Saturday, November 19, 2005


It really was a dogs day in Kingston as every one of them had to be howling at the screeching and screaming of both the speakers and the sound system at the much balyhooed "Rally Against Violence!"

Hal Turner promised a live broadcast of the one hour event and, indeed, it happened - sort of. With protestors confined at least two hundred yards from the racist fools, and intense security, everything promised to go peacefully and smoothly. Turner cautioned the group of 50-60 against any violent acts during the course of the rally and attempted in his own way to be mainstream and acceptable. The problem with that was, that he just couldn't quite get there.

"Welcome to the 'Rally Against Violence.' There is not going to be a riot here today," Turner shouted to the group. As he chronicled the beating of Robbie Hedrick, the crime that brought the rally about, Turner asked for a round of applause for the police officers present and led the attendees in a "Justice for Robbie Hedrick" cheer. And everything went downhill from there.

While his speech wasn't ladened with his usual ephithets against blacks he just couldn't stop from raging on and on about what he called the "oy vey" crowd. At one point he said that he had been the recipient of a hateful phone call telling him that he was going to be run out of town. "Well, I'm here! Run me out of town!" We just have to note that with protestors held at bay and, by Hal's own account, 200-300 police officers surrounding the racists, he was probably pretty safe.

Mona Montgomery, a practicing attorney who is also a Nazi, was next up. Screaming and screeching into a pitiful sound system, she peirced the ears of residents and listeners. Shouting about her pride in her German heritage and referencing the gas chambers of Hitler's era, participants attempted to understand what was being said but it was a greuling experience for most and certainly set the sensitive ears of every dog in Kingston on fire.

Most lost interest in the next speaker since little could be understood and he didn't seem to have much to say anyway. To say that the rally was an utter flop would not even approach the truth of the matter.

Billing this as a collossal event, Turner and other racists have been feuding for weeks. In what they considered a last minute coup, David Duke gave conditional support to the event. However, the fact that a few of the Hollywood Nazi's from the NSM intended to be present in full uniform, set a lot of teeth on edge and was something that Duke had explicitly stated shouldn't happen.

Throughout all of the infighting taking place, Bill "millionairebill" White put the crowning blow on any participation by the more conservative elements of the movement. Shouting the party line on VNN, White came across as the nut case that everyone already thinks he is and ended up with a bounty on his head. Will Williams has actually offered $1,000 to anyone who would "break his skull."

In the shadow of all the hoopla that has been generated, the best they could do was the usual 50-60 people at the rally site. And as far as getting their message out to the people - not with that sound system. It just didn't happen. But the dogs in Kingston got an opportunity to howl. So much for Mr. Turner's demonstration - and that is how it should be! WUF! WUF!


  1. I'd just like to know why the Fuck you can't seem to get it through your thick Assed head that Hal is not a Nazi. In Hal's own words, "Hitler lost, get over it" Now, how can you sit there and rightfully call him a Nazi.

    Let's just hope that the Nigger Savages got the message today.

    BTW, where was the One Peoples Prick?

  2. Elmer:

    How would YOU describe Hal Turner?

  3. Aslo, what "message" should African Americans have received?

  4. If it walks like a Nazi and talks like a's definitely A NAZI!

    The ONLY message gotten today was that the rally was a non-event because no one really thinks you guys are that important.

  5. Just as I thought; the rally was a complete success.

    Hal said:

    I have just returned from the Kingston Rally; I think it was a tremendous success! The 40 or so rally attendees were joined by a dozen or so students from Kingston High School, who came to stand with us in protest of the racial violence at that school. It was a media circus, with TV stations from Albany and NYC as well as local cable news taking video; print reporters from Associated Press, the New York Times and local rags as well as a reporter from the Ireland Press in Belfast!

    We could not bring our sophisticated audio gear into the secure rally area because it was deemed "a potential projectile." Thus we were stuck with a cellular feed and I made the terrible mistake of placing the phone atop one of the speakers. The audio was overdriven and unlistenable online. I apologize.

    I have video of the rally./ The video contains audio tracks. As soon as I am able to get the audio, I will upload it for your listening pleasure.

    This rally KICKED ASS. We looked right in the faces of the protesters and publicly challenged them to "run us out of town."

    The protesters were stunned into absolute silence when I pointed out that these "sensitive, tolerant, caring" people did aboslutely NOTHING for the Hedrick family or the other crime victims for the two weeks prior to Mrs. Hedrick coming on my radio show. I told them, you did nothing because you're phonies! WIth empty platitudes and hollow slogans!

    THe school kids standing with the protesters were apoplectic when I pointed to them and said "And all you sensitive, tolerant high school kids cared so much. . . . that NOT ONE OF YOU EVEN SENT A GET WELL CARD or called either of these crime victims to see how they were doing! The crowd saw them hang their heads in shame.

    I pointed to the horde of assembled media and told the crowd, "Take a look at the "accredited media" standing behind the police. This is the biggest collection of liars and deceivers in the world! They deliberately lied about the crimes committed against these two white boys and they deliberately lied about this rally. They said this rally would be a hateful, racist event. They said it would be a potentially deadly riot." Then, pointing to our peaceful rally, I said, here's the proof. . . . . . where's the riot?????

    There was much, much more to this and I will bring you the audio as soon as I can get it from the video.

    All things considered, the rally was a success - depsite the thousands of "pro-white" keyboard commandos who stayed safely at home and did nothing.

  6. Now For HistoryMike:

    Hal is a fine man and an outstanding citizen. He loves his country and his race.

    He's not the evil Racist like he's thought to be. He like me knows there are black people and then there are Savage Niggers. There are good Mexicans and then there are Shit skin Mongrels & etc.

    I would hope that the Savage Niggers like the ones that attacked those white boys will see that it won't be tolerated.


  8. Uh...Elmer, we have all read that - what's your point?

    And, if you believe that hyperbolic spin by Turner, you really aren't playing in anyone's sandbox but your own. Just think about it - according to Hal, the police refused to let the mother who started all of this mess to be there. Now, he would have us believe that a dozen or so high school students stood with them?

    Gimme a break, Elmer...the man is an attention whore and a liar. And anyone who can't see that is just plain lacking in common sense.

  9. what is wrong with being a nazi?

    the only reason they have been tossed into the 'evil' or 'wrong' group is because they were physically defeated in world war 2 ...had they won the war no one can say for sure they would have the 'evil' label on them

    compare this to bolshevik communism that supposedly was defeated in 1989 they apparently lost the cold war and yet to this day there is no nuremburg trial for the communist kommisarists and there is no full accounting of the crimes committed in the name of lenin and stalin and the other communist caesars ...the left only reluctantly aknowledges communist evil and yet holds to the principles of collectivism and central government

    multiculturalism and diversity are the step children of communism and socialism and are following in the pathway to destroy the white race and its culture and civilization

  10. For one thing. Why would an entire school of high school children send some kid who got hurt a card?

    I know When I got ill or damaged my friends did not bat an eyelash. Only very close ones. KHS is a good school. Full of good children who WERE NOT standing with HAL TURNER. I know. I was there. The KKK looked lonely out there and a tad bored.

    I know for a fact his close family and friends were there for him. If the young mans pathetic mother acted accordingly instead of being a rascist pig. Perhaps she might have gotten a better response from other students.

    Lets face it. Hal brought "nazi" white supremists to a town full of multi-racial families and then told us we were whores for being the mixture of American citiczens we are.

    Mr.Turner is an idiot. A touble maker using the hate attitude of his listeners to fuel his advertisement on his really really badly made web site.

    Really badly made. Learn some css code Hal. or like.. Java and php. The site is made bad. They do not allow all comments to be posted. Halscan does its job of making sure mostly Hal Supporters are posting replies to his silly topics.

    Leaving opposing oppositions to rot. I know. My IP is blocked from posting because I posted hate email from "Turner" supporters.

    Also what else would you call men in army fatigues wearing the nice German Logo on thier arm band?

    Nazis yes. Perhaps they should all be shipped to Germany. So real Americans can live in peace.

  11. You know. A comment on Hal's site says they are sorry that the Niggers did not start a riot.

    Sorry there was no fight. Sorry the people of my town were quietly angered and more intrested in the downtown music events and shooting hoops.

    They tried to start a riot with thier harsh cat calls and harassment and it did not happen.

    I am glad Kingston people stood tall for the peace they belive in.

  12. That's the difference between Kingston and NSM's October 15 visit to Toledo, toni.

    It sounds like Kingston did a good job of encouraging people to stay away.

    In Toledo there was only one alternative event - "Erase the Hate" - and it was held less than a mile away from the Nazis.

    Also, the taunting worked in Toledo because the crowd grew to about 300 before the police started moving the Nazis away. It was about 700 when the riot broke out.

    We are hoping in Toledo that the December 10 event will be a non-event. This time the city is moving the NSM rally to downtown Toledo, away from the neighborhoods.

    With any luck, it will be a typical cold, snowy Toledo December day, and all that will show up is a couple of dozen shivering racists high-fiving each other and claiming "victory."


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