Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Incurable Romantic

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There are times in the middle of doing what I do here, that I just have to stop, step back, and say, WTF?

A few nights ago I was dining at a very nice local restaurant when a young couple, probably in their 20’s was seated in close proximity to me. Both were dressed very stylishly, and seemed quite comfortable in their surroundings. The other thing that I noticed was that they were totally into each other.

Their table had been reserved, as is required in this establishment, and a bottle of wine awaited them. I thought, “What a beautiful couple! I wonder what they are celebrating.” As we finished our desserts, and prepared to leave our waiter told me that the young couple was here because it was their third wedding anniversary. “How wonderful!” I replied. And as we passed their table on the way out, I heard the young man say, “You are my always love.”

Now, I admit that I am often an incurable romantic, but rarely does anything so sappy move me to tears – but that did. I don’t think that it was because they were young, and beautiful, and so much in love. I don’t even think it was because they were celebrating the third of what I hoped would be many anniversaries. What I do think all of that was about was that I realized what a difficult path they had in front of them. You see, this couple was interracial.

We have just entered the year of 2006, and one would think that the prejudices and hatefulness of the past would have succumbed to the wisdom and understanding that generally comes with time. But I know that just isn’t so. All the way home I thought about the comments and rants that I have heard about “race-mixing” and was chilled to think of what those two had already endured and what possibly lay ahead.

Throughout my life I have traveled in many circles and gained an eclectic group of friends and acquaintances. Interracial couples have frequently been among those I call friends. I never really think too much about it until one of the racists brings up “miscegenation.”

As I thought about that young couple – so starry eyed and so very much in love – I couldn’t help but wonder how anyone could ever believe there was something wrong with that based solely on their skin color. In a society where the family unit is so threatened and divorce rates are astronomical, what could possibly be wrong with two people loving each other?

A couple of days later, I was reading some of the comments on a couple of hate sites and ran across a ton of threads where interracial relationships were being discussed. It was like being thrown back in time. These things surely were not being said in the year 2006! But, then again, I knew they were and the sentiments expressed by these people permeate the racist right throughout the world.

While not all people harbor these feelings, there are a number of others who are not even part of a racist group who believe that “race-mixing” is not acceptable and will openly show, at the very least, disdain for mixed couples.

Prevalent among the racist right is the idea that we are all victims of a great conspiracy perpetrated by the Jews and that through television and other forms of the “Jew-controlled” media. They hold to the premise that Jews are engaged in trying to dilute and ultimately eradicate the white race by promoting race mixing.

Regardless of how paranoid and patently ridiculous this all may sound – these people truly believe this. Race-mixing is seen as “traitorous” to the race and those who engage in such behaviors are to be among the first who will be strung up on the Day of the Rope. Witness some of the statements made and consider the depth of this belief:

Antiochus Ephiphanes:

“Every loathsome White woman who mates with a negro is lost to our race. They are to be shunned. They dont exist. They become niggers by injection.

“Our race has endured the ignominious sight of fat, ugly, disgusting swine like this trading their White skin for Negro sexual attention. Sadly, today the pace of this seems to have increased, aided and encouraged by Jew-MTV and such like.”


“I've come to the conclusion that this country is too far gone to repair. Just have a look at the inter-racial porn sites. There are thousands of White girls that are willing to have have sex with niggers on camera, how many do think are having sex with niggers in private?

“The faster this country is destroyed, the better. The few sensible Whites that are left can pick over the carcass and start anew.”


“Look, we should all hope for the best; that these race-mixing bitches get their dose of AIDS from these niggers and die off quickly.

When one very brave and, obviously, very young girl dared to step forward on Stormfront and questioned their views and why all they saw was color, this is what she was met with:


“Oh, we see more than color. We see race mixing and producing champanzee baby spawn as abhorant and repulsive.It is nothing more than beastiality! Cut and dried! This ENDS White blood lines..which you do NOT understand is something that is killing off the White Race. No, they're NOT human...they're savage beasts! Animals with hooves and tails! ( I don't think my Grand Dad would lie about something that critically important!)

“I'll tell you what's WRONG with race mixing and dating Non White filth! It's Immoral, it reeks of a reprobate mind, smacks of Moral Degeneracy, Ungodly, and repulsive. It means those that are LOW, trashy, and IGNORANT enough to do it are sources of shame for their family! IF one was taught PROPERLY, they wouldn't have to be told it was so- at least from a stranger. Only tells me TWO things..1. Your family clearly isn't of high quality or of a high calliber...2.They really don't give a damn about you. For if they did you would've been taught the right and proper way of it!

“I'll tell you what else is wrong with it, too! It's in essence contaminating, and cold bloodedly murdering thousands of years of PURE white bloodlines...It looks bad on the fools that do it, and reflects badly on the families who it affects. Grandparents don't LIKE seeing their WHITE children bringing in half animal mutant spawn to family functions. And, what's more, those that do it have NO respect for themselves, their families, their reputation, or their parents! It's a simple case of what is RIGHT is RIGHT, and WRONG is WRONG. there are NO shades of gray in the matter! Evidently you think it's OKAY to be a source of shame for your family! For Me and Mine, it is unacceptable, and it's NOT done to DARE or THINK of becoming such! Clearly you weren't taught any better! Too bad so sad...Go on, be race mixing blood traitor cowardly filth..better you than me!”

That whole “Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong” argument does not seem to generalize when it comes to genocide or forced deportation in the racist mindset. Their remarks about children born to interracial parents set my teeth on edge. Referring to them as “half-breeds,” or “half-cast pickininies,” they have no qualms about sneering at them or saying despicable and unkind things.

Considering that young couple from the other night, I can’t help but hope that such hatred and extreme ignorance never touches them. I can’t help but pray that their love never once becomes tainted by the hideous racism that infests the hearts of others. And, more than anything, I can’t help but wish that someday as children of all colors play and frolic together, we can rest easily knowing that they will never have to hear the hateful message of those who consider them less than beautiful or less than human.

Knowing that what I am hoping for is nothing less than idealistic and, undoubtedly, unrealistic, it is no more so than the racist dream of genocide and an all white world. While the end to racism may seem illogical, the Day of the Rope is unimaginable.


  1. Nikki did good with this thread. She showed a bunch of good reasons not to race mix or to commit Beastality.

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  4. nikki always makes sure to highlight those from the white nationalist camp who disapprove of inter-racialism

    while conveniently forgetting those black nationalists who also disapprove of inter-racialism

    there is one purpose and one singular reason for inter-racialism:
    to destroy and exterminate the white race nation, that is the only reason

    by nature no white male in his right (white) mind would ever have any desire of any kind to marry a non-white (most especially a black), however it is very true that sexual attraction is one of the great drives within the human story so on rare occasions race can be overlooked if there is a true romantic attarction (and of course i am not refering to sexual alone since that will be satisfied through sexual indesgressions), but the point is in most instances it will be a step down for the white male to cross his race in marriage

    now for the black male of course it very often is a step up for him to marry a white female, and since most females marry with an eye toward financial security in mind she will seriously consider betraying her race if she not only finds herself attracted to the black male but if she additionally sees future if not present potential in the black male

    the multi-culti-cultists of course very strongly encourage inter-racial marriage (their ideal of course is mating the black male with the white female) and they immediately pounce on the white males who disapprove of this abomination (and of course they are always silent when black males or black females also voice very strong disapproval)

    once again let us be reminded that there exists a race-culture war against the great white race nation, and in order to make this race to become extinct it is necessary that they become 'blended' into the third world and the fastest way to bring this about is to weaken their race line by inter mixing them through inter-racial marriage

  5. there is no such thing as homosexual marriage

    the quickest way to exterminate the homosexuals would be to gather all of them into a large enough nation like australia (the present population having already been relocated elsewhere) and let them live amongst their own fellow deviants, in time they will expire (become extinct) because they are unable to procreate themselves (unless of course they would violate their own sexual identity and cross over to the lesbians)

    the homosexual is in need of conventional society in order to breed their abomination and spread their sin, thereby perpetuating their abomination, and their very own unique std (aids)

  6. Nikki, I apologize for my Imposter. You can see what Faggotry has done to his mind. The Bastard even set up a Faggot blog about my 1 yr old son. He needs to be violently shoved back in the closet.

  7. While I disagree with your politics, Steve, the person with the fake Steve Holsten website has some serious issues.

    Back to topic - more than any other issue, the subject of multiracial relationships gets white supremacists worked up.

    I know more than a few couples in this situation, and they are happy and stable. The only times they have problems are when they run into bigoted fools who hassle them.

    I hope that I live long enough to see the emphasis on skin pigmentation reduced to the level of any other physical characteristic, such as hair color, height, or ear shape.

    Just so long as those freaky "second-toe-longer-than-the-big-toe" types don't take over the world. THEY are scary.


    (note to the slow: historymike was shooting for irony - do not read that last statement literally)

  8. Well Elmer, looks like your imposter is also a racist

    Some sick people in the WN/racist movements

  9. Who knows, tex. Too many clowns to keep track of.

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  11. This Idiot who is my Imposter has got serious issues. He can't be anything but a Faggot. He has no life. He probably works in one of those "special" sheltered workshops for 35 cents an hour.

  12. Nikki needs to put up a new thread so the pic of the nasty Beastality will drop off.


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