Monday, January 23, 2006

Well, it is finally here! For all of you who have ever wondered about Nicole Nichols and Tony Willow, you will now get a chance to hear them as they discuss the movement and some of the racist "leaders" and members. This is a first for CAH - and won't be the last as they will be coming at you on a regular basis.

Be sure and hear the "shout-outs" at the end - there is something special for a lot of you!



  1. The audio was horrible (I could barely hear you).


    I do not think you made any WN huff and puff with those ‘insults.’ There is an art to being a ‘shock jock.’

  2. I'm not trying to be a "shock jock" Stefan - we have too many of those already.

  3. Since this is the first show there are always growing pains.

    "shock jock", LOL now that's funny.

  4. Well, anyways…

    Two middle aged ladies do not sound very threatening.

    I think the only person who is shaking in his ‘Jackboots’ is VonBlubber.

  5. You need to take a listen to my show "On the Domesitc Front"

    If you would add some funny commercials from Johnny Lightning, I'd like it much better.

    But seriously, I have a question for you. You people always talk about not hating people, but most the ARA crowd always get violent at rallies. Even when the rallies are "peaceful" Please answer this for me on your next show. I will be producing a "On the Domestic Front" later in the week, listen and I will further ask my questions....

    Lloyd The TimeLORD.

  6. Thank you ladies.

    I was going to download Horrible Hal's latest broadcast for curiousities sake--but decided that a SIX HOUR download time was a bit much.

    Now I have something MUCH BETTER to listen to tonight.

    Keep up the good work!

    And, Mr. Shmidt, PLEASE stop trying so bloody hard to impress us with your callous, hard-hearted attitude. We get the hint--anything more is unneccessary overkill.


  7. Dear Mr. Davies,

    I actually have a question for you: How is it that you go about broadcasting a show?

    I am a musician, and I would LOVE to be able to do a streaming broadcast full of my best noise pieces.

    Can you give us a hint mate? I will tell you something: I am a HUGE fan of Dr. Who. Especially the Tom Baker era.


  8. EB, re-read my post again, I took a swing at Vonbluvens

  9. Von-who?

    Oh, oh my yessss, Kommarad Von Welfare, His Imperial Minister of Propaghanda! Second only to Horrible Hal, and Silly Billy...Oh! 'Tis too rich for Granpa's blood, kiddies!

    OH, BTW-- I was recently perusing a Jewish genealogy site on the internet (can't remember the URL now, but I can get it).

    Strangely, I found the names SCHOEP, BLEVINS, WHITE, and TURNER, as well as (surprisingly), my real name, Shmidt, and several other unlikely candidates.

    Do you suppose someone should tell the NSM that ZOG has thoroughly infiltrated their leadership?


  10. Nikki, you MUST one day do an article on the possible Jewish heritage of certain American Neo-Nazis. Blevins, I at least know, is a name derived from the "Melungeons"--very Semetic, and mostly JEWISH.

    Mozel Tov, Mikey! LOL!

  11. LOL! Well...look at vonnie! Is there any doubt?

  12. Let me give the show the respect it deserves! "YYYYYAAAAAAWWWWWWNNNN!"

  13. Wow two yentas yentering about about Steve Holsten. And even Hal has a better sound quality to his shows. What did you do, set a tape recorder on the coffee table while you two knitted socks?

  14. Shmidt, finally found the site again :

  15. I enjoyed the show Nikki.

    Think I will do my own.

    It will be one hour of talk on spiritualism, the paranormal, serial killers, noise music, and why Nazis suck...also, why all Americans should vote Republican in the next election, as well.

    In between, I will tub-thump for my books.

    I will do some requisite Horrible Hal bashing now and again.

    Yes, my , I'm sure alot of you Kids would love to sit and hear granpa dawdle for a piece.

    Ye$ Indeed! (cha-ching!)

    But, really I did like the show. It left me feeling cheery. And I have an spontaneous belly-laugh now whenever I hear the name Von Bluvens!!!!


    See, there I go again!

  16. EB,

    This is taken from the top of your website

    Some people use CJSI to determine if a surname is Jewish. The fact that you find a surname in this index does not necessarily mean that a given surname is Jewish. This occurs for three major reasons:
    1. Jews and non-Jews share surnames. The third most common Jewish surname in the United States (after Cohen and Levy) is Miller. Clearly Miller in both non-Jewish and Jewish.

  17. Nikki, not trying to stereotypically define a "jewish look" (I was amazed when I found out William Shatner was Jewish), I will say, indeed, Mr. Blevins looks an awful lot like a VERY confused man with possible Jewish heritage.

    But you never know about these things. My Great-Grandmother was a full-blooded Cherokee Indian named "Zula" (yes, I did meet her once within memory, and yes, she was Native American). You would never be able to tell it looking at me.

    So I guess maybe the NSM will have to start sporting Israeli flags at their rallies now!


  18. EB, When I entered [SMITH] I received 463000 matches.

  19. Your point being, Mr. Wiseacre? I never bloody said that SCHOEP, TURNER, WHITE were Jewish...I said I found it FUNNY that I found their names on a Jewish genealogy page!

    Stephan, we KNOW you are as cold-blooded as the Terminator, already. You can join in a joke now and again...

    As for Blevins, his name IS Melungeon (look it up yourself), and the Melungeon line was, mostly, JEWISH!

  20. Just checking,

    I thought you were suggesting that I was Jewish.

  21. EB,

    It seems any popular surname of European descent will be listed on that search. I do not think it would be surprising if a handful people with the surname ‘Schmidt’ or ‘Turner’ were Jewish and thus appearing on that website.

    Belvins looks Jewish, so that revelation is not much of a surprise.

    Okay, here it goes: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  22. So what does that tell you?


    You never know just what sort of "tainted" blood might be flowing in your veins!

    Hell, Shmidt, I know a young man from an adopted family that was amazed to find out that his birth-mother was Jewish.

    Shmidt--maybe your (gasp!) J-J-J-Jewish!!!! (huge scary clap of thunder!)

    Maybe your family converted WAYYYY back in the long-ago...Maybe it was a "family secret", or something.

    If you did have Jewish ancestry, would you feel differently about yourself?

  23. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  24. There are DNA tests now that one can take that pretty well delineates your lineage. I think they are fairly reasonable and oh Lord the squealing when one of the racists discovers that he has some "tainted" blood!

  25. Well, it is hard to say.

    My grandfather however was in the SS (the standards for purity were very high in that outfit) which clears my fathers lineage. As for my mother????? It is a scary thought, I will have to dig into this a little farther.

  26. Mr. Shmidt--

    Your GRANDFATHER was in the S.S.? Mate, how old are you?

    I'm 29, and my oldest grandparent was born in '28 (died 1988).


    Some people even theorize that Hitler had possible Jewish heritage. I know it is said that Frank Collin, who led the Nazi march in Skokie , Illinois in 1973 was later found to be Jewish...he also later went to prison for molesting a young boy, BTW.

    Yes, heritage is a tricky thing. It must be wonderful to be one of these guys, and then have the rug pulled out from under you by a foolproof D.N.A. test!

    But hey, what these guys need to know is what the Rabbi told ME when I visited Hebrew Union College in Ohio: Judaism is for EVERYONE!

  27. EB,

    I am 17, my grandfather was born somewhere in the 1920's, my father somewhere in the 1950's (yes he and my mother were old when they had me, this could account for my abnormality).

  28. My grandfather was born somewhere in the early 1920’s but my family has a history of ignoring relatives (my dad thinks they are all idiots, LOL) and their birthdays. He might have been even born before the 20’s but if my memory is serving me correctly it is most probably something like 1921 or 1922.

  29. Oh bloody hell mate!


    Man, what in the HELL are you worried about listening to dimbulbed LOSERS like Bill White, Michael Blevins, Hal Turner--etc. for?

    Kid, to quote Nicholson in Cukoo's Nest "You should be out bird-dogging chicks!" Not holed up in your room worrying about the bloody Rawhowa. Fuck that shit. Fuck these guys. They don't give a damn about you!

    Go out man! Get away from the stinking computer, the racialist websites, and this whole nest of vipers--let us old folks worry about it all. There's no need to decide EVERYTHING now. Your 17 and you've alreasy decided you wish you were never born? Jeezus, mate, when I was bloody seventeen I didn't have a fucking clue!

    Man, chill out. There is no "RAHOWA" coming, and if it did, you can rest assured that the Nutzis would lose anyway (Israel has them nukes, ya' know, and the sheer numbers to boot.)

    You've bought into a line of cultist bullshit, and let it take you over. Fuck it--go out and worry about girls, rock n' roll, movies and all that.

    Have fun. This culture IS fun. And it is good. And buying into Nazi/WP propaganda will only drag you down with the rest of the skinheaded losers sitting behind bars for various crimes.


  30. While I am not a socialite I still go out EB (thanks for the concern), due to homework I am confined to my room this evening (but I usually do something on the weekends and Fridays, hence my sporadic posting).

  31. One final note tonight.

    Mr. Bill is, apparently, now smoking crack before he posts to Overthrow.

    His new headline on the frontpage states: National Socialist Movement Rallies In Des Moines
    No Counterprotests In Demonstration Against Gay Marriage

    He follows up by then describing a counter-protest of the same event led by members of PFLAG.


  32. Lloyd,

    Most of the ARA does not get violent at rallies. Just a handful of them do.


    Blevins is a very jewish welsh name. It is the equal of Levin in many other countries. Bill White admitted he grew up in a jewish neighborhood & his parents still live in mostly jewish Derwood, Maryland. Mark Martin is half indian. Artie Wheeler is half indian. Hal Turner is a physical defective. Steve Holsten isn't even all white. All are mental defectives.

    The bottom line is Blevins, Turner, or White would not have been welcomed in WN circles even just 20 years ago. With the demise of WN and deaths of their leaders and the rise of the internet, the kooks have had a run of the joint.

    Which is a good thing for my side and for humankind. The WN movement basically is made of bottom feeders today. 40 years ago that wasn't the case.

  33. EB,

    There is even a younger WN (16 I believe) trolling various blogs by the name of Zachary Craft. I think you two would have really enjoyed each other since both of you use religion to justify your ideology (he subscribes to two-seed line racial identity). He ran several blogs but has abandoned them by now (he got in a feud with Hal Turner when according to him Hal Turner started allowing ‘pagans’ have spots on the TRN).

    I personally found this remark hilarious: EWWWW! LOL I MEEN DO THEY EVEN TAKE SHOWERS!.

    This remark was written about Blacks in the inner city.

    Zach can still be found posting on Hal Turners website (on the message board) where he chastises other WN for not believing in ‘Yahweh.’

    Now, for the sake of his physical health, he has to find something else to do that is more physically engaging than sitting by his computer or playing GTA San Andreas on his PS 2 (he is obese).

    My favorite blog by a WN is the ‘Day of the Rope,’ the author goes by the alias of ‘Oscar Yeager’ (a character that appeared in ‘Hunter’ written by William Pierce). ‘Oscar Yeager’ is quite witty and his blog’s URL is (you will probably find it offensive but … ). I believe he also subscribes to Christian Identity.

  34. Oh, Nikki,

    On your radio program you forgot to mention that Harry Schwartz posts the addresses of WN.

  35. No...Stefan, I didn't forget anything. I said that Citizens Against Hate has not done that. And we haven't. What other people do, or other organizations do, is not under my control. Now...don't think I haven't been tempted - especially when one of our people comes under attack and the racists post fabricated personal information and attribute it to one of us. A lot of innocent people have received hate-filled messages and been frightened because certain individuals in the racist movement post the WRONG names, addresses, and phone numbers of who they think are our members.

    Just look at how you guys try to lump all of us together. You seem to think that we are all one in the same - and we aren't. I know it is surprising to you all that we can all work together yet be a lot different in approach or in our methods. It's really not a new concept - it's called unity.

  36. My bad,

    I thought Harry was CAH.


    What is his role? If this is not his job then why does he pursue this with such zeal?


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