Wednesday, December 23, 2009


  1. Looks like Hanukka Harry is giving everyone a nice screw job in time for Christmas.

    60 percent of the American people don't want this.

    The only Christmas gift I can give Nikki that she might appreciate is to not post here any longer.


  2. well considering the majority of Americans have health insurance, of course they don't want it.

    But if it were always a majority rule, civil rights laws would have never passed either.

    But to be honest, this health bill is a joke. Either do it right or don't do it at all. This really doesn't do much but cost a whole lot of money to taxpayers. People who are well and well off will just pay the "tax", which only amounts to a few hundred bucks a year.

  3. I agree Harry - it is a real joke. I'm totally disgusted with the lot of them.

  4. This law is going to cost average middle-class Americans 15,000 a year.

    It's unconstitutional to demand a citizen buy insurance health insurance.

    Now we get to pay not to see a doctor...isn't America great?

    America is not America anymore.

  5. The Bill is a Massive failure. It is clear that the Democrats have been bought off by the Pharmaceutical Industry, American Medical Association, and Insurance Industry in their closed door negotiations. I'm not saying that if Republicans were allowed in there that they wouldn't get bought off either. That's why we need ALL of the incumbents out of office.

    The only thing this bill does is spread the power of the federal government over the people.

    """The only Christmas gift I can give Nikki that she might appreciate is to not post here any longer."""

    Now that we are talking about Christmas gifts to Nikki, I have one for her. I'll play a Liberal Santa and she can sit on my lap and we'll talk about the first thing that pops up :-)

  6. They talk about transparecency and then vote to not even have debate on this thing.

    They know if the American people saw what was in this thing there would be an outcry...there already is.

    So much for "representive" government...these guys are not listening to their constituents...they not only don't listen but actually show contempt for them.

  7. Just speculating and imagining a “what if” scenario from a guy that called the RL show today: Imagine If ALL small businesses layed off 50% of their employees for a period of 4 weeks, it would send a clear message, and would financially put to a halt all the nastiness they are planning for us. Imagine the loss revenue to the government and the skyrocketing unemployment figures (they would have to take notice)…In my opinion they would have to reconsider the screw job they are putting on all of us.

    It’s illegal not to pay your taxes, but the last time I looked it was perfectly legal to layoff employees (for whatever reason)…UNEMPLOYMENT EQUALS NO INCOME TAX.

    Yes, it would be a sacrifice, but the alternative is our children and grandchildren being enslaved.

    Of course being a reasonable person I realize no one will do this because it makes too much sense and people are not willing to sacrifice in the short term for anything they want.

  8. """It’s illegal not to pay your taxes, but the last time I looked it was perfectly legal to layoff employees (for whatever reason)…UNEMPLOYMENT EQUALS NO INCOME TAX"""

    The only problem here is that the employer has to pay most of the unemployment check until the person finds another job. And states notoriously will put extension after extension on the amount of time someone can continue to collect the check that went from the employer to the government to the X employee.

    The only suitable punishment I see for the politicians is to make the masses politically educated and kick them out of office, only electing someone who promises things like,

    drastic reduction of the federal government (libertarians),

    fair tax (libertarians, conservatives and very few base republicans or democrats due to the brain disorder or lack of education),

    term limits (pushed pretty hard by libertarians and conservatives but not base republicans or democrats),

    elections paid for by the people (conservatives and libertarians),

    end of ALL lobbyist and PAC money to politicians (conservatives and libertarians)

    Death sentence via public hanging to all politicians who get caught taking bribes and act against the Will of the people (that's pretty much only Hooch ideology)

  9. The Heath Care Bill gives 26 million Americans health care who didn't already have it. I am saddened that the Public Option was taken out but still there is some real progress. The same people who oppose this Bill would have opposed Medicare back in 1965, when President Johnson signed it into law.

  10. Listen to FuckTard parroting the main stream media again. Fucktard is one of the mindless sheep in America.

    I'll bet he doesn't even know that over 25 million people will remain uninsured as the bill stands now.

    I'll bet he doesn't even know that each and every American family will pay an additional $4,000 in health insurance per year 2019. Including his family unless he is a lazy section 8 nigger which is expected. It will be free for those who refuse to work and do jobs under the table to work the system.

    And Fucktard is also too stupid to realize why the health care won't even take effect until 2014. Figure it out dipshit, I shouldn't have to tell you why.

  11. Whenever I hear someone frequently use the terms you start out with about the "main stream media" I just fit them for a tin foil hat. You don't really need to say anymore.

  12. Ok, so all Conservatives wear a tin foil hat. Interesting observation dipshit.

    The term "main stream media" refers to Television and is a term that is used by EVERY SINGLE conservative talk show radio host. And they all wear tin foil hats. HUH.

    It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant the radical left actually is.

  13. All it shows Belvins is how out of step you are with the rest of the world. No one listens or cares about your bullshit. That has been explained to you many times and not just by me.

    Everyone here seems to think you need some kind of psychological help. If it walks like a duck, if it talks like a duck....

  14. """Everyone here seems to think you need some kind of psychological help."""

    Who is Everyone? All of your radical leftist friends?

    Little guy, you are nastiest and most ignorant of the bunch. A little cream puff that's all talk and no action.

  15. Boa, that isn't blevins.

    Why do you feed into all of this?


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