Sunday, January 22, 2006

Who's Human?


As we continue to delve into the ideology and mind-set of the racist, we are brought face-to-face with one of the most atavistic premises of the racist right - that of euthanasia and the determination of who is human and who isn't. The hideous notion of Eugenics and the creation of a master race did not die in 1940's Nazi Germany, but merely metamorphosed into the notion that intellect is superior among the Aryan race and that the gene pool must be protected at the expense of those who are deemed inferior.

Forced sterilization and euthanasia are two examples of how many on the racist right believe that the intellectually diminished should be dealt with. While the IQ figure is generally an arbitrary one when they are attempting to clarify their premise, it is generally believed that anything that falls within the range of mental retardation would be a candidate for one of the two "solutions," and that those falling below that range are not human because they lack the intelligence which sets us apart from animals.

The idea of eugenics has is roots in 19th Century social Darwinism, with all the inherent ideas of "survival of the fittest" and competition for survival. Today, it is perpetuated by racist pundits and funded by archaic institutions like the Pioneer Fund. The belief in eugenics is nothing foreign to the United States as researcher, Daniel Kevles, tells us in his 1999, article, "Eugenics and Human Rights:"

"By the late 1920s, sterilisation laws had been enacted in two dozen American states, largely in the middle Atlantic region, the Midwest, and California. By 1933, California had subjected more people to eugenic sterilisation than had all other states of the union combined. Similar measures were passed in Canada, in the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. Almost everywhere they were passed, however, the laws reached only as far as the inmates of state institutions for the mentally handicapped or mentally ill. People in private care or in the care of their families escaped them. Thus, the laws tended to discriminate against poorer people and minority groups. In California, for example, the sterilisation rates of blacks and foreign immigrants were twice as high as would be expected from their representation in the general population."

Eventually, however, many medical people as well as scientists challenged the morality and ethics of such practices, and the world moved into a period that was much more humane and embracing of human rights.



  1. The "not human" prejudice is one with which I have long lived. Those of us who have been the victims of such hate applaud you, Nicole

  2. ARRRRRRRRGH you are such a over-sentimental sop lacking in intellect and knowledge of history. Societies have been practicing eugenics in one form or another since the beginning of time.I'll just leave it at that.

  3. The fact that people have practiced eugenics in the past does not make the behavior morally acceptable, Matt.

    That would be akin to justifying any abhorrent behavior simply because someone once acted in that fashion. Would you then advocate ritualistic cannibalism, infanticide, or slavery, since those have been practiced by human societies in the past?

    And, once again, you prefer to attack Nikki rather than debate the issues, which is sloppy argument. You are certainly brighter than that.

  4. Yes Matt many societies practiced eugenics, the Nazis would have sterilized people like Mike Blevins and Mark Martin

  5. LOL,

    Nikki, was the motivating factor behind this story our ‘touching’ conversation?

    Let us separate Sterilization and Euthanasia from the broader category of Eugenics.

    Sterilization itself carries no moral repercussions and will allow you to target people of normal phenotypes but still who still carry the genetic ‘abnormality’ (recessive). In the future, if this is done scientifically, future children will be smarter, more aesthetically pleasing, athletic, and would not carry any hereditary diseases.

    You see, the right to breed should not be universal. A society should have the rights to specify who has those rights, and the offspring should be one of genetic ‘conception’ (basically made in by a geneticist) versus the popular pastime of throwing caution to the wind and hoping your baby comes out with ‘10 fingers’ and ’10 toes.’

    Euthanasia accomplishes the same but in a much crueler way. It still should be standard procedure for the ‘vegetables’ but the impaired but otherwise functional (who want to live, and can be financially independent) should be allowed the right to live (but not breed). In a way, Euthanasia will be restricted to the early stages of a Morula (a multi-cellular zygote) and the rest will be solved with sterilization.

    The new developments in genetics and its applications are truly interesting. We do not want to overlook this due to ignorance and ‘bigotry.’


    You questioned my logic and so I will now question yours. You have said (repeatedly) that the ‘soul’ will leave in its ‘earthly’ vessel and enter into the spiritual afterlife. Then, why not speed up their trip, what use is 70 years out of a span of infinity years. Better yet EB, why not free them from their suffering (and ours as well from having to look upon them) and deliver them eternal bliss with an injection of Tubocurarine?

  6. ROH,

    I have been scrutinized by numerous psychiatrists (thanks to my ‘loving’ mother, I to wonder when she will enter ‘Bliss’). My latest prescription is a drug called Serenace. I do not take however; it seems society wants me to be an unconscious zombie rather than a productive member of society.

  7. Stefan asked...

    Nikki, was the motivating factor behind this story our ‘touching’ conversation?

    I have read many things written by the racist right along these lines, however, that discussion last night really pissed me off. was certainly the catalyst for this, and maybe a couple of other things.

    Mandatory sterilization, euthanasia, and eugenics are, without a doubt, the most reprehensible activities advocated by Nazi's et. al. Again, I have always said that this is all about power. Fear of the extinction of the white race is not what any of this is about. It's about fear of losing the power of the majority.

    Eugenicists, and advocates of euthansia and forced sterilization demonstrate just how far this lust for power will reach. Controlling the environment right down to genetic manipulation and pre-determined breeding is nothing more than power gone mad.

    It's despicable. Those who advocate such things are control freaks and totally lacking in morality or ethics.

  8. Morality is not breeding uncontrollably. Morality is not polluting the environment with freaks. Morality is the strife for perfection. In a better a world, one governed by natural Darwinism, these drooling creatures would perish before puberty (and hence could not pass their blemish onto future generations). Now we have to play ‘God’ and perfect ourselves. The degenerates on the gene pool are enemies when they choose to procreate.
    They succumb to their selfish needs and hence hurt society in general.

    What use to the world is that ‘Child’ in the picture? With his puzzled chagrin plastered on his face, what do you see in him? He is genetic ‘garbage,’ and it is our duty to recycle. He should be sterilized as well as his parents.

    What do you want for this world, Nikki? Do you want it to be inherited by a swarm of dark, myopic, drooling retards?

    Tell us the truth; if your daughter brought this specimen back home as her ‘boyfriend’ you would chastise her. If you had this as a child, you would hide it, try to forget it, and hope for better luck next time.

  9. Dear Stephan,

    I will answer your question with a quote from Aliester Crowley's book, Diary of a Drug Fiend:

    "Death is NOT a way out of it."

    If you cannot embrace spirit upon death, you are still trapped in the same delusion, and will continue here in this gross physical state in another life, in another form of dream.

    Yes, I am a Christian. I am also a Spiritualist, and I wholeheartedly believe in the Hindu concept of Maya--that the physical world is an illusion that can only be defeated by finding your own salvation in the redemptive message of Spirit. Otherwise, it is a pointless recycling of the same illusion, stagnation, ect. This physical world is a prison of the spirit, and suicide is not the Key that will open the door.

  10. Dear Stephan,

    Your comments are sickening, heartless, and utterly repulsive. You prove yourself to be a fellow of low charachter, deep cowardice, and psychopathological thought processes. The truly sad thing is that you and the child in the photo are, as living beings, both possessed of the same initial spark of God Consciousness, one and the same being--seperated only by the illusion of the gross physical state.

    Remember, Sir: You create your own reality, and everything you deem or dream will come back to haunt you. You are building the negative forces around you with your own hate-filled thinking, and will spend years of your life paying back the debt and equaling the balance.

    Well, I've warned you.

  11. As for "speeding the concept along" --only those who have, in a spiritual sense, "bottomed-out", could be justifiably "released into a better incarnation".

    This would include and be limited to child-rapists, serial killers, neo-Nazis, and those who commit heinous acts on their fellow man with no scruples or sense of remorse. Remember: I told you that the ONLY sin was cruelty to your fellow human being.

    As for the child in the photo, I would much rather spend may days with a classroom full of THEM, then say, You, Bill, Hal, Mike, Jeff, Tom Metzger, and all the rest.

    No--you folks have Bottomed-Out big time. Better start looking for the light, Steph--payback is a bitch.


  12. This physical world is a prison of the spirit, and suicide is not the Key that will open the door.

    They won’t have to commit suicide; ‘murder’ will release their spirits just fine.


    You are building the negative forces around you with your own hate-filled thinking,



    You are quite the spiritualist. People who are religious are usually afraid of something. Tell me, EB, what are you afraid of?

  13. Hence, while I DO NOT believe in abortion, euthanasia, eugenics, ect.--I wholeheartedly support the death penalty.

    Only those DESERVING of death, in a spiritual sense, should have their lives extinguished by the State; only those who have shown that they WILL NOT bear the brunt of their Moral Liability should be executed. And quickly.

    And in the case of child-rapists, I think those executions should be public.

  14. Wise men fear God. Weak men fear pain. Cowards are afraid to love.

    Why do you ask?

  15. Why do you ask?

    Judging from previous posts you embraced the spiritual realm only after suffering hardships in your life. You were obviously running from something. I am curious, that is all.

  16. Stephan Shmidt--your view of the world and human potential is so limited. So small.

    I think you're awash in fear--and because of that fear of your own falliabilty, you project your inner-rage onto others you deem "inferior" or "enemies".

    So far, you seem to have the most hate for Jewish people, African Americans, and the mentally handicapped. This speaks volumes.

    A confident individual has no especial need to arbitrarily castigate or demean a fungible group of people. Only the intensely paranoid and discontent need an "enemy", or whine incessantly about "the way things are".

    I cannot divest myself of the opinion that the Racist Cult is made up, entirely, of Anti-American shit-disturbers, malcontents, crypto-anarchists, criminals, and severely paranoid fruit-and-nut bars.

    It is unwise, as Jesus said, to remove the splinter from your brother's eye, when an entire log has jammed itself sideways into the socket of your own.

    Remember: Every Man and Every Woman is a Star!

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  18. Cute, EB,

    I guess the question I posed might have been too personal.


    I found it comical that you advocate executing me because of my views. We are all full of hate, EB, look at human civilization throughout history. You have made it abundantly clear who you hate.

  19. No no no Sir, not Running From, but Awakening To!

    I don't mean to linger long on religion--it is good for ALL, but leaves a bitter taste ont he tongue.

    Your central problem is failing to realize the essential humanity of every living human being--and to simply, LET GO. Let go.

    There will ALWAYS be black people, Jewish People, Mentally handicapped, and folks that don't look or think like you. Let go.

    Let go. Let your hatred go. Take a walk. Sift the breeze. Make friends with a dog.

    The world will take care of itself--the world is such a fleeting, transitory phenomenon, if you blink, you will miss seventy years of it.

    Mr. Shmidt, people that commit their lives to unorthodox political "struggles" are, for the most part (but not ALL) malcontents and losers.

    Write a book. Write a song. Read. Take up a hobby. Play an instrument.

    Finding inner-peace is a walk in the park on a nice day.

    As for myself--Spirit chose me. I did not choose Spirit. It saved MY life. I have a heavy debt to repay, and it's only been three years (I've barely started!)

    If you want the truth--I hated everyone and everything equally--including myself. Now, I can live in the world without wanting to scream at people, or jump in front of a speeding train.

    My best advice to you would be to obtain several good books on Spiritualism, and read...This life we think of as IT is not IT. Only the tip of the iceberg.

  20. Texas 88 Sniper,

    Although I find it highly appropriate that you chose to post under a topical thread devoted to the mentally handicapped, I still must wonder: Do you ever feel shame for being such a knuckle-dragging, troglodytic, inbred, half-witted, moronic bastard?

    Also, was your Mother ALSO your Sister, or was your Father also your Uncle?

    PS: Piss off.

  21. Texas88,

    History mike has a penchant for suing people over comments made about his sex life. I would advise you to retract these comments before mike makes this into another spectacle.


    In a way, we are not so different. Both of us were controlled by our passions and now both of us are coping with our unfortunate temperament. You divert and exhaust yourself with religion while I try to logically compartmentalize my emotions. These feelings can be a liability since others can easily exploit them to their advantage. Trust is the first pillar of naivety, love is the second. Love is an illusion EB, you will find that the people nearest to you can exploit this ever so easy. The human animal is bent on self preservation, why fight our genes?

  22. Well come on then! Let's have a snappy retort or comeback!

  23. Well, humm, not a big David Icke fan, but:

    "Infinite love is the ONLY truth; EVERYTHING ELSE is illusion".

    You are still thinking with a finite brain. This life will pass--what happens next is entirely up to you.

    You simply have it inverted, that is all. If it weren't for love there would be little point to existence. Hell, we all die in the end anyway right? Might as well generate as much love as we can until...

  24. Love is an illusion EB. No human is biologically capable of generating this feeling for another human being. Even if it is your own child, the ‘love’ is only for your genes that are present in this child. As for the individual, love is an impossible emotion to achieve.

  25. Historymike ignores most of the anonymous bullshit, Stefan.

    He only gets in legal mode when certain high-profile neo-Nazis make defamatory comments on their websites accusing him of criminal actions.


  26. Stefan said..."What use to the world is that ‘Child’ in the picture? With his puzzled chagrin plastered on his face, what do you see in him? He is genetic ‘garbage,’ and it is our duty to recycle. He should be sterilized as well as his parents."

    Well...let's see, Stefan...the young man's name is Stephane Ginnsz, and Stephane is an actor. Here is his resume:

    Walter Johnson High School, High-School Diploma (May 2003)
    - Academic Achievement Award, Walter Johnson High-School
    "Special Recognition To These Truly Dedicated Students For Their Diligence, Perseverance, and Determination"
    - President's Awards for Outstanding Educational Achievement, Walter Johnson High-School (Gold Certificate)

    Film Work:
    "Duo" - Lead Role(1996)
    co-starring Eden Riegel, directed by Alexandre Ginnsz.
    I was the first actor with Down syndrome to ever star in a film. Duo was produced with the cooperation of Martin Scorsese and Warner Bros Pictures, It was an official entry at the 23rd Academy Awards (Student Category), finalist at the Chicago International Children's Film Festival, and nominated for a TASH Award.
    Duo official website

    Commercial Work:
    "Too Much" - Featured (2002)
    spec commercial for a perfume by Guerlain. Directed by Alexandre Ginnsz and produced by AGF

    Theater Work:
    I performed in two theater productions during high-school, and was a member of the Walter Johnson High School Drama Club.

    Print Work:
    See gallery

    Would you like to tell me what you have done for this world lately?

  27. Very devious of you, Nikki,

    A high school diploma (I am shaking in awe at this point)! Wow, we have the next Einstein!

    Starring in a film because some director has an agenda of his own (may I add that Martin Scorsese is Sicilian) is no achievement that betters anyone unless you consider diverting their minds from their miserable and pointless lives is beneficial towards humanity.

    He probably played himself, like a freak in a traveling circus. Everyone was watching with the relief, knowing full well that by circumstance they could have turned into him.

    The fact that I had no knowledge of him, the fact that >99% of the American public does not either, is a sign of his anonymity and thus his worthlessness.

  28. Stephan,

    You will never generate anything good in your existence with this attitude.

    Your every step will be dogged by failure--even your success will be fleeting, bitter, and anti-climactic when it comes.

    Life IS an illusion--but it is ALSO a Test.

    Do you want to fail? If you fail, you keep on taking the test, over and over again, each time in a diminished capacity--it is somethig of a Catch-22.

    There is a wonderful French film about insects called Microcosmos--you should see it. The soundtrack is breathtaking, by Bruno Coulais (he has worked with Nick Cave before). The lyrics, in English, contain the verse, "open your eyes before you die..." Rather cryptically, and this piece of music always gives me the chills.

    The world is TOO BIG to worry about race, or even class, or even particular religious squabbles. God is an UNKNOWN QUANTITY. Would you risk angering Great God All That IS? I wouldn't, for one.

    As the Old Testament will verify, His wrath is insurmounable and wholley just when it is poured out on evildoers. Will it be poured out on you? Me? Who knows, but I know that Christ said, " Love your enemies. Do good to those who despise you." Are you a wiser man than Jesus Christ?

    I don't think you believe half the things you write. I think you are angry, and this is how you express it--by "cold shouldering" others; by being overtly negative. This is actually a form of masochism, and masochism is a sickness unto itself.

    Well, as I've said, I've warned you.

    Now, that DOESN'T mean you roll over when attacked--you certainly have every right to defend yourself. It means that you use agression wisely and justly, and do not attack the weak, the vulnerable, the undeserving targets.

    You attacked that young man in the picture--and look what it showed you!

    You see, now, the way this works?

  29. Martin Scorcese? Didn't he direct Mean Streets with Robert DeNiro and Harvey Keitel? And Raging Bull?

    Those are GREAT FILMS!!!

    Especially Mean of my all time favorites.

    Well, of course he's a Siciliian, Shmidt, what of it? He made the greatest hard-boiled crime dramas in screen history! Taxi Driver, also. One of the greatest films EVER is Taxi Driver...

    Shmidt don't you dare start in on the Italians again.

  30. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  31. Okay,



    …PS: Do not tell Italians that they are Sicilians. They might just get angry about that, LOL!

  32. asked what use to the world that 'Child' was. While he may not be a college graduate, or the great hope for finding a cure of a dreaded disease, I would proffer that right now, at this point in his very young life, he has contributed more to the human race than many have.

    Additionally, the majority of mainstream America would take great issue with your characterization of him as "freak."

    I could present you with many others who have led functional and happy lives in spite of the kind of ignorance you are spouting. You said..."The fact that I had no knowledge of him, the fact that >99% of the American public does not either, is a sign of his anonymity and thus his worthlessness." Many more than you would think know who Stephane is. How many know who you are? How "anonymous" are you?

    You slag on someone who looks different or has a low IQ - but what about you, Stefan? PDD generally limits one's social skills and others look at those afflicted somewhat askance and can certainly be cruel. Is it because you are so miserable in your own temple that you wish to burn down the temples of others?

  33. Nikki,

    You should re-read my earlier posts where I contemplate my ‘value’ in this world. I did not declare myself to be an important. I also said that society had the right to sterilize my parents to prevent my birth- how is this hypocritical.

  34. Your right Stefan Schmidt! I have no business implying on Historyturds sex life. I deleted the post and I meant the jewlicking race traitor no harm.

  35. Actually, the prejudice, in general, against those with physical and mental handicaps is one area that is not touched on nearly enough.

    Stefan...parents who have children with disabilities don't want to throw their children away. They raise them to be everything that they can be and want them to reach whatever level of self-sufficiency that they can. And while doing that, they love these children every bit as much as any "normal" offspring that they may have.

    The very suggestion that such a human being be euthanized renders the suggestor a horrible lout.

  36. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  37. You dodged my question, Nikki. I was asking you to describe the hypocrisies in my statements.


    I could have remained ‘mum’ about my disorder but decided to disclose it in fairness since I was about to reveal my true thoughts on people with genetic disabilities. Don’t you think that speaks volumes about my character? I knowingly disclose all the relevant information even if it will return me scorn?

  38. Yes Stefan - I do believe that your willingness to discuss your disorder says a lot about you. What I have trouble grasping is your absolute disdain for others who are impaired in some way. Generally speaking, I get the feeling that you engage in some sort of self-flagelation because of your short-comings. And I really hate that for you.

    You indicated that you were in some sort of special classes when you were in elementary school. If you were not served after that, I can only assume that your educational problems were minimal and that you have learned how to deal with a lot of things. And that, in and of itself, is admirable.

    Again generally speaking, it has been my experience that people with any sort of handicapping condition can be quite bitter about their lot in life - but most also have a great deal of compassion for others who are afflicted in any way.

    I'm not saying you are hypocritical, only that I am trying to understand what has caused you to hate so deeply.

  39. Mr. Shmidt said:
    "I found it comical that you advocate executing me because of my views. We are all full of hate, EB, look at human civilization throughout history. You have made it abundantly clear who you hate."

    To which Mr. Brevard replies:

    Oh, I probably just slipped that in as a verbal sideways-jab. I wasn't serious about executing Neo-Nazis that hadn't comitted a serious offense--I would just have them all locked-up indefinitely.

    That's it. Just keep the streets safe and the federal buildings in one piece.

    Tut tut.

  40. The "Woger" poster is acutally Lloyd Austin Davies of Athens, AL, he is a 32 year old virgin who can only work as a pizza delivery boy because he is ill-educated.


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