Monday, January 16, 2006

Random Night-time Thoughts

I listened to that ridiculous thing called the Vonbluvens Show tonight - you know, the one where he was taking live call-ins? We tried to get in, but as expected, we couldn't. It was probably just as well since the one caller who might have talked against him was booted off as soon as he claimed to be a nim-buster. Imagine what would have happened if Nicole Nichols or Tony Willow had announced themselves! "We are now experiencing technical difficulties."

The show itself was pure boredom with the usual racist claptrap and people like Terrible Tommy and Bill "I'm a Millionaire" White. When Schoep arrived I couldn't help but wonder why he even bothered to show up. We all know that the NSM has become the Bill White organization incorporated in Virginia.

It looks like Vonbluvens thinks he is the great white hope of radio these days. Funny how all of this can go to their heads.


  1. I was just going to ask NSM for protection, Nikki. Isis is threatening to kill me. Read all about it on:

  2. Help. Help Help. She's got a big gun.

  3. Oh and BTW Nikki. I think your ego is getting the better of you again. You see if you call Von could have fought
    policy with you. Left vs right etc. I am a Nimbuster. I have no politics. He fears me much more than he fears you.

  4. Why don't you try calling into VNN Live Radio?

  5. You want a signed invitation to call the show or something, Nikki?

    UF wasn't going to be given a platform (on my show) since he is the one creating all these stupid knockoff/fake NSM forums and I might add Nikki blogs.

    Get real.

    The show was a wouldn't believe all the positive email that I have recieved since the show aired last night.

  6. Yeah, Nikki's just jealous because if she had a show on Hal's network, nobody would call in! Well, maybe me, Unknown Fucktard, and a few others to piss her off and ask her if all those pictures are really of her.

    C'mon, Nikki, don't be shy. Is you is or is you ain't Alicia?

  7. blevins,there is nothing successful about you or your so called show. You are a loser and you have always been a loser. You can't even get a job and support your family or pay your debts. Nimbusters gets more hits a day than blevins had listeners last night, and that is not saying a whole lot

    and drudge,the only one who wants shows on hals network is hal, so he can take you dumb white bigots for your money

  8. Well, really, I mean c'mon guys...Anyone can get a fucking Shoutcast streaming audio show.

    Lets see Turner/Blevins get a show on regular, FCC-controlled Radio Airwaves.

    Hal is just happy to get a few thousand bucks. There are radio hosts raking in quite a substantial bit more, with none of the personal sweat and worry. What you guys do is the audio equivalent of self-publishing.

  9. Note to Turner/Blevins: A man's hobby should never become the focus of his entire life.

  10. Oh, if Michael Blevins could only have discovered Dungeons and Dragons instead, we might all have been saved alot of grief.

    But, noooooo!

    He had to be Mr. Internet Radio.

  11. BTW, just curious Mr. Blevins:

    Does the heavy amount of psychiatric medication you take help lessen any of the more virulently racist thoughts that you have? Or, would you be worse, were it not for the medication?

    Just an interested inquiry.

  12. Nikki,

    What were you going to say if given the chance?

  13. Well Von as usual, you are wrong. I've never created a "fake blog". I certainly had nothing to do with the
    fake NSM blog. I wouldn't be surprised if you back stabbing buddy Bill didn't have something to do with it since Sledge has told me that he gave Bill all the "Nikki intell". Bill started denying doing the NSM fake before anyone started accusing him. Bill has kind of a history of back stabbing.

    You would not talk to me because you are a coward, boy. A big fat coward with a yellow streak running right down your back.

  14. It was like a bunch of pre adolescent kids got together and made a "radio show." Wait a second, I retract that! It was like a bunch of pre adolescent kids exposed to heavy amounts of lead as infants got together, and made a "radio show." The brain trust was not calling in last night, of course you have to be pretty much dead from the neck up to join the NSM to begin with. After hearing the "minister of information" stumble and stutter over words like a nervous teenager trying to get to second base I had to conclude that diversity and progress in America have never been safer. Also when U.F. called in the awkward silence was nothing short of hillarious and I could hear Hal and Von saying something in the background but could not make out what it was. His show was a total joke and had he not selected only his fellow boneheads to speak to on the air, he would have been chewed up spit out and put back on the rack.

  15. Arnold said...

    blevins,there is nothing successful about you or your so called show. You are a loser and you have always been a loser. You can't even get a job and support your family or pay your debts. Nimbusters gets more hits a day than blevins had listeners last night, and that is not saying a whole lot

    and drudge,the only one who wants shows on hals network is hal, so he can take you dumb white bigots for your money

    Arnold, Von was solidly #4 all during his show - and almost was #3 in the second half of his hour. Von got 193 listeners on his show last night - his show is far from being a "loser."

    Von has a job, and his business is very well recognized a good one.

    And Von's site gets a lot more hits than NIMBusters.

    And, Hal has been doing a lot of stuff for free, like the Toledo rally coverage and the Stormfront rally coverage, etc.

    So basically, you're an idiot.

  16. And Everrets, are you Rev. Boa? I seem to remember Boa having that same name.


  17. You maybe right, Matthew. If I remember right Boa did have a Everrets Brevard or at least a Everrets on his board in the early days. It is well known that Boa was most of the posters
    on his board. BTW the original NewsGuy started on the now defuncted The Right Rev. Newbomb Turk's board. That Newsguy claimed to be a black liberal and was always beaten in debate by NewBomb (kind of like the Harlem Globe Trotter's opponent, he always lost :) Many think that Rev. Boa and Turk are one in the same but Boa denies it. Just some FYI I'm not saying that this Everrets is Boa but it does smell kind fishy.

  18. no Drudge, for I don't go around with my nose up some neo-nazis butt

    Blevins is a loser and attracts take a close look inside

    better hope von don't get mad and inform on you like he did to other WN'S

  19. Well kids, in the interest of confusing the situation even more, 'ol Granpa Theobaldus will just reply to all of this "Rev Boa" nonsense with a non-comittal nod, grin, and wink.

    I am also Jim Morrison, D.B. Cooper, a descendant of the Romanovs, a C.I.A. Agent, and known in the Islamic world as "Sheik Omar Al-Hassan".

    In a previous lifetime, I was Jack the Ripper.

    (Note: Mr. Frazier, the above is called SARCASM)

  20. Now, Mr. Blevins,

    About that Seroquel and Lithium cocktail: I understand that some of the side-effects of lithium are severe hallucinations, weight-gain, night sweats, mood swings, dry mouth, and impotence.

    Do you suffer from all of these?

  21. Incidentally, there is some new White Drivel at Overthrow...apparently, he is now boasting in articles about a massive turnout of exactly...FOUR NSM Members.

    Apparently, Waffen SS Mann Herr Mark Martin and THREE of his comrades turned out to protest a MLK Day Unity march of around thirty people, in Troy, Ohio. Thirty vs. FOUR...even an Elmer Frazier could figure out the odds there.

    That Mr. Bill feels the need to even comment about this, says alot about the desperation over there these days...Lol!

  22. On the Turner Front:

    Hal has recently posted THIS little gem. Here's a tasty tidbit of the Turner Mentality:

    "It is exactly this type of in-your-face activity that makes me yearn for many more incidents like Matthew Sheppard; bombings of gay bars and violent gay bashing. I advocate those activities."

    My yes, he "advocates" quit abit he would never have the cajones to do himself. I have a feeling we should all be cautious though.

    Hal doesn't seem to be raking the dough in the way he did back in November, around the time of his much-vaunted Kingston debacle. Of course, that was followed by his return to Toledo with NSM, in which all the white power flunkies had the unmitigated gall to whine about Illegal Immigration and crime, and then dine at a Mexican restaurant.

    If Hal starts going broke, look for him to stir some shit, jump on some bandwagon "rally" or try to make an increased media presence in the near future. Have to keep those donations coming in, kids. Hal's dealer can't be kept waiting.

    Well, kids, Granpa needs to get some shut-eye. He has alot of fun jibber-jabbering with you, and Lord knows the old man can talk all night. But he has to get some sleep sometimes.

    Nighty-night Nikki.

  23. Harry Schwartz dead at Age 36.
    Read all about it at:

  24. I agree that as it gets closer to the end of the month, look for good ole Hal to pull something out of his hat to try to line his coffers. After all, he is a showman - and always on stage. The funny thing is - like a few others - he'll cause some really gullible and desperate people to dig a little deeper into their pockets as he convinces them that it is for the "white race."

    What a bunch of charlatans - and what a bunch of feeble-minded people!

  25. Yes Nikki, I agree.

    As Hal himself stated on that Nimbusters website:


    My dope man is not extending me any more credit. I NEED 2 GRAND ASAP!!

    No Blow, No Show!!

    Love, Hal

    Well, perhaps this WAS an imposter...

  26. It's okay Hal, lots of third-rate entertainers use narcotic stimulation to get them in the "mood" to perform...

  27. George Hutchins Watch.....check it out


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