Wednesday, November 23, 2005


In a surprise bust, police in Seattle nabbed Scott and Rhonda Belk. the two were being sought in conjuntion with the murder of Scott's 59 year-old mother. It appears that the couple took advantage of the recent devastation that hit the Gulf Coast and posed as storm victims. This enabled them to secure transportation to and housing in Seattle after they abandoned a stolen tractor truck in Gainesville, TX. I guess they also caught up with someone who could provide them with phoney ID's as well.

It has also come to my attention that there are those who do not believe the picture shown with Jeff Schoep and Scott Belk together is really Scott Belk. In case they were unaware of it, Scott had a major falling out with Joel DuFresne - another "Creator" and convicted felon. Joel insisted that Scott could not be a "Rev." in the Creativity Movement because rules prohibit joining any other organization.

Scott Belk went off on a rampage about his activism and how Joel had never joined in any Creativity functions. Nevermind that Dufresne had spent most of his Creator days in prison or on parole. During the course of that argument, Scott sent Joel to his website to show him just how active he had been. These are the links he provided:

Belk is no newcomer to the movement - and if those who followed him remember he was all tangled up in the Raine Carraway debacle while he was a member of the Klan.


  1. Here's another link with a bit more details on the apprehension of Belk.

    This article also hints at possible complicity by other Aryan Nations activists.

    Thanks for keeping us up to date, Nikki.

  2. Thanks for that additional link. Somebody stepped to the plate and provided them with a false identity. What I am most concerned about and am trying to find out - where are their children? They had young children and one of the girls is a diabetic. I just hope they are in good hands.


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