Saturday, January 14, 2006

I Have A Dream Too

Martin had a dream - I have a dream also as we celebrate the life of a man who left his footprints on our land and on our hearts.

My dream is quite simple, yet so difficult to achieve. As Dr. King envisioned children of all races together in a world of peace and acceptance, my dream is quite similar. I dream of the day that those who spend each waking moment filling their hearts with hate will begin to see that love is the way and that acceptance is the key. I dream of the day when we never have debates over the racism that so permeates our country because racism no longer exists. I dream of the day when people from all nations and all colors will feel safe in being who they are.

Thank you Dr. King for your vision and your courage.


  1. I haves a dream that all the little black boys' will hold the hands of the little White girls. No, he had a nightmare.

  2. You must be a really unhappy fellow, elmer.

  3. "Dr" King was a Communist Agitator. He and his Bolshevik puppetmasters orchestrated an American version of the Chinese "Cultural Revolution." Some this information was brought out after Rosa Parks dropped dead.

  4. I had the unique privilege of reading the Martin Luther King Jr. story to a class of racially-integrated students yesterday at an elementary school where I was teaching.

    I was quite pleased to see a plethora of white, black, hispanic, ect little faces staring up at me as I read. Little do they now realize that the very reason they were all sitting there together was because of people like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who advocated non-violent action and worked for equal justice for ALL Americans.

    You know, racists ARE a very sad lot. Anyone that looks at a child and sees a "black" child, or a "mexican" child, or "asian" child, instead of simply seeing a wonderful child, full of life and promise, is a sick, sad individual who has attained no emotional maturity, intellectual refinement, or sense of the spiritual awesomeness and responsibility that is a part of being alive.

    Mr. Frazier, are you really so warped and negative? Or you, Mr. White? Mr. Blevins? Mr. Turner?

    So, now you understand the root of our chagrin with you. Perhaps, some day, some of you racists will see the light.

    Life is too short.

  5. Everrets Brevard said...

    I had the unique privilege of reading the Martin Luther King Jr. story to a class of racially-integrated students yesterday at an elementary school where I was teaching.

    *BLECH* The sad part is you're allowed to teach a class at all.

  6. That makes me want to puke. There is no race that equals the White race. Mongrels are not pretty. I wonder what race the Tard Brevard is. It surely can't be White.

    King is/was not ever a Dr. You can give a piece of paper to a dog, and he'll still be a dog till he dies.

    And no, I'm not unhappy about being White & Proud.

  7. You both have weak, petty little minds. And no souls.

    Enjoy what notoriety you can achieve in the petty little gutters you have made for yourselves.

    When you go, few--if any-- will mourn your passing.

  8. BTW, Remember: it is those of us who have the ears of children, who are able to mould the future of this nation.

    I daresay I have yet to meet any racist teachers.

    Most of you spent your adolescence flunking your way upward. You failed to graduate, failed to get a degree, failed your first several jobs, failed to win in love, life, and are generally derided by your neighbors as "burnouts" and "white trash". Your filthy houses are falling down, your yards are overgrown, your mates are obese, your children are alcoholics, and your lives revolve around blaming others.

    Yes, what a noble breed the WN is.


    Now toddle off back to Stormfront and bask in the glory of your Viking heritage.

  9. Well come on, dullards, I am waiting for a response. Especially from you, Elmer Steven Frazier Holsten...Or, maybe you're too busy searching the net for "young shaved ones"?


  10. The answer is no in regards to your request for you to suck my Dick in your last post, FuckTard Brevard.

    I'm not a sexual predator like you. I have no interest in Porn since I remarried.

    Yes, the public schools try to Fuck the minds up of young kids. My daughters were both taught to be diversified in their thinking back then. They thought I was a mean Racist, but that all changed when they got older and saw the the real world. They now know how it is with Niggers & other Shit skin Mongrels just as well as I do.

    I wish I would feel comfortable home schooling my 14 month old son when he gets old enough. I'll let the school teach him the three R's and I'll teach him the role of Niggers & etc when he gets old enough.

  11. Here we see again a common tactic of the racist right. Can't despute the message with any sane argument attempt to assasinate the the character of the messenger.

    Another tactic is the continual reference of Martin Luther King day as a Black(only) holiday. But this is one "national American holiday" that I truely enjoy. The worst enemy of the racist right has become a nation icon.
    Poetic justice can sometimes be a wonderful thing. :)

  12. Incidently, I didn't mean to tarnish your post about MLK by inciting the moronic "Stevo", Nikki. Hope all is well,


  13. "I too have a dream. That no man is beyond redemption. That no matter how far down the hate filled path one has traveled there is still hope. One doesn't neccessarily have to turn around but merely make a "right" turn at the next entersection."
    Roh Larin January 14 2006

  14. Yes, Dr. Martin Luther King was a great American, and deservedly we honor and set aside a day in his memory...

    ...Unlike that fucking TRAITOROUS DOG Hal Turner, the "Al Quaida" of the Internet "Air Waves", who has now posted THIS little gem:

    " Hopefully, sooner or later the ragheads will get fed-up with our overt, unlawful violence and will smuggle some missiles into the U.S.; maybe launch a few at targets in Washington, DC. I would be overjoyed if a couple hundred federal elected officials became "collateral damage."

    This maggot SCREAMS out to be locked-up as giving aid and comfort to the enemy. In a better era, HE WOULD HAVE BEEN.

  15. This holiday is very special to millions of us. It is not a "black holiday," it is a human race holiday. It is a day that we can all come together and share in the knowledge that not only a great man, but a great uniter, had a dream - and people from all walks and all ethnicities came together to make that dream a reality.

    This is a holiday marking a time and a spirit where PEOPLE demanded change and the righting of wrongs. It's about US.

    I'm glad that Martin Luther King had that dream - and I'm happy that millions around this country shared it.

  16. Happy James Earl Ray Day to the Racially Aware.

  17. Everrets Brevard said...
    Incidently, I hope I enlightened your post about MLK by inciting my Great Hero "Stevo", Nikki. Hope all is well.


    That is just it, DickHead. You think you can run your Fucking hole about me and then think I'll sit back quitely and take it. Well Bull Fucking Shit. The more you spew your Shit about me; the more you can expect back in your face, FuckTard Brevard.

  18. Steve Holsten is just jealous that when you compare him to the average black, he falls short in every way.

    1) Steve lives off government handouts while most blacks work

    2) Steve has a much lower IQ than your average black

    3) Steve is physically crippled while most black men are not.

    4) Steve is grossly obese weighing over 300 pounds while most black males are not.

    5) The average black male doesn't have to steal DirecTV

    6) The average black male doesn't default on 1,000s of dollars in student loans.

    In every measureable way, Steve Holsten falls short of the average black male. That's why Steve hates them so much, out of jealousy

  19. Hey you Filty Hook Nose Rat Jew BOY KIKE Schwartzo, I'd rather be like me hundreds of times over before I'd want to be a nasty, stinking, Brillo pad head looking Nigge Ape.

    Ok Kike, here we go.

    1. The Niggers I've seen were on Welfare and drove Cadillacs and lived in houses with dirt floors. And you think I'm jealous of that? Bullshit...

    2. I have more intelligence in one of my asshole hairs that a dumb Nigger has in his whole Ape looking body.

    3. I'd rather have my slight disability and be White instead of a nasty stinking Nigger Ape.

    4. You kinda have me on being a little overweight, but I feel I'm far from obese. I'd still rather be fat & white instead of a Fucking Nigger.

    5. You're more worrried about DickHeadTV then I am.

    As far as Dickhead-TV goes; I don't count that Bullshit as a bill. Those cases are all a bunch of Bullshit. As I must have told you a hundred times before; they'll get more use out of the paperwork by using it to wipe their Asses. Then they can feel like they got something out of it.

    I don't know what this has to do with Nigger jealousy. Hell, anyone knows you'd better watch a Nigger's every move while they're on your property.

    6. I printed out paperwork earlier tonight to get a permanent disability waiver from the student loans. Then that'll be one less worry your Hero will have. I'd still rather do that than be a Fucking Nigger Ape Groid.

  20. Everrets Brevard said...

    You both have weak, petty little minds. And no souls.

    Wow you're really some sort of a spiritual know-it-all to say I have no soul. So much for that syrupy Russian phrase you yammered on about on your blog.

    Enjoy your teacher's salary. And the fact that when you're old and grey, those kids will be mugging you for what little pension you'll be getting.

    And Happy James Earl Ray Day, Steve :)

  21. Thanks, Matt. It's too bad that the Tard may wake up after they mug him.

  22. Dear Mr. Drudge,

    From my own point of view, at this present time, you INDEED have "no soul"...I wouldn't expect you to understand, but, until you open your eyes to the innate ONENESS of ALL human beings, you are lost in the illusion of this material, evil world.

    At best, you have a CONSCIOUSNESS, which, given your lack of innitiative in breaking free from the repetitive cycle of death and rebirth, will continue to be embedded in the prison of physical after life, death after death.

    Mr Drudge, if I spoke in anger, you must understand tat I was repaying like for like...Of course, you have an immortal consciousness, and are an aspect of the Unity of ALL. Sadly, until you and others like you recognize the God Aspect within, you will continue to create division.

    In fact, some of us note that extreme racists have somewhat "bottomed-out" in a metaphysical sense. If I were you, I would worry less about being mugged by elementary school kids, and more about the moments right after you draw your last breath.

    Payback is, ah, pun intended! Ha!

    I really crack me up sometimes...

    Mr. Frazier,

    Your irrelevance grows by leaps and bounds. But it is a good game. Let's have some more side-splitters from you. Tell us: plan on completeing that AA degree?

  23. It's like this Tard. I have pretty well decided not to go back at my age. I'm not doing too bad for myself; especially since I remarried.

  24. Uhm, Nikki, you will have to call Vonbluvens on Monday...

    Can you say


  25. Mr. Frazier, it is good to know. I want you to know that I bear no serious animosity towards you.

    If you are doing well, that is good.

    "Even an enemy should be dispatched with no hatred. Only love."--Sayings of Zem.

  26. Everrets, you fail to address the FACTS I brought up in my first post. But this is typical for you anti-racist losers, you love the ad hominem attack and slander because that's all you really have, your arguments fall apart as soon as anyone examines them close enough. So that's why your ilk have to play these shitty games, and now we have some Buhddist Nam-Yourengi-Khjo clap trap to further blur the matter.


    And go watch the Danish movie "They Eat Dogs In China" while you're at it if you want to discuss "metaphsyical" matters (and I hasten to use the term "metaphysical" because anyone who bandies that word around tends to be some pie-in-the-sky hippie who doesn't know a fucking thing about what they're saying. Hmmmmm, sounds like you, now, come to think of it).

    Happy JER Day, Everrets!

  27. I know I am going to be deleted for saying this but after seeing Vons pictures of Nikki, I think I'm in love.

    Oh my gawd, what an ass.

    (uhhhhhmmmmm I mean Von for publishing it of course :)

  28. Geeeeze after seeing those Nikki photos I have a dream too. It involves Nikki and some baby oil. Gee I never thought I'd say this but....thanks Von.

    Man, we need to fire Isis as the Nimboard goddess and replace her with Nikki.


    UF, I was just about to say the same thing, except MY dream is a WET DREAM!!!!!!!!

    Nikki, seriously, where are you posting as an Internet whore, I got a credit card that's burning on fire right about now!!!!!!!!!!

    Damn, girl, that's some ass!!!!!!!!!! Nothing wrong with that!!!!!!!!!

  30. Dear Mr. Drudge,

    You spelled "Buddhist" wrong.

    Incidentally, while I have never been a "hippie", I use to be a singer in a punk rock band...

    I was a pretty angry guy then. Use to rule the mosh pits, don't you know.

    Hell, I've even swung on a couple of jaws before.

    Well, about five years ago, I was going to commit suicide, when I discovered that (lo and behold!), I could communicate with Higher Source Great God All That Is. I am most certainly NOT a Buddhist, although Buddhism is fine, nor am I a "Pie-in-the-Sky" kinda guy. I Do take alot of inspiration from Scientology, Spiritualism, and good old-fashioned common Christianity. But my words, and my beliefs, come directly from Higher Source.

    As Robert DeNiro said in Angelheart, "There is just enough religion in the world to make men hate one another, but not enough to make them love".

    Take care,


    Incidentally, what FACTS were you interested in having me comment upon? Specify, and I can assure you that I will, indeed, have an answer for you.

  31. Everrets, it's my first post at the top of the list.

  32. Matt Drudge said:
    "Dr" King was a Communist Agitator. He and his Bolshevik puppetmasters orchestrated an American version of the Chinese "Cultural Revolution." Some this information was brought out after Rosa Parks dropped dead.

    January 14, 2006 6:56 PM

    I fail to see why this is a valid point. Since the overall, cumulative effect of MLK's work has been immensely positive, why then would I specifically care whether or not he was a "communist", as your slander indicates.

    Although I abhor communism as well as nazism, I fail to see the wisdom in knocking down our national heroes, thereby disgracing the United States, and showing traitorous colors. Mr. Drudge, the vast majority of your fellow citizens exhalt Dr. King and pay special homage to his memory on this day. Doesn't swimming against the current leave you incredibly suspect in your ability to flow with fellow Americans? We live in the greatest, most prosperous country on Earth! To criticize it's heroes and martyrs shows one to be a petty, constant, masochistic individual.

    So, in conclusion: this is NOT a valid argument.

  33. But her was a Communist. The Niggers knew their role before he brought their jungle bunny nature out. Hell, they even knew better back then to mess with a White woman. That alone made him a Communist.

  34. Matt said..."But this is typical for you anti-racist losers, you love the ad hominem attack and slander because that's all you really have, your arguments fall apart as soon as anyone examines them close enough. So that's why your ilk have to play these shitty games..."

    "Ad hominem?" "Attack and slander?" Matt, have you read this thread? Go back and read what people have written here. When you are finished, then we can discuss attacks and slander.

    As I have said time and again - you guys are looking for a litter-box and you think you have found one here. If you will look at yourselves for a minute, right here on this thread, you will see that the attacks first started on Martin Luther King, and moved to everrets brevard - now they are focused on some stupid game that has originated in the sick mind of Michael Blevins.

    Personally, I find this absolutely ridiculous and extremely juvenile. The lack of moral fiber and intelligence is almost astounding. You sound like a bunch of pre-pubescent school boys who just encountered your first Playboy magazine. How old are you people? To be perfectly honest with you, the display of adolescent behaviors here and at your other sites sickens me.

    This is why people consider you Nazi's nothing more than the fringe element. Your utter lack of self-respect and your inability to function in society continues to be demonstrated right here on this blog, not to mention across the web. And, in truth, you just keep embarassing white race. You perpetuate the stereotype of white trash rednecks without one ounce of class or couth.

    Actually, Matt drudge, Steve Holsten, Hal Turner, Bill White, et. al. really deserve each other - they are cut from the same cloth.

    You guys find yourselves and your games so enjoyable - you are the only animals I have ever known who wallow in their own fecal matter.

    Everrets, they live in the gutter and they think everyone else does too.

  35. Sigh.

    Yes, Nikki, I agree, they do live in the gutter.

    I don't for a moment buy into Blevins tripe. Don't worry. Just SUE THE WORTHLESS NAZI BASTARD.

    Oh god, I can't take much more of these ignorant fools...Hal condones genocide, Bill White preaches Holocaust denial, Hal supports terrorism, but fucking HAL is a "good" American, somehow.


  36. Everyone else doesn't "wallow in the gutter....?????" When did this happen?

    Damn Nikki, as a porn star I thought you'd be more minded. Sorry if we offened.

  37. Darling Nikki wrote:

    "Ad hominem?" "Attack and slander?" Matt, have you read this thread? Go back and read what people have written here. When you are finished, then we can discuss attacks and slander.

    Uhm, re-read the posts, Darling Nikki, you'll see that it was your pal Everrets who started with the ad hominem attack, saying I had no "soul".

    My credit card is still burning, btw. Do you accept PayPal?

  38. Listen traitors,

    No more Mr. Nice Guy. If you rotten SOBS want to goose-step along with a bunch of sociopathic, dead-end wannabe Nazis, you should damn well fucking realize that REAL AMERICANS ARE GOING TO CONSIDER YOU FUCKING TRAITOROUS ENEMIES TO THIS COUNTRY AND EVERYTHING IT STANDS FOR.

    Listen Stevo: your fucking hero Hal is a fucking NAZI PIG. You're a parent...How the fuck would you like it if someone killed your children because they were "undesireables"? Well, that is what happened to MILLIONS of children during the Nazi Reign of Terror. These motherfuckers use to turn OUR soldiers into lampshades, and that is directly from the mouth of one of our local WW2 vets, and published in our hometown paper.

    They use to experiment on children as human guinea pigs...They raped babies for fun, motherfucker. And don't you EVER doubt that this is what occured, because I have seen the fucking United Nations War Crimes films, I have a collection of photos my Father sent back from Germany, detailing his visits to Dachau and other concentration camps. I use to in fact know a man that spent his childhood running from the Nazi pigs in Holland; he was not a jew, but they ALMOST killed him in one of the camps.

    You hate beig called a pedo Steve. But, if you support Turner and the fucking NAzis, you are supporting a bunch of bastards that advocate infanticide, genocide, slavery, and worse things than your mind can conceive.

    If you support the NAZIS, you support EVIL. It is just that simple. No fucking games, no excuses, no need for a debate. I don't WANT to hear your fucking side of the story, it is pitiably irrelevant Bill/Hal/Blevins et al. Either you go with darkness or you go with light. There is NO MIDDLE GROUND.

  39. Ok, calm the fuck down, Ev. That lampshade story was disproven a looooooooong time ago. Ditto the soap hoax.

    BTW, the number of supposed "murdered" in Auschwitz has been lowered from 4 million to a little over 1 million, and there is serious discussion about lowering it even further.

    There goes your 6 million theory.

    And that's a fact, jack.

  40. Ev, what you have to keep in mind that, before MLK's Communist Agitation, there was a real order in America. Compare the crime, poverty, and other social factors between then and now. Then come back to me and still tell me it's better now. The only thing that I can see is that were seperate, but not really equal, in terms of Blacks having business and money and education. But even still there were very good Black colleges, black businesses (such as the negro baseball league) and well-to-do blacks. Just not as on the same level as were Whites. Somehow this got mixed up (by Communists wanting to destroy the order of American society) with mixing the races. Hope this makes sense.

  41. Oh really motherfucker, that is why I have a fucking picture of a human lampshade made FROM a fucking human skin that was owned by Ilsa Koch, you cretinous fucking bore.

    That is why one of our local vets stated, flatly, that when he was IN a fucking German P.O.W. camp that (paraphrase) "If you had interesting tatoos, you got turned into a lampshade for Eva Braun".

    That is why they found pile sof fucking shoes, gold teeth, mountains of human ash, and we STILL have fucking photos and films of massive piles of human corpses, trenches full of dead, and many,many children that must all be hiding somewhere to perpetrate this massive holocaust hoax, right?

    You fucking Nazi apologist. You would swallow any absurdity as long as it serves the purpose of condoning your treason.

    Now, since you are AN EXPERT, give me the groundbreaking evidence to prove, conclusively, that those million or so kids that were fucking BUTCHERED sixty years ago are all a bunch of old people, sniggering at the joke they played on the world, and I will conced defeat.

    You can't. Your a fucking lier. A nazi apologist. And a sick sonofabitch that condones child killing.

    But take heart: one of these days, you'll die. And when you end up in hell, you may learn some common fucking empathy.

  42. Ev, you have PICTURES that's all.

    It's all been disproven. I'll dig up the articles for you if you insist. You can do it yourself with a simple Google search, though.

    I'm no apologist. What do you have against the scientific and scholarly research done by educated men of letters? And please, stop it with the ad hominem attacks and debate the issues, thank you.

  43. BTW this Nikki Nichols thing may be a hoax.

    Check it out:

    THIS is Von's Blog:

    THIS is the blog with the Nikki post:

    See the difference? The one with the Nikki post is spelled differently. Missing an "i". The is the REAL Vonbluvens Blog.

    So the one with the Nikki Post is a fake.

    You will also notice that the blog of "Unknown Fucktard" has pictures that are not on the fake Vonbluvens blog. So I'm thinking that UF made the fake VonBlog.

    But why?

    Does this all have something to do with the new Internet harrassment laws that target bloggers?

    It may be.

    I don't want to point fingers here, but I smell a certain person at work here.

  44. Incidentally, every SINGLE fucking piece of libelous, slanderous, godforsaken HOLOCAUST REVISIONISM is EASILY refuted, and HAS BEEN refuted, and you can read every fucking document related to the slaughter of millions of human beings at the Nizkor Project,as well as many , many other places.

    So you can take Zundel, Hoffman, and every other creepy crypto-Nazi fuck, and stuff them and their strange, sordid little theories where the sun doesn't shine.

    You can't fucking re-write history to suit yourselves. We won't let you.

    PS: Stuff Bill fucking communist neo-nazi fuckferbrains White in the same goddamn place.

  45. Okay, here is an article from the Jewish Virtual Library dispelling the Jewish Soap Myth.

    Here is the Straight Dope on your lampshade fable.

    And here is an article explaining how "only" 1.2 million died in Auschwitz, not 4 million. The Auschwitz number is the key point of the 6 million myth.

  46. Everrets said-

    Listen Stevo: your fucking hero Hal is a fucking NAZI PIG. You're a parent...How the fuck would you like it if someone killed your children because they were "undesireables"?


    Better still,(to Stevo) being a parent would you want your child to see all of the pornograph material that tends to appear in some form or fashion on racist websites? Yeah that's teaching morals.


    everrets said-

    But take heart: one of these days, you'll die. And when you end up in hell, you may learn some common fucking empathy.


    Have you ever seen the movie "Little Nicky"? (sorry Nikki, that's the name of the movie, LOL). Well Hitler had a daily appointment with a pineapple.

  47. I have no pictures on my Blog that were not on the NSM blog. That is total bull.

    Better turn in your junior dickless Tracy decoder ring, junior.

  48. Attn: Tard Brevard, Hal is not a Nazi. He is the first to say that Hitler lost and to get over it. I haven't completely adopted the Evil Jew theory yet. I would in a minute if I find that they're all like Schwartzo.

  49. Unknown Fucktard said...

    I have no pictures on my Blog that were not on the NSM blog. That is total bull.

    Better turn in your junior dickless Tracy decoder ring, junior.

    January 15, 2006 5:29 AM

    No, you do (or maybe did, you may have changed it by now). The one with a white man smacking "Nikki"'s ass is on your blog but NOT on the FAKE Vonbluvens blog.

    Something smells rotten in Denmark and it's not the Baklava.

  50. To Matt Drudge, Jr., all I can say is remember the quote from Ike after his visit to Ohrdruf

    "The things I saw beggar description...the visual evidence and the verbal testimony of starvation, cruelty and bestiality were so overpowering. I made the visit deliberately, in order to be in a position to give first hand evidence of these things if ever, in the future, there develops a tendency to charge these allegations to propaganda.
    ~Dwight D. Eisenhower

    Yes there were 5.5 -5.8 million Jews murdered plus approximately 6 million other people murdered. The Germans themselves freely admitted this. To deny Nazi Genocide is just plain stupidity as it is one of the most documented events in human history

    Elmer supports the Nazis but he is to ignorant to realize if he was in Nazi Germany he would have been sterilized under the Law for the Prevention of Offspring with Hereditary Diseases. They would have also sterilized NSM member Mark Martin for alcoholism

    If I find the people who support Nazism most are the ones who know nothing about it, or know about but like the idea of mass murder. Hundreds of thousands of American died or were wonde3d fighting this monster and to have any American endorse Nazism is a lap in the face to every WWII vet

    As for the MLK holiday, there should be no holiday to honor any one man other than George Washington. They should have made a holiday in August to honor all civil rights activist not just one man. I think if he had not been assassinated he would never reached the God like stature he receives today. At the time of his assignation his popularity amongst the blacks was in decline

  51. As for the MLK holiday, there should be no holiday to honor any one man other than George Washington.

    Well on that we can at least agree.

  52. Something rotten in Denmark? Yeah you
    "Matt", you're trying to think again. Always a bad thing.

    Your not the only one to notice how unhappy Steve is historymike. Black Jesus used to point that out all the time.

    I fail to see why anyone should have a problem with MLK day. Communist Agitator my ass. Don't worry mathew, what you "know" won't hurt you any.

  53. Dear Mr. Drudge,

    This is from the website you linked to:

    "As the Nazis found out soon enough, the bottleneck in the extermination process was the incineration of the bodies, not the gassing itself. A thousand people could be killed in a matter of minutes, or an hour or two at most, counting the entire operation from arrival at the camp to the final ventilation of the gas chamber.

    Yet to burn the bodies of those thousand people took quite a long while. Large, expensive furnaces were purchased, and many Reichsmarks were spent on maintaining them, but burning bodies still took at least ten times longer than the actually killing. The Nazis even reduced the size of the gas chambers after they realized that the bottleneck would always be the furnace capacity -- see Gutman et al., Anatomy of the Auschwitz Death Camp, 1994, p. 224.)

    The Process

    In the gas chamber's anteroom, the bodies were relieved of spectacles and artificial limbs, and the women's hair was cut off. Thereupon the corpses were loaded on the elevator platform and lifted to the ground floor. Some of the corpses were dragged directly to the oven area. Others were moved to the corpse storage room opposite the elevator, which also served as a site of executions by shooting.

    The disinfected hair of gassed women was dried in the attic.

    Just before incineration, Sonderkommando prisoners removed jewelry, which they tossed into a special numbered crate. Teeth with metal fillings, crowns, and bridges made of gold or other precious metals were extracted from the mouths of the gassed victims and deposited in a crate marked "Zahnstation" (dental station).

    Man, are you on fucking drugs? The website you linked to just VERIFIED everything T have been saying!

    As for the final death toll at Auschwitz, considering that it was ONE FUCKING CAMP out of numerous camps, I think we can safely say that 1, 100, 000 is only scratching the surface.

    I don't understand your logic. If the fucking Nazis killed 100 children it was a hundred too many. As it was, they killed millions more, and each camp, as your own website you linked to shows clearly, operated as a human "dis-assembly line" (as one of my good friends in college who is a Holocaust scholar use to say).

    As far as lampshades, around ten years ago a local vet here in my hometown was interviewed on memorial day. He was in a German P.O.W camp, and had the pleasure of meeting a leading Nazi mistress close up. His words were, almost exactly, "if you had interesting tatoos, you got turned into a lampshade for Eva Braun."

    If you like, it will take me a week approx. to locate the article in the library microfiche. Hell, give me a P.O. Box or something, I will send you a copy.

  54. From Hal Turner's website (just recently posted):

    "According to genetic researchers, the four DNA signatures from these women appear in about 40 percent of Ashkenazi Jews, while being virtually absent in non-Jews and found only rarely in Jews of non-Ashkenazi origin.

    Since Ashkenazi jews are proven mortal enemies of whites it seems to me that pro-white micro or molecular biologists could use these genetic markers as a sort of "activator" for a biological weapon to eradicate these filthy kikes! Get to work boys!"
    From: , posted by Hal "Hitler" Turner

    Yes, Steve, Hal is not a Nazi. And I am an international playboy and six months pregnant with quintuplets.

    Mr. Holsten, open your eyes.

  55. After reading the comments posted here by matt and elmer. I think they should get married and have some pups. It seems Matt is not to far from having Elmers nice trash mouth philosiphy.

    On this holiday I will celebrate life. And the fact I can live it happily with my oreo bf and my white children. My chinese friends next door and my White Supremist Aunt. Who ; Yes, respects and loves me despite our differnt viewpoints. (I have never seen White Supremists act the way they have here online and since I attended that Rally. Since I am from a family where my father was A Grand Wizard for the SaintPete, Fl. chapter. I have seen quite a bit.) We will all sit at the same table and eat and be merry. I wish you all a Happy and Safe Martin Luther King Day.

    Sometimes I think what makes racial people mad mostly is I am from that KKK background. And I chose the other path. The path of peace and freedom for all races. And I am happy in it.

  56. This is not the real Bill White. Check out the profile.

    Some DickHeaded Faggot is just trying to cause Bill a bunch of grief.

  57. Is it true Nicole Nichols is really just a fake titted nigger porn actress and member of the wedding singers band 3d Party?
    I have a dream too. That all niggers swim back to Africa with a jew under each arm!!

  58. Elmer's right about one thing - there are mulitple Bill White accounts. Bill is generally too smart to make direct threats, especially under his own name.

    I suspect that the IP will come from some place other than Roanoke, VA.

  59. Yeah White has told me via e-mail that he is the author of the website but that other one is an imposter.

    Toni, I've seen pics of your bf, looks a little "sweet" and may be playin' ya "on tha down low" if you know what I mean (and seeing the likelyhood that you do speak Jive, you do).

    Thank you and have a nice day!


    Don't tell me Toni's bf has some sugar in his tank.

    Say it ain't so....

  61. Dear Mr. Drudge,

    Would be nice to have a response or two. I would stop worrying about Ms. Elise's love life, as it most certainly does not concern you.

    Also, you ARE aware that Matt Drudge is generally believed to be a self-loathing, closet homosexual? Not that I have anything against homosexuals, closet or otherwise, but the irony is just...well, it's interesting that you should choose to pay homage to him by adopting his name.

  62. Blog wars are cool, Beavis.

    Ehhh eh eh he heheheheheh!

  63. I think there are at least 3 Bill White accounts. There is another one showing up on my blog today that has a different profile.

    Of course, the irony is that White recognizes that people can spoof his Blogger name, but that it can't happen to anyone else.

  64. I have counted three Bill White imposters, Mike. I am getting ready to delete the messages from the ones who are definitely not him. In fairness...Bill doesn't need any help - he gets himself in enough trouble without children pranking on him.

  65. I have also deleted the links to known fake blogs and websites. Any further posts by imposters or links to fake sites will meet with a similar fate - so don't waste your time.

  66. Those imposters are all Lardass Lloyd Davies' sockpuppets. Hi Lardass!!

  67. Here we go again...


  68. I just want to state for the record I have nothing to do with that other blog impersonating the REAL NSM BLOG.

  69. Understood, Von. There is a lot of that going around.

  70. Damn Imposter, you sure have a miserable life.


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