Thursday, December 08, 2005

Swastika's & Smilie Faces

April Gaede, mother of Lynx & Lamb

I wonder if anyone caught that Danny Deutsch show the other night where they were talking about Prussian Blue. For those who are not acquainted with the singing duo, they are twin girls Lynx & Lamb, blonde, thirteen, and just as cute as can be. The problem - their mother. April Gaede has spent the last 13 years raisning the girls, not only as racists, but as racist musicians.

They have been singing on the White Power circuit for several years now - that's right, they attend events like "Nordic Fest" where the beer flows and as the day wears on the skinheads get more than just a little rowdy. They claim Matt Hale, who is currently serving 40 years in prison for soliciting the murder of Judge Joan Lefkow, as their "spiritual advisor." Of course, as a "Creator" the only "spirit" that Matt believes in is that of the Aryan race.

These two little girls have been "groomed" by April to be "stars." Nevermind that there isn't much talent there. Never mind that they sing racist songs. Nevermind that they pay tribute in their music to Hitler's henchmen and American criminals like Bob Matthews and David Lane of The Order. These girls are destined to be the bridge that will draw whites by the droves into the fold of the racist right - if you believe.

They have recently come to the attention of the national mainstream media and after being featured a couple of times on some of the news shows, they are now supposedly in hiding because they believe they are in danger. Deutsch went apoplectic over the fact that the twins were pictured wearing T-shirts with a Hitler smiley face. As he ranted about his ancestors who were killed during the Holocaust, he said that the girls should be in jail. Later he recovered and zeroed in on April.

Aside from the fact that Edgar J. Steele and Richard Barrett were on the show to speak in favor of the children and got their collective lunches eaten, the show raised a few questions. Should children being raised like this be taken away from their parents? Is it too late, now that they are thirteen, to re-educate them?

I'd like to know your thoughts. Incidentally - the duo may turn into a trio in a few years. April has another daughter who she named "Dresdan Hale-" Dresden for the city and Hale for Matt Hale.


  1. It would be a shame if these girls were used as a marketing ploy.

    The WN movement has however been very good to them. They would probably go unnoticed as musicians if they went ‘mainstream’ but by distinguishing themselves as WNs they have garnered more than a fair share of fame and support.

    I also think it is a bit disingenuous of you (Nikki) to be criticizing a mother who instills her values in her children. Just imagine if some opinionated blow-hard tried to do the same for your children.

  2. Well, I gues it IS a matter of opinion, Stefan. But, I would hope if I placed my children in a situation where they were taught to revere racists, Nazi's, murderers and thieves that someone would do something to wake my ass up.

    Sure, people have a right to raise their children as they seem fit. But raising them in an environment that places them in harms way is pretty questionable and raising them to be social cripples is criminal in my opinion.

    Raising a child within your own value system is what most of us do. We raise them in the church of our choice, expose them to our cultural heritage, teach them to either fight or flee, etc. And although I don't agree with some of the things people do with their children I do recognize that they have the right to do what they do just as I am free to instill my own values in my children.

    All that I am asking here, is what others thing should happen, not just in this situation, but in similar situations. I guess you have weighed in on April's side. Thank you for your response.

  3. Nikki cannot and will not use good judgment when it comes to this family. They committed the Cardinal sin of loving their White race.

    It would be a shame for anyone to try to take these girls from their Mother. They were such a normal happy family on Dateline.

  4. I think it is sick when children are used in any situation that imposes a poltical ideal.

    I also think that stage mothers are one of the pit bottems of evil as they are just using their kids for their own selfish ends.

    Bith these situations are done all the time, but in reality, those little girls should be washing all that paint off their faces and back doing things that little girls are supposed to be doing such as climbing trees, studying in school, dreaming of ponies and arguing with mom about skirt lengths.

    Seeing that these little girls are being hit with so much from all directions, thanks to "mother" for putting them there.

    I can also see an interesting future as these poor little girls grow into becoming tabloid trash stories lining the check-outs in the supermarkets when they are photographed dating outside their mother's wishes.

  5. Elmer, you don't know what kind of "judgement" I will or won't use. And given that you are the person who not only allowed, but condoned, your own 13 year old daughter going out with a 22 year old man...I really not think that you should even enter into this discussion - especially if you are calling all of this "normal."

  6. Steevo, if you would actually listen to their lyrics, it's not that they love the white race but HATE other races.

    I've yet to find a white supremacist who didn't hate others. White supremacy has nothing to do with love.

    Steevo, while I got your attention, explain to us why when a picture of you and a picture of your newborn were posted on a neutral board, they thought you and your child were non-white. And don't give me this stuff that the lighting was bad.

  7. Isis,

    The girls are 13 years old! I believe that ‘dreaming about ponies’ is a little childish for that age don’t you?

    I think we both agree that if proof emerged that they were being manipulated by the movement or the mother then that would be a horrible thing. You got to remember though that this life might be beneficial in that they have the ability to do something they enjoy that would not be available to them if they lived in mainstream society.

    We cannot predict the future but so far the girls have been well served living by this mother.

  8. Harry,

    I do not know you or your beef with Elmer but you are a bully. You bring in and attack his family on a public forum. If what you say about Elmer is true then the more reason to keep your mouth shout about such damaging and hurtful information.

  9. ==========Stefan Said========
    I think we both agree that if proof emerged that they were being manipulated by the movement or the mother then that would be a horrible thing.

    What kind of proof would that be? They have been RAISED on this. They have been INUNDATED in racist thought. Manipulated? Oh...good Lord, Stefan - what else would you call it?

  10. The KIKE Schwartzo can't keep his mouth shut about me. He has admired & obsessed overr me too long to quit now.

    And KIKE, I know that my son & I are White and that is good enough for me. You're Shitting in the wind with this one.

    I know all of you Nigger Lovers would like to see these beautiful girls raised by Niggers or Nigger Lovers and then have their minds poisoned with multi-culturism.

    I have read in places where some Nigger Lovers were posting that they'd laugh if these little girls were raped & tortured by a pack of Nigger Apes. This was even posted on Dateline's message board.

  11. Nikki,

    You seam to believe that by April rearing her children and teaching them her morals that this somehow is ‘manipulation.’
    If yes then you are most probably guilty of the very same thing (unless you neglect your children entirely).

    Let’s face it: you object to her morals. What if I objected to the morals you were pressing upon your children? What if I said you were ‘inundating’ them to love a multicultural society? You would tell me to f*ck off and rightfully so. Do not be arrogant and appreciate that everyone does not agree with your perspective and your morals.

    The proof I am looking for is if the movement or the mother is using the girls for self promotion or self indulgence. I am suspicious of their motives but until proof is presented society should not act on mere speculation and conjecture, agreed?

  12. Nikki will never agree unless the twin's Mother teaches them to be Nigger Lovers.

  13. Stefan- no I don't think 13 is too old to be dreaming about ponies!

    In fact, I don't believe kids are allowed to be kids long enough and they are growing up way too fast!

    I had my first dance with a boy at 13, but it was very well supervised and it was once that year.

    My mother allowed a little powder and a touch of eye shadow for that dance, and any more meant a trip to the bathroom sink.

    The rest of time at that age was spent on climbing trees, playing ball, eating ice cream and school.

    There are no "values" in an insecure middle aged woman living her need for attention through the lives of her innocent kids.

  14. Stefan,

    Steve has done the same to me on NIM Busters and other forums. I believe he strongly deserves to be smacked around as much as possible.


    You do realize that most white girls are raped and molested by white men, not black men right?
    And yet you worry about black men.

    Wouldn't surprise me at all if someone like Bill White posted that stuff pretending to be black man interested in raping those girls. It's a tactic White and other racist like him use quite often, post as a black man and make remarks like that to stir up hatred among whites.

  15. To ISIS,

    You seem like a reasonable and fair person but doe you really think that separating the girls from their mother would benefit them? They seem very happy as it is and unless the mother is shone to be reckless with her daughter’s lives I would not advocate tearing that family apart.

    I personally would not allow my children to be exposed to a hostile public and a loving fan base at that age but I am not April. Who am I to force my ‘values’ on other parents and who is society to destroy families who are law abiding just because society does not like this family’s values?

  16. I have a thirteen year old in my house right now - and no that is not too old to be dreaming about ponies. She is allowed a little very light lipstick and that's it. She certainly isn't "dating." And, one minute she is talking about how "hot" Jesse McCartney is, and the next she is playing outside as if she were 8. It's the best of times and sometimes the worst of times beacuse 13 year old's are "in between."

    Stefan - I understand what you are saying about their (or April's) motives and I do agree. I have known many people who were racist and raised their children as such. While I abhor what those children were taught, there was certainly nothing I could do about that. Hell, I was raised the same way. The thing that bothers me the most about all of this - and I suspect you too - is that it appears that these children are being exploited. At least in my situation I was part of mainstream society and was able to eventually decide whether to adopt the values of my family or reject them based on personal experiences.

    These children, however, have been home-schooled most of their lives and have been thrust into venue after venue of hate and racist groups. It appears, by all of April's accounts that they spend a majority of their time sheltered from real world events and functions. Therefore, they have little to no chance of experiencing anything outside of the racist realm.

    I, like you, am very suspicious of April's motives. I am saddend that these children might be the victims of a really messed up group of people.

  17. Stefan- you misunderstand me, I would NEVER seperate children from their mother unless there was some very severe abuse going on.

    But, I would love to take that mother aside and slap her upside her head and give her a long lecture about what is right for her kids.

    I do think it is sad that those girls are going to most likely end up a mess as so many kids have who are exposed to the public that way.

    But, as I stated before, it is gruesome scenarios like this one that keeps the tabloids in sales.

  18. to nikki:
    "Should children being raised like this be taken away from their parents? Is it too late, now that they are thirteen, to re-educate them?"
    up to this point i had thought of you as a reasonable (even if braindead) liberal, but to suggest children being taken from their parents because the parents in question espouse beliefs contrary to yours really smacks of stalinistic interventioneering

    you liberals control all public educational institutions and it just infuriates you to see some of the white school children escaping from taking the white guilt poison kool-aid, and it just drives you bonkers to see a white parent actually teaching white nationalism, if the parents go so far as to dare to teach white supremacy and white segregationistic thinking then you want to call in law enforcement to put to death such a dangerous outbreak of white activist nationalism

    i would not feel half as bad if your little interventionistic meddling was balanced across the spectrum of extremist thought, but of course as a leftist stalinist it isn't

    if there were black nationalist oriented parents mimicking in their own way what you report in your blog post you would say nothing (and maybe give your blessing) communist, marxist, anarchist etc etc any extremist parentage which are aligned to your leftist political leanings you either ignore (and by silence approve of) or support

    another astonishing example of:
    from the left and the multi-cultists

    i just cannot understand why braindead and shitbrain idiot liberals and leftists like yourself are so blind to your own hypocrisy, you are petrified that in this day of multicultural poisoning upon the white race there could be a parent who by nature weilds the single greatest influence upon another human (their progeny) that there is in human society would teach white nationalist sentiments

    have the white parent arrested charge them with teaching 'hate' and inflicting child abuse by subjecting them to illegal thinking (white nationalism)

    sentence the children to a liberal re-education summer camp where they will be force fed multicultural ideology, have the children room with blacks so they will be influenced to the black culture and so they can learn to use foul language and be uppity and obnoxious in behavior and loud speech

    where is the aclu in all of this? you think the leftist aclu in this instance would side with parental rights?, hardly, the aclu would consider the leftist imposed multi-culti-diversity society outweighs whatever rights one parent might have

    once again 'free speech' and 'tolerance' to the left and their multiculti-cult is limited to that which supports their agendas

    to that free speech and viewpoints which violently oppose the leftist agenda, the leftists seek to squelch as much as they possibly can

  19. ajax saith
    you liberals control all public educational institutions

    Tell that to the Red states

  20. to arnold:

    there is no disputing the claim of liberal educational control and dominance

    consider the national educational association and their very historic and very influential left agenda

    consider every public college and university having a feminist throne and a homosexual throne

    consider the very recent reaction to the presence of ann coulter and her attempt at delivering a speech at the university of conneticut

    too many examples to site and i am not a researcher of such examples but it is very abundantly clear the leftist influence across the spectrum of all levels of public education is dominate and of controlling capacity

    the popualtion of the red states would very enthusiastically agree with my surmising if they were so asked

  21. While I do not object to parents raising thier children to be safe and respectful and honorable towards thier own race.

    I do object to parents raising thier children to be prejudice. Children should be free to grow and form thier own life opinons and such.

    They are flowers. They are seeds to blossom into individual beautiful blooms. Each one never the same.

    This mother totaly was wrong in pushing her children to belive in her own misguided opinons. The girls I am sure can make thier own decisions and will when the time is right. They will realize from personal experiances.. The right way and the wrong way of living.

    Thanks for the post nikki. It made me think a lot about the impressions we leave upon our youth.

  22. So Ajax are you saying the red states elect liberal school boards who then put in place liberal polices.

    For some reason I just cant see Alabama electing a Liberal school board

  23. Toni,

    Most kids are reared by their parents to believe in certain principles. Most parents would want their children to be ‘closed’ minded when it comes to sex, drugs, fighting, etc. You are stating that somehow the principles that April is teaching her children is somehow wrong and therefore should not be taught. Morals vary from person to person, what you are doing is imposing your morals on people who do not impose their morals on you. This is an intolerant and dare I say ‘prejudiced’ way of thinking about different values that people have.

    It is a different story if April is using her children recklessly but that has not been proven.

  24. Teaching your children to hate is a crime as far as Im concerned. I should not even have to state that. It's obvious.

    I would never place a gun in a childs hands and say go kill. And I would never place a bitterness in thier heart and say hate blacks.

    It is the same principal. Perhaps you just confuse your idea of me being prejudice to me just having an opinon and word of my own. And having faith in it.

    If I and "prejudice" to bad parenting. Amen to me.

  25. Stefan - you are correct that most children are raised to have certain values and thoughts that reflect the values of the parents.

    However, within our society, as with any society, there are norms...there are certain mores...there are behaviors that can be agreed upon as acceptable or unacceptable by the huge majority of people living here.

    When children are raised to have values and morals that are the antithesis of the norm - they usually don't fare very well. They enter the world at a social disadvantage, at the very least, and socailly crippled at the worst.

    Personally, I think that's pretty egregious, don't you? Things are hard enough for kids in this world today and we need to try to give them every advantage. While going against the grain - or being somewhat of a rebel can be quite charming and sometimes works in favor of the individual. That's not the same as training them to be social misfits.

  26. to arnold:

    one thing idiot braindead liberals think in their fantasy mind is that the united states has always been a liberal-left minded nation, nothing could be further from the truth the united states was conservative up until about 100 years ago and the leftist influence within the educational institutions began around 1920 beginning with the most renowned institutions like harvard and yale and then gradually filtered down to every college and university and then about 1965 the highschools and elementary schools were the next levels of education to be poisoned by the left, and then with programs like headstart the pre-school systems were next to be infected

    in some mysterious way the left wormed their way through the avenue of social influence, the educational institutions being the first phase of the leftist takeover being lead by the jews who are the bolsheviks leading this 'peaceful' attempt to create american socialism

    over time the once great and prominent conservative ideals and principles fade from memory and the leftist directed agenda gains the ascendency

    consider how beginning with franklin roosevelt the continental shift to federal government being the endlessly rich uncle sam who is all powerful and able to solve all social problems, in turn persoanl freedom is reduced and government dependency increases

    we have completely lost the grieviously important once cherished understanding of the place of family and family heritage, after all half of all families are doomed to end in divorce anyway, but with our great father uncle sam we have an all powerful father who will take care of all of our needs......he just needs to take all of our money in order to do this for us


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