at journalistic
objectivity (for maybe a few weeks), his absurd accounts of events are
pretty generally assumed to be made up, by his friends on the right wing
just as much as by the left. But he has often proved to be somewhat
perceptive in reading between the lines of movement dialogue, picking up on
divisive issues and figuring how how to bring out those issues. And even
the most rigid and ideological groups on the fascist right have shown
themselves willing to take up his suggestions, at least in their dealings
with the anti-racist movement.

“What keeps Bill amusing is the number of outright lies and rumors he
spreads. When you keep in mind that none of it is real, it almost makes a
nice spy story. "Often i find myself attacking myself from one IP address,
defending myself from another, and then watching the dopes try to take
sides and taking all my manifestations seriously." (7) So you get, for
example, a post claiming to be a press release from him saying he's joined
the National Alliance, then 5 minutes later a post from him denying it but
saying it was a nice joke, then a joking post from Billy Roper.

“The rumors he spreads about activists are just as easy to dismiss. 75% of
what he reports is made up, and its easy to tell what parts that is --
usually the parts where the mystical racial fetishes show though the most
clearly. When, for example, he claims that such-and-such a "Jewish ARA
member" (especially when the individual in question is neither Jewish nor a
member of ARA) turned information over to the police about the
organization, nobody believes it anyways.

“The thing to keep in mind in dealing with all this is that we know exactly
who Bill White is and what he stands for, so none of these rumors matter in
the least. Whether he's a member of the National Alliance, or the Church of
the Creator, or the 'leader' of a thousand teenage terrorists, he's still
just a lone neo-nazi, and at that, one who's too unstable to be part of any
organization for too long anyhow.

“A joke making the rounds of the DC activist scene these days is that its a
good thing that Bill has finally started to get cozy with the nazis,
because when he tries to pull the sort of shit with them that he's been
trying on the left for the last five years, they won't just laugh it off,
they'll shoot his ass, and we'll finally be rid of him. Of course, its
funny cause its true... For the moment, he can claim to represent a "third
position" but in reality do nothing but provide ideological cover for
neo-Nazis. But sooner or later, it'll come time to put up or shut up. And
at that point, he'll either be reduced to taking orders from William Pierce
and his like (though one would think that the National Alliance could find
a propagandist who could actually spell and write complete sentences) or
trying to strike out on his own to maintain his image. Judging by the means
he's used to try and draw recruits from the left, this would mean anonymous
"poison pen" attacks, spreading snitch jackets and lies to break up
potential alliances, and generally misrepresenting any and every event to
fit his own personal reality -- stuff that's not likely to go over too well
in a movement that's known for leaving people who fall out of favor in

Does that sound like anyone we all know? Now that he has wound his way through pissing off three-fourths of the racist right, one has to ask how long he will last with the National Socialist Movement. Now, Bill is smart - that's for sure. But Bill is also well known and his tactics are recognized by enough people that he is constantly being called into question. Of course, we have to consider that we are dealing with the NSM - they might not be as quick on the draw as some of the others.

One thing for certain, however, Bill White will not remain with the NSM forever. It will be very interesting to see if he is able to screw over them the way he has others. More interesting, however, is where does he go from here? The left doesn't want him. He will burn his bridges with the right. So, what's left?


  1. Nikki:

    I am still early in the learning curve vis a vis Bill White, so I hesitate to weigh in with more than cursory observations. You have been watching him much longer than I.

    The things I have noticed:

    1. Bill White is extremely intelligent, and despite his shortcomings he can never be counted out because of this.
    2. White is currently spending a lot of time in places like VNN and Stormfront trying to mend fences. It seems like he and Alex Linder are close to achieving a truce, but I am not sure that Don Black will join the Bill White lovefest (although a "Black-White" marriage is a joke waiting to happen!)
    3. Unlike most of these people, White appears to be financially self-sufficient to the point where he can devote a lot of time to his plans. This makes him more dangerous, in my opinion.
    4. White is a good public speaker, and knows how to work the mainstream media as well as anyone on the racist right. He also can fake the lowbrow redneck racist well enough to convince many of the less-bright that he is legit.
    5. While he has shed political perspectives more frequently than most lizards, White may have found his home in the NSM. I think that he will bide his time in the NSM until he can achieve a coup within the organization. Schoep has been shown up by White a few times now, and some seem him as the heir apparent.
    6. The more time that elapses, the less people in NSM will remember Bill's chameleon-like political past. They will focus on what he has accomplished, and he is on something of a roll with his strategy of injecting the NSM into multi-racial neighborhood disputes.

    Thus, I see White as a Machiavellian figure with the potential to rise to the top of the racist right heap.

    (full disclosure: historymike was WAY off on Y2K, so his record at predicting the future is questionable; he has also managed to vote for a losing candidate in every presidential election since 1984)

  2. LOL! Sounds like you and I are not all that astute at predictions! I agree with a lot of what you have said. I honestly think it will depend on just how bright the NSM members are.

    I think a lot of it depends on how much publicity he can generate through that group. If that starts to fall off, he will become disenchanted - and when that happens, Bill gets desperate.

    Either way it goes - it will be an interesting ride. Hope you had a good holiday!

  3. Bill White just likes to see people suffer, no matter who they are. He's sent me information on racist like Michael Blevins address & Kenneth Schneider's real name knowing I would publish it.

  4. He is quite the vindictive guy - and it doesn't matter who it is. If he gets pissed, he's going to out them. I can hardly wait until the NSM roster starts appearing on websites!

  5. It's just a matter of time before the Bill White timebomb goes off. Actually I think he has a plan already in place. He just hasn't decided on when or where. They don't call him "Anarchy Bill" for nothing! LOL

  6. If he torched the NSM, where do you think he would wind up?

  7. Most likely NOT club Fed. LOL

  8. Ya know, when you burn bridges like he does - you might find yourself in deep doo. I dunno - but you can bet he already has something scoped out. Maybe he will become a Monk. But then again I hear he has a new girlfriend.

  9. If Bill has a new gal-pal the NSM is in a lot of trouble, LOL. He won't be as "active" as they would like for him to be.

  10. Bill White in love is really a sight...maybe he will post another picture of the "evidence."

  11. Slightly off topic but speaking of the NSM, Oregon canned their adopt a highway program for picking up litter because.... they failed to pick up any.

  12. This has nothing to do with this post:

    From: "james ryder" Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
    Subject: From the NAU
    Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2005 22:54:00 -0500

    I feel bad for you! You chose to accept the lie that "we are all
    equal" and lay down with a nigger whose grandparents were slaves! And,
    were they slaves? Because they were inferior racially and culturally to
    Whites. That's why black africa was in the stone age when white people
    there. Monkeys didn't make civilization, and they can't maintain it
    Mixing genes with human imposters only brings your more advanced genes
    backwards to a less evolved state. As the population of the world grows
    resources dwindle, people will do what we have always done - fight over
    these resourcesin war, and your mixed progeny will die out through war
    the superior Whites! And, your unique genetic inheritance will be no
    Now that's truly sad! I know this is all above your thinking processes,
    it's better to hear the shocking truth rather than never knowing it.

    Ldr. R. James

    Rahowa! Hail Victory!

    I wonder is this guy bored or just generaly harassing me.

  13. Maybe he's lonely. After all, how much of a social life could he have?

  14. It's hard to say, Toni. I would keep a file of all of the info just in case.

    Most of the kooks I have encountered back off when they realize you aren't playing and intend to prosecute, although I have one who is persistent in his harassment.

    Some time ago I was working on a story for a local paper about some questionable union practices, and I had some union thugs making email and phone threats against me. That was a little more serious than the white power types, because they actually lived in my city.

    This as opposed to some loon who might live 2,000 miles away.


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