Friday, November 11, 2005



By Nicole Nichols & Tony Willow

When these two writers come together, we know that the fur is going to fly - and it is. What do others think of Bill White? Has Jeff Schoep lost his mind? Has White pulled off a coup...or is he just playing at being a Nazi? Who is White, really? Which side is he REALLY on?

"I hadn't noticed Mr. Bill until he started posting articles about Mark Cotterill and the American Friends of the British National Party a couple of years ago. He seemed to be sympathetic to the AFBNP, which was then under attack by Morris Dees' SPLC as violating the Foreign Agent Registration Act by collecting money in the U.S. for the BNP. So I called Mark, figuring he would surely know this guy. To my surprise, he said Mr. Bill was the SPLC informant who had caused all the trouble." (Don Black of Stormfront)

Every group or movement brings with it someone who is of questionable character or sometimes more than a little dubious when it comes to loyalties. The racist right isn't any different as it has always spawned the inane or the ridiculous. Recently, however, they seem to have more than their share. Yet, when we think of the members who stand out as being weakest or most ludicrous the first person who comes to mind is the inimitable Bill White.

I almost hesitate to refer to him as a "member" since we all know that he is just playing and not really anything other than an opportunist who has joined forces with an acting troop destined for nothing more than "B-" movies, and calls himself a National Socialist - this year - I will relent and consider him a pseudo-Nazi.

The relationship that has blossomed between White and Schoep is more than just a little incongruous. Schoep, who has battled against the rest of the white nationalist world for acceptance, couldn't have made a more disastrous choice in running mates. As the National Socialist Movement has always been the step-child of the movement, often ridiculed and snickered at, Bill White is certainly their pariah.

In writing this part of the series on Bill White, I have unearthed a previous article that I wrote, made some amendments and additions, and updated the information. It is incredible to me that after so many problems White is even a factor in the racist equation. But he is?and that speaks volumes for the members of the movement.

White is often given to pontificating on what he believes to be the most efficient way for groups to be run. Glib and, sometimes charismatic, in his writings, he attempts to say all of the "right" things for his audience. In 2003, Bill White made the following statement:

"First, I think a person needs to prepare themselves and work on developing within themselves the type of character needed to engage in political activity. You need to develop a commitment to justice and doing what is right, you need to eliminate your own petty personal secrets, and you need to be the kind of person that other people will admire because of who you are. If you can be that kind of person, then you can enter the political arena and survive. If you cannot be that kind of person, you are better off staying in the shadows or focusing your activities on supporting those kind of people."

And this is where it all breaks down for Bill. Setting himself up as a "leader" or a "spokesperson," is usually the way he starts out. After ingratiating himself into a group, he plays the straight and narrow for about a minute - and then he lets the hammer fall. Being the "kind of person that other people will admire," is precisely how he envisions himself. Unfortunately for him, he is anything but that among the white nationalist community. Rick Kicklighter of describes him thusly:

"If you were ever out on the lake fishing and you had this certain mosquito that kept buzzing around your head, kept annoying you, yet the darn pest wouldn't actually have the nerve to get close enough so you could swat him, then you have an ideal of what Bill White truly is."

Others, however, are not quite so kind.

A master of self promotion? Well, for awhile, maybe. Any attempts by Bill White to promote himself have met with minimal and transient success. While self-aggrandizement is White's stock-in-trade, disinformation is his schtick. As an anarchist, Bill White was laughed at and rarely taken seriously, as a Nazi he is lucky to still be breathing and running around free. For about a minute, White did a stint writing for "Pravda," the paper of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. But, sometime in 2000, White began to pen articles favorable to the racist right, in general, and to the National Alliance in particular. This got him in the door with Billy Roper who was Deputy Membership Coordinator for the NA at that time.

White's struggle for acceptance by those in the white nationalist movement has been fraught with many difficulties - all of which have been brought on by Bill, himself. Bill White never really understood the premise of the left. As someone who is inherently uncomfortable within the confines of any movement, largely because it necessitates a certain amount of self-sacrifice, Bill White failed miserably at everything that he attempted. I believe, however, that it was the failure to feed his insatiable ego that crushed him and set him in search of new pastures. The racist right is always in search of those who will preach their brand of anti-Semitism and racism, are historically not very discerning who they let into their ranks, and Bill White said all the right things. While there were those who were not quite as welcoming as some, there were others who, taken in by White's rhetoric, began to follow his writings. In many ways, Bill White's move to the radical right was fortuitous for the left in general and ant-racists in particular.

His new-found acceptance among the racists was a real ego-trip for White but, as is true with the narcissist, it was never quite enough. White refused to call himself a "racialist" stating, "I try to avoid being part of any "ism". "Isms" are very constraining, and they encompass much more than just a political philosophy, but also imply certain cultural or personal-social traits, or a certain approach to life and living. I'm a Bill White-ist, but I love white people, particularly white working people, and I want to see them survive and suceed."And a "Bill White-ist" is precisely what he is. The self-love of narcissism does not allow the love or dedication to anyone or anything other than the narcissist. While Bill White might say and do all of the right things, it does not seem to be understood by some on the racist right that all things with White are wholly superficial as they are only a means to an end - the validating of Bill White.

As the National Alliance started to fracture, Bill White saw the writing on the wall and jumped ship while publishing one scathing attack after another on the group. The firing of Billy Roper by Alliance leader, Erich Gliebe, had already created a huge divide among the membership. Lurid tales of corruption, mismanaged funds, promiscuity and drugs within the compound were running rampant among the racists. Seeing an opportunity to further his own personal appetite for drama and acknowledgment, White decided to join forces with Alex Linder of Vanguard News Network and Billy Roper of White Revolution in an attempt to topple the largest organized hate group in America. White was tenacious, publishing rumors and innuendoes as well as out right lies about the leaders of the National Alliance, claiming knowledge of the in-fighting among the Board of Directors, and others within the ranks, White became a formidable foe of the organization and of Erich Gliebe and Kevin Alfred Strom. Admittedly, there were many moments where we sat back and cheered Bill White on in his endeavors - we even began to wonder if he wasn't really on our side.

When it became known that the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force was investigating Erich Gliebe, the National Alliance leader, Bill White posted an the telephone number and email address of the agent heading the investigation. Regardless of how the racists felt about the Alliance and Gliebe, one thing that they could not tolerate was a rat within their own ranks. Bill White was on his way to being run out of the racist right just as he was when on the left.

At some point, White hooked up with, one time White Power financier, Marc Moran. It seems that White had caught Moran's eye on the campaign trail and that Marc had contributed to his campaign. Of course, in a press release, White had to crow about those who had provided financial support and just had to mention that Moran was part of the National Alliance. Marc had been a friend and contributor to VNN and Alex Linder. There had been some discussion between Linder and Moran about building a business to support Vanguard News Network. Hence the idea of "Shop White," an ebay type business for white people, was born. Marc Moran then fingered Bill White for assisting in the building and hosting of the business.

This, of course, appealed to the ego of White and since he had been boasting around the net about being "independently wealthy," he, obviously had the time to devote to building and maintaining the site from a technical aspect. At the same time, there had already been bad blood between the National Alliance and Alex Linder, and there were some pretty harsh words thrown back and forth. National Alliance member, Chester Doles had been arrested and was facing a lot of jail time. Linder and others in the "Movement" felt that the Alliance had dropped the ball on raising funds for his defense. Vanguard News Network issued a challenge to those on the racist right. Setting a deadline, they claimed to have an anonymous benefactor who was willing to match whatever funds were donated, and the cash started rolling in. The National Alliance couldn't take public issue with this as it would certainly put them in a negative light. But the finger-pointing and discussions that ensued were more than just a little heated. Whatever fissure had started among the membership swiftly became a chasm.

During the fund-raising, Bill White kept the pressure on the Alliance, but was losing ground among the general population as his self-love was becoming more and more evident. Many started questioning his dedication to the movement and began to delve into his anarchist past. While his writings against Jews and other minorities were often appreciated among the right, it was becoming more and more obvious that any "news" that he reported was greatly embellished and spun to the point of illegitimacy. White, witnessing much the same attitude as he had faced with the anarchist crowd, seemed to spin completely out of control right before our very eyes. Struggling to maintain the attention that he thrives upon, and fighting to keep his short-lived stature among the only people who he had ever felt accepted by, Bill White began to self-destruct.

Marc Moran, the financial spine of VNN, had stepped into the political arena, filling a vacated seat on the City Council in Hopewell Burroughs. It wasn't long, however, before Moran's true identity and racist allegiances were made known the town's elected officials. Amidst a media frenzy and public outcries, Moran stepped down - he also stepped out of the picture. What was unbelievable to many of the racists was not only did he turn tail and run for cover, he had entrusted "Shop White" as well as the technical end of VNN to none other than Bill White. The announcement sent shock-waves through the racist right. There was disbelief followed by anger - and plenty of it. With a vengeance the racists took to the internet denouncing Moran for not standing tall in his racialist beliefs. And there was much speculation as to why anyone would leave "Kaiser" Bill, a derisional term that had been attributed to him, in charge of anything. Once it was learned, however, that Moran had been the anonymous benefactor for the Chester Doles fund, most of the members were silenced in their harangue. It wasn't until White came forth with his plans for the future of Shop White that the proverbial shit hit the fan.

Initially, it was speculated among members that Bill White had been the person to "out" Marc Moran to the voters of Hopewell Burroughs. White was, after all, the first person to break the story on Moran. He followed that with a diatribe about "Zog Agents" and a call for others on the right to make phone calls to those officials who ousted Moran. White published the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the town leaders and encouraged others to use them and voice their displeasure. For days White cajoled and prodded others to take action. The real comedy here, however, was when Bill made numerous phone calls to an official issuing obscenities and racial ephitets using his own cell phone. Of course, Caller ID captured his number.

Realizing that he was in the driver's seat when it came to Shop White and VNN, it didn't take long for the narcissistic White to engage in his typical display of muscle flexing and jaw flapping. Claiming to only be interested in the wants and needs of white people, Bill explained how Shop White would work. He posted the "Terms of Agreement." When it was realized that the TOA that White posted gave White the autonomy to do whatever he wanted with the information provided by users - including their credit card numbers - there was a roar that could be heard throughout the darkest reaches of cyber-space. The megalomania of Bill White came back and bit him squarely on the ass. The onslaught against Bill White was relentless. At one point, White accused those who were railing against him of being sent by Kevin Alfred Strom. Incapable of silencing the protests and unable to regain any footing within the racist movement White published a letter on his site supposedly from an "LSN Reader." That letter contained the real names of several key players within the rank and file of the National Alliance. Of course, as thinly veiled as the "LSN Reader" was, everyone knew that it was White. The racists were stunned.

I have written much about Bill White. I have characterized him as the egomaniacal narcissistic person that he is. I have addressed his continuous attempts to reinvent himself and his pathological need to fit in. I never dreamed that someday I would be saying "Thank You" to Bill White - but I was doing just that. I knew that the last thing that White wanted at that point in time was thanks from me. What has ensued was the stuff I dream of - the almost complete decimation of the National Alliance and Vanguard News Network. What more can an anti-racist hope for?

White Nationalists and neo-Nazi's are really not too crazy about being publicly outed. There are some who use their real names - those are generally the ones who make their living largely from their organizations, however. Marc Moran lamented the use of his real name in his day to day writings and activities for the Alliance. Others cite their jobs, communities and families as reasons not to be identified. For most of us, that is hard to understand. We are generally proud of our organizations and our affiliations with them. But, if you are part of a movement which advocates separation or genocide of other races, violent governmental overthrow or hate crimes - I guess you would be a little more circumspect about announcing your allegiances than if you were a tree-hugger. The racists were both stunned and infuriated. They started digging up all of the information on Bill White that they can find. Of course, they had already seen him as a quirky little pest who played at being "pro-white," and who with much of his writing was prone to lies and half-truths. But now they were questioning his ethnicity - that is usually what they do when they can't do anything else. Most of those who had been supportive of White, and attempting to assert some calm over a potentially explosive situation, were now incensed by White's actions. Truly laughable in this entire epic of sleaze was that they were questioning White's integrity and character. We have been trying to tell these people for a very long time that if you lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas. When people of the ilk of these racists become outraged, it is always with such intensity and the outrage is always "morally" based. I guess that the old adage "what you hate in others is often what you hate most about yourself," more than fits in this situation. Perhaps I should have clued them in that there is no honor among thieves or racists."

Being almost completely ostracisized by the people who had formerly embraced him, White had no where to turn. And for someone plagued by narcissism that is a bad place to be. He tried to no avail to ingratiate himself to the flock. Publishing news accounts of black on white crime, anti-semitic rantings and harangues against the government White, once again, found himself trying to fit in - somewhere. But it wasn't happening. With his insatiable need for attention reaching a fever pitch, White published tales about Shop White being hacked into by parties unknown. At one point he claimed to have been hacked by Cox Communication. As all of his machinations and lies seemed to fall on deaf ears and to garner nothing more than jeers and guffaws, White found himself sinking further and further into the recesses of leperdom. It is believed by some that White, in a last ditch effort at demonstrating the many problems that he was having keeping "Shop White" alive, and how unjustly persecuted he had become, entered the VNN forum under an alias and posted the list of "Shop White" customers including their names, addresses, telephone numbers, login names, passwords, and, yes, credit card numbers. The list only lasted a short while on VNN before it was pulled - but that was long enough for it to be circulated around the internet with lightning speed. Not only had the identities and personal information of the customers been made public, but their purchases as well. Imagine the chagrin of Billy Roper when it became known that among his purchases of John Wayne videos were also "Marilyn Manson - Get Your Gunn," "Lords of Acid - Take Control," "Lolita," and "The Sinful Nuns of St. Valentine (An Italian nunsploitation epic in which a demented Mother Superior and a rabid collection of mentally distrubed and sex crazed sisters lose their habits and morals with equal gusto.")

As can readily be imagined, the objections were numerous. White, claiming to have been a victim of a hacker and the subsequent posting of the list by the same, got absolutely no sympathy from the racists. Running out of tricks and needing to regroup, White reached one more time into his morass of mental illness to produce one last ditch effort at regaining the attention of those who he so wished to be part of. He stole VNN and locked Alex Linder out of his own cyber-house. The end result was, of course, a demoralizing defeat for White as Linder's site re-emerged and White was again the butt of jokes from the racists.

Generally speaking, narcissistic individuals require continuous and massive attention. It makes little difference if that attention is positive or negative. If, in fact, the attention is negative they simply convince themselves that they are doing something right or that the sector giving such attention is merely jealous of them. Bill White is certainly a study in classic narcissism. Realizing that none of his stunts were working and that he had lost favor with even the lowest dregs of humanity, White went into overdrive. In an almost deranged paroxysm of maniacal writings, White raged against the Jews, and those on the anti-racist left. Article after article was written and posted in a desperate attempt to win back some of his acceptance. Intermittently between his rantings, White promoted himself. Spouting off about his finances he even wrote articles giving advice on investments. He claimed to be independently wealthy, but the racist right was having none of that. Relentlessly digging into White's background, they nixed his claims at every turn. When he claimed to be in the running for a government contract that would pay him megabucks, he was met with nothing less than derision and scorn. The racists located the names and address of his parents and published them. They accused White of never having held a job and living off of his parents. We got quite a kick out of that one because the same is true of so many of them. And White continued to seek their approval.

Claiming that he had fallen in love and had found his Utopia in a primarily white area of Missouri, White spun a tale of building a house on a hill and leaving Maryland forever. It makes sense that White took that particular track in his search for approval, as it was a road not yet traveled by him. Yearning for acceptance, White spun the utopian dream of all white racists - an all white neighborhood with no crime where children played from dawn to dusk and neighbors looked out for each other. We watched and took guesses at how long this would continue. Narcissists are largely incapable of actual love and commitment to others. Any attempt at a relationship is certain to be disastrous - and this was to be no exception.

When the truth emerged, White was living in racist Nazi, Jennifer Adams'(known as "Hooligirl" on the internet) house under a rental agreement with her. According to Adams, White was renting a room in her house. He came into her bedroom one night while she was talking to another guy on the internet and flew into a rage. Things became physical, the police were called and White was forced to leave. Of course, there is the Bill White spin. According to White, Jennifer was unstable and she was the one who flew into a rage and attacked him. Whatever really transpired in that house will probably always be up for speculation. But Bill White filled his site with the saga of he and Jennifer, the police, her parents, and the lawsuit that he filed against her. Unfortunately for White who desperately wanted the world to believe that he and Jennifer were an item, when he sued for money and belongings he admitted to the rental contract that he had with Adams.

White openly went through all of the stages of self-serving grief. He blamed, he lamented, he denied and he raged. Then he ran away. Taking a brief sabbatical, from his beloved LSN, White ran into an old friend - Erica Hardwick-Hoesch. Erica had been part of the "Movement" for quite some time and was experiencing some inner turmoil. In an almost eerie move, White published "Ode to a Beautiful Woman" upon what he believed was a rekindling of an old friendship. Little did he know that Erica was soon to leave the ranks of the racist right to join forces with the anti-racists. Suddenly, a message appeared on his website that stunned both sides of the playing field. It was a proposal to Jennifer Adams. White stated that he had maligned and treated Jennifer badly not knowing that she was pregnant with his child. He begged her to marry him. However, it wasn't long before Adams denied that pregnancy and turned down the proposal:

"Just because I am SICK of repeating it, and so many people seem to care... "I am not pregnant and I am not having Bill White's love child. Furthermore, if I was, it would be an immaculate conception. We were only friends and he couldn't handle that. By his own accounts, he is trying to sue me for breach of lease agreement.

"According to his own articles he picked my bedroom lock because I locked myself in MY ROOM all day. I was talking to another guy on the net at the time... Everyone who knows me in REAL LIFE knows that I was utterly repulsed by Bill. He did many weird things like pick my locks, go through my drawers... sniffing my dirty underwear, and I even caught him wearing lingerie one time, and it wasn't mine!

"He has been emailing me and calling me non-stop. He thinks I must love him if I can hate him sooo much. According to my boyfriend, "He is away with the fairies".

Over the next few months, White continued to make a complete and utter ass out of himself. At one point he issued a threat against the President of the United States. Later he claimed that someone had posted that threat on his website and that he was in contact with the Secret Service over this and the posting of the Credit Card numbers from Shop White. Of course, the racists then labeled him a "snitch" and a "rat." To many of them, Bill White was nothing more than an annoyance. To others, however, he had become a serious liability and someone who had to be stopped. One poster on VNN issued the following plea:

"Any information on Bill White aka William Alexander White, his family, credit card numbers, passwords, criminal history, addresses, friends, web articles is welcome. It can come from a white racialist, ARA, Jews, blacks, whites... we don't care, we all hate William A White all the same. Any peice of information that can put Bill White back into the mental hospital is really wanted."

Yet another went a step further:

"Now, however, it has come to the forefront in many people's minds that Bill White must be permanently neutralized. He must be neutralized by digging up every stone he lurks under, by plastering the Internet with every unsavory story about him, by letting everyone know where he lives, by exposing every little detail about him that can be found, including public records, pictures of where he lives, what his family members look like, where he's been and where he's at now, the car he drives, the company he keeps, even the toilet he craps in."

The threats and "suggestions" being issued took a very ominous turn:

"Isn't it horrible that you will always have to be in hiding for the rest of your life? No more public appearances, no more running for office. And someone is going to visiting that home for sale with your Mom, and she will probably be all alone."

And those who weren't making threats were hurling accusations:

"It is now two weeks to the day since Bill White posted to his web site a direct and unambiguous threat against the life of President of the United States. He seems to be still at large. For the United States Secret Service to have given White a "pass" on this is simply stunning. I notice that almost by common consent the topic seems to have been swept under the rug and seems to have almost disappeared from this board. Vot giffs? "I say it is because as I have said since I first ran into Mr B White, that he is just a CIA asset. Remember kiddies, the Company, as us Old Crows call them can not operate on USA soil, but this sure does give them a chance to get the SS Secret Service involved who can operate on USA soil. Which if this were not cointellpro, why did the mighty SS Secret Service not investigate the Credit card numbers stolen from ShopWhite earlier when credit card fraud is 90% of their normal work."

It became very obvious very quickly that Bill White was dead in the water as far as any usefulness he might have amongst the racist right. Never again would he be accepted or validated by those whose favor he so ardently sought. Once that fact became evident, the speculation as to his next move, or reinvention of himself, might be:

"It is probably time for Bill to "reinvent" himself again.

"I smell "born again anti-racist" and a long tour on the ADL's talk show and rubber chicken dinner circuit. Can you say "Floyd Cochran?" SURE you can!"

We sincerely doubt that Bill White would ever be able to pull that off. His public displays of instability and chameleon machinations have rendered him an outcast from any circle of respectability. Watching Bill White as he entered the last throes of the debilitating mental illness from which he has long suffered, has not been easy on any of us. While White is at that right end of the continuum which we fight, he is, in fact, a human being in pain - and that is not something which we enjoy seeing.

As he entered his last hoorah, White was almost pitiful. The trial of Matt Hale provided him with a little spark. He joined forces with another person in need of therapy, Creator Kathy Robertazzo, and attempted to report on the proceedings as if they were there. The truth is that neither were present and the spin that was put on the daily events was evidence enough that neither knew what in the hell they were talking about. But White had one more trump to play. As the testimony of FBI confidential informant, Tony Evola, gave the jury in the Hale trial enough evidence to convict, Bill White decided that Evola should reap some of what he had sewn. White published the name, address and phone number of Evola on his website with a message for folks to say "Hi." It didn't take long for the information to appear on racist websites throughout cyber-space. While no one really liked Bill White - they disliked Tony Evola even more. The problem, however, came when Mr. Evola started getting phone calls from some very disgruntled and uncouth people. It seems that Bill White had targeted the wrong Anthony Evola! This little stunt by White created a very unsafe atmosphere for a family that was in no way connected to Matt Hale, the racist right, or Bill White. Of course, the FBI found no humor in what White had done. The Fed's swiftly issued a statement stating their concerns and their plans to monitor the sites of the racists. With false bravado, Bill White took a combative and somewhat bellicose stance claiming that the Federal Government would never shut him down. As warnings were issued throughout the racist community to be careful about what is posted on various forums, White was cavorting in his usual rapacious and grandiose way spouting his self-importance and claiming that the FBI was afraid of him.

A couple of last ditch efforts to maintain his own self-gratification were made by Bill White. In a flurry of posts on his website he tried to tie Citizens Against Hate and One People's Project to a shooting that occurred at Brian Moudry's house. Brian is a Creator who had led a protest against the Hale conviction in Joliet, Illinois. His house was shot at later that evening. White also suggested that he might post the names and addresses of the jurors in Hale's trial. This was followed by an article entitled It's Bitch Slappin' Time" which was published on the Citizens Against Hate website. Bill White made a feeble attempt to locate information on those involved with Citizens Against Hate. Taking a screen name of one of the Directors, Roh Larin, Bill White posted a convoluted message on his website that went something like this: The P.O. Box for CAH is in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since there is a lot of trouble which comes from anti-racists out of Cleveland, there is a good chance that they are really based in Cleveland. CAH is also part of Unity Groups and when you do a google search for Unity Groups it takes you to a high school in Cleveland. Additionally, there is a "Larin" listed in Cleveland - a female. Since Roh Larin probably lives with his mother - that is probably the place. Bill White then published the name and personal information for a woman with the last name of Larin who has absolutely no connection whatsoever to Citizens Against Hate. We guess he learned nothing from his Tony Evola fiasco. Of course, the authorities were notified as well as the innocent woman.

Posting the personal information of people has become almost expected from Bill just as making things up has become a given. Funny, but when he can't find the information he is looking for, to him, the next best thing is fabrication.

All of the above has been reported on widely across the internet. One of the things that I have learned about Bill White is not to write him off too quickly. Just about the time you think he is going to be history, he manages to pull something out of his hat. Now, he had burned himself completely out with the white nationalist bunch?but there was the National Socialist Movement that offered him a walk back into the good graces of, at least, some of the racist right.

That isn't saying a whole lot considering the NSM personifies what many refer to as the "freaks and the weaklings" of the movement. One can only speculate as to what Jeff Schoep was thinking when he accepted and embraced both Bill White and Michael Blevins into the rank and file. Then again, Jeff Schoep has never been accused of being very bright. But there is one thing for certain, we can see where it will all end up. I can't help but wonder though if Schoep has ever read any of Bill White's statements. For instance, one that might have proven beneficial would have been the following:

"I don't generally get involved with groups or movements; when I do it is either because the group seems functional and it seems that we can mutually provide for each other, or it is because some usurper within the group is ready to take it over and has asked for my assistance?.I never join a group with the intent of "taking it over" - I only get involved in the take overs if there is some benefit to me without any real potential for loss."

Bringing Bill White on board has certainly done nothing for the already ailing NSM. The group that is routinely referred to as "Hollywood Nazi's" and shunned by many in the movement has further alienated itself from others. White simply carries with him the stigma of his past. In order to understand just how deep that stigma carries, all one has to do is read what others in the movement have to say about him.


I remind VNNers that any information you turn over to Bill White will be used against you the minute it's in his interest.

Bill White? Piece of shit.

VNN will not work with NSM or Bill White in any official way. He is not WN, he is not trustworthy, he will use any information he gleans from background checks to advance his own interests/inform the feds

What NSM does is its business. But Bill White is my business. Remember ShopWhite? It was Bill's incompetence that released a lot of people's cc information to the world. Then there's the little fact that he likes to share information with the antis and the feds.

The upshot is that Bill White is absolutely untrustworthy. He suggested to the Secret Service that one of our writers had made a threat against the president, solely out of his childish unwillingness to face legitimate questions about his screwups with ShopWhite. If that doesn't make him an informant, then you pick the word. He has libeled me and others too many times to count. He's not a man, he's a punk, just as he was back in junior high.

I warn VNN supporters that any information you provide him or people he works with will be used against you. Bill White has no respect for anything but his own interests, and nothing but lawsuits will faze him. Loyalty, simple integrity - these don't exist to him. He has said many times that WN are losers, and that he is not one of them. When did those change?

Bill White is a government informant. He turned over Victor Wolzek's name to the Secret Service, knowing that VW was not involved with that supposed threat against President Bush. He did this purely out of his juvenile delinquent's malice after VW wrote him a simple letter asking for some answers in relation to the ShopWhite fiasco.

Did you read what I said? Your buddy Bill White encouraged the Secret Service to believe that Victor Wolzek had something to do with a threat against the president's life. Out of his petty rage and childish inability to accept responsibility for the mess he created, White tried to mess up the life of one of the movement's very best writers. The SS did show up at VW's door and interview him at length.

So, Bill White is a punk. He's an "anarchist" who runs to the government to help him carry out his childish vendettas. White has said a hundred times he is not a WN, yet he is accepted into the NSM without a moment's thought. You have had a front seat at the White show. When he turns on the NSM, don't say you weren't warned.

Bill White commits his dirty deeds and runs away. He's a pussy. He won't even pick up the phone to respond to challenges.

Don't be fooled. White has ability, both with words and technically. But he has a bad character, and in time he will do to you and NSM what he did to us.

In times of trouble, it is good to reflect on what created the problems in the first place. My reflection leads me to blame myself. I should have stepped in immediately when Marc Moran, without my foreknowledge, contracted with Bill White. My only defense is that I did not fully appreciate White's complete lack of loyalty to anything or body but himself, his complete lack of scruples, and most disturbingly of all his delusionality. His attempts to screw up a site you all visit and look forward to daily require no explanation. The executive summary here is that this guy was paid tens of thousands of dollars to build new VNN and ShopWhite. The money was utterly wasted. The same thing could have been accomplished using free software. With all that money in his pocket, you might expect at the least that White would bow out gracefully when it became apparent that our mutual venture ShopWhite could not survive readers' and potential users' legitimate distrust of him, and their extremely well grounded fear that their private credit card information would be spread all over the 'Net due to his technical incompetence or carelessness. All I can say is that I am sick over what has happened, and that as of this moment VNN completely severs any relationship with William White. The general opinion of Bill White is correct. To those who warned me, what can I say? I was wrong, and now I'm picking off the fleas.


Mr. Bill, the "Libertarian Socialist," has never claimed to be WN. Yet he's quoted as an authority here. Pathetic.I hadn't noticed Mr. Bill until he started posting articles about Mark Cotterill and the American Friends of the British National Party a couple of years ago. He seemed to be sympathetic to the AFBNP, which was then under attack by Morris Dees' SPLC as violating the Foreign Agent Registration Act by collecting money in the U.S. for the BNP. So I called Mark, figuring he would surely know this guy. To my surprise, he said Mr. Bill was the SPLC informant who had caused all the trouble.Mark would eventually be deported as a result. And Mr. Bill would revert to his infantile name-calling -- "Chi Chi Cotterill" (invented by Mr. Bill's homosexual friend) and, most recently, "Stormfront Faggots" and "Stormfront Gives Weenie Kevin Strom A Hand."Mark Potok and Company must be laughing their asses off.

What's the relationship of long-time SPLC informant, general whackjob and all-around POS Bill White to the NSM? Is he really the "spokesman?"

Further down in that thread, "thorax," who was Marc Moran, makes it clear he doesn't believe me.

He'd go on to give White many thousands of dollars for "ShopWhite" auction software, which could have been had for $160 off-the-shelf. After he'd finished with them, White would turn on Moran and his partner, Alex Linder, locking the software Moran had paid well over $10,000 for and attempting to take complete control of their site.

He'll do the same after he's had his fun with you, now that he's the Halloween Nazi "Gauleiter of Roanoke."

As far as Stormfront is concerned, I'll quote myself, from further down in that thread, exactly two years ago today:

"I guess I'm a Darwinist. Anybody stupid enough to trust Bill White deserves what they get. I'd rather they get culled now than later, when everything gets critical."


If Bill White is crazy then he's crazy like a fox. The intention here is to point out that having any dealings with this man could be potentially dangerous. I have no idea of how many people actually entrusted him with their credit card numbers and personal information only to find out that some mysterious person has hacked into ShopWhite and now has that information.

Combine that with his vicious slanderous attacks against well known and respected figures in the White Nationalist community and the conclusion should be that this man is in the same camp as Abe Foxman and Morris Dees. He is most definitely not on our side and should be shunned. Pity him if you want but I wouldn't recommend giving him your name or credit card information.


Bill White is white trash and those that support him are no better. Like attracts like.

Kirk Schultz

My understanding is that Bill White tends to be fickle and changes his stripes a lot. I remember when he was writing for Pravda way back when, and I find it surprising that he has manged to come to the White Nationalist camp. My instinct is that he is playing a game to satisfy his ego. For this reason, I don't trust him and I certainly won't do business with him in any way, shape, or form. I view Bill White as a kind of "trojan horse", whether that is intentional or not on his part.


There is no way I would accept Bill White in a position of influence in the National Alliance.

That is Kevin Strom's main problem with VNN - the association with White.

I can see KAS and Linder burying the hatchet and working together, but not with Bill White anywhere in the picture.

Is he part of your team, Alex? Because you are going nowhere with White as baggage.

If the National Office lets White in the door I'll tear up my NA card so fast it'll catch fire. And that goes for every single NA man I know.

Bill White calls his blog Overthrow. There he amuses himself excoriating every WN I have ever heard of, posting whatever outrageous nonsense comes into his head, along with a few kernels of accurate information.

At best, he is a hobbyist, a prankster, and something of the gossip maven of wacko fringe racialism, who doesn't care what he says or who he talks to or what the consequences may be. Apparently he has money and he gets around in some very weird circles, and some people who should know better confide in him.

Bill has caused some trouble for the Nationalist cause, and he gets ink from outfits like the SPLC, who publicize him as a mover and shaker among White Nationalists. The SPLC staff knows very well that Bill is a pariah among the sober and pragmatic WN majority, but they love talking him up, and he loves talking to them.

It would be an understatement to say that using Bill as a spokesman for the NSM reflects poorly on Commander Schoep's judgement. The Commander could not be unaware of Bill's seedy and often silly personal history and record of involving himself in WN affairs. The NSM might as well associate themselves with Malik Zulu Shabazz as with this fellow.

The NSM already has an image problem with a public perception of them as lunatic thugs in costume. Bill White's participation will not help that image.

Let me make myself perfectly clear.Know Bill White for what he is. Do not be taken in by his criticism of the jew, that is his smokescreen. He is false. He is the enemy.I know of no jew who has done us more direct harm in the past two months than Bill White has. He has visited himself among us, braying his "anti-Semitism", with no other motive than to divide us, to set us at each other, to sow mistrust, to create doubt. Does that sound like a classic jewish gambit? Well it is, whether he be jew or not. He intends to harm us and he has succeeded in doing so. He intends no harm to the jew and he has done no harm to the jew.

It is my belief that White is an agent provacateur; that White initiated contact with the FBI office in Cleveland, in an effort to make trouble for one of our fellow WNs, and that he edited an email message from a Special Agent there, which he posted on Overthrow, to make it seem as though the agent had taken an interest on his own; it is my belief that White himself released the personal information from ShopWhite, and has concocted a cover story involving a "hacker" associated with the NA; it is my belief that even now White is doctoring his server logs in order to frame a WN for this bogus hack. He has posted personal information about WN on Indymedia before; now, with ShopWhite, he has a gold mine of gullible WNs to hurt thereby.I have the word of the man I trust the most in the Cause that White was directly responsible for destroying the American Friends of the BNP and Mark Cotteril's resulting deportation.He slings the vilest insults and spreads the most vicious rumors everywhere he can, the better to humiliate and slander good WN people.

And now this.This man is a poison pill. He is no more WN than Abe Foxman or Mo Dees, and no sooner to be trusted.And let this be understood: this is not a "Stormfront position statement" nor a reaction to a "White vs NA" war. These are my personal observations and my own conclusions, and there are some few who agree with me. For how can you not when you consider the evidence of his behavior and his words? White is at war with WN. Know this.

Commander, knowing what we know of that fellow, we were surprised to hear that he was involved with your group. Naturally we asked questions.

And we are providing a little background. In a post above, Mr. Black mentioned ShopWhite, which was to be an internet auction/shopping mall. You might wonder what happened to ShopWhite. ShopWhite did get off the ground and was operating rather nicely. Bill required membership, like eBay, and membership required a ten dollar deposit and a credit card number. Several hundred people signed up. ShopWhite is now defunct because every credit card number and account holder's name recorded by the webmaster of ShopWhite - and that would be Bill White - found it's way onto the net, in various places, but most conspicuously on Indymedia. He published the whole list.

Back when Bill was entrusted with the membership list of the National Alliance, he published that information, too.

He once published on Overthrow a blatant threat to kill Kevin Alfred Strom, in addition to all the slander, libel, and general nastiness of his public campaign of insults against the Stroms in particular and most everyone else prominent in the NA in general.

He did all these things for fun, Bill White style.

Now he's looking at you.

Your call.

As for informants of the run of the mill type, the whole movement is lousy with them. That's part of the territory, too. Don't worry about it. I've always said if the police want to know what goes on at NA meetings, I'll tell them: book reviews and discussion of current events. They know that anyway since they attend - undercover.

Bill White's informing is of a somewhat different stripe. He just blabs, he loves blabbing. He's been known to call FBI agents and blab to them. He published at least one transcript of a conversation he had with an FBI man, though I forget who it was he was trying to have arrested that time. I'll check, I think I saved it somewhere.

He blabs to the SPLC, he blabs to anybody. He doesn't care. He's just having a high old time. Anything you tell him, any personal information he has about you, sooner or later winds up on the net - and suitably embellished.

Now, y'all suit yourselves, but I wouldn't give that boy a laundry list, much less my phone number, address, or credit card.


Bill White IS a rat. He is a worthless piece of garbage.

Any WN with any sense will stay as far away from Bill White as possible. As for me, I'll not have anything to do with anyone that works with BW.


I would hope the NSM thinks about the risk they are taking by having Bill White active within their group. The evidence is clear that he is not one to be trusted. My question is if you know this man can't be trusted and the proof is in the pudding regarding his talking to the FBI, lying about good people within our cause who work hard to get our message out and wake up people to the truth, and giving out names and address why would you take a chance with your own members being burned by this guy who has burned so many people?


First off, I hate to say this:

But Bill White fooled a LOT of people, including Marc Moran and Alex Linder, that he supported white nationalism.

But he NEVER fooled me.

In reality, Bill White is an intelligent, manipulative, semi-mentally ill person whose personal life is so depressing he seeks gratification in harming others via the Internet. THAT is his only purpose in life.

Now, however, it has come to the forefront in many people's minds that Bill White must be permanently neutralized. He must be neutralized by digging up every stone he lurks under, by plastering the Internet with every unsavory story about him, by letting everyone know where he lives, by exposing every little detail about him that can be found, including public records, pictures of where he lives, what his family members look like, where he's been and where he's at now, the car he drives, the company he keeps, even the toilet he craps in.


What his family members look like, where he's been and where he's at now, the car he drives, the company he keeps, even the toilet he craps in.


So, assuming any of this is happening at all-and with Bill White one never knows how much is real and how much is fantasy-Mr. White ADMITS that he is a snitch and a coward who calls on ZOG to fight his battles for him?
Not really much of a MAN, are you, Bill?

"It's unfortunate that a community such as Roanoke is going to be given a black eye because some idiot like Bill White". First off, I hate to say this: But Bill White fooled a LOT of people, including Marc Moran and Alex Linder, that he supported white nationalism.But he NEVER fooled me.In reality, Bill White is an intelligent, manipulative, semi-mentally ill person whose personal life is so depressing he seeks gratification in harming others via the Internet. THAT is his only purpose in life.

I don't know if Bill White is a rat but I follow fairly regularly and one thing I've noticed about Bill is his fixation on other people's sexuality. If Bill doesn't like you he will call you a homo and your wife or girlfriend a lesbian. Then he will go into detail about all the homo partners you live with and the lavish gifts you buy them.

Bill, are you struggling to get something off your chest? Otherwise ixnay on the agaye for a while.

As was stated earlier, we are not profiling Bill White because he is a racist or anti-Semite. We believe that the convictions that he claims to hold are absolutely superficial and transient in nature. As with relationships, we do not believe that Bill White is capable of maintaining a convicted or committed stance for or against anything. It appears that White's sole existence is controlled by his need for acceptance and validation. Consequently, his political standing, ideological leanings and philosophy on life and its issues merely change when the need arises for more or greater attention. However, Bill White should not be discounted as a harmless nut floating around the internet. Bill White is a dangerous persona. His ability to lie and deceive and fabricate is going to get someone hurt. His intelligence matched with his adeptness at divisionary tactics pits one person or group against another most effectively. In my opinion, his lack of remorse and societal understanding borders on sociopathic psychosis and should never be written off as non-threatening. Therefore, Bill White will remain within our radar screen as long as he continues to be a menace to society.

The overriding question in all of this is why, with someone so well known, and with a history such as White's, is able to continue ingratiating himself into the groups of the racist right? Those who have seen him in action and who have railed against him, by and large, still do so. But, there are some who appear so desperate for a modicum of success or for someone, anyone, to follow, who are willing to "forgive and forget."

In part three of this series we will look at the lies that have been told and the gullible who accept every word as fact.




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