Friday, December 23, 2005

The War On Christmas

The holidays are here. As shoppers crowd the malls and shops scrambling for that last minute little something that they are certain is necessary to make this Christmas the perfect one, they give little thought to the fact that Christmas is under attack. As they stand in line either grumbling about the wait or dreaming about Christmas morning with their families, they will probably not even notice whether or not the sales clerk wishes them a Merry Christmas. They will take their bargains and scurry off to the next store, their heads all filled with giddy holiday cheer.

Those in the politically correct arena, however, are acutely aware of what people are wishing each other and this year it seems that they are making some headway in their war against everything. The battle against Christmas has been fought, and won, on many fronts. No longer can Christams pagents be staged at community schools. Nativity scenes and other religious symbols delineating the meaning of Christmas have been mothballed by city and civic leaders. Christmas parades have given way to holiday parades and Christmas break is now winter break. All of this so as not to offend those who do not celebrate Christmas.

Now, to me, when I don't know a person's religious affiliation or beliefs I generally send a card that says "Happy Holidays," or something of that nature. But, I also use Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays at whim when speaking with someone. It's not that I am trying to be rude or insensitive - it's just that I find it extremely difficult to break those old habits and remember just what it is that I am supposed to do in such situations.

Conversely, if someone wishes me a Happy Hanukkah, I am not the least bit insulted and generally return the sentiment. What's the big deal? I mean, the spirit of the message is still the same. In all honesty, I don't know a single person who is insulted when I say "Merry Christmas" to them regardless of their religion - NOT ONE. Nor do I know a single Christian who is offended by Hanukkah, Kawanza, or any other religious holiday. But someone out there is really pissed! Maybe they should just get over it.


  1. You've got a lot of room to talk about Political correctness with your Nigger Loving ways.

    You are right though. Christmas should be left alone. Whoever heard of a "Happy Tree"

  2. Did you know that the "War Against Christmas" has been and is almost exclusively a product of Chabad Jewry?

    Probably not something you can acknowledge, what with tolerance and all.


  3. Gee, thanks Bill - I won the bet.

  4. The very same to you, Toni. May your holiday be full of all things bright and beautiful.

  5. A very merry Christmas to one and all!

  6. Well for once we agree.

    Although Kwanzaa is some Communist inspired holiday... Ann Coulter wrote about it very well a few years ago.

    Perhaps we should all just get a aluminum pole and dance around it like in that old Seinfeld episode... but I don't want to do the wrestling part ;)

  7. I want to take a time out to wish all a Merry Christmas as well.


    Organized jewry is promoting the War on Christmas. Check the link above for yourselves. I think it's ironic even Nicole Nichols has noticed these irrational attacks against Christmas. I wonder if we should just call it a White Christmas from now on because we're the only ones sticking up for it anymore.

    As an Odinist we celebrate Yule, beginning on with Winter Nights Dec. 21. Usually it's our guys who're speaking up for our traditions and telling the truth about how our holiday was co-opted by foreigners. This year we were forewarned of the jews bold campaign and we realized it's not even really an attack on Christianity at all. When you come right down to it they're simply using this as a venue to bash white people in general.

    The parallel is the jews organized attacks against Catholicism. Though the "black robes" have been an adversary to the Folk we aren't blind to the fact that the jews publicize priestly pedophilia among Catholics but deny and conceal Rabbis who prey on children. They continue to harbor and protect the crazed Rabbis but openly criticize anything that's negative about everyone else.

    Ever heard of Rabbi David Kaye of PANIM from Rockville, Maryland?

    Probably not, but that's my point. He should be the most famous Rabbi in the world right now after he was caught by Dateline NBC hidden cameras. He went to meet the 13 year old boy who he met online. After sending the agent posing as a naive boy pornographic pictures of himself, they invited the Rabbi over to see how far he would go to carry out his sick fantasies. At the house when confronted and asked what he did for a living, Kaye told them he was a Rabbi.

    Since that time, he has yet to be charged by the Federal, State or local law enforcement. Rabbi David Kaye was the director of youth activities and worked closely with teenagers for the last 10 years. He's guilty as sin and the jews hold so much power in the northeast that they can't touch this Rabbi without a nod from some higher up jews.

    Rabbi David Kaye is being represented by Attorney Abbe Lowell. You may recall Abbe as the lawyer for such high profile jews as Steve Rosen the AIPAC staffer using his position to spy for Israel. Or maybe you recognize his other client Jack Abramoff another scandal plagued lobbyist.

    Check it out and you'll see the jews have closed ranks to protect a child sexual predator. Why would you doubt they organize to defend their own and attack others ?

  9. No Matt, the wrestling part is definitely not happening. lol

    It's funny how we can fight and argue and get pissed, yet every once in awhile we find common ground.

    Merry Christmas, everyone. I hope that everyone finds that which makes them the happiest and that your New Year brings peace.

  10. It's happy holidays for me, I have been using that greeting since the early 70's. Just a personal preference

    I used to be in the home service business and I can say 95% of the Jewish homes I serviced celebrated Christmas along with Hanukah.

  11. My Jewish friends send me Christmas cards and Christmas gifts. They respect my celebration just as I respect theirs. The "Happy Holidays" greeting is fine with me as is "Merry Christmas."

    Also - I have no problem with a "Holiday Parade" instead of a "Christmas Parade," or a Menorrah being lit beside a Christmas tree. The Kawanza candles can also be there. But...don't tell me that wishing someone a Merry Christmas, displaying a Christmas tree or a nativity is politically incorrect. We should all be able to express ourselves - that's America.

    Happy Holidays, Arnold.

  12. Happy holidays everyone.

    Even to Bill White, Steve Holsten and Michael Blevins.


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