Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I ran across this articl and I think it pretty well sums up what a lot of people are thinking and feeling.

Mr. President, where is the passion?

By Neal Gabler
December 20, 2009

WELL, THAT was fast. Though past presidential candidates were elected with a larger percentage of votes, it is fair to say that no modern president reached office with a greater outpouring of sentiment, enthusiasm, and passion than Barack Obama. Supporters felt this was a landmark election, not only because Obama was African-American but also because he promised a different kind of presidency. They actually believed he would make good on his campaign slogan. Finally, change that would matter.

It didn’t take long for the disillusion to set in, especially among those on the left who had been Obama’s most ardent admirers. Where they had expected a full-throttle presidency, undoing what George W. Bush had done, what they got instead is a timorous one. In 1988, Democratic presidential candidate Michael Dukakis pronounced that the election was not about ideology but about competence. Now we have the presidency that Dukakis promised. It is cautious, deliberative, reasonable, experienced, not terribly ideological and entirely competent - very different from George W. Bush’s government of ideologues, cronies, and hacks.

But there is one big thing that the administration lacks: passion. It is hard to remember a presidency that was as passionless as this one is - a presidency that puts down no markers, draws no lines in the sand, makes no stand. That, even more than the compromises themselves, may be what really riles Obama’s old supporters. It is that he doesn’t seem tortured by the compromise. Simply put, Obama seems to be missing the passion gene...CONTINUED


  1. Nikki, Obama has legislated exactly this way every since he was in the Illinois State Senate; in fact he even did that when he was President of the Harvard Law Review.

    I knew that about him when I decided to back him in the primary; he *always* tries to see the "other side" and to seek common ground.

  2. .....not only because Obama was African-American.....

    Interesting. One of the very few black people in the United States that you can actually call an African American.

    """he *always* tries to see the "other side" and to seek common ground."""

    LOL, Are you kidding? Obama the great Divider NEVER seeks common ground with the "other side".

    That is the ONLY reason that he has such strong opposition from the right.

    YOU have just shown the world that you are completely brain dead.

  3. What's the "other side"? The right has bashed him and lied about him beginning from Day One of his candicacy. Now they do nothing but obstruct him.

    Why shouldn't hr ignore them?

  4. Is anyone else sick of that idiot Hooch aka Von? Too bad he didn't kill himself with that .22 years ago.

  5. """What's the "other side"? The right has bashed him and lied about him beginning from Day One of his candicacy. Now they do nothing but obstruct him."""

    I didn't say the right hasn't justifiably obstructed him due to the fact that he is a radical leftist that has NO ability to see "common ground" as Harriet calls it.

    But your statement that the right is lying about him is really funny.

    So who is the liar, Obama himself or the right? Almost every word out of the mans mouth is a lie.

    Here are a few lies for you but not even near what he has told to today as there are so many I decided to stop tracking them.

    Wow, all straight from the horses mouth.

    Obama is heartless hiding behind his rhetoric and attempts to twist the truth

    Here is the truth of what he feels about killing babies that survived a botched abortion

    Obamas going to bankrupt the coal industry intentionally for the fraud of man made global warming.

    Obama wants to ban concealed weapons carry laws. In many states it is illegal to open carry so that means no one could take a gun anywhere, even back from the gun shop to your house.

    Obama caught lying about handgun ban

    Obama has a hard time showing up to work, he should have been fired by the people he is representing but they didn't know.

    Obamas minister and his hate speeches

    Obama agrees with the minister in his own words

    Rev Wright represents the best of what the black church has to offer

    Obama on spreading the wealth and changing the constitution

    Obama lied about his uncle liberating a concentration camp

    Obama and the troop surge, his willingness to loose the war to win the presidency

    Obamas hero

    It goes on and on. Want some more?

    Obama lying again

    Obama and the Illuminati

    Pretty comprehensive outline of Obama’s morals and values

    Public will have 5 days to look at every bill

    Obama copying people

    Obama and the Federal Reserve

    More??? Does this not yet prove him as a liar? Now prove your statement that the right is lying about Obama lying. LOL

  6. N.I.M. Nuts Radio NYE Special

    TONIGHT 7pm EDT!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Here's your own radical left calling him a LIAR

  8. God, does Hooch/Von ever stop crying like a little fucking bitch?

  9. Hooch, that is by far one shitie song. Thats just the music. I cant believe my ears didnt scream out in pain and vomit out blood.
    Please tell me you really dont listen to that crap...Well Im off to take anti-biotics b/c my ears hurt so bad!!!

  10. LOL, Antibiotics for the ears.

    No, I don't listen to that crap, just posted it because it was anti-Obama.

    I listen to house, techno, trance mostly.

  11. It seems Vonbluvens has set his sights now on Jim Giles.

  12. Another former answp member has been arrested and is facing charges.

  13. That wouldn't be Tim Bland, would it?

  14. In case you are wondering what happened to Chris Drake, he is in jail for shaking his baby.

  15. Where is the proof of this Cris Drake rumor? Please provide links so we have something to go on other than your word which is dubious at best....

  16. I am the real Roland and I can tell you that though I did not post it that information is correct about Chris "pussyman" Drake. Except it was for domestic abuse of his wife not his child. He was arrested on Christmas eve and as of last night he was still in the Augusta jail.

  17. Maybe he is and maybe he isn't. But I still want to see the proof and you have provided none. How about a link to a newspaper article? Online link to jail listings? Something other than your word???

    Rumors are like assholes, everyone has one!

  18. Sorry for off topic -- this is posted below:

    You are missing the most important aspect in ALL of these recent anti-white (for now) cases. That which was once considered 'diesel therapy' (convicted prisoners constantly transferred from site to site by the System, both to torture them and to break their communication with supporters) has now morphed into very real 'Star Chamber' judicial proceedings.

    How long have these people been held without realistic bond? When will this method affect everyone?

    Fascism is not a doctrine, it is a state of being unified; what we have here is simple tyranny and despotism.



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