Monday, November 21, 2005

So...Who Asked You?

On a very personal level, I am absolutely outraged and quite sick and tired of self-appointed leaders thinking that they speak for me. The narcissitic personalities that comprise the "leadership" of the hate movement might be transparent and laughable to those of us who take the time to get to know them. However, there are those out there who neither have, or take, the time to know anything about them or their warped viewpoints.

As these racist Nazi wannabes take to the steps of State Capitols and to the streets of mainstream America, they are eager to speak for "white people." Why? Who asked them to? I would really love to find the person or persons who requested such representation.

I am a white person and no one - not once - ever asked me if they could shout racial slurs or anti-Semitic rantings with my blessings. To the best of my knowledge, none of my friends or acquaintences have ever been approached or solicited for their endorsement of a group of tattooed, swastika bearing, henchmen intimidating others with their hateful threats or speaking on their behalf. Not Once.

Last weekend a group of half-baked, rag-tag, white supremacists and Nazi's stood in front of an American high school and issued ultimatums to the city fathers and the residents. They threatened to bankrupt the city and to "sic" the Ku Klux Klan on any black student who harmed a white student. And they did this in the name of white people. Hullo...who asked ya?

Last month a group of circus clowns broke loose from the Barnum & Bailey outfit and started a riot in Toledo. They counted on the police to protect their right to shout hate-filled messages at the crowd who had gathered to oppose them - and they were protected. They spoke against minorities and cajoled the protestors - and they got just what they wanted. Bill White, leader of that contingent of the National Socialist Movement, claimed that they wanted violence and arrests - and they succeeded - in the name of white people.

The National Socialist Movement is led by Jeff Schoep. Of course, Jeff hasn't been around much lately since Mr. White nudged his way into the driver seat. White teamed up with Michalel Blevins of "VonBluvens"(Pictured left) fame thinking they would form a dynamic duo. The only thing that has come out of all of this is just another round of craziness by the racist right - all in the name of white people.

Jeff Schoep is reported to be unemployed and a father to numerous children from different women. He is a sleazy, foul-mouthed, individual who was arrested sometime back for burglary - a burglary that he committed with a girlfriend while her children waited in the car. He is pictured here with Scott Belk. Belk and his wife are currently wanted for the murder of Belk's mother. They have been on the run for several weeks now. And these are the people who speak for white people?

And then there is Craig Cobb. With camera in hand at the Kingston rally he infiltrated the press section and proceeded to badger and intimidate a seventeen year old girl bringing her to tears. Claiming to be a reporter for Vanguard News Network, Cobb attempted to stir the bystanders into action. Obviously, not one of the mainstream media, he failed to adhere to any of the ethical standards of generally acceptable behaviors. But, what else is new.

Craig Cobb, who identifies himself as a Creator and follower of Ben Klassen, and the convicted and incarcerated Matt Hale, has been under investigation by federal law-enforcement for quite sometime now. When Judge Joan Lefkow ruled against Matt Hale in his trademark case, Cobb busied himself with posting the Judge's personal information on message boards throughout cyberspace. Following Matt Hale's lead, he concluded that the Judge was a Jew or, at the very least, married to a Jew. Later Hale was convicted for solicting Lefkow's murder and is currently serving forty years in a maximum security prison. Cobb didn't stop there, though. When Joan Lefkow's mother and husband were both killed in their Chicago home, Cobb continued to provide the racist right with information and "suggestions." I suppose he did all of this in the name of white people, as well.

The list of murderers and felons in the "movement" is a long one. While they demand their rights to freedom of speech, the rest of us are saddled with having our rights to feel safe and secure in our homes and communities trampled upon by the likes of them. And should we object too loudly or repetitively, we are threatened, and harrassed, and maligned - all in the name of white people.

I never asked for this kind of representation - the vast majority of us haven't. They don't speak for me or for the masses of Americans who don't even know that they exist. So...who asked them?


  1. This was an excellent piece. Packed full of information I did not know even though I have been reading up on everything I can since these people came to my sleepy little city.

    Well written and spoken. An angry mother I guess asked them to come? A Radio show host helped her .. I belive its all a publicity stunt to just make some noise for Mr. Turners web site. Thank you for this reading.

    I just want to know why Kingston. When anyone who visits can see we are a very multi racial community.

    And happy that way.

  2. I had to edit this post. I left out a word. That's why the other one was deleted.

    It was not you two ladies' fault that the rally was a needed thing. That 300 lb Savage Beast who disfigured the Hendrick boy is to blame. Such behavior from Beasts like hin cannot be tolerated.

  3. Toni:

    Like you, I was sort of dragged into this; in my case, it was the NSM invasion of Toledo on October 15.

    People such as Elmer like to overlook the fact that the assailant in the Kingston case was charged with felony assault, and that a hate crime charge could still be added after the case goes to the grand jury.

    This is not about "justice for Robbie Hedrick;" it's about Hal Turner and the racist right exploiting a crime victim for their commercial and political gain.

  4. Where is your outrage at what happend to that Hendick boy? Where is your outrage to the thousands of White people brutalized by Blacks and other minorities, only to have their victimization poo-pooed and hushed up by the authorities that are supposed to help them?

    Nowhere. You do not care about that.

    Until you stand up for the Robby Hendricks out there instead of ignoring their plight, you will be considered an accomplice to their abuse.

    Have a nice day!

  5. You know Matt...I am outraged at violent crime period. I don't read the paper or listen to the news everyday wondering what black person hurt a white person. When I hear of violence I am outraged - regardless of race or gender or religion. I may be worng, but I do believe that most people in our world are the same way. And that is why most people in this society see you guys as the "fringe element," or the "whackos," or the real losers.

    I care about a lot of things, Matt. I care about all things that affect humans negatively - and guess people do just that. You are detrimental to all of us. The one solace in all of this is that you are also detrimental to yourselves.

    Even if I believed in your ideology - I would be absolutely repulsed by what happened in front of Kingston High School! Come on Matt - they were giving the clenched fist, Black Power salute. I laughed so hard when I saw that - it made my day! The guy with the beer gut and the ZZ Top beard wearing the White Power shirt - that was a classic stereotypical example of the racist right. Craig Cobb trying to turn the rally into something that it wasn't supposed to be by intimidating a child and making despicable remarks - that would have incensed me.

    But, as Mike said - this wasn't about Robbie. It was about Hal Turner who is a reprehensible opportunist who did nothing more than exploit the anguish of a mother and the very child that became their poster boy.

    You guys may be able to delude yourself into thinking that you were involved in some sort of righteous uprising against violenece...but don't sell the rest of the world short.

    In short order some of you will be following Mr. Bill onto the steps of City Hall in Toledo. Do yourselves a favor - don't bother. Because this, again, is nothing more than a feeding of the ego of an egomaniacal miscreant who gets his jollies watching how easily he can manipulate each and every one of you.

  6. Incidentally Toni, thanks for the kudos. The guy with the tattooed forehead calls himself "Sgt. James" if that means anything to you.

  7. You know what the ten most violent cities in America all have in common? The majority population is black in every one.

  8. Do you have any information on this lawyer Mona Montgomery? Why would she turn an "anti-violence rally" into a platform for her sick obsession with the Holocaust.

  9. You know.. White kids beat me up when I was young. Called me white trash. They tried to set my hair on fire. White kids.

    I wonder if there is some proverbial factory some where. A place bland of nature and dark in essence. This is where they manufacture haters.

    I am a tad tired of the subject now. I hear the same arguements over and over and see nothing but KKK starting trouble and the world resisting.

  10. The kid who beat up the other kid (notice I left out the race) is being charged with the maximum and if found guilty deserves the max punishment. There might be more to this case than the press or the DA is telling people. The size of the accused is a non factor.

    You know one side of the story we have not heard from is the side of the 300 pound kid. It will be interesting what his attorney has to say was the case when this goes to court. It's very well possible the smaller kid threw the first punch. We don't know because we have only heard one side of the story.

    But Hal Turner doesn't care at all about the victim, in fact, Hal probably wishes that kid to be beat up again so he has another excuse to get the name of Hal Turner into the paper.

    Mona Montgomery, basically a lawyer who spends her entire life trying to disprove the holocaust. She was allowed to speak because she has given 1,000s of dollars to Hal Turner. Notice that the only two speakers besides Hal were big money donors to him.

    Remember with white supremacist, you are dealing with a group who nearly all of them suffers from some sort of mental defect (paranoia, bi-polar, low self-esteem, denial). I think white supremacism should be treated as a mental disorder.

  11. Question for Zachary.

    Do you care about black victims of crime like you care white victims of crime?

    It's a yes or no question.

  12. Harry, there is a whole school of thought that agrees with you that racism of this depth is a mental illness. There is even a racist recovery program. I do know that this so called "movement" attracts more than its share of, what appears to be, mentally challenged people.

    I don't know much about Mona Montgomery other than she is a contributor to Turner. As far as why she went off on the Holocaust at this mess can only be attributed to the fact that there are a bevy of one trick ponies in this "movement." They can only speak to one thing regardless of the current issue. I agree that it was pretty strange to bring such a topic to that event.

    Zach...normally I would be pretty easy on someone so young - but do your parents know where you are and what you are doing? know that Amber Alert you have scrolling across the top of your webpage - they alert us to missing children - not just white kids - but black and Hispanic and Jewish...etc. That's the way humanity works - we look out for each other.

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


    Yeah, inviting speakers to detour into non sequiturs about the Holocaust is really relevant to some poor white kid's "justice."

  15. elmer, your post is a perfect example why no rational human being will ever side with your kind of people. You're no different than the thuggish, ebonics-speaking blacks you hate so much. Grow up.

  16. Sorry, I really hate having to do that. However, I also do not believe that anyone has to be subjected to that and I would like to keep this place open for awhile. That being said - Stevo/Elmer - please conduct yourself in a grown up manner - it's pretty sad when 16-year-old Zach shows up an adult who has had all kinds of time to learn civility.

  17. The point I was about to bring up to Zach is that if he loves the white race so much and only cares about white victims of crime, why is he worried about black crime which is nearly black on black?

    A few stats for Zach

    a) Most rapes of white women are done by white men. So if he really cared about white women, he should be worrying about the group who rapes white women the most, that is white men

    b) Most murders of whites are done by whites. Over 80 percent of the time when a white person is murdered, it's done by another white. Black on white murder is fairly low compared to white on white murder. So again, Zach should be worried about a white man murdering a member of his family rather than a black man.

    But yet he focuses on blacks.

    I can go on and on and on... The point is, these people don't LOVE anything, they just want an excuse to hate.

    Usually with teenagers like Zach, they hate on the web because it brings them attention and a feeling of being important by watching others react to their hatred. Most of these teens will outgrow this hatred. Some won't.

    I hope Zach comes to realize soon that being a racist is no way to go through life.

  18. Just a note. Mona Montgomery is claiming on VNN that the Jews ATE Jesus.

    Jews sacrificed their own children on altars to Molech. There are many reports chronicled by Catholic monks over the last two millinea of little white children found sacrificed on Judenstein (Jewish stones) in the Black forest. The Jews eat their sacrificial victims to this day (mostly chickens). It is my personal belief that they ate Jesus. I base this belief on the following facts: (1) Jesus went into the temple and scouraged the Jews for selling sacrificial animals in the temple. (2) Jesus was crucified within days after scourging the Jews in the temple. (3) Jesus was crucified on Passover (the day the Jews sacrifice their animals. (4) Jesus' body was taken off the cross at 3:00 p.m. (the exact time the Jews hold their "slaughter sessions" on Passover. (5) Jesus' body mysteriously disappeared. CONCLUSION: The Jews ate Jesus!

    This woman is mentally ill.

  19. I agree with you about Zach - and I hope that all of this IS something that he will outgrow. He seems bright and articulate - and he has the whole world in front of him right now.

    This woman is definitely not wrapped too tight. So...the Jew dined on that is a new one on me. The woman has made three posts on that board - and on two out of three she sounds completely whacked out of the ballpark. And this woman is an attornery? This whole mess just gets stranger by the minute. What really cracked me up after laughing at her was the next reply:

    "And some people wonder why average whites are not joining this message board or the cause by the droves."

    Looks like someone over there is finally getting a clue.


    i invite all of the bloggers (especially the multi culti cultists) to visit the above link and see the kind of hate that exists in this world directed toward the white race from the non white races (predominately the black race)

    to nikki:

    you really seem to have a fascination with these rag tag groups of white race extremists i am sure they visit your blog every day to see their pics and relish in the attention you give to them

    all of this attention and coverage you devote to these groups you supposedly oppose makes me wonder if there is something else deeper going on inside your subconscious.....

    is it possible the fear and dread you are experiencing as you document and exagerate how they seem to be such a growing menace is actually a subconscious expression of a deep seated sexual tension you have for the nazi symbiology and power imagery the nazi third reich showcases?

    adolf hitler proclaimed that the third reich would last a thousand years and yet it lasted 12....was hitler wrong?....people all over the world continue to be fascinated with adolf hitler and the nazi third reich, countless books, movies, documentaries, photos, nazi memorabilia, all serve to keep the third reich alive in the mind and no doubt for a thousand years this interest will continue

    the problem with these nazi clowns is that they forget to understand that the nazi revolution could only happen within germany ..nazism is super german national socialism it appeals to the german ego and from there it can spread to other aryan-nordic nationalities...but there can never ever be a nazi revolution within the united states too many non whites and jews stand in the way and too much blood would have to be shed to plant a nazi government to make it at all feasible

    nikki you laugh in scorn at the pot bellied red neck trailer trash nazi clown followers and it reassures you the nazi spirit is dead and can never rise again with these life losers and their weekend beer drinking seig heil couch potato lifestyle as the leaders

    it would be another story altogether if you saw a disciplined clean cut assembly of intelligent young men college educated career pursuing eloquent calm and restrained, model citizens who while not flag waving, arm saluting, march strutting were not anti-hitler either and aubscribed and approved of much of the work and thoughts of hitler ....then you would wonder in fear how and why the hitler spirit could appeal to such fine upstanding people and you would begin to think the hitler cancer might be spreading

    remember the old saying: "there is no bad publicity" bad attention-publicity is better than no attention-publicity ...what would happen if a rag-tag nazi group gave a rally and no opposition or media showed up?.....i wonder if in some unintended way you are somehow helping in some small way to further the nazi cause maybe some curious white youth coming across your website will flock to the nazi and white nationalist websites and come to their personal racial awareness

    i can only hope

  21. Who was it that said the attacker was three hundred pounds? I never remember seeing that mentioned anywhere. The fact that the white boy weighs less means he should have ducked faster?

    I am not sure who began the fight matters a lot. As much as the fact that children, fight. The two could have been chinese and hispanic and the results would be the same.

    I understand the fear involved in having your child seriously injured. And the anger that comes from such.

    But anger should never be turned into bitter racial resentment. It just seems like another excuse to fan the fire of a racial war that is trying to burn itself out.

    I say burn itself out because. There were like 25 - 30 kkk folks. And over two hundred multi-racial Kingston citizens telling them to go back where they came from.

    It is obvious if a hate war broke out. American people would certainly eliminate the KKK and Hal Turner easily enough. With Police. Pride. And in comming together as a whole.


  22. That link you so nicely posted is just another racial site. Badly made again. Complainning about the freedom America gives immigrants and other colored races. And yes whites too. It seems this young man who made this site just is pointing out everyone sucks. Not just white folks. But everyone in general.

    He is not to far from wrong in some points. And he is very far from right in others.

  23. Ajax, I have read those comments and more. The fact still remains that for every one of those quotes and any others that are made, I could cite you 20 made by whites against minorities. But, you know what - playing tit-for-tat whether it be with statements, crimes, etc. is childish and non-productive.

    The reasons behind my involvement with these groups and indivuals, have been well documented and I really don't need to write it all again. Suffice it to say that it has nothing to do with my libido.

    Certainly, there may be some merit in your postulation that all of the "attention" that I, and others, give these groups might have a different than hoped for affect on a few individuals. By, and large, however, we have seen the converse to be true.

    Generally speaking, leaving these groups alone and ignoring them gives them just what they have had for years - an opportunity to organize and grow undetected. Burying our heads in the sand and pretending that this is just a fringe element and non-threatening is precisely what they have banked on for decades.

    In today's world, many of these groups are now considered domestic terrorists - and I just can't ignore the fact that they are a threat to the very fabric of our society.

    Personally, I don't care if an individual is racist. I won't agree with that person, and I probably won't associate with that person - but what they believe or feel in their own hearts and minds is their own business. I would hope that at some point they see the error of their thought processes.

    Organized hate groups are an entirely different thing altogether. The idea of a racial holy war or the day of the rope is unacceptable in my opinion. Often the leaders and participants in these groups are the promoters or perpetrators of violence against others. They frequently prey on our children in a bid to destroy the values instilled in them by their parents.

    Matt Hale once told me that he had a "duty" to go after the minds of our children - and that it was his "right" to teach them the "truth." Funny, but I always thought that parents had a few rights of their own.

    You know, your hypothetical about a well-educated, well disciplined, articulate hate group also has some merit. There would be much more reason to fear something like that. And for quite sometime now the racist right has been attempting to attract that kind of individual and become more mainstream in appearence and presentation.

    Fortunately, for us, they still attract the misfits and the outcasts of society. The ideology that is profered by such groups, whether it be that of Christian Identity or that of the National Socialst - even the White Nationalist - simply does not play well with the majority of intelligent, well-educated, thoughtful Americans. Hate is just not sellable. And no matter how it is packaged, the truth still surfaces and drives people away.

  24. to nikki:

    "They frequently prey on our children in a bid to destroy the values instilled in them by their parents"

    "duty" to go after the minds of our children - and that it was his "right" to teach them the "truth." Funny, but I always thought that parents had a few rights of their own.

    sounds to me like you are describing the work of the multi-culti cultists and the diversity dividers who are going after the white race to seek and destroy their racial and cultural identity

    we see this sinister ploting in the massive forced immigration onslaught of third world people into european nations, the breaking down of the borders of the heritage home of the white race nation peoples and the gathering in of the non whites into their societies where they can breed and form their colonies and break down the homogeny of the individual white national ethnic presence to be dilluted and weakened

    you seem to ignore the big picture of a race-culture war that has been going on for some time ...this war targets the white race nation people (a people of which you belong) they have become the world's scapegoat for all of the failure of the third (turd) world ...those who belong to the white race in this nation are forbidden from showing any outward racial identity (because it would be 'threatening' and show 'insensitivity' to the so called minority groups) they have to be careful to not bring too much attention to their race (the multi-culti conditioned whites always seem to express some disappointment whenever there is a sizeable gathering of people and all they see are white faces)

    the reason that the white man held his position of dominance and dominion for such a long time span and extended his values and culture and inventive genius and innovation and industriousness so that many races beside himself could benefit vwas due to his obvious superiority over most other races

    but because the world has drunk of the poison of the multi-culti diversity dellusion an alice in wonderland fantasy construct has been instituted so that we have come to believe (conned into thinking) that all races and cultures and ethnic groupings are all equal in all things

    in order to give life to this lie and fix the numbers so that the dellusion can appear to be real all of the non whites are given special protections and privileges (affirmative action, quota systems) and their races are honored and glorified and they are encouraged to organize their race-ethnic-culture parades so that all may partake of the illusion-dellusion that it takes all the world's races-ethnic-culture groups to create and invent and build all the things the world enjoys

    it has become a taboo and even a hate thought for white race people to use the race identifier for themselves it is acceptable if white race people think of themselves as individuals first with their race as just an after thought with a little apologetic guilt added "..well i was just born white there was nothing i could do about it .."

    compare this with the non whites who are race obsessed and always identify themselves as being race first and individuals second they have a much higher level of racial awakening than the white population in this way they maintain their racial integrity and default racial pride

    because this white race muted new world order takes time to be fully realized the clever multi-culti diversity overloards have seen to it that the multi-culti indoctrination must begin as early as possible so they have snuck into pre-school and kindegarden their white race-culture reduction thinking ideology ...perhaps in time they will even invade the home of the white race people to make sure little johnny is well adjusted into his multi-culti thinking ...semi annual psychiatrict visitations to see to it that little johnny has no nascent white pride that would come into conflict with the new world order reality ..therapy and medication to extinguish those little white pride identifiers

    you know those remnants of whites who have not as yet taken the kool-aid multi-culti poison are scattered here and there in this nation they see their race ignored, belittled, made to be irrelevant and they are frustrated at their muzzlement we see the nazi movement it has been around for decades, here and there the nazis have a very small rally the media gives it a little attention (the opposition to the nazi rally always outnumbers the nazi gathering itself) and maybe the nazis are lucky if they pick up a few recruits along the way

    the nazi and other extreme white racial groups have always been too insignificant in numbers to justify any serious attention of concern given to them here is the great nazi hunter nikki who feels a need to track every nazi down (she wishes she could send them all to summer re-education camps where they can be beaten into flacid submission by the multi-culti goon thugs) she has a great mission to expose to the world the evil of the nazis, she thinks they may breed everywhere like rats, they are a great menace about to strike out at any moment ...she fantasizes that as she watches the superbowl suddenly the crowd will give her a seig heil salute

    i wonder what nikki would do how she would react if a very strong rumor was going around that a certain congreesman or senator was a closet would be hilarious to see the extreme left display their monsterious hypocrisy as they march into washington demanding a stalin show trial to flush out the closet nazi...50 years ago these same people wrapped themselves in the constitution to protect communists and crucifed joe mccarthy


    i wonder if you would kindly share with us how you are able to post your messages using the font you have been using, i can only publsih my posts using the default font

    i would greatly appreciate having the secret revealed to me ,even though by our postings i can see we are ideological enemies perhaps we can nevertheless find common ground through common courtesy

    thank you

  26. Like I said folks, we haven't heard a word from the side of the accused kid. I guess their defense attorney is being smart. The story of what actually happened might be totally different then what the nazis are reporting.

    I would bet money it is different.

  27. You can use html coding to change your font to whatever you would like it to be

    ... < b >TEXT HERE< / b >

    It would look like that accept no spaces between the < and letters.


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