Saturday, December 03, 2005

Strange Bedfellows? Not Really.

A badly aging and rapidly declining ex-Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan blasts America as a "Zionist Occupied" nation as he curries favor to residents of Syria.

Standing before what appeared to be a small crowd of flag-waving Syrians, David Duke claimed to be bringing a message from many Americans." Duke said that “it is not just the West Bank of Palestine, it is not just the Golan Heights that are occupied by the Zionists, but Washington D.C., and New York, and London, and many other capitals in the world.” (YnetNews, Nov. 27, 2005)

Duke, like so many others on the racist right, continues to look for love in some very strange places. A few years ago he was a big hit in Russia and often referred to Russia as the "Mother Country." The troubling part of all of this is not that he travels into these countries and belittles America, but that he claims to speak for white America.

After being elected as a state congressional leader in Louisiana years ago, David Duke seems to be unable to regain any kind of footing among any kind of constituency these days. He used to enjoy living large and playing the casanova on the money of his supporters. Now, after a brief stint in prison for tax evasion and being exposed for his misuse of funds Duke is hard pressed to find a venue for his message of hate.

One very astute individual asked "Why isn't he in Louisiana helping his own people who have suffered a catastrophe as a result of Hurricaine Katrina?" I think the only reply to that would be that they probably would refuse his help. As with Billy Roper and others, Duke would only extend his hand to whites - and, you guessed it, the whites refused that kind of help.

I kind of like the idea of Duke being in Syria and other parts of the world. Maybe he will stumble upon the great white homeland that he so wants. Wouldn't it be wonderful to watch a mass exodus of those who thrive on hate and bigotry in this country? A dream come true.


  1. Did you Nigger Lovers see the story on Hal's site about the Nigger Savage beheading that 3 yr old child?

    Does he need Diversity hugs too?

  2. David Duke is the one WN that I know very little about, although I have been hearing his name for years.

    I do know that do he very much shunned by the Republican Party he held or might have tried to hold office under (I don't remember if he ever actually got elected).

    I have asked about him in Republican circles and they all would turn very odd colours and get very uncomfortable.
    He is sort of regarded as their "redheaded stepchild".

    The only things I know about him are the KKK connection and that he was involved with getting Nazi literature to Germany when it was banned there a few years back.

    Other than that, I have not heard that much about him.

    Is he part of the Jared Taylor "jacket and tie" crowd?

    Most of my coverage is of more street activists.

  3. Steve Holsten and Hal Turner sure are quiet about crimes like this committed by white people


    A Kensington man who admitted to suffocating his infant son and strangling his 4-year-old daughter was sentenced yesterday to life in prison without parole, plus an additional 20-40 years, said prosecutor Gina Smith.

    In exchange for escaping the death penalty, Steven Walczak, 24, pleaded guilty in October to first-degree murder for strangling Rebecca and to third-degree murder for suffocating 9-month-old Ryan.

    Ryan was murdered in April 2004 and Rebecca was killed in December 2004.

    During the hearing, Ryan's mother, Debbie Glanzman, read a statement to Common Pleas Judge Benjamin Lerner that described the grief she has felt since her baby died.

    "How do you act like you are OK and strong and keep on living your life without your only child?" she asked. "How do you change your everyday routine of feeding, bathing, and play time? What am I supposed to do with all the baby furniture and toys? I am now only left with my memories and pictures of Ryan."

    Walczak declined to address the judge during the hearing, but Smith said his attorney, Assistant Defender Marit Anderson, said Walczak was sorry for his crimes. Anderson could not be reached for comment.

    In his confession, Walczak told detectives that he intentionally killed his daughter because she was misbehaving and that he didn't want her to see her mother again.

    Walczak smothered his son because the baby wouldn't go to sleep when Walczak was tired. Walczak said he put one hand over the baby's mouth and the other behind his head. Then, he said he laid on top of the child and fell asleep.

    Steve seems to ignore these crimes. I wonder why

  4. Didn't hear about this one till you posted it. The White Trash Savage is as bad as a Savage Nigger. Anyone who could put their hands on a baby to strangle him and them while going to sleep is seriously Fucked up in the head.

    He qualifies for his final ride on the PNL and I could easily pull the trap door and watch him swing.

  5. Steevo,

    Wouldn't you agree that both blacks and whites commit horrific crimes?

    Which means this Steevo, that this isn't a reason to hate all blacks now isn't it?

    And you do know that the majority of white women are raped by white men, not black men.

  6. You know full well that I don't hate all Blacks and I never have. You know that my major issues with Blacks are Affirmative Action, not staying in their own race, and the slave Reparations that they demand. They wanted equal rights. Then lets make it equal for all. If someone can't pass a test or whatever; then so be it.

  7. First of all then Steevo, stop calling all blacks, niggers. Calling them that in itself shows you hate them all.

    Second of all Steevo, it's many whites who are not staying within their own race. So again, that isn't a reason to hate all blacks now is it since whites are doing the same thing?

    I personally don't care if a black dates a white, or vice versa, or if two consenting gays get together. I don't see why it should bother you either. Funny how bigots love to talk about being pro-1st amendment but yet ignore the part about freedom of assembly which means, you can assemble with whom you choose, regardless of race.

    As far as Affirmative Action goes, I'm against it for the most part but are you against the "good ole boy" network that still exist at a high level in the United States?

    Slave reparations, I'm against it. Won't solve a thing.

  8. Nikki, after reading your website and blog I have come to the conclusion you are more prejudiced than you are aware of. You rag almost exclusively on white hate groups and you seem to make fun of the physical stature and appearances of people.

    I really don't see what Turner's height or Dukes aging has to do with their political views. And when you resort to comparing Cobb to deliverance's retarded banjo player then you are also taking a slam at handicapped people.

    I think you should maybe look a little deeper at your hidden prejudices

  9. I'm sorry, but I'll never be able or want to look over Faggotry. There is nothing normal about it. It is an abomination in my God's eyes and Faggots are Hell bound in a hand basket.

    You see many, many more blacks with Whites than the other way around. Not many Whites can tolerate the smell.

  10. Good comments Arnold. Lets see how they blow them off.

  11. Nice try, Arnold - but that track won't play. You seem to think that I was speaking of Hal Turner's physical stature when I referred to him as a "little man." Interesting that you would think that.

    There is nothing "prejudiced" or "biased" in reporting that David Duke is aging and aging badly. This is a man who is so vain, and who considers himself a "ladies man." There is much speculation among your own as to how many nose jobs and face lifts the guy has had.

    The young man who played the banjo in deliverance was certainly not being compared to the reprehensible Craig Cobb. He and the other character are merely a reference to the movie "Deliverance," which I believe Cobb could star in if they ever make a remake.

    Isis, Duke would like to consider himself one of the Jared Taylor bunch, but he is a pariah to most politicians. When he got out of prison a couple of years ago, he held this big confab in New Orleans. A lot of the Stormfront people attended as well as Kevin Strom from the National Alliance.

    As the National Alliance was already on its deathbed, Duke and his live-in buddy, Jamie Kelso, saw this as the perfect opportunity to pick up supporters and put the last nail in the NA's coffin. Shortly thereafter there was an attempted coup. As you probably already know, the NA is pretty well done, and Strom's new group can't get off the ground.

    Also at this conference of Duke's, Several "leaders" signed what they called the "New Orleans Protocol," which basically says they are going to stop using derrogative terms and quit attacking other white groups.

    Stormfront has tried to clean its act up - the only place that they go on the attack is on a private board - supposedly. Of course, when it comes to the Jews - all bets are off.

    Duke served one term as a state legislator and then ran for President. He can't seem to get over the fact that no one reputable within the political arena wants to be associated with him.

  12. Nikki- Thank you for your response.

    There are depths to this movement I am not sure I even want to see or know about, but it is has a very interesting dynamic.

    There is a lot of anger, in fact I think I am safe to say that anger is the foundation of the movement.

    I have actually stood amonst some very top Republican officials and asked: "So what is the deal with David Duke?", and I was not very popular for the rest of the evening.

    Oh well...sort of that "fart in church" effect.

    It was then I learned never to bring his name up ever again with that crowd.

    I do believe that dispite much of the self destruction within the movement that it is growing a fairly hardy shell.

    I am still at a loss as to why the main stream media has not picked up on this situation.

    I have heard Jared Taylor will be having a convention in VA. I bet dollars to donuts that Duke will be a very likely attendee.

    And I will double that bet as there will be very little to no news coverage, sans a possible small blurb in the locals Wash Post/Times

  13. Steevo,

    God talks a lot more about adultery in the bible than homosexuality, and you fathered your last child while not married. Therefore since the bible talks a lot more about adultery, that must mean God hates you more than homosexuals.

    With your profanity laced outburst here, please don't tell us you are a Christian, because a real Christian wouldn't act that way. Someone who follows Satan would.

  14. No, I'm sorry to say that I'm not a Christian as of now. God talks about in the Bible about doing the right things so as not to commit Adultry such as talking a wife. He does not speak of ways not to be a Faggot. He said in his eyes that Faggots are an Abomination, and that is good enough for me.

  15. =======Isis Said=========

    There are depths to this movement I am not sure I even want to see or know about, but it is has a very interesting dynamic.

    There is a lot of anger, in fact I think I am safe to say that anger is the foundation of the movement.

    I agree - there is a lot of anger. There is also fear. I believe it is the fear of losing power. Also, for all of their screams about "white guilt" I believe that they are the ones who really feels that guilt and that they translate it to fear. The fear of what might happen if whites were ever to be in the minority in this country.

    ============Isis Said============
    I am still at a loss as to why the main stream media has not picked up on this situation.

    I have heard Jared Taylor will be having a convention in VA. I bet dollars to donuts that Duke will be a very likely attendee.

    And I will double that bet as there will be very little to no news coverage, sans a possible small blurb in the locals Wash Post/Times

    And why do you suppose that lack of news coverage is? It's absolutely amazing to me that these people and their actions are not the focus of the media more than they are.

    The national spotlight seems to only shine on them when there is a horrendous murder - such as the Lefkow case, or a riot as in Toledo.

  16. Steevo,

    You still don't quite get it. God says ALL SIN is an abomination. Compared to other sins in the bible, God doesn't talk much about homosexuality and in fact, Jesus NEVER talks about it in the Gospels.

    I'm not a Christian either, I'm an athiest but I have read the bible. I suggest you do the same Steevo. It's a good book overall.

    My only problem with Christianity is most Christians seem to only want to follow certain things about the bible, not all of it.

  17. "And why do you suppose that lack of news coverage is? It's absolutely amazing to me that these people and their actions are not the focus of the media more than they are."

    The best thing to do is not cover them, and by all means do not show up to counter protest them, that is what they want.

    The media quarantined Rockwell in the 60's and the same should be done to the NSM,VNN, etc

    The media qurentined Rock]well in the 60's and teh same sould be now to the NSM,VNN, etc.

    The movement is not growing at all, the Nazis have less members than Rockwell had, the Klan is dead for all intents and purposes.

    It would be intresteing to see how many votes Duke would get in LA. today, I bet it would be far less

  18. Nikki- I have no idea why the media chooses to ignore the WN movement.

    I have tried a few times to get them interested in my photos and they have declined everytime.

    I think part of the reason is they are afraid to give the WN movement any credit for their support.

    And the other part is their fear of facing this stuff themselves.

    It's sort of funny that the only people who are interested in my photos are anti-racist groups like yours and the groups in the WN movement.

    Everyone outside this world seems to want nothing to do with my photos, and they treat me like a bit of a nut when I tell them I am taking them.

    I was sort of insulted at first, but, now I feel like a real artist.

    But, getting back to politcs and Republican politicians and the racist issue, there are an article in The Wash Post the other day claiming that head of the RNC Ken Mehlman is urging Republicans to stay away from the anti-immigrant sentiments and to keep this issue out of future campaigns.

    If anyone is interesting in reading up more on this, here is the link:

  19. Arnold- As much as I would like to put value in your assessment, I am afraid that comparing statistical numbers from 40 yrs ago to now is not really a sound bases in study.

    The numbers that should be looked at are from in the past 5-10 yrs is there a growth or decline?

    I also think that ignoring much of the activities of any group, whoever they are, gives them room to grow and facilitate very well under the radar.

  20. Isis - thanks for the link. Of course, taking an anti-immigration stance or even alluding to such, would be political suicide at this juncture. The RNC is relying heavily on that Hispanic vote right now.

    About people treating you like a "bit of a nut" because of what you shoot - it's funny how that works. When I tell people that I monitor and track neo-Nazi's and white supremacists it's like they don't know what to say. I guess to many people it's kind of odd.

    But, I think that has played right into their hands. For so long they have been able to recruit and build and bully without anyone saying anything. They have moved in and out of the shadows unnoticed until recently.

    Arnold - you are right in that the media did pretty much quarrantine Rockwell. I don't see the "movement" getting any bigger, either as far as the number of hate groups. Hell - they have pretty much annhilated themselves.

    Unfortunately, what I do see happening is an increase in the lone-wolf phenomena. And, yes, the Klan has been on the decline for decades, but the whole of the movement is becoming much more sophisticated. Of course, the internet has provided them with a whole new playground.

    The other thing that I see is that their numbers are grossly underestimated by watchdog groups. Personally, I think this is a big mistake. I also think ignoring them at this juncture is a HUGE error in judgement. Hate is just like any fungus - it thrives in the dark.

  21. The way I see the idea of all the racist going to some seperate place to live is a negative one. I feel that they should be kept here and rehabbed and then forced to re-pay their debt to humanity in some sort of way. They should be put to work building homes for disenfranchised minorities, doing community service to pay back the victims of hate crimes and helping Jewish groups spread the warning that the first Holocaust taught us. These are just a few examples of what racist should be made to do to repay their debts to the other races they have harmed. I actually came up with a plan about a year ago and in light of recent events, I am thinking of submitting it to some of our more progressive politicians.

    When someone is exposed for being a racist, they are not sent to a prison unless they have committed a hate crime. They are sent to a special facility, like a gettaway camp, where they are evaluated. Depending on how racist they are judged to be determines where they go from there. If they just somewhat racist, like a lot of white people, mainly republicans, they are to go to another camp that will teach them basic human rights from wrongs mainly and including racism. The hardcore racist will be sent to a camp where they will work off their debt to society until they administrators feel they are ready for the first camp I mentioned.

    Letting the racist "go" would be a huge mistake. If you let them build their own homeland or whatever, you will be giving closet racists more incentive to come out of the closet. In doing so, you will have created another class of racists, just as evil but a little less brazen as the first. What happens when they want to make America just like the racist state?

    I'm not saying I like closet racists, I just want them to stay in the closet until they can get their heads straight and become anti-racist. I just hope that we don't encourage any ideas they might have of going off and starting an all-white state for themselves.

  22. You wish you were God's Child

    Do you want to live in a free country called America or do you want to live in a Communist country? Being a Racist has it's good points.

    We are free to think what we want about Niggers, Shit Skin Mongrels, Faggots and Nigger Lovers.

  23. As long as what you think translates into what you act and say, which is true of all humans, there has to be limits. As far as communism goes, don't compare my plan to what happened in Russia. What happened in Russia was not because of communism but because of an all-white society. I'm not a communist, just a conerned citizen. Did I say I wanted to kill all racists? No, I just want to rehabilitate them and do so away from society. Why not make them pay back the society they have ruined while we are at it? If America was truely a non-racist country, they would support a plan like mine. Freedom is freedom to do as you like as long as you or your culture doesn't hurt anyone else. When it does, progressive minded, compasionate but strong people like myself have to take a stand and shout it down.

  24. I haven't harmed Society in any way. I don't need or want to be "rehabilitated"

  25. God's Child- I can understand your frustration, but as much as I don't care for racisim, I don't think I would like to live in such a place that promotes a "thought police" type of agenda.

    I don't agree with WN's, but as an American I support their rights to be WN's.

    This is a free country and I would rather live with a few Nazis than watch people get shipped off to camps for thinking the "wrong way".

    There comes a point when you have to let go and give people their space.

    As long as there are no crimes commited, nobody is getting hurt, and the actions are kept at bay with just a few periodic rallies of expression here and there, I say let America stand as is.

    Remeber, just as much as these WN's have their rights to rally, those who don't agree also have a right to voice and oppose the racist message.

    I was once told by a very imporant person here in DC that "Democracy is dangersous", and as much as we can see that, I still believe that the alternative is not only more dangerous, but disastrous as well.

  26. Well, I think the camps are a splendid idea with much merit. I can argue anyone down for why we should be working towards that. I hate to say this and do not take this as a mean gesture, but wheather you know it or not, you are wrapping yourself in the American flag while defending the racists. I don't think you are racists but I have to wonder a little when you use the "its their right" arguement.

    At least now we ought to have some sort of national registry like a sex offenders registry for racists. They should have to go door to door just like the sex offenders and let the neighbors know they are. This would push a lot of them back into the closet if they haven't been discovered before that. I live in a southern city and to my horror, I found out that a group that we have all heard a lot about, the national socialist movement, the nazis, are right in my town according to I would like the to know who these people are so I can picket their homes, have them arrested and run out of town. It could be anyone that is white. I have a right to know who. Everyone does. Once we know who they all are, we can start taking other steps to send them away and bring the saveable ones back.

  27. First of all, God's Child, yes, I will wrap myself around the American flag and defend ANY group that wishes to express themselves.

    Racists are not sex offenders, they are people who think differently, yeah, sometimes sort of screwed up, but they have that right.

    Now, if you are proposing a "Hate CRIMES" registery, then ok maybe.

    But, as long as there are no crimes to harm anyone commited, sorry, let freedom ring.

    Trying to stifle expression of the public sounds like a dangerous agenda.

    And no, you don't get to wear the American flag I feel proud to wear when you do that.

  28. God's Child,

    You have a good heart overall. I think white racism will always be around in some from as long as mental illness is a part of human nature.

  29. Second part of my message.

    Making racist register like sex offenders is going too far. But just as they have the right of free speech, we have the same rights under free speech to list their addresses, names, and to picket in front of their houses and notify their neighbors using our FREE SPEECH rights.

  30. This is sick & obsessed and seriously Fucked up in the head. Have a Racist registry like sex offenders? That is ignorant & stupid. He needs to be in a Mental ward.

  31. "
    Elmer Frazier said...
    Do you want to live in a free country called America or do you want to live in a Communist country? "

    IF you are against the commies then how can you support the Nazis, they both were repressive totalitarian regimes. Do you realize how few freedoms Germans had under Hitler ?

  32. So do you think that protesting their rallys and writing about them on the internet is going to get anything done? What has it done at all? They grow larger and larger each day. I can't deal with inaction or the alternative, ineffective action. We need laws in place to stop this! We need our government to come and do what they are there for and that is protect us!

    And Harry, I love your style as well as I am a champion of your people, but if we had a hate crime registry, like miss isis the closet racist suggests, then those sickos would be clammering to get on it! Do you see how they operate today? They aren't afraid of any reprocusions for their way of thinking. They use their real names, don't wear robes to hide themselves as they parade around in public and even run for office! They are proud to be mentally warped haters. They are proud to the extent that it makes me not only deaply ashamed to be white but also a bit ashamed to be human!!!!

    I don't hate the haters though. I just want to classify them as criminals so we can deal with them as such. They need to be in camps, not prisons though. They need to know that their crimes of hate hurt people who care enough to see that they are cured of the disease that made them commit those crimes. Will anyone stand beside me here?

    I think I speak for us all when I say its about time something is done. We thought we had them beat in the 90' but obviously we were wrong in a big way. Its time to get out in the street and demand our government protect us and preserve our multi-racial society.

    And please, no one else should call me a communist or any names like that. I cannot believe that as well as I have been recieved all across the web, I am being rejected here. Negative names like Communist or Authoritarian hurt too. They hold back ideas that are full of positive progressive change. I want so much to just love everyone in God's way but as long as racist not only run free, but also go not paying back society for all the crimes of not only themselves, but for racist from years back...I can't love everyone. I try, mind you, I try very hard.

    I wish sometimes that I could set up a home for all the children of racists who have been taken out of those horrible, hate-filled enviroments and teach them what an honor it is to be part of the multi-racial nation that America is supposed to be. I wish I could do so much for even the children of these people...and who knows a few years in the camps, the parents might come back better, happier people. In fact, that would be the secondary goal.

  33. I don't support Nazi's at all. I believe like Hal Turner. The Germans lost and everyone should get over it.

  34. This "gods child" has got to be a joke. He has to be somebody who sits and thinks up this stupid Bullshit. Hell, even the strongest Nigger Lovers aren't even close to being that extreme.

  35. Yep, I agree. He's playing a divide & conquor game or something.

  36. Yeah- you know it Elmer, And not even that good at it.

    My grandmother used to warn me about over doing things like make-up, lace, and jewelry.
    She used to say "less is more".

    When you see someone over doing things to this level, you know they are trying too hard to cover something up.

    I smelled a troll from this bored soul's second post on here, but I was sitting back and waiting for him/her to get enough rope to hang themselves.

    Looks like it worked!


  37. See, I'm not all bad. We can agree on some things.

  38. Oh Elmer, I am one of those silly fools that believes there is good in all people.

    Or at least I try to.

    So hey, Elmer, and here you are chit-chatting with some of us who would be considered "nonwhite" by some standards, and we are not all that bad either?

    Huh? ;-)

    You see, these issues can be worked out with just realising we are just people, not "races".

  39. God's Child:

    Another problem I would have with a racist offender registry is who gets to decide who gets put into it? Now if you know of a racist in your neighborhood, you have every right to notify your neighbors and friends under the 1st amendment.

    Like Steve Holsten, I think I've tried my damnest to make sure Kennett knows about him. His school district has been emailed tons of information on him because he used to drive school buses part-time while collecting social security mental disability benefits. I have that right under the 1st amendment.

    And if you as a private citizen want to put a list of white supremacist together and make it public information, I have no problem with that. I have a list of my own of white racist information.

    But I do have a problem with the Government doing it.


  40. Harry- God's Child = Troll


  41. Oh...this is just too rich! A racist registry! Now, as someone who keeps a very close eye on these people and who wishes fervently that such hatred did not exist, you would think that I would be the first one to second this - or Harry. Not so.

    God's Child - one of the basic principles in this fight against hate is not to hate the haters. Now, I say some pretty harsh things about these people as I expose them to the light of day - but I know what is in my heart. I don't hate them. I have seen a good number of them bail and turn their lives completely around. I know that many, many people out there were recruited and duped into these groups as kids - and when they grow up they get out.

    Your idea of "rehabilitation" is a little idealistic, don't you think? Regardless of what the problem is, people have to want to be rehabilitated before any successful intervention can take place.

    Additionally...these people are American citizens just like you. They vote, they serve in the military, some hold responsible positions, and many have fought our wars. Consequently, they have the same rights and freedoms.

    Would I like to see an end to hate speech? Oh, most certainly. But not at the expense of giving up any of my own rights.

    God's Child, I have met many people who advocate against racism - but I don't believe I have ever heard anyone proffer the ideas that you have on here.

    I think that is what several are alluding to - you are extreme. I have this feeling that you are trying very hard to bait us into saying something that would be useful to whatever your agenda is. That probably won't happen.

    When Elmer/Stevo issues his racial epithets, I am sickened and disgusted. I am also saddened to see someone so immersed in hatred because hate destroys the vessel that contains it. It eats away at it from the inside out.

    I try very hard to educate people about these groups and what they stand for. And...yes, I do believe protesting them and exposing them and telling the truth about them makes a difference.

    As Harry said, we have the right to let our communities know when active racists live within them. When we see that they are in positions to access our children, we have the right to tell the public about them. We have the right to do a lot of things that do matter.

    Now...whatever you are fishing for with that worm you keep throwing out there is getting pretty ripe and we are all having a problem with the smell.

  42. Elmer Frazier said...
    I don't support Nazi's at all. I believe like Hal Turner. The Germans lost and everyone should get over it.
    Not germans but NAZIS

    Get over IT ? how many died at the hands of these sons of bitches ? Next time Memorial day or Veterans day rolls around you think about why you are free to post the things you post

    Nazi Germany
    had no elections
    no political partys but one
    no trade unions
    no freedom to assemble peacefully
    no freedom of speech
    no freedom of the press
    no freedom of religion
    no right to bear arms
    no right to privacy
    no right to critique the Reich or NSDAP
    no right to form associations or societies
    kids informing on their parents via the Hitler youth
    Neighbors informing on neighbors via cell and block leaders
    the handicapped put to death or sterilized
    the mentally ill put to death or sterilized

    That is what Nazis stand for, you support the Nazis and you do not support freedom for any race

  43. Very well said, Arnold. In fact, in Nazi Germany, "Elmer" would have been gassed because of his handicap.

  44. to all the nikki nest bloggers:

    let's get one thing clear and well understood what is in the mind of the multi-culti cultists and their wonder partner: 'diversity'regarding what 'racist' and 'racism' means: a 'racist' according to their very selective definition is any person who belongs to one of the white (or caucasian) race nation tribes and who identifies himself (or herself) according to race (or skin pigmentation) rather than nation and dares to defend and herald and proclaim both the great history of the white race nation people and to selectively choose to separate themselves (segregate) from the non-white crowds to be with their own race

    i find it astounding beyond belief the grotesque hypocrisy of the multi-culti-cultists diversionists and their extreme left cousins how they cheer the ethnic-racial-cultural parade of every single non-white tribe and they strongly support each and every non-white tribal self segregational desire

    but let white people want to be associated with white people, see them withdraw themselves from non-whites, see them show a little pride in their own white history, and this is called 'racism' by these fascist hypocrites

    i am so damn tired of bearing the white man's burden, i do not understand why the non-whites (most especially the whining complaining blacks) don't separate themselves from me and start their own businesses and employ their own people

    they certainly have their own tribal mentality when they are herded into these government job positions, they have no trouble forming black student union this and asian club that as they go through school, the non-whites are in a continuous race-ego trip and think they expect some kind of special treatment throughout society because they are so coddleed throughout their cesspool liberal institutional higher learning experience

    because whites have been so successful in this nation (after all it is the race that founded this nation) and have been the dominate race in terms of demographic representation and have flourished in all manner of industry and technological development and have been the lighr beacon standard for moral behavior and civility, we are now told it is a crime that whites have held the crown of dominance and must now share power and ultimately be pushed aside because the future lies (and it is a lie) with the non-white world, and the white race must become dissolved within the non-white races

    let me tell every white race traitor trash and every non-white the only reason you (non-whites) have any standing in this nation (outside of that small remnant that risese to the top from amongst yourselves) is through artificial government means (affirmative action) it is the whiteman who by and large employs you

    whites do not need you you non-whites it is you yourselves who need the whiteman (even though you despise him and slander him)

    the mexicans and the blacks in particular are helpless hapless herds of wandering children in need of care and keeping by the whiteman

    the mexicans invade this nation stealing jobs that rightfully belong to americans and bleed the american taxpayer with their social service needs ....this is the plan called: 'mexicare'

    the blacks are unhappy angry bitter with envy and jealousy toward the continuing success of whites and jews and asians the blacks don't bother to think maybe they should humble themselves to learn from the whites and the jews and the asians, no they continue to wallow in their degrading behavior, in their violent crime in their misery that all of the non-blacks are so sick of

    clever little nikki props up a white pinata for all to take pleasure in throwing stones at, she screams through her blogger bullhorn: "here is another one for you to hate" but in reality anyone at all who is white and speaks well of the white race is a 'racist' and is guilty of 'racism' according to her braindead multi-culti infected mind

  45. I have read some of your responses and I think what I have to say is in order. I was having a very bad, like a frequenty have, and was more venting than anything. My plans I have outlined in brief detail are solid but a last ditch option to stop racism. When I have my bad days, I blow the dust off them and want to charge into president's office with them in hand.

    I have to be critical of some of my allys on here though. I think its good in a way that you picket, call employers, send emails and whatnot. I don't think its very effective though. People in America are more and more apathetic to not only racial issues but just social issues these days. On top of that, it closes the ranks of the racist and even seems to bring out more supporters of racism. Half are clearly racist and half are flag wrapped, first ammendment junkies. I'm not saying that you shouldn't do what you do, I'm only saying that I don't see where it works at all. They are on TV, for the loving sake of Christ. They don't seem bothered that people know they are racist and they don't think they are doing anything wrong. When you set up institutions solely to teach them that it is wrong, then you are getting somewhere. If you give them a chance to voice their hatred right alongside the voices of love and tolerance, in our schools, media and public places, what good is that? How are those institutions convert anyone if the racist can use them too?

  46. Looks like an Ajax back peddle!

  47. to those who claim to desire tolerance:

    i wonder how tolerant you would be of me if i sat next to you in the high school cafeteria or the public library very quietly minding my own business ...but i happened to have a nazi swastika armband in very obvious display wrapped around my upper right arm

  48. I like the symbolism behind the arm band. Or tattoo I often see of the swastika. It gives a powerful statement of self. I wonder how you would feel if gothic me sat next to you. Pierced tongue and black hair. Pale skin and quietness.

    Probably call me freak. Look at me in distaste. Unfortunately most people do. And that's just outter appearence. With no conversation.

    Judgement on physcial attributes alone. Very sad how often it happens.

  49. Ajax,

    Yea, I would immediately beat the crap out of you..... that is what you were hoping I would say....

    now being serious......

    I probably would simply laugh behind your back like almost everyone would be doing. Trust me, it's not the idiots who wear swatiskas that is worrysome. It's people whom we don't know about.

  50. Actually, Ajax, I would probably just giggle a little, shrug my shoulder and go back to my studies.

    And let me ask you this? If I was sitting next to YOU and I was wearing a Star of David, or if I was Black and had a black power symbol or Hispanic and flag of a Latin American country on my jacket, how would you react to the freedom of my race?

  51. If I say someone with a nazi symbol on in public, you may laugh, but I'd probably leave and call the police. I'm disabled and I can imagine what would happen if some violence accured. I know its not against the law but disturbing the peace is. I've seen videos where they go around starting trouble with innoncent citizens and that is illegal. I would by no means want to be in the middle of it. Hopefully the police would take thier information and if they couldn't find something to charge them with, they could keep an eye out for them later.

  52. Normally, I don't like the word "tolerance." It implies must less than acceptance. But, since you asked, I would, undoubtedly, look at you with a raised eyebrow, walk on by, shake my head, and crack up behind your back.

    Now...that's being tolerant.

  53. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  54. Toni, I am so happy that things are working out for you! Sometimes good things DO happen to good people!


  55. nikki had the most reasonable response to my question, and i suspect strongly a great percentage of the population would react in very similar manner, outside of the viseral shock reaction of seeing such a bold display of an infamous image

    what must be remembered about nazism is that this ideology occured exclusively within the german nation and was for the german people exclusively and to a broader extent those whites who would come under the aryan identity (great britain, nordic nations etc) hitler and co. always felt the united states was a lost cause due to the multi-ethnic demography and most especially the tremendous jewish influence within

    so the nazi swastika for most american whites has been a sort of novel comic shock value image, the nazi swastika carries a much greater symbol-image in germany and neighboring nations (austria, etc) so a show of this image carries with it a far greater reaction, even to have the image outlawed from being shown publicly and any associated organized nazi gatherings and propaganda effort

    to react in laughter and ridicule to someone wearing a swastika armband suggests a nazi awakening-uprising could never happen within the united states and if it were to happen would be asphyxiated before it could generate any serious momentum, this is indeed the case

    nikki and her herd of multi-cultists have no need to fear any nazi revolution taking place within the united states and i am sure she never gave any thought of it anyway


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