Friday, December 09, 2005

Snow, Freezing Temps & Perjury

There might be snow and freezing temperatures, but things are heating up for tomorrow's Nazi rally in Toledo. It is reported that Mark Martin, pictured left, was not in court today to watch the performance of Bill White. By all accounts, it WAS a performance.

The City of Toledo demonstrated great wisdom in seeking a temporary injunction that would keep ALL parties who plan on rallying tomorrow confined to the downtown area. No one will be allowed to march, rally, or demonstrate through the neighborhoods of North Toledo. In a grandstand play by White, he attempted to thwart the city's efforts with a motion of his own - he lost - the city wins.

When asked if he had written a story entitled "NMS To March Against Nigger Gang Crime in Toledo," Bill White attempted to slither, as he always does when caught, by claiming that there are over "1300 who contribute to Overthrow." Uh...Mr. White does not do this well...he trips all over his lies. It wasn't that long ago that he wrote that Overthrow was pretty much a one-man operation. I have that article - and will definitely use it. The court - any court - generally does not take perjury very lightly.

For an in-depth look at today's proceedings, please visit History Mike's place - it's a real eye-opener.


  1. NSM Commander Bill White demoted Mark Martin in court today. Says he can longer speak for the NSM. BWHHAHAHAHAHAHA

    You gotta love it. Bill White is the Commander of the NSM now and even has incorporated the NSM in Virginia as "National Socialist Movement of Virginia LLC".

    I'm telling ya, we have to maintain our opposition to Bill White publically but privately, we both know he is going to harm the NSM more than I ever could!!!

  2. Oh I forgot.

    You can listen to Bill White being interviewed then cut off the air on WYSO-FM at 11am this sunday. The live stream will be at

  3. Oh - he will bring it to its knees! I am just cracking up - because I had this picture of Martin losing that temper bill was talking about and just laying Bill out right there in front of God and everybody.

    Ya gotta love it!

  4. Go Nigger Lovers go. Eat that Ex-Lax like candy and keep spewing that Shit about Whites who look out for our race.

    Schwartzo has proven 100's of times that he won't harm anyone. All he ever does is Shit and then fall back in it.

  5. Steve - you are becoming more and more redundant. It must really suck not being able to make a valid point or discuss anything within the context of which we are speaking.

    I am truly sorry for you. But, you really are making my point about the racist right. I appreciate the help - but do you think you could change the record? Or are you truly just a one-trick-pony?

  6. All you people are out to do is try to hurt others or put them down. Bill W is not bothering you, Schartzo, History Mike or the others.

    All of you are just as redundant as I am. You laugh at him like he's a nothing happening Little Man or whatever, but you keep running him in the ground.

  7. In Toledo, dam itz cold here....this is not going to be pretty....

  8. Isis - you take real good care of yourself - and shoot your best shots!


  9. to nikki:

    thankyou for once again publishing the group sieg heil salute

    it is a stirring image, no other group, organization, gang, etc etc etc has anything like this

    these low life pygmy black and mexican street gangs with their pitiful attempts to show to everyone else they are to be feared and respected only reveal to everyone how infantile and retarded they really are, with their hand signals, tattoos and brandings showing their gang 'signs' and the rest of their backward slimy gutter ghetto behavior they prove to society they are indeed savages and should be re-located to their ancestral birthing place of origin

    compared to the nazis the black and mexican gangs are total amateurs, if we liken the nazis to a 'gang' as many do, while they very arguably were evil in nature nevertheless they were professional in every sense, they carried themselves proudly, marching, placing their boot heel, leaving a footprint of polished orderly execution of command

  10. IsisDC...

    Have you got a site displaying the photos you have taken of these rallies ?


  11. **Go Nigger Lovers go. Eat that Ex-Lax like candy and keep spewing that Shit about Whites who look out for our race.**

    Elmer I think thats the stupidest thing I have ever seen you write. Maybe you need to eat some Watermellon and Fried Chicken! Because the real Niggers are WHITE. And I am reading all of thier obviously negative sh*t every single day.

  12. I do admit that I like KFC, but I don't eat watermelon. My Grandpa raised them on our family farm in the early 70's, and the theiving Niggers we had to deal with back then still makes me sick.

    Yeah, I make stupid remarks in response to the obsessive remarks made by your Buds here. Nikki & Schwartzo may be doing a favor to the White movement with all of the attention they bring.

  13. to tony elise:
    the real Niggers are WHITE"
    i find your post rather puzzling since this is one of the common terms blacks identify each other with, i never hear whites refer to themselves as niggers only black people do this

    i have wondered for the longest time why a race would inflict on themselves such a label that has stood for the age with such a negative cursing connotation

    i don't even hear whites address one another as 'honkey' or 'whitey',

    this is another lesson on how blacks in general are not to be taken seriously in matters of civil protocol

  14. "i never hear whites refer to themselves as niggers only black people do this"

    I know some very "white" niggas who use thier slang any way they want with whoever they want. Where do you come from Mars? Are you so closed minded you do not see the world of white individuals who act black and want to be black all the time. Who were raised with thier black family and use the slang every day? The beautiful Dreads .. colorful clothings. Nigga is slang. For brotha I suppose. My daughter would know all the terms and usage. Teens are up on that stuff.

    Nigger however Sir .. is this:

    Webster Dictionary : a member of a socially disadvantaged class of persons

    In my eyes. This is neither a white or black person .. this is just a scum bag. A person who might enjoy taking pleasure in another persons pain. Some one like Hal Turner. The one true Nigger.

    I seem to be meeting a lot of white niggers lately.


    Sad for My RACE.

    There is still hope for us all. I have faith in that. Because I need faith in something good. Something outside this prejudiced insanity.

  15. to toni elise:

    those poor racedead-white dupes who forsake their own superior racial heritage to cling to the inferior black race culture become molded in the same and will wallow with the black in his defecating excrement of self destructive degenerating decadence, in time he will in fact become a 'nigger' just like his black role model has been genetically cursed to be born as and those better ones among his black race seeing the right (white) light strive toward it (white race culture) to cleanse themselves and rise to civilized status and therefore to acceptance and respect by the white race people

    these pathetic 'wiggers' are despised by both the white race people (because they see them as traitor trash, useless bodies stumbling and bumbling with no direction and no purpose) as well as the black race people (because the blacks see they have become racially defeated and therefore have no respect toward them and behind their back will stab them without hesitation)

    why are you so sad toni?, one of the things the leftists have gotten you to do is focus your attention first upon society (their attempt at creating collectivization) and then secondarily upon yourself as an individual

    the right (white conservative) way is to think of yourself and your surroundings (family, close relatives, close friends) in that order first and then you can think of society, it all begins from within and then extends in wave like pattern, very much like tossing a small rock in a pond of water

    but i understand from your previous self revelations that you have a black boyfriend and there is where a major source of sorrow can originate from since you not only have a racial clash but you have a cultural clash as well and can have problems in how you view yourself in society this can create confusion and disorientation

    in your eyes you see neither white nor black, well you are well on the path to multiculturalism (white race-culture extermination), but try saying that in the presence of black people and see if they agree with you

    yes to a sad racedead multi-culted infected white (in skin pigmentation only) person like yourself i appear like i am from another planet (but i do like mars since it was a symbol representing war to the ancient romans) my views and opinions are in extreme contradiction to yours and we are enemies philosophically speaking we would clash if we came into real life contact, but we do have one thing in common 'agoraphobia' i suffered from that many years ago and while free from it i still like yourself prefer to remain at home much of the time

  16. Gee .. while I do not agree with all of that the foundations seem the same.

    I certainly wish I possesive that extensive vocabulary and the way with which you use it.

    That is definately a compliment.
    Not a poke fun sarcastic thing.

    I get out twice a week. If its more then that its because some one forced me to go.

  17. to toni elise:

    thankyou for the kind words, i envy you, i get out 5x a week out of necessity (work) otherwise like yourself i would most likely stay at home those 5x spending the bulk of my time in front of the computer on the internet, and 2x getting out to seek mental stimulus and spiritual refreshment from what the outside world has to offer


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