Sunday, January 15, 2006

Education Is The Key

Education is the key to ameliorating racism and anti-semitism in this country. Such and education shouldn't be limited to only the young. The folks from this church are amazing and are contributing so much to our cause. Wouldn't it be great if this kind of thing caught on and became the norm?

Trip teaches church members about racism and themselves

By Janet I. Tu
Seattle Times staff reporter

For some, the most powerful part of a recent bus trip through the South was seeing close up what they'd only read about in history books: the childhood home of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a bombed out Freedom Ride bus, a Ku Klux Klan robe.

For others, it was making friends of a different race, and realizing why some people never have to think about race while others have it constantly on their minds.

In November, about 40 Pacific Northwest members of the Chicago-based Evangelical Covenant Church flew from Seattle to Atlanta for a bus tour of civil-rights sites in the South, including the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Ala., and the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Ala., where a bombing in 1963 killed four black girls.

Called a Sankofa journey, from a West African word meaning "looking backward to move forward," the trips are designed to speak to a phenomenon King observed decades ago that remains largely true today: that Sunday-morning church services are the most segregated hour in the nation.



  1. Education has helped reduce racism but until mental illness is elminated is completely treated, you're always going to have some racism around.

  2. I agree, Harry. We will never see the end to it. But, stories like these just make me feel like there are those out there who will take it upon themselves to do SOMETHING about this situation.

    If I am ever in that area, I intend to visit that church and say thanks.

  3. Why is it that if one cares and protects his race that he always is Mentally Ill. That makes no sense at all. If Whites do it they're Tarded, but if Niggers do it they're proud.

  4. Steve, please refrain from saying "n*****" on this blog. Thank you.

  5. "Profanity" aside, Steve has point. If the colors were reversed, we'd see the judge asking the White victim to "forgive and forget," if we even had a trial to begin with. This is something you anti-racist losers can never understand.

    Really, all you're looking to do is replace one order with your very own.

  6. The article is about a church group who visited civil rights sites in an effort to help others see what things were really like.

  7. You'll have to forgive Matt, Nikki. His eyes only see two colors - black and white.

    (There's a potential joke there with Stormfront and Overthrow, but I digress)

  8. LOL @~~~Mike! True enough! It must be awful to have such a myopic view of the world.

  9. Mr. Holsten,

    The "White Power" movement has NOTHING to do with "loving" the white race--it is, almost entirely, centered around hatred of EVERY OTHER race. Period.

    Case in Point: ever notice how many hardcore racists stab eachother in the back, inform of eachother, beat eachother, ect? Hell, the punk shows I use to go to as a kid, it was always the SKINHEADS who managed to start all the fights and violence. Who were they bullying? White kids.

    Even Rockwell and Tomassi were assassinated by their own followers...I bet most of the violence against the racist right actually occurs between factions of it's various followers.

  10. Mr. Drudge,

    There already IS an existant order in this country. The Racist Right do EVERYTHING in their limited power to try and subvert do the radical communists and other groups that hate this country.

    A bunch that, generally, all think like Bill White.

  11. But, Mr. Drudge, if you are bored, I imagine you could better entertain yourself searching out more literature about the Holocaust. After all, that last batch you linked to went a good long way to proving that Holocaust Revisionism is bullshit.

  12. Incidentally, just got through perusing Mr. Bill's latest offering at Overthrow (not the Aryan rap, although I do find that disturbing for my own reasons)...probably should comment about it on the other thread, but I must say, that young fella has quite an imagination. A few more years, and he could be another Walter Mitty.LOL!

  13. Drudge Jr,

    You know and I know that the pro-white movement is based on hatred of jews, blacks, gays and others, not on love for the white race.

    And the hatred revolves mostly around mental illness, paranoia, and low self-esteem.

  14. Good information on the holocaust and refuting revisionism.

  15. Thanks for the link, Harry.

    Also I could not have said it better - or as succinctky - as you did with regard to the truaims of most in the racist right.

  16. Excellent article Nikki! I also want to wish a Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day to all. I think this day should be one not only where we honor the memory of a great man, but we also do some self reflection. We should all look at ourselves and ask the question "What can I do to challenge racism, hatred and bigotry in my own community and in my own life?" The legacy of Dr. King lives on in each and every one of you who does this often thankless but very self rewarding work my hat is off to you and I am sure that Dr. King is looking down on us all. May he rest in peace.

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  18. Mercy, that Imposter of mine has that mouth watering craving.


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