Thursday, March 30, 2006

Showdown In Michigan?

Aryan Nations Plans To Protest Floyd Cochran - uh...huh.

Yesterday the The Bay City Times announced the upcoming event featuring our colleague, Floyd Cochran in Michigan. Today, August Kreis, put out an all call for members of Aryan Nations and Pro White Militias to pay him a visit.

Oh really...Kreis might want to rethink that. 1) He really doesn't have that many members; and 2) the police and anti-racists in Michigan are really not very fond of Aryan Nations or the militia. However, if Kreis and his clones persist in making a spectacle out of themselves and offering incentives to others to get close enough to have a picture made with Mr. Cochran, we can assure Mr. Kreis that they will be met with a good deal of resistance. Read the article and Kreis' message of hate. If you live in the area and would like to express your displeasure with Kreis, Wickstrom, and the hatemongers please do so.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006
By Jeff Kart

A reformed racist is coming to the Bay City area to take on James P. Wickstrom, the white supremacist preacher known as a national leader in the ''Christian Identity'' movement.

Wickstrom, who teaches violence against Jews, hasn't been heard from much since a Hampton Township furniture store where he held Bible study meetings was gutted by an arsonist in 2004.

But Wickstrom is still ''sneaking around,'' living in the Pinconning area, holding meetings and broadcasting an Internet radio show, said Sandy Rogers, office manager at Temple Israel in Bay City. That's why the synagogue is helping bring in Floyd Cochran, a former Aryan Nations recruiter who changed his ways in 1992, after fellow members of the group told him his son needed to be exterminated because he had a ''genetic defect'' - a cleft palate.

''They were all losers and therefore I became one,'' said Cochran, who now speaks throughout the country as a civil rights activist and educator and has been featured on ''Nightline,'' ''Good Morning America'' and National Public Radio programs.

He will be speaking at 7:30 p.m. April 6 at the YWCA, 3405 E. Midland Road, in Bangor Township.


The damn dirty jews will have NO success with bringing this white race-traitor to Michigan. He tells the same sob story year after year looking more and more like a drugged out AIDS carrier. The citizens within the listening area of Midlands Channel 15 Public Service Television have been calling and writing Pastor Wickstrom thanking him for opening their eyes ever since his programs began to air. As for the jews, the cats out of the bag in the Midland area! Once citizens are exposed to Truth there is no turning back. The enemies been identified and there's hell to pay!

I'm asking all Aryan Nations members and Pro-White militias to pay this clown a visit the evening of April 6th. Let's show this retarded buffoon that we are alive and well in MI. Aryan Nations will present an award to the kinsman that walks up to and get's his picture taken with this bozo. We want to send a STRONG message to all these pieces of shit that work against our race that "they" are always within our grasp! - August Kreis; Aryan Nations National Director

On a very personal note - I don't think very highly of either Wickstrom or Kreis - as you can imagine. However, the thought of this Al Qaeda worshiping fool calling his "troops" out against anyone is just pretty sickening. This could get very ugly, folks - very, very ugly.


  1. Didn't this fat slob move out of Pennsylvania? Kreis that is?

    Kreis is scum but I heard quite a few Keystone State Skinheads would like to have some discussions with him talking to the feds.

  2. lol, wonder if they offer retroactive "awards"? Didn't get a picture, but talked for a few minutes & exchanged email addys. I met Floyd Cochran a couple years ago in Boone, he seemed pretty likable and intelligent, not what I'd expected given things I've heard from some people who knew him at AN.

    Kreis is a frickin' joke anyway, I don't see how he expects people to ake him seriously, and I really thought it was a bad joke when I heard he was embracing Islam. It's sad what happened to AN after Rev. Butler died, but I think people saw it coming. Really disappointed in Wickstrom for aligning with that particular faction, I used to respect the man, but his association with Kreis put an end to that.

  3. Kreis is a Muslim now? I wonder is he is part of the Farrakhan faction? I would love to see him on the corner somewhere wearing a bowtie, selling bean pies and final call magazines. Kreis has a LONG history of making public threats of violence, usually when the cameras are rolling and then never quite following through. His goal of course is to try and inspire somebody else to commit the act. He is a complete and total chicken hawk!

  4. Well, maybe the KSS will be able to talk to him soon. ;)

    "I would love to see him on the corner somewhere wearing a bowtie, selling bean pies and final call magazines."

    I would certainly take the next flight out just to catch a picture of that!

  5. For claiming to be straight, Steve Holsten aka Elmer Frazier sure likes to talk about the male penis alot.

    --Now back to the thread--

    I think Kreis sold his Pennsylvania compound. Haven't been following that fat slob lately. Maybe him and Craig Cobb could have a contest who can hide the most contraband in their beards.

  6. Josh Hoyt: "Kreis is a Muslim now?"

    Kreis is not a Muslim. However, I very much doubt that he is actually CI, either.

    I've visited the site of his branch of the AN from time to time, and what I've come away with is that he has been taken under the wings of a certain English gentleman -- a highly intelligent, mysterious and enigmatic figure about whom all kinds of rumors and suspicions have circulated over the years.

    The person in question has promoted various ideologies at various times, sometimes simultaneously -- including the religion of National Socialism, militant Islam, and various other belief systems and ideologies which have nothing really to do with Christianity.

    The influence of this gentleman used to be more obvious on the site -- certain artwork and musical soundscapes and terminology that was employed removed all doubt about who it was that was the brains behind Kreis' operation.

    Since then, things have been toned down somewhat -- but not much.

    Josh Hoyt: "I would love to see him on the corner somewhere wearing a bowtie, selling bean pies and final call magazines."

    The Final Call is a great ... I dunno if I should call it a magazine or a paper. I guess techincally it's a tabloid-sized paper, like the NY Post.

    But I get it and read it every chance I can.

    One of its regular contributors also has a show on the local Pacifica affiliate. Real nice guy. Kinda aloof and distrustful at first, but once he befriends you will go out of his way to help you out with anything you need.

  7. William Alexander,

    Aryan Nations is CI by definition.

    James Wickstrom is the resident preacher of the Kreis cult of the AN and he is certainly CI.

    Michael Blevins said he was CI on the Pastor Jones show a few years ago as a guest.

    But we both know CI is a perversion of the bible. They love to talk about John 8:44 but will dance when confronted about John 4:22

    Of course, good Christians repute everything that racist and christian identity nutcases have to say.

  8. "William Alexander,

    Aryan Nations is CI by definition."--Harry F. Schwartz

    Ooops! Dari Dearie, it looks like you got your arse caught in the crossfire!

    Tell me more, Harry Boy! Tell me moore!

    So Harry old bean, do you mean our resident Red Jihadi is actually William A. White of Roanoke, West Virgina? Ya don't say?

    I suspected for a long time, oh my droogin brothers, that this was indeed the case. However, I was loath to criticize since being accused of being Will Blight is like being accused of beastial necrophilia: Once the charge is put in place, it's hard to live down.

    Well, now I feel ever so much more relief. As Bill White and his opinion are, really, not worth a hill of fresh shite, I am now relieved of the unseemly burden of correcting and countering the anti-American garbage that "Dariush" felt the need to spew.

    Well, now I am off to the Koroba Milk Bar, where you can get milk with Vellocet, milk with Synthemesc, or milk with Drencrom. This will get me ready for a bit of the ol' Ultra-Violence, and the rest of the evening should go off real horrorshow, oh my brothers.

    Whether I ever again experience abit of the old "in-out, in-out" with a weepy young devotchka, remains to be viddied.


    Thy Little Alex

  9. Tell me more, Harry Boy! Tell me moore!

    So Harry old bean, do you mean our resident Red Jihadi is actually William A. White of Roanoke, West Virgina? Ya don't say?

    Yes, and Harry also accused you of being William Alexander White.

    However, Dariush has posted many of a time on HM blog--- and may I remind you the legal fracas that almost occurred between HM and Mr. White?

    HM knows White’s IP address and so does Nikki yet neither of them have accused Dariush of being Mr. White.

  10. He could be using a proxy, luv.---EB

    Proxies can usually be identified.

  11. Come on, EB.

    I thought you'd worked your way through this. Do you still seriously believe that I'm Bill White?

  12. Then again, maybe I am Bill White after all.

    After all, we both grew up in Montgomery County, MD; both attended Blair H.S.; both went to the University of Maryland; both resided in Silver Spring, MD; both moved politically from far left to far right and back .... hmmmm .... maybe I should check my birth certificate.

    Teehee :)


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