Friday, November 11, 2005

White Madness

"Just like there are people who's sport is football, my sport is fringe politics. Welcome to my arena, but don't ever make the mistake of thinking I'm playing in your games." (Bill White, 2003)


By Nicole Nichols & Tony Willow

Bill White never likes it when I write about him. As a matter of fact, he just can't hardly stand it. That usually happens when anyone steps up to the plate and tells the truth about this iniquitous miscreant. But he has really taken exception to my article referencing his attempts to make others believe that all of a sudden he is the consummate Nazi. Well, Mr. White…you can take exception all that you want, but there are those of us out here in the cyber world who pretty well have you pegged and who don't mind exposing you to those who either don't know or those who have simply forgotten. Let's look at what Bill White wrote - and my responses.

Nicole Nichols

Crotchety Old Communist

11/1/2005 10:08:22 AM

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Bill White

Commentary -- Nicole Nichols, as our white nationalist readers know, is the confused elderly woman who scribbles for the website Citizens Against Hate, published by race mixer Gerry Gooding of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

[First, we need to set the record straight. White seems to have nothing but bad or fabricated information which is par for the course for someone who operates from a purely egocentric mindset and believes himself to be omnipotent in all things. For years Bill White has duped and bilked those who frequent his website with his erroneous and manufactured brand of "information."

Roh Larin and I are the founders of Citizens Against Hate and neither of us are, or have ever been, affiliated with "communist" anything. However, White's inability to gather any sort of reliable information on those of us here has resulted in his publishing of names, addresses, and phone numbers of people who are in no way connected with this organization. White's willingness to endanger innocent people is legendary and has resulted in more than a few tense moments for people who didn't deserve to suffer from his frustrated need for attention.]

Nichols and her friend, Tony Willow, spend a lot of time playing on internet message boards. In fact, they have followed the general trend of lazy anti-racist activists who spend most of their day combing VNN Forum and Stormfront to learn the "latest" about white activism, while completely ignoring non-internet-based organizations, such as, say, the National Socialist Movement. A number of frequent VNN posters -- RevPatrick, cknott, and quite a few others -- are actually anti-racists; in fact I'm close enough to proving that one of these two women was involved in threatening members of my family two years ago that we may be close to reading another news report of a Joan Lefkow-style murder in which a "lone lunatic" with no relationship to the white nationalist movement ends up slaughtering a prominent enemy of white nationalism for no apparent reason. :->

[What activities that I, or others at Citizens Against Hate, engage in are not made public - and that is by design. Unlike Bill White, I have NO ingrained need for celebrity or thirst for notoriety. Also, unlike White, I have no interest in publishing to the world the endeavors which make our organization unique and our services sought after. "Activism" takes many forms and is not limited to the myopics of Bill White. Additionally, White has long been criticized, along with Micahel Blevins, for his failure to attend noted events of a white power nature. It is only recently that White has bothered to show his face and now only because he seeks the "payoff" of attention.

In regards to threats made against Mr. White's family, proving that either Tony Willow or myself had anything to do with such a thing should be quite interesting. It would seem that in December of 2003, the person who calls himself Rev. Patrick on the VNN forum, made a threat towards Bill White's mother. This came on the heels of Bill's father being served with a subpoena that was meant for Bill.

Someone had, supposedly, posted a threat against the President on the VNN forum using Bill's name. They then called the Secret Service who, according to White, paid him a visit. White sang like a bird to the SS and named Rev. Patrick as someone who should be looked at. Now, according to both Bill and this Patrick person, several phone calls were made to White's parents by Patrick - a man. Since both Willow and myself are female we doubt seriously that any "proof" that White dreams up will amount to anything other than more of White's soap opera folderol.

While the meanderings of a madman rarely amount to anything of substance, it should be noted that the not too subtle threat embedded in that paragraph to Willow and myself has been turned over to the appropriate authorities who were much more than a little interested in "lone lunatics" who would commit a "Lefkow-style murder." Mr. White should be forewarned that I have no intention of playing cat-and-mouse games with him or his madness. As one law-enforcement official stated, "This is not protected speech. This is a direct threat which is criminal and will be dealt with accordingly."]

In any case, Nichols has recently penned an essay on me that demonstrates the excessive amount of time she spends posting on VNN's message boards -- because her article is crafted to appeal to people who post there and pretty much no one else. The whole thing encapsulates how detached from reality Nichols has become.

[On a personal note here, I just love it when the pot starts calling the kettle names. As we get further into White's lair of lies, we will certainly see who is detached from reality.]

The first general premise of the article is that I am paying Jeff Schoep substantial sums of money to be allowed into the National Socialist Movement. That premise alone is so implausible as to be laughable -- why on earth would I do that, and why would Jeff Schoep accept?

[ Members within the National Socialist Movement who are close enough to Schoep to know will tell you that Jeff Schoep will allow ANYONE into the NSM who can pay the freight…freaks, geeks, misfits, sex offenders, felons - it makes no difference. That sort of explains how Bill White walked in the front door. In the years that we have been monitoring Bill White a couple of things have become abundantly clear: 1) Bill White is not a "White Nationalist," a "White Supremacist," or a "neo-Nazi." He is not concerned with anything unless it promotes him and strokes his ego; and 2) Bill White is a destroyer as most narcissists are. He would not go into any organization or group unless he believed that there was something to be gained by him. The National Socialist Movement has long been the step-child of the movement and evokes much derision from its' counterparts. Bill White would have NEVER donned the clown suit or brandished the swastika unless he could find a way to use that group to his own end. While Jeff Schoep is into dropping babies everywhere he goes and partying with the questionable whites in his group, Bill White has the deep pockets and the ego to make all that possible. And as White once said, "The loyalty of the common people can be bought much easier than it can be earned."]

The second general premise is that I somehow "run" the NSM instead of the Commander -- which is something the communists lamely tried to cook up about a month ago because I happened to assist Ohio State Leader MSgt Mark Martin in Toledo (note all the pictures taken show Martin leading the demonstration). However, that premise is so ridiculous as to be laughable to anyone inside the NSM -- despite the fact that the communists think it is a master stroke of propaganda that will somehow split our organization.

[ Again, Bill White is NOT a team player any more than he is a true white nationalist. Additionally, White NEVER goes into anything that he doesn't try to become the "big cheese." It has not been lost on us that Jeff Schoep has been conspicuously absent not only in the Toledo fray, but among his rank and file. Issuing only occasional kudos and announcements, Schoep has taken a back seat while Bill White runs the show. In his own words, "After more than a decade of involvement in extremist groups I have decided that if I am going to waste my time, it's going to be wasted for groups and projects that I control and I will benefit from. If I am not going to be given recognition within a group proportionate to my involvement, and do not receive other compensation from it, then there is no reason for me to be involved."]

In fact, the communist belief in their own propaganda powers and prowess is always absurd. I have certainly taken the time to ridicule it here from time to time. They always think they have their opponents on the ropes, that they are masterfully and skillfully disrupting organizations, and that they are engaged in such wonderful infiltration, when, in reality, organizations that are led by serious people, and not the slightly touched, are and have always been virtually immune to their games.

[What is absurd here is that Bill White tries to characterize all groups of people who oppose him as being either Jewish or communist. Additionally, like a small boy trying to impress his father, he attempts to cover his fears and insecurity through a lot of false bravado. As soon as the opposition gets too close for comfort he attempts to portray those against him as "slightly touched," or "Bolsheviks," or "Jews," as if somehow that diminishes their success in the eyes of those he is trying to impress.

Let me break the news to White since he dwells in his own fantasy world - white nationalist and neo-Nazi groups HAVE been disrupted. Some have been disrupted over the last few years to the point of virtual non-existence. Games? This is no game. This is the for real deal, White. Groups have been disrupted…infiltrated…and exposed. And we aren't finished yet - not by a long shot. What we find the most irritating is that we have to take the time out of our busy schedules to deal with a nut job like you. And it isn't that you are so damned important - because in the grand scheme of things you really are amount to little more than an irritating flea - it's that you are a danger to yourself and others. So, with that being said, we can only hope that the powers that be lock you up for safe keeping before you get yourself or someone else killed, or that you run your self-serving mouth enough that they put your ass in prison for the next thirty years. Either way, we'll be glad to help.]

The next thing I've noticed about the communist propaganda in general lately -- and this includes the propaganda circulating in the general press -- is that they are infuriated by the National Socialist Movement's party discipline and the continuing training of our Stromtrooper security forces. I've seen a number of commentators, communist and otherwise, who are downright scared that we may take a group of men and teach them how to march, how to defend themselves, and how to respond to violence from anti-racists and communists in an organized and disciplined fashion. For the kind of dangerous activities the NSM engages in, we have to teach our members to act together as a team -- in fact, that pulling together as a team is at the essence of the socialism that we, as national socialists, advocate. But that kind of discipline and organization terrifies the communists, who have found the NSM more than a tough nut to crack.

[Come off of it, White. No one here is "terrified" of the NSM. Your "battle plan" in Toledo was absolutely hysterical - as well as faulty. And the thought of you playing as a team member is nothing short of incongruous. The thought of this rag-tag act being disciplined Stormtroopers is a real hoot. You have Schoep who has to wear fake contacts to make his eyes look more intense, you have Wallace Jones looking like he combed his hair with a pork chop, then there is Cliff Herrington and a whole host of others whose beer-guts hang so far over their pants that they can't even reach down to tie their shoes and probably have to cop a squat to piss. A closer look would probably reveal their rusty zippers. Throw in a few skinheads and a Native American sellout along with the Semitic looking Blevins and they have created their own multicultural society. This is what people are terrified of? When the NSM marches, Bill…I can't help but laugh. Hitler would have shot half of them and the other half would have been put in concentration camps. ]

Nichols continues with outdated and discredited rumors that she herself -- or her close comrades -- started years ago. She, or one of her associates, is the RevPatrick who stole the password to ShopWhite and subsequently posted credit card information onto the internet. CAH is also the one who hacked VNNForum and posted personal information on its users onto the internet. Yet she has spent the past two years, using bogus IDs on various forums, spreading the rumor -- a rumor believed by no one but herself -- that I somehow released this information onto the internet. I doubt even Alex Linder, who strongly dislikes me and blames me for most of his personal problems, really believes that garbage. And Marc Moran was first ratted out by a Jewish neighbor, who contacted police after reading the first article on his election to the Councilship -- and CAH was among those groups that followed up with a barrage of emails to the local press pointing out his connection to VNN.

Nichols then goes on with a rant discussing opinions that have been expressed by about half a dozen people who care enough to discuss the issue on VNN Forum. Her obsession with a minor internet message board, and her inability to conceive of a range of white nationalist opinions outside of it, has given everyone at NSM a great chuckle.

She concludes by criticizing my white nationalist credentials. Just as Mark Potok once noted to the Roanoke Times that, in his opinion, I "wasn't doing enough for the 'movement'", Nichols notes that she does not feel I am sufficiently committed to "the white race or a white homeland."

[So…you and I have danced long enough - and I can tell you for certain that you have no rhythm. Let's cut to the chase here. What you, in your delusional state, have absolutely no grasp of is the scope of your madness. All that you have said, thus far, attests to the belief held by many that you are a pathological liar and a deeply disturbed person. Perhaps you believe that since two or three years have passed that others will forget who you are and what you have done and said to and about people. Actually, I would rather believe that than to think that you are so immersed in psychosis that you simply believe that there is no hypocrisy or ingenuousness in what you try to make others believe. Either way, I will tell you now, that no matter how deep you buried those things, no matter what you think you have deleted from your site or others, it isn't gone. It hasn't been erased. We have it. We have it ALL.

Now…let's look at who you REALLY are, White - let's take a good long look at who you are and what you are not…

We'll start with Marc Moran who you claim was "ratted out by a Jewish neighbor." He might have been "ratted" on - but he was "outed" by none other than Bill White, to wit:

On July 22, 2002, Bill White, in his quest for notoriety and fame, announced on his website that he would file his nominating petition for the House of Delegates the following day. In his exuberance to thank the many people who helped in this endeavor, White made the following statement in a press release:

"White also thanked the numerous individuals who have contributed to his campaign, particularly Marc and Meredith Moran (of the National Alliance.)"

That was a full year prior to Moran's ouster from the Hopewell Council. No matter how you slice it, dice it, or bake it - Bill White told the press that Marc Moran was a member of the National Alliance.

And who could ever forget the glee that Bill White exhibited during the entire Marc Moran debacle? With headlines like:

We're All over The Trentonian --- Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

And where his only thought was that he, Bill White had made headlines…

[Bill: They forgot to mention that I drove up to Trenton and photographed these guys, their families, and their houses as well -- as well as those of the local media personnel that were bothering Marc. I may drive up to Trenton today just to get a copy of this newspaper; I am so saving this newspaper. This one of the best things I have ever done. ;-D]

Yeah…Bill White not only outed the man…he capitalized upon it. Now, I know that there are those who will hang on in there with Bill White regardless…but trust him? I wonder if Bill White knows how many times over the years we have wondered if he was working for us? I wonder if he knows how many times we have cheered him on?

Let's move now to this Rev. Patrick claim. Just to demonstrate how twisted and convoluted Bill White's thinking is, and just how stupid and gullible he thinks that others in the movement are, Rev. Patrick is Patrick O'Sullivan who is a Creator living in Australia. O'Sullivan spent a lot of time in an Australian prison. This is the same person who White claims threatened his mother.

On December 14, 2003, Bill White made the following statements on his website:

"Speaking of freaks and defectives, the latest update on VNN Forum, besides Patrick O'Sullivan's cowardly and pathetic obsession with my mother, is that I have been contacted by the authorities in both Australia (Computer Crimes Division, State of Victoria) and Canada (someone in Ontario).

"What Patrick O'Sullivan, former Australian leader of the World Church of Creator, is doing is illegal in Australia, and he is on parole. is being hosted through White Revolution's web servers, which are being hosted by a company called, which is run by a Mr Wen Ping Chang of North York, Ontario. As I know, from having hosted websites in Canada, it is illegal to host white nationalist material up there. I haven't complained about, though -- I have made a limited complaint about VNNForum's refusal to remove posts, factual or not, that are threatening to myself or my family -- something which is also illegal in Canada, where free speech laws don't apply. Alex Linder and Tom Martin think its very funny to allow someone to irk me, but this time I don't have a screaming bitch in my ear demanding that I not shut them down."

The hack into ShopWhite and VNN happened in August - several months prior to the threat on White's family. When a list of ShopWhite customers appeared on VNN complete with their names, addresses, phone numbers and credit card numbers Bill rushed to do damage control. Many pointed the finger directly at Bill since he was getting a lot of flack from VNN members for his handling of everything including the outing of Marc Moran and numerous National Alliance members. The list was quickly removed from VNN - but started appearing on other websites and being emailed to people. In typical manic Bill White fashion, he began posting article after article trying to explain what had happened. Just a few excerpts of his many claims appears below:

"The person responsible has already been partially identified, and I am waiting to finish reviewing the logs for both ShopWhite and VNNForum. Every ShopWhite login is recorded and every page that was hit on ShopWhite was recorded along with identifying information that we are turning over to the proper authorities and to the ISP involved. The individual only access the data through the ShopWhite web interface, and we have a perfect record of their login and use of our machine."

"Right now the information has not been widely circulated. If it reappears on other sites or mailing lists I will be much more concerned than I am now. I am still recommending that everyone involved change their passwords and their credit card numbers."

"There is a massive ongoing effort from multiple sources -- Jewish, National Alliance (some would call those two the same thing) and others -- to shut down ShopWhite. We have clearly scared a lot of people out there, and they are trying very hard to intimidate people into not using it -- I can only say, thankfully, that all of these efforts are failing."

"The ShopWhite hacker was not a hacker, per se, but merely a password thief. They illegally accessed two computer systems and illegally stole financial data, and they did it so clumsily that they left footprints all over the place. Though we try not to involve the authorities in political disputes, this will be an exception, and if the Cleveland JTTF needs evidence of financial theft in this case to bust Gliebowitz and his comrades, then they will get it."

"A member of the National Alliance today used a security hole in the VBulletin software (which I did not write) to hack the VNNForum account and gain my administrative username and password. That user name and password was the same as the ShopWhite web interface's username and password, and this individual used that username and password to hack ShopWhite's web interface."

"Someone working from the offices of Cox Communication in Atlanta, Georgia attempted to hack the ShopWhite data base at 3:42 PM on August 23, 2003."

So, at first it was hacked, then it wasn't hacked. Next, it was Erich Gliebe's group who did it, then it was Patrick O'Sullivan, but…no…wait…it was Cox Communications… and now, two years later, it is me. He has yet to explain how I managed to have a sex change operation and become masculine in gender, move to Australia, be convicted of a crime, spend years in prison, come out, move to Atlanta, secure a position with Cox Communications, and hack his pathetic endeavor to rip off white nationalists. I will anxiously await the spin he places on that one. Also…what in the hell would the Cleveland Joint Terrorist Task Force need evidence of financial theft for? Yes, we know that this is one messed up person. Yes, we know that his suspenders are twisted. The problem is…he thinks that he is revealing us when he really is demonstrating what we have been saying all along.

Now, I am not "criticizing" this man's "white nationalist credentials" as he has claimed. To do so would mean that he had some. No, I am not criticizing - I am flatly stating that Bill White is no more a white nationalist than I am. He is an opportunist of the worst kind. In all of his short life, Bill White had never been committed to ANYTHING but Bill White. He has flip-flopped from the extreme left to the extreme right in a series of cartwheels and handsprings that boggle the mind. He demonstrates no allegiance to any of his endeavors. As previously noted by his own statements, if he can't control it and get the proper recognition from it, he wants nothing to do with it. For years Bill White ridiculed those in the movement and the movement itself. In fact, there isn't a white nationalist leader out there who considers him one of them - unless you count Jeff Schoep among the "leaders," and that point would be equally as arguable. Let's look at Bill White's views on white nationalists and the movement - in his own words.

"I am not part of the white nationalist movement because white nationalism has nothing to do with the real betterment of white people - by and large. If I were to become part of them I would then be subject to judgement by their norms, and in all cases, because I am not a miserable failure or misguided as most of the self-defined members are, I would not be properly accepted…"

"I would be real upset about the losers, paranoid freaks and megalomanic self-appointed "elitist" weirdos in the "movement," if it wasn't for the fact that I am not part of the "movement," and thus am totally immune to any repercussions of their peculiar behavior."

"…white nationalism deserves to fail because the people involved in it are too stupid to deserve success, whether that be in their personal lives or their private lives. White nationalism is held back by the freaks defectives, and professional ignoramouses that make up not just its leadership, but much of its rank and file. I am not a white nationalist primarily because I would never want to be lumped in with the idiots who are."

"Most of the white nationalists who are in operation are miserable failures, both personally and professionally. You have petty criminals, porn hustlers, men who live with their mothers, men who can't hold jobs, women with four kids from four different fathers, etc. These folk range from liars to drinkers to thieves to grown men who are still playing at being in "gangs" to the whole list of dysfunctional and deservedly socially rejected people. I can understand playing at being a part of a subculture when you are 14 or 18 or even 21, but if you are 25 or 29 or in your 30's or more, and you are still trying to be "cool" by anyone's standards, you need to grow up."

"I hope most folk out there turn away from the losers and lowlifes of the white nationalist movement and look for constructive ways to build up first themselves, and then their communities."

"I don't like the white nationalist "movement" as a "movement"; it has the same decadent form of either of the two major political parties."

"I'm not a part of fantasy politics. I'm not a National Alliance member because I don't want to play at being a Nazi, and I have no desire to subject myself organizationally to people who aren't competent to judge me."

"…the idiot game that communists and Nazis play fighting each other, just provide more examples of just how idiotic these political fringe fantasies can get. I just want to let both sides know, however, that I'm not part of it. There is a reason you've never been comfortable with my website or my politics, and its not because I'm part of the other side. The reason I make you so angry is because I am above you, I am watching you, and I am mocking you because you are incompetent. I'm not "on the other team" I'm more of the sportscaster commenting except that unlike the sportscasters on TV, I hate both teams, and the reason people tune in is to listen to me rag on both of you.

"Just like there are people who's sport is football, my sport is fringe politics.

"Welcome to my arena, but don't ever make the mistake of thinking I'm playing in your games."

"If someone can name one white nationalist leader or commentator who is gainfully emplyed or who has a history of having built any kind of successful organization in any field, please let me know - outside of the conservative fringe of white nationalism, those people don't exist."

[White's hypocrisy and vacillating allegiances are well documented. He writes as though he has insight in all areas of fringe politics since he has dabbled in all areas. What some fail to realize is that White's perception is so skewed, so contaminated, and so faulty that the things he proffers as fact only resonate in what is true for him, or what will be most beneficial for his own ego needs.]

I always find it ironic when anti-racist and communist activists begin to feel that they are the arbiters of who is and is not committed to the future of the white race. Its because they care so much, right? But here's the question I always ask:

If I'm such an unimportant and minor figure, why do they spend so much time discussing me?

[While it is true that Bill White has lacked any major importance in the role of the racist right in the past, the problem that we are now faced with is that Bill White has insinuated his madness into the middle of some very volatile situations. Whereas the past has seen White merely as a curiosity and a "fringe" player, he has now become dangerous to himself and others. While I might not have any love for the racists and their ideology, I really don't want to see anyone killed because of White's insanity.]

Let's face it, people like Mark Potok and Nicole Nichols don't do anything of importance themselves. When they come to prominence, they come to prominence because they are riding on the coattails of some white nationalist leader or figure that they are criticizing. Mark Potok doesn't go out and right wrong and make the world a better place. Nicole Nichols doesn't do anything to contribute to the betterment of working people in her community. They spend their lives (in Nichols' case, her retirement), criticizing and riding on other people who do things.

[This is pretty typical Bill White. He knows absolutely nothing about this writer. He knows absolutely nothing about my endeavors. Yet he tries to convince others that he is all-knowing. Up until a couple of months ago, White's fantasy was that I was a teen-ager and that CAH was part of a high-school club or some such. Now I have become a crotchety, old, retired woman with nothing better to do with my time than to waste it on him. Of course, the implication in all of this is that Bill White wishes to hell I shut up and go away. Fat chance.]

So how many times has Mark Potok appeared in the newspaper this year talking about me? I dare say I bring him more press than any other white nationalist figure.

So if I'm so unimportant, why doesn't he just say "Well, Bill White is so unimportant that I can't understand why you're bothering me about him. I'm not going to contribute to this undeserved aggrandizement of such a minor figure. No comment."

[Somehow, I don't think Mark is going away anytime soon either Bill.]

But Potok would never do that -- he's an attention whore. And the same is true for Nichols. She says she was expelled from the white nationalist movement for contributing to the murder of a mulatto boy. She has spent the past thirty years trying to find a way back in. Because Nichols is one of those Nazi groupies, like many of the other women who hang around their circles, who has been absolutely rejected by national socialism, but is so fascinated by it that she wants to continue to play with her hobby, even after the serious activists have kicked her out.

[I guess it is time for me to address this craziness since Bill has decided to spin a previous revelation of mine into his own wishing well of things he wished were true.

This is the statement that White refers to:

"The discussions around our dinner table, however, pale in comparison to the three plus years that I spent living with those in the American Nazi Party and various other groups, and the two years after that I spent hiding from them. And while that experience shaped much of what I finally became, holding the bludgeoned and dying body of a seventeen-year-old mixed race boy in my arms as he drew his last breath, determined my anti-racist activities for what would be my eternity."

To clarify: For a period of a little over three years I was married to a member of the American Nazi Party. I did not know of his affiliation with this group until shortly after we were together. During that time, I witnessed many despicable things and experienced the brutality that was then "the Movement." Without going into graphic detail, I was finally able to escape. I spent the next two years hiding. During that time, the son of some friends of mine - the father was white, the mother black - was walking home one night shortly before Christmas and was jumped and beaten to death by a group of Nazi's. I held his broken body in my arms and wept as he drew his last breath. I also vowed that I would fight this insidious and despicable "Movement" forever.

Consequently, Mr. White is, once again, guilty of fabricating a story to fit his own agenda.]

The last thing, her statement that "price" for my political beliefs may be "a little hefty both in currency and freedom" is total garbage, but shows her insane and totalitarian mind state. Political views that are peaceful and that do not encourage a breach of the peace should not carry legal penalties. That viewpoint, which I share, is a fundamental building block of Western society. Nichols, by stating her belief that national socialist political beliefs -- when peacefully expressed without any incitement to lawlessness -- should be punished by criminal and legal action, shows her own tyrannical and, frankly, Jewish and Bolshevik mind state -- a mind state that meets her own definitions of "fascism" and "hate" much better than anything which I or the National Socialist Movement advocate.

[Let's look at what Bill White has stated. "-when peacefully expressed without any incitement to lawlessness…" Now, think back a few weeks - does Toledo ring a bell? Remember that screwed up "game plan" that Bill claimed to have had in place? Remember that during the time when he was on the air with Michael Blevins? He was excitedly reporting that they had incited the opposition in hopes that they would be arrested - and was a little miffed that they weren't. Riots were started in that city because of his "incitement." And…he is promising to do it again. There is nothing lawful or peaceful about any of this.

One of the things that Bill White thinks he's really good at is another one of those young boy actions - committing an act then standing back and feigning complete innocence. Taking responsibility only comes when it benefits him to do so. The problem for Bill in all of this is that most thinking and rational people can see right through him - it's those who are lacking in rational thought who follow him and believe him.]

Her viewpoint is also irrational, as it is not a viewpoint which is particularly shared by America's legal system. It is rare to find a judge so intimidated by the mass media and the communist worldview that he feels a need to rule against someone based on politics alone. Sometimes such judges do arise, but they are rare, and usually inexperienced. White nationalists have lost many lawsuits, but usually due to a lack of legal representation -- or, at least, competent legal representation -- and through the hiring of ridiculously overpriced and highly politicized legal firms.

[White nationalists have lost many rounds in both criminal and civil court. Generally, however, they haven't lost because of ineffective representation - they have lost because their cases, by and large, have been indefensible. You know it and I know it.]

There is no particular risk to either my currency or my freedom at the moment. In fact, my national socialist worldview has directly contributed to the success of my companies, which has greatly increased both my access to currency and the associated freedom to say and do what I want, within the law, without fear of repercussion. It is true that I am constantly being subject to bogus and harassing lawsuits from laughable and marginal figures.

[Oh…I think ITZ COMING!]

(For instance, in the $800,000 lawsuit, I have been getting about 40-50 interrogatories a week from a clearly incompetent lawyer that generally include lists of fantastic and stupid statements like "admit you hired a hit man to kill my client"; inquiries prohibited under Virginia law, like "list all of your bank accounts with account numbers" (a discovery item banned under Virginia's financial privacy laws, and reaffirmed by a specific statutory ban this year); or inquiries that are clearly copied, without editing, from lists of standard interrogatories, like "list all witnesses to the accident, and where they were in relation to your cars", to which we respond "what accident?")

[Interrogatories are generally sent that way, White. That's the way the game is played. And to feign innocence and virtue when it comes to slander is just about as preposterous on your part as anything you have ever done. I seem to remember some pictures on your website, and another that you were affiliated with, and along with a profile they were pretty damned slanderous. The interesting part of that was that it wasn't only anti-racists that you targeted - you did a pretty bang-up job on some of "your own people." But, then, I guess you could justify that by saying that they were the "geeks," "freaks," and "misfits" of the movement…huh?]

However, none of those pose any danger to me, as they are all stupid, and based on the words of people who generally have long histories of telling lies.

[Well, it has taken me quite awhile to be able to address this statement - because I just can't stop laughing. The person with such a history of lying just so happens to be referenced time and time again by others "in the movement," and guess what…that person is Bill White. But rather than try to address that right here and right now…you will have to wait until the next segment of this report. We have a whole section on the "Lies of Bill White."]

The communists, I concluded long ago, when I was among them, live in a fantasy world where they are constantly on the verge of victory against "fascism", when, in reality, they busy themselves either fighting important people very ineffectively, or fighting fringe figures with no real social or political importance very effectively. Ironically, they often consider the larger social figures, which they can't beat, of less importance than the fringe figures which they can. I am glad to find myself considered among the former -- and I hope and intend to stay there.

[Actually Bill…your fantasies cloud your vision to the point of near blindness. But then, maybe I am wrong. Maybe you really do believe that the people who read such statements of yours believe you. Maybe you really don't realize that you are the brunt of jokes among the white nationalist crowd as well as the anti-racist bunch. Maybe you truly are that disturbed.

Matthew Frederick Hale sits in a federal penitentiary facing at least three decades of incarceration - why don't you ask him how "ineffective" the fight was that put him there? Then again, maybe you consider him a figure "with no real social or political importance. After all, compared to you, he was a light-weight, right?
Why do we bother with people like Bill White? Even when he was on the fringe of the movement - the outside looking in - we realized his potential for creating a very volatile situation. In the wake of his take-over of the National Socialist Movement and the events in Toledo last week, we see that he has stepped up his importance more than a notch. He has become important not because he is seen as a leader or as one who will further the movement - but because he is truly a loose cannon who cares nothing for others. He is committed only to that which will garner Bill White attention and headlines. He doesn't care if he gets people hurt or killed as long as it brings him some benefit. Therefore, we have turned up the spotlight and the cameras are rolling - we're watching him…and clearly, he is watching us.


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