Saturday, December 10, 2005

Toledo Rally

Early reports from Toledo say that two photographers have been arrested for not obeying police orders. While Michael Blevins has had Bill white onair a couple of times, it is difficult to tell where the truth begins and ends.

At 1:35 Toledo time, the Nazi's had not arrived at the rally site. There were over 200 protestors present awaiting their arrival. The media also reported the presence of 700 police officers. Bill White came back on the Von Bluvens show, and reported that they were going through the last checkpoint. It would appear that the 2-hour rally will be lucky to last an hour. Additionally, White was cut off by the FOX News report.

In his initial report, White claimed that some of his people had infiltrated the anti-racists who were gathering elsewhere and that many arrests had been made. All participants are under court order to hold demonstrations in the assigned areas only. This would mean that the Nazi's who had "infiltrated" were also in a no-rally zone and should be subject to a $25,000 fine.

We had a moment of comic relief when White reported being surrounded by "Highway Patrolmen with machine guns." Our prayers are with Mike and Isis and all of those in Toledo today. Updates as they come available.


Bill White was reporting that the Nazi's were going through their last checkpoint before reaching the rally point and he was cut off by a report from FOX News - does this mean that he was somehow tapped into FOX News audio? Within minutes after Tony Willow questioned this, Michael Blevins took the show off of his site - but, we have it. LISTEN HERE

Just as we had hoped, the Nazi's held another non-event. Using a pitiful public address system, and sometimes a bull-horn, their message really reached no one other than themselves. The police strategically isolated the Nazi's and the protestors so that all that really was accomplished was that the Nazi's spewed their hate to thier own. And, that is how it should be!

It will be interesting to now watch the spin that will inevitably take place.


  1. i hope the anti-nazis burn down half of toledo today to protest the nazi rally

    if they do so they will show to everyone who the real trouble makers are

    but as usual little nikki and her nestlings will blame the nazis for whatever reaction the ant-nazi protestors have in store for the city of toledo

  2. ajax - you are smarter than that.

  3. From the sound of things; the authorities had the Niggers & Nigger Lovers in check. None of Bill's group were arrested, but several of the Anti's went to jail.

    The Black Nigger Panthers were busted for trying to hide some kind of weapons.

    Was the One People's Prick involved? I know I didn't hear his name all day.

  4. I thought this rally was going to fizzle out and be even smaller than the Yorktown, Kingston, rallies.

  5. Your Buddy the Prick is coming on Fox News right now, Schwartzo

  6. Harry - you made a good call.

    Stevo - you are getting really tiresome with all of this genetalia stuff. Could it be that your innermost feelings are starting to break out into words?

  7. My calling a trouble making Nigger with an evil website the "One People's Prick" does not make me out to be a Faggot.

  8. Nikki said...

    Stevo - you are getting really tiresome with all of this genetalia stuff.

    On other boards he likes to post photos of male genetalia, normal people do not do this

  9. I Only post the Dick pic on Nimbusters, and then only when one of the Faggots Fuck with me by falsely calling a Pedo and/or a Faggot.

    Proudly Spending My Days Bitch Slapping Harry Schwartzo's KIKE Ass All Over The Net.


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