Friday, December 02, 2005

Little Man - Big Mouth

Those who follow Hal Turner often try to convince us that he nothing more than a conservative Republican who advocates for the rights of white people. A couple of weeks ago, as he stood in the racist arena located in front of Kingston High School in Kingston, New York, his supporters sang his praises and made every attempt to portray Turner as a right-wing leader who conducted a rally "against violence."

This morning Hal Turner made some updates to his site - updates that do nothing less than belie his altruistic self-portrayal of the gentle and concerned soul that he wanted everyone to believe he was.

Three children are being sought in Orlando, Florida for the kidnap and rape of two women at gunpoint. At ages 17, 14, and 11 the story commands our attention and certainly unnerves us. True to form, however, Hal Turner sensationalizes through headlines reading, "11 Year Old Negro Sought In Gunpoint Rapes," and immediately calls for violence against the alleged perpetrators - no trial; no day in court - just... "Once again, "Black Culture" has loosed Monsters upon normal society. Hunt these animals down and lynch them."

Feeling a little cocky from issuing ultimatums in Kingston, Turner threatens the black community thusly:

"Attention Black America: We whites are fed-up with the brutal, animalistic creatures your culture is setting upon our society. Either the Black Community solves these problems or rest assured the white community will. As you know, we have a nasty version of street justice. It's called a rope. Do we REALLY have to start lynching you again? Is that REALLY what you want?"

This little man with the big mouth then provides a link to a site which very graphically demonstrates how to tie a noose. This little man with the big mouth is the same little man who suggested that murder was in order for a federal judge and then posted the location of other federal judges immediately following the murder of Judge Joan Lefkow's mother and husband. This little man with the big mouth is the same little man who suggested that Halloween might be a really good time for murder since costumes would hide your identity and not be seen as unusual. This little man with the big mouth is the same little man who would have us believe that he isn't about racism...he isn't about hate...he's just about protecting white people.

Now, this esoteric little following that he has garnered for himself might think all of this is really comical but those of us who live in the real world and who abhor the violence and decadence that accompanies racism and bigotry find this to be behavior which borders on the criminal. Additionally, knowing that this little man is nothing more than a mouth run amok, we are assuming that he is hoping that the vigilante justice that he is advocating will be carried out by some poor and depraved individual who would take the fall and leave his hands completely bloodless.

The abduction and rape of these two women is deplorable for certain. And there isn't anyone who detests such acts more than this writer. But this little man's lust for attention knows no bounds or morals or ethics. All this little man is concerned with is that these kids are black and they need to be lynched.

This little man latched onto his very own little "buzz phrase" in Kingston, and like so many people of small mental stature, he became enamoured with his own words, "we have a nasty version of street justice." Well...little man, justice cuts both ways and while we aren't into "street justice," we do know about the "halls of justice." You might just find yourself taking a long walk down that very same corridor.


  1. Nice use of the big five dollar words there - perhaps I taught you the word "altruism" when I handed your ass to you in that other thread?


  2. Hal misses one show and they all have an Ex-Lax party. Hal isn't going anywhere. The support is going to come. I plan to send him monthly donations starting next month.

    The Nigger Lovers will squirm if I ever hit the Powerball. I will make annual donations to keep Hal broadcasting his great message.

  3. I see Hal Turner as sort of a P.T. Barnum of the WN movement.

    He is does a very good MC routine, knows how to reach a much more general public and has a good voice and physical presence.

    It is very interesting to watch him as all the acts in the other rings of this circus are doing their own thing, and he is trying to be the even toned guy with the mega phone.

    I am wondering how effective his roll is or even how many he is reaching if he cannot find the funding to support this show, esp after his big public grand stand in Kingston, which for many would have been a money bringer.

    He will be joining the NSM next Saturday at their rally.

    Will this prove a positive role for Turner, or backfire and hurt his credibility as the more centered voice of the movement?

    I think the answer will be in if can keep his show funded as the result.

  4. Isis, my perception of Turner may be a little more jaded than yours, however, I agree with the P. T. Barnum analogy.

    In some ways, Turner and Bill White resemble each other - especially in their mania for attention.

    Turner's latest schtick is that the National Alliance and Stormfront, along with others are "fake" organizations set up by the government to gather information. His rationale? They don't like him.

    Most of this boils down to the fact that Hal wants the movement to support him financially. He is attempting to drive another wedge between these groups. From my standpoint - that is a good thing.

    Turner is not only irresponisble in his journalism and his broadcasts, he is another who tries to incite violence among the members of the racist right. In that respect, he is dangerous. Turner by himself, however, is impotent.

  5. Hal Turner calls for violence by OTHERS, never himself.

    I think someone with photographic talent in New Jersey should attend Hal's church one day and take pictures of him receiving communion from a non-white. He goes to the noon service at St Anne's Church in Jersey City.

    Overall, he is an asset to antifa but one nutcase might actually do what he tells others to do.

  6. You don't know what Hal might would do if he was cornered. If someone acts on what Hal or anyone says is on themselves.

  7. What is nice is ; The FBI (who just left my house) with some help from local officals say I definately have a case against the Ayran Union.

    While it is not Hal Turner. The harassment I endure stems from his web site. And since I have the proof I need thanks to the so called , "White Supremists" , I do belive we are going to see some nice WHITE folks arrested for HATE crimes of thier own.

    I have never been happier to see a while man fall.

  8. Ah, listen to baby whine. You want some cheese with that whine? Hal has done nothing to you. I doubt if he even knows you exist; but little details like that won't matter to ilk like you.

  9. The harassment speaks for itself dear. I do not have to whine.

    It must be you who posted this:

    I think the only "babies" are the ones who can't see whats right in thier face. We are all the same. And true strength lay in the heart of us all. And racism will not win over truth and honest unconditional respect of each other.

    Case Closed.

  10. It should also be known while the hate emails , posts , phone calls and other harassment has not stopped from our white "friends".

    I fixed things with my LandLord and am happy to say I am not evicted at all. It was NOT prejudice that was the problem. So your prayers and support were answered in those regards. Thank you all who were giving me support.

  11. I can honestly say that I haven't called or emailed you and I never will. I say my opinions on these blogs & message boards, but I don't believe in getting that personal by involving family & etc.

  12. Well thank you Elmer. I respect that you do not do "live" harassment. I do have great respect for the White Supremist movement. More then the racial people could know.

    My own father , God rest him , Was indeed the Imperial Wizard for the Saint Petersburg Florida chapter. And I loved him with all my heart.

    I respect that everyone wants to better things for thier own kind. Blacks and whites. Chinese. Teenagers. Seniors.

    Good luck to us all.

  13. As I said; I do sometimes get too wound up and say some rough things.

    I know what it is to be personally attacked. I had one of the Anti's to write a fake email to my local Police Dept on Halloween of '02 saying that I was going out that night to kill a bunch of Niggers. And, I would take out some of the cops if they tried to stop me. it was a good thing that most of them are good friends of mine or there is no telling how bad it could've been for me. I've had them to post my real name, address and phone number on sites like Ronald McDonald as being a Pedophile and trolling for Kiddie sex. Even some of the Nimbusters said that they were going too far. I tried a couple of times to walk away, and stop all of the online feuds & etc but they wouldn't let me. They would attack me harder till I came back.

    So Toni, I feel your pain and it doen't feel too good and it is not right.

  14. Online fights suck. But debating is good. Words and wisdom come from long conversation about any and all intrests which come to mind really.

    I know a lot more about both sides of this fight we have. From Mr. Turners eyes. Mr. Cobb. My mayor. My kids and you guys.

    Perhaps I am enlightened or endangered. Either way I am glad to be heard.

  15. Steve, it was not antis attacking you. It was your racist buddies from Hal Turners site.

    If you don't like your Name address and phone # being posted then maybe you can tell Hal Turner it is wrong to post personal info on his site

  16. They got most of my personal info from a homepage that I used to have. There was a time when it was safe to post your personal info. Most everyone was doing it back then.

    TunesDJ was the first one to find my homepage when he pasted my pic & my daughter's pic on the school bus and posted it on Hal's first message board.

  17. My info is easy to find. And this brave strong part of me says , "let them come." , while this other part of me says , "what if they come?"

  18. Here's some of the crap that I have to put up with either from Schwartz or one of his Admirers.

    I just put in 33 annonymous tips to Department of H services to tell them Steve is butt tampering Michael. Merry Xmas!

    And a few to the FBI for good measure. My goal is to get Michael taken away from Steve before Christmas!

  19. Steve, your friend Vonbluvens the Nazi called you a pedophile on his show. This this the same guy who informed on George Hutchins of NIM. The same guy who trashed your buddy Hal and many other or your racist pals.

    If you play with snakes expect to get bitten.

  20. Yes, Von got taken in by all of the Bullshit that was said about me being a Pedo. Schwartzo worked hard to get everyone to believe it, but he told so many lies back then that almost everyone ignores him now. Boa was even convinced for a good while till I went on his show. Hal believed me from the beginning.

    Schwartzo is only considered to be a blow hard now. Even his Buds' on Nimbusters have saw the light. Schwartzo has even said that I was a Pervert and definitely not a Pedo. That is till he gets Pissed off and then he goes to running his hole again.


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