Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Kingston Revisited

This is an article that appeared in the Freeman on Sunday. Because of the comment about the attack at the local high-school on young Robbie Hedrick being "overblown," a lot of the members of the racist right have their panties in a bunch. I wonder what you think?


His dream lives on
By Blaise Schweitzer , Freeman staff

Today is the anniversary of the birth of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., born 77 years ago in Atlanta, Ga. He was killed more than 37 years ago, but lives on in the works of some of those being honored Monday at a fund-raising event for the local, child-centered King's Kids program.

Last week the honorees met at the Pointe of Praise Family Life Center in Kingston, the future site of the program. They talked about current events that have been affected by King's enduring legacy.

The "Heroes in Our Backyard" are Elaine Fernandez, Sandy Hopgood, James B. Childs, Daniel Gartenstein, Dawn Defino, Tawana R. Washington and Denni Demosthenes.

"The biggest thing is just the message of peace and caring about your neighbor," said Fernandez, of Clermont. "Fighting and working together for what's important."

Fernandez is project director of Kingston Cares, a City of Kingston coalition that works with schools, parents, human services agencies, law enforcement, the faith community and others to address teen delinquency, substance use, school dropout and pregnancy. She edits and publishes The Citizen, a bi-monthly magazine serving Dutchess, Ulster, Columbia and Greene counties.

Hopgood, the community outreach coordinator of the Everette Hodge Midtown Community Center in Kingston, is being honored by King's Kids for her work with homeless families, putting together programs that have addressed drug use and Internet and bicycle safety through the City of Kingston-sponsored Hodge center.

Hopgood called poverty a disease that must be addressed. Just as the Rev. King progressed from civil-rights to labor and poverty issues in the years before his assassination, she said America needs to look at what the poor in this country must do to survive.

James B. Childs of Kingston, son of the Rev. James Childs, the Pointe of Praise patriarch, has done work on race issues through his position as director of Kingston's Commission on Human Rights and his JARA Consulting business, helping organizations recognize bias and respond to conflict. He said he also has found the response to Southern survivors of Hurricane Katrina overly focused on race.

"I think it was more to do with socio-economics than race. I'm not saying race had nothing to do it. I think socio-economically, if you're poor, you're poor before you're anything else," he said.

From there, though, he did say he has followed "code words" people used for black Americans in the South during the height of the crisis. He added that some of those same words are spoken in the North to similar effect.

"You start seeing it around affordable housing. (People say,) 'We don't want them.' Who are 'them'?" Childs asked. As voters object to affordable housing programs in their back yards, he said, they often get in the way of the people who most dearly need the assistance because of the crime problems voters associate with blacks. "Anytime something happens that has a negative spin on it, where someone's gotten hurt, we tend to look for someone to blame. (And some people say,) 'Let's blame them.'"

Childs said he would hope people in this region could use discussions such as those triggered by the white-supremacy rally in Kingston to move in a more positive, honest direction.

It was impossible to talk about King's legacy without talking about how some of his protest methods have been co-opted by members of the KKK and other white supremacists like Hal Turner, an Internet radio personality who organized the Nov. 19 rally on Broadway in Kingston.

Turner argued that his protest was peaceful and in the non-violent tradition of the 1960s civil rights movement marches. His words of anger directed towards black youths involved in fights eclipsed his purported non-violent intentions.

Kingston attorney Daniel Gartenstein, also among those being honored at the King's Kids event, said the beating of a white youth that was supposedly the triggering event of the rally was overblown.

"The only people who know exactly what happened on that street that day were the children," Gartenstein said. "The people from New Jersey, the people from other states who were driving to this community (for the rally) certainly, had no idea. I'm the president of the school board, and I can't tell you exactly what happened. But immediately the focus was on, 'It's a black child who punched a white child.'"

Hopgood shook her head at the accusations of racism directed at the black youth involved in the incident. "Here we are, 40 years after all the civil rights activity, and we still have to question whether something is a racial issue or not?" she asked, rethorically.

Childs said, "We weren't saying we don't have any issues around being different - whether talking about race or gender or whatever. What we were saying is that it certainly isn't what he (Turner) was saying, what he was trying to purvey was really absolute nonsense. But now we can take this opportunity to figure out what our issues are: How does it impact how we interact with people?"

Hopgood said she has found that Americans grudgingly accept necessary change and pat themselves on the back for their "tolerance" of others. They need to adopt new vocabulary words and new attitudes, she said.

"The word is not tolerance, it is acceptance," she said. "We have to be clear about that."

Dawn Defino said her parents taught her that her childhood friends were welcome in her home regardless of race. Other issues were more important.

"There was my friend who was a person of character and there was someone who was not allowed in my home because their character does not meet with my values," she said.

She was present at some of the more violent race-related disruptions Kingston suffered in the 1960s, and agreed with Hopgood that progress has been insufficient. A single parent, Defino has worked for the New York State Education Department, developong a program to assist students with disabilities during their transistions from high school to work our higher education. She has also been a respite coordinator for the KidsPeace Natioinal Center's Crisis Respite Program.

Defino raised her children in a poor neighborhood and has tried to pass on her parents' values of acceptance, she said.

The connections between the King's Kids Hero honorees are many. Defino's father, Joseph Defino, coached James B. Childs through his career as a basketball guard playing for Kingston High School.

Childs said Defino was tough but fair.

"His coaching style was from Bobby Knight. Not as a person, he would never throw a chair. He was mild-mannered, but he kicked our behinds in practice," Childs said.

Childs said some of what Defino's father taught him on the basketball court remains with him to this day.

That's in keeping with Hopgood's belief that everyone bears responsibilities for nurturing children.

"We have to stay focused on that. It takes a whole village to raise a child," she said. Hopgood has hope that as Americans remember the Rev. King and his message, more progress will be made.

"Lots of people have forgotten about it," Hopgood said. "They don't even know who Martin Luther King is, some of the younger generation."

The other honorees at the King luncheon are Washington, a native of Kingston who volunteers with King's Kids and works with the City of Kingston's Commission on Human Rights; and Denni Demosthenes, who has supported King's Kids with support from his family's Hillside Manor restaurant. Washington, once a King's Kid herself, has worked for the YMCA's City Slickers summer program for two years, was a teacher's aide at Beginning's and once became a second mother to a child whose birth mother was dealing with severe personal problems. She also has provided one-on-one care for a child who needed special and extra attention. An Ulster County Community College graduate, she also holds a diploma in Child Day Care from the Professional Career Development Institute.


  1. Yep, he had a dream. "All the little black boys will hold little Whites girls' hand."

  2. Nikki,

    What objection can you possibly have with a rally that denounces a brutal and merciless beating of a child?

    Do not let your disdain for Hal Turner blind you to legitimate positions and actions.

    I do not agree with Hal Turner on most things but in this instance I have to tip my hat to Hal Turner (even if his motives are self serving, the outcome can only be positive).

    Robby will face hardships for the rest of his life and for you to turn this into some sort of war is just as exploitative as anything that Hal Turner has done.

  3. Um, I may be breaking the subject a bit here, Nikki, but I just got over to Overthrow, and Mr. Bill has posted an intriguing piece on author Elie Wiesel--intriguing in that, it seems to be riddled with factual inaccuracies, half-truths, and out-and-out lies.

    Not the least of which is his assertion that Elie Wiesel is dead. Yet, a simple internet search reveals no date of death, or any mention even that Wiesel has died.

    It seems Mr. Bill just luuuvs to make up the facts as he goes...

    I think we can all rest assured that he'll never get his mitts on a Pulitzer. LOL!

    Just thought I'd tell you.

  4. Yeah, stefan schmidt is right. Nikki and the other anti-racists really show how disingenuous and self-serving they are by not supporting this issue.

    They talk a big game of dropping the hate but they really need to start with themselves in this.

  5. Stefan Schmidt said...
    What objection can you possibly have with a rally that denounces a brutal and merciless beating of a child?

    This incident was a local matter. Two kids got into a fight and one got the crap beat out of him(period)

    Though his injuries are serious and the fight in all likelyhood was over something trivial the fact is sometimes folks get hurt in a fight.

    Regardless of the young man's injuries the incident was far from the "roving bands of blacks" terrorizing Kingston" as Hal the nut and Lying Bill tried to make it out to be.

    The simple fact of the matter is neither one of those maniacs could care less than a dime about the injuries the young man suffered. They saw this as a chance to get some attention and free publicity and to stir up a bunch of mess.

    99% of the White folks in Kingston didn't want any part of Hal the nut and Lying Bill's instigating nonrally.

    And anyone who calls themselves a White nationalist and agrees with the warped imaginings of the likes of the afore mentioned two are just as crooked and crazy as they are.

    In all my years of monitoring hate groups I have yet to see one with anything remotely resembling integrety. They constantly cry about blacks, jews and mexicans and try to prove there point with misleading statistics from the same organizations they claim are crooked and run by jews. It appears that the ideal of truth and facts play no part in the racist agenda, and what makes it even worse is the fact they are lying to the very people they are trying to recruit. Their recruiting methods consist solely of lies and trickery.

    When folks are being lied to and tricked into joining and/or supporting an organization, common sense tells us that the organization cares nothing at all for them and only wants to use them for it's own purposes.

    Todays White nationalist don't want a White nation they want control of White people and will lie, still, cheat, murder and every other underhanded trick to try and achieve their aims.

    Propaganda is used for the sole purpose of controling the masses, by swaying opinions with misinformation.

    There was no racial crisis, no racial emergency in Kingston. Two young men got into a fight and one got hurt and the other got punished.
    Now whether or not the punishment fit the crime was a matter for the people of Kingston and the injured boy's family to pursue(period)

  6. Obviously Hal cares little for the youth of America--witness his oft-repeated "advocation" of violence at schools (as long as they are Jewish Yeshivas).

    Hal cares so little for the general well-being of his fellow citizens, he relishes the thought of actual revolutionary confrontation. He makes it quite plain in every post.

    Hell, this is the man that was calling for Al Quaida to come hit us again.

    As for White Lies, well, I just got an eyefull of the journalistic integrity of Mr. Bill a few hours ago. It stinks to high heaven.

    No. Your rally did nothing to improve the situation in the community--bringing in Nazi fetishists in bad costumes and giving a platform to the high-wierdness beliefs of Madame Mona Montgomery had a DETRIMENTAL impact, overall.

    If you folks really want to have a good impact in the community, support your local Fraternal Order of Police.

    Supporting your local skinheads will do little, I fear, to quash any violent episodes--racial, or otherwise.

  7. And where in the deuce is that scoundrel Frazier? I'm in need of a good chuckle before I turn in.

  8. To all, we don't know of what really happened until the defendant and his lawyer have a say. But it wasn't a one on one fight as two victims were noted. This could have been two white kids fighting with one black kid and both got the crap kicked out of them.

    With a grand jury, a DA can get an indictment against a cockroach because the defense doesn't get to present their case until trial.

    However most violence against whites is done by other whites but you do see the racist coming out against those crimes? Nope.

    The truth will come out during the trial.

  9. But, really, tell me: just what WAS Mad Mona doing at the Kingston Rally? How in the world does cannibalistic deicide fit in with violence at Kingston High? Hmm?

    You see, this is the reason that America WILL NOT take the WN movement seriously--Nazi costumes and ranting fringe kooks. Criminals. Skinheads. Dullards.

    Take some advice from the enemy: study PR and marketing. Drop the Swastikas. Admit that the Holocaust REALLY happened (because the evidence against denial is HUGE). Clean the thugs and hucksters out of your ranks. Wear suits. Stop the race-baiting. Drop the Viking imagery, and concentrate on something PRACTICAL.

    If you are concerned about "preserving" White Western Culture, realize that this can be achieved WITHOUT it being at the expense of any minority group. If you want to advocate for white victims of crime, you had better do it without Hal, Bill, Mike, Jeff ect., along for the ride.

    Cut the Tim MacVeigh antics, internet-babble about revolution and riot, and get friendly. Because, as you are now, you are driving yourselves as far away from respectability as it is possible to be.

    But I know you won't. So.

    It looks like it's going to be a bright future after all.

  10. How many of you ARA assholes even bothered to send the kid a get well card? What about OPP's intent on harrassing the mother of Robby by showing up at here house and essentially blocking her driveway?

    How can ANYONE be against a rally "against violence"?

    A big FUCK YOU to Nikki, Roh, Jenkins, and the rest of you hypocrites.

    You guys are totally irony proof.

  11. Actually, Mr. Blevins, I have a great appreciation for irony.

    I find it highly ironic that the most documented historical event in history finds itself the center of dispute by "objective" crypto-Nazi researchers, and hatemongers, such as yourself.

    I find it ironic that grown men insist on swallowing the same moronic conspiracy theories believed in so adamantly by their forebears.

    I find it ironic that an organization which fancies itself a bastion of "White Pride" should be almost entirely made up of bums, dope addicts, half-wits, welfare slobs, criminals, psychopaths, and deadbeat dads.

    I find it ironic that we taxpayers spend thousands of dollars protecting your paltry organization's right tp peacefully assemble, yet you all still hate this country.

    I find it ironic that the "Rally Against Violence" was being led by a man that routinely calls out for murder, lynchings, terrorism, ethnic cleansing, and all manner of criminal activity.

    I could go on and on. Suffice it to say, I HAVE an appreciation of the "ironic".

    It is YOU, Mr. Blevins, who do not.

  12. I find it ironic that Michael Blevins doesn't care if a white person beats up on another white person or when a white man rapes a white woman.

    You figure he would considering that nearly 90 percent of white women raped are raped by white men and that most of the violence and crimes done against whites are done by whites.

    With the new medicare drug plan, Blevins should be able to get back on his Seroquel again.

  13. Everetts,

    Blevins hated this country so much back in 2001 that he cheered the bombings of the World Trade Centers. (so did Billy Roper)

    Only when he got so much shit over it did he reverse himself on it.

    And yes, he hates the US but yet doesn't mind taking Medicare and Social Security for his mental disability.

  14. Gee, the only people I remember applauding 9/11 were those on the left - black radicals, some nutty post-modern composer, and several other freaks who called 9/11 "art".

    The people at Turner rally oppose the concept of the "hate" crime, but figure that if it is going to law, it should be enforced equally. "Hate" crime laws are not.

    And you people sit around excusing the incidenet while whine for pages and pages about anytime a White sneezes and it sounded like he may have said "nigger."

    You people are so full of shit it's amazing you don't leave a trail when you walk down the street.

  15. To ROH,

    When a black person is even so much as ‘touched’ by a white man a swarm of controversy perpetuated by the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton follows. Local issues are given national coverage (something this incident was denied), impassioned speeches from black egomaniacs, and drones of black ‘people’ robotically nodding in approval- this is the norm in America when the victim is black and the instigator is White. Yet, I do not see you criticizing them, hell, you probably support them.

    Robby Hendrick was beaten nearly to the point of death and will have permanent disabilities due to a 300lb ‘kid.’ If the situation was reversed you would be the first to ‘swing’ onto your pedestal and holler ‘racism.’

    I am glad, however, that you see this as a local issue because the next time some Klansman lynches some unfortunate Negro in Mississippi then that will be also a ‘local’ issue. Being a person of integrity that you are, you will scream ‘bloody’ murder if anyone tries to hold a rally to protest this incident.


    Take a good look in the mirror and thank the white people for all the opportunities we gave you people. Your other alternative is Africa, and if you feel that you are being mistreated by us then please go back to your homeland.

  16. BTW,

    What if this was your child, Nikki? A child whose face is now unrecognizable, who cannot see out of one eye, and a child who cannot be so much as smacked without facing the possibility of death?

    By opposing this rally, by bastardizing this rally as a battle in your war against racists, you are diverting people’s attentions from where they should be. You have proven that rallying for a white victim is politically incorrect while rallying for a black victim is courageous.

    You are twisted so far around that you are sacrificing a precious white child for your cause.

    Let that rest on your conscience.

  17. As I have pointed out to you, time and again, before any on the WN scene makes a "bleeding heart" appeal on behalf of "the children", you had damn well better make sure you clean your closets out of men who make statements like this:

    "It is exactly this type of in-your-face activity that makes me yearn for many more incidents like Matthew Sheppard; bombings of gay bars and violent gay bashing. I advocate those activities."

    The difference between ourselves, and yourselves, is that we do not advocate ANY violence to begin with. We (or at least I) care about the welfare of ALL children, irrespective of race or ethnicity.

    And, well, if you hadn't noticed, Mrs. Hedrick has already decided what idealogical camp she wishes to belong to. There is little doubt she wouldn't very well want any sympathy cards from ARA.

  18. Or, here is a choice piece from another WN:

    "Attention to all Jews, Blacks, and Hispanics

    With all the diet fads out there do you want to try one that actually works?"

    These words were put alongside of a picture of starving people in a concentration camp.

    Sound familiar, Mr. Shmidt?

  19. Great points by Everetts

    If the white supremacists really loved and cared for their race, they would worry most about the race who commits the most murders, rapes, and crime against their own race.

    Which is the white race itself.

    For example, according to the FBI's web site, nearly 90 percent of rapes of white women are done by white men. But yet the racist worry about the other 10 percent. If the black race were totally elminated, rapes of white women would barely drop.

    Black on white crime accounts for a SMALL PERCENTAGE of all crime in the United States. Bottom line.

    And Stefan,

    The fight was at least 2 whites fighting with 1 black with the two whites getting the crap kicked out of them. Why do the white supremacist leave out this fact? The black kid weighing 300 pounds (if that is true, I bet it isn't because we have no idea what the black kid looks like except by the white supremacist) doesn't matter. It is irrelvent.

  20. Everretts,

    I am not going to let you to change the topic. I have said many things in passing, some of which I am not proud of. I am not a spokesman for the WN movement and so my comments are irrelevant. Your lack of compassion for Robby Hendrick is noted.

    And HARRY,

    His weight and size are important since they expose who was the aggressor in this incident. No sane 150lb white boy will attack a 300lb black ‘kid.’ The fact that two white kids were desperately fighting for their lives from this animal should make us cringe even more instead of dismissing it as a school yard ‘brawl.’ To put his weight into perspective, I am only 260 lbs (6’7’’); this was not a fight but rather attempted murder.

    Where the hell do you live, Harry? In some suburb surrounded by white neighbors? Why do you think Black on White crime is low? Do you need me to explain this to you- me, a mentally ill White trash hillbilly explaining race matters to an enlightened Jew such as yourself? It is because Blacks have their own communities; if we integrate you watch what will happen to the Black on White crime rate. I lived in Grosse Pointe which is 97% White (less than 1% are Black in Grosse Pointe), contrast this with Detroit which is close to 90% Black. Where would you rather live, Harry? Your logic would make Detroit safer for White folks since “Black on white crime accounts for a SMALL PERCENTAGE of all crime in the United States.’ Do you realize how misleading that statement is?

    Harry, you do not really want an integrated society since you seem to be one of the usual white middle-class liberals who flee to white suburban utopias but then chastise poorer white Americans who do not have the financial means to do so.

    Put your money where your mouth is and move to Detroit and then praise diversity.

  21. Stefan said...What if this was your child, Nikki? A child whose face is now unrecognizable, who cannot see out of one eye, and a child who cannot be so much as smacked without facing the possibility of death?

    By opposing this rally, by bastardizing this rally as a battle in your war against racists, you are diverting people’s attentions from where they should be. You have proven that rallying for a white victim is politically incorrect while rallying for a black victim is courageous.

    You are twisted so far around that you are sacrificing a precious white child for your cause.

    Let that rest on your conscience.

    What happened to Robbie Hedrick should never happen to any child. In a perfect world, children wouldn't fight and violence would never occur. What would I do if it were my child? I can easily answer that, Stefan.

    I would be soooooo pissed off! I would want something done! I would demand that the school administration and the school board, as well as law enforcement, take immediate and decisive action. The difference with me, however, is that I wouldn't be looking at the color of the children involved and trying to make it racial.

    The problem, as I see it, is one that is a problem in many areas. School violence has to be addressed. If this had happened to one of my children, I would be asking how a child was allowed to be beaten to such an extreme. I would be asking where security was, where were those in charge? I would probably hold the school somewhat responsible. But I would not be breaking it down along racial lines.

    Teen-agers get into fights a lot. They often fight over things that adults think are ridiculous. But, a beating of this extent should not have happened at school.

    Stefan - if a black man mugs me and steals my purse, I might hate what he did - I might even feel hate toward him. That doesn't mean, however, that I am going to hate all black people.I think most people are pretty much the same way.

    The issue in Kingston wasn't racial - it was school violence. Then here comes Hal Turner and his entourage of misfits and they attempt to make it one of race. If you had read some of the discussions that were going on at the newspaper site, you would have seen that a lot of people took great exception to Turner and friends trying to paint their city as some sort of racist haven.

    The young man who has been charged with the beating is going to be punished. But, the racist right demands that it be called a "hate crime." I wasn't there, and neither were you. Neither were any of the others who tried so hard to incite the city of Kingston. We haven't heard both sides and we really don't know what took place.

    Yes - I do take great issue with Hal Turner and friends trying to USE this incident for their own personal gain. They don't care about Robbie - he was merely a vehicle to get them such much desired attention. And, you know...I really dislike people who try to capitalize on the pain of others.

    Hal Turner, Bill White, Michael Blevins, et. al. are nothing more that opportunists. And those who follow them and dress up in silly Nazi uniforms serve no other purpose than providing the side show. Exploiting the Hedrick family was absolutely deplorable. But, then you have to consider the source.

    School violence has to be addressed and dealt with - but not by a rag-tag bunch of racist hate-mongers who only exacerbate the problem that already exists. This was not a rally against violence. It was an abomination against the city and the citizens of Kingston.

  22. VONBLUVENS said...

    A big FUCK YOU to Nikki, Roh, Jenkins, and the rest of you hypocrites.

    Speaking of hypocrites didn't you say you would never beg for money like Hal "the beast of Bergen" Turner

    I would rather die and go to hell than stand next to a Nazi on any issue.

    Get a job

  23. Matt Drudge, Jr. said...
    Gee, the only people I remember applauding 9/11 were those on the left

    Blevins applauded 911 just as he applauded the suocide bombings in Israel

    To many witnesses to this, I suggest you get you nose out of bLEVINs ass and smell the roses

  24. Nikki,

    The ‘rag-tag bunch of racist hate-mongers’ were the only people to stick up for Robby (sure, they also had their own agendas) when everyone else was apathetic.

    When a black child is beaten like this Black leaders come to his or her rescue and ‘exploit’ the situation much like Hal Turner did, but in those cases I do not see an ant-Jackson rally protesting his tirades on racism in American society.

    Al Sharpton is the black Hal Turner but yet you seem to want to ignore Sharpton and focus on Hal Turner. Why?

    This rally can be compared to any rally held by a Sharpton or Jackson, but this rally is somehow more ‘exploitative’ and ‘racist’ than the black rallies. Explain to me why.

  25. Stefan,

    And where are you when a white kid gets beat up by another white kid?

    And where are you when a white child gets molested by a white male?

    I have doubts that ONE black kid JUMPED two white kids at the same time.

    I think it perhaps could have been the other way around, that two white kids might have been starting trouble against ONE black kid and got the crapped knocked out of them.

    Perhaps it was an assualt by the black and perhaps the two white kids were taunting the one black kid. We don't know and you don't know either. And you have no idea if this black kid was 300 pounds or not. He might have only been 150 because the only people who have physically described the black kid are neo-nazis.

    We'll have to wait for the trial to find out.

  26. Stefan,

    Show me the last time Jesse Jackson held a street rally for a black kid beaten by a similiar aged white kid?

  27. Stefan, I am not real fond of Al Sharpton and yes I think he has made some very anti-Semitic remarks. When he marches down the street screaming for genocide or when he stands on the steps of a state house and calls for a racial holy war - I promise that I will take him to task. And if Jesse ever tries to side with Mona and tell us that the Jews ate Jesus, I will personally tell him how warped his mind has become. Deal?

    I think Everrets and Harry have made some very valid points here in that none of you seems to get upset when white people beat each other up or when they do horrible things to children. You have your search engines combing for black on white crime and that is what you talk about.

    Why is that? Why is it that you choose to ignore the heinous actions of your own race? Crime is crime - and ALL violent crime leaves victims. What makes black on white crime any more hateful than white on black or white on white? In my opinion, we should be addressing CRIME - not the "color" of it.

    Of course, that would require that people engage in viewing the big picture, and that is next to impossible for some.

  28. LLoyd Davies, TimeLORD, is going to do a show tonight!


    Steam is on right now, playing classic "On The Domestic Front" and "Boa's Pit"!

    New LIVE show in about an hour!

  29. Arnold said...

    Blevins applauded 911 just as he applauded the suocide bombings in Israel

    To many witnesses to this, I suggest you get you nose out of bLEVINs ass and smell the roses


    This is utter bullshit. Von cleared this up last year. You're a liar and a bullshitter.

  30. To Harry/Nikki

    I am not talking about crime in general but merely the right to protest crime without being called a bigot. Black groups get away with it all the time yet white groups are denied this very treatment. It seems it becomes taboo to mention race when the victim is White and the perpetuator is Black but when the roles are reverse ‘race’ becomes the central issue.

    This is not about comparing crime with different demographics or even protesting it. This is about the double standard that exists in mainstream America. White on White or Black on Black crime is irrelevant to this topic.

    Black interest groups will protest White on Black crime but yet, I do not see you two asking them where they were when Black on Black crime occurred.

    I have not criticized these Black interest groups when they do these types of protests, I just feel that White interest groups should be allowed to do just that without being protested.

  31. To Harry,

    I am not going to troll the internet for the perfect example but I can give you some similar scenarios in relation to Al Sharpton.

    -Remember Tawana Brawley? (15 year old girl who was raped by multiple unidentified White males)

    -How about that Florida girl who was handcuffed by the police officers?

  32. Matt Drudge, Jr. said...

    This is utter bullshit. Von cleared this up last year. You're a liar and a bullshitter.

    bLEVINs is trying to cover his tracks I seen him make many posts on this and so has many other people, sledgehammer88 even called him down on it at the time.

    Like I said, you got your head to far up bLEVINs butt to even see the truth about the lying POS. You really got to ask yourself why you put a suicidal, welfare collecting wife beater on a pedestal

    Go look up Mike Miller and ask him what he thinks of blevins

  33. Oh boy, here we go...

    Ted Bundy. John Wayne Gacy. Jeffrey Dahmer. Albert Fish. Albert De Salvo. Lee Harvey Oswald. John George Haigh. Jack the Ripper.Marquis De Sade. Carl Panzram. Ed Gein. Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono. Richard Speck. Fred and Rose West. Henry Lee Lucas and Otis Toole. Peter Kurten. Fritz Harrman. Charles Manson. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Dr. Herman Webster Mudgett. Charles Starkweather. Dennis Nilsen. Aieleen Wuornos.

    What do all these psychopathic killers have in common?

    They are all Aryan.

    Interestingly, the two most prominent cannibal killers in American history were white men (Albert Fish and Jeffrey Dahmer).

    Evil, it would seem, favors no particular ethnicity.

    Also, with the posible exception of Dahmer, most of the victims of the above-listed were WHITE PEOPLE.

  34. Oh my, and lest we forget that white suburban bastion of good Christian living, Mr. Dennis Rader, a.k.a. BTK--does this sort of blow your "evil black man" theory out of the water?

    Crime knows no color--most often, the worst psychopaths are WHITE MALES.

  35. BTW, I could literally go on FOREVER with a list of exclusively white, christian serial murderers/spree killers. I left out a few, like Ed Kemper.

    That nice white boy sawed his mother's head off.

  36. And...let's not forget that more than 2/3 of rape victims are victimized by someone they know and according to the US Dept. of Justice, somewhere between 80 and 90% of all victims are raped by someone with the same racial and ethnic background.

    Additionally, white males account for approximately 55% of all rapes.

  37. Everrets you said...

    I find it ironic that the "Rally Against Violence" was being led by a man that routinely calls out for murder, lynchings, terrorism, ethnic cleansing, and all manner of criminal activity.

    The difference between ourselves, and yourselves, is that we do not advocate ANY violence to begin with.


    You hit the nail on the head with those comments! I have never called for violence against anyone, EVER. Can they say the same? Nope. Hypocrites the lot of em'.

  38. Arnold, if Comrade Von Blubber really DID celebrate the 9/11 killings, then it merely reinforces everything I've been saying, and more clearly focuses my research.

    Also, the vast majority of folks that enter a place and start shooting (ala the McDonalds Massacre of the 1980's which I remember so well), are all well-known to be disgruntled, sexually-frustrated WHITE MEN.

    (Maybe we should start worrying about Hal, then! LOL!)

  39. Everrets,

    If you read my posts you would have discovered that I had not called any Blacks ‘evil.’

    ….But I am always up for the challenge

    Africa is the most violent continent in the world.

    Haiti is the most violent country in the Western Hemisphere.

    Black majority cities like Detroit are the most violent cities in the USA. Do you see a pattern?

    Back to the Serial Killer argument you outlined (BTW, half of those people you listed are either Jews or from Southern Europe)—

    Almost all Serial killers in today’s society are a result from repressed sexual urges (for example Jeffery Dahmer was a homosexual and thus he killed males while heterosexual serial killers usually kill females). Cannibalism is an acute symptom of repressed sexual desire as can be seen by people’s penchant for kissing and oral sex.

    Blacks commonly do not repress their sexual desires due to either cultural or genetic reasons. This however does not make them less violent, in fact, as my examples indicated they are more violent on average.

  40. Nikki,

    Whites are 66% of the population or 75% if you include Hispanics (which most surveys do) so a rape rate of 55% means that there is another race that is committing rape at a higher rate (Blacks) than their representation in the overall population.

  41. Also, African American males are not, generally, stereotyped as pedophiles, sexual fetishists, peeping-tom voyeurs, or heavily into sadomasochistic acts--these abberations are almost exclusively the domain, also, of whites.

    The Nazi fetish, interestingly, was employed by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, two white Britishers who reveled in Hitlerism, Sadism, and Nietzsche. They killed and mutilated several white children and then tape-recorded the screams of agony as their victims died.

    There is also the repugnant Micheal Booker, who, with his wife, kept a young woman imprisoned for seven years in a box under his waterbed. He was another psychotic white shlepp. He is, thankfully, still behind bars (I believe Booker is the correct name, but I can't remember right off hand).

    The point I am trying to make is, just like your mama told you, "Don't judge a book by it's cover". You racists do exactly that. Just remember: EVERYONE has the capacity for doing evil.

    Not trying to be morbid, just trying to make my point!

  42. Everrets,

    Blacks commit child molestation at a higher rate than Whites.

  43. Mr. Shmidt said:

    "...half of those people you listed are either Jews or from Southern Europe..."

    To which Mr. Brevard replied:

    The only Jewish serial killer I can think of off-hand is David Berkowitz, the "Son of Sam". And I am not, altogether, sure about him. I've just heard that somewhere (in fact, he is a converted Christian now).

    Who, that I have listed, do you know to be (egad!) Jewish, or (gasp!) "Southern European"?

  44. Mr. Shmidt said:
    "Blacks commit child molestation at a higher rate than Whites."

    To which Mr. Brevard replies:

    And on what statistical evidence do you base this assertion?

  45. Albert De Salvo
    Marquis De Sade
    Kenneth Bianchi
    Angelo Buono
    Fritz Harrman
    Dylan Klebold

    These are the obvious names but there are most certainly crypto-Jews left in that list.

  46. And on what statistical evidence do you base this assertion?

    Most victims of child molestation are inner city (Black) children, which implies the child molesters by the nature of the disease are also Black.

  47. Nikki,

    No one is denying that there are White child molesters but the statement was that the majority of child molesters are Black.

    Look up the statistics if you do not believe me.

  48. Most victims of child molestation are inner city (Black) children, which implies the child molesters by the nature of the disease are also Black

    WRONG! Child molestation happens in every social strata and pedophiles come from all walks of life. I don't know where you get your information - but where ever it is I would suggest that you tell them they are way off base on that one.

  49. Mr. Shmidt,

    Serial murder is a complex, modern phenomenon, almost unknown among ethnic minorities. The serial killer is almost ALWAYS a depraved white male with a battery of psychological problems--and no bloody conscience to get in the way.

    To label it all as "sexual repression" is over-simplifying to the point of absurdity. If it was ALL the result of "sexual repression", then we would be witnessing a bloodbath in this country of almost epidemic proportions.

    What truly creates a serial killer is something of a mystery--poor impulse control, childhood abuse and trauma, massive head injury,weak and absent father figure, pornography--all of these have been looked at, considered, and discarded in favor of some new theory.

    In fact, some theorize that it takes just the right combination of the above-listed elements, and a few others, and that it happens only rarely.

    It seems to happen, almost overwhelmingly, among WHITE MALES.


    Are White Men just "evil"?

    I think not.

    But they do make up almost the entire history of serial murder.

  50. Stefan,

    Listen to those speeches that were given, especially by Mona Montgomery. Her speech had nothing to do with what may have happened in Kingston.

    Listen to Hal Turner call for violence and assassinations against minorities and others. And then you expect us to believe your rally was AGAINST VIOLENCE when the organizer of the event says "violence solves everything" and "a well placed bullet can change the world"

    Now if you really are for peace, you would right now condemn Hal Turner for saying "violence solves everything". But you won't.

    Come on man, lay off the catnip. If you are too blind to see the hypocrisy of a peace rally run by a short little man calling for violence, then you must be mentally dysfunctional.

  51. Almost all serial killers kill and mutilate victims that they are sexually attracted to. While I am not implying that sexual repression is the sole factor explaining why people become serial killers what I am implying is that it is probably the most important factor.

  52. Incidently, Shmidt, Marquis De Sade was not Jewish--he was Catholic. His doting Aunts were all nuns. His uncle was a Priest.

    I should know. I was the only student in one of my college English courses who was permitted to write a paper over a famous FRENCH author.

    Also, I believe Bianchi and Buono, and probably also De Salvo, were both Italian and very Catholic. As far as Fritz Harrman, I do not believe I have EVER read a single account of that very-obscure case where Harmann's religion is actually mentioned.

    And I have been studying serial killers and other dark things for quite a long time...

    So where are you getting this information from? It isn't very good. I would chastize your source thoroughly, if he is a living man. If it is a badly-written book--I would burn it!

  53. Harry,

    Mona Montgomery aside, Hal Turner was well behaved during this rally.

    I will denounce his other calls for violence but these comments were not present during the rally (and these comments were meant to be funny in the first place not to be taken seriously).

  54. Everrets,

    Italians are from Southern Europe. Those Catholics you mentioned are from Southern Europe.

  55. So was bloody Mussolini. None of you seem to have a problem with HIM.

    Give Granpa a break--it's been a long day.

  56. What, now Italians are not "Aryan" enough for you? Isn't Hal Turner's wife Italian?

  57. EB,

    When did I say I had problems with Southern Europeans?

  58. Italians are not descendants from the Indo-Europeans and hence forth not Ayran.

    Hal Turner’s wife is Hispanic.

  59. Damnit man, for the love of all that's sacred, some of us just don't like blond, pale women!

    The most gorgeous professor I can remember from college days was a very sophisticated young Jewish lady with a voice like sparkling wine. And, brother, she sure could fill out a pair of jeans.

    But I digress.

    But, really, explain to us your racial theories concerning the Italian American population. I am all ears.

  60. Do you see why this is absurd now, Mr. Shmidt? We've progressed from dividing everybody into WHITE and BLACK , to dividing even the WHITES up into "Southern European" and "Aryan"...Where in the hell does it end? When is it ever factionalized ENOUGH for your satisfaction?

  61. I personally prefer red-heads.

    Blondes or brunettes are okay with me, however.

    The term Aryan was used by Hitler to denote people who were descendants of the Indo-European people (the Germanic races were at the point the only known race to be directly linked to the Indo-Europeans). Now, with the explosion of linguistics Celts and Slavs were added to this category as well.

    Italians are actually a mix of several races (including the German race) but they are no longer pure Ayran’s.

    I lived in Italy and can tell you I have nothing against them or their women.

    As for Jewish women, so far Natalie Portman is the only Jew that I am knowingly attracted to (and she definitely does not have a pale complexion).

    -- I think this conversation has become a little to personal, don’t you?

  62. Mr Shmidt wrote:

    "...and these (Hal Turner) comments were meant to be funny in the first place not to be taken seriously."

    To Which Mr. Brevard replies:

    I have never found a SINGLE one of Turner's comments to be funny, satirical, tongue-in-cheek, or done in a spirit of mischevious humor.

    Quite the contrary, he fails at humor miserably. No one says what Hal Turner says and then claims it to be a joke. No one advocates murder to be a radio clown. Not even the shockiest "shock jock".

    You, sir, have a fundimental problem in dealing with matters related to what is, and is not, socially acceptable.

    Because, yes, encouraging your listening audience to kill is, like, such a knee-slapper.

  63. EB,

    There are more factions than just ‘Ayran’ and ‘Southern Europe’ and these factions are called countries.

  64. I have never found a SINGLE one of Turner's comments to be funny, satirical, tongue-in-cheek, or done in a spirit of mischevious humor.

    I said: ‘meant’ to be funny.

  65. This isn't bloody geography, mate. You know exactly what I meant.

    And if this conversation has become too personal, just consider that I posted several items about psychopathic killers to begin with.

    Isn't it much nicer to talk about women, instead? LOL!

  66. Now, this has been a good, if somewhat pointless game.

    Mr. Shmidt, Mr. Shwartz, Willow, Arnold, Nikki, and whomever is still up--I must bid you adieu. My eyelids are dropping closed.

    Until we meet again!

  67. Goodnight and pleasant dreams.

  68. EB,

    Most of the countries originated when people from a common racial identity started to cooperate and form civilizations.

    These categories that we are discussing are nothing more than a broad interpretation of people’s race and ethnic groups.

    Even in the group “Aryan’ there is countless of smaller entities that feel superior to each other.

    Let’s face EB, people love to feel special, unique, and superior to those around them (remember the phrase: God is an Englishman?).

  69. If God is an Englishman, explain Aliester Crowley. LOL!

    Guten Nacht, Mien Herr.

  70. Everrets Brevard said...

    BTW, I could literally go on FOREVER with a list of exclusively white, christian serial murderers/spree killers. I left out a few, like Ed Kemper.

    That nice white boy sawed his mother's head off.

    Yeah and when I was in college a kid there cut off the heads of his father, his pet's, and all the statues in his house. Everyone in the school excused it as being "part of his culture" because his father had somehow "shamed him" or some other such crap.

    Your point is invalid because when Whites do it, everyone "blames Whitey" yet when non-whites do it, everyone comes with excuses.

  71. Er, actually, one final note: The first man executed after they re-instated the death penalty was ALSO a white man.

    Gary Mark Gilmore, about whom Norman Mailer wrote The Executioner's Song. He was played in a TV movie version by Tommy Lee Jones.

    He killed two men in pointless, petty armed robberies, in cold blood, and with little motive except malice. When he was convicted, he specifically fought to be executed by firing squad.

  72. Actually, come to think of it, there is an entire era of gangsters, cuthroats, and bank robbers that were ALL white, Christian, and rural--Pretty Boy Floyd, Baby Face Nelson, John Dilinger, Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker, The Ma Barker Gang, Strib doesn't get any whiter than those folks!

    Aww, damn, there I go again!


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