Friday, November 25, 2005

The Mystery of Christ Is Solved

Photo by Isis
Kingston, New York may get back to normal now that the Nazi flurry has past. Yet, the debate continues. And in the wake of the happenings of last weekend, we are left to ponder what really did take place. Perhaps one of the strangest moments of that one-hour non-event was when Glendale, California attorney Mona Montgomery spoke to the crowd.

The demonstration had been called a rally against violence and was meant to give the Nazi's a platform on which they could rant against black on white crime. Tensions were high in the city as Hal Turner went on and on about a young white boy who was beaten up by a black kid. Blaming the local law-enforcement for not calling the incident a hate crime and attempting to shame the few local residents for what he considered their apathy about the whole affair, he then turned the microphone over to a woman by the name of Mona Montgomery.

Ms. Montgomery swiftly changed the tone and the subject. Screeching her message of anti-Semistism and Holocaust denial, Montgomery's presentation had nothing to do with the stated message of the rally. It has since come to light that Montgomery, who really is a minor player in the movement, may have some deep pockets and according to those on the inside she funnels a lot of cash to Hal Turner.

Understanding that, we could then understand why Turner felt obligated to give her a forum. What we couldn't understand is why she chose the subject matter. Then we were told that she truly is a one-trick-pony whose only objective in life is to prove that the Holocaust never happened. While her speech was absolutely off topic and delivered in an almost comical manner, I guess we should be thankful that she didn't take off on her latest endeavor - proving that the Jews ate Christ.

That's right - I didn't stutter or mistype anything. This woman has proffered the message that the Jews actually dined on Jesus. Now, I have been around the block a time or two and I have heard some pretty outlandish things, but this is right up there at the top of my bodacious list! Shortly after the Kinston event as everyone was trying to figure out who this screeching woman was, she graced the VNN forum with the following post:


"Jews sacrificed their own children on altars to Molech. There are many reports chronicled by Catholic monks over the last two millinea of little white children found sacrificed on Judenstein (Jewish stones) in the Black forest. The Jews eat their sacrificial victims to this day (mostly chickens). It is my personal belief that they ate Jesus. I base this belief on the following facts: (1) Jesus went into the temple and scouraged the Jews for selling sacrificial animals in the temple. (2) Jesus was crucified within days after scourging the Jews in the temple. (3) Jesus was crucified on Passover (the day the Jews sacrifice their animals. (4) Jesus' body was taken off the cross at 3:00 p.m. (the exact time the Jews hold their "slaughter sessions" on Passover. (5) Jesus' body mysteriously disappeared. CONCLUSION: The Jews ate Jesus!"

Parents! Do you know where your children are???

God I love my job!!!!


  1. always wondered what the jew put in their matzah ball

  2. I, too, was puzzled by Mona's rants, which had no discernible connection to Hal's rally.

    At least, no surface connections. All this does is more fully link Hal Turner with the most extreme elements of the racist right, while discrediting sycophants like NewsGuy who try to describe Hal as a "conservative Republican."

  3. Got to admit, these bigots can be a great source for entertainment on boring nights.

  4. I absolutely roared when I read her mess. This is an educated person! Where in the hell do they come up with this?

  5. I am sure that Mona did not help Hal convince people that he is just another happy Republican. Holocaust denial is about as far from mainstream America as you can get.

  6. And I thought I had heard it all! Wow this woman is a piece!!!

  7. Oh...but Hal is just sooooo misunderstood.

  8. a courageous woman who dares to proclaim to the world the great truth of the holocaust lie and of course she becomes vilified and just like the jews crucified christ for telling the truth of the jews to the world so this heroine is blasphemed

    i am sure the jewauthorities would like to crucify mona and all her followers as well

    she better make sure not to pay a visit to parasite israel, the kikes there will certainly have her arrested as soon as she steps foot on kikeland

  9. Yeah, and they will eat her too right? PLEASE!!!

  10. I was at the Kingston rally and IMHO, Mona was the low point of their message.

    Hal, dispite what my own opinions are, is at least a very clear and charismatic speaker.

    He addresses his issue and stays on message.

    There were a few points said at that really I do agree with.

    a. If Robbie was beaten up for racist reasons, it should be treated as a hate crime.

    b. NO CHILD should have to go to school and face that level of bullying.

    Where I part ideas with Hal and his rally, is that I don't believe blaming race is the answer.

    The responsibility is with parents, teachers, LE, our Judicial System and most of all the kids themselves, not a skin colour.

    Now, if there were any mothers trying to listen to Hal's message about school violence awareness, it was flushed down the drain when this woman, Mona, stepped up to the mic.

    She opened her speech with claims that there were never any gas chambers in Germany during WW2 and anyone who believed there were any, hates the white race.

    Now, I am not always a PR political wiz kid, but for any mother looking for a hope of school safety in Hal's message it was tossed out with the presence of this tin hat wearing loon.

    I can understand Hal's need for fundraising, and if adding Mona and her insane message to not only adds Mona's money to his cause, but it will also bring him $10,000 in a direct mailing, then I could see the point.

    But, anything short of that would prove having Mona as a speaker a bad move.

  11. to nikki:

    you cleverly slandered mona by claiming she said "the jews ATE jesus" what she said was "the jews HATE jesus", which is of course what we all know to be true

  12. hummm...

    I have let all of this banter go mostly and returened to my semi normal Kingston life.

    The hate emails and postings on my little poetry board have stopped. Though I am banned from making comments on Hal's Site permenantly for trying to post the Hate emails there on his own message boards.

    Sad to see when the truth is put right in ones face. People mostly ignore it or block it out. As in my case.

    I agree that if it was a hate crime it should be treated as one.

    Accept it was not one.

    I hope you all had a good holiday.

  13. She said ATE.. lol since I was standing right there when she talked I can like.. testify to that. No slander there.

    Better luck next time at making nikki look bad.

  14. "you cleverly slandered mona by claiming she said "the jews ATE jesus" what she said was "the jews HATE jesus", which is of course what we all know to be true"

    Except all but the craziest of white people acknowledge that historically, Jesus had to be Jewish. Oh, and the Bible says he was as well. I don't really care what your "translations" or own research say about the matter.

  15. Ajax and Deadmeatga:

    Why are you even defending this lunatic?

    The whole segment of Mona's rant in which she used the word "ate" revolves around supposed cannibalistic practices of Jews. "Ate" fits the rhetoric, while "Hate" does not.

    By defending Mona, you make yourselves look as goofy as she.

    As far as Christ's ethnicity, Bible quotes can be spun to make Him out to be just about any race the reader wants Him to be. Cogent arguments can be made for a Jewish, Palestinian, or North African heritage, and I have seen some people try to give Him a Greek heritage.

    So what? It's the MESSAGE, people, not the skin color or ethnicity. Jesus boiled it all down to two commandments; white power and Christian Identity advocates would do well to pay heed to these:

    Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment.
    And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

    Matthew 22: 37-40

    It isn't any clearer than that.

  16. LOL! She not only said "ate" she wrote "ate" on the VNN message board. One person there immediately said- "And some people wonder why average whites are not joining this message board or the cause by the droves."

    Now, ajax wants to defend this stupidity. Ajax - I don't have to "cleverly slander" anyone - you guys give me all of the material I need.

    IsisDC - I think we all agree that if it were a hate crime it should be charged as such. The problem that I see is that those on the racist right think that every act against a white person by ANY minority is generated by hate.

    Toni - hope your holiday was great!

  17. historymike, I know what she said. I wasn't defending her; I was just responding to Ajax. Sorry for the confusion.

  18. BTW: Hal probably isn't going to file any lawsuit and even if he did, he has no chance of winning it.

    The reason is, he wasn't discriminated against because he is white.

    And I like to know why Hal was telling the cops what restuarants they were going to in the first place? He was probably scared of being confronted by antifa.

  19. Nikki- It could very well have been a hate crime, but the problem is that when it is not recognized by the proper authorities as such alternative groups will step in to assume the voice of "injustice".

    If this was a hate crime that was not dealt with properly, I blame the system for opening the door for Hal Turner and others to step through it.

    If there is a problem of bullying at that school which is also not dealt with properly, I blame those who are not keeping the schools at a safe standard who are giving folks like Hal a case to stand on.

    If groups like Hal's and the WN's are gaining legs (as one who has been photographing them for a while, I believe they are) is a troubling issue, the concerns they portray should not be ignored or discarded just because there is a racist agenda attached.

    Again, if Robbie is a victim of a hate crime, as a society we need to face it and be honest with it.

    If we don't it will divide our society and we will see more people run to the side of Hal Turner and the racialist like mind.

  20. My bad, deadmeatga. I only read the first part of the post and wrongly assumed that the quote was your thoughts.

  21. Herein lies the problem with hate crime legislation. In my opinion, all violent acts are crimes of hate. Determining whether or not an act qualifies as a hate crime, under the current definition, is not always easy largely because it is subjective.

    If someone paints a swastika and racial slurs on a synagogue - that's a no brainer, of course it qualifies as a hate crime. But if someone violently attacks a person and beats him or even kills him, how do you determine if it was racially motivated? The use of racial slurs during the attack? Does that tell us that the perpetrator killed or beat the person only because of the color of his skin or his religion or sexual orientation?

    I, personally, think that is why hate crime charges are brought against more whites that blacks. In most instances where this happens, the authorites are able to tie the perpetrator to racist groups or racist persuasion. In the cases with black on white crime, it is generally difficult to establish such a mindset.

    Because of the difficulty incurred with determining whether or not it is a hate crime, I believe that either better criteria must be developed or the entire enhancement needs to be scrapped. The division being created by such legislation may be even more damaging to race relations in this country.

    I don't know...what do you guys think?

  22. When local places to eat turned them away I was proud of my fellow Americans.

    I do not have a lot of fancy come backs and strong willed words. Tomorrow is my 31st birthday. I am feeling old.

    I would have definately shut my door on Hal and his friends. No question about it.

  23. to isisdc:

    "If groups like Hal's and the WN's are gaining legs (as one who has been photographing them for a while, I believe they are) is a troubling issue, the concerns they portray should not be ignored or discarded just because there is a racist agenda attached."

    just make sure you retain in your mind the same sentiments for the racist and militant groups from the non white and extreme left crowds, unless you want to wear the crown of hypocrisy

    to toni elise:

    "When local places to eat turned them away I was proud of my fellow Americans."

    i hope you would feel the same way if some black militant group showed up for a 'hate whitey' rally and the community (it would have to be a white community of course, a black community would welcome them as heroes) refused to service them

  24. Nikki- I think a criteria is probably the solution and it must apply to everyone equally.

    If not, then we really should scrap all hate crime legislation and maybe up the penalty for vandalism and violence and have a zero tolorance for any crimes commited.

    I do know that if Robbie were my son I would be going out of my mind right now.

    If the kid who beat him up were my son, I would be out of mind as well because I would be riddled with guilt that a child of mine could hurt someone that badly.

    This Kingston case has pushed more buttons in me from all sides than any story I have ever photographed.

    Speeches like Mona's were very disturbing, yet, I then read an article about someone from the other side claiming that "Robbie deserved it" and that hurt me inside just as much.

    I have been photographing lots of different kinds of protest stories, I try very hard not to get my personal feelings involved.

    I am having a very hard time with both sides of this case.

    No, racism is not the solution with solving this issue, but sweeping a possible racial based violence problem in our school system under the rug is also not solving anything either.

    Both are equally as destructive.

    Toni- I am not a pro-Nazi fan either, and I can sort of understand where you are coming from, but, do you really feel proud to live in a country that will allow a refusal of service because of a belief?

    If I were a resturant owner my heart would probably leap a bit if I saw a group with Nazi uniforms enter my place, but I would probaly still serve them.

    For one thing, I am a soft hearted sucker and try not to hurt anyone if I can help it (I have a house full of stray cats to prove that one)and yes, even if someone with a Nazi uniform came to the door of my home needing help I would give it to them.

    Second, I try to believe that our nation was founded on the principles that people are free to wear what they like and think what they like as much as it might bother me to see or hear.

    We get no where in society if we return hate with hate.

  25. Ajax- I thnk I was writting my last post when you posted your question.

    I think I answered your question?

    If not, let me know?

  26. Nikki made a good point. When Whites get together, it is always said to be White Power groups & etc. But when Niggers get together, its always from love or whatever. If Bro Jessee or Bro Al Shopton would've went to Kingston; then nothing would've been said. That would be normal, but let Bro Hal come to town and its the end of the world.

  27. Sharpton and Jackson would have brought out just as much media as Hal Turner, elmer.

    Of course, Sharpton and Turner are a hell of a lot more skilled at working the mainstream media than Turner. They would not be seen in public with the likes of a Mona Montgomery.

    All Turner did was shoot himself in the foot by being seen with that loon.

  28. Steve Holsten (Elmer Frazier),

    Yes, it is 100% clear that Hal wasn't discriminated against because he is white. Of course, you're too stupid to figure out why though. Perhaps I'll educate you in a few days if you behave yourself.

    Whites get together all the time, when's the last time you been to most churches? or the local Moose? or the Lions club? or the local private golf club? There are plenty of all white churches (here in South Carolina, there are almost ZERO integrated churches, they'll either all black or all white) and private groups, but they don't call for the deaths of other groups of people. That's why they aren't branded as hate groups. Hal Turner does call for violence and death and thus should be correctly called a hate monger.

  29. HistoryMike,

    Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton haven't called for all white people to be exterminated.

    But Hal Turner has many, many times called for such against jews, blacks, hispanics, and gays. Hal Turner has said many times that "violence solves everything". Of course Hal meant for others to do the violence while he does none himself.

    That's a major difference.

  30. to harryschwartz:

    have you forgotten about Dr. Kamau Kambon retired black college professor who called for the extermination of the white race?...if not why not just type in that name in your browser seach area and have a peak...

    i am waiting for nikki or historymike to write up a weblog post report and commentary on that....hahaha the iceburgs will form around hell's edges first

    to isisdc:

    not sure where the confusion is just wrote that post as a general complaint as i see it in the disparity of coverage of white and black nationalist groups as the media coverages them

  31. AJAX,

    Dr. Kamau Kambon is not Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson.

    However Hal Turner said those comments directly.

    We aren't falling for the "bait and switch" trick.

    However, one search on google will show 100s of people condeming what he said. World Net Daily, which gets about 1,000 times more views than this site gets, sure talked about his comments. But they don't talk about Hal Turner and his comments. Gee, wonder why????

    So don't lie and say the media ignores black racist. They certainly don't.

  32. Schwartz- yes there have been all all kinds of leaders of all different colours and races who have expressed horrid bigotry toward other races.

    All of it is wrong, all of it should be faced.

    It needs to be dealt with and not with returned hate, but with honesty and social rejection from all of us.

    This is not a one sided situation, this is a problem that has many sides and not one racial group is innocent.

    There are Black, Jewish, Catholic, Anglo-Saxon, Hispanic.. ect...racist leaders who have taken up an agenda based in the fear of their own people with an insular and sometimes violent and deadly solutions.

    They are all equally divisive, abusive, cruel and wrong.

    The idea that all the white people are bigots and people of colour are the only victims of racism is exactly how the Hal Turners of the world get their angry mobs.

    Does anyone ever look at the reasons why some of these people are angry?

    I am NOT saying their bigotry is right, but there is misplaced anger that a one sided society has not allowed them a place except in the angry words of those they believe are defending them.

    Yes, they are turning to a very destructive set of ideals, but has anyone before the Hals of the world started spewing their stuff given them an ear for their fears and concerns?

    We need to reach out to one another before these racial lines grow thicker.

  33. Hello Isis,

    All forms of bigotry is wrong. However, I understand to a point why African-Ameicans unite as a race and it's because they are in the minority & the past history that has happened against them.

    I also realize there are extremist in every race and group.

    Racism against blacks still exist big time here in South Carolina. The churches here are totally divided by race with a few exceptions in more liberal cities like Charleston and Columbia. A lot of landlords refuse to rent to blacks even though it's against the law. They even still have a white biker week and a black biker week in Myrtle Beach. The shops tried to close in Myrtle Beach during black biker week.

    I think the mainstream media is much more likely to point out black racism than white racism. Just listen to mainstream shows like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Fox News and you'll see how pro-white the media is. Do you ever see Fox News doing a big story when a black or ugly girl goes missing? Nope, only the pretty white ones get mentioned.

    And I guarantee you that when a black person makes an openly racist remark, sites like and will be over all it while igoring the racism of Hal Turner and his mentally ill followers. So while Nikki might only focus on white racism, it's a small amount of coverage compared to what other sites give black racism.

    I believe firmly that nearly all white racism is a result of some form of mental illness or defect. I believe black racism is a backlash against what has happened to them in the past.

    It still doesn't make black racism right but I do understand the frustration of them as a group.

    Take care,


  34. Schwartzo the KIKE, I took a big ole Shit while I was on your Shit Hole blog.

  35. to harry schwartz:
    "Dr. Kamau Kambon is not Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson.

    However Hal Turner said those comments directly.

    We aren't falling for the "bait and switch" trick."

    am i to presume by your above statement that hal turner has anywhere near the cachet and name recognition and media presence that these 2 black race pimp clowns have on their people and the media?

    i am not falling for your own clever bait and switch jewscheme either i am fully aware that dr.kamobo kambobo nutcase has no standing (hopefully) among most blacks (he did recive some light applause though with his extermination declaration)

    and as far as i know hal turner has not spoken before an audience with cameras rolling calling for the entire black race to be exterminated....have no fear schwartzy faithful nikki will rush to her weblog and post links and much commentary for your viewing reading pleasure if mr. turner were to ever do so

    and in so far as the general media outside the internet i have been without tv for 3 years so i am not sure how the tv media reported on dr kambonehead's rant, i dont think the print media devoted much ink to it,

    this leave the internet and of course dr. kambobobrain's desire was well reported on and received much just condemnation

    this shows how important the internet is to white nationalists and their sympathisers, this is all that we really have, we are excluded from every educational insttution of any kind, we have no government grants to fund our operations, we are not rich because most whites are too afraid to support us even if they share sympathys, we are an outcast leperous people, despised and hated by all (except ourselves and those that share opinios and views)

    would not the extreme left and their multi-culti overloards dearly like to shut us all down

    as we grow in numbers and make our presence known in a visible way we become a growing threat to the established order of the white-guilt layered multi-culti diversion alice in wonderland fantasy world reality that the extreme left and multi-culti cultists have been building for the past 50 years

    2 young girls who dare to openly declare that they prefer to be around members of their own race and they record songs with lyrics with racial oriented positive sentiments

    and all the media pounce on them and desire to march them off to the white-guilt re-education camps

    the internet is the last remaining torch of complete freedom of speech and thought that exists in the world today, and it scares the extreme left and the multi-culti-diversion dillusionists like nothing they have seen in their lifetime

    just watch and see how the government authorities react when a white nationalist group does something big, another oklahoma federal government bombing perhaps, they will try to shutdown all white nationalists websites enmasse without regard to content, they will label each and every white nationalist website as hateful and evil and shut them all down

    "I believe firmly that nearly all white racism is a result of some form of mental illness or defect. I believe black racism is a backlash against what has happened to them in the past."
    hey schwartzy i sure hope you come back to the commentary area so you can read what i have to say about the above statement of yours: a truly astounding slander, to use the term 'mental illness' a jew (assuming you are) your jew institution of the mental health industry (dominated by jews) have they made one of their mental health diagnosis 'white nationalsim' a category of mental illness?...(maybe i can get me one of those SSI checks for being 'mentally ill'?...) a sickening slander something out of stalin russia...just like the term 'racist' just label them as being 'mentally ill' and whatever they say is not to be taken with any seriousness jews are very clever i have to hand you that...

    i am curious though to hear a little more about what 'mental illness' 'white racism' exactly is, is it some grandious feelings that the so called white racist feels when he compares himself with the blackman, geee we sure would not want to compare the white vs black race development on earth for the last 2,000 years would we?, and we certainly don't want to compare white and black statistics today do we?....oh nooooooo we want to set up this multiculturalistic fantasy world wherein white and blacks are equal in all things, geee i just look at that young black with those pants hanging down to his knees and it makes me wonder...what an advanced sophisticated manner of dress, how modern and smart...makes me wonder how it has not caught on with the entire population (maybe because everyone other than blacks find it repulsive and disgusting?...)

    is your defenition of 'white racism'-'mental illness' a strange affliction suffered by a growing number of whites sick and tired as they see black faces left and right being advanced by their skin pigmentation (true 'institutional racism') and not by their own it a plague of 'mental illness' going around when whites growing by the day brush off the 'white-guilt' stamped on them by the extreme left and multi-culti cultists and think of themselves as a race as they see the ever growing increasingly militant mexican and black groups....are whites 'mentally ill' when they prefer the company of their race above other races and object to seeing their children school bused across town to have to rub shoulders with non-whites....are these 'lily white' communities 'mentally ill' contagion outbreaks that must be cured by having the all white neighborhoods polluted with non-whites (blacks especially)

    no you cannot answer the question mr kike because you have no answer all that you have are powerwords and labels to apply to racially aware white race nation people that do not fit within your social engineered society you and your extreme left and multi-culti-diversion-dillusionists-illusionists have been busy creating within the united states and across all white race nation heritage homelands for the past 50 years

    'black racism being justified as backlash for what has happened to them in the past'.....sounds reasonable, the black having been conquered and placed in bondage for 300 years, freed and instead of returning to his ancestral homeland decides to remain (because he knows which side the bread is buttered), struggles and survives for 100 years, and then hits paydirt, the minority civil rights act, affirmative action,....boy mr blackman has it made his skin color now becomes his passport into government jobs and in time big corporations eager to get their blacks on board, you would think all would be happy for mr blackman......but what do we see....whites not embracing them, whites not going along with the program to think of them as a cherished protected group, whites reluctant to move into mr blackman's neighborhood, ....well gee mr blackman starts to rant and rave and maybe displays behavior that is 'racist' ....but he does not have to worry he just has to remember he was a victim, so he is justified, in his ranting against 'whitey' he listens to malcom (malcontent) x and rap brown, and stokley carmichael, and others, he can form his black panther groups and appear menacing to white society, but it is ok because mr blackman was a fact 'racism' becomes his drug he becomes dependent on without 'racism' he would have to be judged on 'character' and not on his skin color, he would have to rely on self merit not on that quota number, he would not be able to play the race numbers game as he compares his black race to the white race

    to the extreme left and the multi culti cult blacks are always justified 'racists' and 'racism' will never end until the white race nation and culture disappears, until that happens blacks will always 'suffer' from 'racism' and will be able to show their skin pigmentation wherever they go and expect favorable and preferntial treatment otherwise it will be 'racist' and they will be victims of 'racism'

  36. Schwartz- I am sorry, but no, I cannot accept that.

    Now, granted I don't and wouldn't live in an area that still waved flags for an old bigoted style of view of any minority, but even if I did, the reaction of hate to hate has no parden if we are going to evolve in our society.

    I do know and have lived through the civil rights movement and from what I remember it was quite the revolution at the time because society was united in all races and backrounds, not just certain races united in a monochromatic unhealthy reation.

    If you remember the Danish in WW2, when the whole nation wore yellow stars in solidarity against Nazi bigotry?

    THAT is how as a society we must unite against this present growing wave of hate.

    Black bigotry against whites is just as evil as white bigotry against blacks.

    Talk radio babble is not really mainstream media as much as it is fringe entertainment.

    Aside from "Faux" News, there are several other news sources that are more realistic and some are even more liberal slanted, I'd say it is a pretty even trade.

    Unfortunatly, none are really giving us the REAL news, which with all the technology and resources we have today, it is a pretty sad result.

    I have been a victim of all kinds of bigotry, I just roll my eyes and chalk it up to the fact that ther are a few stupid people out there.

    But, Ajax actually has a point.

    When I have worked in an office situation and have faced very hostile black against white bigotry, NOTHING was done, in fact I was advised not to report it by the higher ups.

    Now, this has not made me a bigot in return, or even angry, but it did contribute to my decision to work as a private contractor and avoid working directly for a company or the government and avoid unfair office politics and the potential of a hostile environment.

    I will not work anywhere where any form of bigotry is okay, for whatever reason, historic or otherwise.

    "Blacks uniting" against whites as you put it is excatly what Hal and his "whites uniting" against movement is doing.

    It is all wrong, all bad for society, no excuses.

    We must learn and in the same time let go of the mistakes of society past if we are going to grow and progress.

    Giving an "okay" or excuse to any form of hate or bigotry is a roped anchor around the throats of the people.

  37. I'll address Isis, then our two resident idiots in Steve Holsten and Ajax.


    I respect your opinion very much.

    I do agree that all forms of bigotry are wrong.

    But I guess what I am trying to say is the reasons for it are different.

    White racism is based on pure hatred, nothing else. It's a mental defect. Almost all white supremacist calls for the death of all others groups.

    In fairness, I would put Farrakhan on the same level as a neo-nazi since he has called for Jews to be gassed, praises Hitler and such. And blacks should stand up against Farrakhan.

    Black racism and distrust for whites does have some history behind it. And down here, racism against blacks is a very real thing. Especially the further you get from Columbia and Charleston. It's a different world down here, especially in the rural areas. The "good ole boy" network is the rule here. That is the white man's version of Affirmative Action.

    I think another factor is down here, black groups have almost zero political power. I know up north, they have much more power.

    Black racism is a problem also especially up north. When I was doing business in Baltimore, I remember being called "white boy" and other names by inner city blacks. Affirmative Action against white people is racism and I am sorry you have suffered from it. But I am also glad you didn't become a white supremacist because of it.

    If blacks didn't unite as a race, none of what happened 40 years ago happens. There would have been no civil rights movement and Jim Crow laws would still be in place. And yes, whites did help a lot also but it was the blacks uniting that made it all possible.

    But I still claim the media gives black racism a lot more coverage in the newspaper than white racism. While Hal Turner might get a few little stories, Farrakhan gets 1,000's of stories about his racism. I would like to see more blacks stand up to Farrakhan like whites do to turds like Hal Turner and Bill White.

    Maybe I am coming across as an apologist for black racism. Not trying to be, just trying to understand it if I were black and living down here in rural South Carolina.

    Take care,


    Elmer Frazier,

    (real name Steve Holsten) continues to show he is one of the more intelligent white supremacist out there. And Steve, when are you going to pay your civil judgement against you for $10,000 for stealing DirecTV services?



    First of all, white supremacist can't even decide who is white or who is white enough for them. They are the most disorganized group of idiots you will ever see. Just go to VNN and you'll see their "unity" in action.

    Hal Turner has repeated many, many times that he wants blacks, jews, gays etc all exterminated etc on his website. But of course, Hal turner's real life is totally different. He's married to a hispanic woman, goes to a mostly hispanic church in Jersey City, lives in a nearly non-white neighborhood. But he expects you to do none of those things.

    Go check out his church yourself.
    That non-white on the site who runs the church is the person Hal and his family gets on his knees each Sunday at noon and takes communion from.

    So basically, Hal Turner is a fraud.

    And what's ironic is that both me and the One People's Project know for a fact that he is bisexual. I would care less if he was gay or not except that he hates others for being that way.

    And Hal isn't going to verbally say what he says on his website, he's too much of a short coward to do that. In fact, he's so afraid, he hates being called a supremacist or a racist in printed newspaper.

  38. It's too bad that they can't garnish Steve Holsten's social security checks (he gets SS at the age of 44, mental disability) to pay the $10,000 judgment he has against him for stealing DirecTV in federal court?

  39. Kike, you have been told that they will get more use out of the paperwork from that Bullshit court case by wiping their stinking Asses with it before they get a dime from me. The ONLY way I will ever consider paying is if and only if I hit the Powerball. They should've kept their signal out of my yard if they didn't want me to watch it. You can't steal what is on your property.

    And you know Fucking well that I only get Disability from a physical handicap. I know in your sic KIKE dreams that you want me to be a FuckTard, but that isn't the case.

  40. Schwartz- me become a white supremist?

    (I can hear Mike Brooks laughing right now at that one)

    No, that will never happen.

    When I had that trouble at that office it was because if one cruel individual and a system that failed to protect the people who worked there, it was not a black vs white issue.

    I had black co-workers who really felt bad for me, stood by me and were sad when I left.

    I still keep in touch with them.

    40 years ago it was not just black people sticking together that moved the nation into the progressive future, it was a combination of everyone banding together as a human race, as a multi-racial front.

    Just any one race "uniting" is actually NOT uniting, it is dividing.

    And yes, there is some terrible history, but there is some terrible racial events and crimes that are in our society where all types of persons, yes, even whites are many times the victims.

    It is not going to stop by excusing it because of times that happened before many of us were even born.

    It will only get worse, as it will make white people more defensive and angry, (as we can see it has), and there will be then reaction of fear and anger from the black population (can we all say "Toledo"?) and NOTHING will get accomplished but more fear hate and violence.

    None of this will end until we all face the human issues at hand equally and with honesty and responsibility.

    Who is has more right to be angry?

    WHO CARES????

    We need to move on from all this anger and start to heal, and that will only be done when all peoples of all races have equal value.

  41. isisdc,

    You make good points. Nah, I know you wouldn't become a white supremacist which was my point. You are much too smart and mentally stable for that.

    A person I would love to get in on this discussion is Daryle Lamont Jenkins.

    But here is a point to ponder that the white racist can't answer.

    Why is their white movement so fouled up, disorganized, and full of mental defectives while blacks are able to form politically effective organizations?

    Pro-white groups only unite out of hate.

    I also find it ironic that white supremacist claim to be against hate crime laws but favor using them in cases where they benefit. I like to see no hate crime laws and all crime punished harshly and fairly. But part of the reason of hate crime laws is because white juries refused to convict white people who committed crimes against blacks.

    And like I have said before, we don't know what really happened with that kid who got beat up in New York. We haven't heard from the side of the accused kid at all. Just from the side of the smaller kid. I bet once their side is told by their attorney, the truth will start to come out. The white kid may have thrown the first punch. We'll have to see.


  42. to harry schwartz:

    "First of all, white supremacist can't even decide who is white or who is white enough for them. They are the most disorganized group of idiots you will ever see. "
    it is very true that the white race is the most 'disorganized' race amongst all of the other races, and for good reason: if the white race nation people somehow were as united as the american black (the unity that you praise) they would be a force that would make the earth tremble

    the creator in his great wisdom understood the power and might and majesty of this great race, so he very wisley made sure that this race would never be able to be completely one. so he introduced 'borders' such as differing languages, and subtle surface biological trait differentiations, and made certain that not all of the white tribes would advance at the same time, and that they would also not feel the desire to unify themselves along racial lines, an excellent example of this is the genocidal massacre of the gauls by julius caesar

    what the extreme left and multi-culti dellusionists desire is to never see the white race nation people ever unite, they will do whatever it takes to prevent this (including labeling them as suffering from 'mental illness') from ever happening

    blacks were able to unite because they could readily see their skin pigmentation and it helped to separate themselves more easily from the other races, they also had a common slave history and by necessity they were bound to stay close amongst themselves to find strength

    this binding amongst the black race people in the united states was there greatest source comfort amidst a hostile world they faced, through this they kept their money circulating amongst themselves and the most talented started businesses catering to their own people

    the damage began when they looked to rich (rich because of the tax paying engine) uncle sam to help them and to artificially advance them ( minority civil rights, affirmative action) into the white world and into uncle sam's plantation (government jobs)

    the lot of black people today is much worse that it was 50 years ago (of course i am committing blashemy against the extreme left and the multi-culti-cult overloard masters by saying this, and maybe in their all knowing mind i am exhibiting evidence of 'mental illness' by saying this)

    black people are a most ungrateful and self-centered people, if the images of faces in newspaper stories are not black they pay little attention, when they are suffering as a group (katrina-superdome) they whine and bitch, moan and groan, and they make the world to think they are the only ones suffering in the world at that time, they have little regard for the history of other races other than their own, i wonder how many of them have ever read about the irish potato famine, they have a 'tribal' mentality in the work place that if practiced by whites would be scandalous, they have extreme difficulty with being intellectually honest, for example instead of admitting they could not support themselves within their own communities they bitched about being segregated and turned that into some kind of holy crusade

    white nationalists object to the degenerate and disgusting aspects of the black race and they very deeply resent being lied to and having to pretend that black culture is equal to white culture, they know by instinct not to live in black neighborhoods and they flee from them when they see blacks invading their white communities

    more and more we see the black culture splattered and lathered upon the once majority white race united states culture, those few blacks who wisely adopted right thinking white consevative values prospered, the rest stagnated

    this multiculturalism-diversity dream is a catastrophe waiting to happen, in canada it is even worse

    schwartzy you think i am full of hate the truth is i am full of truth, separate from among the black population that percentage of blacks who have become civilized and send the rest back to their ancestral homeland where they will feel more at home and they wont have to suffer from the trauma of 'racism'

  43. Schwartz- The WN movement is really based in reaction.

    It is made up of people who are both angry and disenchanted with how much of society is in a bad place, and if we all look around, yes much of society is in a bad place right now.

    The WN attracts people who blame racial groups for these troubles in the world.

    To us, who come from a different approach and try hard to rationalize, we find their ideas and the words they use to express them very painful and difficult to understand.

    Since I have been shooting them, I have tried very hard to understand them.

    When I was at the gathering before the rally in NY, I actually found myself in conversation with some of them.

    I found most of them quite polite and pretty friendly and some were even very good looking.

    It was very surreal.

    I would be standing there in conversation, and as I was finding these guys very "likeable", all of a sudden these very racial and hurtful ideals would come out in sentences.

    It didn't make me mad or angry, it just made me very sad.

    I liked them as people, just not their ideas.

    I always try to keep in mind when I shoot rallies, and I shoot many diiferent types of rallies, that all the people that I am shooting are my fellow human beings, even if they might hate me or who I am or what I believe, I try to return to them the respect I hope we can all one day give to each other.

  44. Ajax,

    it is very true that the white race is the most 'disorganized' race amongst all of the other races, and for good reason: if the white race nation people somehow were as united as the american black (the unity that you praise) they would be a force that would make the earth tremble

    History shows that white people have spent centuries trying to kill each other off. There will never be any white unity. It isn't going to happen and don't say otherwise. You can't even decide who is aryan, don't have a unified language, are divided up on religion, and have a centuries long history of trying to conquer each others countries.

    The white racist continue to praise Hitler who killed tens of millions of white people. Racist continue to embrace the swatiska and the confederate flag. They talk about blonde hair, blue eyes but yet few of them actually have them.

    I do have blonde hair and blue eyes by the way. And I'm part Jewish.

    So there ain't a chance of it happening.

  45. For someone who has been getting demonized on boards like NIM Busters and Hal Turner, Isis is surprisingly understanding and tolerant.

    Not to mention the filth that Craig Cobb heaped on Isis; that VNN hatchet man has absolutely no integrity.

    Anyways, Isis, I applaud you for your attempts to understand these folks. I hope that, if these SOBs make me a major target (and not just the mini-drama that NewsGuy created), I remain as cool-headed and philosophical as you.

  46. Mike- Oh, they have freaked me out at times, I would be lying if I denied that.

    I have not seen the "Hal Boards", and maybe it is better that I don't.

    Everyone in the Kingston media area was reacting to Cobbs in anger, it was what he wanted, so I tried very hard not to give it to him.

    I tried hard to be as polite as I could, as he called me a "kike" among other things.

    I tried to smile and joke some of his comments off.

    He is a bit "off", so it was a bit disturbing that there was an unstable element mix which could have resulted in an ugly scene, and I was just happy that never happened.

    I don't know why they are going after you like they are, Mike.

    You certainly are not an active ARA person, nor are you affiliated with any political group that partakes in ARA activities.

    You are a newspaper journalist and a blogger for local Toledo and national news.

    It's pretty cut and dry, with nothing dark and esoteric involved.

    It does really bother me to see them do that to you.

  47. Isis-

    Yes, I agree. Part of it is that I didn't parrot the mainstream media bullshit about the North Toledo riot, and I I think they were surprised that there was an unknown quantity.

    I think the quality of the Isis photos also freaked them a bit. NSM and their supporters were shown more up-close-and-personal in a way they never had been.

    Finally, these people tend to think in terms of grand conspiracies. In their eyes, everything is set up against the white man, and when a puzzle piece comes along they make it fit their picture.

    I, too, have been disturbed by the vile rhetoric that they use against people like you and Nicole. It probably becomes passé after a while (I have only been writing about white supremacists for seven weeks or so), but it is still shocking to see these sick freaks spew bile about someone you know to be a good person.

  48. Well, Mike, they are not freaked out enough not to use my photos and they do.

    I am over it, let them use my photos, I don't care, as long as the photos are out there and the public can see the images.

    What they don't realize is that people like me and you can really be very good for them.

    We are the closest thing to the unbiased media they are going to get.

    I honestly don't care about their message, I am there to shoot their images.

    And you could be a venue for a good interview to the local papers.

    But, yes, you are right, if we are not sworn in a a member of their doctrine, we are seen as "the enemy".

    Why fight with us or be mean?

    I don't understand.

  49. BTW- I would like to wish Toni a happy B-day!


  50. I have a few things to say-

    Isis- I LOVED your photo's damn good work if you ask me, I especially liked the one where in the person was in shadow with the event unfolding in the background. Excellent!!

    Elmer- Can you please use another word other than KIKE, its really getting old.

    Mike- I enjoyed your coverage of the Toledo riot and look forward to your coverage of the upcoming event on the 10th, your work is appreciated.

    As to the "movement"- I'll leave you with some words from Matthew Hale, may he rot in his cell, "do you like to fight?" That comment was broadcast to his "followers" to get them to come to his aid at an upcoming rally, and they say they don't want violence? PLEASE. I'm sure I'll get a lot of angry people, like Elmer who will say blah blah blah, get the hint, what ever you have to say about Matthew Hale will go in one ear and out the other with me. I covered him EXTENSIVELY and you don't know what they hell your talking about so don't even go there.

  51. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  52. That's very funny, Matt. You usually restrict your pornographic posts to NIM Busters, though.

    By the way,do you prefer the moniker "NewsGuy", or Todd L. Daugherty, your real name?

  53. A word of caution, Matt - I have really been enjoying the discussion going on in here - I think there have been some excellent points made on both sides of the coin. Hence, I have let a few things slide. But the kind of nonsense that you just posted is neither germane to the discussion nor is it productive. Please don't do that again.

  54. Not productive? Kiss my ass! Just give Hal a call on Wednesday or STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And once again, History Woger, you're wrong again!!!!!!!!!


  55. Matt:

    Is it expensive to make all those long-distance calls to Hal's show from your home in Taylorsville, IL?

    You must have a good long distance plan, huh?

  56. Excellent discussion going on here! Harry, are you saying that racists are mentally ill and then develop such convoluted views due to their illness? Or, are you saying that their convoluted views make them mentally ill?

    I really like the way that you differentiate between the white racist and the black racist. While both are intolerable - they are still different in their origins.

    Ajax, since you don't have a TV, I will assume that you didn't see Hal Turner on the Geraldo Rivera Show during the investigation of the Lefkow murders. But, I'll bet you read his site during that time. Granted, he doesn't have the stature that a Farakhaan or a Sharpton has - but his rhetoric is just as bad.

    As to another event such as the OKC Bombing - I find it interesting that you even went there. Most racists have spent a lot of time trying to distance themselves from that tragedy. At any rate, given the body count and the trail of blood left behind by those "in the movement," it is little wonder that they have gained the moniker of domestic terrorists. is because of your caring and taking the time that your work speaks volumes. And I know precisely what you mean about having conversations with some of these people - and even liking them on a personal level. There are many who I like very much - until...

    Just keep up the good work and together we can all make a difference.

    Toni --- A very happy and blessed birthday!

  57. Happy birthday, Toni.

    I agree with you, Nikki, about Isis's interactive technique with her photographic subjects.

    I think it is more than a "technique," though. She has real empathy for the people that she meets, and believes that most people (even neo-Nazis) have some sense of humanity.

    This comes through both in her conversations with her subjects and her eventual photos.

  58. What's the matter, History Woger, too poor to make an LD phone call to Turner's show on Wednesday?


    GET A CALLING PLAN, WOGER!!!!!!!!!!!!


  59. **BLUSH**

    Gee guys!

    You have me all steamed up!


  60. Why, Matt (or Todd), you admitted to the NIM Busters that they had outed you.

    Change your mind?

    For those unfamiliar with Mr. Drudge (Daughtery) and his terminology, here's a quick rundown:

    Woger = Roger Wiseman, a person unliked at NIM Busters. Matt (Todd) believes I bear a passing resemblance to him.

    Matt (Todd) and his friends at NIM Busters believe "Woger" to be the ultimate in cut-downs.

    For those outside the NIM Buster circle of hate, "Woger" comes across pretty flat. Perhaps you need to spend more time outside your close network and get out a little more, Matt (Todd). Your attempts at "dissing" me are a little goofy.

  61. Heck Matt, I'll call your buddy Hal.

    What time?

    What #?

    And then..

    ..what the heck do you want me to talk about with him?

  62. Heck, even Bill White says (relatively) nice things about Isis.

  63. Nikki,

    I believe white racist are mentally ill or defective in most cases first and foremost. White supremacy is mostly based on paranoia, phobias, deception, denial, low self-esteem, and such. They hate because they feel the need to be noticed and being a hatemonger is their way of doing it. Bill White, Alex Linder, Mike Blevins, Hal Turner and many others are prime examples of this.

    White supremacy is based on hatred of others. It is not based on love for the white race. I have yet to see a single white supremacist group that only loved. It is based on hatred. The extermination or elimination of (fill in the blank)

    An example I can use is that white supremacist cry about black crime but yet the vast majority of crimes against white people are done by other whites. So if they really cared about white women, why do they spend so much time on black rapist when in fact, over 80 percent of white women raped are raped by white men. So if they really cared about white women, they would worry most about lowering the white rape rate.

    Same with murder. 86+ percent of whites murdered, murdered by other whites. But yet they seem not to be concerned about the group who is killing the most whites.

    Are there black racist who hate? Sure there are. And I think enough media outlets call them for it also. I don't like Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. There are even jewish racist out there who totally want all arabs out of Israel like the JDO and JDL. And to the disappointment of white supremacist, Israel is not a totally jewish state, Arab Israeli citizens can vote there and hold public office. But try being jewish in an Arab country. Or even a Christian in some Arab countries.

    I hope for the day that race will no longer be a subject in human society. It is getting better but a lot of work still needs to be done.

    Enough blabbing for now.


  64. Billy's okay.

    He is one of the smartest men I have ever encountered for sure.

    Like his mind is clicking a mile a minute.

    He reminds me of an extreemist version of Norquist.

    If he would shake all this white power cult stuff, he would make a brilliant policy wonk.

    A strategist like him could leave Rove eating dust.

    The potential is there!

    I think we should all call into Hal's show one week and sing Christmas carols!

  65. Mike, thanks for clearing that "woger" thing up - I was clueless as to what a "woger" was.

    Harry, I agree with that summation. I had a similar discussion with a White Nationalist not too long ago. Of course, he didn't agree.

    I appreciate, also, what you have said about the rapes and murders committed by whites against whites. Actually, pedophiles fall into that category as well.

    Farrakhan, Sharpton, etc. are not among my favorite people either. Racism is racism no matter who spews it.

    Like Harry, I have never met a white supremacist, nationalist, socialist, advocate, etc. who didn't hate. The ideology that these people embrace does not lend itself to love of anything including self. It is an ideology of exclusion and hate and it always pisses me off when they insult others by trying to pass it off as something that it isn't.

    But, the insecurity, paranoia, and pathology of someone like a Bill White is certainly representative of a whole host of psychological problems. It is also interesting to note who these groups seem to appeal to most. How often have we heard them bemoan the fact that the movement is full of unstable people?

    Isis is an artist, and she brings something into her work that is lacking in many of the mainstream photo-journalists. She brings a human touch into everything she does.

    Mike is a helluva journalist and one that I am glad to have found. All too often, the who, what, where, and when get in the way of the deeper elements of the story and the reader is left with an antiseptic view of the event. Mike makes sure that doesn't happen.

    Damn! I feel like I am in pretty good company!

  66. Isis,

    You (and History Woger, if he has any balls) can call Hal on Wednesday night at 9pm EST at the following numbers:

    From The United States: 201-484-7809
    From England (London area) 020 7993 8072
    From Scotland (Glasgow area) 0141 404 6375

    Hal has his radio show LIVE every Wednesday night at 9pm - you can listen at

    BTW I'm not saying this to kiss your butt or anything but politics aside your photography is great. Plus you've got balls to take the shots you have done and that's really cool.

  67. Well, History Woger, for some sort of news reporter you once again prove yourself to fall well below that mark.

    NIMBusters is full of imposters you should know that.

    While I'm not woger, let the readers compare this picture of you with a picture of woger.

    The only difference is hair length.


  68. "Outed?" Hardly.

    I'm already "out." I post my name proudly on my website and on my work, and do not hide behind a series of pseudonyms (beyond the historymike profile, which is lnked to my site with a click).

    FYI - once again, I was largely ignorant of the racist right until the NSM showed up in my city - Toledo - in October. I had never heard of NIM Busters, Woger/Roger, or Matt Drudge, Jr. (Todd L. Daughtery) until you began a campaign to smear me.

    I do not understand why you are acting in this bizarre manner, other than out of some disturbed reasons that are only clear to you.

    Perhaps you are one of those people who seek attention at any cost; even negative attention is better than anonymity to some people.

    As for your comments that I am "some sort of news person," "so-called journalist," or any of the other thinly-veiled attempts to disparage me: my work speaks for itself. Agree with it, disagree with it, but I have been in this business for quite a while, and I have a proven track record.

    How about you, "NewsGuy?" (beyond your cut-and-paste white power website, that is).

  69. "Cut-and-paste White Power website"? Wow, now that's a smear if I ever read one.

    And I don't have any "campaign" to smear you. Get over it. Stop whining.

    But it is proven that you won't call Hal's show tomorrow.


  70. Matt- Thank you for the compliments on my work. I am shooting reality and that is what true media journalism is about.

    I have no problem calling Hal tomorrow night.

    But, what am I going to say to him?

    I am a photographer, I really try hard not to get involved with the issues and just shoot the subjects.

    Mike is a journalist, and unless calling Hal fits into a story he is doing why would he call in?

    You seem so anxious for us to make these calls, but I fail to see the purpose of them.

    If you have a good reason, then tell us and I will call in, I cannot speak for Mike.

  71. Yep - you're right about one thing, Matt. I have no plans to ever call Hal's show.

    Not my thing, brother. I am a writer by trade, and a reluctant talk show guest. I do some local radio when I have a story that is interesting enough (maybe six times a year) but I avoid TV and radio whenever possible.

    I have a face made for radio and a voice made for a keyboard.

    I have a better idea, Matt(Todd). How about if you call in for all three of us, and then you and Hal can say whatever you want without the interference of "scummy Jews" like me (your words).

  72. People have asked me why do I keep comparing the difference between the causes of white racism vs black racism.

    The answer is simple really. In order to cure something, you have to understand and know the causes of it.

    Since white racism & black racism are caused by different things, the same solution will not cure both.

    White racism will mostly get cured with the elimination of mental illnesses and defects.

    Black racism will mostly be cured when blacks actually are on a even economic par with whites.

  73. Wow History Woger, now you're putting words in my mouth. I never called you a "scummy Jew" you're making stuff up again and attributing it to me. Kind of like your reporting, the way you make stuff up and attribute it to people you write about.

    Get one thing clear, mikey - that shit's called slander. One more keypunch out of you along those lines and you'll be talking to my lawyers. And for me, my daily routine will be wake up, pick up my settlement check, deposit it, and go back to sleep.

    Thank you!

  74. ===========Harry Said===========

    Black racism will mostly be cured when blacks actually are on a even economic par with whites.

    Unfortunately, that probably won't happen anytime soon. That good ole boy system is still alive and well. I know what you were talking about earlier. The deep south is really different. Racism is every where - but there is an undercurrent in the South that I don't know will ever go away.

  75. Uh...forgive me for butting in - but Matt..."slander?" You have got to be kidding. And the next time you want to tell someone to shut the f*k up - remember whose house you are in.

  76. Maybe, Matt (Todd), you can't remember everything you wrote about me. Here then are a few examples of the vile nonsense you have posted around the web:

    Also, that fucktard "History" Michael Brooks is some Toledo Anti Fucktard - here is his blog
    source #1


    source #2

    Michael Brooks is a fucking coward.
    source #3

    I could go on, as there are dozens more like it, but you get the point. Also, I don't want to fill up Nicole's blog with any more of this type of idiocy.

    Then again, I suppose I am just playing right into your attention-seeking game, but at least the other posters will know what sort of individual we are dealing with in Mr. Matt Drudge, Jr. (AKA Todd L. Daughtery, of Taylorville IL)

    Again, I do not understand this near-constant harassment in which you are engaging. You follow me to various boards, post the most vile and bizarre comments about me, and I have done nothing to you.

    Is there a reason for this activity that I am missing?

    One more time: I am a freelance writer and editor in Toledo, OH who never even heard of you until the NSM rally in October. I am not a member of any of the political groups you despise (ARA, ISO, OPP). Prior to the October 6, I never published anything about the white power movement that you cherish, so I am hardly the "enemy" you characterize me as.

    Why do you act this way, Mr. Daughtery?

    For the past six weeks I have seen you engage in a campaign of behavior that can only be classified as cyber-stalking.

    I strongly urge you to reconsider what you are doing, and to cease and desist before your behavior gets you into legal trouble.

    Thank you.

  77. Mike, you've been trolling, or lurking or whatever the FUCK you want to call it is you do on NIMBusters long enough to know people on there impersonate all the time.

    The posts from NIMBusters were not from me.

    Time and time again, you show yourself to be one lousy investigative reporter.

    I am waiting for your apology of slaner, Brooks.

  78. Matt (Todd):

    You know that you are only fooling yourself. Heck, even on this very board and post you have been completely defamatory towards me; Nikki gracefully erased the comment where you made lewd sexual libel about me, but I retained a copy.

    If this continues, then IP records of the various sites will be subpoenaed and even your attempts to reroute your IP address through Iceland will not help you.

    Although we have already discussed this, I will repeat it: I am making hard copies of all the libel and nonsense you have been posting. I respectfully urge you to desist.

    Continue the harassment, and you will end up losing. You are adding to your woes by impugning my work as a professional journalist; I can then make the very vaild claim that your actions have damaged not only my reputation but my livelihood.

    Or, discontinue this odd game and live a happy life.

    Finally, you keep avoiding the central question: Why are you doing this? The scary part is you, yourself, may not even know why.

    I have never met you, I do not belong to any of the groups you so thoroughly despise, I am not a member of the antifa, and I live hundreds of miles away from you. For some unknown reason you have made me your target for harassment and slander.

    I hope that you do some soul searching, and that whatever is causing you to act in this manner gets addressed.

  79. Cyber-stalking is illegal. And Mike has some very valid points - along with a bucketful of evidence.

  80. Nikki, you said it - cyberstalking is illegal. I am telling Mr. Brooks for the very last time to cease and desist from all cyberstalking activities and slanderous accusations, or he will be lawed.

    Thank you and have a nice day!

  81. Nice try, Matt, but your efforts to spin this are late.

  82. Wow lots of things posted here. I take a few days break and its like a writers explosion.

    Nikki and Everyone: Ty for the happy birthday. It was not very happy but it went well. My mom is in ICU and in between looking for a place to live and such my daughter and I did not really celebrate our birthday. She was born the day after my birthday. :)

    i hope you would feel the same way if some black militant group showed up for a 'hate whitey' rally and the community (it would have to be a white community of course, a black community would welcome them as heroes) refused to service them

    I would turn away ANY HATER. Regardless of color. Reason they are hating. Or what have you.


    When people of peace get together they call it a peace rally. Sometimes when blacks get together they call it GANG WAR. So you see. No one is without fault.

    There are good people and bad people in every race and creed. Once everyone realizes this. The line Racists have drawn to seperate us all fades and the good unite against the hate. And the outcome is peace. And a lot of people in jail.

  83. to nikki:
    ================Harry Said===========

    Black racism will mostly be cured when blacks actually are on a even economic par with whites.

    Unfortunately, that probably won't happen anytime soon. That good ole boy system is still alive and well. I know what you were talking about earlier. The deep south is really different. Racism is every where - but there is an undercurrent in the South that I don't know will ever go away.

    maybe the hapless helpless darkies should start relying on themselves (start their own businesses and employ their own people) instead of leeching on their hated enemy (the 'evil' whiteman) and uncle sam's plantations (federal,state,county,city government jobs)

    without the whiteman to care for them the darkies are just as helpless as they were when the whiteman had them in bondage

    and consider the dark continent (africa) and what happens when white ruled black dominate nations are turned over to black rule (south africa, zimbabwe) south africa has the greatest murder rate in the world and zimbabwe once a breadbasket nation is now in desperate poverty ......thanks to those hapless helpless darkies

  84. On Christ and His heritage:

    Jesus was the Son of God. God is not Jewish, He's God. If God were Jewish, then what is Heaven, a big deli in the sky? And, does God spend His time acquiring money? Absolutely not. All signs point to Jesus' Father not being Jewish.

    Christ's mother was Mary of Galilee. Galilee was known as a place where non-Jews lived. Mary was most likely one of them. Her busband, Joseph, was Jewish and came along after Mary's Annunciation. Joseph was stricly a surrogate father.

    Christ's revulsion with regard to the Jews came from his observations of their behavior and their hopeless entrapment in sin. He did not think nor act as a Jew, since He was not one, but instead, the Son of God.

  85. I'm going to step in here...first off Nikki Hello, Secondly HistoryMike who believes the person Mr. Matt Drudge, Jr. is Todd Daugherty of Taylorville Illinois is not Todd Daugherty of Taylorville, Illinois Mr. Daugherty has NEVER posted on your site. NOR, has he EVER posted on HistoryMike site. In fact Mr. Daugherty very seldom posts on NIM BUSTERS. Mr. Daugherty isn't a racist and could less about the racist or your cause. If you don't believe here's his email address: ask him yourself. Again Daugherty of Taylorville has NEVER posted on your site or any site, and could careless about Nazi's or anti-Nazi's


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