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White Madness Continues

How funny is Bill White? Pretty damned funny. A few days ago, on History Mike’s blog, White bragged that he had an IQ of 158. Now, I took exception to that and sort of challenged his statement. White bit and asked if I would like a copy of the test – of course, I said yes. I also asked him to include the raw scores and any narrative that might have been written at the time. Yesterday, when I asked where that test was Bill told me that he didn’t have to “prove” anything to me. Of course, he was right – but then again, he was the one who offered.

Today, January 1, 2006, Mr. White decided to throw me a bone. At, Bill White posted what he claims was a narrative written by a school psychologist referencing the problems that he was having in school. He also included a few of his own observations. I am going to republish that here with some very pointed commentary of my own. Suffice it to say…I believe this to be a fallacious document – and I believe that most will see why. It has been, however, a real insight into the real Bill White.

Bill White

A Psychological Profile

1/1/2006 11:41:28 AM

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Dr Robert Mulcahy

Commentary -- [Bill: Long story here: Nicole Nichols of Citizens Against Hate questioned whether or not I have a 158 IQ, so I dug up all of my old school records and started going through them. My IQ was tested twice -- once, at age 7, at 158, and once, at age 14, at 152. IQs like that come along about once in every 40,000 to 50,000 people. What that means is that, right now, in the United States, out of all 280 million or so people, there are less than 7,000 other people who are as smart as me -- maybe less than 5,500.

In any case, while looking all of this up, I discovered an old psychological profile of me, which the school commissioned to determine why I was such a pain in the ass. This report was made February 2, 1994 by Robert Mulcahy, Montgomery County, MD school psychologist. I have deleted some personal details, like addresses, phone numbers, family members, etc.

And maybe you decided to “spruce” it up just a bit?

And for those who don't want to read to the end, what the guy concludes is that I'm a genius, not mentally ill, and the school system just isn't set up to deal with me. Read on:]

FALLACY #1: NO SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST would ever say that the school couldn’t deal with you. Once a school psychologist makes such a statement it holds the school district liable for expenses incurred through finding and teaching you in a more acceptable setting. According to what this man has stated, his report is based upon a one-hour session with you. Determining that a school-aged child cannot receive an appropriate education in one school district because of an inadequacy or lack of a suitable program or setting thus places the burden of the expense upon the school district for transportation and tuition to a school district or institution that can meet that students’ needs regardless of how unique those needs might be.


William ... was referred by the Office of Special and Alternative Progframs of the Montgomery County Public Schools of Rockville, Maryland. A psychological review and interview were requested in order to assist in program and placement planning.


Information presented here is based on review of the following documents and interview data: [long list of names of tests and so forth]

And your failure to include the names of those tests along with findings speaks volumes. If you are attempting to “prove” a point, you conveniently left out those things which would have proven much more valid than anything written here.

... The history in this case is rather complex, and during the past three years or so, numerous social-interactional problems have emerged exclusively within the school environment which have involved multiple school suspensions, several changes in placement ... and a relatively intensive level of staff involvement from Montgomery County administrative personnel.

The terminology “changes in placement” is a phrase that is used in conjunction with special education students. What this insinuates is that you were, at some point on an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), undoubtedly for behaviors that were inhibiting you in some way. I am not attempting to characterize you as someone who is mentally handicapped or learning disabled as there are many other reasons for such a placement – behavioral and emotional disorders to name but two.

During this time, there have been private and public psychiatric and psychological evaluation, [and] a ... diagnosis of Oppositional and Defiant Disorder ...

I would be interested in knowing what was left out of that sentence. You see, If you had a private axis diagnosis of Oppositional and Defiant Disorder, by a qualified psychiatrist, there would have, undoubtedly, been further discussion. ODD is almost always accompanied by another – sometimes more pervasive – disorder.

Since the ninth grade, among other things, William was reportedly defaced school property; has been implicated in the pirating of confidential information from a County computer network; has been suspended from school on a number of occassions from three to ten days; has been defianty and verbally abusive to teachers; he was behaviorally impulsive [at age 14] and threatening to the principal of ... High School which required the intervention of the local police department and resulted in a charge of Battery against William [of which I was acquitted].

That sort of aggressive behavior over such a lengthy period of time is generally met with a psychological battery of tests being administered. However, if you already had an axis diagnosis of ODD and whatever other problems you may have had, there would have been no need of additional assessment – only a change in placement. Additionally, ODD is very close to CD (Conduct Disorder) which is a much more pernicious malady.

Psychological an educational testing support the sense that William clearly meets the criteria for a student who is gifted and talented. his Full Scal IQ has twice been valuated as being above 150; his academic achievement is well within the superior to very superior range across the board. William is also a talented writer who was the .. author of a student "newspaper" that purportedly endorsed "leftist utopian anarchy."

Many individuals who are emotionally disturbed display great skills and abilities in the areas of writing and art. However, I am having a little difficulty here because he references a Full Scale IQ yet no mention of other scores. Perhaps that is in the material that you chose to delete.

At this point, concerns regarding the appropriate level of educational service and the potential need for additional mental health support within the school environment has been raised. William remained at home for a period of time before he recentlybegan to attend ... High School. Underlying this interview process was the question regarding whether or not William could effectively manage within a mainstream public high school without further disruptive behavior. ... For his part, William claims that his difficulties are behind him, and he insists that he is capable of managing the challenges of of a regular high school program ...

Acceptance of the problem is the first step in becoming healthy. Obviously, you had not reached that point – are you there yet?

Before we get into this narrative, I need to tell you that one of the problems that plagues school districts as well as mental health providers is that often the findings of the private sector are much more accurate and conclusive than those in the educational arena. Those who practice “school psychology” are generally very proficient at finding academic strengths and weaknesses but are sorely lacking in the areas of specific pathologies. Additionally, definitions given by the private sector are not always in agreement with those used by the public schools.


William presented as a 16 year ... old male who was seen on February 2, 1994 form 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM. The session took place at the MCPS Offices of the Diagnostic and Professional Support Team in Rockville, Maryland. Overall, William's response to the interview process was positive.

The session included discussion of William's current mental health status, the circumstances surrounding his former placement difficulties, his current and future academic interests and personal plans, and an interview designed to establish his potential needs for the provision of academic and non-academic support services.

William maintained a relatively consistent approach during this hour-long session which was characterized by an open, honest style, excellent attention to task, good cooperation, and a non-defensive, introspective, forthright analysis of his issues and conflicts. Yet, it is difficult to know at what level whe was able to completely trust the process and to reveal the depth and complexity of his real psychosocial issues.

The highlighted part is a disclaimer that merely covers the psychologist’s ass. His glowing comments are only there to persuade the reader that he believes that his findings are valid and that you didn’t try to hoodwink him – but, he can’t be sure.

As a communicator, William possesses outstanding expressive and receptive language. His vocabulary skills were highly developed, poignant, humorous, exact, and frequently thought provoking. There is a real sense that he listens carefully when being spoken to, and that he has a natural gift for rapidly cutting to the heart of an issue, exposing any inaccuracies or logical flaws that may be present, and immediately demonstrating by both verbal and non- verbal means that he has grasped the speaker's intent. At the same time, there was evidence to suggest that, depending on the topic under discussion, William's mind works so quickly, that his pseech and expressive language skills are not always able to keep up the pace. [I still do this sometimes, bur rarely. It sounds like stuttering.] This results in William becoming dissatisfied and mild yfrustrated with his own ability to verbally capture accurately the depth and full meaning behind his thoughts. Thus, depending upon the issue, there is sometimes a feeling of pressured speech about him as he interacts. His verbal ability and cognitive skills are nevertheless very rare.

Bullshit. No “psychologist” – school or otherwise writes this sort of editorial fluff in a professional narrative.

Physically, William is a strong, good-looking, well-developed, somewhat husky adolescent with brown eyes and brown hair. At 6' 2", he is well above average height (95th %ile) and, at 200 lbs, also well above average (98th %ile) weight for his age. When interacting with William, one gets the sense that this is a young man who expects to be taken seriously and respected. He seems to actively seek some form of unique significance and has an almost haughty disdain for any and all of the mundane aspects of life. In a sense, one gets the feeling that William could easily be Dostoervski's prototype of the nihilist adolescent. As he lounges there listening with his long legs propper up on a nearby desk, stroking his sparse goatee, there is a tired, whimsical, sarcastic grin on his face, an adult-like manner in the way he attends, a piercing brilliance in his eyes, and a feeling that his brain is taking in and dissecting the semantic social and political significance of each and every word and phrase he hears. The speaker becomes quickly aware of just how advanced William's conversational skills are as he effortlessly proceeds to tear an argument to shreds in a matter of moments, counters with a creative, funny, and insightful repartee, and launches into some form of abstract, philosophical meandering. This is not your typical 16 year old by any means.

Should any professional psychologist write such minutia and hyperbolic bullshit in a professional narrative, not only would his job be in question – his ulterior motives would also come under scrutiny. This is written as if the psychologist is having thoughts that go beyond determining psychopathology – this sounds as if the man has fallen completely in love with the teen-aged boy so sprawled out in his office. Bullshit.

Given William's approach to this session, observations reported here are thought to be relatively valid and reliable insights regarding the true current issues and conflicts which he faces. At the same time, it would be naive for anyone to believe that a one-hour, standard, psychological interview would be deemed worthy enough by William to actually permit the full revelation of his real, totally undefended self. However, there was some evidence available to suggest he was at least making effort to be as open and honest as he could possibly be during the session.

I’m sorry Bill…but this whole charade is just too unbelievable.


Capturing the essence of William White at this stage of his developemtn requires first an understanding of the place he occupies in the statistical world of averages. This is a young man who perhaps represents one in ten thousand 16 year olds [one in forty to fifty thousand]. It is therefore absolutely ridiculous to expect this young man to be typical in any way. At the other end of the spectrum, neither would we ever expect a severely retarded sixteen year old to master German. As polar as this example may seem, in the law of averages, they represent equivalent extremes. We also need to realize that our mainstream educational and social services are simply not adequately prepared to appropriately serve the social-emotional-academic needs of someone with William's psychoeducational profile. But just beause William is statistically unique on the cognitive-linguistic and perceptual-motor levels, doe snot imply that he does not have the same basic psychological needs of every other sixteen year old high school student. In fact, there is every reason to believe that William's affective system is not particularly brilliant, but actually rather average. He engages in basic attention seeking behavior, just like all adolescents. He has strong needs for recognition and acknowledgement, as do most all of his peers. He longs to be liked by others and is highly motivated to friendships, romantic involvement and a strong need to feel like he belongs. The problems is that William comes to these routine tasks of adolescence with a highly unusual, incredibly well developed mind set. Therefore his actions and behaviors. Therefore, his actions and behaviors, the way he chooses to relate to others, the decisions he makes, and the thoughts he shares, are all at risk for appearing to be atypical of his peer group.The world does not deal well with uniqueness, and the typical teenage world of a Montgomery County High School student is certainly no different. ...

Three comments here: 1) Refer to my initial statement – NO school psychologist would claim such a thing; 2) Regardless of IQ – if your affective system was functioning in, say the responding stage of development yet your intellectual functioning was above average, that alone would qualify you to be classified as an “emotionally disturbed” individual and in need of treatment and special help from the school system; and 3) The kind of editorializing done by this person is not something you would ever find in this kind of report. It’s bullshit.

Perhaps it's difficult for most of us to imagine what it must be like to exist at that far end of the normal curve. Boredom and a lack of adequate stimulation are continual challenges. Feelings of social dissatisfaction and innate superiority must invade his thoughts on a daily, hourly, even momentary basis as he sees his cognitively less well endowed peers engaging in immature, ego-based behaviors which William could never even think to permit himself. So, the only option left to him is to adopt the role of the rebellious renegade, the outlaw, the loner, the one who goes his own path, or any number of other romantic, dramatic roles that literature and history have thus far offered to William as alternatives to merely accepting life as he finds it.

First of all, whoever wrote this diatribe of excuses doesn’t really know what he is talking about – unless, of course, it happens to be you. Secondly, no psychologist would attempt to “romanticize” the problem. Bullshit.

Although William may very well meet the necessary criteria for coding as a student with severe emotional disturbance, this label doesn't capture William very well at all. Rather, it would be more appropriate to see him as a frsutrated adolescent who constantly struggles to maintain a sense of cognitive and behavioral balance, [and] of emotional and social equilibrium ... What results are displays of frustration based annoyance that appear to others as representative of emotional or behavioral disturbance beause they seem to be so outrageous, dramatic, atypical and certainly unique [like pulling the fire alarm at a certain high school, roaming through the halls announcing a walk out, then standing up on a pillar outside the school and giving a speech to the students on the need for a revolution to overthrow the school system -- which I did on several occassions. ;-D] But, in actuality, William only wants to be taken seriously. It is true that he lacks tact. It is also accurate to state that his interaction skills are often quite unusual, threatening when he's cornered, defensive when he's attacked, and angry when he's provoked. But we need to remember that just because he has a natural flair for the dramatic, an exceptional ability to make sarcastic wit, and a conceited, self-righteous ability to make his opponent feel foolish, these features do not necessarily imply the presence of psychopathology. He's just good at what he does. William is not sick, disturbed, deranged or dangerous. William is a genius who is trying to find his way in a world of very average institutions, simplistic answers to complex social problems, and inadequate basic services for most of the world's population. He's absolutely right. The world must change. It has to. Where he errs however is in the logical analysis of his recommendations for this chanmge. Where he errs however is in the logical analysis of his recommendations for this change. When he's pressed to provide the details, he cannot. When his plan is challenged, he becomes flustered. When a moral justification for his anarchistic views is sought, he has not given the topic sufficient thought.

[Bill: Well, you know, I was sixteen. I admit I didn't have it all figured out right then. I've gotten better over the years, though. ;-D]

I have to say, unequivocally, that either 1) This man was completely enamored with this young boy in his office; or 2) Bill…you wrote this yourself. BULLSHIT.

Let us not forget that the world needs William White. We should never overlook this fundamental truth. And William White needs the world. On one level, we should accept that the events described in this young man's file represent an indictment of our social systems. At times, we are an incredibly intolerant culture. Differences make us very uncomfortable. Challenges to the status quo aer unwelcome. We are guided by insecurity and a lack of foresight when a fourteen year old author with a leftist "newspaper" threatens our stability and disrupts our structural integrity. Which is not to say that any of the behaviors exhibited by William were right. Bullying staff and defacing school property are totally unacceptable, and the consequences which were meted out to him, as well as the procedures which were followed in these processes were appropriate. But the real question here is why did these events occur in the first place? What was it about the environment within which William existed that made the selection of these behaviors important to him? In other words, could any of these acts have been prevented? If William's needs had been adequately addressed by the systems which were charged with the responsibility to care for these needs, would any of these suspension events have even happened?

Bill, do you honestly expect anyone to buy that a “school psychologist” – someone paid by the school system – would include in a narrative that was to be shared by teachers and administrators within that district such an indictment of the system itself? I would ask if you are nuts – but, obviously, the question would be a rhetorical one.

There are right ways to deal with William, and there are ways which will results in absolute, but quite predictable, chaos. Ther history in this case is sufficient to demonstrate that fact. William loves the thrust and the parry. He wants to win, but he respects his opponents. He fights fair. He defends his action, and he can eloquently justify each and every transgression he has ever been accused of committing. He will never turn his back on a co- conspirator, and his loyalty is unquestioned. Yes, he is oppositional and quite possibly defiant as well; bvut, we do him no service by applying these pscyhiatric diagnoses. Will it really help to more effectively program for William to know that on Axis I he is such and such? Does someone like William White really belong in an institution for severely emotionally disturbed people? Hardly. William has already sufficiently acquired what the Montgomery County Public School system has to offer him. He could graduate tomorrow without attending another class and have more information and skill than a majority of high school graduates in the entire United States. But what he hasn't learned is tolerance, patience, foresight, wisdom, cooperation, respect and compassion. [Bill: I disagree with the last. The others, where needed, I've picked up in the past decade. ;-D] He has learned how to be ruse, to challenge authority, to denigrate and despise others. [Bill: I also take exception to the last there. I learned how to denigrate and despise the authorities in high school; not people in general.]By his numerous rebellious behaviors, William has managed to expose the dark underside of formal education and found our systems to be quite legitimately lacking.

And if anyone believes that this came from an employee of the school district – I have a few things that I would like to sell them as it could be very profitable.

William was referred for an evoluation of his current mental health status as this pertains to his needs for academic support and to assist in placement planning.

At this point William has returned to school at ... High and apprarently has adjusted fairly well to the program requirements. He has ... promised to maintain his composure in the face of potential threats. Evidene gathered during this review suggests that William has a range of cognitive-linguistic skill that is highly unique. At the same time, he has basic social and emotional needs that are typical of most adolescents. ... School-based support services should be provided to William on an "as needed" basis. Although William would prefer to be able to return to ... High School, given the history of his relationships with staff and administrators in the setting, the wisdom of such a decision is seriously questioned.

Robert T Mulcahy, Jr

Certified School Psychologist

At this point, I have removed the “recommendations” from this article simply because going any further with discussion of this would be totally non-productive.

The initial catalyst for all of this was Bill White’s claim to an IQ of 158. The “evidence” which is has presented, in my opinion, proves nothing. Did he have a psychological interview with a school psychologist – yes. However, there is nothing in this narrative that either makes sense or provides any sort of empirical evidence that such an IQ can be attributed to Bill White.

Further, it appears to me that this “report” is anything other than what was initially written by Mr. Mulcahy as is evidenced by my comments throughout. Given the fact that Mr. White had already been given an axis diagnosis of ODD, it is completely unbelievable that a “school psychologist” would consider his findings in a one-hour meeting more valid than that of a psychiatrist in good standing. As a matter of fact, something of that nature could very easily be considered a breech of ethics.

The very fact that this “report” has been edited to delete certain information such as the tests administered by the school system and various parts of narrative raises many questions about its’ validity. However, the ODD diagnosis does provide a starting point, or a context, in which to further view the psychopathology of Bill White.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder, as stated previously, rarely appears by itself. Any child who warrants such a diagnosis must also be evaluated for other disorders as the co-existing problems are often just as debilitating as the ODD. Additionally, the laws surrounding special education – which, incidentally, includes gifted and talented – are very specific. Throughout the narrative, the word “unique” is used. Whether that is the word chosen by the examiner or Bill’s word, I am not certain. But, “uniqueness” does not absolve the school district of dealing with the problem. They HAVE to provide a program or a facility that can meet the needs of the student.

In the work that I do away from CAH, I have read and utilized literally thousands of psychological reports and I can honestly tell you that no psychologist would ever editorialize the way Bill would like for us to believe this school psychologist did. Granted, the world of school psychology is considerably different than the private sector – but not so different as to preclude common sense.


  1. Damn, I just thought you were a little obsessed with Bill. You're sick. You need to be taking the "meds"

  2. Speaking of meds...sometime back, when Bill was in his anarchy phase, he wrote some diatribe about parents putting their kids on anti-psychotic drugs, I'll see if I can find that.

    It also brings me to the fact that during that time, Bill ran the Runaway Railroad. Now that is kind of interesting. On his anarchy site he wrote:

    "To the dismay of the police and the media (Washington Post, July 26, 1996, page A1) the Utopian Anarchist Party has initiated a program to assist young people who have been abandoned or forced to leave their homes. If you are young and alone and have nowhere to go, or if your parents are trying to lock you up or otherwise abuse you, contact the Utopian Anarchist Party and we'll do whatever we can to help you, regardless of state or local laws. The UAP provides youth support, and doesn't care about the consequences."

    Now, this was a full four years after his reported evaluation by that school psychologist.

    He also ran for a school board seat under this platform:

    I, William A White, if elected to the office of Montgomery County School Board, do pledge the following reforms:

    1. I will constantly work to eliminate coercive public school system.
    2. I will take no action to expand public schooling or the power of the schools.
    3. I will work to liquidate all school property, and to return the proceeds and all funds being spent on public schools into the pockets of the citizenry.
    4. I will work to encourage student activism and will always support any student action against the unjustly constituted authority of the public schools.
    5. I will use my position to further the spread of anarchism in Montgomery County and the United States as a whole.

    Apparently, he still had problems concerning the public school system. Also, it was somewhere in this time frame that he tried to take "credit" for instigating the Columbine shootings and his parents had him locked up or some such.

    The point is...Bill has been troubled for a very long time - at some point, it will all catch up with him.

  3. It is pretty funny that Elmer Frazier aka Steve Holsten would call another person sick. Steve, at his sentencing hearing for exposing himself to a minor admitted that he himself had an illness that caused him to prey on young children.

    As for obsessions Steve has an obsession for posting the penis's of other men, which anyone who reads his posts on Nimbusters can tell you.

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    I know you have read KIKE Schwartzo's Dick comments about me, and you're trying to steal his lines.

    Jigger Whigger, you need to leave Nim on Nim. Nobody pays it any attention here in the real world. You need to Fuck off and crawl back under the rock where you came from.

  5. Steve why do you persist in your profanity? Nikki will only delete your posts. You never learn do you?

    I posted nothing but the truth about you and will continue to do so. You are a convicted sex offender, you know it and I know it. The only reason that you didn't receive a felony for your activity was because you played the "cripple" card. You are a contemptible little worm, a sexual predator of the worst sort who should be locked in the darkest prison cell only to be let out to be sodomized by your fellow inmates.

    Even your goose stepping brothers would spit on you if they knew the truth. And I will do my best to contiue to get the truth out. I have order the transcript of your trial and will soon post that online as well. Is the Freedom of Information Act great, pedo?

    -Black Jesus
    P.S. Please excuse me for getting off topic with Steve, Nikki.

  6. Jigger Whigger Nigger Wannabee is still a Dick Sucking Liar. The Nigger Lovers will all see through you when you're unable to show proof and real links of your fabricated story against me.

  7. Afronation said...

    As for obsessions Steve has an obsession for posting the penis's of other men, which anyone who reads his posts on Nimbusters can tell you
    He posted so many photos of the male genatial the Admin of NIM Busters made a special button just for Steve.

  8. Getting back to the post topic...

    Nikki, the Bill White saga - in my three months of following it - never lacks for entertainment.

    I, too, laughed at the parts that have been added by Bill. I have a ton of personal experience in reading these reports, and I have never seen one in which such laughable idiocy as this appears:

    William has managed to expose the dark underside of formal education and found our systems to be quite legitimately lacking

    Remember folks, the school psychologist is a salary-drawing member of the system. While such a professional may indeed harbor sympathetic thoughts about anarchism, editorializing in a government document like this is a good way to get a fast ticket out of a job.

    While school psychologists do important work, they are part of the bureaucracy, and rule #1 in any large bureaucracy is organizational self-preservation.

    Hey Bill: how about honoring your original agreement, which was to provide Nikki with copies of any reports, and not this effort at pecking out a bunch of narcissistic fantasies?

    Besides, the numerous typos in your "document" are distracting. You are generally a good writer; did you polish off a fifth of Jaegermeister before you typed up this self-love missive?

  9. I really hate it when threads get hijacked. I have started this blog as my own little area in which to discuss the actions and the ideologies of those on the racist right. Since that is my focus, I realized that I was opening things up for discussion from those opposed to what I write. However, I have no intention of allowing this to become another nimbuster forum.

    Now, I know some of you guys enjoy what goes on at nimbusters and are well acquainted with the cast of characters there. What I would ask you to remember is that not all of us read nimbusters on any kind of regular basis.

    Steve has more than proven himself on this blog and elsewhere to be lacking in many areas. He is crass, obviously impaired in some areas, and generally dispicable. Those of you who lean on him know just how to push his buttons to set him off. While I certainly understand and even share your disdain for this vile person...I can't help but feel sorry for him sometimes as he does not seem to have the capacity to fight back in any sort of intellectual sense.

    One thing I would really like to know is about the claims of pedophila that everyone is making. If there is proof that Steve has been charged with or convicted of such a thing, I would love to see that proof.

    BJ - I love the way you deal with these idiots on Hal's board and appreciate what you have to say. But, calling someone a pedophile needs to be backed up with evidence. If you don't want to post it here you can send it through email -

    If there is, indeed, any substance to this claim - then I will join you in exposing Steve Holsten as what he really is. However, if there is no existing evidence, then labeling him something like that can be considered libelous and clearly beneath any of you who are so gifted in your abilities.

    Steve - I know that this is hard for you - but would you please try to react without all of the profanity. And...if there is even a modicum of truth to these claims and if you think such evidence is available - I would suggest you get the hell out of here because your ass will be nailed to the wall should you be what they claim.

  10. Back to the subject at hand - period!

    Mike, as I read each paragraph I just sat and shook my head. I could almost visualize where the words of the psychologist left off and where Bill's additions began.

    I have a gut hunch that Bill had been served in a program for emotionally disturbed or behaviorally disordered youth at one time. As is pretty standard for something like this, it is possible that medications were prescribed - hence his utter disdain for the field of psychiatry and medications for psychatric disorders.

    Obviously, he was still harboring such disdain at the age of 21. I would also guess that his relationship with his family has been nothing short of stormy. He has already reported that his mother attempted to have him locked up in a psychatric facility. That would be highly unusual unless the patterns of behaviors in the past led a parent to believe that he son had some sort of psychosis.

    Bill - where is that IQ report and the other documents that you so conveniently omitted? I realize that with all of that "inate superiority" it is difficult for you to conceive of the rest of us in any way other than morons - but try. We really do see through your feeble attempts at self-aggrandizement.

  11. Nikki, you're being civil about this and I will too. Do you really think if any of these vile accusations were true that I'd expose myself so much to be busted? I know you think that I'm a Tard & all, but I'm smart enough that I don't want to go to jail, and especially for something I haven't done.

    Hal Turner didn't believe this Shit when it was started. He was instantly labeled a "Pedo Enabler" There used to be a poster who went by Big Boa. He was fully convinced that I was a Pedo till I went on the weekly talk show he used to have. He saw differently and realized that it was all Bullshit. The Freaks instantly turned on him and then put him through Hell. Even Schwartzie got to saying for awhile that I was probably a Pervert, but definetly not a Pedo.

    I'm glad you're looking at this with an open mind and I sincerely thank you. You won't see any real proof because there is none.

  12. Nikki thanks for the breakdown! Mr. White has provided much in the way of comical relief over the past few years and it appears he is starting the new year out right. I have to give props to Bill here. Great job man! I mean for some people being a circus freak with gynecomastia would be enough but you sir go above and beyond! Bill you just go too far with the comedy man. But looking at this "psychological profile" one can't help but notice that large portions of it are written in bitch tit Bill's own odd vernacular, even the gross syntex errors. If we are to believe Bill (something one should NEVER do)then in one hour this school psychologist came to the conclusion that the antics of some teenage kid held the keys to solving many of life's problems. The world was indeed as it appeared through the lens of the young He-Man that he seemed to have developed some homoerotic fascination with as the young man sat "stroking his goatee." I guess we have all seen the future of school psychology and centers around the principles of "Utopian Anarchy." I wonder if Bill's official school Dianetics auditer also gave him such a glowing review? In the end.. HAHAHAHAH!! Thanks Bill we all needed that!

  13. Hiya Josh - and welcome. Hope things are really good with you.

    Ya gotta know that you cracked me up here. Like you said, to those of us who have been watching this guy for awhile can't help but notice the syntax and the narcissistic comments that are inherently Bill White.

    Can we be led to believe that any psycholgist, school or otherwise, would write about Bill White's "long legs," his "sarcastic grin," or anything that he might be "stroking?"


    fuck off cunt

  15. Ah, the Tard is Pissed because Nikki wants proof of the false accusations of me. It's been several hours and no proof has came forward yet.

  16. How absolutely ridiculous. I have removed about a dozen posts just like the one above from Timelord.

    Children might be expected to do something like that but those who claim to be adults and engage in such actions are only demonstrating their inabilities to engage in discussion.

  17. Steve, let me make a couple of things very clear here. I detest pedophiles - I mean REALLY detest them. If there is one thing in this world that I truly hate it is someone who preys on children.

    That being said - if that is what you are, you know where you stand with me.

    I don't like you very much - and not because of anything that anyone else has told me. I formed my own opinion of you based upon things that you have said and admitted to.

    Your hatred and words about others are repugnant. But even more appalling to me is your admission that you allowed your 13 year old daughter to date a 25 year old man. Whatever handicaps you might have do not excuse your behaviors on the racist right or in raising your children.

    The main reason that I asked about evidence is that I want to see what you were supposedly "charged" with or "convicted" of so that I can deal with you accordingly.

    The claims that you are a pedophile are very serious in my book - and I doubt that there are very many people, (although there may be a few) who would make such claims unless they were absolutely certain that you are precisely that.

  18. awvauhNikki, I know you don't like me, but you seem level headed enough to be fair. I know the deal with my daughter upsets you, but you just don't know the whole story. Both sides of our families had problems with it for awhile, but it wasn't an issue very long.

    I seem to have done Ok raising 4 grown kids. None of them has ever been in jail and they all work and take care of themselves.

    I can honestly say that I have no use for child predators either. They are evil devils.

    Oh Nikki, you are so very uninformed. There are people who hate Hal and anyone who follow him so much that they will do & say anything to bring grief, trouble and hardships. Do you not remember the story I told you about a Turd who sent an anonymous email in my name to our local Police Dept saying that I was going to kill a bunch of Niggers, and that I'd take out a bunch of officers too if they tried to stop me. I hope you can see anyone who would stoop that low would have no problems trying to make me out to be a Pedophile.

    Here is the official link to the Missouri Sex Offender Registry

    You can do state wide search for Holsten, and there are none.

    You know, I get very upset with ones like you on your side, but I have never attempted to bring harm or false arrest to nobody. I just ask the same in return.

    Even your good friend Schwartz finally said that I'm not a Pedo. That should be good enough for you...

  19. Actually, nothing has been added by me. The report is as written.

    However, what's funny is this:

    Rather than either

    a) believe the whole thing is true; or

    b) believe the whole thing is false;

    You choose to believe some parts and choose to discard others, which is, frankly, hilarious and somewhere near the bottom of the illogical pile.

    If the document is false, then none of it, including the parts you extrapolate from, is reliable. You may say, well, some of it sounds like a real psychological report -- okay, how do you know I didn't just steal some similar document about some other person and just stick my name in and change it to meet my needs? I also studied psych for four years -- how do you know I don't just know enough to make one up.

    You see, the document is either good in total or its not -- and you either take my word that its good in total or you don't. If you don't, then all the make believe in the world around it doesn't help you, because its all rooted in a false document.

    Can you follow that logic? That's how real people approach documents.

    And what's your background in psych, Nicole Nichols? You've read psychological reports where? Working as a junior commentator for a minor website?

    I don't think you guys fully realize what a constant source of amusement you are for the NSM. Its why we keep feeding you.

  20. The other amusing thing is that Josh Hoyt appears to be rejoining the anti-racist movement, primarily because Erica Hardwick appears to have been recently released from jail.

    The irony here is that the first thing Josh did, upon hearing Erica was released, was travel to Roanoke and try to stir up enough trouble to have her thrown back in.

  21. And, Nikki, do you have a fax number?

    I would be happy to send you a copy of the report, showing that you are absolutely incorrect, and that no additions have been made, though there have been appropriate redactions.


    What you don't understand is that people who actually meet me -- unlike yourself -- really do tend to respond to me in the way that you "can't believe".


  22. Bill, Bill, Bill:

    1. Since we only have what you posted, your attempt to create a "true/false" dichotomy is just plain poor logic. We have no idea what portions (if any) are real and what are falsified, only your word. Ahem. Then again, you seem incapable of seeing the world in terms other than simple black/white dichotomies.

    2. I am sure that most people realize that the NSM and its 9 dozen or so diehard followers finds sites like Nikki's to be a "joke." Of course, the NSM does not seem to realize that billions of people on the planet find groups like the NSM to not only be a "joke," but also an "abomination."

    3. Again, Bill, I have watched you up close for several hours now (at rallies and in court), and I think that much of what Nikki writes is dead on. And I know at least one person who has met with you and talked with you who thinks you are quite disturbed and that you need professional help. Soon.

  23. Just because I love you, Nikki, I have posted actual images of the original report on my website. ;-D

    And Mike, this isn't the same person who told me about your wife, is it?

  24. So, Bill, are you then saying that Isis told you all the bullshit about my wife and my marriage?

    Gosh, that doesn't sound like her at all. I still think you are making it all up.

  25. The baldfaced audacity of this pratt is startling.

    Mr. White, if you possessed the genius of a Leonardo, you would still be a worthless, pustulent, boil on the ass of humankind.

    There is nothing--nothing whatsoever--that you could POSSIBLY do to convince a sane, rational individual that you are, indeed, of sound mind. My best advice to you would be to crawl back into whatever fetid crevice it was from which you emerged, and let the rest of the world forget you ever lived.

    BTW, documents are EASILY falsified. I suppose you have some really great declassified documents concerning the Roswell UFO crash, too? LOL!

  26. Furthermore, the vast majority of people walking to and fro on the Earth will NEVER accept your macabre little cult as being anything other than repugnant. If your organization TRULY had some sort of lasting merit or message, its power and influence would grow to rival Scientology, or some other such fringe organization.

    Instead, Nazism represents a racial faction, thereby restricting its membership to only a small fraction of an already finite group. Let's face it, Bill: you guys can't even walk around in public in your snappy uniforms without putting your lives at risk.

    Still think you're going to have a National Socialist Government in ten years? Keep dreaming.

    This isn't 1933.

    Also, if I remember my history correctly, you Nazis are the ones who advocate child-killing, correct?

  27. I mean, you must understand it is not a matter of "knowing" you, or "meeting" you in polite, cafe society. I'm sure Ted Bundy was a very nice, well-adjusted fellow if you knew him socially.

    The meer fact that you are an advocate of Nazism is ENOUGH for most of the rest of us to discard you without consideration. The Nazi creed is repugnant, ipso facto, so are the adherents to that creed.

    Perhaps, if you did SOMETHING ELSE besides promote overt racism and hatred, such as an artistic endeavor...Someone might be able to say, "Well, he's a stinking Nazi, but he's a hell of a musician/artist/novelist". Alas, you do not qualify for this special dispensation.

    Even a very talented artist is worth little more than what he/she produces.

    So, try as you might, until you renounce this genocidal "movement", I am afraid you will never find the sort of large-scale acceptance and admiration you seem to be so desperately seeking.

  28. There is nothing "funny," odd, or even strange about my accepting parts of the document. I know you, Bill. I know how you operate. Hell, we all do.

    Let's talk about those scans you posted on your website for a second. A lie by ommission is a lie just the same.

    What started this whole mess was your claim to a 158 IQ and your offer to send me the IQ test. I then also requested, along with the test, that you include the raw scores and any narrative that might have been written. I have still not seen any of that.

    Now...look at page 1. Why on earth would you black out your birthday - we have your birthday - 5/29/1977 - or the "months" part of your age? Could it be because you were almost 17?

    And, on the first line of the report - why would you black out your last name? This doesn't make any sense.

    The "Sources of Data" part has been blacked out. This would be invaluable to either proving or disproving your claims. The same applies to the portions of the Background Information that you have eliminated. There was a pretty lengthy narrative written there, Bill.

    On page 2 you continue the blackouts with a whole statement being left out describing the consequences that you had undergone. Generally speaking, this part of the narrative lists the interventions that have been used to change unacceptable behavior. Also, generally speaking, the report delineates, "multiple school suspensions, several changes in placement," the comma indicates that there was at least one other attempt to help you - usually, that would be hospitalization, day treatment, or in-patient treatment. That would also explain the statement "William remained at home for a period of time before he began to attend..."

    (Incidentally, the comma wasn't present in the initial report you posted.)

    Also on page 2, "During this time, there have been private and public psychiatric and psychological evaluations, a ______ " What Bill? What else? Further, "a diagnosis of Oppositional Defiant Disorder,_____" The comma, once again, indicates that there was more in the way of a diagnosis - a lot more considering the fact that you blacked out about three lines of text.

    Toward the end of page two, the blackouts lead me to believe that, perhaps, the person writing this report had some negative feelings about your belief that you could handle mainstream public education.

    And, Bill - moving on to pages 4 and 5 - there is so much narrative blacked out that one can only suspect that amidst this glowing report about your physical comportment and your mental prowess, this man had lots to say about you that you chose not to share.

    Maybe that is why all of us are saying - "uh...uh, there is no way a professional would have said such things." In an attempt to romanticze and glamorize yourself all you succeeded in doing was making the writer look like a nut who fell in love with a sixteen year old boy, and further negate any credibility you thought you might have.

    The last page pretty much tells me that you wanted to go back to the same setting that you left - and that didn't happen. Since you blacked out some of the statements, I can only assume that you were sent to an alternative placement where you could work toward a high school diploma, perhaps on an accelerated level.

    This is what I think, Bill.

    1) You were a very intelligent student.

    2) Because of your behaviors you were provided services in special education settings.

    3) You were frustrated because you didn't believe there was anything wrong with you - and you believed yourself to be superior to others at an early age.

    4) The school district tried a variety of placements and your parents were at their wits end about what to do with you.

    5) At some point, your behaviors became so egregious as to warrant intensive evaluation and, perhaps, treatment.

    6) You were evaluated psychologically and academically.

    7) I suspect medication was prescribed for you and you refused to take it - much to your parents dismay.

    8) Socially, you were looked at as an anomaly because of your behaviors. But, because of your intelligence you could manipulate those who were considerably less fortunate and who did not fit in to following you to a certain degree.

    9) You had managed to manipulate some of the psychiatrists, counselors, and psychologists into thinking you were just an intelligent and frustrated kid. Then you were labeled ODD and whatever the other diagnosis was that you clearly do not wish to share.

    10) Once that label was attributed to you, you were royally pissed. You asked "How could someone as smart as I am be mentally ill?"

    11) You have spent the rest of your adult life trying to fit in somewhere - and to lead because you are the superior one. You have tried over and over to find a place where your mental illness will not be knocked off.

    The problem with all of this is that you can continue to deny that you have a problem, but you can't expect others to deny it. Eventually, you will have to seek help - or you will be forced to get help.

    As to my credentials - suffice it to say, Mr. White, that I have achieved much more academically than you and that my years of higher education far exceed yours.

  29. Bill asked...
    "okay, how do you know I didn't just steal some similar document about some other person and just stick my name in and change it to meet my needs?"

    I would think that someone who wanted to do something like that and, claims to be one of smartest people in America, would certainly not have published the psychological profile of a kid as messed up as that partial document demonstrates and claim it as his own.

  30. Billy boy,
    You should know better than to say something so dumb. True enough I was in Roanoke to visit Erica but where do you fit into that equation? What wild sexual tales are the readers of overthrow going to have to suffer through now? You are the neo-nazi equal of the weekley world news. I am just curious as to why you interlaced this "document" with tales of Aryans from the North Pole and ad hominem attacks on your fellow bigots? Now with that as far as you and I go I'll make no bones about it, If we ever meet up I would preform some amature cosmetic surgery on your face with my fist. Though you have made it clear that you would not meet with me personally but would rather instead hurl missives from behind your computer. That is fine by me Bill. I have no intentions now or in the future of doing anything illegal to you. In the grand scheme of things the only role you have is NSM court jester so go juggle something up and make me smile. By the way thanks for all of the hard work you do in bringing down the movement to which you belong you save us all a lot of hassle! Hope to see you in the near fat boy.

  31. nikki has a very obvious fascination and fixation with bill white

    i have never seen such drooling adoration devoted to an enemy

    i would think bill white would be flattered at the amount of attention being served his way

  32. "White thinks a great deal of himself, recently boasting that he and just two friends had done "immeasurably more" for the movement in the prior nine months than any other person or group. When one of those two friends, Marc Moran, was outed as an Alliance member after being appointed to a New Jersey town council, White showed another side of himself ý the punk kid who used to get in so much trouble.

    Seconds after posting a note asking his readers to call in to Moran's "kike loving" colleagues to "tell them what you think," White did so himself, anonymously leaving messages filled with anti-Semitic and racist slurs. Despite White's much-vaunted intelligence, he called on his own cell phone, and his number was duly recorded by Caller ID."

    From Bill White profile:


  33. And did anyone get the chance to read Mr. White's current whine-fest posted to Overthrow today?

  34. That whole situation with Marc Moran, Bill White, Shop White, etc...was just a riot! Yep - he's absolutely brilliant! I wonder how many people are going to buy anything from the new music site the NSM put up now that they know Bill White may be involved?

    I just finished reading his latest. Will have a few things to say about that shortly.

  35. True enough I was in Roanoke to visit Erica but where do you fit into that equation?

    Well, you and her made repeated annoying phone calls from her house while drunk, and she is on house arrest with something more than three years hanging over her. Multiply convicted violent felons like Erica are just not permitted to get drunk and prank call people while on house arrest.

    Just like you got her arrested and thrown in jail the first time by insisting it would be good to go and physically assault me outside the properties I own, I could go to the magistrate this afternoon and have her ass locked back up for violating terms of her house arrest.

    Do you think of these things before you do them?

    I've known several girls that have known you, and all agree: You're the kind of sneaky little shit who talks big, gets other people in trouble, then denies any responsbility.

    In other words, Josh, you're a coward.

  36. Besides, Josh, what kind of asshole names his blog "real ultimate super power"?

    Are you still five?

  37. Mr. White...are you saying you got beat up by a girl?

  38. Fuck you Mr. Bill, you were a traitor to this country when you were a fucking commie, and you're an even bigger traitor now. Go swoon all over the fucking "jihadists" in Iran (yeah I saw your webpage. pretty sick) if you want, but just remember they would cut your head off in a minute.

    You were a pampered spoiled brat growing up, a nuisance all through your young adult life, and it just keeps getting worse. If you like the Jihadists so damn much, GO MOVE IN WITH THEM! You hate this country, and you always have...see how much you like Tehran during Ramadan season you gutless slime!

  39. Bill,
    Let me make something very clear to you. I never called you from Erica's place. Erica never called you. It seems you are once again trying in desperation to get her to pay attention to you. Another thing you don't lord over anybody's life. You can't even seem to manage yours. You have no power to have ANYBODY arrested. Now I will just do with you as I have always done and call your punk ass out. Lets meet up Bill. We can settle it all up in a few minutes. Just you and me Bill lets throw down. What do you say?
    p.s. to answer your question, somebody who doesn't take their blog very seriously!

  40. You have no power to have ANYBODY arrested.

    Do you realize that the reason Erica went to jail is because she was wanted for probation violations, on warrants that I swore out?

    Even though the charges were thrown out, the warrants were enough for her to be arrested, and, during that arrest, she assaulted a police officer, which is why she spent six months in prison.

    Now you can deny calling me all you want -- I'll take it all of these messages on my machine from you during time when I have photographs showing you were at Erica's house are all part of my mental illness and delusion and whatever. However, what you don't seem to get is this:

    Erica is on house arrest. It doesn't matter if she's guilty or not. It doesn't matter if she's convicted or not. All someone has to do is swear out a complaint against her, and she goes back to jail. Just like when Erica was on probation, all someone had to do was swear out a warrant against her and she went to jail.

    Now let's look at this in the context of your absolute irresponsibility. Admitting that Erica is a lunatic and could answer the question either way, did you go to her and ask her "Erica, you might go to jail again if I do this. Is that okay with you?"

    And given her situation, it seems bizarre that someone who "cares" about her would try to instigate more trouble for her.

    Do you ever think about the consequences of your actions?

    If you want to find me, Josh, do like the last two people you incited to come attack me and just show up on Chapman or Patterson. I've got three active construction sites out there right now. Walk up to some of the guys working for me, tell them you want to kick my ass and see what happens. LOL

    But we all know you won't. Blowing off steam on the internet is much more your style.

  41. If you like the Jihadists so damn much, GO MOVE IN WITH THEM!

    La illaha illa allah muhammadem rasul allah.

    If I was going to join them, why would I leave this country, when it is the battlefield?

  42. are you saying you got beat up by a girl?

    I'm saying I got attacked by a girl -- which Mr Hoyt put up to attacking me because he was afraid to do it himself. ;-)

  43. JoshHoyt & Bill White should go to the nearest boxing club and have it out legally. That why no one will go to jail and they can hammer away at each other

  44. Bill,
    So you want to hide behind some people? Why does this not shock me? Step up and be a man. Spin it anyway you want Bill but the fact that you refuse to meet me in person without your "construction crew" is very telling. But why not hiding behind others has pretty much been the story of your life up until this point. I mean at your little NSM costume balls you hide behind the police while talking tough about beating some "commie ass." You are just some pampered fat bastard who never found his way in life nothing more and likely a lot less. I'm sure you have already visited the magistrate in Roanoke to speak about me on your property so I'm not going to play that game. Bill lets meet up not on Chapman Ave not where the police or anybody else can defend you, just you and me. Also I find it curious that you speak about "several girls" you have spoken with who all share your opinion of me.. Why don't you name a few? And no that fat girl that you are porking now doesnt count. You see Bill my friends will always back my integrity can you say the same? You are a paraiah even among neo-nazis a few of whom hit me up on the IM's telling me that they hoped I beat you into a coma! What does that say about how you are thought of in your own circle? You are the butt of every joke from VNN to Stormfront but STILL DONT GET IT!! And Tex I agree 150% but Bill White will never step up. He likes to play this cloak and dagger crap.

  45. Bill White says:
    "Do you realize that the reason Erica went to jail is because she was wanted for probation violations, on warrants that I swore out?"

    "Erica is on house arrest. It doesn't matter if she's guilty or not. It doesn't matter if she's convicted or not. All someone has to do is swear out a complaint against her, and she goes back to jail. Just like when Erica was on probation, all someone had to do was swear out a warrant against her and she went to jail."

    And to this I say - let's all be sure and keep this post handy. I'm sure that her probation officer - and should it be necessary any judge - would be very interested in the way Bill White likes to manipulate the system and people to get his opposition out of his way.

  46. the fact that you refuse to meet me in person without your "construction crew" is very telling.

    I was simply suggesting a good way to find me.

    The fact is, Josh, that any time you want to come and fight with me you are more than capable of doing so. I'm not a hard man to find, as the fact that three other members of your group have found me and, unsuccessfully, attacked me in the past two years indicates.

    I find it curious that you speak about "several girls" you have spoken with who all share your opinion of me

    Catherine Daniels, for one. I had a transcript of an IM were you beg her to allow you to play "master-slave" with her. I think I posted it on Overthrow a year or so back.

    Erica Hardwick is another, before she stopped talking to me.

    I think those are the only two who want to go public.

    But I'm not going to make any judgments based just on their word. Your behavior here on this blog does more than enough to demonstrate the truth of what I'm saying.

    Let's make things real simple Josh: If you're in Roanoke, and you want to fight with me, just hunt me down as I go about my day and attack me -- just like everyone else does. However, I'm not giving you any special privileges, special times, special scheduling arrangements, or special conditions -- you get treated the same as any crack addict, whore, pimp or dealer -- which means you will be taken down -- by me and by anyone else handy -- and held while we get a warrant for your arrest.

    So if you want to be a criminal, Josh, be one. But if you don't, just admit that you don't have the balls to even risk doing time for what you think you believe in.

    And really, just admit that the reason you talk so tough is that you are trying to impress Erica -- who seems to be the whole reason for your renewed involement in the anti-racist movement. For my part, I forgive her and look at all of this silliness with a bit of sadness.

  47. I'm sure that her probation officer - and should it be necessary any judge - would be very interested in the way Bill White likes to manipulate the system and people to get his opposition out of his way.

    If you commit a crime against me, and I have you arrested, that does not count as "manipulation of the system".

    However, the very fact that you seem oblivious to the outright criminal nature of Mr Hoyt's threats -- the fact that he keeps repeating "I would commit a crime against you but I'm afraid of going to jail" -- is itself amusing and shows your detachment from what is going on around you.

    And someone who participated in framing Matt Hale should not talk about manipulating the system to get their opposition out of the way.

  48. HA! Since when has Bill White ever cared about whether or not someone wants to go public? He publishes every snippet of gossip, rumor, and innuendo on that he surfs across, even about people unrelated to his activities.

    He is still dodging my questions about the BS he has been writing about my marriage and my wife.

    Isis says she never talked to you about me, my wife, or my marriage. Therefore, she is calling you a liar, Bill.

    Care to respond, or are you going to let Isis besmirch your (ahem) good name?

    BTW - do I have Bill White to thank for posting my personal info on NIM Busters?

  49. Isis says she never talked to you about me, my wife, or my marriage.

    I'm sure she tells you that.

    do I have Bill White to thank for posting my personal info on NIM Busters?

    I don't post on NIM busters.

  50. Bill the whole thing with Catherine was a JOKE played on you. We had a good laugh about it over at OPP. Especially when you lost your mind and said you had a ring which never existed. DLJ and I had asked Catherine if she would talk to you just to see what you would do with a little bait dangled in front of you. Well you swallowed it hookline and sinker and had about a three week long meltdown on your website over it! Catherine was laughing at you. Erica was laughing at you. I was laughing at you. DLJ was laughing at you. Everybody is laughing at you. BTW nice way to bitch out of my challenge to you. You have previously claimed to be all about fixing the score as gentlemen by a fight or a duel, I guess when somebody pulls your card on that you call them a criminal? HistoryMike great point man! Bill does not keep any "sources a secret." He writes about every little bit of gossip he gets.

  51. Bill White said...
    Isis says she never talked to you about me, my wife, or my marriage.

    I'm sure she tells you that.

    So, are you now saying that Isis lied? Are you saying she WAS the person who told you that?

  52. Yes, it sounds like Bill White is saying DC photographer Isis divulged personal information about another journalist.

    Is that right, Bill?

  53. Well you swallowed it hookline and sinker and had about a three week long meltdown on your website over it!

    Actually, Josh, I don't think I swallowed anything.

    In fact, I can definitely remember

    a) telling Daniels she was full of it, but

    b) Finding the stuff that she was sending funny enough, and insulting enough towards you, that it was worthy of printing whether it was true or not.

    Let's put it this way:

    Why on earth would anyone deliberately send me IM conversations of you begging them to have sex with them, then ask me to publish them, because they were playing a joke on me? What is funny about that?

    As to Erica as a source, she told me that as we were in bed together. I guess she went that extra mile for the joke, right?

    With Erica you never know ...


  54. In other words you didn't care that it was false? You just thought it was "funny and insulting" towards me? We thought it was funny too Bill so I am glad we all got something out of it. What was funny about it is that you believed every word. Now you can say whatever you want to say to save face but you know and I know that you believed every word. I dont believe for a second that you ever slept with Erica but you are going to say what you are going to say, so whatever. By the way that offer is still open when you win one of your civil suites against google, Schwartz, ect. I will order you your favorite meal from your favorite resturant. As I have stated before my money has never been safer. Jack is bleeding you dry man.

  55. Josh said...
    I dont believe for a second that you ever slept with Erica but you are going to say what you are going to say...

    Don't forget, Josh - he has the evidence! ROFLMAO!

  56. Bill probably also saved stained clothing, ala Monica Lewinski.

  57. What was funny about it is that you believed every word.

    What was funny is that I kept you guys so busy obsessed with some phony internet fantasy personal life you completely missed the fact I had started my business in Roanoke until it was too late.

    As to sleeping with Erica:

    I slept with her, in her basement, on that fold out couch you probably partied with her on after New Years, just about every day in the week before Christmas as I'm sure her mother and Brian can attest.

    We didn't sleep much, but she stayed in my motel room down the street from her grandfathers house in Bluefield until about 3 AM Dec 24th. ;-D Do you want the gory details, because I might tell you just to piss you off?

    I then stayed with her again just after Christmas -- I probably got back there the 27th or so -- I don't really remember the dates.

    And then we slept together at a motel, probably December 29th or 30th, somewhere in the middle of Ohio, before I dropped her off in Indy and saw her in a friendly way for the last time.

    And do you know why she hates me Josh? It has nothing to do with "racism". Its because I made the mistake of thinking I had fallen in love with her -- a mistake which lasted all of about two weeks -- though I later milked it with you guys for all it was worth. LOL


    By the way that offer is still open when you win one of your civil suites against google, Schwartz, ect. I will order you your favorite meal from your favorite resturant.

    Maybe you missed the article in the Richmond Times:

    Landlord is victor after long battle

    Controversial Roanoke man gets $100,891, ending fight with finance firm

    Jack won the following for me this year:

    * Kniesley foreclosure -- making ~$40,000

    * Wilson foreclosure -- making ~$100,000

    * CIT Group -- making me $100,891

    And I think I paid him $27,000. So yeah, he's made me a bit of money, the fact that I lose a few here and there notwithstanding.


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