Saturday, December 31, 2005

What A Little Madness A Year Can Bring

by Nicole Nichols

Another year under our belts and a lot of reflection on our victories and our not-so happy moments is always good for the soul of any organization. As we were all clamoring around trying to pull all the 2005 events together we were absolutely amazed at all that had transpired in twelve short months. We were also more than pleased at the accomplishments we have racked up. That being said, let's get to the year in review.

January of 2005, had the disgruntled National Alliance members still smarting over the fact that Erich Gliebe had actually granted me an interview. While they were scratching their heads wondering why, Gliebe had a few more items on his agenda that he would be quite a surprise to everyone.

White came under the scrutiny of the NAACP for the discriminatory practices he invokes in renting his properties. The investigation which is still underway will certainly yield a bevy of infractions and cost him a considerable amount of money and a great deal of angst. But, true to form, he is fighting back. One has to wonder how he can bandy with the powers that be after his own discussions over how white his holdings have become. But, if you are Bill White, a narcissist, and omnipotent all things are possible.

White's law-suits and rental practices, histrionics and web postings, along with many letters of complaint written to the appropriate people all combined to make him the target of the nation's watchdog group in the area of Fair Housing. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is interested in finding the truth about Bill White and his company.

As is typical with White, nothing in his life is kept private. The pathology of his affliction will not allow him to keep things unto himself after all, his self-importance is such that the entire world is waiting to hear about his every thought and move. Of course, we would hear much more from White later in the year.

On a very sad note, however, the night of January 8, turned to murder. Daniel Judge, a skinhead Creator out of Joliet, Illinois, stabbed and killed Joseph Karpen and wounded his brother. Brian Moudry, the Creator leader in Joliet claimed that the murder wasn't racially motivated but the Karpen family and friends claimed differently. A plea went up from Moudry for financial assistance from his fellow Creators for Judge's defense. In so doing, he couldn't help but mention the circumstances surrounding the crime. His statement, "This stemmed from a altercation one of our other brothers was having with a black, and some race traitors came to the blacks defense…" Signaled nothing less than a racially charged set-to.

In writing about the actions taken by Judge, I had been in touch with family and friends and had a pretty good picture of the kind of man Joseph Karpen was. Conversely, I didn't know Judge but his savior, Brian Moudry, was familiar territory. At that time I wrote the following:

"The upshot of all of this is that another Creator went berserk, took a life, and wounded another. In August of last year, it was Hardy Lloyd that I reported on after he shot and killed his girlfriend. Prior to that the head of the Creator's had been convicted of soliciting the murder of a federal judge. Just a few years ago, it was Benjamin Smith who went on his shooting rampage killing 2 and wounding 9. And the list goes on and on. Where does it end?

Joseph Karpen was 25 years old with a whole lifetime ahead of him. His brother, Ben, is only 20 and will, undoubtedly, never forget the night of January 8, 2005, - the night his brother was killed and he was wounded by a crazed and sick man who had also been the victim of hate. Daniel Judge is 19 years old and his life is all but over."

Brian Moudry really didn't care for what I had to say and a series of emails ensued, in which he claimed to have no knowledge of exactly what happened because he was at home in bed, and at the same time he insisted that there was no racial aspect to the crime.

Daniel Judge remains in jail on First Degree Murder charges with a trial date of January 9th, 2006.



  1. Nice work in encapsulating the crazy year of 2005, Nikki. I was a latecomer, only becoming acquainted with CAH in October while researching the NSM and Mr. White.

    I hope that 2006 is a happy, healthy, and prosperous one for you, Tony, ROH, and CAH.

  2. Thank you Mike. This was a wild ride because so much took place. I'm gald you happened along - I just wish it would have been under different circumstances.

    Hopefully, Toledo can put most of this behind them and take care of the things that need to be taken care of. The money and resources expended on this craziness can certainly be put to much better use.

    I hope that 2006 brings you and yours the very same thing.

  3. Sorry to see that Toledo took an unfair brunt of racist pigs this year but overall, 2005 was another bad year for white supremacy. Even Tom Szych turned against the nazis in the end.

    Looks like Hal Turner had a cocaine binge for New Year's and appears fixated on me.

    Happy New Year to the CAH team and to History Mike.

  4. Well well...the year in review, all those "crazy Nazis", Creators, general White men gone mad.

    Not one word of the savage nigg..(pardon me I meant) "Noble negro" nearly beating a White kid to death...

    Nothing about the "Noble savages rioting and burning down their own damn neighbor hood.....

    Yes Nikki, by all means ring the warning bells, "Those Violent Nazis" might come to town and give another speech.

    Oh well, happy new year to you antis, j-ws, liberals, mentally ill do-gooders, ect...

    Hail Victory!

  5. I spoke too soon, the "continued" link takes you to that "Citizens Against Whites" site, where you do make a very brief mention of the savages.

    Nothing on the White kid having a metal plate in his head, a gift from the "Noble Negro". Nothing about the savage saying "I hate you white niggers" as he's beating the much smaller white kid. No hate there huh Nikki?

    Those poor rioters...."Just more than some onlookers could take".
    Nikki you're nearly a treat, carry on.

    Hail Victory!

  6. Interesting as always Nikki. Keep up the good work. Watch for a Turner blow up. "...too much smoke, too much coke...look what's going on around Hal..."

    -Black Jesus

  7. Bill had another mental meltdown today writing his own psychological review. Like for example how many psychologist would write:

    He's absolutely right. The world must change. [/quote]

    No psychologist would put that remark into a psychological review

    He wants to win, but he respects his opponents. He fights fair.

    No psychologist would write that.

    The only part of the story that is true is that Bill met with psychologist. Probably lots of them.

    Bill, no one believes you. You should consider comedy for a living. Thanks for the laugh, you are quite entertaining at times.

    His IQ is around 110 to 115. Slighly above average but nothing to brag about.


  9. After reading Mr. White's "Psych Evaluation" on his website today, I am now thoroughly convinced he is every bit as psychopathically deranged as Turner, Blevins, et all.

    No self-respecting individual feels the need to advertise their intellectual superiority; to do this is the sure mark of a man afflicted with grave self-esteem issues.

    Also, I highly doubt the veracity of any claims made in the piece. It doesn't have a very "professional" feel to it, and is, almost certainly, a fabrication of some sort. No doubt Mr. White is intelligent, but even were he a "genius" he would still be amoral, sociopathic, and wretched. No: an "artist" could, perhaps, be forgiven personal faults in consideration of the value of his artistic vision.

    Bill White, to the best of my knowledge, has never produced a single painting, piece of music, film, book, or ANYTHING even minimally redeeming. Instead, his sole claim to fame besides ejaculating his banal prose into the void of cyberspace, is inciting riots in Toledo and marching around in a bad, Hollywood-knockoff Nazi uniform.

    Tell me, Mr. White: if you are truly such a "sterling" example of intellectual prowess, how is it that you never managed to secure a degree from a distinguished university? Even poor, lowly, ME has a B.S.

    Is being the "Fuhrer" of a paltry 200-man imitation Nazi Squadron ALL you could manage to achieve in thirty-odd years of living?

    Mr. White,you would do good to learn a little humility. Fringe dwellers can't AFFORD to boast.

    Yours Truly,


  10. OMG! I just read it - and this is just too funny. I can't wait to write about this!

    EB - I think I love you.

  11. Everetts,

    Bill's main argument to debate people with is to talk about sexual erotica stories. He is incapable of debating anyone rationally.

    Bill also couldn't even get into the University of Maryland without going to community college first. Either his grades were low is his SAT scores were low. Then he couldn't even complete college. No doubt his mania and OCD had a lot to do with the fact that White can not focus on something for long, except for sexual fantasises about other people.

    And the lie about him graduating high school early is a myth also. He graduated in 1995. At the early age of 18.

  12. Dear Nikki and Harry,

    Bill White is the sort of individual I understand well; I went through many "fazes" growing up. I was a highschool metalhead, a punk rocker, a communist, a "dark, scary, Satanic-type, gothic rocker", an "afflicted artist", a misanthrope, and, quite possibly, the most hated newspaper columnist my university had ever had the displeasure of publishing.

    Finally, it occured to me that everything my Father and Grandfather had told me about the world was true: America is great, freedom is tops, Jesus is Lord,and radical "fringe" movements are, on the whole, a waste of individual potential and a drain on society.

    Bill needs, badly, to come to grips with the fact that Intellect divorced from Ethics is only MEMORY--not true INTELLIGENCE. If Bill was truly GENIUS, his personal achievements would give testament to his level of merit. Merit breeds Success. Bill has wasted a good part of his life picking "loser causes" to support.

    Nikki, I wouldn't even care about these people and their existence in our society were it not for the fact that there is a marginal possibility (a frightening one) that alot of young people are listening to them. Their main outlet for propaganda, it would seem, is WP music. As an ex-Punker, I can tell you that Skinheads are among the most violent groups of people walking, and I don't like or trust ONE of them.

    Bill, Blevins, and Hal--the Three Stooges of Hate, have been on my heart alot. Hal is unreachable; I've communicated with him directly on his own message boards, and only an inspired Act of God would convince him that he should quit running MY religion through the mud on his internet radio show.

    Blevins seems like an "oddball", although his Anti-Semitic invective is digusting.

    Bill is Intelligent, and a sicko. anyone that dons a Nazi uniform, in my opinion might as well put a sign on their back reading:" I advocate child killing". I get very upset when these fools dabble in Holocaust Denial, as well.

    They might as well just spit on the graves of a million murdered kids.


    Thanks for the kudos. These people make me so furious sometimes, I could weep. Take care Nikki and Harry. I will post more later.

    PS: Bill does, I will say, bear a striking and somewhat ironic resemblance, in one of your photos, to the comedian Dan Ackroyd. Ironic in the fact that American Nazism played a significant role in that benchmark of the American Cinema, The Blues Brothers, starring...Dan Ackroyd.

    I doubt though that anyone of the Bill White mindset has any appreciation for irony.

  13. Hal Turner is simply a nutcase. Go to and check out the picture of his "catholic father". While he preaches hate on this site, he gets on his knees to recieve communion from a non-white each Sunday. ALmost 100% of the people who share his wifes condo (it is only in her name) are non-white. When Hal lived in Florida, he lived with all hispanics. (I checked his driver's record, I can email proof). Hal's been on mental disability since 2004. He owns nothing in his name and even his bank account is only in his wife's name. I found this out when I donated a small amount to him this year and saw him signing the money order over in his wife's name then it went into HER bank account. So yes, I know his wife's bank and her account number.

    Michael Blevins is on mental disabilty. He isn't allowed to see his two kids in Virginia by court order. He's been in psych wards many times and lived at a halfway for felons and the mentally ill in Roanoke for years. Hopefully he'll keep smoking those cigarettes and quickening up the process.

    Believe it or not, Bill White is the most intelligent and sane of the three. At least Bill White doesn't get a government check each month and does have a good business plan to make money, although he is far from being a millionaire at this time since all his properties are mortagaged almost to the max. When his equity is $1,000,000, then he can call himself a millionaire. If he maintains those properties for 10-20 years, he will be a millionaire on paper.

    Of all the things I say negative about White, his real estate plan is a good one. But I do think someone is else is going to sue him into the ground one day like Morris Dees or even the Edward Hamilton lawsuit against White that is coming up.

  14. Why the Fuck do I think you might change for the better sometimes? I've tried tp post you civily here lately, and here you go again sticking your nose in others' business. It Fucking pisses me off.

    What the Fuck do you care what others' incomes are; or what is in who's name or whatever. Get the Fuck over it; it's none of your Fucking business.

    You even worry about where others' live and go to church. Again, that is none of your Fucking business.

    You don't work either. You're on the boards & blogs 24/7. Oh sure, you claim to work in home business or whatever, but the Fucking truth is that you're a Fucking board troll. You run the net in search of any personal tid bits you can find on others, and especially ones who aren't Nigger Lovers.

    I must conclude that your Faggotry has resurfaced. You want to suck Hal's, Von's & Bill's Dicks. And thats a fact, Jack.

  15. It's too bad Steve. I'll do what a want and there isn't a thing you can do about it. Be lucky I haven't focused on you lately.

    And Steve, medical billing pays very well. It also gives me access to credit reports, judgments, court records, and other information. Of course, I don't publish anyone's credit report on the web, that would be illegal. Part of my job is to locate deadbeats who don't pay their bills. People like you Steve who are deadbeats when it comes to paying your bills.

    And speaking of homosexuality, explain to all of us why you posted a picture of your OWN PENIS on Nim Busters and why you continue to post a picture of a man masturbating on NIM Busters?

  16. Yeah, you do whatever you want, Schwartzo. That is till you Fuck with the wrong one, and I'm not the wrong one. So don't say that I threatened you.

    And yes KIKE, I pay my bills. I'm not living in the streets. The light bill, phone & cable bills & etc are all paid. My vehicles are both here and insured.

    I didn't post MY Dick on Nim Busters. That was a Fucking joke. I post the Jacking-off Dick pic anytime the Faggots and/or Nigger Lovers falsely call me a Pedophile. YOU even posted for awhile that I am not a Pedo.

  17. So Steve, you went around looking for a picture of a penis to post on NIM Busters claiming it was yours?

    Then you keep posting that picture of a man masturbating for the benefits of others?

    And you claim to be straight but yet you are the one surfing gay sites looking for porn. Sounds like your curious at a minimum.

    No Steve, you don't pay your bills. You owe $1,000s in default student loans and owe over $10,000 to DirecTV. I bet your credit report has more defaults and judgments on it.

  18. As usual, you didn't tell even one truth. I didn't have to search for the Jacking-off Dick pic. That Fucking Faggot Homo's for Holsten posted it. And yes, I'm very straight. The Nim Shit Hole is the only place that I post it. If they would stop calling me a Pedo & etc; then I'll gladly stop posting it. Otherwise, Fuck 'em.

    You also lied about my Student Loans. They are in Deferrment and are not in Default.

    As far as Dickhead-TV goes; I don't count that Bullshit as a bill. Those cases are all a bunch of Bullshit. As I must have told you a hundred times before; they'll get more use out of the paperwork by using it to wipe their Asses. Then they can feel like they got something out of it. I'll think about paying it if & when I ever hit a large Powerball.

    I just realized that I caught your KIKE Ass in another Fucking lie. You say you have all this access to credit reports. You don't even know what judgements might or might not be on there.

    You are so full of Shit!!!!!!!!!

  19. Steve is getting awful upset. Let's review the facts again

    a) Steve surfed the internet looking for a naked picture of man so he can claim that as a photo of his own penis.

    b) Steve Holsten regulary post gay porn pictures of a man masturbating on NIM Busters. Think about it, how many straight men would do such a thing?

    c) Your loans are in default according to my paid account at It's the same account I used when I found you were sued by DirecTV for theft. I'll go out of my way to make sure that they are fully aware that you are on mental disability social security and that they can now garnish your social security to pay your debt.

    d) I said I do have access to credit reports. I did not say I pulled your credit up. That can easily be checked.

    e) If you do buy a house in your name through your landlord, I'll personally go out of the way to make sure that DirecTV is aware of this and slaps a lien on the property.

    Steve, you are just so easy to mess with. You're mentally retarded, mentally disabled, and physically gross.

  20. Ah, listen to the KIKE scream that he wants to suck my Dick.

    And yes Nigger Dick Sucking KIKE, I saw on the news where our War mongering President signed the bill which authorized them to start with holding some out of disability payments for student loans. I'll have to keep good records and reciepts to keep it at a bare minimum. But just remember one thing KIKE; the loans are in Deferment for now which means that I am not behind on payments. So, they won't hold any for awhile.

    You just go ahead and tell Dickhead-TV when I buy this house if it gives you a hard-on while you're dreaming of you sucking my Dick. I may just have to move on and let them have it. You'll soon learn that I don't give a flying Fuck most of the time. Your Keyboard Rambo threats towards me are empty; just like your deformed Jew Boy head.

    Yep, I'm easy for you to mess with since you get your jollies from you being called the Dick Sucking Jew KIKE that you are so proud of being.

  21. It is very hard to feel sorry for Steve. I was around in the days when he first came to Nimbusters and he would ask for pictures "of the young shaved ones..." There is no doubt in my mind that Steve is a pedo. Steve deserves everything
    that comes his way.

    -Black Jesus

  22. Damn Jigger Whigger Nigger Wannabee, you're even dumber than I thought. The younger girls Bullshit was brought up, hashed and re-hashed long before we ever thought about Nim. The Turds found the one post that I had made back in 1998 and they brought it up on Hal's very first board in 2000. We dididn't get on Nim till 2002. So, you're running your Hole about something that you don't know what the Fuck you're talking about. I never asked for "young shaved ones" on Nim. I only made that one post back then because of the way the legal Porn sites classified age. The 18+ teen sites used 20 yr olds as teens, and gals in their mid 20's were used as college girls. I never had any illegal Pedo thoughts in mind. None before then and none since. I know you'll say otherwise in your obsessive jealousy of my Greatness.

    So FuckTard, only a dumbass like you would ever consider me to be such.

  23. I get the feeling Steve Holsten has a higher IQ than Bill White.


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