Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Shock Jock of Human Detritus

“You nigger beasts are going to get such a comeuppance this year, you have no fucking idea. We white people are going to come to city after city and take care of fucking business. Warning to liberals, left wingers and law enforcement that has dismally failed to reign in these animals for years: Stay out of our way or you can get it too. You can come in when its over to clean up the debris; we're gonna "clean house.".(Hal Turner, 2005)

Time is running out for Black Americans to reign-in the wild beasts they have loosed upon America. Your ancestors were brought to this country, against their will and in chains. YOU can leave the same way . . . . . and you WILL if you don't get your people to behave. (Hal Turner, 2005)

I have paid little attention to the little man with the big mouth known as Hal Turner for a couple of reasons; 1) Until recently he has never been anything more than a bit player in a B-movie; and 2) he has always appeared totally ineffectual when it comes to recruiting or attracting anyone to the racist right. While both of those things still stand, his recent thrust of himself into the racist limelight via Kingston, New York and Toledo, Ohio, has caused him to get on my last nerve.

Turner has always been the “shock-jock” of racist talk radio – even though Michael Blevins tries to best him every chance he gets. Like Bill White, Michael Blevins, and the whole of the National Socialist Movement, Turner is just another pariah among other Nazi’s. Lately, however, he seems to think that he is at the top of the heap. Admittedly, that “heap” is nothing more than a pile of compost composed of human detritus, but being on top of anything appeals to the base impulses of many on the racist right.

In an effort to bring Turner back to the realm of reality and out of his delusional state where he believes himself to be important to the movement, I went back to see what others have to say about him. Once I checked it all out, I realized that I wouldn’t have to spend too much time on this little man – his “friends” seem to have done all of the abasing for me. Here is what they have to say:


“Hal Turner runs his mouth PLENTY... More than enough to get anyone else arrested and convicted and imprisoned for life.
How is it that Hal Turner avoids this? Simple. He a federal troll for uncle ZOG, he draws out the mentally ill from dark basements into the light for easy arrest.”


“Hal Turner is a federal informant. He's a ZOG Troll that spews insane BS on an
internet "radio" show, he make LOTS of death threats against federal judges, politicians and other people and never gets arrested for it.
He used to publish bomb making instructions on his website and was telling his listeners to make bombs and blow up SIN-a-gogs and assassinate political figures with guns and bombs.
No normal individual could ever spew such nonsense and stay out of jail. Matt Hale didn't even come remotely close to saying a fraction of what Hal Turner says and he's rotting away in a hell hole for the rest of his life.. “

Don Black:

“…permanently banned him. I can't afford obvious provocateurs anymore. Never could, actually.”

“I probably shouldn't be so hot. I'm just imagining that for now on SF, the NA, WNs will have to carry the Hal Turner albatross around our necks”

John Law:

“Obviously, Hal and I aren't on good terms. He's a caricature. He's everything that we don't want to be. He should be shunned, ostracized, and ignored.
Do you think maybe he's just a little egomaniacal? Just a tad? He speaks for no one, represents no one, he's just another psychotic loser with a website. He's a pariah, a persona non grata, a leper, and he should be treated as such.
Hal who? To the supporters of Hal Turner...he has no supporters. According to recent revelations on another popular website even his own mother has disowned him! Avoid him like the plague that he is.”

“As far as Hal Turner goes, I've turned my back on him and will no longer give him the satisfaction of acknowledging his existence.
Hal who?”


“Whatever Turner is doing he just alluded on Fox News and on his website three additional Federal Judges are to be targeted for "Pro-White Public Scorn over the Hale Case!" This is just unbelievable and has me reassessing my future public participation in Pro-White causes.”

Brian Bach:

“This man is a trainwreck.
Filtering through his rants, I think -- "Is he merely a dangerously self-absorbed sociopath, or is he veritably working to discredit us?" Perhaps he thinks he's helping; but on balance he's extremely destructive. He does not have the charisma, the communications skills nor the presence of mind to represent himself well. He will hurt us.”

LabRat (Tina Edwards)

I have met Hal in person. Like many other people who rise to become infamous among WNists I have no idea why or how he got that way.
The nicest way I can find to put my opinion of Hal is that he is flakey at best. Many other things spring to mind when I recall the time I spent around him and none of it is that I thought he was an upstanding guy or even a WN.


“Ahh yes, that was truly entertainment at its finest. I was hoping he would have stayed on a bit longer. I enjoyed those long, manic and practically incomprehensible tirades.
I recall that show where he started yelling at his wife, it was so surreal. After I picked my jaw off of the floor I could not stop laughing for nearly an hour.
I also enjoyed every new and exotic medical condition he allegedly would come down with from time to time. Whether it was him suffering from a horrible life threatening fever, severe nasal problems, rare allergies etc. there was always something new and exciting with Hal Turner.
And it always involved needing more money.”

Brian Hassett:

Hal Turner ...
is obviously psychotic;
A more truer statement was never made.
But really for the "abuser"** he is, I'd call him surprisingly stable.
Sacrasm folks...
The man is a maniac.
And before anyone goes trying to attack me I have met him on more than one occasion and they were not public WN rendezvous. In public the man is - yes reasonably intelligent (not the kind of reasonably Reason(ref. definition 3.) has anythig to do with) and articulate and somewhat effectual considering the amount of Hal lovers that seem to be looming...
However he is a deep dark hipocrite in his choice of lifesytle... The life he doesn't publicise.
He is by no means what so ever a model white man... nor is he the kind of "psychotic" we need promoting our cause. Especially considering the publicity he gives himself.
Another lunitic making us all look bad. Without a doubt.

“Hal Turner is anything but retarded. He is actually a very bright and articulate man. The problem is that I and many others who met him have noted right off the bat that he is obviously psychotic; yet people, for whatever reason, continued to coddle him. Now, in one interview he has the potential to derail the great success we've made recently. When are we, as a cause, going to once and for all shun sensationalism and violence and build a serious movement? “

“I warned SF prior to the Liberty State Park rally not to have anything to do with this man.
I questioned his membership when he was in the NA the first time.
I resigned from that organization due, in part, to the renewal of his membership.
Now a man who has done nothing for the WNs cause except lie, cheat and call for violence claims to have an upcoming interview on Dateline NBC. God knows that this creep has no business representing our cause on a public forum and it it only because those of you who enabled him over the years that this is happening. You all ought to be ashamed of yourselves. I'm damn near done trying to promote this cause surrounded by so many stupid people. The question I have for Stormfront and WNs is do we intend to be a serious movement for qualified people or a bunch of hobbyist?”

Cammie Cosser:

“I am very angry. I just get angry when good decent people are subject to having to deal with "crap". Please excuse the word.
I have so called friends who have encouraged over the years to go to his website or listen to his show, I didn't go because I didn't want to deal with his drama. I finally went over there earlier tonight so that the next time they asked me if I had checked it out yet, I wouldn't hear a lecture. I saw his piece on SF and some good people here who I admire and respect, which really made me angry and confirmed I was right not to check out his website before this. I won't be back either as getting angry over this is not worth my time or energy when I can spend it on a more positive way in getting the truth out.

“Hal is a loose cannon and yes, Brian I agree there is no telling what Hal will say on the TV show. Saying that, we must never give up what we know is the truth for this loser. Our cause is bigger than Hal or anyone else!!!!! I believe that what people dish out comes back to them three fold and Hal will get it back in spades for his lies and slander that he has told about good decent people.
I am not going to waste anymore time on this loser, but am going to continue to work on what I need to work on. Hal does not represent us, but there are people who do and they and us can make a good impression and we can make a difference and bring our message to the people in a postive way. Our people need our message and we can't let Hal or anyone else stand in our way of doing what we know has to be done. We need you Brian to continue to work for our cause!!!!!”


“Hal Turner is a menace to decent white people.”

“Hal Turner is a complete menace. He is completely out of control. It's like Abe Foxman is writing his script for him.

War Maiden

“I agree, he is a freakin parasite and i'll hold him partially to blame for whatever sentance Hale gets, i hope he rots in hell!!!”


“That sounds like "Threatening" a Judge to me.
It doesn't fly. If Hal Turner doesn't get pulled in
and taken to task over
this stuff, he's an agent provacateur....”


“As I have mentioned before, I have heard the name Hal Turner for years, but did not know much about the guy.

“I now undersrtand why so many WNs, that I respect, talk out against him. After watching the Dateline segment, I have no doubts that Hal Turner is over the top, and will bring negative publicity and heat to our movement.”

Rick Kicklighter:

“I last spoke with him in person about two years ago at a Klansman's house in Alabama. He was never another Jared Taylor that is for sure. But it seemed he wasn't quite as radical then as he has become since. We sat at a table and shared a few beers and good conversation that night. The guy seemed then just as he said he was, simply a pissed off white guy who is beginning to see the truth and the origin behind the destruction. But I agree with Jay, there are too many things that has evolved around him that I dislike. I would never support him as I feel he has become way more of a liability than an asset.

“My negative opinion of him started later that night when he failed to pass the Klan naturalization ceremony and he sped off saying he thought Morris Dees was right. I have been pissed at my fellow activist many times over the years. But would I ever even think, much less say out loud that Dees the Sleaze was ever right on anything? Not on your life.”


“Why would anyone want to snuff a fed-judge (or their familly)?? It just stirs up more heat and gives the FBI an excuse to cozy up with ADL and their ilk. Stuff like this will lead to revocation of free-speach in America, like it has around the world. Hal is not helping by saying stuff like that.
The party line for the lemmings is "You can't yell 'FIRE' in a movie theater, someone will get hurt. Preaching hatred gets people killed. Neither are free-speech issues", and Hal Turner is playing right into their hands. Not only is that stuff illegal and not smart, it scares off those who could have been an asset to the community.”

Rudyard Kipling:

“This guy should be pulling a fat salary from ADL!”

Charles Coughlin:

“He is poison to the White racialist cause - here he is being quoted in today's newspaper:
"She was immediately vilified -- Hal Turner, an underground radio personality, said on his show that she was 'worthy of being killed,' adding that 'it wouldn't be legal, but in my opinion it wouldn't be wrong.'"

“I read that and was aghast. And he is upset that Stormfront has cancelled his posting ability. Also he talks about the coming SH.. STORM against American White Nationalists. Why is he using the word STORM?
If Hal Turner has ever helped our cause he is doing more to undo it! To ban him permanently from posting here was the only thing that could be done.”

And there are more – lots more. As one can readily see, Hal Turner is almost as
outcast as the infamous Bill White. Yet Turner operates under the assumption that he is, somehow, leading a movement and that his followers hang on his every word. In reality, Hal is just another whacko spawned by the racist right and bastardized by the same.

Hal Turner is the epitome of sleaze. He has no saving graces and he has become persona non gratis in all of the racist circles. Generally speaking, he is surrounded by the dregs of the movement and that might be what makes him so dangerous. The goons that frequent his message boards and listen to his broadcast are lacking in the area of cognizant abilities. They are easily influenced and manipulated. Turner’s calls for murder and mayhem are pointed right at those who seek his recognition. One mad-hatter may very well result in a bevy of violence.


  1. I just got back from my vacation and cannot help laughing at all the ‘drama’ that unfolded while I was gone. : )

    Hal Turner and his ilk are common place when a movement exists on the fringes of society. Unfortunately the situation degrades into a sort of Catch-22. The rhetoric and behavior of these people lend credence to popular stereotypes perpetuated by the media. These stereotypes are harmful for recruitment efforts.

    What the WN party has to do is ostracize the likes of Hal Turner whose purpose in life is to be the ‘center of attention.’ Hal has no loyalty to the White National cause (as exemplified by his choice for a mate) and hence should not be considered a White National.

    I know less about Bill White but judging from your frequent posts on him (I will trust you) I will assume he and Hal Turner are ‘cut from the same cloth.’

    I agree with Hal that there needs to be a ‘house cleaning’ and it should start with Hal himself.

  2. Naw, you're wrong. Hal is the best friend our White race has right now.

  3. I had a very odd experience.

    When leaving Toledo the last time I ran into Hal in the airport.

    We actually sat and chatted for a bit.
    He was a pretty nice guy, a bit more animated than the average person, but heck, I am no one to judge there. *grin*

    He was a lot like the people I grew up with in the N.Y./N.J. area, straight forward and no nonsense.

    Now, I have never listened to his show, but I have seen quotes, and it just doesn't seem like the same person I had that nice chat with.

    It is hard for me to tell if I met the real Hal or is the real Hal the guy who says all those things on the radio.

    But, I have chosen not to listen to the show, and I think I might just want to keep it that way.

  4. Elmer,

    I believe that you should reconsider your stance on Hal Turner. He will betray and ruin you and the WN cause if it were in his best interest.

    His own rants are a desperate stunt for attention and are obviously at conflict with his own lifestyle.

    With friends like that you do not need enemies.

  5. Yes Isisdc, the cold hard truth about race & etc is hard to take sometimes. Hal just tells it like it is. Us Whites have been screwed over long enough and Hal happens to have the balls to say it.

  6. Stefan, I have never met Hal but I have been associated with him since early 2001.

    He stood up for me when a bunch of Nigger Lovers come up with a bunch of Bullshit and tried to paint me a Pedophile. Hal saw through the Bullshit and took a lot of flack. He was labled a "Pedo Enabler" and a bunch of crap. He stood by me then and I will stand by now. And believe me, Hal hates Pedophiles with a passion.

  7. Elmo- Hal and I didn't talk about "races".

    We talked about kids, and growing up in the North east.

    There was no hate or bigotry that came up at any point.

    He was a pretty nice guy.

    If he was a neighbour, he would be the type of guy you could ask to pick up the mail or feed the cat if you went on vacation.

    He NEVER said anything racist or displayed any kind of need to put anyone or any group down in our conversation.

    I don't know who is the real Hal.

    The Hal I met, or the Hal on the radio.

  8. I would say that he's a little of both. i wouldn't mind having him as a neighbor.

    Give his show one chance some Wed night.

  9. I don't know, El, if he says the things that I have read on his site, I think I would rather not listen.

    It's like when I wear a CD headset when I shoot.

    Sometimes, it is best not to hear everything, and focus on the shots.

  10. Ok Isisdc. I've enjoyed this. You for one have been very civil.

  11. El, I really do try to be civil and fair to everyone.

    I tend to catch a bit of flack for it.

    I try to like everyone, and unless I am crossed, I like to think I can keep a level head.

    Now, there are things that I really do not agree with, stuff that can sort of bother me, but I let people have their own ideas as long as it isn't hurting the lives of others.

    And, BTW, I have enjoyed this exchange as well.

  12. Thanks, and you have a good night. I'll be going to bed soon.

  13. I have never met Hal, unless you consider watching him at 80 yards away with the Nazis in Toledo "meeting" him.

    I have listened to his show, and it is upon the hate-filled commentary that he spews that I base my judgments.

    I would imagine even Adolf Hitler had some redeeming human qualities, but that doesn't mean I would say that Hitler "seemed to be a nice guy."

    Since Hal advocates the lynching of blacks, the murder of judges, and and anyone else with whom he disagrees, I say that his rhetoric speaks for itself.

    Heck, they say that Ted Bundy was quite the charmer, too...

  14. So you have a lot of identities on Stormfront and VNN Forum, Nikki -- how does that reflect on popular support for Hal?

    I have to admit that I was very cautious about Hal until I met him. Having met him, I don't have any problems working with him.

  15. It is hard for me to tell if I met the real Hal or is the real Hal the guy who says all those things on the radio.

    Hal's radio show is an act. Unfortunately, it tends to be a bit over the top.

  16. BTW everyone, Nikki has a new exciting Blog. No, I didn't set it up for her.

    It's at:

    Its locking up on me -- I can't open it.

  17. The Hal I met, or the Hal on the radio.

    Isis, as you know, it is possible to have strong racial views and be a nice person.

  18. Hal has no WN views whatsoever. He is equivalent to a teenage punk who simply sputters whatever will gain him as much negative attention as possible. If Hal really believed in using violence against non-Whites then he should start by killing his wife and child.


    While you feel indebted to him for his kindness to you that does not mean that Hal is a good WN. Hal is not a WN and if he could get more negative attention by spouting something else he would.

    The hypocrisy between Hal’s lifestyle and his commentary can only be described as: Do as I say not as I do.

  19. Stefan, I tend to agree with you. Hal Turner isn't any more about WN than Bill Smith. He's an exhibitionist and uses WN as a vehicle to gain the attention that he so craves.

    There are some, however, who just don't see this and they follow his every word. All it takes is one of those followers to heed his calls to violence - and innocent people get hurt or killed.

  20. Yeah, when I first went to Hal Tuner's web-site, after I had met him, I could not believe it was the same person.

    The nice guy I talked to called for burning and hanging people on his web-site?

    It was like a Jeckle and Hyde.

    I am so glad all is quiet on the WN activist front for now.

    Ahhhhh...nice quiet pro-Bush-war vs Anti-Bush-war activists.....*exhale*...

  21. Nikki,

    Most modern WNs today are fakes. It is sickening to me that most of the recruits come from the drags of society like inmates, lower economic classes, the mentally inferior, and the poorly educated. These people are trash no matter what skin, eye, or hair color they possess.

    There is more to us than using obscene language, and living in trailer parks. Preventing illegal immigration, stopping laws that tend to favor minorities over the majority, and busting up the Jew monopolized media are all goals that can be excepted by the mainstream.

    There are a majority of Americans who agree with me but are too scared and too politically correct to publicly speak their minds.

    Take histoymike who tried to use Isisdc’s Jewish origins (or supposed?) against her. I suspect that a lot of the rhetoric he uses is superficial and is not indicative of his true feelings or emotions. Most of White America is in this very same state, afraid of themselves and their heritage.

    The USA is changing, and certain alien races are becoming more and more excepted as Americans. I do not believe that even you want your children to grow up as metaphorical rays of light in a dirty and dark land. Now around 66% of the USA is white (number is gotten from subtracting Hispanic Americans who are not white!), that number is only 16% away from being 50/50. Think about it Nikki, what world do you want your children to be born into?

  22. Hal Turner is the real deal. A word to the wise: I wouldn't screw around with Turner.


    This one is for you, Nikki since you are one of those "useful idiots".

  24. gee Levins, as I recall he is one of the WN you have trashed in the past. If you are not informing on them then you seem to be back stabbing them

    Sure you are not ARA ?

  25. Well, I have mixed thought about the Levins. He does not work, he's a welfare bum. He asks people to make "sacrifices" for the white race, etc, etc. He is such a clown....

  26. Actually my comment's about Isis and her heritage were merely to express my confusion. I think Jews, like anyone else, can be great people.

    If Isis is Jewish, that's cool by me, Stefan.

    To Bill and the NSM, Isis presents herself as a Romanian-German.

    To me, she self-described as a "Scarsdale Jew" who no longer observes the faith.

    To a member of the local antifa, she claimed to be an Roma orphan.

    Heck, maybe it's possible to be all of the above; I don't know.

  27. Mike,

    I am not an imbecile but thanks for treating me as such.

    At the very least you meant to embarrass her in front of her new acquaintances.

    You uttered your comments in the midst of a ‘war of words’ with Isis. I am pretty safe in assuming that none of your comments aimed at Isis at that point were out of benevolence.

    You were so angry that besides disclosing a lot of personal information over the Internet you threatened to sue (and perhaps maybe suing) Bill White (if it is the notorious Bill White) over some jokes and insults that you two exchanged.

  28. Von, you never cease to amaze me. LOL. I wonder if there is a new disorder we could discover that would explain your behavior? How about "I can't accept the truth disorder" or "I'm so hurt I'm going to make sexual references disorder".

  29. Uh - OK, Stefan. I was not implying that you were an imbecile; you are obviously a person of high intelligence.

    I misinterpreted your comment to mean that I have a streak of anti-Semitism.

    And, yes, you correctly note that my questions about Isis (that many people on all sides share) are not flattering.

    I may be in opposition to your philosophies, but I am out in the open. One can read my blog and learn every aspect of my (as Isis put it) "worthless life."

    As far as Mr. White, I have not made a call to an attorney yet. I am weighing my options. If Bill behaves himself from this point foward and avoids slander, I may not find it worth my time to pursue such a suit.

    He has responded to my demand for a retraction with the words "EAT IT." (That is, unless one of the 1300 writers at uses his account).

    To my second email seeking clarification of "EAT IT," Bill notified me that future correspondence should go to his Roanoke attorney.

    I write, edit, teach, and take classes, so my time is at a premium. That being said, I value my journalistic reputation, and Bill's assertions that I surreptitiously profitted from the work of another journalist are one of the worst charges that can be levied against a professional journalist, and Bill knows this.

    He is dancing around a line that could be very costly, and I suggest that he find other cages to rattle.

  30. The charge made by Bill White that Michael Brooks had somehow profited from the work of a fellow journalist is without any basis in fact and very serious in nature. It went far beyond "insults and jokes" that were being shared. Since it had no basis in fact - and Bill White knew that, it is libelous. Should Mike choose to sue the pants off of Mr. White, he could.

    Now, I have tried to stay out of all of this but in good conscience, I just can't. I know Michael to be an excellent writer and a very decent human being. There are those who have chosen to post here who are really not interested in anything other than their usual internet games. And there are those who attempt to have some kind of serious discussion.

    Then there are those who have no other purpose other than to disrupt or malign.

    And...I have given pretty free rein to all. I have some very serious questions about the relationship between Mr. White and Isis. I have pretty good instincts and I am of the mind that like so many other things on the internet - all is not what it seems.

    I almost deleted Mr. White's accusation about Mike because of it's hideous implication that Mr. Brooks would engage in something so dishonest. I thought better of it, however, since I wanted to be sure Mike saw it.

    Bill White is a liar. Bill White is a charlatan. Bill White is someone who just makes up all kinds of things without regard to the harm that he can do. That's because he is all about Bill White. He has been the kiss of death for everything he has ever touched - and he will be the same thing for the NSM. I anxiously await that day.

    But...I will not sit idly by and allow him to pull good and honest people into his quagmire of lies. Nor will I remain silent any longer when it comes to those who are the real disingenuous beings on this blog.

    You know who you are - and so do I.

    There comes a point, regardless of how "neutral" you want to remain, when you have to take a stand for something - or be known as a member of the "other side."

  31. Ah Nikki, just admit that you want hot "relations" with Bill

  32. After reading that, maybe hal turner is not so bad. Maybe he is actually good. I hope he can manage to completely destroy the WN movement before he is hauled off to jail. That would be great.

  33. I just realized that this Supreme pile of Shit Dumbassdom is a Nigger Lover. Happy James Earl Ray Nigger Lover.


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