Monday, March 27, 2006

The Gloves Have Come Off!

By Tony Willow

Question: Do “Creators” Condone, Encourage and Praise Violence?

You Bet Your Ass They Do!

I wish to share with everyone an email I received last night from Brian Moudry, one of the “three stooges” of the Creativity Movement (well now there are only two as Joel DuFresne is sitting in jail at the moment) regarding CAH’s coverage of the March 23 stabbing/murder in Florida.

From: "Joliet"
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2006 12:04:28 -0500 (EST)

What it comes down too, is bad decision in, you
people are fuckin stupid...if I walk down 63rd and cottage grove at
yelling nigger, id expect to die...if you flaunt your
race mixing filth in a trailerpark full of
kids claiming to
be Neo Nazi Skinheads...expect the same.
Whats so hard to understand
about that ?? You see, this is the
real world...not the world your tv has led you to belive

in..not the world you like to "imagine" when playing your hippie
records ...but violence is ok if
its 1,500 against 10 WP Skins at
a punk show right??? Ha.. I wish they wouldve killed the whole
fuckin family. Quote that if ya want..I really dont care.

From this day forward I will never say that the Creativity Movement or its members claim to be non-violent. I think they have shown this to be completely false on numerous occasions but this one tops the cake.

The Stabbing of Patricia Well's and the murder of Kristofer King is just another notch on the belt to all racists out there and according to Brian Moudry it's a good thing. How are acts like this OK? Patricia wells had a right to live her life without being harassed constantly by these Nazi's just as Nazi's have the right to be the ignorant racists that they are. Since when do these people decide what is right and wrong? Brian's rationale that she should have known better than to move next to the Nazi's just proves once again that racists want to make all the rules and expect everyone to bow down to their every whim, or else. This is not the first time this group reared its ugly head either. One Tampa Bay news station spoke with several long time residents about the Nazi's terrorizing the neighborhood.

“We’d seen the neighborhood go down to the pits, I mean, it is actually scary.”

“They mess with everybody who comes through here.” “They think they own the whole neighborhood. And I have family here whose kids had complained about it. My buddy’s daughter, 15, they gave her a hard time a couple days ago.”

These people were terrorizing EVERYONE who didn’t agree with their racists beliefs or were of another color. This, by no means, was the first time hate reared its ugly head towards Ms. Well’s. On March 14, 2006 police were called to the trailer park because Christine Cristinzio (girlfriend to Shawn Plott who has been arrested in connection with this crime) claims that Ms. Well’s black boyfriend had allegedly pulled a gun on her. No charges were filed in that incident.

After going through all of the details of what happened the night of the stabbing and murder its been said that the Nazi’s were holding a party for the return of Shawn Plott who is referred to as the “Nazis’ club president” from a trip. Now I don’t know how long he was gone but I suspect he wasn’t around for the March 14th confrontation which begs the question if his girlfriend Christine Cristinzio didn’t play this whole thing up. We all know how racists blow things way out of proportion and how they just love to get people riled up. All you have to do to get confirmation of that is to listen to Hal Turner and read just about everything that Bill White writes. Case and point. When Bill wrote about this he turned Kristofer King into the black teenage lover of Patricia Wells. He knows damn well that what he wrote is just plain wrong. Ya can’t have a racist killing an innocent white person now can you? And heaven forbid Bill make a retraction.

Act’s like these can never be justified nor condoned and especially encouraged. Unlike Brian, I don’t do that and never will but he will never admit that. Here is the question I posed to him in my email response.

If I showed up on your street I should expect to die just because I don’t believe as you do?

That question led to the following:

Brian Moudry: Supreme Idiot?
By Tony Willow

Of course Mr. Moudry had to reply to my email last night, and of course he said just what I thought he would.

Subject: Re: POOR PLANNING...
From: "Joliet" View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 04:32:50 -0500 (EST)
I never said " I " was non violent...I said the Church officialy
takes that stance..if a situation warrants violence, so be in if some negroe pulled a gun on me and threatened my

life, I would then be propelled to respond in a violent the supposed
offender did in this case..
Nor did I say id kill or maim you for walkin down my block,
although im certain id be very tempted..I said , in theory, if
you and some nubian loveslave shacked up next to me...and
flaunted it in my face on a daily basis, dont be shocked if

your living situation became less than ideal at some point. My
true colors ? how so,
I never claimed to have pity for race
traitors..I dont execute them on sight, nor do I shed any tears
when someone does.
And please, im not mad...try un- pleasently ammused.

Ok, I want to start with a famous Matthew Hale Quote via taped conversations that were introduced into evidence in his trial.

“Well, the World Church of the Creator’s policy is, well we’re legal but we encourage everyone else to be illegal (laughs), you know.

Moudry’s comment doesn’t mesh with that too well now does it? So basically he is breaking their own rules! Big surprise there. But then again, violence is the rule for them.

Additionally, Moudry is clueless about the case in Florida. The “gun” incident didn’t happen to a man, it happened to Christine Cristinzio, the girlfriend of Shawn Plott who has been accused of being the murderer in this case by one of his own. There was no immediate threat in this case. This is a case of a deranged killer hell bent on inflicting his rage. Why didn’t they go after the person who supposedly drew the gun? Why did they have to go after a WOMAN? I think there is a trend happening as of late. This case, the fact that Brian Moudry’s “buddy” and “comrade” is in jail awaiting trial for raping his girlfriend/wife, the threats made towards myself and Nikki Nicholes by several racists. I could go on and on about that. But lets address some of the other comments he made.

Brian claims that if I moved in next door and flaunted a mix race relationship that he would make life “less than ideal”. Yeah right. If I moved in next door to him I wouldn’t have to be in a mix raced relationship for him to make my life “less than ideal”. Why? Because I would not stand for what he and his ilk do on a daily basis, IN FRONT OF A SCHOOL! Yeah, you read that right. Mr. Moudry lives right across from an elementary school in Joliet Illinois. I wonder if the parents of the kids know this? Maybe they should be informed at the next school board meeting? Lord knows that if I did live there, his life would be “less than ideal” for sure. And what would that get me? Killed more than likely. Would I still do it? DAMN RIGHT. Bring it Brian and all you racists out there. Someone has to stand up to you all and I’m stating right now I’M NOT BACKING DOWN. Expect things to get “hot” on the anti-racist side cause we are coming with our message loud and clear. HATE WILL NOT PREVAIL. I hope this keeps you amused Brian Moudry, keep laughing while we keep exposing you for what you are.


  1. Don't forget Hal Turner, the little (I do mean little) fraud. He's calling for all sort of violence against pro-immigration rallies on April 10th.

    Of course, the only thing Hal will actually do is hide in his wife's lower class condo while praying someone actually does the dirty work. Then he'll show up in his hispanic church at noon St. Anne's Catholic Church, Jersey City.

    PS - When I was on the Appalachian trail last year, I ran into hikers who had been on the trail for four months without bathing and still looked more cleaner than that Creator you have in that picture.

    Nice article.

  2. Well…….

    One can venture at the future types that Aryan Nations will attract. This kind of rhetoric will not be marketable to any mainstream audience.

    Even if they revel in the thought of retribution for race-traitors there are more suave ways of going about the situation.

    One can say that Brian Moudry is not very debonair….. LOL!

  3. Thanks Harry, there is a lot more where that came from. Just called into NSM Presents and asked Chris Drake about why he left the Creativity Movement and of course he denies it. LOL. Also asked Schoep about Bill's take on the Florida murder, how he made the victim black. Of course, yet another, "oh I don't know what he writes and I don't check out if its true or not". Will be interesting to see what sort of comment they will make when they post the archive of it.

  4. Is that this fellow's name? He looks like the bastard child of Charles Manson and Mama Cass!

    Harry, I am aware of the Hal Turner situation in regards to the present anti-immigration panic. Yet again, Hal continues along the same M.O.

    All I can say is he must be really raking in the donations to keep up such a boring, marginal little business.

  5. It is a business with Hal Turner, all the money goes into his wife's (Phyllis Beatrice) bank account without Hal reporting it to the IRS.

    Hal has no bank account of his own, the low end condo has always only been in the name of his wife and the car he drives with NJ plates is in his wife's name.

    I think hal went on Social Security mental disability around 2004. I do know he is on Medicare and he had a fit about me finding that out about two months ago claiming I was breaking the law by mis-using my position in the health care collections field.

  6. By the way, check out those pictures Bill White put up on his website on the Orlando rally, especially those of the trailer and the trash by the trailer.

    I'm still rolling on that one!!!

    PS - Schoep is scared of White

  7. Schoep is scared of White--Harry


    Yeah, well Fuhrer Jeffy isn't the sharpest tack in the box. A lion cub will always rear back and expose his throat when the REAL "Leader of the Pack" ambles into the den.

    I'm not sure Bill doesn't post here. I would really like to know if he does, or not.

  8. LOL,

    Nikki, looks like Bill’s IQ dropped to a believable level:

    VNN IQ Test
    I took the VNN IQ Test.

    I got 27 out of 30 right in the ten minutes I devoted to the test, and scored in the 99th percentile. It reported my IQ as "132".

    Amusing, not least of all because the test clearly doesn't have enough questions to grade people above the 99th percentile, thus it is pretty useless for testing very high or very low IQs.

  9. I'm not sure Bill doesn't post here. I would really like to know if he does, or not.---EB

    Didn’t you know. Dariush is Bill White--_ROFLMAO

  10. Years ago (probably around '99) I got a hold of a Greek zine that featured an interview with this guy about his band Xenophobia.

    He sure has tacked on some weight since then. Either that or corpsepaint has certain slimming qualities that I wasn't aware of before.

  11. Ah, Schwartzo the Filthy Hook Nose KIKE is scared big bad Halsey Walsey might hurt some Shit Skin Mongrels.

    Schwartzo, your Sodomite Faggot desires for Hal are shining brightly once again.

  12. Bill has posted here in the past under his own name. This would be the Bill White with Blogger #14321466, and the account opened in October 2005.

    The "fake" Bill White (which might actually be Bill pretending to be someone impersonating him) uses the same icon of the dancing Hitler, but it was opened in January 2006. It has a Blogger # beginning with 17**** (I forgot to bookmark it).

  13. Hal isn't going to hurt anyone except his wife. He's known to abuse her verbally on the air.

    Hal is going to hide in his cheap condo, then go to the hispanic church he goes to every sunday without doing a thing.

    And we know a mentally disabled turd like Steve HOlsten isn't going to do anything either.

    Life is good....

  14. Harry F SchwartzMarch 28, 2006 12:31 AM

    Bill White's blog can be found here and it's the #14321466 one

    And notice how he never gets any comments on his blog. Nor does he rarely get comments at his main page either.

    As someone said, it's not hits that matter but quality.

    People laugh or ignore what Bill writes. People think and respond to what Nikki, Toni and History Mike write. 71 responses on her last posting alone.

  15. My jaw dropped today when I read that a Senate committee had passed a bill granting amnesty to eleven million illegal Mexicans.

    The committee, of course, was led by Jewish hatemonger Arlen Specter, and fed by largely false Jewish media reports greatly exaggerating the size of pro-immigration demonstrations being organized by equally Jewish dominated "Judaeo-Christians".

    Frankly, my first thought is "kill them all". My second thought is that the first thought is probably inappropriate for someone in my position with the NSM to express.

    However, I think the time when we will be shooting these running dogs of global capitalism down in the streets -- the Jews, the Mexicans, the Christians -- all of them -- is not far away.

    Its almost like the government wants a race war.--Bill White

  16. And this was only the county jail! What a wimp... "master race" my ass!

    Neo-Nazi leader beaten in jail

    Pasco sheriff's officials are looking into what happened to the man under investigation for a fatal stabbing.

    By MOLLY MOORHEAD, Times Staff Writer
    Published March 26, 2006

    Neo-Nazi Shawn Plott, who is caught up in the investigation of a fatal stabbing in Pasco County, was beaten by inmates in jail Sunday, the Sheriff's Office said.

    Plott, 33, was in a common room with 46 other inmates. A detention deputy stepped out shortly after 1 p.m. and returned to find Plott slumped over at a table, jail officials said.

    Plott told corrections officers he had been hit but didn't know by whom. He was taken to a local hospital with cuts and bruises, jail officials said.

    The inmates professed ignorance, officials said.

    "We're trying to figure out exactly what happened to him," said sheriff's Lt. Skip Stone.

    Plott was being held on two warrants unrelated to the stabbings Thursday in New Port Richey. He is under investigation in the knife attacks on Patricia Wells and Kristofer King but is not charged.

    Kristofer King died of his wounds. Wells, 45, is recovering and has moved.

    Plott is the leader of a whites-only neo-Nazi group that hangs out in a mobile home on Teak Street, next door to the home where the stabbings took place. The group had been feuding with Wells.

    About 12:30 a.m. Thursday, authorities said, a man wearing a gas mask knocked on Wells' door and began stabbing her in the face and hands. The attacker left her bleeding and turned his rage toward Kristofer King, 17, a friend of Wells' son. King was staying at the mobile home, but Wells' son, Brandon Wininger, 18, was not home.

    King's mother, Charlene King, suspects the attacker thought her son was Wells' son, who is gay.

    Another member of the neo-Nazi group, John Ditullio, was arrested after a SWAT team standoff on Friday morning. He also was held in unrelated crimes.

    He said inmates jumped him early Friday after hearing about the stabbings on TV. Guards broke up the fight with pepper spray.
    In an interview with the St. Petersburg Times, Ditullio named Plott as the attacker. Plott, he said, had been fuming since his girlfriend was threatened earlier this month by a man visiting Wells.

    Ditullio, 20, said Plott left the group's hangout late Wednesday during a long night of drinking, then returned in a strange mood.

    "I've taken care of them forever," Ditullio recalled Plott saying.

    Plott was held without bail Sunday.
    [Last modified March 26, 2006, 22:11:02]

  17. "whites-only neo-Nazi group"?


  18. Off Topic, but any how...

    "Humpback Mountain," the story of a troubled love affair between two cowboys, has taken the top film prize from a Sodomite organization that monitors the media.

    The Faggot and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation presented the award Monday at a ceremony to recognize mainstream media for their "fair, accurate and inclusive representations of the lesbian, Faggot, Sodomite and Fucked in the head community," the group said in a statement.

    "Humpback Mountain" has won several awards and was considered a frontrunner for the best-picture Oscar but lost out to "Crash" at the Academy Awards.

    Other winners at the Faggot & Sodomite awards included Newsweek for magazine reporting; "The Oprah Winfrey Show" for an episode focused on Faggot people's coming-out stories; USA Today for newspaper coverage; and Melissa Etheridge for best music artist.

  19. National Socialist Movement Breaks Up Talk By "Holocaust Survivor"
    Police Called After NSM Crashes Bowling Green Event

    3/28/2006 12:54:58 PM
    Discuss this story in the forum
    LSN Staff

    Bowling Green, Ohio -- Six members of the National Socialist Movement broke up a scheduled talk by "Holocaust" survivor Ernset Michel at Bowling Green University, prompting police intervention and the cancellation of the event.
    Michel is also president emeritus of the United Jewish Appeal Federation of New York, a group that raises money for Jewish supremacy.

    NSM stormtroopers in uniform appeared at the Jewish event at the Bowen- Thompson Student Union to confront the lies of the Holocaust and to let elderly Jewish hatemongers know that their presence is unwelcome in white communities. A confrontation between NSM members and various Jews and other attendees at the Jewish Holocaust "conference" ensued, prompting police intervention.

    Ironically, one of the topics Jews were scheduled to speak on at the event was "Writing history in the face of memory": What to do when real events differ from the fairy tales recounted by "Holocaust" survivors.

    The sponsoring group reportedly cancelled the talk and the police ordered the NSM Stormtroopers to leave the event. No confirmed reports of violence or arrests have been

  20. Did you notice Hal Turner totally backing off his latest drug induced rag after I made one phone call to the North Bergen PD late last night?

    He's such a coward, so easy to get him to run like the coward that he is. Just call up law enforcement and he fizzles out.

  21. "I took the VNN IQ Test.

    I got 27 out of 30 right in the ten minutes I devoted to the test, and scored in the 99th percentile. It reported my IQ as "132".

    Amusing, not least of all because the test clearly doesn't have enough questions to grade people above the 99th percentile, thus it is pretty useless for testing very high or very low IQs.

    What he means is that when a person scores 99% they have scored higher than the other 99 people taking the test. Obviously there are more than 100 people in the world. What happens is that a real IQ test, considers when you score 99% - which I doubt Bill White ever has - that you take tests against a group of peers who also took the same test and scored 99%.

    This actually gives a true sense of the persons IQ. Sorry to break it to you Bill, but the IQ tests of VNN and even the ones given to the masses are not even close to being accurate. It's a selection process to get those people who score 99% up to the 3rd round of testing. When you have scored 99% on the US Military ASVAB, come talk to me. That's when you really start being tested. I first heard from them in 8th grade when my math score on the State Aptitude Battery set a national record. When you score the top in math for an entire state, the right people start noticing, in my case the Governor was contacted by the US Navy. After you max the ASVAB, they don't stop watching you. After you score as high on the WAIS 3 as to be considered a new species several racial deviations higher, they give you a MRI. When they have actual physical variations that are evident, such as a vertebrate that is a new design, or skull anomaly, they consider you a mutant. Finally when all that's done they let you go, and watch you.

    I've been watching Bill to see if he was indeed one of the others and have found that he's not. Just a bullshitter who found out that the name Bill White was a CIA multi-use cover name. He must have thought it sounded cool. Similar to some names such as Lee Harvey Oswald, John Walker, George Rockwell, however this specific Bill White copied the name and it wasn't assigned to him.

    John Walker, not Lindh

    p.s. Bill White my IQ is 30 points higher than yours, that's 3 race deviations and means compared to my kind, you're below negroids on your own scale. Want to know true frustration, try looking at your world through my eyes, you're all retarded and acting like monkeys.

  22. Schwartzo the Filthy Hook Nose KIKE, Hal is not the least bit scared of your KIKE Ass. None of us are scared of you. You've lied so much that nothing that comes from your Hole can be taken seriously or believed.

  23. As to the IQ test,

    Bill missed 3 out of the 30 questions (90% accuracy) on an online IQ test. LOL! From this we can safely conclude that Bill won’t be getting any MRI tests on his brain.—LOL

  24. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  25. Mentally ill Bill White loses in court again, appeals speeding ticket, his license on verge of suspension. He's appealing this traffic ticket to Circuit Court just like he did in Greensville County and LOST.

    Case Number: GT05018638-00
    Defendant: White, William A
    Zip: 24014-0631
    Date: March 28 2006

  26. Did you beat off very many times after you found that court case? You sound like the KIKE Schwartzo who has so much Faggot desire for WN.


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