Wednesday, December 14, 2005

No Hate Crime in Kingston

In spite of the demonstration, in spite of Hal Turner, in spite of all of the dollars that the racists cost the city of Kingston, New York...there are no hate crime charges. We can only speculate as to what comes next - let's hope we are wrong.


KHS teen indicted for assault, not hate crime
By Mary Fairchild , Freeman staff

KINGSTON - The suspect in the Kingston High School assault that led to a white supremacy rally on the streets of Midtown has been indicted, but not for a hate crime.

An Ulster County grand jury on Tuesday indicted Joseph L. Williams Jr., 16, on felony counts of assault and attempted assault in connection with an Oct. 7 attack on 14-year-old Robert Hedrick.

The fact that Williams is black and Hedrick is white prompted calls, most notably by rally organizer Hal Turner, for Williams to be charged with a hate crime. But police have said all along that the assault was not racially motivated, and the grand jury apparently agreed.

"The grand jury fully explored the case and unanimously determined that the incident was not motivated by race or any other identifiable category of individual," Ulster County District Attorney Donald A. Williams said in a telephone interview on Tuesday.

"Acts of violence in and around our schools are a serious concern for my office and every parent who has a child in school," the prosecutor said in a prepared statement earlier in the day. "What transpired on Oct. 7 entered the zone of criminal conduct that must be dealt with consistent with the laws of this state. Joseph Williams is charged by the grand jury with offenses that bear serious consequences. We hope that this indictment and prosecution will serve as a strong deterrent for other similar conduct."

The Oct. 7 assault prompted Turner, a New Jersey-based white supremacist and Internet radio host, to hold a rally Nov. 19 on Broadway in front of the high school. Turner and 40 supporters, some wearing Nazi uniforms, were greeted by about 200 counterdemonstrators and an equal number of police. The result was an event that was loud and confrontational but not violent.

Turner vowed at the time to hold more rallies in Kingston if the assault suspect was not charged with a hate crime.

The Rev. James Childs, a leader in Kingston's black community and pastor of the Pointe of Praise Family Center on Hurley Avenue in the city, said he was glad the grand jury did not charge Joseph Williams with a hate crime.

"It was not a racial matter," Childs said. "This shows the system works, and I think this means the young man will get a fair trial. The facts of the situation will come out, and the whole thing will be done properly and in order."

Rebekah Hedrick, the assault victim's mother, said the two-count felony indictment was more than she expected and that she would have been surprised if the suspect been charged with a hate crime.

"I believe the hate crime laws are not applied equally," the Tillson resident said. "If the roles had been reversed, I think we would have seen a hate-crime indictment."

Hedrick said her son suffered multiple fractures of facial bones in the incident, has had two surgeries and continues to have impaired vision.

Kingston Police Chief Gerald Keller said the legal system worked in this case.

"The grand jury had the opportunity to hear the facts and came back with the indictments so that justice can be done," he said. "That's the way our criminal justice system works."

Kingston Mayor James Sottile did not respond to a reporter's phone message.


  1. Hal said on his show tonight that the fun in Kingston hasn't even started yet since they don't have the balls to rightfully charge that Niglet Ape. You go Hal!!!!

  2. And still no one knows the side of the accused. A grand jury is nothing more than a prosecutor presenting a case. They say a DA can get a worm indicted on a grand jury.

    We'll see what happens at the trial.

    But you know something, I never thought white supremacist were so much in favor of hate crime laws.

  3. well what a surprise, the black wasn't charged with a hate crime, so what else is new

    blacks are a protected precious minority, they are a cherished darling race who are coddleed and fawned over, celebrated and showcased, their accomplishments are given an overindulgence of attention and their failings are overlooked and excused

    we must learn to understand the 'inner rage' that the poor black carries with him as he lives out a life of oppressed misery within the 'institutionally racist' united states, we must learn to be thankful and honor theese dear people for not burning down the major cities where they reside in since their terrible suffering and the incomprehensible suffering of their forefathers must have been so terrifically bad

    so whenever a black thug goon beats a white half his size to the point of near death our response must be to view it in stoic terms as if the white victim became the latest sacrificial lamb to appease the wrath of rage that the suffering black race has been condemned to carry with them until that blessed day when the white race becomes extinct

  4. The perpetrator is charged with double felonies, but not the crime that ajax, Hal Turner, et al wanted.

    Look: none of you were in the grand jury proceedings, and do not have all the facts. You only know what has trickled out through leaks, which may or may not be strategically placed.

    Deal with it. Justice is not always perfect. Sounds to me like two felonies is a decent outcome.

  5. The 350+ Lb Niglet was calling the boy all kinds of names while he was trying to kill him. That automatically made it a Hate crime.

    Maybe us Whites wouldn't have to be so concerned about the Hate crime laws if they were enforced equally. The Nigger Lovers don't want to charge Niggers with Hate crimes when they openly commit them for some reason.

  6. My last comment about the perp calling the victim a white nigger while he was beating him was deleted.

    Wonder why.

  7. Harry, why do you continually use the singular term of "white supremacist" when you really mean the plural?

  8. Mr. Blevins - I just arrived here - and I can assure you that I have deleted nothing. If Steve Holsten's posts are still standing, why would I delete yours?

  9. Mr. Blevins - perhaps you need to look in the next thread - it seems you posted your tidbit in a thread about Katrina victims. A little confused, maybe?

  10. Why was a picture of myself used in this article about Kingston, NY? Wouldn't it have been more appropriate to use Turner's picture? I mean, it was Turner who actually organized the event.

    Just curious.

  11. I used it because I just love that pained look on your face and that clenched fist. You just

  12. Blevins,

    She chose your picture because you are the most dorkest looking nazi of the bunch.

    You should be in a more cheerful mood starting in January. Medicare will pick up most of the cost of your Seroquel and other psychotic medicine cost.

    Keep puffing those cigarettes triple chin. You only quicken up the hopes of Sarasota residents with each puff.

  13. Listen to the Filthy Hook Nose KIKE spew more of his hateful Shit. Always putting someone who is White down.

  14. Seroquel Blevins is a piece of shit regardless of his skin color.

    Hitler would have gassed both Blevins and you Steve Holsten for having Cerebral Palsy.

    And I'm more "aryan" looking than you.

  15. Well I know this. The colored boy got beat up by a White student recently.

    The White student (name withheld for the moment) was suspended and charged with something.. not sure. He did not seem terribly upset to me in the mall tonight. I play In The Groove there friday nights with my family.

    He said to me thought, "I beat up a guy who beat up my friend." He said he got in big trouble. But did not elaborate onwhat "trouble" was.

    I found this intresting truly. I see these folks every day almost during the week. They are ALL nice kids. Friends.

    It is all about people and how we relate to each other. I think they are doing a good job in taking care of the issue of hate crime and simple immature reaction. If the punishment needs to be harsh and fitting to the crime I am certain they will find it.

    I am afraid of Hal Turner and his crazy harassing people. If they come to Kingston again it does not matter. If they hurt some one they will be arrested like everyone else.

    I missed a bit of reading here. This piece was a great read from this writers point of view.

  16. Actually, I don't know if the city would be able to get an injunction against Hal and his people to prevent them from demonstrating again. However, given the fact that Hal publicly stated that they would keep coming back until they banrupted the city - I would think that the court would take that into consideration.

    This is a really tough one. On the one hand, you have civil rights that must be protected. On the other hand you have a group of people who are abrogating the rights of others through their stated intent to place the community in financial danger. At any rate, it will be an interesting case to watch.

  17. Nikki,

    I think it would depend if someone is competent enough to argue on Hal's behalf that he has the right to rally in the streets. With Hal, someone will have to do it pro-bono because we know he isn't going to hire any lawyer.

    Just like his bogus threat to sue because he claims to have been racially discriminated against when trying to go to a restuarant. Hal's all mouth and short on everything else.

    But I'll clue Hal in, he and his group were not discriminated against by race. I'll let the bonehads figure out why.

  18. As usual, ole Schwartzo is screaming that he still wants to suck Hal's Dick


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