Saturday, November 19, 2005

Looking For Love Is Never Easy When You're A Nazi

Photo found at Midhudson News
Being a racist has its pitfalls. Being an outcast among most of society compels one to find love in all the wrong places as well as self-validation. It is little wonder that so many of them spin their events to the point of total distortion. But, if you are faced with little to no success, little to no acceptance, and little to no glory for your endeavors - hey...its almost understandable.

The latest claim in their quest for recognition is that the rally held by the National Socialist Movement in Toledo, Ohio last month which erupted into riots in the city and the Nazi's being hustled out of town, caused the Mayor of Toledo not to be re-elected. Of course, that is sheer and utter fabrication, but a lie that seems to have permeated the entire movement. For a good discussion of the truth behind the Mayor's loss, please check out History Mike's place.

Now that the non-event that took place in Kingston, New York is history, it will be interesting to see what they try to convince themselves of next. Early reports are pretty standard and predictable for those on the extreme right, "The media underestimated the numbers." "At least the message got out to all of the white lemmings." "Hal Turner did us a good job."

Let's consider for a moment that these racists have very little to celebrate - ever. They have to find a victory in even their bleakest moments. Tonight they will head home and crawl into their lonely beds and fantasize that the racial holy war is at hand and that an all white America is on the horizon. They'll hoist another one to the Reich and then to each other. They'll ruminate about how unfair whites are treated and how oppressed the race is becoming. Tomorrow they will attack their keyboards putting a spin on the days events that resemble nothing of the truth.

Did they accomplish anything today? Not one damned thing. Or...maybe they did. They accomplished showing the people of Kingston and others who were listening what amazing jackasses they all are.

Felicitations abound among them for Hal Turner, the organizer, right now. However, Hal Turner played it pretty much the way I thought he would - and he blew it just as I thought he would. Telling the group that the racists would return and keep returning until they bankrupted the city was probably one of the dumbest approaches we have seen any of them take in a very long time.

The unbelievable cost to a city when these people come to town is nothing to sneeze at - and when you have them promise to engage in a bankrupting scheme it is highly unlikely that any city is going to go to extremes to guarantee your safety or your right to free speech. Additionally, mainstream America has just seen and heard how despicable these people really are.

Turner, striving to refrain from his usual ranting and racial slurs on blacks, had to vent some where so he spoke of the media being controlled by what he referred to as the "oy vey crowd." A few cheers went up among his supporters and a lone "white power" was heard being shouted in the background.

Perhaps the crowning ignorance in all of this, however, was when Turner suggested that "as of tonight" there were a couple of dozen KKK guys in Kingston and that the white kids had better be left alone, admonishing "...if the police will not protect white students, then it falls to we the people to protect them, and we have a nasty version of street justice.”

Some of the racists are already lamenting Turner's inability to conduct himself in an appropriate manner claiming that he has embarrassed all of them. Others are pointing fingers at the NSM characters in uniforms as being more than humiliating for "proud whites."

Actually, as far as I am concerned, things could not have been better in Kingston today. The rally went for one hour. There was no violence and a huge police presence. The racists and hate-mongers had their right to free speech upheld and they were swiftly sent on their way. The pleas of the city fathers and officials were heard and the townspeople, for the most part, stayed away preferring other family events to this circus side-show. By and large, Turner and friends were "preaching to the choir" and no one else cared to listen.

On an interesting note, something happened on the way out of town and a group from the rally were turned away from a restaurant where it has been reported that three locals were openly laughing at the NSM Nazi's as they tucked tail and left. One of them was complaining that the police had shut two eating establishments down. More to come as information becomes available.


  1. Just wondering how all of this - especially the threat of two-dozen KKK guys - will effect the racial climate in that school. If there wasn't a race problem there, there very well might be now.

  2. I am a Mother of a KHS freshman. I stood on the side lines watching the rally. The white supremist camera man told a young 17 year old girl next to me she was a whore. A nigger loving whore. He told her she was polluting her DNA by f*cking a black man. The girl began to cry.

    The camera man then began shouting other obcenities at other people around me. I went home. But it was obvious the Haters did not get the reaction from Kingston people they wanted. They were willing to resort to name calling and harassment to make the youths in the crowd angry. I also have 78 hate emails so far after I posted on the Hal Turner site. My postings were respectable and nice. The hate emails are posted on my posting board.

    I was just a concerned mom. Now I am pissed off.

  3. He told the little Whore exactly what she needed to know. Maybe she'll stop & think before she drops her drawers for Niggers. I'm proud that the camera man had the gonads to make a stand for our race.

    And always remember Soccer Mom, it's better to be pissed off than pissed on.

  4. I would certainly piss on you if I could.

    On the "sidelines" I wore a shirt that said No KKK. No more racism. And NO MORE BUSH. Because in the world at the moment that is the true issue.

    Haters and people (like you elmer) who degrade freedom of expression with such negative attitudes should be arrested for "Hate" crimes of thier own.

  5. I'll bet you would, Nigger Lover. I hope your daughter brings home a Shit brown bouncing baby Coon.

  6. I feel bad for you elmer.

    I certainly am glad I do not harbor hate for people.

  7. I would be very very proud of a beautiful half and half baby. :)

  8. How the Fuck could anyone be proud that their is Fucking a Nigger?

    It's beyond me. My daughters know I would disown them for that Beastality.

  9. Typo:

    How the Fuck could anyone be proud that their daughter is Fucking a Nigger?

  10. Now that does not make you much of a parent .. does it.

    Jesus taught us to love unconditionaly. I am no Christain. I am not perfect.

    But I love my children. And would no matter what. Your attitude Elmer speaks for itself. Disown your child.

    Might as well do it now. You would be doing her a favor Sir.

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. Nikki,

    You have a good site. Some good information packed in here. I am glad I ran across it.

    I want to leave you with this last piece of intrest I received due to posting a comment on Hal Turners Site.

    From: "james ryder" Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
    Subject: From R. James of the NAU
    Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 12:00:58 -0500

    To Toni elise above, I went to your site and I've seen your photos of
    and "Joe". You are a nigger fucker and you are endangering your White
    children that you obviously had with a White man.

    You are just another fat, useless, brain-dead White woman, and if the
    darkies don't rape, rob, or kill you first, then you will get what you
    deserve by REAL White men! Your KKK father is rolling around in his
    cursing your name! He tried to lead you toward truth about race and
    towards your own people, but you reject your own fathers teachings to
    enbrace a lowly nigger! How sad it is that America is now filled with
    fat, ugly cunts that drool over ugly, blotchy nigger dicks that
    show are full of aids, crabs, syphillis, and so amny other diseases.
    What a
    fucking fool you are! I hope your White children are taken from your
    irresponsible and fat ass! Why don't you just kill yourself, and save
    everybody from looking at your useless fat body!

    Ldr. R. James, the NAU

    Rahowa! Hail Victory!

    Intresting way to express freedom of speech and a need to be heard.

    I hope the world unites against racist pigs. No one deserves to be mistreated. Especialy our children.

  13. I don't have to worry about my daughters. They are now in their 20's and they thank me for raising them to be racially aware.

    James is right. Your Coon and the other Coons in his brood will be trying to Fuck your kids in time.

  14. First Elmer...I am leaving your comments up here for only one purpose - and that is to display the true nature of the beast. However, any future messages that you post here containing your racial epithets will be promptly removed. My purpose here is for discussion - not to provide you with a forum for decadence and abuse. However, I would like to thank you for demonstrating my point quite well.

    Hal Turner is not a racist??? This is precisely the sort of people who read his site, listen to his radio show and follow him to events. Now, tell me that the man is not a racist!

    Toni - thanks for sharing all of this. I think it is important for all to have first-hand accountings of what really takes place at one of these events and why people become so enraged. I have a pretty good idea who that racist camerman was - and I can only say that I am not surprised.

    I looked for Elusive Dreams but it seems to have disappeared. I hope it wasn't because of these people.

    (((Hugs))) to Toni - and take care of those little ones. There is nothing more precious than our children and I hope they are never tarnished by the likes of these goons.

  15. I'm sorry that you can't tolerate the truth and delete it.

    Toni said that Jesus said to love all unconditionally, but if you remember in the Bible that God separated the tribes. He does not want the races to mix. I guess you will now say that God is Racist.

  16. Mr. Frazier...this has nothing to do with "truth." It has everything to do with civility. If you would take the time to read what I cautioned you would understand that I am not threatening to remove messages that are posted in a cohesive and decent manner - only to remove those that you might post containing racial slurs or epithets. As I said, I will not provide you with a forum to be abusive to others. If you cannot live with that - then please go back to the Hal Turner site where you can even use your screen name.

    As to the religious aspect of your post, Jesus did say that we should love all people uncinditionally. As to your bastardized version of the Bible and of Babylon - I guess you must be an adherent of Christian Identity in which case, it is obvious that you and I would never agree on much of anything.

    Toni Elise was present at the rally...were you? Toni Elise was an eyewitness to what really happens behind the scenes of one of these events...were you? Toni Elise witnessed a 17 year old girl being verbally abused by the very people who were rallying supposedly rallying against violence. Tony Elise witnessed, first hand, the rally that "wasn't racist," that "wasn't about white supremacy," and that "wasn't about hate." Did you?

  17. One other thing...did you read the email that Toni posted? She received that along with 77 others after posting on Hal Turner's board. Now, shall we try again...go ahead, try to tell me what a fine, loving, caring, man Hal Turner is. I dare ya.

  18. I am still getting the emails and posts in my board I am deleting constantly.

    And harassing phone calls.

    EllusiveDreams has two l's. I think thats why you can not find it.

    I did that to make it more mine I guess. Accept we all have our elusive dreams.

    Mine is for people to accept and understand each other. It would end so much.

    If I come kill you Elmer. You died like everyone else. If I cut you. You bleed. We are all the same. No matter how hard you try to make it seem otherwise.

    Some of us are just more open minded then others.

  19. seems that there was a reporter who got into the rally on the Nazi's side. In a story posted here, Record Online

    She validates what you shared about the cameraman - and yes, that is exactly who I thought it would be - no one other than the infamous Craig Cobb.

  20. That reporter also took some of my hate mail .. which IP traces back to Hal Turners site.

    Harassment is punishable by law. It is not an expression of Religion or Opinon.

    She thinks we might be able to shut Hal's site down with them.

    That would be great.

  21. Good luck, Toni. These are some dangerous, disturbed people.

    As for closing down Hal's site, it would be only a temporary setback. I am sure that he has mirror sites already set up.

  22. That's right. The Great Hal Turner will not be shut down by the likes of you.

  23. That camera guy who was running around and being abusive is "Craig Cobb" of the VNNews, which is some kind of Nazi/white power site.

    He kept bothering me and asking me what kind of "kike" I was, and when I told him I that I had no religion at all and I was an athiest, he still would not let me be.

    This was in the media area of the rally.

    Media is really not supposed to try to bother and expose other media, there is a common ground and respect that is expected.

    This guy will have his picture up soon as he has done to us.

  24. well the multi-culti- fascists use their tool of ridicule to bash one mans attempt to heroically stand up to the double standard hypocrisyworld of multiculture-diversity (a world where we make the white race disappear) they point to the small showing and how ineffective they think it was ...they are doing this to create the impression in their mind that whites are asleep and are a non entity and have no purpose (racially speaking) or relevance (their race is invisible) they point to the very small number of white extreme activists and either show extreme fear and exagerate both the fear threat and the numbers to create a hysteria that justifies to them their work in white re-education (revise and elimnate where ever possible references to white achievement while at the same time exagerating minority historical contributions) ...or they laugh off as pitiful the protest display and asure themselves whites are complacent weak sheep who will dutifully continue on in their race-culture extermination easy it is for them to forget 500 years of virtual total dominance where ever it was that the white race tread their boots where ever it was they plowed the field they prospered and dominated whoever it was that crossed their path or they came into contact with and how forgotten it is that it was within the white race themselves that they saw their sins and tried to make amends ... as it was the black race who was conquered and subjugated by the white race it was the white race who freed him ......were it any other race who had such domination over so much people and land and was so industrious and inventive and brought up so many others to tremendous levels of freedom and properity they would be recognized and honored (ancient egypt, ancient mesopotamia, ancient china etc) ...but because it was the white race who has been dominate world wide and has held the highest crown for the past 500+ years we have to bring him down , trash his history, question his relevance and pollute his progeny (race mixing, multiculture poison) so that his future heritage may come to an end

  25. Ajax:

    You might actually convince a reader of something if you didn't write 361-word sentences.

    Helpful tools for writers:
    ** Paragraphs
    ** Punctuation marks (besides ellipses)
    ** Thesis

    I am assuming that you had a point to your post, but I struggled to follow this tortuous verbiage.

    I am not being sarcastic - any contribution you had to this debate was lost in a sea of rhetorical confusion.

  26. to historymike:

    i apologize to you (and only you) for either your inability to comprehend my little speech or your refusal to aknowledge the points i was making

    maybe due to the white-guilt indoctrination training you no doubt have received in your education it is incidental and trite to be remindful of what a great race you have been born into

    racially aware whites as a people really do not need hal turner's little rally to help them but it does serve as a valuable reminder whenever whites do rally themselves around their race identity they do bring out the deepest primordial fears from the non-whites ...and it is always curious that the lead troops of the white-haters almost always are the self-hating guilt-ridden poisoned whites themselves ... it shows brilliantly how successful the jewscum are in their divide and conquer stratagem

  27. The idiot calling himself Elmer Frazier is none other than Kennett, Missouri's Steve Holsten. He's an indigent man living off social security at the age of 45 and is mentally disabled.

    He's also believes that all age of consent laws should be eliminated.

  28. The Faggot Nigger Loving Schwartzo the KIKE who is married to a Nigger is Pissed and spewing Shit lies about me from his hole because I tell the truth about the Niggers he loves so much.

  29. I see (name removed) of is having another mental breakdown. First of all, you don't even use your real name here, I had to expose it.

    Second of all, your mentally disabled. I think we can all see that now.

    But I hope you continue to post here Steevo as you are one of the more intelligent white supremacist out there. I'm sure your high IQ and choice of complicated words will really inspire your side.

  30. I don't know how much Nigger truth she can stand.

  31. Unbelievable! I go away for awhile and somebody let the dogs out...or in...or whatever!

    Stevo, Stevo, Stevo, what part of "you can't talk like that here" do you not understand? I told ya, and I told ya...and you just don't seem to understand. I guess we need to tell Turner to put you back on the short leash.

    Harry - hiya! There seems to be such an inordinant number of "indigent" people running around in this thing they call a "movement." What's up with that?

    Ajax - I don't know where you came from, but Mike has given you some very good suggestions about the tools that you need to implement.

    Isidic - When Toni Elise first mentioned the camera man, I knew it had to be Craig Cobb. I think it is time that we took a really good long look at him.

  32. to nikki:

    i have 2 important tool resources that mike has reminded me of:

    (1) the computer-internet: the most fantastic resource world humankind has ever come to know ,a resource tool of such incalculable power and worth that nation-governments world wide are desperately trying to see how they can control (tax) and contain (censor) it is a tool of such enormous potential it is hard to even begin to get a grasp of what the future will behold for it...nothing like it in my lifetime can in any way possible even remotely compare to what wonders the computer-internet has for all of us at this present time and lest we forget it is only little over 10 years since its active birth can we even think to imagine what 20 years from now may have in store for us?

    (2) my mind: coupled with the computer-internet i am fully and totally liberated as one ...just one little droplet within the human ocean but my mind becomes fully liberated as i have at my disposal all of the world's knowledge with which i am able to formulate objective reasoned thought and find truth

    at no other time in history has a generation had such an opportunity to educate itself and uplift itself to the highest potential that the collective gene pool might possibly allow .. the mind and the computer-internet whatever the occupation , the hobby, the class strata, the race culture may be in view all can benefit

  33. Big words don't mean a lot when there is no way to back them up. Because you spout you have knowledge at your fingertips ; It does not make you a genius.

    The email I posted and the hate words you "Hal Turner" supporters throw around like little school children with trash mouths ; speaks for itself of the intellect level. None.

  34. Nikki- I wonder if Cobb will come to Toledo?

    Should be very "interesting" if he does!

  35. to toni:

    at first i thought you might be a school kiddie by the child like way you write until i linked to your blog and i see you are 30 years of age (is that an updated age or are you older?) and i see by your pics you post you are indeed an adult (perhaps a 'dolt' as well)

    hate is a strong word but the world is full of hate ..i believe there is much more hate than love in the world and we might want to think if it is hate or love that wins the contest

    the black thug who beat up the white student at KHS was he full of hate or love when he administered the blows?....what should have been the victim's response 'turn the other cheek'? 'thank you may i have another'? 'have a nice day'?

    had the response followed general PC guidelines the white student would have felt pressured to shake the assailant's hand in forgiveness and learn to become 'sensitive' to the 'inner rage' that the poor black thug expressed at a moment of weakness (calling the white student a 'white nigger' no doubt was an indication that the white student somehow was responsible for the black thug's violent response perhaps due to his taking offense that the white student would take on some mannerism of the black race and that somehow showed 'disrespect' to the black thug)

    thankfully word went around and one man decided to stand up and bring attention to the menace of black student thug behavior

    a rally was organized ,tremendous attention was given to the rally, the rally's organizer and the purpose for the rally ...a scant 40 -50 people showed up to support the rally effort and 100+ people showed up to protest this rally , to keep everyone in line an additional force of 100+ police were there to keep order... where else can 40-50 people of ordinary background draw such astounding attention?

    well there is one factor to add to this organized event the people who were in support of this rally identified themselves by one critical element: their white race and their cause identifier was the white race

    in this day and age of multiculturalistic thinking and diversity mindset wherein we are lead to believe in the sameness and equality in all things the white race is put in its place somewhere in the corner over there and is told to shutup and sitdown he is forced to watch the minority diversity parade before him prohibited from joining in whenever he makes an appearance and he is not showing any signs of self hate or guilt but stands strong in defense of his race he becomes a grave threat to the multi-cultists

    the multi-cultists who have somehow been able to convince everyone (everyone that is except for the racially aware whites) that they are for love and inclusion (with the exception of the white race) have decided to use hate as their weapon in their race-culture war against the white race nation people ...they hurl the 'hate'bomb upon those who stand strong for the white race

    this response of hate toward any and all white race representatives who simply ask for equal inclusion is an expression of morbid fear at the prospect of whites finding themselves in their race because as they do this they become a great and mighty people who will naturally begin to have the dominion over all of the other races

  36. Ajax wrote:
    "...coupled with the computer-internet i am fully and totally liberated as one...

    This reads like something from the Matrix. Methinks ajax has some ego-management issues.

    As far as the anti-racists being the hatemongers, I beg to differ. You will not find these groups advocating genocide, forced immigration, and such beauties as Hal Turner's providing his readers with information about poisoning the nation's milk supply (I would link this nonsense, but I don't want to give the psychos a leg up).

    It is the racist right who advocate violence, and they do it in the name of "preserving the white race."

    Are there racist blacks? Certainly! There are idiots in every race and ethnicity. When someone like Farrakhan spouts off his lunactic ideology, he gets the same analysis. Here are some links to MSM treatment of Farrakhan (there are millions, and I just picked the first two I saw):


  37. (perhaps a 'dolt' as well)

    I dont know about "dolt". But your punctuation and structure is terrible. And only a child would use the word dolt. Thought it kindd of reminds me of something my daughter might say.

    Since all of your rambling long post seems an outreach , or grapsing at straws attempt , to make some sense and goodness come out of being racist ; I think no comments are needed at all.

    I am who I am. Easy to know. Openminded and often open mouthed as to what I think. But mature and VERY child like yes. Every adult should embrace the young person they were and still are.

    If adults related to thier young people more. Perhaps there would be less violence in our children. And more helping hands all around.

    If you teach goodness and respect. That is what you get. If you teach hate and seperation. That is what you get as well.

    Anyone can see it for themselves what good comes of racism. All they have to do is look at my emails.

  38. Beautiful words, Toni.

    The world would be a better place if more people embraced such a philosophy.

  39. A sampling of the kind of mind that poster "Matt Drudge, Jr." (aka "News Guy") poseeses:

    From that cunt Nicole Nicols' blog - Apparently Craig Cobb was pissing off one of these assholes in Kingston - GOOOOOD!!!!!!!!

    Also, that fucktard "History" Michael Brooks is some Toledo Anti Fucktard - here is his blog

    He posted this exercise in intelligent discourse at a Hal Turner messageboard.

  40. Nikki,

    I think the One People's Project put it best that the reason so many idiots are spokesman for the racist is the lack of leadership with the deaths of Pierce and Butler. Pierce and Butler were very well educated vs what they have today. It just shows we are winning.

    It's the mentally disabled people like Hal Turner, Micheal Blevins, and Jim Leshovich (all on mental disability and all have their wives working instead) that are able to stir up a little trouble because they got so much time on their hands. Working men don't have the time on their hands to troll for trouble on the internet.

    20 years, the racist got 100s in the streets, 40 years ago, they could get 1,000s of klansman in the streets, today they consider it a victory just to show up.

    Because of the lack of any form of leadership, the bipolars have gotten control. Which is a good thing, for us!!!

    We're winning. But as long as mental illness is still around, there are going to be a few racist left to roam around.

    All racism is based on some form of mental defect rather it be paranoia, bi-polar disorder, delusions, low self esteem, various other mental disorders, or simply refusing to accept realility. That's why so many supremacist get a SSI/Social Security check.

  41. isn't it curious that those who are white and think of themselves as being against hate only perceive hate coming from one direction ...from the white race that they belong to

    these dupes ignore the massive hate from the militant minority organizations that hate the white race ...i wonder why do these smug whites in their high minded pompous attitudes ignore this hate?

    is it because in their multi-culti diversity indoctrination they have it ingrained in their psyche that the so called minority population are perpetual victims of past white oppression and continue on forever to be at an unfair disadvantage until the day the white-race culture has been exterminated

    the non white militant extremists have no better ally no better weapon than the herds of white race traitoring trash who have drunk from the poison kool aid of self hate and guilt is not enough that they disown their own race that they despise their racial heritage ...if it ended there it would burn itself out in time ....but no they must make it their mission in life to seek to infect other whites who have not come to racial awareness

    infect naive innocent whites who by nature do not see things in terms of race (only does the non white population from birth ...especially the black become race obsessed as they follow their race pimp masters) white people are by far the most objective even minded fair thinking people around ...replace them with any other race in rulership positions and watch the decay and incompetence and race tribal mentality take over

    there is indeed a race-culture war taking place within western civilization and it has been going on for the past 40 years ...for the previous 500 years one race nation people have ruled in domination over much of the earth's population this rulership dominion along with the negatives innumerable positives have befallen those who came under this influence

    but now we need to ignore the white race ....make it superfluous, meaningless, irrelavent, question even if it has any substance or legitimacy ridicule to scorn those who belong to it who stand up to represent it ...make all of its non members its victims

    one retired black college professor recently called for the extermination of the entire white race ...i wonder you multi-culti cultists were you sure to give coverage and commentary regarding that expression of hate?

    after i got over the shock and amusement of such a banal and hateful proclamation (and the irritation to hear a smattering of applause from the black audience) ...i wondered to myself how could it ever be possible to actually wipe out the white race ...i dismissed the idea as a lunatic fantasy until it dawned on me that in fact this extermination was in fact taking place and has been ongoing for quite a number of years only it was happening on a spiritual -intellectual ideological level

    from the educational institutions to all levels of government to all corporations to mainstream media the washing away of the white race culture takes place ...indoctrinate young whites to not think of themselves as being white, don't teach western civilization, push into view non whites as role models, promote non white music (especially rap and hip-hop) create the false impression that whites actually have some kind of need for non whites, prohibit any mention of white achievement while at the same time parade around and exagerate to a nausiating degree the minimal accomplishments of non whites, bus white school children to non white schools so that they will lose their own racial identity and follow after the non whites, and on and on and on

    indeed the white race-culture is becoming extinct even dare to mention it openly brings scorn and disdain

    this once mighty race that stood proud and brought light and civilization to multitudes is fading into the darkness to be replaced by a cesspool of third worlders who will trash its work ...the recent french riots by these young black and muslim ingrate thugs is just a taste of what is to come

    treasonous backstabbing is the most painful but also most effective mode of attack in this race-culture war ...let it be known that whites did it to themselves what the non whites could never be able to do

    in closing i would only wish you white multi culti cultists would be honest with everyone in your campaign against 'hate' by telling the truth that your campaign is only targeting the white hate mongers not being honest you create the impression that only white people are able to hate in racial terms (but why bother this is of course what you are taught and believe anyway)

  42. ajax conveniently ignores my previous post on Farrakhan.

    It is clear that he has his mind up, and that he is not interested in true dialogue.

  43. to historymike:

    i am not fooled by your false attempt to appear to be fair minded

    years ago the aclu defended the parade march by a nazi group in a jew neighborhood (skoie illinois) ...which i incidently opposed because out of fairness i would never want to see a parade march by a black panther goup soil and pollute an all white neighborhood ....this false and cynical attempt by the aclu to appear be fair certainly did not fool me ...the aclu is famous and well known world wide as one of the leading promoters of the leftist agenda curious that the founder of the aclu once had an audience with lenin

    fairness and objectivity cannot exist in the mind of the multi culti cult they have it ground in their psyche that the white race is the enemy of mankind and it must be defeated by having its racial identity and culture disappear

    make the white race history irrelevant and passe ...make white people to be hateful and intolerant ...make them to be dull and without life ...child molesters and serial killers ....but then introduce them to the non whites ...only then can they have life and 'soul' vibrancey and excitement

    all of white history is to be ignored ...the future of mankind is in the non white and third world populations

    american companies are dutifully obeying the command: they cannot outsource and relocate fast enough across the border, overseas

    i would agree that these little bands of white race extremists put on a comical display that no one takes seriously because whites as a race are highly civilized and believe to a fault in fairness ...but the multi culti attack permeates throughout the white race to prohibit even non threatining peaceful attempts at racial awareness organization....consider how impossible it is for white students to form white student unions or european clubs in the midst of black student unions this and chicano clubs that

    consider how the recent french riots were covered by the mainstrean news media: altogether and all as one after showing and reporting the riots always without fail 2 things: emphasis the riot filth's justification by exagerating their supposed sufferings, and never ever even once level any critical judgment toward the riot filth scum savages....the interior minister i think it was 'skozny' or something dared to refer to the riot filth as 'scum' ...howls and howls of anger directed toward him but not a word not a whispet not even a hint of a whisper of criticism toward these poor little disaffected darlings

    how different it would be had a small gathering of skinheads rioted or even if a peaceful mass rally of a large number of skinheads took place resulting in no damage of any kind.....much different coverage the news media would bad mouth them to no end and make them out to be a sinister frankenstein force

    so you see objectivity and fairness are non existent from people like you and i would never pretend to expect it to ever be so


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