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So Far, 25 States Have Emptied Their Unemployment Funds

By Susie Madrak
You have to love how utterly shameless these Republican oligarchs are. In the middle of a massive recession, a Republican governor is complaining about "Rolls Royce" unemployment benefits in Indiana. By "Rolls Royce," I assume he means anyone who's getting enough money to pay for heat is living too damned high on the hog.

Maximum weekly unemployment benefit in Indiana: $360.

But that's not even news, is it? That the party that so happily poured billions of untracked dollars down the memory hole in Iraq is suddenly so thrifty when it comes to us cannot be a shock to any sentient being:

The recession's jobless toll is draining unemployment-compensation funds so fast that according to federal projections, 40 state programs will go broke within two years and need $90 billion in loans to keep issuing the benefit checks.

The shortfalls are putting pressure on governments to either raise taxes or shrink the aid payments.

Debates over the state benefit programs have erupted in South Carolina, Nevada, Kansas, Vermont and Indiana. And the budget gaps are expected to spread and become more acute in the coming year, compelling legislators in many states to reconsider their operations.

Currently, 25 states have run out of unemployment money and have borrowed $24 billion from the federal government to cover the gaps. By 2011, according to Department of Labor estimates, 40 state funds will have been emptied by the jobless tsunami.

"There's immense pressure, and it's got to be faced," said Indiana state Rep. David Niezgodski (D), a sponsor of a bill that addressed the gaps in Indiana's unemployment program. "Our system was absolutely broke."

The Indiana legislation protected the aid checks, Niezgodski said, but it came after a give-and-take this spring in which Gov. Mitchell E. Daniels Jr. (R) said the state had been providing "Rolls-Royce benefits" and several thousand union workers countered by protesting proposed cuts at the state capitol. In January, the legislature is slated to consider a bill to delay the proposed tax increases intended to refill the fund.


  1. I thought this stimulus bill was suppose to put people to work...with most of the stimulus bill not being spent it just tells me it is a slush fund for the democraps.

    We have a government that can't create jobs...we are at 10.11 percent unemployment.

    The way out of this problem is to create JOBS not bitch and moan that state coffers have been depleted from long-term unemployment.

  2. The Governor of Arizona seems to have a clue

    Arizona's Coming Government Collapse - from Governor Jan Brewer
    Posted by AZ Debi on December 23, 2009 at 12:28am:

    "We face a state fiscal crisis of unparalleled dimension – one that is going to sweep over every single person in this state as well as every business and every family.

    That is why I held an emergency cabinet meeting yesterday morning where I outlined for our state’s elected leaders and business leaders the ills our state faces. As I told them yesterday, we ARE faced with some of the worst days in our 97-year history.

    We can debate how we got here, but we CANNOT remain paralyzed in our efforts to address the situation. We must set aside partisan politics and face the problem head on.

    We must accept that we ARE where we ARE.

    So here’s the TRUTH:
    · The state has a budget deficit for the current fiscal year of $1.5 billion.
    · Next fiscal year, 2011 -- a budget year that begins in just six months -- is even worse. Next year’s budget deficit stands at $3.4 billion. As of today -- right now, that MUST change.

    Even though my Administration has already cut $1 Billion in state government spending, we must redouble our efforts to create a leaner, more fiscally responsible Arizona.

    I have asked all 90 members in the State Legislature to cooperate by submitting a reasonable plan. On behalf of citizens across our state, I expect them to become active participants in the budget process.

    This problem did not happen overnight.
    · Five years of spending nearly doubled state government.
    · The economic recession has reduced state revenues by almost 40 percent in just 3 years.
    · Population growth in school children, university students, health care and welfare populations and inmates in our state prisons has fundamentally ruled out simplistic solutions like rolling the state budget back to levels from five, six, or more years ago.
    · Federal and voter mandates prevent us from touching nearly two-thirds of the state budget.
    · And procrastination, denial, and lack of will have allowed these problems to fester.

    We must solve these problems and we must solve them now. More than calling for cooperation, today I had state government implement various emergency measures meant to ensure Arizona’s fiscal solvency. Among them:
    · I ordered the Arizona Department of Corrections to return to the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) -- as soon as possible -- all non-violent criminal aliens as is allowed under existing law. These inmates are the responsibility of the federal government (as is securing our border with Mexico). Arizona should not have to bear this cost.
    · I am restating my Arizonans-only directives to state agencies to ensure that public benefits are provided only to those who are legally in this country and who reside in this state.
    · Effective immediately, I have ordered all state agencies who benefits to citizens to implement means testing and sliding fee schedules. While the government safety net must stay in place, we need to secure help only for the neediest among us.

    These measures, though they may represent tough news for many Arizonans, are necessary to keep the state moving forward. Every Arizonan must understand why this state is suffering.

    That is why I invite you to take a moment now to visit my Web site to view the presentation I presented today to the state’s elected leaders and business leaders. After viewing this presentation, you will see the desperate times our state faces.

    You will also understand why we MUST ACT NOW not as Democrats, Republicans or Independents but as Arizonans.

    We owe it to the citizens of this state -- our children and grandchildren -- to adopt and approve a solution.


    Jan Brewer


  3. Just wait when they pass Obamacare and all of the new federal mandates.

    What a farce. What a fucking mess we are leaving for our children and grandchildren.

    2010 is goin' to prove interestin'

  4. One comment to this letter that I think is dead on:

    "Its what happens when you allow illegal Aliens into your State, and pay for all their Housing and Health care.
    Feed them with WICK ,Put them on Welfare , crap all over your citizens because they dare say anything about it . Let them run crazy with a Crime Spree that you insurance Companies are paying for constantly . Fill your Prisons with them over crowding them . Screw up your Schools because you have to educate these People who could care less ,just give me your money !"

  5. States are running out of unemployment money? The only thing I can say to that is: GOOD!

    Perhaps they will stop dithering and do what they should have done 6 months ago to create work for people.

    Giving out checks isn't going to solve the problem.

  6. Some some simple advice to our President if he is serious about creating jobs:

    CUT TAXES!!!

    Simple enough.

  7. Another failure of the present political party in charge. Trillions upon trillions of dollars given to banks and insurance companies for bailouts "because they are too big to fail" which is a load of crap.

    They are INTENTIONALLY trying to make the People suffer. They can't give a measly 1.5 billion to Arizona and it's people but they have no problems with bailout pork.

    Short list among many other pork projects we are paying for in the new Omnibus bailout.

    ----$1.7 million for pig odor research in Iowa
    ----$2 million “for the promotion of astronomy” in Hawaii – because nothing says new jobs for average Americans like investing in astronomy
    ----$332,000 for the design and construction of a school sidewalk in Franklin, Texas
    ----$2.1 million for the Center for Grape Genetics in New York
    ----$650,000 for beaver management in North Carolina and Mississippi
    ----$1 million for mormon cricket control in Utah
    ----$300,000 for the Montana World Trade Center
    ----$200,000 “tattoo removal violence outreach program to could help gang members or others shed visible signs of their past” REALLY?
    ----$475,000 to build a parking garage in Provo City, Utah
    ----$1.7M “for a honey bee factory” in Weslaco, TX

  8. Hooch,

    The only accurate comparison to what this government is doing is right out of an episode of The Saprano's...Remember when they "busted out" the guys sporting goods store to make good a gambling debt?

    Your points are all valid...but you are casting your pearls among the swine here...they won't listen...they just keep hoping and praying for their utopian soviet state to be created rational means of persuasion or rational thought will dissuade them from that dream.

    The last stimulus has hardly been touched...IT'S NOTHING MORE THAN A GODDAMNED SLUSH FUND.

    Not all of us that went to public school are totally brain dead. Plenty of us know what is going on.

  9. """Perhaps they will stop dithering and do what they should have done 6 months ago to create work for people."""

    It is a good opportunity right now for States to streamline themselves and eliminate all of the parasites that are sucking off the tit of the American taxpayer.

    Remove all ILLEGALS from this country

    Stop all extensions on UNEMPLOYMENT which does nothing more than make it even more unlikely that an employer will hire more people due to the fact that they are still paying for those who left.

    Make a law that all states are Right to Work which would eliminate the Unions.

    Require that everyone on WELFARE will remain on welfare for no more than 3 months

    End FOOD STAMPS beyond 3 months. There is nothing that would get someone off their asses to get a measly job to hold them over than telling them we will feed you for a short period of time and then you provide for yourself or die. I don't mind helping a guy out who is down and out with my tax dollars but I don't want to do it forever allowing them to lay around on their asses. Back in the day we didn't give foodstamps and people knew if they didn't work they didn't eat. So guess what, they worked!

    End the SECTION 8 program which consists mostly of lazy minorities that are perfectly capable of work but would rather work the system.

    End all disability and SSI checks to those who are capable of working. In low income white and black areas in Roanoke, at least 50% of the people get some sort of government check most often for disability. They literally hang out in the neighborhood all day every day riding their 4 wheelers dirtbikes or riding mowers down the road, tinkering on a car, doing odd jobs under the table so the govt doesn't take their check away, etc. I'm sick of supporting these people. I am more than happy to support a "real" handicapped person but the liberals have extended the definition of handicapped to include most who are fully capable of work.

    I'm sure I could think of many more things like making it illegal to be a democrat but that stuff above is just off the top of the head.

    This is what the Democrats/Unions did to Detroit and no state should be stupid enough to let it happen to them.

  10. """Not all of us that went to public school are totally brain dead. Plenty of us know what is going on."""

    I've been wondering for many years what makes a Democrat tick. Why do they completely disregard all reason, logic and even undeniable factual information when presented.

    I've come to believe that some of the chemicals, etc that we use today have caused some sort of brain damage from birth. Possibly some of us are not effected in the same manor as they are from the pcb's, lead, mercury, prozac, anti-psychotics, etc.

    There are ever increasing numbers of kids with autism or other mental disorders, people with a level of ignorance that resembles uneducated 3rd world behavior, etc.

    I strongly recommend that all fringe liberals like those who are still supporting Obama to get some tests done so you can find out the underlying causes of your disorder.

    I would also like to see some research done to come up with the numbers of liberals vs conservatives that are medicated on some sort of anti-psychotic like Prozac. Almost every liberal I have gotten to know has at one point or another disclosed to me that they are on these meds. But I can't think of a conservative who has ever told me the same even though I'm sure there are a small handful.

    Maybe there is a link here that would explain this phenomena.

  11. Hey Hooch, quit your fucking whining. No one gives a shit about your bullshit, okay? Shut the fuck up.

  12. One wonders if Hooch ever stops crying.


    Cold Butter

  13. A couple of intellectual giants that say the exact same thing over and over and don't have the ability to even defend the Democrat party.

  14. So Cold Butter is now anti-racist? Nothing shocking.

  15. I think I speak for everyone here who isn't that idiot Hoochie: Self is tired of Hoochie's lying crying bullshit posted over and over. Fuck off and die, Hoochie. Maybeso

  16. Well you might recall that the right did the same thing when Clinton was in office..... to no effect. I really pay them little mind other than to laugh at them.

  17. Yea, you're right, Dumb4Life and Shitpants, you guys don't take anti-psychotics or go to "therapy". Sorry guys but we all know better. All libs at least at one point in time have.

    Maybe you should consider not heating plastic with food you're going to eat in the microwave. Or drinking out of a coffee cup that is leaching pcb's into your coffee.

  18. I really find that funny "Hooch" since of all the people I have seen post on this message board you are most in need of a good psychoanalyst. You are a liar (repeated claims to not be a racist), possibly retarded (everyone here is hip this fact except you), clearly a miserable and mean person person who is just plain out right evil. You should be ashamed of yourself, even at Christmas time you are an asshole.

  19. You use the "E" word a lot Cindy. I don't think that Hooch or even Chris Drake is evil. A lot of time I can't understand why they think the way they do such as Holocaust denial and yes Hooch is an obvious racist but he plays with semantics. Maybe he isn't in real life, who knows?

    He is just a sign of the times, someone who so believes he is right that he can't really believe or listen to anyone else's point of view. It is not so uncommon with zealots be they on the right or the left.

  20. Cindy Adams said..."Hooch"...most in need of a good psychoanalyst....liar...racist...retarded....miserable and mean...out right evil....Christmas asshole...."""

    Why don't you go eat some more black coochie and make your daddy proud?

    """Fucktard said...A lot of time I can't understand why they think the way they do such as Holocaust denial and yes Hooch is an obvious racist but he plays with semantics.
    Maybe he isn't in real life, who knows?"""

    I don't "hate" all blacks. Just ignorant ones which seem to be the majority. Possibly 95% or more. I thought Obama was a negro that deserved a little respect origionally, even though I hate his politics, but that stupid thought I had changed long ago after finding out that every single word out of his mouth is a lie. Which makes me feel like he is a Nigger just like the rest of them.

    There is also a large group of ignorant whites and they are called Democrats and I have about the same regard for them. But I have higher regard for them than a Wigger or a White Supremacist. They fall along the same lines as a gang banger nigger. BTW, I said Supremacist, not Separatist.

    And I have never denied the Holocaust however I do feel that the Jews have blown it up significantly more than what it was.

    And I don't know why some people think that a couple hundred thousand Jews dieing in a prison camp is any worse than the millions that have been victims of mass genocide in other parts of the world like Darfur, Rowanda, Iraq, Somalia, etc. Most of those emaciated Jews starved to death, Just like the Germans were at the exact same time. Towards the end of the war they didn't have money to feed the Jews, let alone themselves.

    Overall I think of Jews as white people, many of which have become highly successful in their careers. And when I see anyone who has become successful I watch what they do and take pointers.

    BUT, 87% of Jews are Liberals which does sicken me. However there are some Jews that I'm politically lined up with such as far right wing conservatives, Michael Savage and Mark Levin.

    """he can't really believe or listen to anyone else's point of view."""

    You don't realize that I hear and think about all points of view. The problem is that you Democrats say what you think or feel and none of it is based on factual information.

    For example, deep in your hearts you want to do good for the planet like we all do, but the difference between you and I is I will look at the factual information which in this case says global warming is a hoax and you will so badly want to do something good for the environment that you will shut out all contrary evidence and completely buy into the hoax.

    You democrats are very easily fooled because you think with your bleeding hearts and not your mind.

    Obama has you so twisted up in your love affair for him that you can't even see straight.

    When you start basing your points of view on factual information is when intelligent people will respect what you say.

  21. Listen to him UF, out of his own mouth and he thinks that there is nothing wrong with it. Sick definitely but I won't back off from my earlier description of evil, either. He is twisted, a liar, and if not retarded then a slow learner. You don't have to be a "liberal" to see the very factual information about global warming. Not a racist, look how easily he makes racial slurs. He is too stupid to even have a discussion.

  22. jews, psycopathic vermin spewed out of the bowels of HELL, are planning to "sell out" all non-Jews to reptillian alien monsters for "take-aways".....STOMP these psychopathic vermin into a bloody PULP!

    ALL jews MUST be dragged out into the streets and HACKED to DEATH! with machettes & chain-saws!!

  23. If we want any shit out of you Linder (see above) we will drive to your mommy's house, pull you out of the fucking basement and beat it out of your weak snitching ass. Is that clear, bitch?

  24. That's not Linder, it's that idiot from Australia some kind of inbred penal colony moron. He spends all his time raping 'Roos and trying to figure out if his mommy and daddy get a divorce if they will still be brother and sis.

    Don't worry about Hooch/Blevins Cindy, as I told you before he is a Hitler worshipping retard, goose stepping wannabe who once raped his old child. He is fucked up in the head beyond belief.

  25. """Cindy Adams said...Listen to him UF, out of his own mouth and he thinks that there is nothing wrong with it."""

    What exactly is "it" that I think there is nothing wrong with lezbo? I said a lot of things.

    """He is twisted, a liar, and if not retarded then a slow learner."""

    At least I am a millionaire "lying retarded slow learner".

    """You don't have to be a "liberal" to see the very factual information about global warming."""

    Post these facts that you know so much about slut and I will debunk them.

    """ALL jews MUST be dragged out into the streets and HACKED to DEATH! with machettes & chain-saws!!"""

    LOL, so why do you feel so inferior to Jews? What makes you believe in the Jew Conspiracies that they are taking over the world and that they are so intelligent that they are able to do this without anyone realizing it with exception of a few highly intelligent white supremacists such as yourself?

  26. A millionaire shut the fuck up, Von/Hooch you live off welfare. Tell us another lie Blevins. Tell us the one about how you didn't rape your own daughter you sorry sack of shit.

  27. I have told you countless times I am not Belvins you dipshit conspiracy theorist.

    Look up my IP and see where it's from

    Belvins does not live in Roanoke VA

  28. You are Von, Hooch. You use identical phrasing as him. You even make the same grammar mistakes as Von. We've caught you too many times, bitch.

  29. Things that make me happy:

    Bill White in jail (hopefully getting painful ass raped each and everyday)

    Obama in the White House.

    Democratic controlled Congress that is Filibuster proof.

    Thank you my lord and savior Jesus Christ to whom made all this possible.

  30. So, Roanoke has created yet another WN radical? Not suprising.

    BTW-Hooch isn't Von.

  31. I can assure all of you that Hooch and Blevins are not the same person. I know it is more fun to believe that - but it's simply not possible.

  32. Nikki can see all the IPs here (another good reason not to post here btw)...

    She could have put an end to that notion a long while back...but I think she tends to feed off of all of this in some sick way.

  33. Obama declares the recession OVER!

    Thank God, I was getting worried!

  34. """So, Roanoke has created yet another WN radical?"""

    There is a big difference between a White Nationalist and a Conservative Nationalist.

    There are two subgroups of White Nationalists. Separatists and supremacists. I have a huge problem with supremacists as they are often extremely ignorant and they support national socialism which I hate all forms of socialist parties, including the democrat party.

    I don't have problems with separatists as they are often hardcore conservatives. But I am not a separatist because I don't see the need for a separate white nation state.

    So what am I? I'm a far right wing conservative / libertarian who is also a nationalist (extreme pride in my country) constitutionalist, with as much pride in my race as niggers like Louis Farrakhan, Jessy Jackson and Al Sharpton have in theirs.

  35. We know who and what you are Von/Hooch.

  36. Hoochie being big winded is guilty of over classification. You can put all WN's into one group: White Trash.
    Nothing else is needed, thinks self. Maybeso


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