Friday, January 20, 2006

Justice For Joseph

Sometimes justice really is served and when it is, it renews your faith in the system. I have been following and reporting on this case for a year now, but with these kind of things you just never know how it will all end up.

Shortly after my initial report on the murder, I was contacted by Brian Moudry, leader of the Joliet Creators, claiming that this had nothing to do with race. That prompted this story:


Daniel Judge, the skinhead Creator out of Joliet, has been found guilty of Murder in the First Degree as well as aggravated assault with a deadly weapon!

As Daniel's mother told us after the verdict, "We have JUSTICE FOR JOE!"

Last January, Daniel Judge and several of his friends decided to crash a party. Daniel was carrying a buck knife in his pants as they entered through a back door of the house where Joseph Karpen and others were enjoying themselves. One of Judge's buddies uttered a racial epithet and hit a party-goer with a case of beer. Violence erupted and Judge pulled the knife. He managed to stab Joseph Karpen repeatedly until he died as well as inflict serious wounds on Joseph's brother.

Regular readers may remember that Joliet leader of the Creativity Movement, Brian Moudry, posted a plea for funds to assist Judge and while doing so claimed that "This stemmed from a altercation one of our other brothers was having with a black, and some race traitors came to the blacks defense..." Upon our initial reporting of the crime and what we believed were racial overtones, Brian Moudry was quick to tell us that this had nothing to do with race. As testimony was given, it became more and more evident that Daniel Judge, who was sporting a sweat-shirt with a swastika, along with his buddies, had taken their racism too far.

Moudry was crowing in an email message to Tony Willow earlier today that it appeared Judge would walk on a self-defense acquittal:

"did you lame bastards actually read the updated article in the joliet herald today??? Things are
lookin good for Gonzo !!!!!!!!
The freakin headline was stabbing was self defense even! so much for that broad and her "peace
maker son " theory... try an make karpen a patron saint all you want... excuse us if we dont
shed any tears while me an Gonzo crack open some beers soon though !! AHAHAHAHAHAHA ! you sorry
bastards. -B

Well...Brian, how long is the shelf-life on a can of Bud? And how would you like that crow cooked? A man is dead because of your ideology. Joseph's children will never see their father because another man (barely more than a child himself) was indoctrinated into that web of hate you spin. How does it feel to have blood on your hands? As to your "hero" Matt Hale - he won't experience freedom until he is a very old man.

Once more, the system worked and Joseph Karpen has been vindicated. Our hearts and our prayers go out to Joe's family and friends. I have been told by many that Joe was a wonderful guy. What happened to Joe was a travesty - and one that won't be forgotten. Hopefully, we can make this a kinder and gentler world for his children.


  1. I wish to add that the email from Moudry was unsolicited. Its one thing to respond to an email from someone like me like that but for him to just go out on a limb...well 95% of the time the branch breaks.

    I also wish to note how he describes how he has no problem with aiding in the delinquency of a minor by saying he would "crack open some beers". Daniel Judge is only 20. Figures and is typical.

  2. It should be noted that Brian Moudry is noted for recruiting minors on internet message boards and attempting to exploit children. He lives right across the street from an elementary school and several people have expressed alarm about some of the other things that he is reported to be involved in - not all of them racist.


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