Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Deliverance Revisited

If you are not sure about what the racist right really does when it comes to town, Craig Cobb has given us behind the scenes footage on just what one man can do to the good residents of a community.
As the people in Kingston, New York were prepared to weather the storm when the racist Hal Turner and his entourage came to town, so was Cobb ready to incite those who chose to gather on the streets. He brought his camera and his crude self and waged a campaign of what can only be described as decadence and intimidation on the police, the politicians, the media, and the public.

You can read about it here with lots more to come.

Friday, November 25, 2005

The Mystery of Christ Is Solved

Photo by Isis
Kingston, New York may get back to normal now that the Nazi flurry has past. Yet, the debate continues. And in the wake of the happenings of last weekend, we are left to ponder what really did take place. Perhaps one of the strangest moments of that one-hour non-event was when Glendale, California attorney Mona Montgomery spoke to the crowd.

The demonstration had been called a rally against violence and was meant to give the Nazi's a platform on which they could rant against black on white crime. Tensions were high in the city as Hal Turner went on and on about a young white boy who was beaten up by a black kid. Blaming the local law-enforcement for not calling the incident a hate crime and attempting to shame the few local residents for what he considered their apathy about the whole affair, he then turned the microphone over to a woman by the name of Mona Montgomery.

Ms. Montgomery swiftly changed the tone and the subject. Screeching her message of anti-Semistism and Holocaust denial, Montgomery's presentation had nothing to do with the stated message of the rally. It has since come to light that Montgomery, who really is a minor player in the movement, may have some deep pockets and according to those on the inside she funnels a lot of cash to Hal Turner.

Understanding that, we could then understand why Turner felt obligated to give her a forum. What we couldn't understand is why she chose the subject matter. Then we were told that she truly is a one-trick-pony whose only objective in life is to prove that the Holocaust never happened. While her speech was absolutely off topic and delivered in an almost comical manner, I guess we should be thankful that she didn't take off on her latest endeavor - proving that the Jews ate Christ.

That's right - I didn't stutter or mistype anything. This woman has proffered the message that the Jews actually dined on Jesus. Now, I have been around the block a time or two and I have heard some pretty outlandish things, but this is right up there at the top of my bodacious list! Shortly after the Kinston event as everyone was trying to figure out who this screeching woman was, she graced the VNN forum with the following post:


"Jews sacrificed their own children on altars to Molech. There are many reports chronicled by Catholic monks over the last two millinea of little white children found sacrificed on Judenstein (Jewish stones) in the Black forest. The Jews eat their sacrificial victims to this day (mostly chickens). It is my personal belief that they ate Jesus. I base this belief on the following facts: (1) Jesus went into the temple and scouraged the Jews for selling sacrificial animals in the temple. (2) Jesus was crucified within days after scourging the Jews in the temple. (3) Jesus was crucified on Passover (the day the Jews sacrifice their animals. (4) Jesus' body was taken off the cross at 3:00 p.m. (the exact time the Jews hold their "slaughter sessions" on Passover. (5) Jesus' body mysteriously disappeared. CONCLUSION: The Jews ate Jesus!"

Parents! Do you know where your children are???

God I love my job!!!!

Then & Now

Bill white will long be remembered in Toledo. And as he gathers his crew around him for yet another appearance - if you believe, his mind has turned, once again, to creating chaos and disrupting business as usual.

I have written quite a bit about Bill White and feel that he is still worth taking a good long look at. As Tony Willow and I are in the process of putting together another episode in our series about him, I found myself digging in the archives once again and what I found truly meirts more than a passing mention.

In Februrary of 2002, Bill White announced that he was filing a lawsuit against a man by the name of Mark Salotte as well as Chuck Munson and Anti-Racist-Action. The reason for the suit was that he believed that he had been libled by Salotte and others. Now, I know that is like the pot calling the kettle black - but we are talking about Bill White, after all.

I unearthed Salotte's article which is a pretty good synopsis of the life and times of Bill White. While much of the article talked about his life as an anarchist, it eventually described his metamorposis into a neo-Nazi. The interesting part about all of this, to me, is that much of what he said then still applies to Bill White today. Hence, I am going to publish a portion of that article.

“Though people are occasionally taken in by his pretences at journalistic
objectivity (for maybe a few weeks), his absurd accounts of events are
pretty generally assumed to be made up, by his friends on the right wing
just as much as by the left. But he has often proved to be somewhat
perceptive in reading between the lines of movement dialogue, picking up on
divisive issues and figuring how how to bring out those issues. And even
the most rigid and ideological groups on the fascist right have shown
themselves willing to take up his suggestions, at least in their dealings
with the anti-racist movement.

“What keeps Bill amusing is the number of outright lies and rumors he
spreads. When you keep in mind that none of it is real, it almost makes a
nice spy story. "Often i find myself attacking myself from one IP address,
defending myself from another, and then watching the dopes try to take
sides and taking all my manifestations seriously." (7) So you get, for
example, a post claiming to be a press release from him saying he's joined
the National Alliance, then 5 minutes later a post from him denying it but
saying it was a nice joke, then a joking post from Billy Roper.

“The rumors he spreads about activists are just as easy to dismiss. 75% of
what he reports is made up, and its easy to tell what parts that is --
usually the parts where the mystical racial fetishes show though the most
clearly. When, for example, he claims that such-and-such a "Jewish ARA
member" (especially when the individual in question is neither Jewish nor a
member of ARA) turned information over to the police about the
organization, nobody believes it anyways.

“The thing to keep in mind in dealing with all this is that we know exactly
who Bill White is and what he stands for, so none of these rumors matter in
the least. Whether he's a member of the National Alliance, or the Church of
the Creator, or the 'leader' of a thousand teenage terrorists, he's still
just a lone neo-nazi, and at that, one who's too unstable to be part of any
organization for too long anyhow.

“A joke making the rounds of the DC activist scene these days is that its a
good thing that Bill has finally started to get cozy with the nazis,
because when he tries to pull the sort of shit with them that he's been
trying on the left for the last five years, they won't just laugh it off,
they'll shoot his ass, and we'll finally be rid of him. Of course, its
funny cause its true... For the moment, he can claim to represent a "third
position" but in reality do nothing but provide ideological cover for
neo-Nazis. But sooner or later, it'll come time to put up or shut up. And
at that point, he'll either be reduced to taking orders from William Pierce
and his like (though one would think that the National Alliance could find
a propagandist who could actually spell and write complete sentences) or
trying to strike out on his own to maintain his image. Judging by the means
he's used to try and draw recruits from the left, this would mean anonymous
"poison pen" attacks, spreading snitch jackets and lies to break up
potential alliances, and generally misrepresenting any and every event to
fit his own personal reality -- stuff that's not likely to go over too well
in a movement that's known for leaving people who fall out of favor in

Does that sound like anyone we all know? Now that he has wound his way through pissing off three-fourths of the racist right, one has to ask how long he will last with the National Socialist Movement. Now, Bill is smart - that's for sure. But Bill is also well known and his tactics are recognized by enough people that he is constantly being called into question. Of course, we have to consider that we are dealing with the NSM - they might not be as quick on the draw as some of the others.

One thing for certain, however, Bill White will not remain with the NSM forever. It will be very interesting to see if he is able to screw over them the way he has others. More interesting, however, is where does he go from here? The left doesn't want him. He will burn his bridges with the right. So, what's left?

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving presents us all with an opportunity to reflect upon those things in our lives that we are most thankful for. So often it seems that the world is fraught with chaos and confusion and there are times that we think we will never even catch our breath. Hence, a day like this lets us sit back and take stock of what is right in our world.

Aside from the fact that I am certainly most thankful for my family and friends and the wonderful people that I work with, I feel compelled to give thanks on this day for living in a society that is freer than any other on the face of the earth. I am greatful that there is an abundance of caring people in this country who seek, not only justice, but human rights for all people. Knowing that gives me hope and gives me reason to believe that we will someday live in a kinder and gentler world.

Regardless of your thoughts on the war in Iraq, let us not forget the young men and women who have been sent into battle. Let us not forget those less fortunate than we during this holiday season. Let us pause long enough to reach out to the thousands of displaced individuals who have lost so much to the natural disasters that have hit our world this year.

To all of you I hope that your day is filled with all things bright and beautiful and that your list of "Thank" is a long one.


In a surprise bust, police in Seattle nabbed Scott and Rhonda Belk. the two were being sought in conjuntion with the murder of Scott's 59 year-old mother. It appears that the couple took advantage of the recent devastation that hit the Gulf Coast and posed as storm victims. This enabled them to secure transportation to and housing in Seattle after they abandoned a stolen tractor truck in Gainesville, TX. I guess they also caught up with someone who could provide them with phoney ID's as well.

It has also come to my attention that there are those who do not believe the picture shown with Jeff Schoep and Scott Belk together is really Scott Belk. In case they were unaware of it, Scott had a major falling out with Joel DuFresne - another "Creator" and convicted felon. Joel insisted that Scott could not be a "Rev." in the Creativity Movement because rules prohibit joining any other organization.

Scott Belk went off on a rampage about his activism and how Joel had never joined in any Creativity functions. Nevermind that Dufresne had spent most of his Creator days in prison or on parole. During the course of that argument, Scott sent Joel to his website to show him just how active he had been. These are the links he provided:

Belk is no newcomer to the movement - and if those who followed him remember he was all tangled up in the Raine Carraway debacle while he was a member of the Klan.

Stong Words For Bill White

Michael Brooks lives in Toledo and is one helluva good writer. He also seems to have his finger planted squarely on the pulse of that city. The riot that took place there last month when the National Socialist Movement came to town have generated a lot of blog talk and a lot of concern among city officials across the nation.

The man who unwillingly found himself at the center of the controversy that caused the NSM to set their sites on Toledo, Thomas Szych, today settled his dispute with the city and had some very pointed comments about the NSM and its spokesperson, Bill White. You can read that article here:

Toledo Free Press

Or here:

History Mike's

Bill White has promised to return with his NSM bunch to Toledo on December 10th. I have a pretty good feeling that the city will be a little more prepared to deal with this craziness, and I am certainly hoping that everything remains peaceful.

Monday, November 21, 2005

So...Who Asked You?

On a very personal level, I am absolutely outraged and quite sick and tired of self-appointed leaders thinking that they speak for me. The narcissitic personalities that comprise the "leadership" of the hate movement might be transparent and laughable to those of us who take the time to get to know them. However, there are those out there who neither have, or take, the time to know anything about them or their warped viewpoints.

As these racist Nazi wannabes take to the steps of State Capitols and to the streets of mainstream America, they are eager to speak for "white people." Why? Who asked them to? I would really love to find the person or persons who requested such representation.

I am a white person and no one - not once - ever asked me if they could shout racial slurs or anti-Semitic rantings with my blessings. To the best of my knowledge, none of my friends or acquaintences have ever been approached or solicited for their endorsement of a group of tattooed, swastika bearing, henchmen intimidating others with their hateful threats or speaking on their behalf. Not Once.

Last weekend a group of half-baked, rag-tag, white supremacists and Nazi's stood in front of an American high school and issued ultimatums to the city fathers and the residents. They threatened to bankrupt the city and to "sic" the Ku Klux Klan on any black student who harmed a white student. And they did this in the name of white people. Hullo...who asked ya?

Last month a group of circus clowns broke loose from the Barnum & Bailey outfit and started a riot in Toledo. They counted on the police to protect their right to shout hate-filled messages at the crowd who had gathered to oppose them - and they were protected. They spoke against minorities and cajoled the protestors - and they got just what they wanted. Bill White, leader of that contingent of the National Socialist Movement, claimed that they wanted violence and arrests - and they succeeded - in the name of white people.

The National Socialist Movement is led by Jeff Schoep. Of course, Jeff hasn't been around much lately since Mr. White nudged his way into the driver seat. White teamed up with Michalel Blevins of "VonBluvens"(Pictured left) fame thinking they would form a dynamic duo. The only thing that has come out of all of this is just another round of craziness by the racist right - all in the name of white people.

Jeff Schoep is reported to be unemployed and a father to numerous children from different women. He is a sleazy, foul-mouthed, individual who was arrested sometime back for burglary - a burglary that he committed with a girlfriend while her children waited in the car. He is pictured here with Scott Belk. Belk and his wife are currently wanted for the murder of Belk's mother. They have been on the run for several weeks now. And these are the people who speak for white people?

And then there is Craig Cobb. With camera in hand at the Kingston rally he infiltrated the press section and proceeded to badger and intimidate a seventeen year old girl bringing her to tears. Claiming to be a reporter for Vanguard News Network, Cobb attempted to stir the bystanders into action. Obviously, not one of the mainstream media, he failed to adhere to any of the ethical standards of generally acceptable behaviors. But, what else is new.

Craig Cobb, who identifies himself as a Creator and follower of Ben Klassen, and the convicted and incarcerated Matt Hale, has been under investigation by federal law-enforcement for quite sometime now. When Judge Joan Lefkow ruled against Matt Hale in his trademark case, Cobb busied himself with posting the Judge's personal information on message boards throughout cyberspace. Following Matt Hale's lead, he concluded that the Judge was a Jew or, at the very least, married to a Jew. Later Hale was convicted for solicting Lefkow's murder and is currently serving forty years in a maximum security prison. Cobb didn't stop there, though. When Joan Lefkow's mother and husband were both killed in their Chicago home, Cobb continued to provide the racist right with information and "suggestions." I suppose he did all of this in the name of white people, as well.

The list of murderers and felons in the "movement" is a long one. While they demand their rights to freedom of speech, the rest of us are saddled with having our rights to feel safe and secure in our homes and communities trampled upon by the likes of them. And should we object too loudly or repetitively, we are threatened, and harrassed, and maligned - all in the name of white people.

I never asked for this kind of representation - the vast majority of us haven't. They don't speak for me or for the masses of Americans who don't even know that they exist. So...who asked them?

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Looking For Love Is Never Easy When You're A Nazi

Photo found at Midhudson News
Being a racist has its pitfalls. Being an outcast among most of society compels one to find love in all the wrong places as well as self-validation. It is little wonder that so many of them spin their events to the point of total distortion. But, if you are faced with little to no success, little to no acceptance, and little to no glory for your endeavors - hey...its almost understandable.

The latest claim in their quest for recognition is that the rally held by the National Socialist Movement in Toledo, Ohio last month which erupted into riots in the city and the Nazi's being hustled out of town, caused the Mayor of Toledo not to be re-elected. Of course, that is sheer and utter fabrication, but a lie that seems to have permeated the entire movement. For a good discussion of the truth behind the Mayor's loss, please check out History Mike's place.

Now that the non-event that took place in Kingston, New York is history, it will be interesting to see what they try to convince themselves of next. Early reports are pretty standard and predictable for those on the extreme right, "The media underestimated the numbers." "At least the message got out to all of the white lemmings." "Hal Turner did us a good job."

Let's consider for a moment that these racists have very little to celebrate - ever. They have to find a victory in even their bleakest moments. Tonight they will head home and crawl into their lonely beds and fantasize that the racial holy war is at hand and that an all white America is on the horizon. They'll hoist another one to the Reich and then to each other. They'll ruminate about how unfair whites are treated and how oppressed the race is becoming. Tomorrow they will attack their keyboards putting a spin on the days events that resemble nothing of the truth.

Did they accomplish anything today? Not one damned thing. Or...maybe they did. They accomplished showing the people of Kingston and others who were listening what amazing jackasses they all are.

Felicitations abound among them for Hal Turner, the organizer, right now. However, Hal Turner played it pretty much the way I thought he would - and he blew it just as I thought he would. Telling the group that the racists would return and keep returning until they bankrupted the city was probably one of the dumbest approaches we have seen any of them take in a very long time.

The unbelievable cost to a city when these people come to town is nothing to sneeze at - and when you have them promise to engage in a bankrupting scheme it is highly unlikely that any city is going to go to extremes to guarantee your safety or your right to free speech. Additionally, mainstream America has just seen and heard how despicable these people really are.

Turner, striving to refrain from his usual ranting and racial slurs on blacks, had to vent some where so he spoke of the media being controlled by what he referred to as the "oy vey crowd." A few cheers went up among his supporters and a lone "white power" was heard being shouted in the background.

Perhaps the crowning ignorance in all of this, however, was when Turner suggested that "as of tonight" there were a couple of dozen KKK guys in Kingston and that the white kids had better be left alone, admonishing "...if the police will not protect white students, then it falls to we the people to protect them, and we have a nasty version of street justice.”

Some of the racists are already lamenting Turner's inability to conduct himself in an appropriate manner claiming that he has embarrassed all of them. Others are pointing fingers at the NSM characters in uniforms as being more than humiliating for "proud whites."

Actually, as far as I am concerned, things could not have been better in Kingston today. The rally went for one hour. There was no violence and a huge police presence. The racists and hate-mongers had their right to free speech upheld and they were swiftly sent on their way. The pleas of the city fathers and officials were heard and the townspeople, for the most part, stayed away preferring other family events to this circus side-show. By and large, Turner and friends were "preaching to the choir" and no one else cared to listen.

On an interesting note, something happened on the way out of town and a group from the rally were turned away from a restaurant where it has been reported that three locals were openly laughing at the NSM Nazi's as they tucked tail and left. One of them was complaining that the police had shut two eating establishments down. More to come as information becomes available.


It really was a dogs day in Kingston as every one of them had to be howling at the screeching and screaming of both the speakers and the sound system at the much balyhooed "Rally Against Violence!"

Hal Turner promised a live broadcast of the one hour event and, indeed, it happened - sort of. With protestors confined at least two hundred yards from the racist fools, and intense security, everything promised to go peacefully and smoothly. Turner cautioned the group of 50-60 against any violent acts during the course of the rally and attempted in his own way to be mainstream and acceptable. The problem with that was, that he just couldn't quite get there.

"Welcome to the 'Rally Against Violence.' There is not going to be a riot here today," Turner shouted to the group. As he chronicled the beating of Robbie Hedrick, the crime that brought the rally about, Turner asked for a round of applause for the police officers present and led the attendees in a "Justice for Robbie Hedrick" cheer. And everything went downhill from there.

While his speech wasn't ladened with his usual ephithets against blacks he just couldn't stop from raging on and on about what he called the "oy vey" crowd. At one point he said that he had been the recipient of a hateful phone call telling him that he was going to be run out of town. "Well, I'm here! Run me out of town!" We just have to note that with protestors held at bay and, by Hal's own account, 200-300 police officers surrounding the racists, he was probably pretty safe.

Mona Montgomery, a practicing attorney who is also a Nazi, was next up. Screaming and screeching into a pitiful sound system, she peirced the ears of residents and listeners. Shouting about her pride in her German heritage and referencing the gas chambers of Hitler's era, participants attempted to understand what was being said but it was a greuling experience for most and certainly set the sensitive ears of every dog in Kingston on fire.

Most lost interest in the next speaker since little could be understood and he didn't seem to have much to say anyway. To say that the rally was an utter flop would not even approach the truth of the matter.

Billing this as a collossal event, Turner and other racists have been feuding for weeks. In what they considered a last minute coup, David Duke gave conditional support to the event. However, the fact that a few of the Hollywood Nazi's from the NSM intended to be present in full uniform, set a lot of teeth on edge and was something that Duke had explicitly stated shouldn't happen.

Throughout all of the infighting taking place, Bill "millionairebill" White put the crowning blow on any participation by the more conservative elements of the movement. Shouting the party line on VNN, White came across as the nut case that everyone already thinks he is and ended up with a bounty on his head. Will Williams has actually offered $1,000 to anyone who would "break his skull."

In the shadow of all the hoopla that has been generated, the best they could do was the usual 50-60 people at the rally site. And as far as getting their message out to the people - not with that sound system. It just didn't happen. But the dogs in Kingston got an opportunity to howl. So much for Mr. Turner's demonstration - and that is how it should be! WUF! WUF!

Friday, November 18, 2005

America's Future - National Socialist Style

Not much can be said for the racist right but you have to admit that they attract some of the wackiest nutjobs on the planet. Now, it depends on who you talk to whether or not Bill White can be considered a "leader" in the movement. Most would tell you that he is a leader only in his own mind. The problem is, he won't go away. He is one of these people who just keeps reinventing himself to suit the climate.

With the much anticipated Kingston rally on the minds of many in the neo-Nazi "movement" tonight, one racist asked White what form of government he would install if he were made "ruler" of the United States. Flattered by such attention and the opportunity that it provided him to expound, White responded thusly:

Assuming a peaceful ascent to power, the initial changes in the government would be national socialist but moderate. My initial foci:

* Ban the practice of the Jewish religion; arrest leaders of the Jewish lobby; enact racial laws barring Jews from holding office, participating in the press, teaching at universities, practicing law, owning large portions of American banks and companies and otherwise interfering with the vital cultural tasks of the nation

* Ban anti-racist and communist organizations; criminalize the teaching of multi-culturalism or diversity

* Enact legislation for penal reform through labor.

* Deport the Hispanic population back to their countries of origin.

* Enact segregation; dissolve all inter-racial marriages; re-criminalize race-mixing; sterilize mulattos; enact incentives to repatriate American blacks in Africa.

* End the US war in Iraq; support white nationalist movements in Europe and the general European liberation countries; focus foreign intervention on restoring Southern Africa to white rule and to resettle the black population of that part of the continent.

* Reform the welfare state; eliminate subsidies and enact labor programs -- including compulsory labor programs -- for the unemployed; make the focus of welfare assisting the temporarily out of work rather than sustaining a class of the out of work.

* Strengthen the common police powers of the state while weakening the political policing powers, except in the case of Jews and their related subversives.

Maybe this is why the National Socialists, White Nationalists, Ku Klux Klan, etc...don't stand a snowball's chance in hell of ever coming to power in this country - and Bill White probably stands the slimmest chance of all.

Ostracized by the other leaders, as well as the rank and file, White has been taking a real browbeating over the last 24 hours as many believe that he is trying to steal their thunder in the upcoming Kingston rally. There has been bad blood between White and many in the movement for quite some time. Now, it seems that blood wants to be spilled. Earlier today, Will Williams, long time member of the neo-Nazi regime, offered anyone who would take him up on it, one-thousand dollars to "break Bill White's skull."

Nevermind that this probably wasn't the smartest thing for Williams to do publicly...because Williams doesn't really care. He is so intent on someone beating White to a pulp that he even says he will pay their expenses and defend them in court. must be real cool to get so much attention.

Here's hoping for a peaceful day tomorrow in Kingston, NY.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Violence of Being a Teen

With all of the recent happenings surrounding Kingston High School in Kingston, New York, internet message boards and personal emails have been overflowing with individual thoughts regarding the young men who have been attacked and beaten. As most of those engaged in discussion are not residents of that community, and have no first-hand knowledge of what the demographics or the tensions are there, myself included, much of what is being said has no real basis in fact.

Since New Jersey racist, Hal Turner, has decided to rally in that city on Saturday, along with an entourage of Nazi and Klan goons, (if you believe), the rhetoric surrounding these incidents has, at times, turned pretty insidious. The comments being made here have been toned down and lack the invective that is being seen in other areas across the internet - as they should be. However, one should certainly not be taken in by those who are attempting to gain the favor of mainstream America by putting on a false face.

Earlier today I made a quick trip around some of the more popular hate forums to get an idea of just how volatile this situation may be - and I was not surprised to see the typical racist in their cro-magnon state. While Hal Turner is trying desperately now to encourage his rats to stage a peaceful demonstration - there are those who want anything but. Pragmaticsaxon, citing the recent riots in France, queried whether or not Kingston could be "...the match that ignites nationwide burning..." Of course, he would like that:

"Personally, I say strike the match and let's set this issue ablaze.. America needs to be purged of all the brownskins.

"America is infested with spics, niggas, habibs, camel jockeys, etc. They must all go...

Need to send a message to the NWO and the filthy fucking jews that this land is for the Aryan peoples only.. "

Sure, Turner said no way and emphatically stated that the rally would be a peaceful one - but with mindsets like that, nothing is guaranteed. One ray of light showed up on Turner's forum and that was someone who actually lives in Kingston and who went to the high school in question.

Swordphish, who claims he is not a racist, tried to talk some sense into the heathens that frequent that board, and had the following to say:

"There is no issue of crimes committed by blacks against whites in Kingston. The two kids that got beaten are the victims of bullying - nothing more, nothing less. The bullies just happened to be black. I don't care what color they are, such people are scum. It sickens me that these events got turned into a race issue.

"If there should be a rally, it should be a rally against bullies in the school. All kids deserve to attend school without being harrased, verbally or physically - but the truth is that many kids don't get to enjoy a school day without feeling threatened or uncomfortable. These kids come in all races and social classes.

"Black kids get bullied in Kingston High - usually by other black kids - and nothing is done about it. White kids get bullied in Kingston High - usually by other white kids - and nothing is done about it. But when a black kid bullies a white kid - or a white kid bullies a black kid - all of the sudden it turns into racial intolerance and all hell breaks loose. Go figure.

"These white kids got beaten because they were the nearest feasible target for a bunch of mean-spirited punks. I've been bullied - insulted - beaten - jumped - by white kids and black kids - all because I looked different or because I was poorer than other kids. This is high-school. This type of thing happens all the time.

"And in the end of all of this, there will still be bullies at Kingston High, and there will still be an apparent problem of black-on-white crime - especially as the racial and social diversity increases - it's a matter of simple math.

"So during this rally, I really hope that the PRO and ANTI people are truly fighting for something - and not just fighting eachother for no reason - that'd just be stupid."

I hope so too...swordphish. I really do.

Being a teenager in today's world is not an enviable position - it's not a safe one either. While we would all agree that no child should be afraid to go to school, the statistics tell us that what is happening all over this country gives every child a reason to fear. Consider:

*282,000 students in sceondary schools are physically attacked each month.
*43% of students fear harrassment in the bathrooms at school.
*100,000 students carry a gun to school.
*Every 7 minutes a child is bullied at school.
*More youth violence occurs AT school as opposed to on the way to school.
*According to the latest poll, thirty-two percent of parents fear for their child’s physical safety when the child is at school. Thirty-nine percent of parents with a child in grade six or higher are more likely to say they fear for their child’s safety. Twenty-two percent of parents whose children are in grade five or lower fear for their child’s safety. (Bureau of Justice Statistics)

Now for those who claim that the attacks in Kingston should have resulted in hate crime charges - perhaps they should have. But, the Kingston Police Department has stated that there is no evidence that the crimes were racially motivated. Those who perpetrated the crimes have been charged with felony assault. Without evidence that these assaults were racist in nature, there is little chance that such charges will be brought.

Understanding that emotions are running at full throttle and that the parents of at least one of the victims are anguished beyond belief, it remains absolutely unconscionable that those from the racist right would exploit these people and their pain to reach some unreachable goal of some insidious agenda. They are not interested in the pain or the anguish - only their own notoriety. They are not protesting bullying, or even school violence. They are protesting black people. They are protesting non-white individuals. They are protesting the very premise that this great country was built upon. In actuality...Hal Turner and friends may be the worst bullies of all.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

"Mr. Terriyaki" - When Humor & PC Collide

As I was reading about the upheaval that is taking place among some fiction writer's over remarks made last weekend by author Dean Koontz at a Men of Mystery function, I started wondering about where humor and political correctness collide and racism begins.

It seems that Mr. Koontz, a prolific author, was having some difficulty getting his name removed from a movie that is being made based on one of his books, "Hidaway." The CEO of the movie company is Japanese and Dean Koontz sent him a letter referring to him as "Mr. Terriyaki." Of course, this was in bad taste and to relay this anecdote to an audience for which you are the Keynote Speaker was probably not the wisest decision that Mr. Koontz has ever made. As a matter of fact, Koontz used that time to read several of the letters that he had written to this person.

In one letter, Koontz, who was experiencing great frustration with this unresponsive CEO, is said to have stated, ""Dear Mr Teriyaki, My letter of 10 November has not been answered ... I would assume your silence results from the mistaken belief that World War II is still in progress and that the citizens of your country and mine are forbidden to communicate. Enclosed is a copy of the front page of the New York Times from 1945, with the headline, 'Japan Surrenders'."

According to other authors present his remarks drew rounds of laughter with some dabbing their eyes. Yet other authors have taken great exception to the speech. One such author, Lee Goldberg, questioned "What if the CEO was black? Would Koontz have addressed his letter to "Mr. Fried Chicken" and joked about the good old days of slavery and discrimination?"

Novelist Charles Flemming was equally outraged and issued the following statement on his blog:

"A few minutes into an otherwise amusing talk, our keynote speaker Dean Koontz began an extended story about a disagreement with a Japanese executive. In an attempt to bully or shame the executive into making a business decision unfavorable to his own company’s interests, Mr. Koontz invoked images of Pearl Harbor, the firebombing of Tokyo, the Bataan Death March, the concentration camp depicted in “The Bridge on the River Kwai,” and the 1960s monster movies “Godzilla” and “Mothra.” He referred repeatedly to the recipient of this correspondence as “Mr. Teriyaki.”

"This is roughly the equivalent of writing to an African-American executive and invoking images of watermelon, lynchings and Little Black Sambo; of writing to a Jewish executive and making jokes about bar mitzvahs and Bergen-Belsen; of calling a gay executive “Bruce” and saying it with a lisp; or of referring to a Latino executive with words like “wetback” and “greaser.”

"Is this funny? The story was met with considerable laughter. I found Mr. Koontz’ remarks extremely offensive, and the audience’s reaction to them extremely depressing.

Our free speech rights as American citizens and our privileged position as writers guarantee us a voice. But our responsibility as artists and as human beings should discourage us from using our voices to denigrate others – even if they are Japanese, and the author is writing from a 2.5-acre, 25,000 square foot home in Orange County."

In the meantime, Koontz says that he stands by his remarks and that they were meant as humor.

Personally, I find most ethnic jokes offensive. Yet there are those people - and I know a few - who are in no way racist in their personal lives and they can get a real charge out of such things.

However, author Fleming raises a very good point. Freedom of speech does require a certain degree of responsibility - on the part of all of us. In today's atmosphere, one would think that someone of Dean Koontz' stature might be a little more circumspect in his attempts at playing a comic.

So...when it is meant to be humor does it make this sort of thing more acceptable? From everything that is being bantied around on the blogs and message boards, it appears that the majority of the writing community were greatly offended.


Goodness gracious, me-oh-my, everybody wants a piece of the pie! The rally in Kingston is being heralded as the most important white nationalist event, and everybody wants in on it as long as they don't have to work with each other.

Much like those who claim no affiliation or support for the National Socialist Movement, designating them "Hollywood Nazi's" and denigrating them as an "embarrassment to the cause," there are others who detest Hal Turner, the organizer of the Kingston rally.

Turner has managed to alienate many from his brand of nationalism. His crude style and his brazen tactics are the stuff that raises the hackles on those anemic Nazi's who want to put forth a moderate front to white, mainstream America.

Similar to Bill White and Michael Blevins (Von Bluvens) Hal Turner is an attention junkie. Over the years he has broadcast and posted the names and addresses of his enemies and engaged in stunts that put many in danger. Earlier this year, when Judge Joan Lefkow's husband and mother were killed, Turner got himself in more than just a little hot water when he posted the personal information on other federal judges.

After the riots in Toledo last month, Hal just couldn't stand being upstaged by the likes of Bill White and the NSM, so he decided to get his own little piece of the publicity pie by staging a rally against black on white crime in Kingston, NY. What he didn't bargain for was the Stormfront guru of hate stepping forth and asking him to relinquish his fifteen minutes of fame.

Don Black, generally low-key and hidden behind his massive Stormfront forum, stepped to the plate and asked Hal Turner to step aside. Claiming that he and other Stormfront members would attend the rally if Turner were not involved, he pretty much called Hal's hand on whether or not Turner was really there for cause or rather for his own glory.

Many things have transpired to create this chasm between Turner and his fellow white nationalist buddies, not the least of which is his penchant for publishing death threats against those he perceives as his enemies. Of course, his enemies are anyone who publicly disagrees with him.

In this latest power play, it has become quite evident that regardless of how passionate the racist right is about their hateful "cause," it still does not supersede the hate that they have for each other.

Of course, that is to our advantage.

One would think, however, that Hal Turner would learn a few things after being shunned and deprecated by his peers. While he has publicly apologized and since been reduced to begging for help from other leaders and groups, he continues to engage in the very rhetoric and actions that he has been ridiculed for.

When it was announced that Ulster County official, Frank Dart, thinks that a counter demonstration is necessary, Hal Turner screamed from behind his computer. Posting his thoughts on the matter, Turner also posted Dart's home address and stated:

"Maybe someone ought to head over to Frank's house and offer him some remedial education about the rally."

Calling Dart a "panzy-ass," a "moron," and a "coward," Turner states that he has "...detailed two dozen Ku klux Klansmen to stand in plain clothes with the COUNTER DEMONSTRATORS! The Klansmen have been instructed to take action only if the COUNTER DEMONSTRATORS commit violence. So while Frank Dart, the Mayor and others stand in opposition to our "Rally Against Violence" they can draw solace from the fact the guys standing near them are Klansmen!"

Well...on that note, there is little else to be said. Fortunately, Hal Turner becomes more and more neutralized every day. He is in the process of neutering himself and being rendered totally impotent. We can only hope that this urchin becomes more and more dwarfed during the days leading up to this "momentous" event. And we can only hope that cool heads and open hearts prevail.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Kingston Duo

As if Toledo wasn't enough, the not so dynamic duo of broadcast hate plan to team up in Kingston, New York on Novemeber 19, 2005. Hal Turner and Michael Blevins plan on taking to the streets to protest problems at a local high school.

For weeks Hal Turner has been trying to one-up the National Socialist Movement and create his own disturbance. After staging what the racist right is calling a "huge success" in Toledo last month, all eyes have been on the NSM in general, and on Bill White in particular. The very fact that the Nazi's didn't even march yet managed to spark a riot, has racists across America clapping their hands and doing a dance.

Turner, not to be outdone, wants a little of the spotlight as well. After reports that a white student had been severely beaten up by a black student at a Kingston high school aired, Hal Turner decided to do what he thinks he does best - stir the pot. One of his staunchest supporters, Nazi Jim Leshkevich, contacted the mother of the victim and she appeared on Turner's weekly radio show.

Later, the mother would complain that she didn't know that Turner and friend were Nazi's and she disavowed all that they stood for saying that Hal was crazy. It certainly didn't help much when Turner published the suggestion that Halloween was a great time to commit murders because you could be in disguise legitamtely.

At one point, the mother contacted anti-racist One People's Project and wrote a letter claiming that she is not in any way affiliated with a racist group and that she simply wants to find a solution to the violence that is taking place at the school.

Once Turner was put on notice that the mother wanted nothing to do with him he cancelled the rally. This brought him great derision from his already eroding audience. Like Bill White, Hal Turner who is always seeking attention, has lost favor with a good many of those in the rank and file. Some who were quick to rancor over this cancellation claimed that it was more because Hal couldn't get anyone to commit to attending than it was because the mother had backed down.

Hal's initial idea had been not to publicly announce the day and time of the rally and to just show up in front of the school. This brought a great deal of angst upon the city leaders and local law-enforcement. A couple of weeks ago, he leaked a day and time and law-enforcement showed up in force to a rally that never happened. Getting quite a bit of amusement from his own stunt, Turner crowed about it on his website. He didn't get quite the approval that he hoped he would from his buddies, however. Many claimed that he had embarrassed them.

The mother of the young victim, anguished over her son's injuries, once again appeared on Turner's show. That night Hal Turner promised a rally on Novemeber 19, at 12:00 noon.

Michael Blevins, aka "The Racist With a Microphone," begged off attending as he lives in Florida and finances are tight. That may very well have something to do with him being exposed for broadcasting his racist radio show from house where his wife also runs a daycare center. Since Blevins is also viewed with a great amount of disdain among the general membership of racist extremists, he was also met with a great deal of derision over his lack of attendance at major events. A couple of days ago, he capitulated and agreed to make the trip.

We have no idea of what will transpire in Kingston on the 19th, but one thing is for certain - the racists will be met with a fair amount of opposition. Antifa from around the area have already put out the call to action and the community, itself, is up in arms at the thought of such a thing taking place on their streets. I only hope that the event remains peaceful and that the Nazi's are told that hate is not a Kingston value.

Friday, November 11, 2005

White Madness

"Just like there are people who's sport is football, my sport is fringe politics. Welcome to my arena, but don't ever make the mistake of thinking I'm playing in your games." (Bill White, 2003)


By Nicole Nichols & Tony Willow

Bill White never likes it when I write about him. As a matter of fact, he just can't hardly stand it. That usually happens when anyone steps up to the plate and tells the truth about this iniquitous miscreant. But he has really taken exception to my article referencing his attempts to make others believe that all of a sudden he is the consummate Nazi. Well, Mr. White…you can take exception all that you want, but there are those of us out here in the cyber world who pretty well have you pegged and who don't mind exposing you to those who either don't know or those who have simply forgotten. Let's look at what Bill White wrote - and my responses.

Nicole Nichols

Crotchety Old Communist

11/1/2005 10:08:22 AM

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Bill White

Commentary -- Nicole Nichols, as our white nationalist readers know, is the confused elderly woman who scribbles for the website Citizens Against Hate, published by race mixer Gerry Gooding of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

[First, we need to set the record straight. White seems to have nothing but bad or fabricated information which is par for the course for someone who operates from a purely egocentric mindset and believes himself to be omnipotent in all things. For years Bill White has duped and bilked those who frequent his website with his erroneous and manufactured brand of "information."

Roh Larin and I are the founders of Citizens Against Hate and neither of us are, or have ever been, affiliated with "communist" anything. However, White's inability to gather any sort of reliable information on those of us here has resulted in his publishing of names, addresses, and phone numbers of people who are in no way connected with this organization. White's willingness to endanger innocent people is legendary and has resulted in more than a few tense moments for people who didn't deserve to suffer from his frustrated need for attention.]

Nichols and her friend, Tony Willow, spend a lot of time playing on internet message boards. In fact, they have followed the general trend of lazy anti-racist activists who spend most of their day combing VNN Forum and Stormfront to learn the "latest" about white activism, while completely ignoring non-internet-based organizations, such as, say, the National Socialist Movement. A number of frequent VNN posters -- RevPatrick, cknott, and quite a few others -- are actually anti-racists; in fact I'm close enough to proving that one of these two women was involved in threatening members of my family two years ago that we may be close to reading another news report of a Joan Lefkow-style murder in which a "lone lunatic" with no relationship to the white nationalist movement ends up slaughtering a prominent enemy of white nationalism for no apparent reason. :->

[What activities that I, or others at Citizens Against Hate, engage in are not made public - and that is by design. Unlike Bill White, I have NO ingrained need for celebrity or thirst for notoriety. Also, unlike White, I have no interest in publishing to the world the endeavors which make our organization unique and our services sought after. "Activism" takes many forms and is not limited to the myopics of Bill White. Additionally, White has long been criticized, along with Micahel Blevins, for his failure to attend noted events of a white power nature. It is only recently that White has bothered to show his face and now only because he seeks the "payoff" of attention.

In regards to threats made against Mr. White's family, proving that either Tony Willow or myself had anything to do with such a thing should be quite interesting. It would seem that in December of 2003, the person who calls himself Rev. Patrick on the VNN forum, made a threat towards Bill White's mother. This came on the heels of Bill's father being served with a subpoena that was meant for Bill.

Someone had, supposedly, posted a threat against the President on the VNN forum using Bill's name. They then called the Secret Service who, according to White, paid him a visit. White sang like a bird to the SS and named Rev. Patrick as someone who should be looked at. Now, according to both Bill and this Patrick person, several phone calls were made to White's parents by Patrick - a man. Since both Willow and myself are female we doubt seriously that any "proof" that White dreams up will amount to anything other than more of White's soap opera folderol.

While the meanderings of a madman rarely amount to anything of substance, it should be noted that the not too subtle threat embedded in that paragraph to Willow and myself has been turned over to the appropriate authorities who were much more than a little interested in "lone lunatics" who would commit a "Lefkow-style murder." Mr. White should be forewarned that I have no intention of playing cat-and-mouse games with him or his madness. As one law-enforcement official stated, "This is not protected speech. This is a direct threat which is criminal and will be dealt with accordingly."]

In any case, Nichols has recently penned an essay on me that demonstrates the excessive amount of time she spends posting on VNN's message boards -- because her article is crafted to appeal to people who post there and pretty much no one else. The whole thing encapsulates how detached from reality Nichols has become.

[On a personal note here, I just love it when the pot starts calling the kettle names. As we get further into White's lair of lies, we will certainly see who is detached from reality.]

The first general premise of the article is that I am paying Jeff Schoep substantial sums of money to be allowed into the National Socialist Movement. That premise alone is so implausible as to be laughable -- why on earth would I do that, and why would Jeff Schoep accept?

[ Members within the National Socialist Movement who are close enough to Schoep to know will tell you that Jeff Schoep will allow ANYONE into the NSM who can pay the freight…freaks, geeks, misfits, sex offenders, felons - it makes no difference. That sort of explains how Bill White walked in the front door. In the years that we have been monitoring Bill White a couple of things have become abundantly clear: 1) Bill White is not a "White Nationalist," a "White Supremacist," or a "neo-Nazi." He is not concerned with anything unless it promotes him and strokes his ego; and 2) Bill White is a destroyer as most narcissists are. He would not go into any organization or group unless he believed that there was something to be gained by him. The National Socialist Movement has long been the step-child of the movement and evokes much derision from its' counterparts. Bill White would have NEVER donned the clown suit or brandished the swastika unless he could find a way to use that group to his own end. While Jeff Schoep is into dropping babies everywhere he goes and partying with the questionable whites in his group, Bill White has the deep pockets and the ego to make all that possible. And as White once said, "The loyalty of the common people can be bought much easier than it can be earned."]

The second general premise is that I somehow "run" the NSM instead of the Commander -- which is something the communists lamely tried to cook up about a month ago because I happened to assist Ohio State Leader MSgt Mark Martin in Toledo (note all the pictures taken show Martin leading the demonstration). However, that premise is so ridiculous as to be laughable to anyone inside the NSM -- despite the fact that the communists think it is a master stroke of propaganda that will somehow split our organization.

[ Again, Bill White is NOT a team player any more than he is a true white nationalist. Additionally, White NEVER goes into anything that he doesn't try to become the "big cheese." It has not been lost on us that Jeff Schoep has been conspicuously absent not only in the Toledo fray, but among his rank and file. Issuing only occasional kudos and announcements, Schoep has taken a back seat while Bill White runs the show. In his own words, "After more than a decade of involvement in extremist groups I have decided that if I am going to waste my time, it's going to be wasted for groups and projects that I control and I will benefit from. If I am not going to be given recognition within a group proportionate to my involvement, and do not receive other compensation from it, then there is no reason for me to be involved."]

In fact, the communist belief in their own propaganda powers and prowess is always absurd. I have certainly taken the time to ridicule it here from time to time. They always think they have their opponents on the ropes, that they are masterfully and skillfully disrupting organizations, and that they are engaged in such wonderful infiltration, when, in reality, organizations that are led by serious people, and not the slightly touched, are and have always been virtually immune to their games.

[What is absurd here is that Bill White tries to characterize all groups of people who oppose him as being either Jewish or communist. Additionally, like a small boy trying to impress his father, he attempts to cover his fears and insecurity through a lot of false bravado. As soon as the opposition gets too close for comfort he attempts to portray those against him as "slightly touched," or "Bolsheviks," or "Jews," as if somehow that diminishes their success in the eyes of those he is trying to impress.

Let me break the news to White since he dwells in his own fantasy world - white nationalist and neo-Nazi groups HAVE been disrupted. Some have been disrupted over the last few years to the point of virtual non-existence. Games? This is no game. This is the for real deal, White. Groups have been disrupted…infiltrated…and exposed. And we aren't finished yet - not by a long shot. What we find the most irritating is that we have to take the time out of our busy schedules to deal with a nut job like you. And it isn't that you are so damned important - because in the grand scheme of things you really are amount to little more than an irritating flea - it's that you are a danger to yourself and others. So, with that being said, we can only hope that the powers that be lock you up for safe keeping before you get yourself or someone else killed, or that you run your self-serving mouth enough that they put your ass in prison for the next thirty years. Either way, we'll be glad to help.]

The next thing I've noticed about the communist propaganda in general lately -- and this includes the propaganda circulating in the general press -- is that they are infuriated by the National Socialist Movement's party discipline and the continuing training of our Stromtrooper security forces. I've seen a number of commentators, communist and otherwise, who are downright scared that we may take a group of men and teach them how to march, how to defend themselves, and how to respond to violence from anti-racists and communists in an organized and disciplined fashion. For the kind of dangerous activities the NSM engages in, we have to teach our members to act together as a team -- in fact, that pulling together as a team is at the essence of the socialism that we, as national socialists, advocate. But that kind of discipline and organization terrifies the communists, who have found the NSM more than a tough nut to crack.

[Come off of it, White. No one here is "terrified" of the NSM. Your "battle plan" in Toledo was absolutely hysterical - as well as faulty. And the thought of you playing as a team member is nothing short of incongruous. The thought of this rag-tag act being disciplined Stormtroopers is a real hoot. You have Schoep who has to wear fake contacts to make his eyes look more intense, you have Wallace Jones looking like he combed his hair with a pork chop, then there is Cliff Herrington and a whole host of others whose beer-guts hang so far over their pants that they can't even reach down to tie their shoes and probably have to cop a squat to piss. A closer look would probably reveal their rusty zippers. Throw in a few skinheads and a Native American sellout along with the Semitic looking Blevins and they have created their own multicultural society. This is what people are terrified of? When the NSM marches, Bill…I can't help but laugh. Hitler would have shot half of them and the other half would have been put in concentration camps. ]

Nichols continues with outdated and discredited rumors that she herself -- or her close comrades -- started years ago. She, or one of her associates, is the RevPatrick who stole the password to ShopWhite and subsequently posted credit card information onto the internet. CAH is also the one who hacked VNNForum and posted personal information on its users onto the internet. Yet she has spent the past two years, using bogus IDs on various forums, spreading the rumor -- a rumor believed by no one but herself -- that I somehow released this information onto the internet. I doubt even Alex Linder, who strongly dislikes me and blames me for most of his personal problems, really believes that garbage. And Marc Moran was first ratted out by a Jewish neighbor, who contacted police after reading the first article on his election to the Councilship -- and CAH was among those groups that followed up with a barrage of emails to the local press pointing out his connection to VNN.

Nichols then goes on with a rant discussing opinions that have been expressed by about half a dozen people who care enough to discuss the issue on VNN Forum. Her obsession with a minor internet message board, and her inability to conceive of a range of white nationalist opinions outside of it, has given everyone at NSM a great chuckle.

She concludes by criticizing my white nationalist credentials. Just as Mark Potok once noted to the Roanoke Times that, in his opinion, I "wasn't doing enough for the 'movement'", Nichols notes that she does not feel I am sufficiently committed to "the white race or a white homeland."

[So…you and I have danced long enough - and I can tell you for certain that you have no rhythm. Let's cut to the chase here. What you, in your delusional state, have absolutely no grasp of is the scope of your madness. All that you have said, thus far, attests to the belief held by many that you are a pathological liar and a deeply disturbed person. Perhaps you believe that since two or three years have passed that others will forget who you are and what you have done and said to and about people. Actually, I would rather believe that than to think that you are so immersed in psychosis that you simply believe that there is no hypocrisy or ingenuousness in what you try to make others believe. Either way, I will tell you now, that no matter how deep you buried those things, no matter what you think you have deleted from your site or others, it isn't gone. It hasn't been erased. We have it. We have it ALL.

Now…let's look at who you REALLY are, White - let's take a good long look at who you are and what you are not…

We'll start with Marc Moran who you claim was "ratted out by a Jewish neighbor." He might have been "ratted" on - but he was "outed" by none other than Bill White, to wit:

On July 22, 2002, Bill White, in his quest for notoriety and fame, announced on his website that he would file his nominating petition for the House of Delegates the following day. In his exuberance to thank the many people who helped in this endeavor, White made the following statement in a press release:

"White also thanked the numerous individuals who have contributed to his campaign, particularly Marc and Meredith Moran (of the National Alliance.)"

That was a full year prior to Moran's ouster from the Hopewell Council. No matter how you slice it, dice it, or bake it - Bill White told the press that Marc Moran was a member of the National Alliance.

And who could ever forget the glee that Bill White exhibited during the entire Marc Moran debacle? With headlines like:

We're All over The Trentonian --- Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

And where his only thought was that he, Bill White had made headlines…

[Bill: They forgot to mention that I drove up to Trenton and photographed these guys, their families, and their houses as well -- as well as those of the local media personnel that were bothering Marc. I may drive up to Trenton today just to get a copy of this newspaper; I am so saving this newspaper. This one of the best things I have ever done. ;-D]

Yeah…Bill White not only outed the man…he capitalized upon it. Now, I know that there are those who will hang on in there with Bill White regardless…but trust him? I wonder if Bill White knows how many times over the years we have wondered if he was working for us? I wonder if he knows how many times we have cheered him on?

Let's move now to this Rev. Patrick claim. Just to demonstrate how twisted and convoluted Bill White's thinking is, and just how stupid and gullible he thinks that others in the movement are, Rev. Patrick is Patrick O'Sullivan who is a Creator living in Australia. O'Sullivan spent a lot of time in an Australian prison. This is the same person who White claims threatened his mother.

On December 14, 2003, Bill White made the following statements on his website:

"Speaking of freaks and defectives, the latest update on VNN Forum, besides Patrick O'Sullivan's cowardly and pathetic obsession with my mother, is that I have been contacted by the authorities in both Australia (Computer Crimes Division, State of Victoria) and Canada (someone in Ontario).

"What Patrick O'Sullivan, former Australian leader of the World Church of Creator, is doing is illegal in Australia, and he is on parole. is being hosted through White Revolution's web servers, which are being hosted by a company called, which is run by a Mr Wen Ping Chang of North York, Ontario. As I know, from having hosted websites in Canada, it is illegal to host white nationalist material up there. I haven't complained about, though -- I have made a limited complaint about VNNForum's refusal to remove posts, factual or not, that are threatening to myself or my family -- something which is also illegal in Canada, where free speech laws don't apply. Alex Linder and Tom Martin think its very funny to allow someone to irk me, but this time I don't have a screaming bitch in my ear demanding that I not shut them down."

The hack into ShopWhite and VNN happened in August - several months prior to the threat on White's family. When a list of ShopWhite customers appeared on VNN complete with their names, addresses, phone numbers and credit card numbers Bill rushed to do damage control. Many pointed the finger directly at Bill since he was getting a lot of flack from VNN members for his handling of everything including the outing of Marc Moran and numerous National Alliance members. The list was quickly removed from VNN - but started appearing on other websites and being emailed to people. In typical manic Bill White fashion, he began posting article after article trying to explain what had happened. Just a few excerpts of his many claims appears below:

"The person responsible has already been partially identified, and I am waiting to finish reviewing the logs for both ShopWhite and VNNForum. Every ShopWhite login is recorded and every page that was hit on ShopWhite was recorded along with identifying information that we are turning over to the proper authorities and to the ISP involved. The individual only access the data through the ShopWhite web interface, and we have a perfect record of their login and use of our machine."

"Right now the information has not been widely circulated. If it reappears on other sites or mailing lists I will be much more concerned than I am now. I am still recommending that everyone involved change their passwords and their credit card numbers."

"There is a massive ongoing effort from multiple sources -- Jewish, National Alliance (some would call those two the same thing) and others -- to shut down ShopWhite. We have clearly scared a lot of people out there, and they are trying very hard to intimidate people into not using it -- I can only say, thankfully, that all of these efforts are failing."

"The ShopWhite hacker was not a hacker, per se, but merely a password thief. They illegally accessed two computer systems and illegally stole financial data, and they did it so clumsily that they left footprints all over the place. Though we try not to involve the authorities in political disputes, this will be an exception, and if the Cleveland JTTF needs evidence of financial theft in this case to bust Gliebowitz and his comrades, then they will get it."

"A member of the National Alliance today used a security hole in the VBulletin software (which I did not write) to hack the VNNForum account and gain my administrative username and password. That user name and password was the same as the ShopWhite web interface's username and password, and this individual used that username and password to hack ShopWhite's web interface."

"Someone working from the offices of Cox Communication in Atlanta, Georgia attempted to hack the ShopWhite data base at 3:42 PM on August 23, 2003."

So, at first it was hacked, then it wasn't hacked. Next, it was Erich Gliebe's group who did it, then it was Patrick O'Sullivan, but…no…wait…it was Cox Communications… and now, two years later, it is me. He has yet to explain how I managed to have a sex change operation and become masculine in gender, move to Australia, be convicted of a crime, spend years in prison, come out, move to Atlanta, secure a position with Cox Communications, and hack his pathetic endeavor to rip off white nationalists. I will anxiously await the spin he places on that one. Also…what in the hell would the Cleveland Joint Terrorist Task Force need evidence of financial theft for? Yes, we know that this is one messed up person. Yes, we know that his suspenders are twisted. The problem is…he thinks that he is revealing us when he really is demonstrating what we have been saying all along.

Now, I am not "criticizing" this man's "white nationalist credentials" as he has claimed. To do so would mean that he had some. No, I am not criticizing - I am flatly stating that Bill White is no more a white nationalist than I am. He is an opportunist of the worst kind. In all of his short life, Bill White had never been committed to ANYTHING but Bill White. He has flip-flopped from the extreme left to the extreme right in a series of cartwheels and handsprings that boggle the mind. He demonstrates no allegiance to any of his endeavors. As previously noted by his own statements, if he can't control it and get the proper recognition from it, he wants nothing to do with it. For years Bill White ridiculed those in the movement and the movement itself. In fact, there isn't a white nationalist leader out there who considers him one of them - unless you count Jeff Schoep among the "leaders," and that point would be equally as arguable. Let's look at Bill White's views on white nationalists and the movement - in his own words.

"I am not part of the white nationalist movement because white nationalism has nothing to do with the real betterment of white people - by and large. If I were to become part of them I would then be subject to judgement by their norms, and in all cases, because I am not a miserable failure or misguided as most of the self-defined members are, I would not be properly accepted…"

"I would be real upset about the losers, paranoid freaks and megalomanic self-appointed "elitist" weirdos in the "movement," if it wasn't for the fact that I am not part of the "movement," and thus am totally immune to any repercussions of their peculiar behavior."

"…white nationalism deserves to fail because the people involved in it are too stupid to deserve success, whether that be in their personal lives or their private lives. White nationalism is held back by the freaks defectives, and professional ignoramouses that make up not just its leadership, but much of its rank and file. I am not a white nationalist primarily because I would never want to be lumped in with the idiots who are."

"Most of the white nationalists who are in operation are miserable failures, both personally and professionally. You have petty criminals, porn hustlers, men who live with their mothers, men who can't hold jobs, women with four kids from four different fathers, etc. These folk range from liars to drinkers to thieves to grown men who are still playing at being in "gangs" to the whole list of dysfunctional and deservedly socially rejected people. I can understand playing at being a part of a subculture when you are 14 or 18 or even 21, but if you are 25 or 29 or in your 30's or more, and you are still trying to be "cool" by anyone's standards, you need to grow up."

"I hope most folk out there turn away from the losers and lowlifes of the white nationalist movement and look for constructive ways to build up first themselves, and then their communities."

"I don't like the white nationalist "movement" as a "movement"; it has the same decadent form of either of the two major political parties."

"I'm not a part of fantasy politics. I'm not a National Alliance member because I don't want to play at being a Nazi, and I have no desire to subject myself organizationally to people who aren't competent to judge me."

"…the idiot game that communists and Nazis play fighting each other, just provide more examples of just how idiotic these political fringe fantasies can get. I just want to let both sides know, however, that I'm not part of it. There is a reason you've never been comfortable with my website or my politics, and its not because I'm part of the other side. The reason I make you so angry is because I am above you, I am watching you, and I am mocking you because you are incompetent. I'm not "on the other team" I'm more of the sportscaster commenting except that unlike the sportscasters on TV, I hate both teams, and the reason people tune in is to listen to me rag on both of you.

"Just like there are people who's sport is football, my sport is fringe politics.

"Welcome to my arena, but don't ever make the mistake of thinking I'm playing in your games."

"If someone can name one white nationalist leader or commentator who is gainfully emplyed or who has a history of having built any kind of successful organization in any field, please let me know - outside of the conservative fringe of white nationalism, those people don't exist."

[White's hypocrisy and vacillating allegiances are well documented. He writes as though he has insight in all areas of fringe politics since he has dabbled in all areas. What some fail to realize is that White's perception is so skewed, so contaminated, and so faulty that the things he proffers as fact only resonate in what is true for him, or what will be most beneficial for his own ego needs.]

I always find it ironic when anti-racist and communist activists begin to feel that they are the arbiters of who is and is not committed to the future of the white race. Its because they care so much, right? But here's the question I always ask:

If I'm such an unimportant and minor figure, why do they spend so much time discussing me?

[While it is true that Bill White has lacked any major importance in the role of the racist right in the past, the problem that we are now faced with is that Bill White has insinuated his madness into the middle of some very volatile situations. Whereas the past has seen White merely as a curiosity and a "fringe" player, he has now become dangerous to himself and others. While I might not have any love for the racists and their ideology, I really don't want to see anyone killed because of White's insanity.]

Let's face it, people like Mark Potok and Nicole Nichols don't do anything of importance themselves. When they come to prominence, they come to prominence because they are riding on the coattails of some white nationalist leader or figure that they are criticizing. Mark Potok doesn't go out and right wrong and make the world a better place. Nicole Nichols doesn't do anything to contribute to the betterment of working people in her community. They spend their lives (in Nichols' case, her retirement), criticizing and riding on other people who do things.

[This is pretty typical Bill White. He knows absolutely nothing about this writer. He knows absolutely nothing about my endeavors. Yet he tries to convince others that he is all-knowing. Up until a couple of months ago, White's fantasy was that I was a teen-ager and that CAH was part of a high-school club or some such. Now I have become a crotchety, old, retired woman with nothing better to do with my time than to waste it on him. Of course, the implication in all of this is that Bill White wishes to hell I shut up and go away. Fat chance.]

So how many times has Mark Potok appeared in the newspaper this year talking about me? I dare say I bring him more press than any other white nationalist figure.

So if I'm so unimportant, why doesn't he just say "Well, Bill White is so unimportant that I can't understand why you're bothering me about him. I'm not going to contribute to this undeserved aggrandizement of such a minor figure. No comment."

[Somehow, I don't think Mark is going away anytime soon either Bill.]

But Potok would never do that -- he's an attention whore. And the same is true for Nichols. She says she was expelled from the white nationalist movement for contributing to the murder of a mulatto boy. She has spent the past thirty years trying to find a way back in. Because Nichols is one of those Nazi groupies, like many of the other women who hang around their circles, who has been absolutely rejected by national socialism, but is so fascinated by it that she wants to continue to play with her hobby, even after the serious activists have kicked her out.

[I guess it is time for me to address this craziness since Bill has decided to spin a previous revelation of mine into his own wishing well of things he wished were true.

This is the statement that White refers to:

"The discussions around our dinner table, however, pale in comparison to the three plus years that I spent living with those in the American Nazi Party and various other groups, and the two years after that I spent hiding from them. And while that experience shaped much of what I finally became, holding the bludgeoned and dying body of a seventeen-year-old mixed race boy in my arms as he drew his last breath, determined my anti-racist activities for what would be my eternity."

To clarify: For a period of a little over three years I was married to a member of the American Nazi Party. I did not know of his affiliation with this group until shortly after we were together. During that time, I witnessed many despicable things and experienced the brutality that was then "the Movement." Without going into graphic detail, I was finally able to escape. I spent the next two years hiding. During that time, the son of some friends of mine - the father was white, the mother black - was walking home one night shortly before Christmas and was jumped and beaten to death by a group of Nazi's. I held his broken body in my arms and wept as he drew his last breath. I also vowed that I would fight this insidious and despicable "Movement" forever.

Consequently, Mr. White is, once again, guilty of fabricating a story to fit his own agenda.]

The last thing, her statement that "price" for my political beliefs may be "a little hefty both in currency and freedom" is total garbage, but shows her insane and totalitarian mind state. Political views that are peaceful and that do not encourage a breach of the peace should not carry legal penalties. That viewpoint, which I share, is a fundamental building block of Western society. Nichols, by stating her belief that national socialist political beliefs -- when peacefully expressed without any incitement to lawlessness -- should be punished by criminal and legal action, shows her own tyrannical and, frankly, Jewish and Bolshevik mind state -- a mind state that meets her own definitions of "fascism" and "hate" much better than anything which I or the National Socialist Movement advocate.

[Let's look at what Bill White has stated. "-when peacefully expressed without any incitement to lawlessness…" Now, think back a few weeks - does Toledo ring a bell? Remember that screwed up "game plan" that Bill claimed to have had in place? Remember that during the time when he was on the air with Michael Blevins? He was excitedly reporting that they had incited the opposition in hopes that they would be arrested - and was a little miffed that they weren't. Riots were started in that city because of his "incitement." And…he is promising to do it again. There is nothing lawful or peaceful about any of this.

One of the things that Bill White thinks he's really good at is another one of those young boy actions - committing an act then standing back and feigning complete innocence. Taking responsibility only comes when it benefits him to do so. The problem for Bill in all of this is that most thinking and rational people can see right through him - it's those who are lacking in rational thought who follow him and believe him.]

Her viewpoint is also irrational, as it is not a viewpoint which is particularly shared by America's legal system. It is rare to find a judge so intimidated by the mass media and the communist worldview that he feels a need to rule against someone based on politics alone. Sometimes such judges do arise, but they are rare, and usually inexperienced. White nationalists have lost many lawsuits, but usually due to a lack of legal representation -- or, at least, competent legal representation -- and through the hiring of ridiculously overpriced and highly politicized legal firms.

[White nationalists have lost many rounds in both criminal and civil court. Generally, however, they haven't lost because of ineffective representation - they have lost because their cases, by and large, have been indefensible. You know it and I know it.]

There is no particular risk to either my currency or my freedom at the moment. In fact, my national socialist worldview has directly contributed to the success of my companies, which has greatly increased both my access to currency and the associated freedom to say and do what I want, within the law, without fear of repercussion. It is true that I am constantly being subject to bogus and harassing lawsuits from laughable and marginal figures.

[Oh…I think ITZ COMING!]

(For instance, in the $800,000 lawsuit, I have been getting about 40-50 interrogatories a week from a clearly incompetent lawyer that generally include lists of fantastic and stupid statements like "admit you hired a hit man to kill my client"; inquiries prohibited under Virginia law, like "list all of your bank accounts with account numbers" (a discovery item banned under Virginia's financial privacy laws, and reaffirmed by a specific statutory ban this year); or inquiries that are clearly copied, without editing, from lists of standard interrogatories, like "list all witnesses to the accident, and where they were in relation to your cars", to which we respond "what accident?")

[Interrogatories are generally sent that way, White. That's the way the game is played. And to feign innocence and virtue when it comes to slander is just about as preposterous on your part as anything you have ever done. I seem to remember some pictures on your website, and another that you were affiliated with, and along with a profile they were pretty damned slanderous. The interesting part of that was that it wasn't only anti-racists that you targeted - you did a pretty bang-up job on some of "your own people." But, then, I guess you could justify that by saying that they were the "geeks," "freaks," and "misfits" of the movement…huh?]

However, none of those pose any danger to me, as they are all stupid, and based on the words of people who generally have long histories of telling lies.

[Well, it has taken me quite awhile to be able to address this statement - because I just can't stop laughing. The person with such a history of lying just so happens to be referenced time and time again by others "in the movement," and guess what…that person is Bill White. But rather than try to address that right here and right now…you will have to wait until the next segment of this report. We have a whole section on the "Lies of Bill White."]

The communists, I concluded long ago, when I was among them, live in a fantasy world where they are constantly on the verge of victory against "fascism", when, in reality, they busy themselves either fighting important people very ineffectively, or fighting fringe figures with no real social or political importance very effectively. Ironically, they often consider the larger social figures, which they can't beat, of less importance than the fringe figures which they can. I am glad to find myself considered among the former -- and I hope and intend to stay there.

[Actually Bill…your fantasies cloud your vision to the point of near blindness. But then, maybe I am wrong. Maybe you really do believe that the people who read such statements of yours believe you. Maybe you really don't realize that you are the brunt of jokes among the white nationalist crowd as well as the anti-racist bunch. Maybe you truly are that disturbed.

Matthew Frederick Hale sits in a federal penitentiary facing at least three decades of incarceration - why don't you ask him how "ineffective" the fight was that put him there? Then again, maybe you consider him a figure "with no real social or political importance. After all, compared to you, he was a light-weight, right?
Why do we bother with people like Bill White? Even when he was on the fringe of the movement - the outside looking in - we realized his potential for creating a very volatile situation. In the wake of his take-over of the National Socialist Movement and the events in Toledo last week, we see that he has stepped up his importance more than a notch. He has become important not because he is seen as a leader or as one who will further the movement - but because he is truly a loose cannon who cares nothing for others. He is committed only to that which will garner Bill White attention and headlines. He doesn't care if he gets people hurt or killed as long as it brings him some benefit. Therefore, we have turned up the spotlight and the cameras are rolling - we're watching him…and clearly, he is watching us.




By Nicole Nichols & Tony Willow

When these two writers come together, we know that the fur is going to fly - and it is. What do others think of Bill White? Has Jeff Schoep lost his mind? Has White pulled off a coup...or is he just playing at being a Nazi? Who is White, really? Which side is he REALLY on?

"I hadn't noticed Mr. Bill until he started posting articles about Mark Cotterill and the American Friends of the British National Party a couple of years ago. He seemed to be sympathetic to the AFBNP, which was then under attack by Morris Dees' SPLC as violating the Foreign Agent Registration Act by collecting money in the U.S. for the BNP. So I called Mark, figuring he would surely know this guy. To my surprise, he said Mr. Bill was the SPLC informant who had caused all the trouble." (Don Black of Stormfront)

Every group or movement brings with it someone who is of questionable character or sometimes more than a little dubious when it comes to loyalties. The racist right isn't any different as it has always spawned the inane or the ridiculous. Recently, however, they seem to have more than their share. Yet, when we think of the members who stand out as being weakest or most ludicrous the first person who comes to mind is the inimitable Bill White.

I almost hesitate to refer to him as a "member" since we all know that he is just playing and not really anything other than an opportunist who has joined forces with an acting troop destined for nothing more than "B-" movies, and calls himself a National Socialist - this year - I will relent and consider him a pseudo-Nazi.

The relationship that has blossomed between White and Schoep is more than just a little incongruous. Schoep, who has battled against the rest of the white nationalist world for acceptance, couldn't have made a more disastrous choice in running mates. As the National Socialist Movement has always been the step-child of the movement, often ridiculed and snickered at, Bill White is certainly their pariah.

In writing this part of the series on Bill White, I have unearthed a previous article that I wrote, made some amendments and additions, and updated the information. It is incredible to me that after so many problems White is even a factor in the racist equation. But he is?and that speaks volumes for the members of the movement.

White is often given to pontificating on what he believes to be the most efficient way for groups to be run. Glib and, sometimes charismatic, in his writings, he attempts to say all of the "right" things for his audience. In 2003, Bill White made the following statement:

"First, I think a person needs to prepare themselves and work on developing within themselves the type of character needed to engage in political activity. You need to develop a commitment to justice and doing what is right, you need to eliminate your own petty personal secrets, and you need to be the kind of person that other people will admire because of who you are. If you can be that kind of person, then you can enter the political arena and survive. If you cannot be that kind of person, you are better off staying in the shadows or focusing your activities on supporting those kind of people."

And this is where it all breaks down for Bill. Setting himself up as a "leader" or a "spokesperson," is usually the way he starts out. After ingratiating himself into a group, he plays the straight and narrow for about a minute - and then he lets the hammer fall. Being the "kind of person that other people will admire," is precisely how he envisions himself. Unfortunately for him, he is anything but that among the white nationalist community. Rick Kicklighter of describes him thusly:

"If you were ever out on the lake fishing and you had this certain mosquito that kept buzzing around your head, kept annoying you, yet the darn pest wouldn't actually have the nerve to get close enough so you could swat him, then you have an ideal of what Bill White truly is."

Others, however, are not quite so kind.

A master of self promotion? Well, for awhile, maybe. Any attempts by Bill White to promote himself have met with minimal and transient success. While self-aggrandizement is White's stock-in-trade, disinformation is his schtick. As an anarchist, Bill White was laughed at and rarely taken seriously, as a Nazi he is lucky to still be breathing and running around free. For about a minute, White did a stint writing for "Pravda," the paper of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. But, sometime in 2000, White began to pen articles favorable to the racist right, in general, and to the National Alliance in particular. This got him in the door with Billy Roper who was Deputy Membership Coordinator for the NA at that time.

White's struggle for acceptance by those in the white nationalist movement has been fraught with many difficulties - all of which have been brought on by Bill, himself. Bill White never really understood the premise of the left. As someone who is inherently uncomfortable within the confines of any movement, largely because it necessitates a certain amount of self-sacrifice, Bill White failed miserably at everything that he attempted. I believe, however, that it was the failure to feed his insatiable ego that crushed him and set him in search of new pastures. The racist right is always in search of those who will preach their brand of anti-Semitism and racism, are historically not very discerning who they let into their ranks, and Bill White said all the right things. While there were those who were not quite as welcoming as some, there were others who, taken in by White's rhetoric, began to follow his writings. In many ways, Bill White's move to the radical right was fortuitous for the left in general and ant-racists in particular.

His new-found acceptance among the racists was a real ego-trip for White but, as is true with the narcissist, it was never quite enough. White refused to call himself a "racialist" stating, "I try to avoid being part of any "ism". "Isms" are very constraining, and they encompass much more than just a political philosophy, but also imply certain cultural or personal-social traits, or a certain approach to life and living. I'm a Bill White-ist, but I love white people, particularly white working people, and I want to see them survive and suceed."And a "Bill White-ist" is precisely what he is. The self-love of narcissism does not allow the love or dedication to anyone or anything other than the narcissist. While Bill White might say and do all of the right things, it does not seem to be understood by some on the racist right that all things with White are wholly superficial as they are only a means to an end - the validating of Bill White.

As the National Alliance started to fracture, Bill White saw the writing on the wall and jumped ship while publishing one scathing attack after another on the group. The firing of Billy Roper by Alliance leader, Erich Gliebe, had already created a huge divide among the membership. Lurid tales of corruption, mismanaged funds, promiscuity and drugs within the compound were running rampant among the racists. Seeing an opportunity to further his own personal appetite for drama and acknowledgment, White decided to join forces with Alex Linder of Vanguard News Network and Billy Roper of White Revolution in an attempt to topple the largest organized hate group in America. White was tenacious, publishing rumors and innuendoes as well as out right lies about the leaders of the National Alliance, claiming knowledge of the in-fighting among the Board of Directors, and others within the ranks, White became a formidable foe of the organization and of Erich Gliebe and Kevin Alfred Strom. Admittedly, there were many moments where we sat back and cheered Bill White on in his endeavors - we even began to wonder if he wasn't really on our side.

When it became known that the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force was investigating Erich Gliebe, the National Alliance leader, Bill White posted an the telephone number and email address of the agent heading the investigation. Regardless of how the racists felt about the Alliance and Gliebe, one thing that they could not tolerate was a rat within their own ranks. Bill White was on his way to being run out of the racist right just as he was when on the left.

At some point, White hooked up with, one time White Power financier, Marc Moran. It seems that White had caught Moran's eye on the campaign trail and that Marc had contributed to his campaign. Of course, in a press release, White had to crow about those who had provided financial support and just had to mention that Moran was part of the National Alliance. Marc had been a friend and contributor to VNN and Alex Linder. There had been some discussion between Linder and Moran about building a business to support Vanguard News Network. Hence the idea of "Shop White," an ebay type business for white people, was born. Marc Moran then fingered Bill White for assisting in the building and hosting of the business.

This, of course, appealed to the ego of White and since he had been boasting around the net about being "independently wealthy," he, obviously had the time to devote to building and maintaining the site from a technical aspect. At the same time, there had already been bad blood between the National Alliance and Alex Linder, and there were some pretty harsh words thrown back and forth. National Alliance member, Chester Doles had been arrested and was facing a lot of jail time. Linder and others in the "Movement" felt that the Alliance had dropped the ball on raising funds for his defense. Vanguard News Network issued a challenge to those on the racist right. Setting a deadline, they claimed to have an anonymous benefactor who was willing to match whatever funds were donated, and the cash started rolling in. The National Alliance couldn't take public issue with this as it would certainly put them in a negative light. But the finger-pointing and discussions that ensued were more than just a little heated. Whatever fissure had started among the membership swiftly became a chasm.

During the fund-raising, Bill White kept the pressure on the Alliance, but was losing ground among the general population as his self-love was becoming more and more evident. Many started questioning his dedication to the movement and began to delve into his anarchist past. While his writings against Jews and other minorities were often appreciated among the right, it was becoming more and more obvious that any "news" that he reported was greatly embellished and spun to the point of illegitimacy. White, witnessing much the same attitude as he had faced with the anarchist crowd, seemed to spin completely out of control right before our very eyes. Struggling to maintain the attention that he thrives upon, and fighting to keep his short-lived stature among the only people who he had ever felt accepted by, Bill White began to self-destruct.

Marc Moran, the financial spine of VNN, had stepped into the political arena, filling a vacated seat on the City Council in Hopewell Burroughs. It wasn't long, however, before Moran's true identity and racist allegiances were made known the town's elected officials. Amidst a media frenzy and public outcries, Moran stepped down - he also stepped out of the picture. What was unbelievable to many of the racists was not only did he turn tail and run for cover, he had entrusted "Shop White" as well as the technical end of VNN to none other than Bill White. The announcement sent shock-waves through the racist right. There was disbelief followed by anger - and plenty of it. With a vengeance the racists took to the internet denouncing Moran for not standing tall in his racialist beliefs. And there was much speculation as to why anyone would leave "Kaiser" Bill, a derisional term that had been attributed to him, in charge of anything. Once it was learned, however, that Moran had been the anonymous benefactor for the Chester Doles fund, most of the members were silenced in their harangue. It wasn't until White came forth with his plans for the future of Shop White that the proverbial shit hit the fan.

Initially, it was speculated among members that Bill White had been the person to "out" Marc Moran to the voters of Hopewell Burroughs. White was, after all, the first person to break the story on Moran. He followed that with a diatribe about "Zog Agents" and a call for others on the right to make phone calls to those officials who ousted Moran. White published the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the town leaders and encouraged others to use them and voice their displeasure. For days White cajoled and prodded others to take action. The real comedy here, however, was when Bill made numerous phone calls to an official issuing obscenities and racial ephitets using his own cell phone. Of course, Caller ID captured his number.

Realizing that he was in the driver's seat when it came to Shop White and VNN, it didn't take long for the narcissistic White to engage in his typical display of muscle flexing and jaw flapping. Claiming to only be interested in the wants and needs of white people, Bill explained how Shop White would work. He posted the "Terms of Agreement." When it was realized that the TOA that White posted gave White the autonomy to do whatever he wanted with the information provided by users - including their credit card numbers - there was a roar that could be heard throughout the darkest reaches of cyber-space. The megalomania of Bill White came back and bit him squarely on the ass. The onslaught against Bill White was relentless. At one point, White accused those who were railing against him of being sent by Kevin Alfred Strom. Incapable of silencing the protests and unable to regain any footing within the racist movement White published a letter on his site supposedly from an "LSN Reader." That letter contained the real names of several key players within the rank and file of the National Alliance. Of course, as thinly veiled as the "LSN Reader" was, everyone knew that it was White. The racists were stunned.

I have written much about Bill White. I have characterized him as the egomaniacal narcissistic person that he is. I have addressed his continuous attempts to reinvent himself and his pathological need to fit in. I never dreamed that someday I would be saying "Thank You" to Bill White - but I was doing just that. I knew that the last thing that White wanted at that point in time was thanks from me. What has ensued was the stuff I dream of - the almost complete decimation of the National Alliance and Vanguard News Network. What more can an anti-racist hope for?

White Nationalists and neo-Nazi's are really not too crazy about being publicly outed. There are some who use their real names - those are generally the ones who make their living largely from their organizations, however. Marc Moran lamented the use of his real name in his day to day writings and activities for the Alliance. Others cite their jobs, communities and families as reasons not to be identified. For most of us, that is hard to understand. We are generally proud of our organizations and our affiliations with them. But, if you are part of a movement which advocates separation or genocide of other races, violent governmental overthrow or hate crimes - I guess you would be a little more circumspect about announcing your allegiances than if you were a tree-hugger. The racists were both stunned and infuriated. They started digging up all of the information on Bill White that they can find. Of course, they had already seen him as a quirky little pest who played at being "pro-white," and who with much of his writing was prone to lies and half-truths. But now they were questioning his ethnicity - that is usually what they do when they can't do anything else. Most of those who had been supportive of White, and attempting to assert some calm over a potentially explosive situation, were now incensed by White's actions. Truly laughable in this entire epic of sleaze was that they were questioning White's integrity and character. We have been trying to tell these people for a very long time that if you lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas. When people of the ilk of these racists become outraged, it is always with such intensity and the outrage is always "morally" based. I guess that the old adage "what you hate in others is often what you hate most about yourself," more than fits in this situation. Perhaps I should have clued them in that there is no honor among thieves or racists."

Being almost completely ostracisized by the people who had formerly embraced him, White had no where to turn. And for someone plagued by narcissism that is a bad place to be. He tried to no avail to ingratiate himself to the flock. Publishing news accounts of black on white crime, anti-semitic rantings and harangues against the government White, once again, found himself trying to fit in - somewhere. But it wasn't happening. With his insatiable need for attention reaching a fever pitch, White published tales about Shop White being hacked into by parties unknown. At one point he claimed to have been hacked by Cox Communication. As all of his machinations and lies seemed to fall on deaf ears and to garner nothing more than jeers and guffaws, White found himself sinking further and further into the recesses of leperdom. It is believed by some that White, in a last ditch effort at demonstrating the many problems that he was having keeping "Shop White" alive, and how unjustly persecuted he had become, entered the VNN forum under an alias and posted the list of "Shop White" customers including their names, addresses, telephone numbers, login names, passwords, and, yes, credit card numbers. The list only lasted a short while on VNN before it was pulled - but that was long enough for it to be circulated around the internet with lightning speed. Not only had the identities and personal information of the customers been made public, but their purchases as well. Imagine the chagrin of Billy Roper when it became known that among his purchases of John Wayne videos were also "Marilyn Manson - Get Your Gunn," "Lords of Acid - Take Control," "Lolita," and "The Sinful Nuns of St. Valentine (An Italian nunsploitation epic in which a demented Mother Superior and a rabid collection of mentally distrubed and sex crazed sisters lose their habits and morals with equal gusto.")

As can readily be imagined, the objections were numerous. White, claiming to have been a victim of a hacker and the subsequent posting of the list by the same, got absolutely no sympathy from the racists. Running out of tricks and needing to regroup, White reached one more time into his morass of mental illness to produce one last ditch effort at regaining the attention of those who he so wished to be part of. He stole VNN and locked Alex Linder out of his own cyber-house. The end result was, of course, a demoralizing defeat for White as Linder's site re-emerged and White was again the butt of jokes from the racists.

Generally speaking, narcissistic individuals require continuous and massive attention. It makes little difference if that attention is positive or negative. If, in fact, the attention is negative they simply convince themselves that they are doing something right or that the sector giving such attention is merely jealous of them. Bill White is certainly a study in classic narcissism. Realizing that none of his stunts were working and that he had lost favor with even the lowest dregs of humanity, White went into overdrive. In an almost deranged paroxysm of maniacal writings, White raged against the Jews, and those on the anti-racist left. Article after article was written and posted in a desperate attempt to win back some of his acceptance. Intermittently between his rantings, White promoted himself. Spouting off about his finances he even wrote articles giving advice on investments. He claimed to be independently wealthy, but the racist right was having none of that. Relentlessly digging into White's background, they nixed his claims at every turn. When he claimed to be in the running for a government contract that would pay him megabucks, he was met with nothing less than derision and scorn. The racists located the names and address of his parents and published them. They accused White of never having held a job and living off of his parents. We got quite a kick out of that one because the same is true of so many of them. And White continued to seek their approval.

Claiming that he had fallen in love and had found his Utopia in a primarily white area of Missouri, White spun a tale of building a house on a hill and leaving Maryland forever. It makes sense that White took that particular track in his search for approval, as it was a road not yet traveled by him. Yearning for acceptance, White spun the utopian dream of all white racists - an all white neighborhood with no crime where children played from dawn to dusk and neighbors looked out for each other. We watched and took guesses at how long this would continue. Narcissists are largely incapable of actual love and commitment to others. Any attempt at a relationship is certain to be disastrous - and this was to be no exception.

When the truth emerged, White was living in racist Nazi, Jennifer Adams'(known as "Hooligirl" on the internet) house under a rental agreement with her. According to Adams, White was renting a room in her house. He came into her bedroom one night while she was talking to another guy on the internet and flew into a rage. Things became physical, the police were called and White was forced to leave. Of course, there is the Bill White spin. According to White, Jennifer was unstable and she was the one who flew into a rage and attacked him. Whatever really transpired in that house will probably always be up for speculation. But Bill White filled his site with the saga of he and Jennifer, the police, her parents, and the lawsuit that he filed against her. Unfortunately for White who desperately wanted the world to believe that he and Jennifer were an item, when he sued for money and belongings he admitted to the rental contract that he had with Adams.

White openly went through all of the stages of self-serving grief. He blamed, he lamented, he denied and he raged. Then he ran away. Taking a brief sabbatical, from his beloved LSN, White ran into an old friend - Erica Hardwick-Hoesch. Erica had been part of the "Movement" for quite some time and was experiencing some inner turmoil. In an almost eerie move, White published "Ode to a Beautiful Woman" upon what he believed was a rekindling of an old friendship. Little did he know that Erica was soon to leave the ranks of the racist right to join forces with the anti-racists. Suddenly, a message appeared on his website that stunned both sides of the playing field. It was a proposal to Jennifer Adams. White stated that he had maligned and treated Jennifer badly not knowing that she was pregnant with his child. He begged her to marry him. However, it wasn't long before Adams denied that pregnancy and turned down the proposal:

"Just because I am SICK of repeating it, and so many people seem to care... "I am not pregnant and I am not having Bill White's love child. Furthermore, if I was, it would be an immaculate conception. We were only friends and he couldn't handle that. By his own accounts, he is trying to sue me for breach of lease agreement.

"According to his own articles he picked my bedroom lock because I locked myself in MY ROOM all day. I was talking to another guy on the net at the time... Everyone who knows me in REAL LIFE knows that I was utterly repulsed by Bill. He did many weird things like pick my locks, go through my drawers... sniffing my dirty underwear, and I even caught him wearing lingerie one time, and it wasn't mine!

"He has been emailing me and calling me non-stop. He thinks I must love him if I can hate him sooo much. According to my boyfriend, "He is away with the fairies".

Over the next few months, White continued to make a complete and utter ass out of himself. At one point he issued a threat against the President of the United States. Later he claimed that someone had posted that threat on his website and that he was in contact with the Secret Service over this and the posting of the Credit Card numbers from Shop White. Of course, the racists then labeled him a "snitch" and a "rat." To many of them, Bill White was nothing more than an annoyance. To others, however, he had become a serious liability and someone who had to be stopped. One poster on VNN issued the following plea:

"Any information on Bill White aka William Alexander White, his family, credit card numbers, passwords, criminal history, addresses, friends, web articles is welcome. It can come from a white racialist, ARA, Jews, blacks, whites... we don't care, we all hate William A White all the same. Any peice of information that can put Bill White back into the mental hospital is really wanted."

Yet another went a step further:

"Now, however, it has come to the forefront in many people's minds that Bill White must be permanently neutralized. He must be neutralized by digging up every stone he lurks under, by plastering the Internet with every unsavory story about him, by letting everyone know where he lives, by exposing every little detail about him that can be found, including public records, pictures of where he lives, what his family members look like, where he's been and where he's at now, the car he drives, the company he keeps, even the toilet he craps in."

The threats and "suggestions" being issued took a very ominous turn:

"Isn't it horrible that you will always have to be in hiding for the rest of your life? No more public appearances, no more running for office. And someone is going to visiting that home for sale with your Mom, and she will probably be all alone."

And those who weren't making threats were hurling accusations:

"It is now two weeks to the day since Bill White posted to his web site a direct and unambiguous threat against the life of President of the United States. He seems to be still at large. For the United States Secret Service to have given White a "pass" on this is simply stunning. I notice that almost by common consent the topic seems to have been swept under the rug and seems to have almost disappeared from this board. Vot giffs? "I say it is because as I have said since I first ran into Mr B White, that he is just a CIA asset. Remember kiddies, the Company, as us Old Crows call them can not operate on USA soil, but this sure does give them a chance to get the SS Secret Service involved who can operate on USA soil. Which if this were not cointellpro, why did the mighty SS Secret Service not investigate the Credit card numbers stolen from ShopWhite earlier when credit card fraud is 90% of their normal work."

It became very obvious very quickly that Bill White was dead in the water as far as any usefulness he might have amongst the racist right. Never again would he be accepted or validated by those whose favor he so ardently sought. Once that fact became evident, the speculation as to his next move, or reinvention of himself, might be:

"It is probably time for Bill to "reinvent" himself again.

"I smell "born again anti-racist" and a long tour on the ADL's talk show and rubber chicken dinner circuit. Can you say "Floyd Cochran?" SURE you can!"

We sincerely doubt that Bill White would ever be able to pull that off. His public displays of instability and chameleon machinations have rendered him an outcast from any circle of respectability. Watching Bill White as he entered the last throes of the debilitating mental illness from which he has long suffered, has not been easy on any of us. While White is at that right end of the continuum which we fight, he is, in fact, a human being in pain - and that is not something which we enjoy seeing.

As he entered his last hoorah, White was almost pitiful. The trial of Matt Hale provided him with a little spark. He joined forces with another person in need of therapy, Creator Kathy Robertazzo, and attempted to report on the proceedings as if they were there. The truth is that neither were present and the spin that was put on the daily events was evidence enough that neither knew what in the hell they were talking about. But White had one more trump to play. As the testimony of FBI confidential informant, Tony Evola, gave the jury in the Hale trial enough evidence to convict, Bill White decided that Evola should reap some of what he had sewn. White published the name, address and phone number of Evola on his website with a message for folks to say "Hi." It didn't take long for the information to appear on racist websites throughout cyber-space. While no one really liked Bill White - they disliked Tony Evola even more. The problem, however, came when Mr. Evola started getting phone calls from some very disgruntled and uncouth people. It seems that Bill White had targeted the wrong Anthony Evola! This little stunt by White created a very unsafe atmosphere for a family that was in no way connected to Matt Hale, the racist right, or Bill White. Of course, the FBI found no humor in what White had done. The Fed's swiftly issued a statement stating their concerns and their plans to monitor the sites of the racists. With false bravado, Bill White took a combative and somewhat bellicose stance claiming that the Federal Government would never shut him down. As warnings were issued throughout the racist community to be careful about what is posted on various forums, White was cavorting in his usual rapacious and grandiose way spouting his self-importance and claiming that the FBI was afraid of him.

A couple of last ditch efforts to maintain his own self-gratification were made by Bill White. In a flurry of posts on his website he tried to tie Citizens Against Hate and One People's Project to a shooting that occurred at Brian Moudry's house. Brian is a Creator who had led a protest against the Hale conviction in Joliet, Illinois. His house was shot at later that evening. White also suggested that he might post the names and addresses of the jurors in Hale's trial. This was followed by an article entitled It's Bitch Slappin' Time" which was published on the Citizens Against Hate website. Bill White made a feeble attempt to locate information on those involved with Citizens Against Hate. Taking a screen name of one of the Directors, Roh Larin, Bill White posted a convoluted message on his website that went something like this: The P.O. Box for CAH is in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since there is a lot of trouble which comes from anti-racists out of Cleveland, there is a good chance that they are really based in Cleveland. CAH is also part of Unity Groups and when you do a google search for Unity Groups it takes you to a high school in Cleveland. Additionally, there is a "Larin" listed in Cleveland - a female. Since Roh Larin probably lives with his mother - that is probably the place. Bill White then published the name and personal information for a woman with the last name of Larin who has absolutely no connection whatsoever to Citizens Against Hate. We guess he learned nothing from his Tony Evola fiasco. Of course, the authorities were notified as well as the innocent woman.

Posting the personal information of people has become almost expected from Bill just as making things up has become a given. Funny, but when he can't find the information he is looking for, to him, the next best thing is fabrication.

All of the above has been reported on widely across the internet. One of the things that I have learned about Bill White is not to write him off too quickly. Just about the time you think he is going to be history, he manages to pull something out of his hat. Now, he had burned himself completely out with the white nationalist bunch?but there was the National Socialist Movement that offered him a walk back into the good graces of, at least, some of the racist right.

That isn't saying a whole lot considering the NSM personifies what many refer to as the "freaks and the weaklings" of the movement. One can only speculate as to what Jeff Schoep was thinking when he accepted and embraced both Bill White and Michael Blevins into the rank and file. Then again, Jeff Schoep has never been accused of being very bright. But there is one thing for certain, we can see where it will all end up. I can't help but wonder though if Schoep has ever read any of Bill White's statements. For instance, one that might have proven beneficial would have been the following:

"I don't generally get involved with groups or movements; when I do it is either because the group seems functional and it seems that we can mutually provide for each other, or it is because some usurper within the group is ready to take it over and has asked for my assistance?.I never join a group with the intent of "taking it over" - I only get involved in the take overs if there is some benefit to me without any real potential for loss."

Bringing Bill White on board has certainly done nothing for the already ailing NSM. The group that is routinely referred to as "Hollywood Nazi's" and shunned by many in the movement has further alienated itself from others. White simply carries with him the stigma of his past. In order to understand just how deep that stigma carries, all one has to do is read what others in the movement have to say about him.


I remind VNNers that any information you turn over to Bill White will be used against you the minute it's in his interest.

Bill White? Piece of shit.

VNN will not work with NSM or Bill White in any official way. He is not WN, he is not trustworthy, he will use any information he gleans from background checks to advance his own interests/inform the feds

What NSM does is its business. But Bill White is my business. Remember ShopWhite? It was Bill's incompetence that released a lot of people's cc information to the world. Then there's the little fact that he likes to share information with the antis and the feds.

The upshot is that Bill White is absolutely untrustworthy. He suggested to the Secret Service that one of our writers had made a threat against the president, solely out of his childish unwillingness to face legitimate questions about his screwups with ShopWhite. If that doesn't make him an informant, then you pick the word. He has libeled me and others too many times to count. He's not a man, he's a punk, just as he was back in junior high.

I warn VNN supporters that any information you provide him or people he works with will be used against you. Bill White has no respect for anything but his own interests, and nothing but lawsuits will faze him. Loyalty, simple integrity - these don't exist to him. He has said many times that WN are losers, and that he is not one of them. When did those change?

Bill White is a government informant. He turned over Victor Wolzek's name to the Secret Service, knowing that VW was not involved with that supposed threat against President Bush. He did this purely out of his juvenile delinquent's malice after VW wrote him a simple letter asking for some answers in relation to the ShopWhite fiasco.

Did you read what I said? Your buddy Bill White encouraged the Secret Service to believe that Victor Wolzek had something to do with a threat against the president's life. Out of his petty rage and childish inability to accept responsibility for the mess he created, White tried to mess up the life of one of the movement's very best writers. The SS did show up at VW's door and interview him at length.

So, Bill White is a punk. He's an "anarchist" who runs to the government to help him carry out his childish vendettas. White has said a hundred times he is not a WN, yet he is accepted into the NSM without a moment's thought. You have had a front seat at the White show. When he turns on the NSM, don't say you weren't warned.

Bill White commits his dirty deeds and runs away. He's a pussy. He won't even pick up the phone to respond to challenges.

Don't be fooled. White has ability, both with words and technically. But he has a bad character, and in time he will do to you and NSM what he did to us.

In times of trouble, it is good to reflect on what created the problems in the first place. My reflection leads me to blame myself. I should have stepped in immediately when Marc Moran, without my foreknowledge, contracted with Bill White. My only defense is that I did not fully appreciate White's complete lack of loyalty to anything or body but himself, his complete lack of scruples, and most disturbingly of all his delusionality. His attempts to screw up a site you all visit and look forward to daily require no explanation. The executive summary here is that this guy was paid tens of thousands of dollars to build new VNN and ShopWhite. The money was utterly wasted. The same thing could have been accomplished using free software. With all that money in his pocket, you might expect at the least that White would bow out gracefully when it became apparent that our mutual venture ShopWhite could not survive readers' and potential users' legitimate distrust of him, and their extremely well grounded fear that their private credit card information would be spread all over the 'Net due to his technical incompetence or carelessness. All I can say is that I am sick over what has happened, and that as of this moment VNN completely severs any relationship with William White. The general opinion of Bill White is correct. To those who warned me, what can I say? I was wrong, and now I'm picking off the fleas.


Mr. Bill, the "Libertarian Socialist," has never claimed to be WN. Yet he's quoted as an authority here. Pathetic.I hadn't noticed Mr. Bill until he started posting articles about Mark Cotterill and the American Friends of the British National Party a couple of years ago. He seemed to be sympathetic to the AFBNP, which was then under attack by Morris Dees' SPLC as violating the Foreign Agent Registration Act by collecting money in the U.S. for the BNP. So I called Mark, figuring he would surely know this guy. To my surprise, he said Mr. Bill was the SPLC informant who had caused all the trouble.Mark would eventually be deported as a result. And Mr. Bill would revert to his infantile name-calling -- "Chi Chi Cotterill" (invented by Mr. Bill's homosexual friend) and, most recently, "Stormfront Faggots" and "Stormfront Gives Weenie Kevin Strom A Hand."Mark Potok and Company must be laughing their asses off.

What's the relationship of long-time SPLC informant, general whackjob and all-around POS Bill White to the NSM? Is he really the "spokesman?"

Further down in that thread, "thorax," who was Marc Moran, makes it clear he doesn't believe me.

He'd go on to give White many thousands of dollars for "ShopWhite" auction software, which could have been had for $160 off-the-shelf. After he'd finished with them, White would turn on Moran and his partner, Alex Linder, locking the software Moran had paid well over $10,000 for and attempting to take complete control of their site.

He'll do the same after he's had his fun with you, now that he's the Halloween Nazi "Gauleiter of Roanoke."

As far as Stormfront is concerned, I'll quote myself, from further down in that thread, exactly two years ago today:

"I guess I'm a Darwinist. Anybody stupid enough to trust Bill White deserves what they get. I'd rather they get culled now than later, when everything gets critical."


If Bill White is crazy then he's crazy like a fox. The intention here is to point out that having any dealings with this man could be potentially dangerous. I have no idea of how many people actually entrusted him with their credit card numbers and personal information only to find out that some mysterious person has hacked into ShopWhite and now has that information.

Combine that with his vicious slanderous attacks against well known and respected figures in the White Nationalist community and the conclusion should be that this man is in the same camp as Abe Foxman and Morris Dees. He is most definitely not on our side and should be shunned. Pity him if you want but I wouldn't recommend giving him your name or credit card information.


Bill White is white trash and those that support him are no better. Like attracts like.

Kirk Schultz

My understanding is that Bill White tends to be fickle and changes his stripes a lot. I remember when he was writing for Pravda way back when, and I find it surprising that he has manged to come to the White Nationalist camp. My instinct is that he is playing a game to satisfy his ego. For this reason, I don't trust him and I certainly won't do business with him in any way, shape, or form. I view Bill White as a kind of "trojan horse", whether that is intentional or not on his part.


There is no way I would accept Bill White in a position of influence in the National Alliance.

That is Kevin Strom's main problem with VNN - the association with White.

I can see KAS and Linder burying the hatchet and working together, but not with Bill White anywhere in the picture.

Is he part of your team, Alex? Because you are going nowhere with White as baggage.

If the National Office lets White in the door I'll tear up my NA card so fast it'll catch fire. And that goes for every single NA man I know.

Bill White calls his blog Overthrow. There he amuses himself excoriating every WN I have ever heard of, posting whatever outrageous nonsense comes into his head, along with a few kernels of accurate information.

At best, he is a hobbyist, a prankster, and something of the gossip maven of wacko fringe racialism, who doesn't care what he says or who he talks to or what the consequences may be. Apparently he has money and he gets around in some very weird circles, and some people who should know better confide in him.

Bill has caused some trouble for the Nationalist cause, and he gets ink from outfits like the SPLC, who publicize him as a mover and shaker among White Nationalists. The SPLC staff knows very well that Bill is a pariah among the sober and pragmatic WN majority, but they love talking him up, and he loves talking to them.

It would be an understatement to say that using Bill as a spokesman for the NSM reflects poorly on Commander Schoep's judgement. The Commander could not be unaware of Bill's seedy and often silly personal history and record of involving himself in WN affairs. The NSM might as well associate themselves with Malik Zulu Shabazz as with this fellow.

The NSM already has an image problem with a public perception of them as lunatic thugs in costume. Bill White's participation will not help that image.

Let me make myself perfectly clear.Know Bill White for what he is. Do not be taken in by his criticism of the jew, that is his smokescreen. He is false. He is the enemy.I know of no jew who has done us more direct harm in the past two months than Bill White has. He has visited himself among us, braying his "anti-Semitism", with no other motive than to divide us, to set us at each other, to sow mistrust, to create doubt. Does that sound like a classic jewish gambit? Well it is, whether he be jew or not. He intends to harm us and he has succeeded in doing so. He intends no harm to the jew and he has done no harm to the jew.

It is my belief that White is an agent provacateur; that White initiated contact with the FBI office in Cleveland, in an effort to make trouble for one of our fellow WNs, and that he edited an email message from a Special Agent there, which he posted on Overthrow, to make it seem as though the agent had taken an interest on his own; it is my belief that White himself released the personal information from ShopWhite, and has concocted a cover story involving a "hacker" associated with the NA; it is my belief that even now White is doctoring his server logs in order to frame a WN for this bogus hack. He has posted personal information about WN on Indymedia before; now, with ShopWhite, he has a gold mine of gullible WNs to hurt thereby.I have the word of the man I trust the most in the Cause that White was directly responsible for destroying the American Friends of the BNP and Mark Cotteril's resulting deportation.He slings the vilest insults and spreads the most vicious rumors everywhere he can, the better to humiliate and slander good WN people.

And now this.This man is a poison pill. He is no more WN than Abe Foxman or Mo Dees, and no sooner to be trusted.And let this be understood: this is not a "Stormfront position statement" nor a reaction to a "White vs NA" war. These are my personal observations and my own conclusions, and there are some few who agree with me. For how can you not when you consider the evidence of his behavior and his words? White is at war with WN. Know this.

Commander, knowing what we know of that fellow, we were surprised to hear that he was involved with your group. Naturally we asked questions.

And we are providing a little background. In a post above, Mr. Black mentioned ShopWhite, which was to be an internet auction/shopping mall. You might wonder what happened to ShopWhite. ShopWhite did get off the ground and was operating rather nicely. Bill required membership, like eBay, and membership required a ten dollar deposit and a credit card number. Several hundred people signed up. ShopWhite is now defunct because every credit card number and account holder's name recorded by the webmaster of ShopWhite - and that would be Bill White - found it's way onto the net, in various places, but most conspicuously on Indymedia. He published the whole list.

Back when Bill was entrusted with the membership list of the National Alliance, he published that information, too.

He once published on Overthrow a blatant threat to kill Kevin Alfred Strom, in addition to all the slander, libel, and general nastiness of his public campaign of insults against the Stroms in particular and most everyone else prominent in the NA in general.

He did all these things for fun, Bill White style.

Now he's looking at you.

Your call.

As for informants of the run of the mill type, the whole movement is lousy with them. That's part of the territory, too. Don't worry about it. I've always said if the police want to know what goes on at NA meetings, I'll tell them: book reviews and discussion of current events. They know that anyway since they attend - undercover.

Bill White's informing is of a somewhat different stripe. He just blabs, he loves blabbing. He's been known to call FBI agents and blab to them. He published at least one transcript of a conversation he had with an FBI man, though I forget who it was he was trying to have arrested that time. I'll check, I think I saved it somewhere.

He blabs to the SPLC, he blabs to anybody. He doesn't care. He's just having a high old time. Anything you tell him, any personal information he has about you, sooner or later winds up on the net - and suitably embellished.

Now, y'all suit yourselves, but I wouldn't give that boy a laundry list, much less my phone number, address, or credit card.


Bill White IS a rat. He is a worthless piece of garbage.

Any WN with any sense will stay as far away from Bill White as possible. As for me, I'll not have anything to do with anyone that works with BW.


I would hope the NSM thinks about the risk they are taking by having Bill White active within their group. The evidence is clear that he is not one to be trusted. My question is if you know this man can't be trusted and the proof is in the pudding regarding his talking to the FBI, lying about good people within our cause who work hard to get our message out and wake up people to the truth, and giving out names and address why would you take a chance with your own members being burned by this guy who has burned so many people?


First off, I hate to say this:

But Bill White fooled a LOT of people, including Marc Moran and Alex Linder, that he supported white nationalism.

But he NEVER fooled me.

In reality, Bill White is an intelligent, manipulative, semi-mentally ill person whose personal life is so depressing he seeks gratification in harming others via the Internet. THAT is his only purpose in life.

Now, however, it has come to the forefront in many people's minds that Bill White must be permanently neutralized. He must be neutralized by digging up every stone he lurks under, by plastering the Internet with every unsavory story about him, by letting everyone know where he lives, by exposing every little detail about him that can be found, including public records, pictures of where he lives, what his family members look like, where he's been and where he's at now, the car he drives, the company he keeps, even the toilet he craps in.


What his family members look like, where he's been and where he's at now, the car he drives, the company he keeps, even the toilet he craps in.


So, assuming any of this is happening at all-and with Bill White one never knows how much is real and how much is fantasy-Mr. White ADMITS that he is a snitch and a coward who calls on ZOG to fight his battles for him?
Not really much of a MAN, are you, Bill?

"It's unfortunate that a community such as Roanoke is going to be given a black eye because some idiot like Bill White". First off, I hate to say this: But Bill White fooled a LOT of people, including Marc Moran and Alex Linder, that he supported white nationalism.But he NEVER fooled me.In reality, Bill White is an intelligent, manipulative, semi-mentally ill person whose personal life is so depressing he seeks gratification in harming others via the Internet. THAT is his only purpose in life.

I don't know if Bill White is a rat but I follow fairly regularly and one thing I've noticed about Bill is his fixation on other people's sexuality. If Bill doesn't like you he will call you a homo and your wife or girlfriend a lesbian. Then he will go into detail about all the homo partners you live with and the lavish gifts you buy them.

Bill, are you struggling to get something off your chest? Otherwise ixnay on the agaye for a while.

As was stated earlier, we are not profiling Bill White because he is a racist or anti-Semite. We believe that the convictions that he claims to hold are absolutely superficial and transient in nature. As with relationships, we do not believe that Bill White is capable of maintaining a convicted or committed stance for or against anything. It appears that White's sole existence is controlled by his need for acceptance and validation. Consequently, his political standing, ideological leanings and philosophy on life and its issues merely change when the need arises for more or greater attention. However, Bill White should not be discounted as a harmless nut floating around the internet. Bill White is a dangerous persona. His ability to lie and deceive and fabricate is going to get someone hurt. His intelligence matched with his adeptness at divisionary tactics pits one person or group against another most effectively. In my opinion, his lack of remorse and societal understanding borders on sociopathic psychosis and should never be written off as non-threatening. Therefore, Bill White will remain within our radar screen as long as he continues to be a menace to society.

The overriding question in all of this is why, with someone so well known, and with a history such as White's, is able to continue ingratiating himself into the groups of the racist right? Those who have seen him in action and who have railed against him, by and large, still do so. But, there are some who appear so desperate for a modicum of success or for someone, anyone, to follow, who are willing to "forgive and forget."

In part three of this series we will look at the lies that have been told and the gullible who accept every word as fact.