Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Stong Words For Bill White

Michael Brooks lives in Toledo and is one helluva good writer. He also seems to have his finger planted squarely on the pulse of that city. The riot that took place there last month when the National Socialist Movement came to town have generated a lot of blog talk and a lot of concern among city officials across the nation.

The man who unwillingly found himself at the center of the controversy that caused the NSM to set their sites on Toledo, Thomas Szych, today settled his dispute with the city and had some very pointed comments about the NSM and its spokesperson, Bill White. You can read that article here:

Toledo Free Press

Or here:

History Mike's

Bill White has promised to return with his NSM bunch to Toledo on December 10th. I have a pretty good feeling that the city will be a little more prepared to deal with this craziness, and I am certainly hoping that everything remains peaceful.


  1. Did I read this right that Tom Szych is suing the city of Toledo and the NSM? That means he'll be able to collect directly from Bill White if he wins the suit.

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  5. Thank you for the kind words, Nikki.

    I hope that Toledo has learned some lessons from the events of October 15, and that the next NSM visit will be peaceful.

    I urge thinking people to look at the case of Tom Szych for some insight into how the white power groups operate.

    Elmer, by the way, posted the same comments on my blog today. FYI -his IP address registers as originating in Kennett, Missouri.

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