Sunday, December 11, 2005

Racism...By Any Other Name

For quite some time now there has been lots of discussion among the racists as to how effective or ineffective the wearing of uniforms is when rallying. Passions in regard to this issue run the gamut from those who won’t give up the swastika and jack-boots no matter what, and those who believe that the National Socialist Movement and others who accompany them are an insult to White Nationalism.

Of course, much of this stems from the chameleonic mindset that began to permeate the racist right over the last decade. With a kinder and gentler presence, it is believed that dressing more mainstream and speaking in euphemistic terms, racism and hate will be more palatable to mainstream America.

A poster on Stormfront recently stated in regard to the NSM in Toledo:

“What is the purpose of dressing up like a pugilistic [sic] militant (and yes that is what they look like). I've said this a thousand times, fox [sic] and every news station merely had to show what they looked like at the rally and you were pegged in the people's minds as racists. The nazi [sic] symbol isn't going to win any sympathetic votes in the American [sic] general public, no matter how much you think it is. It never will.”

This person is definitely right on one thing – the Nazi symbol will never gain any sympathy from the American mainstream. However, does this entire scenario not speak volumes about those who so long for acceptance? No matter how you package hate – it’s still hate. And no matter how you dress the racist and his message, it’s still a racist spewing vitriol.

The idea behind this make-over of hate is that most white Americans would be much more receptive to a "pro-white advocate group" than to a neo-Nazi organization which openly endorses racism, bigotry and hate. The premise is built upon the knowledge that white Americans are much more apt to embrace a message which is presented by a clean, well-dressed, well-spoken boy-next-door type than the pierced, tattooed and shaven skinhead, or the rag-tag bunch that stands on the steps of public buildings wearing brown shirts and brandishing swastikas.

Even with their new look and new approach, however, it doesn't take much in the common sense department for most people to knock off who and what they really are. Even those who are duped into believing that the group they have joined is anything other than a group of Nazi's who favor the overthrow of the government and an all white world, will soon realize what they have gotten themselves into. All one has to do is listen to and read the rhetoric to realize the true colors of racism.

It is for this reason that the arguments for and against uniforms and a “better presentation” is very humorous to us. It is also, rather insulting. You see, those against the current attire of the National Socialist Movement seem to be selling Americans short. They appear to believe that the large majority of mainstream America can be duped into buying because of the package. We might be an advertisers dream in our gullibility – but hate and genocide has not found a market within our society – nor will it ever.

The initial packaging may change drastically. The entire presentation may take on a "new and improved" look. But, the more things change the more they remain the same. The "new face" of racism may strive to put its best foot forward. But, being successful presupposes that you have adequate footing to begin with. Racists in three piece suits and their efforts to present themselves as the scholarly racialist upon whose every word our communities will hang continues to wobble on unsound footing. Of course, in fairness, with the recent crack-down of the federal government upon the organized racists we realize that searching for a hero and an inroad can be really hard work. But, imbuing a racist agenda with superficiality is really is a pretty far stretch - even for the superior white intellect.


  1. to nikki:

    don't forget the very many colors and symbols and tattoos that the black and mexican gangfilth have created for themselves to draw attention and distinguish and identify themselves, and don't forget that these black and mexican gangs are extremely racially militant and clearly are full of hate toward white raced people

    mankind has always sought to create image symbols to identify with, while the swastika and other associated nazi symbols are very controversial amongst my white nationalist brethren i have no problem at all with those white nattionalists who stronglt oppose the imagery, neither do i have a problem with those white nationalists who embrace the symbols, as long as they hold to the honor of the whiteman and do not tarnish the and debase the image like the previous post of the young white nationalist who clearly is hurting not helping his race by defacing his body in a very ugly way and coming across as barbaric and frightening

    let me ask you this dear nikki: if i as a white male feel proud of my race and identify myself in racial terms (when in the context of other races) and do not agree with the argument that society must become completely racially integrated does this make me a racist in your mind?

  2. First, ajax - the essay clearly says that regardless of the package the content is still the same. While I agree that black and Mexican gang members often adorn themselves as well - they are not standing on the steps of state and city buildings asking people to pay attention to their hate. They are not publicly seeking approval.

    In answer to your question...feeling pride in oneself in not a bad thing - or a racist thing. It is when that pride results in making the person feel superior that the problem exists. While I might consider you racist for wanting to live separately from others, I would more than likely consider you eccentric.

    Can anyone be a "little bit racist?"

  3. to nikki:

    well from my observations of the black race and my personal experiences with them in the united states it would be impossible for me to ever want to live in a neighborhood or city region where they either dominate in presence or even make up a sprinkling of a show

    i did have one outstanding experience with a black family way back in 1965-1968 they were very nice (i think part of the reason might be because they were the only black family in the neighborhood which compelled them to be humble), nevertheless the reasoning considering the era of the time and king's death they were a model black family to have as next door neighbors (were all black families like them and whites as well society would be very healthy)

    but more and more experiences and observations convinces me the black race has deteriorated very rapidly, in the past 40+ years morally at the same time as they have prospered financially and i have no desire to mix with them, it is a stereotype, of course there are many fine blacks i would come across on happenstance but i would want to judge them as individuals and look at their character and not behold the specialness of their skin color pigmentation and have no paitence for their 'race games'

    well nikki you should really do a little research into the growing gangfilth menace in this society, they are like multitudes of cancer cells, a growing and growing epidemic danger and they boast and brag, strut and bark, they are not at all shy, they kill, kill, kill, measure and compare the bodycount the gangfilth and the white nationalists are responsible for and tell me who society should be more concerned with

    measure and compare the drug problem that the gangfilth and white nationalists have, gangs are at the very near top of the responsibility chain of drug trafficking in inner cities, except for methamphetamine white nationalists have nothing on a drug issue problem in comparison

    ones sense of racial superiority is an ancient sentiment, the egyptians, assyrians, babylonians, persians, greeks, romans all when they had their day in the empire sun all felt they were not only a superior nation-state-empire but their distinctive race-ethnicity made them feel it was in their blood-genes as well

    so whites having been so dominate for so many centuries bringing so many inventions and technological innovations to the world, providing for free societies so that individuals may rise to their fullest potential, any wonder that whites would sense they are a superior race when they open up a national geographic magazine and see some amazon tribe with pieces of wood drilled into their chin or an african tribe with big plates in their lower lips, and any other manner of barbaric and self mutilating practices many of the peoples of the african continent were beholden to as the whiteman discovered when he came across him, and furthermore is it any wonder when the whiteman sees the blackman prospering in his (the whiteman's nation) that further vindicates his superior culture to that of the balck african culture....right up to the present day

    i am sorry to have to burst your touchy-feely equality-sameness dream balloon you lefties and multi-culti religionists want to float but the facts and the truth bear witness that all men are NOT created equal (only equal in the senes that the Almighty is no respector of persons regarding grace) there are nations (composed of people many of which are distinct in race) that are clearly more advanced than others, compare japan with somalia, norway with ethiopia

    the duty and obligation of the advanced nations (and their race distinct people) is to be role model nations and people for those underneath them that all might learn to walk down the path of progress and prosperity

    it is very interesting to note that around 1900 the japanese leadership knew they were far behind the west in development, a grand european tour (not sure if america was visited) was launched and they came home with changed ideas and they began to model their society on western examples, and as a consequence they began to enjoy great prosperity, and by the way try to propagate multicultural-diversity propaganda in japan and see what reaction you get

    sorry i no longer fall for the 'racist' bait in the 'race game' if you want to think of me as being racist that is your right, but i don't want that label to mean i am dismissed and my views no longer are to be taken seriously, to be given a label of 'racist' i would wear proudly the thing that would be worse would be to be shown the exit and have no further participation in the social market place of viewpoints

  4. I find it troubling that you labeled all ‘racists’ as hateful. You probably believe a pig is inferior to you (‘Specieism’- I made that word up) but at the very same time you do not hate that pig.

    I think the WN movement can succeed in the mainstream but it has to cease to exist as a fringe reactionary ‘cult’ and become more political.

    David Duke was widely successful in Louisiana (he won the White vote every time and several elections to the House of Representatives) and others can do too but they have to focus on issues that enflame White America and avoid their more ‘radical’ ideas until they have established a following (I believe this method is called the subterfuge method).

    Multiculturalism has destroyed the Indian, the Anglo-Saxon, and the Western European hold (at least demographically) over America. Multiculturalism is now in the process of destroying White dominance over America.


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