Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Chain of Fools

There's an old saying, be careful what you wish for because you might get it. For years we have been wishing for the demise certain of hate groups and, by George, we got it!

We have kissed the National Alliance goodbye, and all but thrown the last handful of dirt on the Creativity Movement. We have smugly watched as certain individuals have been sent off to prison or ostracised by the movement. We have danced a little jig and celebrated more than a few times as the whole of the racist right appears to be in utter disarray. And...we got our wishes.

Now, I'm not complaining at all - I kind of find what has become the "replacement" group more than a little amusing. Watching those who cannot exist without benefit of a "leader" or a group to follow, scurry around like rats on a sinking ship has been quite a source of entertainment. Also, taking bets on who is going to bloody who is better than any boxing match I have ever seen. But, what is taking place in the racist quarters these days almost defies description.

In the writing of "Deliverance Revisited" I barely scratched the surface on Craig Cobb and his ersatz "adventures," and that is only part of the story, believe gets curioser and curiouser.

I think we can all agree that Cobb stands a pretty good chance at landing a spot in the remake of the movie, "Deliverance" should one ever come about. Cobb goes by the name "Chain" on Vanguard News Network, and while he tells everyone that he is a "Creator," we get more than a chuckle out of knowing that 90% of the American public has no idea of what that means. They probably just assume that it is a West Virginia thing - something endemic to those living in secluded areas. But, the "strangeness" surrounding Cobb isn't just because of his un-washed and unkempt appearance - oh no - it also has to do with his associations. Unlike others, Craig doesn't discriminate among groups or individuals within the movement. He will work with anyone!And, I do mean, ANYONE!

In Craig's own words..."I like White Racialists, period. Excoriate any leaders all you want; it won't change my attitudes about White Racialists..." We believe him.
The National Socialist Movement has been referred to as nothing more than "Hollywood Nazi's" by members of the racist right for quite some time. But all of the derogatory comments don't phase Mr. Cobb - after all, Matt Hale was accused of "going Hollywood," and if it was good enough for the "leader" of Cobb's church - he just might be headed that way himself.

Recently, Cobb engaged in a little drama that was played out in Kingston, New York. Hal Turner and friends held a rally across from Kingston High School to protest the beating of a white student by a black student. As the community was holding its breath in hopes that no violence would break out, Craig Cobb, video camera in hand, decided that everything was just a little too peaceful for him. In an absolutely despicable display of vitriolic vituperation Cobb accosted the onlooking citizens of Kingston. Comments laced with invective and racial slurs that were formulated with the sole purpose of eliciting a negative reaction, were hurled at blacks and whites alike while the camera rolled.

Previously, Craig had tried to attend a demonstration in Toledo, Ohio at which he was turned around and denied entry. That demonstration resulted in a riot. Perhaps, he was seeking the same sort of thing in Kingston. Or, perhaps he is trying to impress the others in the movement with his racist prowess. In either event, Craig Cobb succeeded in nothing other than showing his ass to a bevy of people and furthering our point that you just can't take a racist anywhere.

As Cobb was attempting to incite the citizens of Kingston, a really quirky thing happened when Hal Turner introduced an attorney from California as the next speaker. Mona Montgomery screeched into the microphone that the Holocaust had never happened. As she ranted on and on about "the Jews," those present, as well as those listening, had a hard time understanding how any of her acrid disparagements related to violence at Kingston High School. Of course, it didn't much matter as she made the point that racists really don't have a point. It is kind of funny, however, to note that this is the same attorney that holds the position claiming that "the Jews ate Jesus."

Craig owns a small store in Frost, West Virginia and resides in Marlington. When I first encountered him, he lived in Hawaii. Cobb was having a squabble with a Pizza Hut over being denied a job. As a matter of fact, he claimed that is what caused him to join the World Church of the Creator. That was in 2002. Cobb came to the mainland and purchased a small grocery store in rural Pochontas County. Claiming that he wanted to turn the store into a white supremacist shop, he gained the attention of local government officials who were already familiar with the nearby National Alliance. Sources close to the Alliance and Craig Cobb claim that even the NA considered him too extreme for them, however.

When Matt Hale, the leader of the "Creativity Movement," (f/k/a "World Church of the Creator") lost his trademark lawsuit and was ordered by Judge Joan Lefkow to give up the name of his organization, Craig Cobb took it very personally. Jumping into the middle of the fray, amid Hale vowing to never comply with the court order, Cobb began publishing information on the Judge. "Cobb posted photographs of Michael and Joan Lefkow, their four daughters, a son-in-law, a grandson, twin granddaughters, the name of and driving directions to the Lefkows' church, even this helpful descriptor from the church newsletter: "Friends say he always is seen in a tie and then there's the signature hat."
A week later, Cobb was back with more: the home address of Michael and Joan Lefkow in Chicago." (Dennis Roddy, March 6, 2005).
Also complicit in the publishing of personal information on the Lefkow's was long-time skinhead mentor, Tom Metzger, and, of course, the "look at me Nazi," Bill White.
On Februrary 28, 2005, Judge Joan Lefkow found her husband and mother murdered in the basement of her home. While all eyes were on Creators and other white supremacists, Craig Cobb made the following statement the day after the killings:

"Where Can I Send My Floral Arrangement?-Lefkow's Hubbi&Momi Murdered-RIP-FBI Visit Me

"I do hope we can acquire funereal-shot replacement photos of the Lefkowitz' oroonatan quadroon grandkiddies which were ripped offline from judge candidate Mr. Lefkow's official website after White sites linked to them. America's complacent Whites need to, for simple and mere free society informational purposes only,see the genetic latte ugliness facing them everywhere after America finally gets turned into a dusky neo Brazil/Mexico."

Clearly, Craig Cobb is without a soul or a heart, and clearly, he had no compassion for the victims or Judge Lefkow. In his reporting of the crime to the members of Vanguard News Network, Cobb entitled his post "Whites Fight Back." For those racists who were trying to convince everyone that it wasn't anyone in their fold who had committed the crime, this title created more than a little rancor among them. Of course, it is little wonder that three days after the murders the FBI were standing at Cobb's door. Within a few days it was found that the actual murderer was not a member of the racist right and that he was another litigant who was upset over a ruling by the judge. However, as many have speculated, it is not clear whether or not the posting of so much personal information on the internet assisted the perpetrator in the commission of this murder.

As Cobb was combing the archives in search of the lost pictures of the Lefkow grandchildren, one of his buddies, Hal Turner, posted a picture of the Judge with the caption "GOTCHA" on his website. He then started calling for violence against other federal judges who carry out "unjust" decisions against white people. When he put the personal information up regarding certain district judges it was not long before law enforcement insisted that he remove the information.

Craig has distinguished himself among the leaders and the members of Vanguard News Network as he has produced several audio and video "shows" for them. Most consider him devoted to the cause of the white race. Cobb is one of the few Creators remaining who willingly announce their affiliation with pride.

As December 10, draws near so does the planned revisiting of Toledo by the Nazi's. What we can count on is the usual rag-tag bunch of Hollywood Nazi's converging on Toledo along with a host of beer-bellied racists being joined by the tattooed and bald skinheads. In general, the weirdos will harass the on-lookers and spew racist vitriol at the top of their lungs in an effort to rile and incite the general public and garner a few headlines and soundbites. Can we count on Cobb to "work the crowd?" Probably. But only if he brings his camera. All in all, it should prove to be nothing short of another embarrassing spectacle for those on the racist right.

What isn't clear about the event in Toledo is whether the "Commander" of the National Socialist Movement will make an appearance. It seems that Jeff Schoep has all but surrendered control of his group to the likes of Bill White who seems to speak for the organization as well as give orders and directions. Wondering if the coup has been successful and Schoep is just going to join his buddy Anthony Pierpont in Thailand, has been another source of bet making in our circles.

As Cobb seems to be emerging as a prominent voice among the Creator left-overs, we thought it might be the neighborly thing to do to introduce him to some of his new recruits. It seems that the pesky little Joel DuFresne has been quite busy of late picking up a few new members. Not all "Creator's" are very happy with
his new acquistions, however. Of course, not all of them are happy with the new, self-appointed, leaders either.

Craig Cobb seems to have found his niche. There are those who gather round with accolades and kudos and a few who hold him in awe as one of the biggest distributers of the Aryan Alternative (VNN's rag). Cobb lacks all things valued by mainstream society. His race is his religion. He has no compassion for anything or anyone non-white. He hates and he is proud of that hate. Murder and mayhem don't bother Cobb unless the victim is someone who fits his narrow criteria of "white." The public persona of Craig Cobb is one that causes others to suggest that he bathe, to indicate that he is out-of-bounds in his voiciferations. Yet there are those who lack sesibilities to all things human and correct who will blindly follow Craig "Chain" Cobb to any extreme that he chooses to lead them. That's why Cobb and his chain of fools have entered our sights. And that's where he and they will remain until...


  1. What a heart warming story about one of our fine Whites. Mr Cobb is to be honored. I hope he does get to be in Toledo. Mr Turner just said on his show that weather permitting; he will be in Toledo to make a speech. I just wish I was financially able to make these Rallies.

  2. You get 900 a month tax free from the government, plus 450 a month for your child, plus a 6,000 dollar tax refund each year plus your wife works at Walmart, plus Medicare and Medicaid, you only pay 450 a month in rent and you can't afford to go to a rally? Come on Steevo......And I thought you hated nazi's but seem to love them now.

    I hope they throw some yellow colored snowballs at the nazis this saturday.

    The good news now is that Bill White, Hal turner, Vonbluvens or Jeff Schoep hasn't said if they are coming or not. With the wind chill expected around zero this saturday in Toledo, I expect a very low turnout.

    I hope the cops delay the rally for about an hour and make them sit out in the freezing weather outside during that time.

    **********To Nicole***********

    Doesn't it look like that Craig Cobb and his hairstyle indicate to you that he has been playing with a butterknife by an electrical socket? :)

    Nice article Nicole. Don't ya love exposing these rejects of society?

  3. Elmer - I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Yes, Harry...I really do love it! LOL! a butterknife??? LOL. Ya know, I have never minded long hair on a man as long as it and the rest of him is clean. Craig Cobb always looks unkempt to me. Evidently, he does to others too - after what a couple of people said to him in that video in Kingston.

  4. The KIKE comes out of Schwartzo again. I do not get $900 a month. We pay $340 a month for the sitter for our baby & 3 yr old daughter. We have two vehicle payments of $285 a month. The utilities run around $220 plus cable with Road Runner Premium is around $100 a month. My wife pays $270 out of her pay for health insurance. i do not qualify for Medicaid. The Medicare premium is almost $100 a month. We spend between $600 - $800 a month food. The tax refund was spent way back at the first of the year. It'll be a couple of months before we get this year's refund. So KIKE, I can't afford to go.

    I don't like posting my personal info & etc, but I'm proving a point that KIKE Schwartzo is spewing Shit lies again about something that he doesn't know what the Fuck he's talking about.

    I have still not said that I hate anyone. I just don't worship Hitler. I said that I like what Cobb has done, but I'm not joining any White groups.

    And yes KIKE, Hal is going Saturday; weather permitting. He already has the plane ticket and the car rental arrangements made. I don't think Von is able to go.

  5. I under estimated Steve's income. He not only gets 900 bucks for himself and 450 for his newborn but now that he has been married a year, his wife's 2 children also will start getting 450 a month also giving Steve another 900 a month tax free. Yup, after one year of marriage, the step-children also receive social security checks until the age of 18 or some cases further.

    Steve knows I work with Medicare and social security all the time so he knows what I am saying is true. Now let's pick apart Steevo some more.

    $285 a month for two cars that are nearly 20 years old? (88 truck and 81 Caddy I think) And you wonder why we call you retarded. I pay $250 a month for my new 2005 Crown Vic which I keep trading in every few years. Plus I get the satisfaction of watching everyone slow down to 55 on the interstate, especially when I got my first responder lights on the dashboard.


    $220 a month for utilites. I pay that much but I got 2,800 sqaure feet now. That's a lot for your small place, tell your landlord to get you decent heating and cooling system along with insulation. I spent this summer 1,400 on a new heat pump for a trailer I rent out and her ulities dropped in half.

    And yes, you do get Medicare for yourself and your son gets Medicaid as do your two step-children qualify for Medicaid now.

    Medicare part-B preimum is not 100 bucks a month. Try 45. I deal with them all the time for my clients. Once the new drug plan kicks in next year, it's going up but prescriptions will be much cheaper.

    $100 a month for Road Runner is an expense you put on yourself. That's $1,200 a year saved right there.

    600-800 a month on food?
    Are you on a 12,000 calorie a day diet or something? What are you eating, caviar every night? I'm lucky to spend 300 a month on me, my wife, and my daughter.

    270 a month for Walmart insurance?
    No wonder so many people hate Walmart.

    But let's review that $6,000 you claimed you got last year on income taxes? You were bragging on NIM Busters about all the new computer stuff and truck stuff you were going to buy with the tax refund when I was telling you what you should do with it.

    Invest it. Save it. Don't touch it. Pay off your car loans. But did you listen? Nope, you went out and bought all the crap on yourself. Now it's gone.

    And you were so desperate to get that money that you paid many 100s of dollars just to get an early income tax check. Didn't I tell you last year that was foolish?

    So maybe if you learned to manage your money, you wouldn't be so broke throughout the year. The Government declared you indigent in 1980 and perhaps if someone would actually control your finances for you, you wouldn't be living month to month like you do now.

    Maybe you should let me manage your money for you. I guarantee in a year, you would be ready to buy a house instead of wasting money on rent. Maybe it's the jewish blood in me.


  6. Yes, excellent article Nicole. I have been trying to get the word out to Toledoans about Mr. Cobb and his harassment, instigation, and idiocy.

    If enough light is shined on him, he may not be able to slither into Toledo unnoticed, and the police can send him to hang out with Bill White instead of stirring up trouble elsewhere.

  7. Don't forget, kids - has continuous live coverage of Nazifest 2005 Mach 2.

  8. No KIKE Schwartzo, you're still spewing Shit. The baby only gets $416. I did sign her girls up to get Social Sec from me, but it was denied because they get over 50% of their support from my wife since her income is more than mine.

    We know that you claim to work with some of the Social Services programs & etc, but you don't know what the Fuck you're talking about when it comes to me. I think that's a bunch of Bull Shit about what work you. I wouldn't doubt you sitting on your Ass everyday and your wife being the real bread winner in your home.

    Yep, you're also wrong about my vehicles. They are an '85 & '90 models. We borrowed an extra $1,000 when we bought the car. The truck was bought & paid for. I paid cash when I bought it. I borrowed against it to have the transmission rebuilt. We are buying some kind of SUV when we get this year's refund. We have outgrown the Caddy. We need a good late 90's Suburban or Tahoe Diesel.

    We are buying this house after the 1st of the year from the landlord. We are giving $40,000 at 8%.

    The utilities that I spoke of includes electric, gas, water & sewer. I know I could save $1,200 a month on cable, but I choose not to. This 8 mb net service is all right.

    The premium on my Medicare is $78 and not $45 like you said. That was a few years ago. It will increase after the 1st of the year. The kids do get Medicaid, but my wife's insurance is the primary.

    The food expense is not all food. That's about what we spend a month at Wal-Mart for food and house cleaning supplies & etc.

    And no Mother Fucker, I don't need any help from you with our money. We make it just fine. We just don't have money to attend Rallies & etc like I'd like.

  9. Butter knife... electrical socket... craig cobbs hair "cut" haahaa haa

    Who is this elmer frazier FREAK? He is scary. Never mind I don't want to know who he is.

  10. hey Harry,

    How the hell do you know all this stuff about Elmer? Do you stalk him?

  11. Thank you. He has admired me & obsessed over me for almost 5 yrs.

  12. That parody site is a riot! Hats off and props to Bob!


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