Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bill White's Penance - Two Hail Mary's?

All week Bill White has been targeting David Duke, Vince Breeding, and Kevin Alfred Strom via the words of "Terrible" Tommy Metzger. Not that I object to White, or anyone for that matter, tearing into another Nazi or white nationalist - or whatever they are calling themselves these days, but I couldn't help but wonder how the "Commander" of the NSM was going to react to the tear-down of other white activists since that is a particular sticking point for the Hollywood goon squad these days. I didn't have to wait too long to find out! Bill now has some major sucking up to do to one of the biggest asses in the movement. And as Jeff Schoep anxiously assumed the position, Bill acquiesced.

Bill kissing ass shouldn't surprise anyone since he really has very few places left to go. What's he going to do, team up with the washed-up likes of Metzger? I would doubt that. Metzger might be a has-been, but the old man knows enough not to bring White into his fold. But, watching White back-peddle and do penance has been good for the soul.

Last night, Bill said his first Hail Mary in the form of a disclaimer and a promise not to do it again:

"...the views that were expressed in my writings on this subject and those of Tom Metzger are solely mine and Tom's views, and not the views of the National Socialist Movement. The National Socialist Movement has a policy of not airing too much "dirty laundry", even when its true. The National Socialist Movement has bigger battles to fight than the battle against corruption in non-NSM movement groups; if you're too stupid to see what you're getting involved in when you're getting involved with some of these people, that's not our problem.

"Thus, we will not be publishing any more of the material personally attacking various movement personalities at this time. As this all started as a project on the use of prostitutes by the Southern Poverty Law Center and other Jewish groups to infiltrate white nationalists, and as a study on Nancy Manning, research will continue, and I hope to have that story presented in full in the near future.

And I want to note that is not an official NSM website, and the material presented hear sometimes reflects my personal views, or the personal views of its authors, and not official positions of the NSM. Official positions of the NSM can be read on the official NSM website at"

A couple of us laughed at this - not only that Bill had his wings clipped but at the ridiculousness of one group of racists trying to protect the reputation of another. And you would think that once Bill had kissed Schoep's ass that would have been sufficient - but apparently there was a lot more sucking up to do. See, this is what happens when your have burned all of your bridges. Today, White sang the praises of Schoep in a new article. The whole thing made me want to gag on the saccharine! Below is the article along with a few of my thoughts:


Jeff Schoep
Why He Is Commander of the NSM

12/29/2005 5:00:14 PM
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Bill White

Commentary -- Jeff Schoep is the Commander of the National Socialist Movement, and he is a man who is much maligned. Like all of the National Socialist Movement’s leadership, the Jews, the anti-racists and even our opponents within the movement cannot stand the fact that he is an exceptional individual, and they are constantly putting out propaganda attacking him. I want to clear some of these slanders up.

First, I have to say that it is interesting that White is acknowledging who the "leader" of the NSM is since, for all practical purposes, he has been acting as the commander since October. Characterizing Jeff Schoep, however, as an "exceptional individual" is just a little much even when your tit is in the proverbial wringer.

I also want to address a question which too many outsiders and disrupters ask me, which is why I am, and we of the NSM in general are, willing to acknowledge the Commander as the leader of the National Socialist Movement. Those who engage in that line of questioning have generally never met Jeff, and are relying on information provided them by the Southern Poverty Law Center or one of the other anti-racist slander operations.

The first thing that has to be said about the Commander is that he is a very intelligent fellow. The anti-racists – and opposing white nationalists – have created this fantasy world around the National Socialist Movement where our leadership – whether it’s the Commander, the Chairman, me, Von Bluvens, or anyone else – is composed of mouth-breathing mentally ill sexually questionable welfare-receiving unemployed social misfits. I often wonder why anti-racists shoot so far off the mark, because the only people they are capable of fooling are those who have never met our leadership – you only have to meet any one of us to know that everything that is said about us is completely untrue. It is almost like they bet on the fact that we are living in caves, Osama bin Laden style, where no one can meet with us – because there is no other situation in which their lies could succeed.

The "Commander" is so "intelligent" that he committed a burglary with his girlfreind while two children waited in the car. The "Commander," was admonished by the judge because he didn't live up to the National Socialist dogma that he supposedly represents. Actually, I am beginning to wonder if Mr. "Millionaire 158 IQ" Bill has ever met these people he is talking about.

Cliff Herrington laid the foundation for the National Socialist Movement, and Jeff Schoep built it into what it is today. Jeff is the one who persevered in the early days of the NSM’s re-emergence. He’s the one who built the units and the organization to the point where it became an attractive organization for those interested in advocating National Socialism. Jeff is the one who is responsible for building the organization that was capable of holding the kind of international attention getting events that occurred in Toledo – and Jeff is the one who holds the National Socialist Movement and its units and branches together.

So...we can credit Jeff Schoep for causing a riot in Toledo and for "building" a 200 member Nazi outfit right here in the United States of America! Wow! I'm sure we are all so impressed with his abilities! There are actually 20 or 30 of them who show up at events and do their stiff arm routine while behind a line of 700 police officers - now, that is quite an accomplishment.

I know what the Commander does on a day to day basis, and I would not want his job. Not only does he do, with a very small staff assisting him, the administrative things required to run our organization – receiving mail, seeing that letters get answered, talking to and screening new members and new units – but he also deals day in and day out with all of the personality conflict and bullshit required to run an organization. Part of Jeff’s job is staying above the fray, staying neutral, and keeping members who are unhappy about what some other member is doing from getting so upset they leave the organization. He’s also in charge of party discipline, expelling and suspending members who don’t behave, and other obnoxious tasks. Being Commander is a very hard and thankless job.

So...he reads three letters a week and assigns someone to answer two, he talks to two potential members a month and declares one of them a "unit," he tries to keep the clowns from killing each other, while he makes decisions about who to keep and who to kick out. As I hear it, that decision is a no brainer - cross his palm with greenbacks you can screw up as much as you want. Well! With all of those responsibilities, it's a wonder he has time to put his baby blue lenses on before he leaves the house!

I recognize in our Commander a lot of personality traits necessary for his job that I know I don’t have, and I think very few others in the “movement” have as well. I am aggressive, confrontational and very dismissive of most other people – at least those who are critical of me. I lack normal fears of consequences that prevent other people from acting. This is good in some ways – for instance, I can buy up the home of a violent crack dealer and gang member and order him to leave it without the knowledge that there is a real possibility he might shoot at, injure and/or possibly kill me altering my behavior.

Oh yeah Bill, we are so impressed with the dangers you face being a slumlord.

In a way, you can’t publish a website like without having that approach to the world – the fact that I say something that might cause a major newspaper or television show to libel me to hundreds of thousands of people just doesn’t cause inside me the kind of pressure that has led many white activists, “exposed” in the media, to break and abandon their point of view.

Bill, slander only applies when people lie about you. You provide everyone with enough truth that they never have to do that.

The Commander is much more sensitive to other people, and much more tolerant of other people’s faults and foolishness. When members complain, even if he disagrees with them and thinks their point of view is asinine, he will go to the member they are complaining about and try to find a way to make everyone involved feel better about the situation. When other white nationalists – members of groups who regularly attack the NSM, run us down, insult national socialism, call us “Hollywood Nazis” and other stupid names, and ban us from their events – call him up and complain about one of our members, even though these other whites are complete scum,(Careful, Bill - you are violating the NSM policy) Jeff treats them respectfully, listens to their concerns, and sometimes even tells our members that, despite the scuminess of the people complaining, all NSM members have to adhere to our standards of personal conduct. And the Commander isn’t even a Christian.

I think a lot of Jeff’s conflict resolution ability comes from his role as a father. He has six legitimate children (not the ten illegitimate ones readers of VNN and CAH accuse him of having), and he has said that dealing with NSM personality conflicts is almost like running an elementary school sometimes.

Well, when you consider they still like to dress up and play WWII games, I would imagine it is a lot like dealing with elementary school kids. That's quite an interesting comment from Schoep. We've been saying, for a long time, that the maturity level of that group is about 3rd to 4th grade. Glad we can at least agree on something.

As to his children, Bill White didn't address the statements that have been thrown around about the six children coming from several different women and how Schoep isn't able to support all of them or that he receives public assistance. That's interesting since I have asked him about that and he just danced all around it.

I know the feeling. Running Roanoke’s West End is often the same way.

Thus, when I see Jeff attacked by various groups, whether they are trying to create a “split” by making up internal conflicts between various NSM members, or they are just insulting him and lying about his personal life, it is somewhat infuriating. Obviously I’ve grown used to the slander mills over the years, but Jeff Schoep is not the person that the NSM’s detractors make him out to be.

The Commander is an incredible organizer, a very intelligent person, a responsible, employed married working man with a large family, and yet someone who still finds the time to deal with all the personality and administrative work involved in running the National Socialist Movement.

Oh, now Schoep is a working stiff! And, Jeff Schoep was used to the insults and the rumors long before Bill White joined up. As a matter of fact, Schoep and I were trading insults and cyber blows while Bill White was claiming he would never join an organization and that he wasn't a racist Nazi. And if Schoep is such an "incredible organizer" why is it that you can't get anyone to show up at your non-events? Why is it that a "unit" only has to have one member?

Don't you just love the way Bill has of sounding like this protective patriarch? What an absolutely scandalous fraud! Also, did everyone catch the fact that "in the world according to Bill," he now "runs" Roanoake's West End?

Anyone with those skills wins my admiration. There is no question that I write well, and I argue well, and that I am good at making and raising money, but I know I wouldn’t have the patience to administer an organization like the National Socialist Movement – and I doubt many other of the Commander’s detractors could as well. Building an organization like the NSM is a huge project, and the fact that Jeff has been able to do it at all does more to prove his worthiness as our leader than any argument of the anti-racists or phony white nationalist scam artists can do to oppose it.

Watching Bill White grovel is pretty damn funny and put another spark in the end of a really eventful year. But, what else could he do? When this gig is up - there just aren't too many places Bill can go. No one wants him or his lies. I think he know this and is trying desperately to hang on to this, his last bastion of hope in his continuous battle for acceptance. The problem is, he can't help but step on toes - he can't help but overstep his bounds. Even when he is contrite and apologetic, he cannot help but stroke his own ego. Such is the life of a narcissist. And no matter how many feathers Jeff Schoep plucks, no matter how short he clips White's wings, he cannot ever harness Bill's avaricious appetite for recognition. Running Roanoake's West End, indeed!


  1. I've gotta say that's one ugly photo of Bill White. That said, let me credit you for your incessant hammering of the nattering nabobs of Nazism. You want them gone? Well, believe you me, so do a lot of WN's as well.

    In fact, I genuinely wish your efforts well, Nikki. I'm glad you took out Matt Hale, for instance, another silly goof that tainted serious pro-white advocates like myself. Good riddance to Chester Doles too, and Pastor Butler, and the whole rotten nest of vipers living up in the dank woods of the National Alliance. True, you only had a small hand in all of that, but keep up the good work. Because the more Nazis and KKK you help put behind bars, the stronger WNs like myself will become.

    Now, for some advice. Go after Don Black. Go after him like a rabid pitbull and bring him down. Bring him down and you'll bring down Stormfront, home to a seething nest of Nazis, skinheads, and KKKers. Mind you, I'm serious here. I'm not an anti-racist or yanking your chain. I am a hard-core pro-white advocate, but the Nazis are destroying white America every day they exist. So take a word from the enemy - go after Don Black. He's an ex-con so he's vulnerable. Expose him. Expose his family. Focus on criminal activity he may be engaged in. BRING DOWN STORMFRONT. Succeed at that, and you will have dealt a major blow against the Neo-Nazis. Good luck.

  2. First Jeff, let me say hello and that you have an interesting premise - one that I want to make certain I have not misunderstood.

    From what you have said, so far, you are against Nazi's and the other groups who are in the public view. You believe that they are harmful to the pro-white cause. How am I doing?

    You cheer us on because you want these people gone just as much as we do - not for the same reason - but gone, just the same.

    You claim that the real pro-whiter's are everywhere among us. (Incidentally, I believe you.)

    Now...tell me how I am doing - and let's go from there.

  3. I'll speak for myself but....

    Why should we go after David Duke, Alex Linder, and Don Black when Bill White does it for us?

    Then again, Duke & Black are informants (part of them getting easy jail terms and PAROLE) and Alex Linder is a self-hating jew who is indigent like Steve Holsten.

    Then again, Bill White did turn Strom, Linder and other WN over the secret service two years ago.

    We pick on Bill White because he is so much fun to rile up. It's quite humorus to watch Bill White have knee jerk reactions. It's quite entertaining to watch White go through his lies and other mentally ill antics.

    Watching him kiss up to Jeff Schoep but yet White knows full well he controls the NSM now. Schoep controls the NSM like the Queen of England controls the UK. He's only a figurehead now and total powerless.

    But the truth is, White does more damage to white supremacy in the United States than almost any antifa.

    But watching Bill White dance and lie like a cockroach makes for good entertainment.

  4. Nikki,

    Bill's getting all upset over the IQ issue on historymike's blog.

    He's just so easy to rile up.

  5. LOL! Well...he offered...and I said yes...and nothing!

    After you mentioned "Autism" I got to thinking about Asperger's Syndrome - it fits, Harry.

  6. I think that's a cool photo!

    My first time playing with a photo editing program.

    I thought it came out pretty neat lookin, not "ugly"!

  7. Nikki,

    Bill White I think is also OCD and example of that is him keeping six month old condoms and then posting photos of it on the web. (I still laugh at White doing that)

    If he is OCD, it very well might fit that he suffers from Asperger's Syndrome or another closely related high-performing autistic disorder. My cousin thinks it's that. I've only taken 200 level psychology courses while my cousin took more advanced psychology courses at UMBC. So his judgment is more educated then mine.

  8. "Now...tell me how I am doing - and let's go from there."

    You're doing perfect, Nikki.

    Really, it makes sense - or should. Suppose, for instance, you were part of a movement at the opposite end of the political spectrum, such as the American Communist Party. Your goal is the take-over and destruction of the capitalist-driven, democratic government of the United States.

    Now, you're deadly serious about achieving this goal. Even so, there exists among your political kind a bunch of raving fucktards like Bill White and Jeff Schoep, who, instead of wearing Nazi uniforms, dress up instead as communist party members from the bygone Stalin era, wearing ridiculously out-dated gray caps sporting red enamel stars while they marched into American cities waving bygone hammer & sickle flags.

    That scenario would make most serious-minded American communists cringe with embarrassment, would it not? If you agree, then it stands to reason that serious WNs cringe whenever diseased individuals like Bill White and his Hollywood Nazis make a public appearance - just as it made us cringe whenever the warped personality of Matt Hale and his bizarre cronies made public fools of themselves.

    So, the bottom line is this: Neo-Nazis, skinheads, and the Klan are not helping promote OUR cause - they're helping promote YOURS. That's why they need to be driven so far to the fringe of the WN movement that Bill White (hopefully in a prison cell or mental hospital by then) will be remembered wistfully as a paragon of virtue and sanity by comparison with those on the fringe who replace him, until even they too become extinct.

    Always remember: Hitler got rid of Ernst Roehm when he became an embarrassment. Being a Nazi didn't save him, did it? So why should it save Bill White today?

    Answer: it shouldn't.

    Therefore, ridding the pro-white movement of its "Ernst Roehms" is doing both your side and OURS a long-sought favor. But laughing at the likes of Bill White for your own amusement isn't enough. Your aim should be their complete elimination.

    That said, please continue.

  9. I'm going to do a shameless plug for my blog where I just did a quick article about Bill White losing 80 percent of his readers over the past two years and how his site is dropping in Alexa like a stone in water. Even is much higher on Alexa then

  10. He looks like Heinrich Himmler in the photo

  11. Honestly, you are 100% off base.

    My post on Jeff and his abilities was my response to a number of statements he has made defending me against Don Black's and David Duke's latest slurs; it had nothing to do with the Tom Metzger material.

    I think Jeff is 100% in agreement with me on the issue of Duke and Black, though there is no question that he disagrees with me on whether the NSM should be making an issue out of it or not.

  12. Advice for Bill White :

    "Today it is my conviction that in general, aside from cases of unusual talent, a man should not engage in public political activity before his thirtieth year. He should not do so, because up to this time, as a rule, he is engaged in molding a general platform, on the basis of which he proceeds to examine the various political problems and finally establishes his own position on them. Only after he had acquired such a basic philosophy, and the resultant firmness of outlook on the special problems of the day, is he, inwardly atleast, mature enough to be justified in partaking in the political leadership of the general public."

    "Otherwise he runs the risk of either having to change his former position on essential questions, or, contrary to his better knowledge and understanding, of clinging to a view which reason and conviction have long since discarded. In the former case this is most embarrassing to him personally, since, what with his own vacillations, he cannot justifiably expect faith of his adherents to follow him with the same unswerving firmness as before; part of the leader means perplexity and not rarely a certain feeling of shame toward those whom they hitherto opposed. In the second case, there occurs a thing which, particularly today, often confronts us: in the same measure as the leader ceases to believe in what he says, his arguements become shallow and flat, but he tries to make up for it by vileness in his choice of means. While he himself has given up all idea of fighting seriously for his political revelations (a man does not die for something which he himself does not believe in), his demands on his supporters become correspondingly greater and more shameless until he ends up by sacrificing his last shred of leadership and turning into a 'politician'; in other words, the kind of man whose only real conviction is lack of conviction, combined with offensive impertinence and an art of lying, often to the point of complete shamelessness."

    "If to the misfortune of decent people such a character gets into a parliament, we may as well realize at once that the essence of his politics will from now on consist in nothing but an heroic struggle for the permanent possession of his feeding-bottle for himself and his family. The more his wife and children depend on it, the more tenaciously he will fight for his mandate. This alone will make every other man with political instincts his personal enemy; in every new movement he will scent the possible beginning of his end, and in every man of greatness the danger which menaces him through that man."

    "I shall have more to say about this type of parliamnetary bed-bug."

    "Even a man of thirty will have much to learn in the course of his life, but this will only be to supplement and fill in the framework provided him by the philosophy he has basically adopted. When he learns, his learning will not have to be a revision of principle, but a supplementary study, and his supporters will not have to choke down the oppressive feeling that they have hitherto been falsely instructed by him. On the contrary: the visible, organic growth of the leader will give them satisfaction, for when he learns, he will be a proof for the correctness of the views that they have hitherto held."

    "A leader who must depart from the platform of his general philosophy as such, because he recognizes it to be false, behaves with decency only if, in recognizing the error of his previous insight, he is prepared to draw the ultimate consequence. In such a case he must, at the very least, renounce the public exercise of any further political activity. For since in matters of basic knowledge he has once succumbed to an error, there is the possibility that this will happen a second time. And in no event does he retain the right to continue claiming, not to mention demanding, the confidence of his fellow citizens."

    "How little regard is taken of such decency today is attested by the general degeneracy of the rabble which contemporaneously feel justified in 'going into' politics."

    "Hardly a one of them is fit for it."

  13. Those quotes, by the way, were from Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf.

    Always an entertaining soap opera, if nothing else...

  14. Jeff Schoep lives in a one bedroom apartment in Minneapolis and doesn't even live with his kids.

  15. Jeff - gotcha! I know that there are a ton of White Nationalist who truly are embarrassed by the NSM and people like White, Blevins, Turner, Schoep, et. al. I know because they tell me so and often help in my endeavors. I also know that even if we were successful in putting all of these clowns where they belong the real war will still need to be fought.

    Harry, White may be OCD and have Asperger's - but if I were to bet - my money would still be on Narcissitic Personality Disorder (NPD). I have done quite a bit of research in the area of Autism, Asperger's and NPD - and I just think he fits the profile. I also agree on the bi-polar thoughts - with mania predominant.

    Bill - I don't think I am off at all. You got your wings clipped - period. far as Schoep is concerned - no matter what you say about him, everyone knows the truth. There are just too many leaks in that organization for the truth not to come out.

    Warren - do you honestly think Bill White gives a rats ass about what Adolf thought? He's head and shoulders above that Nazi. You should know that.

  16. I am close to someone with Asperger's, and I have observed Bill White; in my non-professional opinion, White does not exhibit the characteristics of Asperger's syndrome.

    I agree with the narcissistic diagnosis; one of the funniest things White has ever written was a missive on clothing. It features a dandy Bill White debating "suits versus uniforms," and contains narcissistic nuggets like this:

    As to tailoring, all of my suits are fitted by a tailor; I've known people who swear by tailor-made suits only, though I think fitting is sufficient. And I don't like cuffs on pants.

    Hilarious, and more clues as to the narcissist within.

  17. LOL! I remember that from a couple of months back! We all just cracked up at his self-love!

    There are so many instances over the last many years where his narcissism just stands out. Yep - my money is on NPD.

  18. "So...he reads three letters a week..."

    You forgot about the Wal-Mart flyers and assorted other junk mail that comes into HQ.

    Sorry, couldn't resist ;)

  19. LOL! Damned if I didn't! And then there is all that stuff from Ed McMann that has to be fooled with! Whew!

  20. Well, let's see:

    * We have nutty Harry Schwartz, a one man illustration of why we don't waste time answering Jews;

    * We have Warren Scott Robbins, who quit the movement because a certain female NSM member wouldn't sleep with him;

    * and we have Nicole Nichols and Mike Brooks, one an aging woman with a failed marriage, the other an aging man with a miserable one.

    Why do insults from you four just not bother me?


  21. We have Bill White, a psuedo-slum lord "Nazi" , who is too brain dead to realize he has hooked up with the losing team.

    Face it, you guys were a relic sixty years ago. You're less likely to win this time.

    Bill, you are such a monumental testament to what is wrong with society I can't even begin to tell you the utter amount of contempt I feel in my heart of hearts for you and your ilk. Listen to me fool: you ARE going to hell. This life which you have spit on, demoralized, and degraded in front of the world, will end eventually, and your soul will be required of you, BILL WHITE.

    And when that day comes, what will you say when you stand befor the throne of Almighty God and try to explain why you WASTED your life following evil and sowing discord, instead of doing SOMETHING to ease the pain and suffering of others.

    Will you tell God: "But, I was a good NAZi"?

    What will he say to you, Bill? This life will end, and Nazism won't save your soul. It will damn it eternally.

  22. Michael Brooks:

    Happily aging man with a happy marriage.

    Just so you know, Bill.

    You might want to actually ask me, instead of making things up.


  23. Bill said - * We have nutty Harry Schwartz, a one man illustration of why we don't waste time answering Jews;

    Now, I know that you aren't calling anyone else "nutty," Bill White. There has been so much written about your own nuttiness that I would think you would know better.

    * We have Warren Scott Robbins, who quit the movement because a certain female NSM member wouldn't sleep with him;

    At least he didn't try to prove he had slept with her by posting pictures of the "evidence" on the internet. And he LEFT the NSM when he realized what a messed up bunch of losers they were. What did you do? You JOINED them. And, of course, you had to bring sex into your comments somewhere.

    * and we have Nicole Nichols and Mike Brooks, one an aging woman with a failed marriage, the other an aging man with a miserable one.

    Like Mike, maybe you should ask before you open your mouth and prove what a fool you are. Obviously, you don't know anything about me. As someone else said - you must have a reading problem. A failed marriage? Well, I guess thirty years with the same man would be a failure to you. Anything that isn't seedy, or "spinnable" would equate to a failure in your eyes.

    Why do insults from you four just not bother me?

    Because you don't have a conscience, Bill. No soul, no conscience, and no class.

  24. Warren Scott Robbins did not leave the NSM because he found out we were a messed up bunch of losers.

    He left the NSM because he was ordered to by the Commander, despite the fact he still, to this day, sends the Commander whining letters begging to be readmitted.

    And as to your failed marriage, do you deny that your whole involvement in the racist / anti-racist scene is based upon your lingering anger about the man who left you thirty years ago -- your first husband?

  25. And, Nikki, I will add this:

    The only people who ever describe me, personally, in negative terms, are:

    1) People who have never met me, such as yourself; and,

    2) People who are angry at me and well known liars, such as, say Erica Hardwick, an actual convicted liar.

    Its for that reason that propaganda efforts such as yours come across, in the real world, as ridiculous, and are also completely ineffectual.

    I don't know if you fully understand what a joke you are within, say, NSM circles. I know that you think your analysis has some sort of "major impact" on white nationalists and is very divisive and causes all kinds of splits and so forth -- I fear that if you knew the truth of what others think of you you'd probably kill yourself.

  26. Bill:

    Do you deny that you just made up the bullshit you have posted about my marriage?

    Or are you going to continue ignore this?

    Your credibility (at least what is left of it) is being called into question.

  27. Yes, Nikki probably is a joke within the circle of 9 dozen NSM members, Bill.

    To the other 99.9999% of the US population, she is not.

    While I haven't officially "met" you, I have watched you up close on several occasions and studied your writing for several months.

    You need a third category: people who have watched Bill White in action and recognize him to be a disturbed, delusional racist, and who expose him for the fraud he is.

    Then again, maybe the kinder, gentler Bill White does not show himself at rallies, in essays, or in courtrooms.

  28. No Nikki, Bill DOES have a soul--that is what he should be worried about.
    Man, listen, I don't know if you have any religious beliefs or not, but if you do ask yourself this: what reward am I going to get after spending my life sowing the seeds of hatred among my fellow men? After you have comitted yourself to evil, do you think that you get any special reward for it?

    I don't think you are going to be happy with the answer to that question, Sir. Once you finally "shuffle off this mortal coil", Bill, you will have to answer to a higher power than that of man, and I fear that what you have to show for yourself is a life dreadfully wasted.

    Have you ever felt compassion? Pity? Do you ever stop, for an instant and think about the consequences of your hate-filled rhetoric? Have you ever stopped to think about the victims of the WP movement, people murdered for stupid reasons, lives destroyed forever? You will reap what you sow, Bill White.

    Since you have dedicated your life to making others miserable, YOU will be miserable. Since you have decided to follow the tenets of Nazism, instead of seeking out love, harmony, and peace, you will never find a moments peace for yourself.

    "He that leadeth into captivity, shall go into captivity."

    Bill, it seems like you lead your followers into a captivity to hatred,a nd evil, and maliciousness. It is a real shame, because, honestly, I think you are an intelligent individual.

    Yet you misuse that intellect in furtherance of spewing hatred, lies, and racism. What a waste you are, sir.

    Take a good look in the mirror, Bill. Do you like what you see? Is this what you saw yourself becoming when you were a child? Was it your childhood wish to march around in a NAzi uniform, and sprad hatred and advocate genocide? What have you become.

    I was at a funeral of a relative oncem and the Pastor delivering the eulogy hit me with a phrase that has stayed with me for over ten years now. He asked: "Man, what is your life?"

    So I am asking you, Bill White: Man, what is your life? Are you proud of yourself for making others hate you? Are you proud that society WILL NOT accept you, Bill the NAzi Leader?

    Are you proud that you defame and spread lies about Jews? are you proud to wear the uniform of a group that is responsible for the deaths of SIX MILLION human beings? Are you proud that, I, a man you don't even know, despises you and considers you a traitor, and a coward, and a sicko for putting on that uniform and marching in public?

    Are you proud that Bill White, who has lived a nice, comfortable, well-fed existence his entire life, who had the chance of college-education and blew it, who goes to sleep every night in a warm bed with a roof over his head, wears the uniform of a group that use to gas little children to death? Does that make you feel like a big man.

    Bill, if I were you I would hold my head in shame for being so ingrateful to this country that has given you EVERYTHING, and for supporting the enemy of democracy, freedom, and human rights.

    Have you ever read The Diary of Anne Frank, Bill? HAve you ever seen a picture of Anne Frank? I work in the schools, and I came across a copy of it in a classroom. I couldn't help but be struck numb by the picture of the little girl on the back cover: she looked so angelic, so full-of-life. That picture of that little girl still haunts me, sometimes.

    To think that Anne Frank was deprived of her life at the age of sixteen, while Bill White, Michael Blevins, and Hal Turner have been allowed to, quite comfortably, live out and ruin THEIR lives, in the name of hatred, makes me wish their was more justice in the world. Truly man, you really need to stop sometimes and ask yourself what the hell kind of person you are.

    Because hatred and evil will win you NOTHING on the end. This life, this prison we were all born to, is like a test. How well you perform while you are here, will determine what happens when you breathe your last. And love is the final answer to all questions.


    I will pray for you.

  29. Bill White,

    I'm not Jewish and in fact, I look a lot more Aryan then you do. You are the one with brown eyes, black hair, and a semitic looking cranium with the bones sticking out above your eyesockets. You certainly would never qualify as Aryan under the standards Hitler set.

    Hitler wouldn't have even placed you in a death camp, he probably would have turned you over to Mengle for experiments.

  30. Aw geez! His 158 IQ is showing!

    Incidentally, Bill - where is that IQ "proof" you were going to send me? You do show and tell so well.

  31. He hasn't had the chance to doctor some documents through Photo Shop yet or make some up to send you.

    He probably got that 158 figure from one of those free online IQ test. I scored a 170 on one of those followed by an email requesting me to pay them for a more complete test. My cat scored a 120 on the test.

    So my cat has an IQ about 50 points higher than Elmer Frazier.

  32. Bill White said...
    Warren Scott Robbins did not leave the NSM because he found out we were a messed up bunch of losers.

    He left the NSM because he was ordered to by the Commander, despite the fact he still, to this day, sends the Commander whining letters begging to be readmitted.

    Warren Said...
    Which member of NSM were you told I wanted to have sex with and was turned down ? Yah, as if...

    Well, name this mysterious female member who is willing to backup lies for you. Who is she ?

    Jeff did not issue "orders" to me, that would be like a Padawan learner giving orders to the Jedi Master. I'm an Odinist, we don't beg for anything, we don't even bow to anyone. "We bow before no man or Gods, for we have no masters."

    As for whining to be readmitted, that's another lie. If this is true you should have those emails and be able to print them as evidence, right ? Well, let's see it then liar.

    You write fake histories claiming some invisible link to the ANP, and 1970's NSM, you're a liar on that too, Jeff Schoep wasn't born until 1974 and Cliff Herrington at that time was a federal agent.

    Bill Hoff was not even a member of Rockwells party, he was in the NSRP National States Rights Party and they were rivals of Rockwells, jew fags who attacked him with a slander campaign and he had to sue them. He settled out of court for $2,000 with them. I won't settle for anything less than blood. Besides the whole time the ANP was going on Bill Hoff was sitting up in attica prison, in Jew York and impersonating a klansmen for the jews after he got out.

    I'm the leader of the "Death to the NSM" gang, we're out to get you not take you over or join you.

    If Bill believes in National Socialism, and if he believes in the teachings of Adolf Hitler he has one way to redeem himself to us, never speak in public again.

    He also said if Bill did not abide by this rule of Chapter 3 Mein Kampf then he's as low as a BedBug. Hitler warned us about BedBug Bill long ago, this is also definitive proof that Bill has never even read Mein Kampf.

    "BedBug Bill, BedBug Bill,
    Don't be mad, take another pill."

    "BedBug Bill, Bed Bug Bill,
    Eat another Porkchop, write more swill."

    "BedBug Bill, BedBug Bill,
    Kill, Kill, Kill."

  33. Damn! you could cut the paranoia in this space with a knife!


    Chill people!!

    And, BTW-

    HAPPY 2006!

  34. Well, name this mysterious female member who is willing to backup lies for you. Who is she ?

    Because she doesn't appear on any anti-racist lists, I won't give her full name. Her initials are A.B. I think anyone whose opinion matters can figure it out from there.

    You hit on her, she turned you down because you're a nut, you blamed the Commander, and then started spewing all sorts of nuttiness.

    Jeff did not issue "orders" to me, that would be like a Padawan learner giving orders to the Jedi Master.

    If we needed further evidence of your mental illness, I think the rest of your post confirms it. Why don't you tell us all about the alleged sex orgies you witnesses? LOL

    The NSM was founded by unit leaders who broke off of the NSWPP -- Cliff Herrington, Bob Brannen, James Mason, and I believe Steve Love. Joe Tomassi was also fraternally involved, though he had his own group, as well as a few others. The NSWPP was the successor to Rockwell's ANP. I don't think there is any rational dispute as to that history.

    If this is true you should have those emails and be able to print them as evidence, right ?

    If Jeff wants to make them public, I'm sure he will.

  35. Incidentally, Bill - where is that IQ "proof" you were going to send me?


    I have nothing to prove to you. Its much more entertaining to have you spewing nonsense than to try to give you a correction you don't want and won't believe.



  36. I'm not Jewish and in fact, I look a lot more Aryan then you do.

    I'm sorry Ranier III. I forgot. You're the grandson of Von Falkenhorst.


  37. Do you deny that you just made up the bullshit you have posted about my marriage?

    If I made it up, why have you been lurking on the NIM Busters board posting sexually explicit slanders about the girl you know told me?

  38. Sorry, Bill, posting sexually explicit material is not my style - that would be your specialty. I find most pornography to be degrading to women, and frankly is not my cup of tea.

    I rarely frequent NIM Busters, except when I notice that I am getting a lot of hits on my website with a NIM Busters referral. Then I know that someone has been posting info about me, like the person(s) who posted my home address and phone number last week.

    So the supposed informant (if there is one) is female? Boy, Bill, I still don't see any connection here. I think you are making it up; I highly doubt anyone I know would engage in character assassination of me.

    Better provide some proof that this person exists, or just admit that you are lying out your ass.

    Isis: Paranoia? I think not. Bill seems to think he has an authoritative source for the bullshit he has been printing about me. I am just trying to show that he is lying, since I don't believe anyone I know would sell me out to Bill White.

  39. Mike-Sell you out to Bill White?

    Sorry, not that I would sell anything out to anyone, but there is nothing about you to sell

    If you want my advice, I'd stay where you are and stick to posting up your musings of Toledo Trash and stay out of realms that you too hot for you to handle.

    But, hey, you are getting more milage out of these dodgeball hits then you ever had before in your life.

    You love all of it and you know it.

    You are no less of an attention whore than the rest of us, in fact you maybe one of the top numbers.

    So, whine in pixels all you like, your ass is still standing on stage, and you are basting in every minute of this.

  40. Isis: Thanks for dropping by. "Attention whore?" Strong words, but you are entitled to your opinion.

    I was quite happy with my little blog and quiet life, and I will enjoy my return to relative anonymity when the Bill White Express derails.

    Sorry you hate Toledo so much Isis; I read with regret your post on Vonbluven's blog:

    Toledo is a disgusting city. In some ways I wonder if the rioters had just burned that whole city to the ground if our nation would have been better off?

    Well, Happy New Year to you, anyways, Isis, and good luck in 2006 with the photography.

    Bill White:

    OK, that would be a denial on Isis's part, Bill.

    That means that you have made up all of the bullshit you have been writing about me. No surprise.

    That is, unless you would care to counter what Isis said.

  41. Uh...Bill said,


    Want a copy of the IQ test?

    And I responded,

    Actually yes, Bill - I do want a copy. Be sure to include the raw scores if you have them, along with any narrative that was written.

    Now he says,


    I have nothing to prove to you.

    Then why did you offer, Bill?

    Isis - I see no paranoia here. What I see is a liar and a welcher - I see a pathetic, overgrown Nazi wannabe who is dancing as fast as he can through his made-up bullshit. I see a Bill White who made the egregious mistake of making up a trite bunch of BS to spew about people he views as his enemies and about his own "superiority." Now he is getting called on it and isn't faring very well in his efforts to be "credible."

    You may consider this person a photographers dream - it's probably a good thing that you can't photograph the tainted and warped mindset - but, then the superficiality of the opportunist sees beauty in things that will bring notoriety.

    How about it Bill - are you going to step to the plate and admit you lied or are you just too shallow to do that?

    Bill White says he has an IQ of 158 - but he doesn't have to prove it.

  42. Toledo IS a disgusting city.

    It is a city in decayed ruin, poorly managed, a highly corrupt government, a wide divide between the "haves" and "have nots", and this past unConstitutional illegal martial law police state past experience situation is a shame and a stain on the whole nation.

    I'd drench the place in gasoline, toss in a match, walk away and not look back.

  43. Nikki- Yes, and the photos are great!

    I see you are using one of them now.

    Which is cool. Use my work all you like.

    My artistic eye must remain objective, sorry, I view the world in shapes and colours when I shoot.

    Whether it be a Nazi rally or a Gay Pride parade, I just shoot the world all equally.

  44. Well, it's a good thing that we Midwestern rubes have such enlightened DC types to straighten us out.

    No telling how bad things might have gotten if we Toledoans were left to our own provincial devices!

  45. Gee- let's see how wonderful it is there:

    But, okay then, I agree, just roll over and piss on yourself.

    Because lashing out at anyone from the outside who will tell you there are no clothes on that "Emphorror" will just make it all go away.

  46. "Lashing out?" Hardly, Isis.

    I merely posted your own words, and acknowledged that we Midwesterners are a bunch of ignorant hicks.

    I would argue that your suggestion - burning down the city of Toledo - sounds more like something Bill White and his crowd might say, though.

    There is a certain irony, though, in a DC person crowing about problems in other cities. I daresay that the District of Columbia might be a great place for a reform-minded person to begin, were she serious about urban renewal.

  47. Bill responds to my question of who his co-conspirator is claiming I "hit on" her by identifying the mysterious woman accuser as A.B.

    Bill you don't even know her or her real name, the initials are an alias dumbass, and NO, I never "hit" on her.

    I also never reported on any Orgies, that's another Bill White lie. As far as I know no one has witnessed NSM orgies, that's not to say someone won't someday, just that I never reported it.

    Oh by the way the hot girl in the NSM has different initials, and she did do a table dance for me in her bikini once, that was Sweet. I pretended it didn't phase me, but oh boy did it phase me. She took me to her room and, well, nothing happend, Richard Brunsson was passed out on her bed, she stole his vodka, and we headed for the elevator, ummm....the end.

    Thanks Jill ;)

  48. Yeah, okay, please show me my words that I called anybody "hicks"?

    You make up your own victimization as you go.

    No city is perfect, but there are very few cities who would roll over for an illegal restraining order, arrest the press, arrest and abuse teen age children for their right to protest, and then look to in worship the lame reports of "Look no Riots" by the city police propaganda mill and think all is just perfect.

    And about DC and other cities, as they might have their challenges, they at least have minority representation in their city governments and don't allow the Klan to run their town.

  49. Cool!

    I wanna party with Warren!


    Did she wear one of those "Springtime for Hitler" number hotpants?

    Or did she dress up like that "she-wolf" Nazi porn chick?

    Where am I with the damn camera during these times?


  50. Isis, I'm confused. For someone who claims to not know anything about white supremacy and the neo-Nazi's you sure have been a quick study. I can understand having to remain objective as far as your photography is concerned. But, now you want to party with Warren? Damn girl, you sure do get around!

  51. 1. Those are MY words, not yours ("hicks," "rubes"). They were, however, written in a spirit of irony, as your condescending tone toward Toledo drips from your posts like cheap molasses.

    2. I never condoned the actions against protesters, and have written extensively against what I believe to be illegal attempts to repress freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.

    3. We have minority representation at all levels of city and state government. As you know, we have an African-American mayor (albeit a lame duck one).

    4. I am still waiting for evidence that you claim to have about the Klan running Toledo (there are over 100 journalists in Toledo to whom you could dish this hot news tip).

  52. Mike- you are making up those words in your little twisted mind, as you still show no proof that I ever stated them so your babble holds no water.

    Nikki- Well, it was sort of a joke, to go with such a juicy story!

    I never stated that I don't know much about the WN movement, I study up on all the movements I shoot.
    I have had lengthy conversations with all kinds of people from all kinds of backrounds from Grover Norquist to Bill White to Cindy Sheehan and many others.

    I am about getting the shots, and hopefully one day they will be very good shots.

    Getting to know who I am shooting helps me connect to the subject and it adds a more human touch to my work.

    Bill is very interesting to shoot, because his expressions are so varied, his image can be quite multi-dimensional.

    The Nazis make for very good colour composition in photos with the colour combinations of the uniforms.

    Yes, it was very hard for me at first to shoot them.

    The first time I saw the uniform I was taken a little a back.

    But, I just started humming the theme tune to Hogan's Heros and they became subjects to shoot in objectivity in no time.

    My opinion on whether they are right or wrong is not my focus.

    When I shoot, it is not about me, it is about my subject and to improve my photography.

  53. Isis: I'll repost, since you seem to have missed what I wrote:

    Those are MY words, not yours ("hicks," "rubes"). They were, however, written in a spirit of irony, as your condescending tone toward Toledo drips from your posts like cheap molasses.

    It is clear, though, from your tone that you are getting defensive ("little twisted mind," "babble") and I do not wish this thread to degenerate into name-calling.

    Your comments about Toledo and Toledoans, however, speak for themselves and need no elucidation on my part.

    Bill White:

    Still waiting... Are you going to allow Isis's comments to stand? She denies talking to you about me, which would then mean that you made up all the BS you wrote about me, my marriage, and (especially) my wife.

  54. Mike- stop stamping your feet around for attention and go take your wife out for New Years.

    I, myself, have to go get showered and dressed for a party, so I bid everyone, Nikki and the CAH gang, all the WNs and Nazis, those from other sites who came here for a good laugh, and yes even "Mike" in his fishnets and heels...

    HAPPY 2006!

    May the gods smile upon you with much good cheeba and sex!


  55.'s not "stamping my feet for attention," it's getting to the bottom of bullshit comments that Bill White has been spreading on the Internet about my marriage.

    BTW, Bill: your activity is bordering on the libelous, now that your "source" has denied providing you with information about my marriage. Careful, fella - you wouldn't want to lose any of that hard-earned money to someone like me.

    Yes, my wife and I will be going out for New Year's Eve, and we will likely have a splendid time (sorry to disappoint, Bill).

    Better let Bill know about the fishnets and heels so he can do a special post on that one, too:

    "Communist Jew Historymike Wears Fishnets and Heels; He Is A Prostitute For The ADL" or something equally salacious.

  56. Wow, so this is what "blogging" is! Oh my, now I am an OLD man, but this is a strange, unsettling new mode of discourse.

    It's a little like dropping in on a conversation with a group of people that, superfically, all seem as if they attended the same university--I think it's a little like sitting in a coffee house on campus, chatting over a hot cup of java.

    Tell me, just out of curiousity: why in the hell would any of you CARE what Bill White thinks?

    Also, damnit, we need that Huxton fellow back--I have been laughing about the "nattering nabobs of Nazism" all damn day! Really, he comes across a little like Hannibal Lecter, or something. I am imagining a stout, balding fellow with pierceing grey eyes, a grey tracker suit, and a thin, wheedling, Anthony Hopkins accent.

    Now, about the whole, "why in the hell would ANYONE care what Bill White thinks issue", I really am, genuinely curious.

  57. Of course, if Huxton was Hannibal, would that, neccesarily, make Nikki "Clarice"?

    "Buffalo" Bill white, perhaps?

    Just a thought.

  58. Isis,

    I do have one question which means dozens of others have the same question. Those close up photos of nazi's in Toledo, how did you get them when the general public was kept far, far away?

    Did you march with them or did someone send you those photos and you are republishing them?

    Me and the misses will be celebrating by having an ambulance on standby at the volunteer rescue squad. Hopefully, we won't be paged for a call but just in case.

    Regardless, all of you be safe this New Year's Eve.

  59. Guys,

    Don't get too upset at Isis for cyber-flirting with White. It's probably the most excitement White has had since his days at hanging around Rock Creek Park in Washington.

  60. Harry- I have something called a "ZOOM LENS". Now, it is is cheap $120 zoom, not a big fancy schmancy ones that the professionsals have that those cost about my one month's mortgage.

    But I think it did pretty well, although if you look at the shits from that day you will notice that the resolution is not as clear as other shot I take.

    Now, a statement like this:

    "Did you march with them or did someone send you those photos and you are republishing them?"

    Will get your bottem paddled!

    I NEVER use anyone else's shots!!

    I shot those from fairly far away, like about 30-50 feet away.

    Happy New year!!!!

  61. Isis,

    That's cool and I'll take your word on it. Just seems you were right with them going by the angle of the shots. NIM Busters seems to think they got a photo of you standing with the nazis.

    I know a lot of others had the same question about your pictures so I figure I should ask rather then rumors flying around via email.

    As far as spanking my bottom... nah, not my type of thing.

    I'm up late because we got paged for an ambulance call about an hour ago from the rescue squad. Motorcycle hit the back of a car, then drove off. No real injuries, the driver of the car was hyperventilating and upset.

    I need some sleep, plane flight today, new year's eve, and such. Hopefully no more drunks tonight.

    Good night and happy new year.

  62. Isis, is this you

  63. Tex- Hell no!

    It's funny how people get everything way off base.

    But I don't know why anyone would be interested in trying to find out to terrorize a single mother and her two kids, would you?

  64. Oh Hell Isisdc, you just don't know how evil some can get. I have a couple of them who would shoot me on the spot if they had the chance. One of them sent a fake email using my name to our local Police saying I was going to kill a bunch of Niggers, and if they didn't like it, that I would take out a bunch of them. Luckily, I'm good friends with the higher ranking officers and they know me better than that.

    I've had them use my name on kids' sites & etc acting like I was a Pedo and then lurking around for kids to babysit & molest.

    I've had them list my address & phone numbers and all of my neighbors addresses and numbers. They've also listed my family's personal info.

    So girl, you really don't know evil.

  65. Elmer, lets put this in the proper perspective

    racists has been stalking you since the first Turner board and he followed you to NIM Busters, one of his names he used was freespeechmyarse.[some of his posts are still at gabbys board]

    I believe your Nazi buddy vonbluvens gave your name and address on his show and called you a pedophile.

    It is your racist buddies doing this and I will bet you a dollar to a dime the racist posted Isis's info and Bill White has a habit of doing just that

  66. Yes, there has been one Turd in particular who has gave me the most problems. I can't put my finger on exactly who it is. I don't think it is Free Speech though. I do know that JohnnyBGood2005 has a driving hate for me.

  67. Still waitin', Bill.

    Are you going to allow Isis - by virtue of her denial that she provided you information about my marriage - to call you a liar?

    Or are you going to admit that you made up all the bullshit you have been posting on the Internet about me, my wife, and our marriage?

    Or are you avoiding the question because you know you are in a corner, and most answers end up with you looking foolish?

    BTW - do I have you to thank for posting my personal info?

  68. Everret Bravard said
    Now, about the whole, "why in the hell would ANYONE care what Bill White thinks issue", I really am, genuinely curious.

    Simply because what this idiot concocts in his warped imagination he post on that rag of a website of his and anywhere else he gets the chance.

    For instance the nut has posted what he believes was my real name address and phone number twice. The first time he posted info on a Cleveland Ohio family who got all sorts of nasty phone calls and threats then turned around and posted info of a guy in Cincinnati Ohio who supposedly works for a hardware store that doesn't exist. He also got a number of threatening calls.
    the list is as long as my arm. He cares nothing for facts or the truth. He'd rather post crap that in his deranged mind he thinks makes him look like he's in the know.

    His lies may very well one day get a lot of innocent people hurt or killed.
    One thing I find absolutly puzzing is how there are still folks in the so called movement that will believe anything this lying perverted nut spews out his mouth.
    I think more than a few light bulbs ought to come on when a grown man's own mother has him committed.

    And by the way I can't wish the Kill Bill group success in good conscience, unless maybe they give up the ideal of killing him for removing a tongue and a finger or ten.

    Bill White is still a lier(period)


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